OMF - Lou responds to Kirk's assertion that baseball talk is boring; The boys play "Did that segment suck or not" game - 7-11-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 1. Glenn and Lou hold down the fort and begin the show by responding to Kirk's comments that baseball talk, including "Angry Lou" rants, is boring. They then proceed to talk baseball for the remainder of the hour and have callers respond to whether the segments were "boring" or not. 

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Beach Fort Wayne. And moaning and forty back those movies or speak to the track in front of the Red Sox fan Palin put it. He would give it comes Jackie Bradley junior in the. Okay close to specifically Britain's how. Exactly. Don't fall so the kids don't know what to do. With. Glenn Cohen Christian who I think that talking about a baseball game from 94 interest thing. I cannot start new does this segment assist our threatening injury in what I mean obviously. You know who who who was Joseph Jackson's technical and literate and he. Off in Haiti on Sports Radio WEEI. It's just down hole and I am today. If F is off again four yeah. But I had to do it because I knew you did it yesterday and you didn't know that he was off yesterday she called them in the mornings Lou what are we doing whatever I did 6:40 this morning cycles to. That's why it's just allegations is the principle we should called every day at 637 more and yes I think we should do well he's on the case there. As of the excited about how does that double that next week yeah. It is an important he is something going to be before him. The murder yeah I got put order. Pick Richard are gonna make up the phone I know nothing of it I tell you an audit of the vote on the note he picked the ball 640 today and attempts to start the ball in the last couple days he's an article. A ballpark. The Cuomo tyrant. It's race do you Cuba now to talk commemorative front and forget is that three weeks of Malaga talks to me that's as last name. All producer we have if I before we get heavily in the sports because I don't know if you've noticed that this program we actually do engage in some sports would stop it. That we are strictly dump would look at the people what they want exactly we've written a crappy article this is unbelievable outs for you are in Paris OK so here's what the Seles gets himself from the trouble that side. Did everybody does back around here it's okay advocate screwed up he messed puppy he said some stupid. He shouldn't be off the radio offered forever right and after a thank god that was good decision. The brunt of that input and buy back in a radio. But did he have to sit here and do this I don't even know what to call it in writing this piece today in praising curtain mini van. Mikey he's the greatest. Thing since since since mark Toney in the radio video and Linehan and has an unwavering belief that sports talk radio should include was sports talk. To the surprise of all ready are you green will call us and now thank you Kirk bring me back and review your hurricane that article you do you get life. And we all take you back challenge that nobody was supporting him that this is what he has to do. Rival like this when you do it can be what what are we. Why do we bother talkers. What symptoms. Do we have any success at all the last four years since we've kind of started the show three years of funny we're doing pretty well that's will be present and there was no greens for an out of dollar figure out what is the money talk about Bret camp and the whole the whole time you could do that is its leases that may be you know. Disease and consist of be debatable brick cavernous conservative credentials if you get rich TV to be ripped present from zero tolerance immigration policy which we can do all the sort of thing but contradict their agitating Alex couldn't look very passionate about those things could no I did not and I am and collected and I didn't ask you think getting those that when it comes like Carla thanks well. Which it something up. Wrecked capital. I'll tell you what I don't face red brick Davida. I I'll rub door they got scared. Oh man this is unbelievable Alex on the David you come back on with Kirk and Callahan you write this piece it's almost as if a far less drama reader. I'm saying to myself oh my god mini and forced him to write this piece before they went a whole lot William into the studio warm on the air yeah. You need to write an article okay. About me and how great I am and then I'll let you back on the air. If you hold the article. Release of the day I'd let you back on the year in this bill believe that's what it wants to wait three or four wheel let's make it almost makes Kirk look bad it's almost like Kirk put a good it was said basically said here write this before you go back and yeah. I don't think that how it's only showed we can be successful in the stands by not talking sports I was in the state so because you do you don't have money don't have to. Extremes you know you're good to very successful show one doesn't talk sports off than the other one. Does talks nothing but sports they're both very successful. He could do it differently. Could do differently still do what you do what it would do what you do what we felt that sound he talked about better detect a bunch of memorable rant but apparently you didn't spend enough time talking about. Wreck him I should have a meet somewhere in between. In all my Ritz I've got to bring up a Cavanaugh. You know I don't bring up whatever we'll talk trump did you know that we're a cat and our coaches to his daughter's. Basketball team and don't they won the championship the use of these bring you want businesses and you hear had been. Bloody incident to its money shots father why don't have the white ribbon Brent Cavanaugh I. Antigua I do they still call me to Cuba will. We practice fast break eagle three terror into a welcome back into great way to work on a fast break like I chuckled at me. A total of temple. It be beautiful. Said that the console come drove on that I've gotten to empty these kids. That are there. About a way he isn't now Andy inject an eight K is in now since debated it here in the stretch them out of the world got to get WTKK. Yeah but. It's been timing Alex don't do this on the day. That you're bringing you back on the show which would you wait a few weeks that you throw it out there and you mentioned that other shows are having great successes while exports. They have found your niche they've done a great job they obviously are successful we like listening to. But yet to write this it anyways this year entrance to get back into the zone. Yes he had to do it on countless jobs. That was good to get back in an electoral stride on the life of doctor Gallo absolutely but there are dying in their recent on it at a talk to a sentence take a look at that month. You know me that lost they typically with puma. You know we'd play without trading Riordan understating tallying dollar and it's beautiful ten William commend you know what it was the plight draws out hates them and animosity to glossy it's too tired. It's anybody that didn't vote for Bernie Sanders. There all right problem. I just thought this was straight so we started the show out should be happy you know we started the show by not talking about sports talking about huge. In this idiotic friends. I do love this one though because it that it if it does the current. The Red Sox RE talking about the