OMF - Lou struggles to focus when live baseball is happening before him; Marcus Smart returns to his (angry?) Celtics teammates 2-22-18

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Thursday, February 22nd

HOUR 4 - Marcus Smart has been inactive after he injured his hand punching a picture frame. How are his teammates feeling about Marcus right now? The Sox kick off Spring Training with the N.E. Huskies and we might be losing Lou's focus.


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Are you ready. Be explored ways and moaning and forty anything at all not at all Braden he's got a Joseph Montana. The vault I don't care what went up three finally let the math that it was for big job with under armour what I know how long he lasted there less than two months and unlike an average under armour. Did something about it are you did business we'll be OK with this kind of stuff or aren't you with the mavericks and the problem does seem to be institutional with glee and Lou when Christian. There's a lot of cross you called Reagan ball you throw a fast 198 Patrick is looking for Reagan when he gets bit we talk involves a players don't understand it's not about them it it would deter Iran I don't care burger once and a while I catch you guys it hits that occur what is expecting at the. Continue to OJ shot up back there because people don't care about you Bijan does anybody care about the game anymore listen. Think to yourself you can sound ridiculous so now on Sports Radio WEEI. I final hour for us here today Lou Amarillo he's down there in Fort Myers but it doesn't matter where you are you don't use them. Got up wherever you may you know got a motion that a good job in my life. It was good night did the best part about it was. That you you really get this PR thing down two hours ladies sitting there with your kid on TV and you showing a series he's a good father and except. The nation is really get down this average L stuff on her worries get some of the senate influence from those almost six hours. You're gonna die battle Amazon and let somebody else but that moves that there's mr. Tucker Kitna is passed down the shore through a lot of exactly where it came from. As you Lilja slow pace Colonia. It not you will rise fall asleep. And Ahmadinejad and they have a net of their suits and Jackie Bradley walked. That it Andy too low to catch the talked pitcher you've walked on four pitches now it's too loaded devers the shortstop walked the pitcher the pitcher right now is. I'd say a little bit nervous he strongly ball pitches in one strike we're twelve minutes is this. Is everybody good morning and I enjoy the game neighbors there should be lying about it nobody wants at any time all three. These all the wealth ball on these guys in the nominee of the seniors have fallen asleep there hardly. Currently. The race is this is unbelievable is being removed. Memories you know. The parties is that the most adversity at an awful cases now slow it's a tournament play in seven innings that's an even listen to the game has really slowed Lula who play by the right now. I mean it's to me is your minimum. On Monday it NATO strike OA's action hey you missed it when you were gonna get a it's a good dog off my guy got a. It took them to their home rule sooner they're gonna use up there are they implement and you'll also sort of Murdoch and have a college seems Knowles as ephemeral they used three in the first story. They did visit a history left trailer for the whole game and why you got we were talking a little bit about a sham she kind of ripping him with the with the space. And he's he's getting very sensitive apparently because of only service out there today Jerry and Corky this morning. Sent they're producer how to spell Jerry he spoke cherry he's known Jerry for a couple of years spells Jerry JE ER Ottawa. Gary is she. Or or want to dance knowing him for thirty years and can't. So Jerry Kirk and his forty sent their producer. Into WJ JB FM mean. Move in Maine state. At jetBlue with a alive Mike. To disrupt the interview. Nice to see the WEE eyed boys. Are taking their sensitivity training seriously. I know I know I know it is a gag order and mine obviously did an observer it would not supposed to say anything that happened in the sensitivity I mean I just wonder pointed out. To Dan Shaughnessy and was I miss something you guys pick that up. I don't believe there was ever any mention. That we need to be sensitive to shake Shaughnessy now. You know I remember that I was kind of I was told analysts and the whole time you have parents. Well did you ever doubt. Tonight an advantage where I didn't hear anything about like you know if interrupting interviews being part of that team and you know. And I hate that tells shake any it's really gonna kill him. Because. You might get ugly. But there reason he is not protected under any of this stuff. No none of it. So they sent Curtis into the studio. He was doing another interview this morning on the station in the midst of their stations packets you're hearing cars off Mike is a good backup dishonesty. Some place from. With two small columns and down there. Somewhere in Florida in June 20 round pick. If you seek career path. To winning it all our brother media it is pretty he can't see that. You can't see that on the radio. Or. Yeah. We've been down this path before the the idea is that we're the other station at a at a a blogger behind me harassment loves Obama lost it or harassment of the of the others as you go and let that zone desperate to get down here this