OMF - Lou's fraudulent bombogenesis rant; The Celts thump the Cavs, 1-4-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, January 4th

HOUR 1 - Lou ripped everyone worried about the storm yesterday, and then proceeded to check into a hotel for safe keeping. (He blamed it on his wife and son.) Ryan bails on the show and drops in Paul's assistant producer power rankings. The Celtics/Cavs game was a dud, but Boston stomped Cleveland. Wyc and company did NOT show the Isaiah Thomas tribute video, which means it will air February 11th. The guys also look at the Celtics bench, and whether or not anybody BESIDES Terry Rozier is helping the team win. 


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On you ready. Beach Fort Wayne alimony and 48 there's a bit of a fuss back to did not want to video tribute tonight we wanted to. Pierce's numbers every time it would probably make of that plus plus years is night life. The video you made the hole and I hate us already actually it's a video and I'm right or you don't get no video I don't know why they're so mad about it with Glenn. When Christiane what's called bop you've heard it before Obama agenda set box slot if everything is live in Boston we thought eight to ten inches meteorologist are calling it a bomb cyclone is going to be plows did it push this I continue to drive down the road blizzard hit it puts all. And it's gonna go away rare weather phenomenon known as a bomb cyclone Thursday night it is gonna Bob out as we call it all these years giving them. Romo and I why. On Sports Radio WEEI. Its Genesis. You were laid out there. Yeah they'll sideways and those on the road oh advantage yeah in the gallery and I would like you know usually what. We start to show off with somebody else when you don't what to do last night why are we are really do that with the biggest fraud in the business video that went. Glad did you know that we work I did a big part ways to tell a guy who was the biggest studio tough guy I've ever seen in my eyes well with her. You're hurt you're boy why nobody all angry Lou yup it's also big baby Lou. Media guide baby Lou wouldn't that whole rig he went on yesterday a lifting his leg missing. But there's outage and I don't baby dude you're ready to meld. Out of all people here raise your hand Paul you glued to raise your hand and I'll tell you wrote them raise their hand whose stated Alltel last night. I under and only one or the radio earned it and how are truly. Don't need. I don't I etc. that pissed on this nonstop this yeah he just made fun of people I don't know why squad. This I don't beat him. You suddenly get fearful when you look back at odds but blame my wife to see now all I don't know like Georgia or stage where Obama health. What and we don't have guys you know if you look at sound good. In all you know and nobody actually said my son was impaired driving area is quite an amazing job holidays I was worried schools. Not gonna clouds and light out it's not gonna be safe and I'm glad I. He blamed it on the snow he wanted to watch that game Malone would know in a route he put his feet up on the ability could date. He's residents and I didn't count that a ticket but you don't run outs he's got to do that he had some crown. About the end of time was probably historic site this packed the theater I don't know brown the Diana many calls that had he wasn't really don't mind I used to reading a lot last night out because only by myself and hotel is getting angry itself doesn't buy myself and it's something you read I didn't. I didn't go to a thorough tweeting a lot I've got to enact appear those cells to toss all think that they go to the NBA finals this year all who didn't sleep on the on his on his mother's couch did not get the ruling class must because he's only to a didn't get one nights the last that accident that he can do to a artists that I think give a better run than you know from heat from what you told me at a kitchen at it looked at my reservation I'll leave the kitchen. So you guys get a broad cuts that you stand on Clinton angered all you know. This isn't your physical get 25 inches every single Sunday forum and yeah that. Yeah where is mentally you are told her that hey your right you are holding off for us right guys that know been on Conan wipe my elbow gave us live and feel at all as it was when I got home and it was a little white ball watts that's but he he added it is you see when you are either dangerously driving is he knows we can't reduce wipers are not saudis actually they want a guy who I had masons like daddy please don't drive so hopefully say yeah I guess you're playing that to mesa and yup we are tough namely your dad is a tough guy India and we don't we we just UNAIDS is the so I don't that your. And in Connecticut to a point where you know there was little bit of that you know like at ease and drive and also stuff so that gets opposing him in pissing all over this the one. To appoint board and the superstitious bastard. But I'm crapping all over the point where I'm like you know what. This will actually be the storm well I end up in Britain pitch again this will be up way too complicated way to block unit. Sounds like you know what I'm don't I'm gonna get there by eight Canadian law and watch his cat's game so it's been so nice all the budget right stop they got elect so exactly exactly right now so it wouldn't dare tell. There's the question is so what does that say about our significant others. Ordering that nobody date don't you go to a hotel or visit this that she wanted to shoot in the and how dumb my wife