ratings you know another sell ratings are up their 3.2 four and and I left the Bruins out at the court yet only did two point 95. Other at such Tibetan both teams met affected you better than particles than combined. It is six point 16. While those numbers some of the best in baseball they do show that morning more than 90% of households and are watching something else so it looks at it and says the red such ratings are up 25% but all that means is that if there is six. It'll an 80% of people don't watch. And that includes car. I have an actress that we've looked at that he's outrageous like we get a new year angry. Did it is and I get it you that if you talk sports again and everything is so boring you know. All of these sightings that things that you decide that are important to you when your life. That's right everything as I I do I love everything everything's a passionate about I'm passionate and keep it up it's it's wild land swap in Atlanta VO you're fury it's so organic. They're not predictable at all it's never during just the slow time when you commandments but we just put a clock when he got to come back at me again what mid February and march. When is nothing going on a was going to be now in the summertime we gonna do this again deductible predictable and just on what. Organic. Good god stupid or predictable that you illiterate moron yeah. Just like Indian politely to get an electorate. Can't get it was system would cut everybody's. I think that and Alex you that we are keys to you to write this you shouldn't really occur. That's what you should Everett you shouldn't attack a piece. Where you just rip the cracked. Crack crack crack but whatever. Crap out of curtain of water and then maybe college every Joseph moon actually you should have shot and then I don't know I don't children out Scotia ski titles has done little to do a lot of guys we don't want to say Hulu. Now we let's ago on the weekends fronts when. Guy John and urged the modern show are sucks up battery powered spurred ego really awful well. I live in this. Portion of that channel it to you guys talk or yeah that that have a sports talk radio talk politics. And you bring stripper porn star then go to satellite radio. Mom Kate induction ports embryo truckloads initial thoughts and sports capital. Thank you are great it's. I. The first to admit you know it is not let's go to all this stuff what's going on. You know what I think morning show sucks it's common and Alex tremendous piece you did see the World Cup I think the current treatment. A loving Google and we love effort obviously to greatly anybody would do well I think in Cuba we forgive us nicely when we haven't done yet and it will let you guys should do that at least once a week down Bryant put a note I don't wanna. Not that interim producer that we have Ryan make sure you put that down and you'll lose the one thing we need to do like maybe weekly. Now that might be too much and may be pushing it was thought I was equation our dates buy in our lives and I can't thank those guys that's on that note thank you very much the integration. Give us some huge lead in. It works for our ratings and and everything works by the way Lou would add it again last night and what you can help you so. Just trolling people I know it ought to. Because of watching it was the third inning when there's is double double double triple rocket missile rocket or missile triple I don't think India it's too bad none of this counts. It's too bad acute on August that it you know Jackie Bradley likes his first game first our knowledge can be united Bakalar gets his dollar catch couple times a week on what is a good game of thinking and it's unfortunate that this does count. The big league baseball's cannot count these baskets because none of the stuff counts like you know oh JD get a hit movie and it. You know Bennett Denny's on a roll lately but doesn't really count on me was great against Kansas City but who cares. Those stats don't count right he did his own mind but that catch it looking when he caught the ball brought back a group of you does it really don't know when you bring back home run if it's not against the Yankees Astros. Cleveland or doesn't have the same appeal or in opposed to the tree falls in the woods. I got to say in a deal with is any of this really matter is what I'm asking because I'm watch nickel it's unfortunate that none of this counts. None of it at all here's how bad it is though in this is the other side of it inward becomes a little bit. We question I'd. It's always spot starter route their last short and then put mr. peaks and whoever else they could find out of the bullpen last night with a few decent at halftime and yet yet. So that's some spots started at six and older too full of the it's a Red Sox like I let us fifty years rights or which means he doesn't have much about. What it says this is under Oxley when you are you. We do a strike thrower that's basically saying. They don't have good stuff to put a lot of balls and David act was talking about me base runners in this guy's going to be fine he can't live with that fastball too much and but the thing is he can pitch is no debate about being used it since the first outing he showed up last year and it was against mediocre and get ripped. And he sits just absolutely nothing peck as then Sox general since then he hasn't. So pretty good so spot start in last night mr. Biggs gets into the game doesn't make a difference. And the ranges you think it's gonna be game begins with the two runs he's going on game. There's no game does not competent which is a company as the argument. You give them credit for just demoralizing other team yep they're good it's. Old gold goes deep as well enough or don't really good night's 521 Natal day and it's five to 20 and alls it was was our two run bomb to make a 54 up on my desk right fielder in baseball takes it back announce five Q and cynical. I was screwed that was our chance they demoralized team to. He's here telling you that they're not really good did really good. There's no question about it and you're right door illustrator for great TV replacing only the Mets a journalist told me they're not really good. Lot of people outbid by any within a stupid if you don't think there's games there's a stupid people out there on the payroll aren't a lot about it baseball informant before his interest in I do not. Well depends in the house talking. I'm not interest in hearing you talk about it I mean honestly yeah. It's not Alex Raymer radio in fact it is the truth. I think a good news for the Yankees they lost last night but they still remain to would have back because the games against Baltimore don't count its downstream halfback but it means to an end item count that affected you wanna you wanna look at the the numbers here. The Baltimore Orioles are the difference between the Red Sox in the McDonald's is gonna be the Yankees are so I don't know anything I don't know you have rivers so the rest some times of amateurs those words come out of my mouth. The difference in the American League will not be Sox vs Houston or New York it's fall it's gonna be bought Sox verse everyone else so to Baltimore right now the Red Sox are nine and one against your heels. The Yankees are now four and five million of the game to look at his account of carted home run support some of bits and now you that's automatic electric current. They kill him in New York cumulative or first baseman. They're -- this guy is leading