OMF - Lou really doesn’t like the Hanley move;The Alchemist is a boring book, 5-25-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, May 25th
Hour 3 - Glenn, Lou and Christian read excerpts from The Alchemist and conclude it’s a boring book and they don’t understand why LeBron would read it. Brady is missing OTA’s because he wants to spend more time with his family but then he traveled to Monaco without his family so is that the work part of the pie?

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Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 and playing tough but it together Boston I'm feeling good about yourself to. You do realize Boston congrats you're going to get role in the everybody looks good at home what about LeBron my mom moment. Look at your environment. A lot of why I was too tired of them fifth or better put on the back. I'm not lose sleep over the opera America with clay and Lou and Christian I am not gonna make it you know make I'm not sure make it not have done a good idea what's different. I think I've pulled apart even if I don't think it's outrageous incident had happened him balls off tomorrow so we have Lucie tomorrow and Lucy and Ryan that's correct. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Get your reaction at 6177797937. Your reaction on now. And we remembers designated. For assignment C and the it was nice knowing Alex beer obviously was on top of this is he seemed to break story. For resources he also. Seemed to have a L ready and an incredible piece that goes about for a flight page long. And in the business setting it it was an act seven outs that's where don't have order after a broken foot prints of some interesting points here. And stocking about the slash the month and how bad it's been for Hanley show starting on May the first where he was over six and if you continue want. Right through the whole month we're looking at a one to 63. Batting average 200 on base percentage 300 OB yes. Line this month while singing he's grumble rates for 159%. Of the balls in play. In May. So for the season he's 254 313 and 395 but what you did this he's one of these geeks did you know those always says. But he met three and polite yeah. He he he breaks down what he is over the last two years so over to the season period. Beginning with last season Ramirez ranks in the bottom five. Among big league first baseman in wins above replacement. Calculated by fan graphs. And over significant period of time is penny below average player and he gives his defensive. Metrics and he's got a negative defensive value doesn't hurt basement yeah. As a person race that and Moreland on the other hand has a real positive one so always kind of looking and he's better than Morlon now when you play in the first place. And he also looks it's why art. Wing of the upside to the Red Sox have been unable to explore but apparently are intrigued. By the back out oh yeah that's what this move. It did there's that to me as a difference between understanding why they would do it in liking. You know easy you know understand ours yeah I don't like and understand. You know 2.2 million dollars but I just. American stone pedestal like Seattle like the night in a meager savings so they're gonna save. Without the pain that fifteen million shares via out of match but it's venture they know everybody goes to Martina so that. And let's face it they spent so much money here over the last couple years. You have to be looking at the books and our people is that isn't a cure what they spent. They have to because now you're given that luxury tax stuff. Is it it has ramifications. And they need help in this game schemes not good enough to win you already talked about the open it got started sitting in the bullpen three of them right. They don't have enough right now three starters and their brunt. That's true for policies and no place for the starters to go so like they can. Suddenly move you're waiting for somebody to get injured I don't know what you thought that was Porsche sells problem in the first two innings last night. But it could no location I thought so maybe as many as carpal tunnel it. It's got a blister I mean he looked like he had no location war whatsoever. Curveball was all I utilization was off yeah a little bit real good his last and now lenient in number eight was. It a bag lot of hits that they had you go back in just in the highlight sneaky you'll notice that something was that bad pitch to within that Betsy confined Dayton. Defensively there's some what three of four infield swing in bond Cynthia as they played like crap and Newt is given and on the road and another run. But getting back to to Handley. I don't think it was ever question. Of the Red Sox picking up the 22 million next year and at some point during the course of the season they were gonna have to wait find a way. A slowing down his plate appearances. And this was a perfect opportunity to slow down you brought up the possibility that maybe they had a conversation with a good about the last night in which they basically told them. And he got pissed I think that's a possibility always you know it always up like that happens. I don't think he ever thought he was going to do it but I think this the second part of us. Where I think you look at the trade and say that the deal say distill some. Moment during the course of the season where him he's gonna have big moment I'm not sure they put they buy into that I think they question whether he's got it anymore Walt do you favor one. Number five OK art is blue and