and the producer overlord at I get very I don't know I personally want to thank them for all the all the publicity were getting in Boston so they'll thank you very much of me. Go it alone and let thank you why you lose again to our show law you need to contact. They brought epic is all the publicity oil also stationed in Maine. You know I think I didn't he has 830 in the in the 'cause at 2. O'clock to go behind. You'll want these guys slotted twenty. You're on the door now you heard a holy coming after you heard Gary Williams is talking about you you hope that right this is an acting. No he's still doesn't mean they should have the door wide open they should have a welcome sign to Kirk many immediately commit their take this audience the consumers that hasn't you can retire he's doing here with our boys down Philly don't they do show together you know Sandburg that you showed Delilah in here so long Monday that. Exchange. Off off off off. Already. Left just walked Everett that he walked all for it looks like artful pitches just left the game face five guys walked all four. This is their best pitcher rate visited Ottawa got oh why would not be does that indicate laws they care. Probably young kids. These tonight at the at a baseball game mark in season starts. Always there weekend guys here these games when they played in the used to be just the play Boston College more recently the added northeastern. On on the schedule. But it used to be that you remember the old days Lucas like sixteen knows nothing and fourteen analogy since first throw the backs. Off. Of them literally. Dozens and Mason came out. Well. You know the ball well. Let it do wonders for your game today in the energy game really with we're gonna build and I've been wondering in your in recent years it's been a little bit closer because the red sex kennel until the towel. It sounds to me like it's the first inning and the roads are skating and throw the towel. Believe that this gave have a right to play in the BC game and it was a guard his daughter's gonna get one at bat. You know it's early eternal work everybody into it slowly little Uga the last 82 and a monkey suits and examine. I can call eight these guys tickle it makes the ankle weights go eat a hot bat isn't one of these college kids who strike you out though I mean is that like and it happens to an American consumers are it's not yet. Listen this is the first. Seven they have live BP but it's completely different so this is the first at bat for all of these. So it's still seek guidance. 8080 and 88 a little wrinkle slider curveball whatever it still. It's still your first at bat to beat they'll figure it out quickly you know let these guys aren't top of their game Grossman missed. And Kamal phony game as overcame some debt and ask about my standards out basic health. So sociology is getting very very sensitive target about the sensitivity and I just wanted to know. When he says nice to see the WEEI abortion taking their sensitivity training seriously. What they did to you to date it and what they mean dude you won the future. Was not run up in any of the sensitivity mean Kirk Manningham responded to Shaughnessy. On Twitter I'll give DNS. He was plenty sensitive. During the fifteen minute phone conversation we'd just. One of the great passive aggressive phonies in history and you could swim in the river on irony. In his week on many levels. Mountain. I am. I I think. Kirk I picked a move weighed down on the list I think. John I don't know one on the current okay he is he's number one also lists boy's teeth out Dina you know. It's really. So we live over there yeah I don't know. He's on them out but I the first sudden this articles on the line journal of the ceremony just a bit you know I. Want to be at first until the publicity to this. But I feel bad because I was right at the task Gerri Gerri. I was at the top Kirk's a hate list and personal with and the way it is right now I'm in the nineties but even the president listened to the NCAA is a very solid and I'll let laid out. There's no land is no question is hearing your diet low discussion cut low you human again. Yeah a couple days ago that hampers the ex army you know he uses it to things that I didn't appreciate it. What does not only came and approached you the day it stereo where we need stories there's a double bill. Don't hit it and it and it's a pretty jumped on board was really upset about some things in the new morality came out at the home side we have huge discussion of the locker walk away from what. Delay pose disrespectful to a clubhouse. You know he's from new media guys to be yelling at each other women he started yelling at you in the clubhouse a default clause making it came back in it was will quart. We've discussed publicly. But he just had a progress that some things that its progress there it was good why would. He can so it's win this to me. Why would we can sit back with a all the stuff and he did that we took sit back and kind of an enjoy it. What is he doing just the opposite so to me like he's he's concerned about something. He's worried about something yeah. Why wouldn't go on the offensive why would attack you. In my club house with without the players around why would he do that. Why the united you know he would issues of people obviously but. It will use relaying the message. It was all it was inclusive. Is it in his issues are always witness so that was you wasn't just approach the ones is Gerri with the jays and Kurt he was just approach those guys that. Circle there's a winner he