actually said you know fifty giving you a hotel may be will just all move into the hotel because we might lose power they said. Leaving how did you leave the house you lose an electronic implant I don't know I don't. Well known and often don't. It bake sale tomorrow what do you that we don't and what we don't. The thought of yet as to how dare they are good you don't know if you're probably gonna ask my wife cares about me so. I appeased by an out as he couldn't sleep better last night and Larry about America and Canada are on your marriage it's. Each other. A little bottle of water still in number one they're checking. Checked and they're checking for march feel they wanna let you know it's ringing or I ran out of my age like me live aid. I woke up exactly and then I notice that I'm only gonna be and is going to be a make it starts. It's a signal stocks early in the net such explore what whatever the worst is gonna be. At starting at seven new not going to be able to see you know snake. Sort of you know so you may even though you went out assuming. Or relate tough guy the definite tough guy Paul tough guy. We're drying I heard Wright is right not on the conference song where there on the runways on the company's teleconference call you he told he went out because the that little snow Bryan little. Cussing me last night at 8 o'clock basically saying you know what. I can't do it I can't risk would not come it chemistry is I want givers come and drive you home is nice this is now. Just blow back story yesterday after the show we talked about the possibility of driving home suddenly died two will dress by the Cuba that's not what he would. He was jabbing I could significantly early it it's look at how much that's financially Buehrle. Because I just before the show more important yesterday got this tax. 8:45 PM last night for a single night my ground. So the storm as is NASA is supposed to be early on not come and it's not getting there I'm worried about getting home we talked. Work and laptops like keep up the show in real time sorry dude but lightened to get through a giant lizards cyclone is at work. And. And I cannot tell it a mile from here he like saved it could ski over to after the shell Canada Canada's Canada's second I just say that was he given the hotel. Option yes aunts and you you'll beat few I just didn't want to remind him what everybody everybody was was given the option of going to the and if you saw the company sent out an email the good news for losses were essential employees the bad news for us and both were essential employees because there nonessential employees to stay home today. But if you're an essential employees get the product right here we're trying to is. You need to be a little bit I. I must say that's how old is drawing the young kid right. And in it I guess twenty full team shoots a stake in his career I hate to say it. You've got to do this 124. You know what to do. You show up to work you do whatever you have to do sleep on the floor if you have to and you hope. This summer lazy eight hole like a Ryan who doesn't show up so therefore you look good and you looked back rain sleet and snow I don't gonna have a good. Not Buena finally what do you do you know get him out she's the epitome condoms at the hotel and you can she communities and it's exactly right. He should have taken the hotel to have had a great debate modernize their political Georgia war and buses. The hotels of better living arrangement that you have and I can't wait adds a degree but the whole weekend Alan and Alan I live. I know I really can't gate was that all students want to check out. Oklahoma Oklahoma certainly not. Yet not far enough away where he couldn't joke I mean I'm so did the pre show like that. And I would just say it's that it's. Not not it's not worth this for me will. That's that's when it kills these four hours before game two with Brian it's. As a useless endeavor and it can't happen at work imagine they like those three inches of snow wouldn't show up albeit on myself yeah so you'll all by yourself today all bonus you know David misses this is that this is going to be just don't regret it. Sources I look at all of brick and I'll all the audio grabber that we ask you get lunch because that still has that happened right. People so did Lou lunches whenever there's not in lotions they're. Now you have there to walk right now guerrilla. And I. I've got a lot to we elect to get to. I'd like it and it'll and Ryan Ryan if you're listening losing Google Paula are actually asked becoming. I heard accuracy wanted to come in today because she she found an opportunity. Isn't just let me show my spirit they show you how much energy I have much how badly I want this. Sometimes it's it's a little dusting canisters right let's look at that. Local. I'm telling you to beat the young kids should be the first ones in here in the last mostly terrific poll out on. I was told loose he's gonna learn how to run the board sit so well below. Our goals are being shifted as we we're in trouble. And then we'll there was phone lines that once. It was a fun to watch plunging I don't know if and when to take an awful lot of you shouldn't championship or up. Pairing apparently a lot of people did take an awful lot out of that game last I don't know. US stock up by your lonesome in the hotel restaurant with crown themselves patriots. Sit near the end of we are ready and able supposedly more to see progress of addition a danger nights in on as a tangible amounts differ Kasikov destitute Iran that your actually working all night long they do