golfer I don't know unless again they should be worried about Zito is pitching in addition to ever go PE he's had a great together should be worried about but here's what you deadlines not yet but what are the pitfalls coming out of the out of the the word weren't like tonight. So he had Red Sox fans who actually were acting like green it's emerged. That the Celtics fans last night but was it a matter they they didn't understand what you are certainly understand that you're you're playing with them okay that you were on that this doesn't count none of these games count they didn't understand you're one of the other guys you're out of the guys last night this can be exactly he was not that work oh that's right he was at work lessons over the TV he's I don't trust that I don't think it rapport it be tonight and I just sit there and I wish I just have fun. Top things a major and if you work you get heated border Boston sports tonight so would you tell I do a segment that I sit for 20 go to the board. I don't know the list Edmonton I say a three night. Lady no the cup ought to put up the national ratings right now. It's called Al it's 13% rise from eighteen to 34. And I was off a six point 5% from 25 before sorry it's 36. And I just called tweeting Sid doesn't count and people like. Bloom users do not use certain lake man. Good to the public just you idiots now they did not understand the the sarcasm in your tweets which is normal with with people who read Twitter and everything. Sarcasm but at the wanna get me with the we knew the Red Sox like the green team owners they think the thing is over. Oden in street gangs is not over and and and it's over so it's far from it and it isn't it makes it to stick. It's over they think its offer. Of three I have and I guess it's sunny great pitching that you get per sale. Probably going to be hard definitely when the day is done my dad he's done. The run away with a let's get right and I trading deadline at August 31 and July 31 would that William. Well listen what the Yankees gonna do the applicable stock is which out though it won't be all right those guys that might not be good enough. Are this is ridiculous I saw. Said it's obvious first at a wake up as a Red Sox and always open a month. That's too good to cooperate in the on the side they have a three to have a good pick up everybody leave with it to with a loss to a five and one of them spent three to write to him and lost some looking at the to a loss come to me that's more important. I'm glad they had the lead because anything going in need. If he's going to get him would you rather be Red Sox yankees and that guarantees that I like fighting until the Yankees at three to half game lead that conversation would be its over Lou. It's over they can't fall much further behind the three to have games already but it is why wet in the with the Yankees go to the deadline of three and a half it's all over but the Red Sox are three to happen I'm not buying it. I'm not buying anything. Buying a game last night. Not buying it doubles. Abides by heart into it and connecting it to a non Qaeda and we're sort of that to the Red Sox who were very Smart because they figured why should at least Kimbrel. When the game doesn't he was laughing so is Erica occasionally gives parents can use him against accused in the New York likely. Why don't wish Campbell I don't. By the I have many nobody votes did you fire off with cash and food that I got shut out. We need Russia got you. Saw one of my action by the Duma parliament foam acute wanted to vote. You make it livable for Stanton to devote the stiff. So like oh my phone enclosures hoping it was by a vote. So I could vote so we went on educating and bringing his advice I'd put I'd put his agent right. Anna what the vote and security eligible to that put his agent so they did Steve loft to my phone. I'm going to stick vote also hopes to wait a minute you can't vote if you're not we will know. Over your viewers will apparently we want young viewers in baseball but if you're not sane. You can't vote that stupid I'm sorry to eight hole but reputed and holdings for these eight OK and they won't it won't let him well. So at least every time I go to log on to try to see if I can do it and again. It will mean a that it says his information it just more stupidity of the marketing a Major League these eight year old you know it's an okay nobody year old should stay open they should be audible for staffers twelve years. You don't watch the big campaign for you won't call you want to vote for Staten ugly and whatever he can do it though later. I don't understand why did they would not let everybody vote first of who cares who's in the all star game out who really care you don't but they do. Put. The one thing you but you can doctored this thing up well if you wanna have for legendary players. Older players or guys that you just say to yourself your marquee talent they're not having great first half of the season. But we need John Carlos at any all star game four spots in which each of the American League and nationally to add players it's a freaking exhibition game. You could add whom every you wanna add on that roster. It's a marketing campaign to get people and I see all last night in the broadcast the night before. As I don't pay any aspect they get these gigantic fat kids are crowded of them Danny. It was obnoxious and tropical infomercials and crack old infirm arts. Would you know listen here's the thing I've ever always about what music. Clemens didn't make it somebody did it's I don't Roger clemens' ever is struggling in the first half and as kids being out is an outstanding first happened. Double start in would you want he pitched. We see this community so it's it's. You want to market your game so you commitment to I'll say this of the five guys listed John Carlos Stanton is fifth as far as deserving goes. But he should be better. He should be in game because people wanna see John Carlos today and played with these genes that mr. gore. And I'd love to see Bennett then because I think you'd be awesome for him to people these things don't go let's Bogart's years ago when he gets snubbed FL that was crap because. A new shortstop coming up was going to be difficult form it will remain difficult for him. But Stanton people watch him that's O'Costa. Game is so what you do it's it's an exhibition game you wanna see the stars. So why don't you just. Have opportunities we can do whatever they want there are no set rules for this so add force spots in which you can put four. Each Lee gets the opportunity to put four players who they think our marquee talent that just seven a great first half of the season and making it the voting it's easy to do to the still up to on. That he still force one player from every team yes that's stupid they do better. Edge has no say anymore which is nice so it's like fan vote player vote but I commissioner has some kind of say apparently is something I don't know how they do it. All all I know me jet louder again added I gotta yeah it's really weird freedom. I think they kept general Lowrie out noted to be an injury implement a fair vote you be the first one on parts and it's that they've left. Blake's now which was the biggest joke honestly in. Down among biggest jokes in history I heard great first half because they know that someone's gonna to be able to pitch noticed Adam wants you don't put him in a fan vote. For him to win. And to be added on anyway right so. It's