are looking at this and we don't know if mark. From Chelmsford is. I guess upset at Lou forgiven him too much like it too much trouble giving him too much of it you know criticism even against better advice and got to go with us enjoy what they do not know enough focus of the joint decisions are a bit outnumbered admit it when you go to phone calls and you you request so callously. No such thing as usually mental health sole purpose to report to buy a ticket let's not I'm ominous say he's going to be your wares more college and a Christian wears what color no. No chance for a memorial site most mark Hilton clad guard. As Ted yeah. We have been given JP. Jay way too much slack for a few weeks accidents about it in terms too much restart or slumped and how they can get it right why don't we look at the big picture to see. What's real and what's right OK forget about this year to 174 east you know strike down. 30% of the time. Since the all star break last year he's 192 we're talking almost 400. At bats. Since the start last year he's 228. Big picture this guidance net and on the big league since 2013. Almost 2000 act that he's 28 years old. I talked about liking the young guy he's at 234 career here. He gets one hit and we got to read articles in the gospels about how he's so why are meeting at 200 get one hit every five at bats. You never talked about the big picture this guy. I don't want to trade him for bringing us. Patient trader and and on to say you know all of the trade in for bring you Yeltsin's people thome still in the south and lost on DOC and sent an entity and shattered records and all those things so as it slacker flak colonel. You get into much slack steamed too much slack than in a given too much of a rope. You're talking about it and current view when action will get right he's OK so yeah okay that's you know what do you I don't know block something listen. There's a lot of potential that we on Milton. Lester go on the sin AAA. Do whatever. And that none of the senate I wanna demoted him awfully big league roster and send him to triple a does that sound like someone that is. Giving him too much slack great. They expect but the government says that the last few weeks. I've been saying that alas we actually Clark. But the last week I've been saying send his ass down for threw three weeks a month that figured out why don't you just saying like how much slack he's given. Unlike you mark I think I think Lou feels there's there's still some hope tears are still some upset I'm with you I think we've had a large enough sample here. It there's been two months of great hitting the rest of the sock it's been I think the beginning at Los I think the beginning of this last series was almost like a do or die for him. There's are those situations or Madonna you either it out and once we realized he did have an option is right. That is the only re. Course I told you before that he stopper. Now the list was pitching Payton coach I think he's big he's got it all figured out. And he's been in the league now argument is the last three years and in my mind I'm an everyday player. He still doesn't know how to get out of a slump. That's extremely frustrating it's almost been in the league this long should know you should be year old hitting coach he doesn't know that right now and it's frustrating it's because he's stubborn. No matter how bad he goes yellow thinks he's he's doing just fine and he's not. I noticed that one option possessed down a tripling I'm fine so you got her new manager new coaches and you said this earlier lose so they're gonna give him a fresh start. But guess what. They're gonna come to the same conclusion that the last group he came with the last administration and their funny gonna realize it's not worth the CNET I think I think he gets help I'd that he that's important to remember because we. We banned here now we've seen all these guys before five years so they really Ramirez stuff which and yet last year are tired of me I don't forget the year one when he was here he played left field equipment team. Alex Cora Tim hires these guys they've only seen for two a couple of months. You know and and they think again right now she thought they would get right in April. In the Jackie Bradley game they'd only caught this inconsistent active that she's been consistent years have been good for the but I mean. You don't go you can't goal on you know what we have fans have seen the last two or three years and if I'm Alex Cora might understand that history but that's exactly what it is. We're dealing with and now get my first looks at these guys for two and a half three months. So that you get to keep that vacuum mine as well as struggling right now. Listen you've fallen in love with his glove. And people sit there and say oh my god I've never seen time may complain like that's incredible. And you forget especially right now when you've got a black hole behind the plate in that in net batting order can have a second one. You can't do that Canada here's a Brock in a middle world hi Brock. No the going. Oh win Pedroia ended mainly out of openness are ergo. Jumble of view whether they look at that though belonged to an extent onslaught are the worse it's going to be yet they get on get Florida and what figure to Bradley Olympic generally known and start working late behind the dish because it. New nit we'll be able to bounce around you be able to have Evers JP. Slide bar you'll have a lot of ought to. To wake up we know we did baby steps and and start but Blake's wife mark as a designated