when he was doing this was Pete Abe spy inside patting them on the back you know I don't know accurate I was at Augusta I walked back to settle walking away. How can I. Don't want president I say bring it today Aaron. I don't did I don't I don't dare call in shank even though people have been calling option for forty years. Not only their column showcase vote so. Enough about Shane because suitors are gonna obviously. So you know we talk about this mount from Butler thing forever right so Ryan Campbell comes in this morning. And and Lou you mrs. observation here and we started talking about that Malcolm Butler debating is ever going to leave and it's it's never going to lead to a clinical bill. Still even though I think it's and I think you agree with me glad everybody's still kind of I think you could easily see what the situation is for real penalty if there was no you know Rick Rossum nothing going on it was strictly football decision. You can be. Hope all knowledge in it and all goes absolutely it was a sore. Boggles absolutely bizarre because he felt he would Paul you're still usually are so fast. Does he still felt like it was the stupidest thing ever. Good to have you stand by that it was. The right game play it obviously was the wrong game plan because they've acted doors blown off one you don't at least you know what the alternative would be I don't know this without all is that you can run. Any defense didn't clear about what am I don't know what gets under you and how have you to say that that was the best run defense where that's no abuse expert the pay I think Angel while I played once again. I'll watch and it was everything I'd edit so you watch it it's about why. You're you're you were watching all the whites it was it was very and I don't particularly because it shortly feels all right bill says it's. Well with the risk of Google's. I can't argue that they got exit candidate for him to the full. And I think he should have at least flee Kabul down to me that to me was just. It looked like it is but listen here's the thing you what do I don't zones of the I don't beat air rules the problem. I don't think it'll be aired a row more stops and play I don't think Eric at Malcolm butler's in the game Jefferies still makes that it's now. He's still makes the tests he's still makes it that you put that outfit Eric roe settled down started making plays wasn't the problem. They shipped to eight years and it was the backs and linebackers and with a safety over the ultimate problem and a deep at the line knocking on the stop anybody. So Malcolm but within their. I think he could've made a different outlets that he could have made a difference but that most the only panel of snaps. So but it is now saying it's why put to a Richards in he's not as popular as he's war resolution I hope you guy. Back to our he won a linebacker or how. What's ours to have so he's doing on the right I have a strong opposition. OK go and mixing the why they want and that's why occasionally if you'll do all right Malcolm. If you know of rounds I thought it Malcolm brown in his dorm want to put a demo Chordiant deepen the tax. Right you don't do that that's the equivalent. So well everybody available it me or at least eight states need to play line out there not a safety. You're ASCII eight quarterback. To play linebacker. They weren't they weren't using don't they were using safeties discovered tied him using safeties in the slot. And they say this is a third of the third quarter but still because they want to stay away from him so badly that they are using saint Pete. At this corner that goes in as the Tutsis are not playing one linebacker. Right so you know they're gonna run the ball out of there out of there one back sets so you can have one linebacker and on no other way just in case they decide to pass. One of those guys need to cover so you bring in a safety that acts as a linebacker to me it's it's more than anything it's personnel they didn't have the right personnel. They didn't have it and their game plan was to almost don't pay them into throwing the football so they can cover. It didn't work knicks bulls played great and they made every catch so that in fact that the Butler situation it's like. Knuckleballer is the patriots grassy Knoll it's like don't ever it's that all the way they're a little past their reasons why because it's. Understand if we order clearcut answer why Cuban people don't usually understand what Bill Belichick does they sit there and they say what the hell's he do wise he deal and is. And it usually works out in this case it didn't work out so. There's going to be more than he's gonna have to live with that deep end and the funny thing is trying to start in about he's going to come on right. And yes of these chords of the breakfast. A Bill Belichick as a good luck first of all macho bill's going to be here for the breakfast with the media does it right right and second of all if he's there. I don't think he's dealing with the Malcolm Butler is the first question that's why it's gonna linger for amber it's not going away this is they Matt Patricia question right at the bat bam or you get some of the other coaches that it brought with the US map potential. You'll multiple. And he's is that life you know world I'm only true Obama and originally I had I was just somehow someone's gonna get two on somehow because there's a lot of down time. We're those coaches rate because not only does it Mary in Mino to meet with players but do not. Become violent so here's. Hold on here's the problem