called. Think it's a stellar sea can manipulated any way you want why would you put in each one that when you're trying to get younger. Audience for your sport and why would you put in each woman on. If anything I would love to have the kids that in in my generation walking around with a baseball cards now they plan to video games and everything else. I want those kids voted. I wanted to know exactly who hula then in ten years who Stanton is who should glories of these guys are the that is what I want. We just as easily as well it's our gallery now 6177797937. Did that segment suck. That's what I want and as you hate that sector. And I'm not so sure it was a good one to be honest with you but I don't know I'll wanna know elected we just sit there and just talk about baseball for what fifteen minutes. I want to know people think that sucked the air carved Curtis on a lot of us he's on a modern jazz and learning admitting to call it I don't know but that did that segments are go to this guy because I like this character that I actually agree with this idiot. Who. I this idiot hello idiot. Let's Albert firmer and ansari Albert on sorrow and ultimately thome was and it is and I apologize. I was just it now it WD nicer it's over to be nice to call us and Sar. And I know what I'm I'm at a comedy do you adequately on this Clinton Era that's like once you log there because I want you want. You know a couple weeks I'm not a debate or I but but but then no other radio in this sort wrecked our competition that. Let me tell you some yeah. Yeah. The book did not only had been a mainstay in this part of the country they all are now ending will be. The peaks about baseball and baseball evidence that the problem there Red Sox will always be fine. Let me tell you sum it all while working to wink looking at every nickel. And rip the conflicts. Several traits to go out and so predictable pogo where it. It's beautiful. And operated 18011. Wicket and you can possibly imagine. Only Gordon and it won't be Gordon in New England good for all of us some recent strategy will be Green Zone consistently let me speak right now someone. I don't. That wanna call it out that the New England Patriots are home. One bad round and went to the went. Out of over 120 Tony your run out. Relegated facts let me give you the fact they fell on the negative thing. Let me give you out I'll give you the facts are one out a 100% correct Albert in how many years in the last decade. Have the Boston Red Sox won it. A playoff series yes we're doing trivia Kurt. I know yellow trivia where one of picture you're listening to the program when you how many years at the last decade would be and if you don't realize in ten years is a decade in the last decade. Now home many years did the Red Sox win that at least one playoff series. The ones. What's happening okay pop up the patriots I wanna go to the patriots you're like the patriots. That's the difference it's all about yeah yeah. And modern day and. Who's gonna envoy huh. Yes you heard him. As Albert and argue Albert. You'll. 1000%. Correct is seventy you can't run another busy most of their lives is all people know they are gonna be shocked if it does not know what they're doing the zone's big four years would Brady's well. That's God's will and his team is irrelevant in this town they thought I could never happen guaranteed Iraq could happen. The irrelevant to avoid the patriots well. Thank you. Are. Jones and not listen I love my god I've got Belichick two bullets. Are. Not go back and let. Yeah one you'll want to go back and go back to you rubber room. Scotty and I love isn't it a little Israel of all girls that we should just thankful uncles. For four hours here residual against Seattle gas at the end of the day. But. Oh was gonna I'm dead one pitch at least question now the statement did not duck it. The reason I turn on the radio there in the days hear about based on the Red Sox. And I love based on the Red Sox. It's. Pretty much what I guess. Think they'll arrest that he doesn't like gentlemen and everything room later indicate liked the revolves around the reds I love we don't look we don't have another call liking it but that's OK and I thought it was all right. Nobody else did I wouldn't like to know most people thought to expose very addictive it was awesome job every segment you're shareware good to bleep suck fest. Well it's got there but that are athletes are morons. Austin and the people at the Olympia well people are questioning my method they won the World Series in 2013. Deaths. That's right that was the one year that they actually won. In a playoff series body tech community 13 series that year. But I think your point is correct was that await the last time so always wanna series that got the deal CS loss that'll that the race right. And then 2013. Is there to 608 to 2013. And a post he wanted to. So that's your problem right now the problem this is a wonderful team it is fun JD Martinez is changed everything the way they hit. It is a power hitting team right now as opposed to that crappy you know station to station baseball we're watching last year a lot of the pitcher and other than you know price against really good teams like the Yankees the the pitch he's been very got. The bullpen has been very. Spotty at times but very god. All of which defense terrific I feel. I witnessed on six last night soldier lifted the same thing I wanna sit in my right and it was then in typical cable. Do you justice Sandra themselves no I don't trust sympathies to trust the reliever not a trust anything. Salt Lake but it doesn't take away with what they're doing right now. So here's what we do with a patriots reload the patriots are we seeing ourselves. They're gonna great regular season I think they're going to the AFC championship and I have a good feeling they're going to the Super Bowl now lipstick Red Sox. We look at the Red Sox right now they have 65 wins okay. They are the best team in baseball yes I just said the best team in baseball. Record shows Rickles then I'm Erica. OK got closet duke does anybody feel confident right now. That this team is going to goal in the post season. Do you want the patriots do and that is take care of business. Get to that championship game in the Indy the AFC win and get to the super fuel company. I think there are a lot of people out there is still fearful. They don't win the division and they lose that card. God which you live why because I'm living in that I'm living and we also have this little dream world. When it comes on the limited I don't know I know finally comes in patriots need to periods that you trust them to get that post season just a Libyan AFC title game of chance of noticeable. Yeah which we know that we put out a lot out of fuel while teens and preteens because the Brady Brady countless other Brady Brady stuff what do you reached a plea was. This is like sickness and play Italy to cavaliers it's like a basketball town gave them what happens on LeBron leaves thanks for comment you can't see it here. I can't believe people Katie of his victims he was then this is all these crazy. Did this for more than what Cleveland Cavaliers Al Midas LeBron Shiites I agree but it but he's gonna win and lose the greatest player in the world taking a step back you know Laguna believe they can win championships that he's awesome and it's no longer going to be 24/7 as Shaughnessy wrote. It's not. That I don't know how people can even I have to tell them back. Jimmie to rob Lowe's