hitter because we already know that he can hit. Now what we need to know is can he do it in the major Major League level when he's getting 45 at bats. I can consecutive days when you are pushing behind the plate. I'm sure is ready for that or he would get that opportunity right up he got two of the worst hitting catchers. In in the major leagues and they're not giving him that opportunity why do you suddenly think he's gonna get an opportunity. I didn't think it I think the longer they wait and the oh wait wait another month and then went behind the density going to be in a. They don't I don't think they think he can catch and I don't think I they trust him with pitching with with that pitching staff in abroad and is the thing that we as fans. Let's put him back in with C weakened how we act like they're saying the same thing they know you know. We try to catch him Brock neglect rather it's let's let's see what he can do. You don't think that they seem rocked my wouldn't be doing incumbent bullpen and Nikki Clark spring training. A meanings behind dished it to catch a bullpen catcher right now. Note that there and they. Well Dana and AM it was more than enough product they know did you hear Alex core last week. With the guys in the afternoon with the with tailgate and it was obvious. That they believe he's a catcher OK please don't believe he's a catcher I think that I have to say that because he has more value for guys who can hit. He doesn't have to be great catcher teams you know has more value of the trademark. A the other day when he asked the team is gonna get an opportunity with two of the worst hitting catchers in Italy math notice but does he says yeah. Wrinkle in this whole thing is a good rankles. Because Alex beer we do about it he updated his article. Hydraulic rotors well. By releasing Hanley Ramirez they would always money for the rest of this year in the option is gone and it's also gone for the team that treats for. Goal goal. So now that changed a lot sure does so now it does now you're trading. You know because is now is no longer a threat of another team say it will pick this guy out apparently the vesting option. Is gone to superiors are correct it's gonna be that's part of the deal once you're traded at vesting option is gone yeah. So that new team that signs him that's what accurate if I mean not now it. Now it's obvious wax you know hold this is all confused because I got to be here it's a different. Because I mean. I'll draw looks as if they release and it's which obviously right. I'm not so sure about the best thing that they'll pin this on these guys conflicting reports occasion and doing route zealots Italy's three territory would change that would change. Brian can we do they don't want each of these bleep out of the program at the last minute just kick out of was yeah I don't buy the Verizon and then yes comfortable yet where's the balance marvelous one minute guys we're gonna figure it out. I will figure we'll look at the divine Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy that's what kids get into that giant I couldn't dubbed it. Yeah I just released about that. That's late now and nothing has changed a look at this stuff before they release so there's no models not. All right big threes confused me if they release and is no option victory from the is an option therefore. You're not gonna treatment and where the show with a baseball in the united we got your face I can do based what's being read Scott and made nice got. And I'm not doing good. Which which of the she's. You know it's that feeling it's not a better Nomar but it that you you're play. I told the girl my opponent had one or two days ago and he's a great move speaker. Big day they penetrate deep BJ at some minor leaguer Baltimore without immediate Eric Decker. In India are not in a blue ball because they outfield anymore which is our job to the war. Worst case scenario come upon what can. The move after eight market goes down with a season ending injury and I. That'll probably happen because what about and that's what happened. Life is really sucked here for the last twenty years you're right and what's an awful. Today's terrible yet another crappy experience you bought he did as you watched Celtics the NBA finals with a Cleveland where the Cleveland and he's. Those summer you can win and you know you win nine and yes I'm Ed Yeager. You you can't. Turn on he test and I literally actually hate to sound. There's no end to collect sorry SARS down this if you could talk earth did he give your thought again with this music player in the back until you don't get yours is mine rides a little bit. Good good its guns. It's dark it got now you have it really didn't really get the onion until today what do you think it is. I'm not a Brad I don't. You. An online norm. I don't championing. You're not hitting them in the Kodak Theatre and he's been. Sick after my. Don't look at my. Not. On this requirement I don't know I. Okay. Okay. They're guys. Answer this if TJX. I work for much adults. Macondo well and yes your paddle. I had only eighty days just some minor leagues and a half with a lot of that. They can actually Terrell argued that. And I started and I really good holiday weekend has little trust. Is that Tommy John the number two prospect of paying 5080 gained first PE DOK so we just thirty kids Rafer took a leading wanted to good guided no skill and it's fair to our presents on a roll. Rookie sensation show send in aid of continues to lead Boston scored in his post season. It is highlight