because I think that some one of those guys will start to do week it out to somebody on the cutesy. That this is what the game plan was this is what we were doing it didn't work but this is what we are doing the question I have is will anybody believe them when they do that. As I've sat here now for three weeks and chided the position at that was all football. And nobody believed in me. Nobody believes in this because they don't think it's football I think bill thinks football football football Adobe thinks eagle I don't think he thinks any of this other stuff. Because it just doesn't make sense it's all about and suddenly wild card is it does not god I don't care what you it doesn't it's going into the fact that the second half. What ever your game plan and was it was a disaster. In the fact he just keep this guy in the bench and you don't figure a way to get it in the game. Move rolled the slots he would have to okay fight out of that fails if that fails you have no answer I can edit that the reason they need to try. But the reason nobody believes it is because. Usually build does something that's unorthodox and usually works he's he's not going to be perfect and in this case he got out coached. OK Doug Peterson out coached and Doug Peterson was able to do exactly what he needed to do run the football and actually move the football through the year he was able to do both. And hit a quarterback they didn't. Bleak is it out of play I think was trying to CB could this week talked about that all eyes will be partly said that those that are. There are few altars and see what it is is is almost like a coping mechanism. For that featured Spain's. I'd just can't wrap their arms around back that didn't play at all. And he played eco awaited baker once again only eagle all think they would've won if Massimo whatever equivalent. I'd absolutely. Equally I don't safeties we cannot that for your sake taken to court you know and putting him. Out. There you you know we're all comparisons I'll talk about it back to overlook the there are some spots you can't put it used about the Butler you realize that it might towels that's according odds that the talent obviously he's a quarterback your ball cornerback I watched the last game collected in the fight put it back cover guy quarterback. Lost. One of the law equally it's it's it's basically washed away. He tried me he says it's not possible. That's why they'd hopefully would absorb riches doesn't completely lost again did work for him either but he's a bigger body he's published that was market. It's what out of a stronger. Faster but he's used to playing in the box which is and you can't wrap your head around this. It boldly different position you know I'm not a headache right now it I might go it was going to. Want to complete their regular Jack very definitely innings over a good guy is isn't it happening fallen. A first innings over seven nothing Boston. The if I told you this offense is going to be good you guys don't want to believe into that World Series gal were office. Seven runs in the first there are occasional basis right now that continues. I don't even know but it's a lot. I do you want more ammunition for the U Malcolm Butler debate that will go on all yeah on Eagles announced that all show on Jeff for. At a full care of the rotator cuff he's gonna miss the next six months undergoing surgery. Did that happen. For the I'd are put it right back to the phone call 61777. On seven answers back to more huge ox I'd like working with jocks as you can. To play with a little bit and Sports Radio. Guy whom. Are national you you know what our contestants talk about it back to overlook the since I've you can't use that Butler you realize that I dealt with in depth look what I think that the talent obvious occasional cornerback Iger Walt cornerback I watched the last two games one game. What's changed after that call Paul shut up and pushed the book splash on open for Vietnamese good economy has learned from the master they wanted to. You learn how to talk over people I mean that's pretty good it was and we don't listen to Dallas or disability remembered as regards to take medication for. Go to work everyday and be very careful and well be careful what is a diplomat there the break and let America vote wrote probably 121096. Runs. If they're on pace right now for thirty pre season games it was as if the plane sent residences are Major League Baseball this is a college ball excellent. Kids credit he's doing some homework don't the map be sensitive to these kids these kids again a great opportunity and show these kids are thrilled you know kids just get the first pay strike to get the first space. Anybody in violation does the first base he says they go oh my god I don't care of them Dixon is pitching against me or price or anybody else. I got the first phase against an enjoyable game for this kind of got to get them leader out of new England and water are you kidding me would go talk to sign me up. Mix two bags that first picture within a little bit. To show their rock star with its second. If any of the year seniors falsely. Not yet the gauntlet anybody it's methodical and be out there little people took off. The double header to take it this with. Oh. He's did you guys hear a market smarts comments can be kind of revealed. A little bit more about what happened typically then that that nobody in the NBA is playing until tomorrow night represented by Angela. 