and failed miserably in San Francisco mayor will be undoubtedly will be back in air yelling just leave it. Josh McDaniels isn't the promise Washington. These fifteen. Because team king who believe in them but do you not an audience and honestly it doesn't last for ever come rounds a 100% correct. There are bonuses that think that's. Never gonna say that Vietnam hotter percent correct. Does that with vision defense avenue you are now early. Now on the same wave length as Alpert and Rhode Island at broke of the heat he's officially brought up because. The other had I love this team into a strip search team can I say this enough that depletion. I think they're terrific I've watched all of last night's game that you hated the tackle. I think there's so much more fun than when I watch last year and the year before I give you all that room but you're not a little bit skeptical. You're not arsenal. Let's in about what Kirk a reason to trust that I've had their job to give me reason to trust them I heard Kirk talks in sports and anti baseball used to but he has no if you would David Price going in game two. Of of a playoff series does that help you feel good. If constantly juror number one guy now scores schedules we care measure and reduce starter. He just doesn't care David Price keeps talking about David Price like you lose segments. Resented him and get back to the Supreme Court is in of this thing will be dragged out now is the first block putting that. After the listens to us about the elect not to did you like that did you enjoy I've we'll open it up and let people. She went in the accident lets you write your argument that side I mean yeah I wouldn't go there right when I mean already you can credit he got that they hated him before. Overs theater what would you be at minus yesterday. And that's president addressed already done it's they want. You don't get better. That's curable I give you an a and then just to set myself up for disappointments I expect nothing out of view it less yesterday I got nothing idea. So is perfect for you she is whatever the missing it in the morning do we not talk about everything we talk a lot of sports. We talk about other stuff we talk about to look at that guy who talked about it. Some locally they get more than a look at it weren't as of today. When you get it out and begins at the National Anthem this Floyd to talk literally as we will do all of them honest we talked about a outlets at every the only show that I don't let us talk show in America in the talks about the bachelorette. There another show in them does that. Nobody does he told me who that we and that we did the and we do everything we do sports we do more than sports. We'll find out if people like it's about six or 77797. Any threesome is Albert from Rhode Island election. You can show. And I WEEI. Good for all of us of the every source strategy will be mailed and they let him speak. It. And why. On. HR one no I don't know. When you get the facts and let me give you the fact they fell on the candidates. Let me give it out I'll give you the fact are one follow a 100% correct Albert. All over the island and looming on the U. Followed people on the text line here commenting on the first segment I would say it's 5050 so you get the the Kirk writes out there. Who sit it on nights it's area so it is to get into a gay issue nothing beauties state wake. And then we of these other people were basically. Raving about the baseball conversation your awesome and talk baseball. JT Martinez is great but the most significant addition is quarter without adults it. Course been great. Zone signing Brad Stevens team's top floors made a big difference in my mind he has put coma he's a human being with a personality. He's not a guy after the game that gets all defensive because I we rented. Right it is well none out we're aggressive we're aggressive I did it wrong we we have a great I think that's what I thought you guys. If you do expect. John we think about double switch to edit it and with every month ever with a strong advantage being games he's good he's not an opportunity Martinez is an epic. No question the questions and Chris do this for what is that there are about managers and and coaches and stuff like that and it fell at least. You've got something there but when it comes to these other sports I do wanna get to the phone calls us we will talk today a Bobby is on in Rhode Island what's up popped. Yeah I don't. It's allotted a rules question at that is a real good at literate are there concerns. There late fifties early yeah salons and watch you or call Lou. And I'd relatively tight at opiate what was the Kurt Morton or whatever else I'd. Gerry Connolly you're very kind on thank you very much it would just on. Ignorant I was under the result nausea that somewhere just to just call to say. Here's Dan Springfield high dam. They would go our guys couldn't you. I'm doing all right do you. I agree Lou. I would gotten so little about it in the morning show I here in the morning. I noted that on driving in my truck. You know I think that the last ten years back out all morning show turned into a soap opera pretty much. Do this thing is their pitcher they're controlled Donald. Did Harold and I'm not get. Right in the demo it's set accidental the last I've been subtleties illustrated these on the baseball talked at 37 years old it's a secure you are now until he would you walk. You're a part of that 36% increase in point I defeat for that nest and seeing in the ratings right now again I appreciate your. That Ollie let's I'd. I'll call it a game there were ever done but I like those. Yeah and quality they've got to believe that you can't have all the faith you can't as the old slumber that game did they didn't all of a hole to all of a name game hot (%expletive) old timers running his man. I wouldn't call at least I think it. God. Keith is a New Hampshire hello Keith. Keith in New Hampshire what's up Keith. Off Heath that was a key ethical and open is that your own car Gerald. Big guys. It's journal the first segment is there any better than the crew lonely talk Red Sox baseball there's nothing better. That's a joke how old are you. I'm 51 is still in that they're still does that increase the story about a fifty foot doesn't grow. Okay low blow the other day looked John did you you can't talk about people come back. My son finish college. God MBA now he's settling down and it will work life because your basic bad let's talk can be dumped although he wanted to pick. Oh hold the sleep. He's kind of been the one the only and he just entered a 24 to 54 and number I didn't know you know drew son trying to be nice to dad he doesn't. They're a bunch once it's out particularly slow there we drill now you're right this is the thing I got out there while I'm innocent he might have walked away from the game but you know what it does. It brings you can ask him. I was young. You fans cheer guys are delusional. All of us studies and chuck say. And I yeah I go yeah he's got it around 52 week certainly brought some demo. Flight director experience later with the news that no lol you talk about all the crap that's gone and done. Intel active those young demos and everything takeaways and we since he did beautifully songs latitude on Red Sox almost that's not. A should be a lot or church there and analysts in the Miriam and warned that you know Laura I need my lap from alcohol or radio. There is beautiful like this on the third when a 253652. Would be