real performance in Wednesday's game five win featured 44 point. Four big steal the good things on the one yeah activated Barry steel. Honor roll brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. Who is rocking Twitter beef. Or during an afternoon show that bloomer Loney. Moved back to moral or wait we're looking at 48 right now fox Sports Radio. One teammate. That you would like to see put on the catcher's gear so you can laugh factor would that be. Go live Pedroia could be packaged at the small little girl that I. It. Literally literally stood. I've got all of you comedy I don't like comedies have gone so he was handling was it catches you the other day in the deck I couldn't speak. You're gonna miss it could be gone musically this plot whose duty to class clown. Betrayal the now almost a serious I don't think side you know the topics from the sisters system. So serious that Woods Hole. Talk to me. What did you make his return is gonna do what. It's a totally out of his life jackets and a different about shoring up tonight and I know we forget about that means as far as exactly which unit do as far as the job of just. You know internally but second look like. Everything. You're all we would you were earlier product I don't I don't think he's an a lot of people Feeley is is not a problem. It as a much of federal election is over Annan securities. As he you know he got a state last year out in Baltimore is no question about it. Lose and play the price we notes. Relationship with Ferrell wasn't good. So it probably she about I don't these problem that I actually think he might be better coming back and that he's been away from it he was talking about this a few weeks ago. That this forget stuff is kill. Because he's away from the game and never. You know and he's he's gonna go to carry guns are nice watching games so I'll know he's done some shorts as before but maybe you have a better appreciation for. When you're away especially at this point his career when he's getting up there and agencies that Angela. Many more times is this going to happen in mountain division and get to the point we get one of those injuries. And you think he just felt that are all worth miserable year less this year than it was worst than the Jewelers say you know in that locker room at the use a guy that was injured who's played her Planar. Wouldn't have much fun. Tired of the manager time everything email Oates made mistakes. The guy. Our noted there are often harder ago liars figure myself the issue of course they used to. Have you ever been invited. By a prince to let friends says yes pretty real prince. Home and not the prince you know but approach I know I now know now why. Does it you know I know Tom Brady said this was all about family shows the whole family going to meet with the oppressors he's going out of Minnesota so this is the work part of the pie. This is the word work part of the pie yeah. Egypt travel internationally he's promoting something for DreamWorks because he was kind of throwing that out their yesterday right what is he like a voice of some animated characters some animation thing that's being risen an incredible two mentality is she's made vis a superhero but that it throws late laser beams President Clinton. Some mobile. It's really slow. It sort of here that are here the ladies are part of our. So this and I'll let in nature that Tucker my family or buddy Kevin Youkilis was in town last job as he's he's inducted into into the hall fare in the Red Sox alternate. And he's family course she's very tuna racist. And also find that strange to continue coolest and numbered year. Brothers in law. So I do right now. Like it's just it's just weird that Tom Barry's brother in laws given you put on. Giving users bro lowest number he's too strange he was defending the family it's OJ does this at the Super Bowl two years ago. Again some payment does that's what you post he was he was sitting there and and and be fairly people were given to Merrill gardens what a pretty decent worth of Agassi was pleased that we're. If so it is defending the honor of the very Seacrest we'll intelligence. Who choose. I don't know quite honestly I had no idea what's going on let's be honest in New England has always. So is there. Conversations. But I they'll have been worked out mantown. Together. Revenue numbers from wall. Passions run for the play. Oh yeah I promised better. It's hard it's. Out there. Even the most prepared guy out there on the field. Good to have representative for the affair on the right of political bosses what it's like effort for you connect him because I've got to believe that Lou when you have Thanksgiving with the with the family. Best athlete that ever compete at a beautiful Christian win when my Thanksgiving until it's not typical because I come from a man we have bad athletes so yeah. I don't with the bad as answer them all. Around me you weren't at all and I proposed class you were now I sorted out and god yeah million make I'm not making out at all rather play in Israel and you know it doesn't matter but. I think luck had a lot to do with me and around and okay we injury what you it would appear over and if you look we're all healthy I'll definitely so so if you if you can pretty good ball player in his in his Red Sox go for it after its actual can be pretty good ball player right. I was home for Thanksgiving and he's definitely teaches. I thought I. I've me because like that the greatest of all time for. You on. Can he duplicate. And so on doesn't need you like it really doesn't