600 I think ever picked as a couple is there too long break. Out ridiculous. He just doesn't like. It's it's like a regular bye week for any other. Team in the army so give a week off. Now ungodly numbers golf arm of the all star and they all it wasn't even if you're playing me reload all star weekend Emmys are on Friday Saturday enemy Kamal. It's Oprah Sunday awaits they gave it to Tuesday art of the used to play Tuesday. So Monday would be an often travel day and you would play on Tuesday night. They're playing Thursday and the Celtics didn't play until Friday so huge markets more explaining that it was so bad. Ons and it could have been worse he could have been out for the year. Just for affect our. And I. Who knows what's next. Judy. Not about the fall Obama on the monetize crazy woman now politically correct. You don't have his inhabit now he's done he's doing well and if I don't want to that. Argument amount I'd feel as one of the first yeah my players made talking about lost the ball chases and gets the last possess. 12100 miles away they at least I don't wanna route you should I nobody else markets marketing additional. Really happen did get new candidates who have years. Theory he's in LAI. Its because it didn't happen it was like he was frustrated. After the game didn't have backlog from. Back of Alltel so its either an Xbox by age or as some open what like so apparently it was a picture frame on the wall in the hotel. Does when he realized they base they screw goes to the wall. You can't going to a hotel when you lose a picture on the wall not only hangar. They literally signal yeah and all credit to your stomach and while the movies so you take it with you right. So what they do. That he hit his fist. Output what was that that that that was the Laker game yeah is he telling like that and I hit it Laker game when he missed that shot we also there's that you know what you're given up wished I read. Rosie it was right there front you've wide open. So I don't was just frustration always there after little party where he came back in. Lost is she now you might be talking ms. Kennedy more to do because if you would be frustrated. And you played sports do you know the joy I don't I don't and I just watched them. I would think the frustration would come in that locker room where you'd put your fist through something you know Gatorade cooler or you do something involve a table. Right of the table. You do something right after. Because you've got a lot of time. Between that and the time that the boss takes you back to the hotel and then you go up to your room. We're talking literally an hour and a half right before that on so. If you don't. And a half later he's hitting the picture frame you donate it to practice you missed a game winning generate I don't think it's now. No I don't I don't think you do it do you do it simply doesn't 880 don't ever shoot that again is physical or somebody's that. Only what you communicate you I don't know if you're discussion after it is an argument that he took the last show somebody who knows. But the Aegon does it rise to that level because you mr. Well buzzer beating shot with what five seconds to go through three about it apologist but. Frank that. I'm I'm gonna take lose argument yesterday but the Red Sox being treated that differently than any other team in this in this down. If that happened with David Price if that happened with any member of the Red Sox got up and attending that happened to Ben intending. And happen a Red Sox player did the the the crowd would be vicious update they would want to get answers your nobody even questioning it. With markets Smart in the southeast it's almost like OK I believe them even though the picture frame is bull took the ball the hotel. What is even questioning even though it was they're staying in LA at a hotel normally after a game you get it right on the plane private plane to go to the next city. They're staying there for three days or whatever in Los Angeles with two games there out there behind you. Watch the tour you know and sorry you guys are going on out here and this and the Celtics because you can't answer. Does more to this story and can you tell me if it were Red Sox player and it happened last summer we'd still be talking about it today. All we want answers. Would stop at the get the answers aren't you read it and it's. Do your job called their final what the hell happened to me that players missed obligated at mystic. Three weeks. Whatever waterboarding it's been a month. Yeah a month I mean here you know and it's hurt any team is hurt your team defensively the last two games you played. You gave up more points than any other games this season right 12930. Whatever. And no sickness gone with the help us get. Our. But just it's actually get this app but I lost my temper let's move on Republican article. LA is that a good place for late he'll Celtics are Rondo had his issue capricious act when he went LAL Albert they're related issue. He's going to use once famed already third of January since going to go over a month eleven games and you're not a. Often games and it's affected this team defensively and all I hear is all year is in the preakness and an authentic quicker than gonna get Marcus McKinney now. Because they needed because defensively he's a key player devotes a. I agree but why what did he do whose payments will he put his old team and you hear. Yeah and you know it is funny you say that not all it's just. I don't know why but you you're absolutely right if and every day player member of this Red Sox team out here. Punched something that is needed missed three or four weeks. Not only would