got what went to go to waning in Winchester hello I am well yeah. Are you good Elaine Elliott wave. Well great I want to lecture on the circular listen your show. So. Our side what were 2000%. And you know. When I turn the radio on in the war registered really enjoyed it like now it is like the mean girls it's. I think it's all about them and they don't sit there or certain huge big cool down session I can't Lisbon anymore. I do like to belching now Putin's I do like divulging every once in awhile you just when you're listening to the ready drive into work whatever. This once or wait all the way. A McLaren very young sixty. A Duncan as the this gets up and SA RA I'm gonna look up. And that's that's that's not for Yahoo! and I'll say this in oh I liked him more Americans that is different that's all but I like the Nazi very very successful a ton of people enjoy them. The number 1 rated morning show in this city do a great job throughout Asia you know. It's her and when a music finally got to go buddy it's like an awards show I've got to go ideal. You mean in your city and Boston hitting. Oil and I mean John Lewis and lo and not actually looked like Exxon's growth might. Most it's not a good idea until I think people. Carolina that the actual actually it he's not angry side of all the yet. It will keep it out. Appreciated authorities and questioned last night and he threatened recently is voter retracted. It's sixties I think he wants he does it's not save his older and you think you've only new thing on line. Sort of a lock to trap people they all lines of lords and what are the lines Malia in the polls the secret holes. This is some might get a car hi Mike. I don't goodbye you don't you now. Got a good thing going in the morning accident does axle and don't agree to bring it up but if you hit some white baseball you know what hurt. You watch it. Period the nobody else in choice and them would you enjoy it and a Democrat or whatever it may be enjoyed excellent. Ridiculously low or hit what you eat bank. I listen I don't care long time ago McKnight a lineup I'd bring it up people write about that actually matters I just read that's right all of you 36. Damn move you stay healthy and on we all are doing right now to watch a lot this year are so I yeah. Of that double mostly go to sixty chip it actually should be 35 to 64 kids in the sixty fours now Ural 54 right. Who retired at 55. Heard decision maker. You don't matter you're nasty five you don't count the war that have been telling you what's the the out of a job retired in the vineyard is the baby boomers have more money so those rating should out more. To the older baby boomers does that get the the money winner this back. Here's Michael and Walt in my Michael. Were gone you are you. Good wanted to call and say that out marked the biggest thing in the morning show. I'm 22 year old enough allowed their guys show guys all exports which went up my Alley and that's so. We get only two hours with them Michael he's under the demo right now but you know he's just sitting stories straight right Mike. Six point three. Michael. Signatories are right. The residents with three guys and if you see that he could these things in your pocket and the chip I'd like your net 18% of demographic from eighteen to 34 that is improved this injury and yet you told me on its goods beautiful thing Michael let's listen how foundation money just can't vote for the all star team I think in Tampa that I like all those guys I think they do great you know what I will tell like you wanna think they saw. I take it to personal. I got I wrote thank you. I'd 61777. I 79 B 37 that is our phone ever. It is OMF for you is off bad effect he's off the rest only on next week right next week obviate their golf tournament nobody oh that's right we have golf tournament criminals were days that Tuesday Tuesday that students sign up and get what's left the response that we do it there are slots laughs absolutely not we do WEEI dot com slash call and register right -- that you play golf you want me to talk baseball when it's -- can walk onto a golf course with -- -- hand and actually legally heaviest club in your -- it to ask all the thousand ironically you can tell what you do from that point on some bus I don't but to actually be standing on the same course of the putting green with meeting and and having a weapon. He'll he'll have his eleventh by guards you know Brad phone and a member last year this terrain yes. Curtis right up there with the umbrella yet. And held little Armenian well while he putted after he melts that was the worst thing that outsiders and analyze it sought. So you know it. Whose other a variety of familiar under. If it's our journey Tuesday we don't need number OK we're noted wanted to drilling following me with an umbrella in Detroit Tigers right way to tee my ball up to Hollywood to west or C plus or something flight back to the phones. Tomorrow at 830. Thirty with a hole in Africa. When he feels good. It's Thursday on your. Sox baseball yeah EI. I wake up in the morning you look at seven amazed they've moved and done that many on many points man metric just about every single morning. But out here to talk to you about Boston dental view of missing teeth do you need in place do you Wear dentures. Well then you need to head over to Boston definitely have a brand new state of the Florida office. In government center they offer all the work you need in one place this is all the new cutting edge technology you can get 3-D image. Of which he smiled will look like when the workers all the answer really gives you and that and it. An example upfront of what they're going to do and what you gonna look like. When doctor Melky and a crew. Deal with your issues they do an unbelievable job they are right now these solution. In specializing for cosmetic dentistry and they gonna create their perfect smile that he used to have or you always wanted. Are you the phone number to make an appointment schedule. An opportunity to sit down talk of the people overbought the dental 61740. To 500617. Four O 25000 or you can visit them at Boston dental. Dot com Boston dental the official dental practice of the Boston Red Sox have won 65 games to. Talk Sox right now with the way Merom owning a Sports Radio. Likes baseball and genuinely passionate or loves baseball. What rights what he's really good analyst and I and I I should be in the Booth every night somebody that it has I don't know why was this guy uses the baseball was about. And apparently he's I don't know how else. Now I think it pushing your ear you're proud member of that club that you can sit there and you say American waste my time. Talking about any of these baseball games and you know. The goblet Yates to race for so it's working so nobody's nobody's complained about it that. We talked a little baseball today met affect the to it would just be the channel stuff for the Red Sox crop up last night. I I think that manipulate Dave colony or real sincere in pay any looked much out of you guys can move. And that means that they've talked about job. A debt that's an I think the extent of the conversation is now what is real what isn't. Present it has been thrown a lot of things out there yet. Including yielded Fernando Rodney Howell Xena little girl sixty but he stole the ball well maybe put together that you know Davis had him before the past. I I've heard that as humans got no it is not even. Now calm cool where they just why I think that it's more