it there's our restaurant is a beer locally are no differences that you know his leadership pot a bit on its greatest December yes it is. Yeah nobody does it immunity does a restaurant bureau of it Danica Patrick why. She actually iron not she is she's. Really beefy and Danica Patrick but news is that Aaron Rodgers are dating her she's become more track the matter. I don't that is about whether it's publisher sexism on the effects in other words now it's just odd indeed they let us really sexism or maybe he's yet amazingly green within Asia maybe she's the bridge she dates a great athlete. And as normal tournament. A football player and you tell me that makes her better like I don't hesitate I don't have an isolation or on I do not have anecdote in the ball I don't imagine patched it much. It. Is and got sexes Lucy's at such no it's not good I'll look in his eyes he. I asked. As EQ you did each unit a homer. Record back. And I I don't know if you've got to I think Lou as I listen I saw I gave you guys I think I like to know my enemy. Like Sonoma and later think of this is a chapter of like him my book like familiar enemies not talk about the art of war you know and all that other stuff but I don't wanna know Miami. Intricate gonna slow you should know it would go against so I had number doubt it it maybe three pages of the book the alchemist and I got that LeBron James was reading. About a week it. All kind of how to read read all three pages book because is all I got through when I read it myself. Okay right now really don't know when I'm tired and out of the world wedding. That's the kind that I have the flexibility Al Khamis. Al chemist yeah. How without ever without biochemist out at eight. I have us. So you got your add to this break each you have to find a spot Reid and tell which stands out. I've got like a gutless you do I know you've got to judge are always a good student always the in the front row that he is tempered little part of our student though I do I don't like the whole room. I haven't and I did what I had never read it if it was so far is going to require dating in the US great fifth that feel like if you if you read it there's these messages and hit me in the stop at the reason why. The brawl was reading this book. There's there's every it was also the anniversary of the book when it Google release their sales but there's a reason. So you can if you can you know dissect these three pages and find some sort of information I'd I'd I'd Gary TU. You can't figure out what it's really like. To be cavalier and on and how we really think or how he thinks about himself tacitly you have fun and I read the guys. These you read this book you know at least he should be no nothing it's gonna cite a mile from this game no I just think it's solidify some some things that thoughts that. That's just typical bronze in the studio to you that surprised he's still softened ball he politics every character in this book is him if he's the chief he's the boy he's the girl he's he's ever by an episode so you got let's see you guys are into like hidden meaning since I meant. Somebody talking behind your back panel. Nozzle that we do research argue fast lasers at its successful I believe it was. We search for inspiration. In a today because they've actually just get tired be great to see somebody go inspire you. So you know we we go to the books by the way. Did you. Do you actually think that Danica Patrick is an us. Because I would rather I don't know what I don't know I don't think they don't let what do I want things aren't I don't know what they don't think you and I don't I don't think any of those guys. They're driving those cars in a circle. Our athletes. And I think don't call up and fight you on this and I'm not gonna do it already did it for bird not don't have anything on line one do you think she deal. The law and all yeah. Are we saw on three which are. When she's with Aaron Rodgers thinks she's a freeze godaddy. I think going to be a little. David and I think what we definitely had a new meeting. That's mr. Oxley that two because it. Way too. Much underwriter or other way can I just tell you this is requesting in this earlier whether it was a real hammy enough. It's real hard analysts that he reversed all Chris Paul is already out. Of game six tomorrow night yeah at this Gloria and now you repeat that in the united you look at who refused that you want Houston when there's. And I think it is due tomorrow none what so that you want to do when it's in the works for you. The violence. Stature and who's that I'm ready to little in my office. I hope you guys I'm having a number on the regular broach this money going into a closet I'm gonna give you. I'm Alexander revenues were represented kind of it was Friday 345 you don't have time what's your fast reader ray. I don't know that it folks I you know like I again this on this little this did not keep my attention at all okay. Like anything else in life that's true look at this guy wanted to socks that. Good at journal first by the way Christian Fauria is book review of money up next week's. Syrians claim the 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Short way. Now back to more or waiver looming and Fauria talk Sports Radio WEEI. Program here on the Friday before you. Beautiful gorgeous weekend is being rescued by Ford modified Chrysler Jeep dodge race. IIU graduate this I don't know. Don't know I don't know I have I don't know what you're gonna you're gonna go first but you're gonna go for so you want to read this stupid book