secret that bottom of the but do you feel that this negative feelings Torchmark is Smart for that's not. Or is there would be if it was that keeps that if if devers doesn't go to Jacqui considerable so eleven young players and other players anyone. Any one it would even be like you howdy DO you know I care how did he just enable just that this is just of that. Markets aren't doesn't that tactic it back when you come back. He loves me if it's it's almost like it seems like it's the market Smart incentive right you know the floppy on old everything's. You know all over dramatized. Aids patrician accidents happen this is not an accident. Even what he's telling us. Is is outrageous that Europe professional athlete you need your body to go and do your job every single night and you're gonna jeopardize it by punching which your fist. A picture frame on a wall with bolted to the wall in the hotel and then on top of that what you would you wind up in to do as you tell us yesterday. And it would be nice to fall could find it you tell us yesterday compact I think I always got a thumbs I don't know. That'd put the little. Personally get back home about. Room. Computer that can maintain good news whereas with the tournaments. She. You know you missed him but they don't just you know obviously now. So nothing out there. It couldn't be worse. Echo on one channel. What you mean. If you're an analyst I don't know we learned the only hurdle asked why we noticed we we got into Gaza bound no blue blue did you hear it in the left the house I was assistant basketball I could not lose any of honor the damn ball bounce that it's because I was raised so there's a. Was sick let me let those incidents transcribe what he's saying what he was saying is it could have been a lot worse than they said it was really close to the candidate for what's dependent. And it could have been severe damage any would have missed the rest of the season so. Was a lot let's keep what is meant they'd every pore position. And nobody's even question. All the donuts all my god home markets comes back and he can really help us. See that's the Smart owes a lot today a team of eleven games and it was all on him he owes a debt to that team. Players that's off the rest of the way. Only dobbs that's the thing. Do you view your it would expect a different. If that's out of place right it does plays that once he does take place hearts a saw like dogs that changes game I mean. But he did the yet the overall feeling in the overall story of mark is Smart and yet these basic piece of glass. Was in between the two tend to me the peace and scholastic about it. Three inches three inch piece of gossip and what's your punch against a picture but he hasn't edited Big Three inch piece of glass pops out what do you expect when you punch it Efrain. A glass pitcher for a what special happen. When nothing's gonna happen they did you gonna be fine confidence is don't ride. I would kill one more segment to go your fellow should fall asleep vote therefore you know good materials and those watching the game exciting I don't I had no hiding out and once again these Glynn who and Christie Fort Wayne Martin moaning and 48. Right now. That will help me understand nothing but the radio gets arched over a northeastern. Maloney investments. I took northeastern and fifty not fifty. Years trouble there and your idea. And yet it does I don't know still no announcement on our board JD Martinez. Oh nothing again and it does happen it won't happen during its gain sole or any of the so. If it happens it might be. Seven. If it happens so would you be would you be concerned if we go through the entire day in 2000. I'd be curious but it's not cassette beat. I was more concerned with Edouard on New Year's QB injury history with him and strategy he's you know clean either. But I'd be surprised if yes if I fully expect that in yet it's not stories to exit date to. I know that the games outside the can listen to deal Hollywood keep the thank god I was afraid. A site that loses residents. Now I gotta be honest with you Lou that is because my buddy keep these got to keep security the sentinel on here with JD he's a little feared about that some. You know some people live life like that it off with that I worry about things all at once we'll find out they do. And they just don't have the field elect anybody to say it's just take some time it just you know. Dragging out a little bell seriously really concerned by a bad. What if he'd get four hours out of this all I don't think we will let me just say oh I don't like you go on after the last night good for you pal. Well they keep I got a little anger. There wasn't really used a lot of nonsensical it's an online with a lot of grab mastery going on there was a lot of lies there's a lot of that information that's being fed a daily basis but if that's not benefited. Shot right there who. Light brilliant through here all my age like you fellas we're going to be kind of all over the place here today as where were on didn't want to show Britain's own. Once you guys that motto don't think it's going well there's no one big story yes anywhere there no ads and we're gonna kind of grab around to different things as well. Grants a great job in careful where did you joke you I think just about to be judged for daughters in and day out Lou. Lou keep on giving them updates on the damion today and I. And he got to pick out between now. Yeah anytime they scored that that Oklahoma go to the bull one of the tonight and tomorrow base there will be here Wear out fall.