good looking at personally we've talked about before one a different look. Let's face it it's it's what they have to offer is in the lower levels. What they have to offer is that in a ball players in a cutie gave up appears shortstop from a ball that no one's ever heard off. So you don't know what these organizations feel about your your talent in April 1 team my tickets load and media give Steve. No the team that does nothing there at all. Look for guys relievers that are free agents. Don't look for a little rental place yet to read too much for a kid out of New York familiar he's a reliever he's a free agent closer I do think that they are interest in Britain. Shelter and they absolutely should be it is what else is he healthy is he right that he's had a couple bad outings though the Ares kind of ballooned isn't all that much or get up 41 outing when your reliever. You go for Eagle 8 scoreless. Do the math there is a four soda look at it right so. But the velocity down a tick but he you know that was always part of the the movement still there so I think they are there really stated that it Seacrest talked about Wade Davis. While we reduce the staff from one way David's wife when he meant you'd make them again as you get eighteen million before pitching next year it's gonna be can. You know that is of acute bark off to get done in my mind those very good soaking in it for years control. Asked my appeal to too much. A lot of these other guys that we keep hearing about you know breathless talk about now legal fees the agency and others to considered Brad handler talked about him love him. I don't know why did it betrayed him and it'll be enough to get the pirates close its kid master as the lefty thousand under. Again the guy that's under contract. Now his concerts and distinct. It's good value but it's a full five more years did you sign. You didn't look look what he's free agent guys look for Familia in Britain. CNET that makes sense to me that you would go after one of these freeagent counts because what it does is it gives you a little bit of insurance here. Give any idea where Kimbrel going to do at the end of this year he's a free agent obviously want resigning and he's really good. But if you have another guy. Then maybe you know having two opportunities. For closer next year. Makes it a little bit more palatable yes that's the way to go like carries somebody. We're for eighteen million dollars next year. If I'm Kimbrel and I'm looking at you're bringing in god and and I guys making big huge money I want more money than that that is I'm better than that. Davis makes no sense that now and you know do you Mitch Davis Rodney canopy. Interest is there but I think Britain might be real and familiar from new Yorker real cynic as I did much out of makes very little sense too boring for a couple of months hybrid. Guys last night on you you're on my side and but the guys that later on on NBC sports Boston and they were talking about he could be the difference. I don't think that happens like that. In baseball I'm looking at this lineup from top to bottom. And even when Jackie Bradley junior who ever wants only get two hits last night every once in awhile get a couple hits. And you look at the catcher situation it's been a little bit better with sandy Leon but I. You look at that line up and say much how to really gonna make that much of a different to me what I'm scared to death of is that all that stuff yeah I still trust. I'm with you Machado if there's no guarantees when you in baseball the smaller the sample size. The more random it is yes. Would what I much what I read that much out of for the next four years of slowly but over the next few months. He appears to give me what I need. But just seen it that you could have left and this is not a didn't think this is which I don't know what he should he be ever but we talk about two months. And you talk about small sample sizes. It's it can be written to make we just got it's hot like look what you got from Nunez last year for two months. You know now look what you get from them but for two months he looked like one of the best offensive players that is dynamic. You know on the base best run around hit bombs driving the ball would you like holy smokes apple is that really him. No. So it's is it can be but given up what you may have to give up to get Machado makes zero sense I'm not giving unless you think you can sign him long term. Giving up and they need economically control situation multi years with rock field efforts to get myself Manny Machado for two months. He can really put me over the top and I don't by the way I don't believe he temperature of. If David dead at the assets to do at this cute Vasquez out of Philadelphia was under control for next five years lefty goes under Brad hand out of San Diego and control and export 34 years. The Debian outstanding pick up. Does not give Kimball insurance. You know and if you can bring Kimble back he got a few ended you know get committed mustard beckoned and appended goal with Kelly for the next 45 years. Battle to get the assets go to guys like that that are under cost control. Good contracts. You know you know your reliever version of of Chris Sale. You know mile good value great pitcher. Could it cost more. Now they got but I don't know what I'm gonna is that they cut that title in the last ten minutes ago routes data to hurt baseball's by the way he's welcome I thought it was a it was info. There was passion that was everything. It was all day and it's going to vote but they still do need a reliever. Right they still do need 100% out that you can't depend on telephone Thornburgh and continue to depend on an oval right breeze here. What about. 02200. Let us know what about. Bigger more. Yet they had to get it I. Look at this can't way to get one night incident that he's got a helpful now. UT testament applying often would. To about how little I don't either I don't let's I mean I don't either and an X that's you know these are just timber let's get to see that when I. And then I also I don't know why my husband has been. All of this bank and trust Kimmel the regular season did I hate to tell you Lou I guess psyche to music I don't I don't even address Kimbrel. Trust any of these guys. In odd to me it's it's not trust any of them because none of them have shown that they can win none of them. I think he had the ability absolutely. Well I still feel confident Christiane my own game one no question about it. You know what gamble comes an unpopular he's gonna close it out yes but. Until they don't. I hope you try. That did the boy you said this stuff for years to bullpen is really where you win in a postseason and it's still to me is. Week aspect of this Dayton I don't care that 65 wins I know they're very and as whatever. Ed bullpen still the problem I do I go to some phone call went out of people look at of course rock is in Boston he agrees with loan but I'd Brock. And they happened to having the this is long Packers time yeah I just wanted to play at really enjoy. Really resentment and I enjoy so does that term when you're having out about about relievers that these are. Second I just treating SAL entry repeats again rim used to be a baseball guy maybe his media column should be should there be more baseball talk on sports talk radio may be can write that tomorrow. These packaged them all the products. I'm I'm I'm I'm 28. I'd I'd I'd never consciously. And yet our baseball is. I really agree with a lot of