that I don't I don't what you read the whole thing is the outcomes is the book that LeBron James was you know reading on the site inside for a obligated aren't right on although we think. I don't think he was well actually you know what I can I don't know if you like now I don't know I know it's no pictures you go first you pick. The pair are vocal and that's probably something that I'm gonna be doing what you want to music was in college and its ability I don't know conducive. Record so unlike you that the victim selection from the book that actually would you had some underlying meaning. Shut at the beginning is just OK understood this page one okay. The boy's name was Santiago. Best of the frog and his ratings. That he just was holidays. The boy arrived with his her. At an abandoned shared. The intrepid fallen it long ago. And in an enormous sycamore. A second choice and that's that has grown on the spot where the sect Kristi. Had once stood like a church that is he decided to spend the night there. He sought to with the war of the sheep entered through the room when gate. Wind or is that just your immediate the royal a year and then laid his clients. Across it to prevent the flow. Okay from wandering away during the night like JR and robbed him. There were no rules in the region of the had been limited in the Western Conference here but once. But once an animal history during the night. And the boy had to spend the entire next day searching for political points. Exactly he swept the floor with the jacket and laid down using the bookie just finished reading this appeal. Why would need issues of network and Israel and book yeah. He told himself that he would have to start reading thicker books. Course as the media when you see thick books and say he's released. They last longer and they need more comfortable pill. It was still dark when he wall and looking up he could see the stars through that half destroyed her. Yeah are you with an idea go to a course he takes like five yeah and everything occasions I didn't take more one elite goaltender is really more like speak. This is your accuracy what you got is that at the one to none I gotta go find so there's already there's always a theme and a lot already has a look at LaGuardia team right and it's like you know he's he's saying yeah ago. That she already in the rest of the team was not that there's lots of media always come to every one paragraph are. Can talk about you know traveled to his village and blah blah blah want to feed his girl. I talk about how it's like four days away and blah there's always other girls and this is the one. Minutes and ends with this the day was dawning of a separate urged his seat in the direction of the sun. They never have to make any decisions he thought maybe that's why the always stay so close to me. Seek to me again he sat Jaco. His teammates never have to make you decisions. They're not forced with the board and of being the shepherd if now they're just sheet they follow what they shepherd health of the dude wanna go this with a wanna go that way. Doesn't matter what it is a Santiago. And your leader must follow. Up. That hired palette that. This does is yours I like Wednesday when they're playing this is one paragraph nullify what way this one apparently if I'm gonna read I don't know why there's just don't want coworkers say to me defines LeBron James. When he looks at himself in the that is teammate or could he says abide became a monster today and decided to kill them. One by one Q whose team they would they would become aware only after most of the flock had already been slaughtered. They trust me. They've forgotten how to rely on their own instincts because I lead them to notion. So easily could is that you know these guys they have to be picky I only trust and so much it's all about me at all makes sense to them. He's all Gaza this book he's read yes so he's just deepening his own beliefs I'll admit that makes me irritated even more than I think he's. That these guys can't think in their round there is none of them if we'll just for me I'd lead did and you can't. Read three pages of this book. And Ed and Mississippi because he thinks he's living this flight he thinks. That this book was written about him he couldn't go in America we've got a tape now of course that Barack can't can ease basketball matter for them goes. All notes and so I got to use you we are you going to be a separate can't be nice it's hot out it's by a I mean even the more we talk laundering and finding new places and all this other stuff and the heat probably through so much inspiration from this book. Didn't elitist I realized I know that. Exodus departed the meat I go to that request orders none of Packers. I think you guys are looking forward to deepen this I don't I think is really simple I think he just wanted to. Have a book in his hands and so that he did little wrong why he's more than just the basketball player which. But that that paragraph I just read you vote for him. You know he did they trust him that he they would even if you kill the moment one knew you'd notice the double flock. Because they've they've trust me the forgotten how to rely on their own instincts because I lead them to nourishment reading this before game. Bullet that is he has there at exactly eight no me just. Our money should do you think on his old UK has always thinks Colbert got no instincts if it's just it's got its me. Can't even go to game to. Where at his old team which are saying you know what up LeBron gotta be legendary he's got to be great at least that's what she would say later or play your mobile. Yeah that's what she would say they're it's a you know what I we can't think for ourselves. You know what and we can't win on our own because the wolves are rafter as we weren't gonna wait for him to do it. To me there's that he would ID you say that's an easy read read the giving tree and get the same about it. You know you know I don't something out of yeah it's all boring if you see somebody reading this on vacation need to be slots are out. I did get like you know Nancy Drew book. Horton and this fall escapes that Chilavert totally different booked under a book to provoke all he's got his own identity and all that out about him I tell you that Tiago. Have a good point he might get the same book because we know that he had to do so much preparation for game five and then for game six if you're if you're doing affirmative in roles of the godfather okay who do you think he speaks he is in the movie the godfather. Who we think he has pleased uncle Leo yeah course the youth who who dies in the end the followed that the big dog all Lynch's version right BC's Mike is versioning live. If he goes out and I've our data goes to the tomato plants in east of all daddy let's. And I asked him to the from the horse's mouth matches in the rural. Markets or benefits. That. Bishop will be on that kid and fear that kid who saw his grandmother died view them on their orders but that it never in organic light. Some of that until just some of the stuff I read that everybody is already chalking it up and as well by the way he Cleveland went to. I'm chalking it up as well. So the twins game tonight beautiful. I want to China because you know why it's so far pregnancy beforehand when I don't think it is far now not after seeing. What could possibly have realizing what can happen in game seven. If speakers and not dumb you're looking at it and you know but they're young and making beacon compass any thing and home court degraded home. That's got to shelf life. And if anything I'm exerting as much energy as possible I'm all in from beginning to end to close this. Outs. I would like this out just like to see progress. From this basketball courts to obscenely early on your unit that Milwaukee series and its thickness of first experience of big walls you know for a lot of view in a playoff. That two goal on a Rhodes. Experience first game it's going to be justice to experience to see what it's like. Right and and anyone of actually pull one out out of Philadelphia although what that more Brad Stevens but still they went out there and got the job done on the exit cutie did what they had to do. And I would like to think that there's like a building process. You know game three you got too cocky you guys for some reason actually thought that you guys are really really go late so good to control the balls on the road be brought and they got lax. Game four was a different story. You know I know the first quarter was awful but I think they started to figure things out that to me they just lost in a poison lost on the composure. You know when they had a chance to cut things and it got to kind of separated botched and they've lost the ever loving mind. And I like to think that there is this the building block I'd like to think that this is an effort today. At this is why a close game that comes down the last two or three minutes maybe the bride takes over maybe not maybe cramps up may be realized that the Celtics flew out punched back in his. His teammates aren't good enough to win this game. That's I don't know that that's certainly a link to our nation they could do that yet is let's wave the white flag on my hands in the air it's a home away home and wait barring. It's still late to believe the pictures and. It configured so yeah and what do you think is more likely that scenario is going to clubs that I. That they get off to a slow start and they sit there and they saw the talent you know what is that we got on Sunday night that's that you have and I would say yes yes yes. I don't necessarily agree with that because they're the most important thing in this whole in this game tonight that again I'm not watching and it was sort of matter sources tell me how goes. How how how they play as far as they get blown out in the first quarter. Or they keep it within 68. At halftime. Are they are they staying in striking distance. To me because if you if you. At what point Tom do you realize you're out of it and you do take that might supply you know we got an at a home on Sunday. Let's conserve our energy. You know and personal look at who's the white flag player on the Celtics like two cabs who's that guy went when that guy goes and you know they're done Nader. David I mean. Yeah if it's closed the Raleigh and it first clothes are all the Amherst. Corner and we unfortunately. Well they have a chance with a keep within 6574. All to be down sixteen again it happened the first quarter. Well if you are looking at the outlets script is gone so far my guess is they gonna be down early in the first quarter the home team usually. You know gets off to a an early you know really good start that's been that the trend do you want whoa why did we suddenly. Think it's gonna take I saying they need to be real careful with this honestly. You can't let it go to Sam can't. But it did act like this is it act like game six is the yen and you can't let go because. If there are you are you guys the guys that that same old game seven is all about LeBron James got permit yet to