points that we touched upon. Some talk about patent play up a spot differentiating supplement competitors. You know. A lot you know you spoke volumes. Touchdown via the commercial yet but aren't you at the commercial yet I'm not yet commercial update all kind of explore a different than its competitors. We have a lot of great start you guys are talking about Machado. That yet Trout. You sure their failure all of these great stars in the new look football where you know I. After gradient breeze or looking like dirt off your car. Went to like you know how it is I was football going to you know upgrading to go out and all. You know I think that's an interesting conversation and I am. I think I think people can create Lou mentioned. Ratings are 20% that it never brought. Human element. Arguing it it's like brought. Electric Imus Hiroshi proxies agreeing with a somebody call me in this spirit and they'll. Owing to fine. We can thank you so like I love this is grace you know and it's always did all that and it may actually call today and still the site you want with Shaughnessy last night and one of the things Shaughnessy. All talked about in his column in which skin is wrong because some of the things that can't start promote baseball or right on ducked all the though the one that is if you get the one that is is totally wrong. Is where he does not want all the Saber metrics he doesn't want all of those numbers where he doesn't understand that is one way you gonna generate. Younger viewers younger fans into the game he's wrong about. But it's well it's it's it's boring to him because he still has trouble balancing his checkbook so it's it's a difficult. It's a way to add. People maybe want baseball seeing football right and to say let you know so you're you're not. Act lacked. You're not into sports you never happen. Now you you'd there's an avenue for you absolutely to break down game. Improve the smarter than everybody else right so audited understating this handful of people being drawn more interest to indicate that that's an old man view only when used when you sit there and say now I I had I hate Saber metrics what is more knowledge it would in his. At Sonoma and did you know they say is people balls that vocal correct it's good for finals or that settlement is great. It's great and putting it appears to football the eleventh pickles that's. You did you know that. As I've always lived in the top three items get lucky and sometimes that's live and die with these folks as happened for as well as well you know I just beyond that you have to show McClure of the Olympic. Don't be able to jump on a video available at that level last night and it at one that you'll forts of baseball us about how this was cut. Instead the agency could. You sound like an old. You know mr. Carter has this is this is lying to me this is going to pick the game is right now it and you got to accept a lot. But you have to accept. So true. I'm talking local game is a starts would you consider. Across high caliber so right now it's pretty much six innings and didn't. So we need to get over it and that's why they have eight then offense. So we're gonna get over. And over. Takes us older guys the longer. In the background just on sale like here. He's right though in the all sorts of baseball now that are all pissing and moaning about the shift in baseball on the hate than the shift to whatever. Or any other sport. If a player is going to go to a different part of the field. The defense of player is going with him. In any sport we've seen changes and put all of these basketball hockey but the play of the defense to play are always goes whether in baseball was sitting there going head. We can hit the opposite fields we can hit power rallies here. But the defense suppliers can't mauled they need to be stationary it's less as a joke. Let's let the game evolving because the next step is get the ball in the air because there's no holes on the ground bingo so. So we did this article yes I was reading it that in reap three players was Cochran are a couple of the players. And they talked about it and remember talking Butterfield about it and it. You might not like to shift but it completely makes sense sure and it makes you look back in baseball you what I was planes and how we do because we're stupid we shifted on Jim Thome Barry Bonds that's the only two guys ever been right field against. You know that was it. But he's except when the game started but the bags out there and you syndicate first base plays host the first. You know third base placed most of their shortstop second up the middle and to stay there what do I stay here on because disposed of the now without all the research that state but this guy hits the ball in the hole. When he hits the ball on the ground he hits the ball right there like 67%. Of the time title played there know why well because baseballs that you should we will be here. Stupid I want you to school without the ball hit to appoint a low how did we go of this many years. Without Major League Baseball figuring it out basketball game is involved it's changed it's a three point shooting game and stuff carry lines up 2648. Feet away from the basket to shoot the defender comes up defense and it doesn't stay underneath the basket. Baseball is gone how many years which of the recent okay. Lot of players acting that most of all for me but it's it's it's this ease in which people talk about just hit the ball that won it with a and and I know what makes sense and hitters do have to adjust somewhat they ought. In the ground the hit in the area because she got the one of those guys mentioned it's a great point I mean. Would you watch a baseball game you got a man on third base less than one out in the infield playing back. Everybody don't get the hit the ball on the ground it's a free run at the ball in the air it's a free run. The development. No I am not easy to hit you can't just it they're saying on a line drive right center this time. It could take its cut 97 went out veteran lefty and recovered over their shortstop and gonna hit the hole. And if it was that easy every single time a day goes on they're basically a ground ball shorter ground ball second or fly ball senate. It ain't that easy given these guys does that. Wherever you want to edit out at me to the research now to determine how where a player hits the ball for example David Ortiz if David Ortiz went his entire career and he could hit that little floated that goes out to shallow right field. Before they put the shift on before Maddon decided they are taken that ball away from him. Could you imagine what is numbers would then his numbers would be great as production would suffer remember talking to Matt about this from the first shift in date. And that I hope David goes full hopeful for box. Is because we went he gets on first base he can't Ronnie clogs it up this willful full bunt singles. We win that game or we win that matchup because the one before a three run bomb hurts us but experts he does the strategy of the game. And they wanna take away the strategy of the game and basically said that the defense of both players must stay in the set position I don't baseball whatever. Removal of for you okay for you and I thought it was a great hour it was terrific I'll let those for and Adriano our seem like an hour but what an hour and fifteen minutes quickest way for us. Jesus that's a lot of fun for us outside. I sex whatsoever so. Seven on 7937. Its all am without out.