game seven and now he decided to take over from beginning and now on the road is only open from beginning Dan. Christian we said this at the beginning of the series which team. Is more likely. To win one of the road games and we all said Cleveland because of one player possess he can play games for the ages a much of the Celtics had one of those players is good his kingdom as bad. I'm not sure he's one of those guys that can take over the entire game so yeah they're more likely to do it so you don't wanna get into that situation. But I am this young team. Won't or we may be asking for too much of them to going to Cleveland against one of the greatest players ever play again he's got a whole lot on the line tonight. It did there's a lot to his image and we know is we've just pointed odious. Air everyone here last year Lester is all on the line for him western golf is going to set Chris ball's not playing girls say that all the data and video games of hide and go back up to elude bloom at home in this ball is not playing. Another another another asset but a man. That if you win you're pathetic you can't you can't hang out watch I'll tell you don't have the plans Sunday if Chris Paul is crazy as this sounds. If the Celtics win this thing and I think they can win it in game seven Sunday night. They get to the NBA finals and Golden State ends up getting beat by used to looks like distance is of great. Okay and and they end up winning. The Western Conference as they do get game seven on their home floor you've got Boston Houston final there's no Chris Paul do you feel that sesame tablet. And so willingness is that it chance in the finals. And I think realistically. Now some people feel like getting compete with Houston I think they can maybe but no with no crystal but the real there did have a shot his bill this going to be a major injury. You know I mean they just got a crisp ball century he's up for game six. How much as you be available only if it's a series hamstring that's on me to sit for a two you know I mean I I noted Jim Brown did it I don't believe those series hamster. So it changes things defensively because if you look at that game last night Harden had nothing from the outside must buy only what you are Chris Paul did nothing in the first half he had two points and in the first at Padilla to rip it. Second half until he gets hurt. And you look at it and you look at that that Houston team. And he's saying to yourself while. Defensively. Celtics could do some stuff they get to a lot of bodies at hardened now you no longer have. Crisp whole all out there another kind of changes things around as a good a reason other guys are going to really have to step to deploy. I would say also with instant now there's more bay there is that the goals to curb or have them. Resembled the patriots. As far as does their dominance and what they can do it exists in this holly never lets you breathe and everything else. Q so it's not quite as scary. If you're a young team. They haven't really accomplished anything yet they don't know if you as a candidate they're pretty damn I don't know might want us more about what it's more there's nobody gave us an hour's time this stage yes they're even they're equals at that point and you can. You dissect murdered their roster you want but as far as. You're gonna gets monsters you're gonna get snow but he you know a team that has been there done that. All the time. They've they're there they're the mature they've that are there C and the different look ultimately a different attack on this ultimately when it goes it. Houston there's no question that. Go to shortfall I think you have trouble winning a single game against Golden State because they get home court advantage. So you lose the first two out there they're not gonna lose out there again have already lost one game. They're going to lose in Europe and then they got you in game three you've got a winning game you don't win a game game three your your dark and gave three becomes very difficult. Because Golden State knows they don't wanna take that trip back and forth again they want in this thing as quickly as they can't right. Cell put Houston. It's a different story would know crisp fall you had a better chance you want you want you want them to somehow pull this out of there you know what and get a win and and and that that series would be interesting to go as they were saying this after the game I think it who brought it up and said. It'll make you look at Chris Paul and you say what we don't even we don't have the senate began sects. We sit here in just try to get him ready so he can go out there can be maybe 80%. In games I certainly hopeful right you know Josh at all so we find out. Sunday morning Chris Paul is out of that game on Monday night same way we found out here for Saturday. Then my guess is they're really hurt that that's a real problem for them. Real problem for them and it's probably one of those that's weeks away from where he's gonna have very athletic director and played seven guys last night right. Including Chris Paul yeah. Joseph employees at both teams have shortened Eric Gordon the only two guys come off that bench now. I mean ardent media to get him. Taking him off the ball great things but Chris Paul correct those unique view on the ball more so the other guys come in game two Gerald Green. Gordon hill of law of the one thing Gerald Green gives you is instant offense coming out of India he will do that you know he lighted up with a couple shots I 61777. On 7937. One more hour ago.