shows for seven straight hours. But to be a lot of downtime when is that downtime last nights in hotel room those village just weed out danger not be ready this should be fun. You know I guess plus and I saw some of that last night and they would get carried away that we shouldn't. Yesterday it's up that the game means absolutely nothing because I say this was a statement saying it well. Stay right where I want to talk cock from. I'd love I don't know if nobody on games exists in the NBA well first of all you did veterans I don't I don't see him he can't do that says he's too long this significant point in last night's game was that you picked up another game on the Cleveland Cavaliers and that may play in don't home court advantage which is we don't when he and being executed and -- and plates at three times correct correct. So you got one more to you you lose last night who's covered correct Ari all. That's hit that's okay impact that's when that is the only thing you've gained. Out of that game last night you do not know. The Cleveland cavalier team that you're going to face when you face them again hopefully India in the playoffs in Eastern Conference finals. That's not going to be the same team. The date they don't have their team together and by the way you may not have your entire team together. But again he's still gonna make a move you've got at eight point four billion dollar disability exception. You're gonna probably make our move. With a another player. So the other thing I would say that is significant to make both took things. Once the chase containment nineteen years of age deny it is not intimidated. When he sees eighteen like Cleveland Cavaliers show up on their core heat from the get go last night it was like. Just another game for Jason Taylor for a night. In nineteen year old kid that to me is extremely forget. This and gone back to the overall big picture of thanks on the Celtics now are. It'd be Cleveland last night and the ability to come back great win against Golden State they came back of the great win at Oklahoma State. Oklahoma City rather Houston did beat Houston with a great depth chart that was stated Tony don't know quite Leonard let's Daily Beast in its own close yet so they. It's impressive at this this is a very good T mean they want to be one of the top what five teams in the league yet luckily in that range. They've I don't they've closed the gap okay big got a shot with a little lever that close to get they've got a shot of beating them but on paper would you agree quickly and still the favorite to win to eat well. I don't know how I'll only I would only one reason all of I think it I think as favorites let's play an exit and and really that's it and basic economics that if you take LeBron James. Off that roster. It sounds better roster is a question George Weasley and I also say that it got a better future and then yeah yeah definitely back on and I'll even say. Eventually. To supporting casts the others. Their game is going to be elevated it eventually going to be they're not gonna shoot as bad as they did last night I'm going to be Cleveland the yet Cleveland the energy it's like that any Democrat he wanted to be there. The raw data mean we know he played in the fourth quarter. I carry Irving was sitting on the bench he came in the 444 chords for a hot minute almost like this again dear nice latter going because he resists around. But. Isiah Thomas obviously he's gonna make a difference. Obviously. But at the same time at what point time do you say all right. It's eve date it's gonna go down the wiley at what point timely icy course management is the wrote this article about it of one of the time to kind of be all in one of the top guys. Even now only in his office rocker and I love it and why is the office rock act because I think why I don't he did this awhile back he's already thrown in the towel he had been on he's been early Basra because Cleveland does not play a lick of defense. In what you saw last night was no different than the night before against Portland at home or any of the of the game sort of watch for the Cleveland Cavaliers this year. You wanna take three out the perimeter. I'm like what you're challenged and get a might not. For some reason Tyrone Lowe is looked at their team and said we're gonna be an offensive machine. We're gonna block outscored duke we're really not gonna play defense which mr. Thompson is in the game what physical bang on the boards we'll do some of that. With a small lineup. We may shy away from that we're not gonna really. Plug and play hard defense that's what they resolve to do for some reason medics thinks because they're not willing. To do that there are out entirely I think when you get to the postseason when they have to make stops they would play defense when they will play chief. I'm a Tug of a year ago you were on that I was the host of an up but I was. No I don't but I was I casually with you under precisely what is wrong less vulnerable would personally talks about is is more questions and Edwards Cleveland team in. And I think age and health wise what they're going to be like you know at come playoff we have no idea Dwayne Wayne. Derrick Rose and public Isaiah Thomas we have no idea the health of any of these guys are peso. With a look at the roster now let's say what you see in front of you will be healthy. The game moving forward at a house either refugees cherry pick injuries I don't know how to do it so he says that. Boston is stronger than they've ever been. I would agree with that yet this is the one of the best teams with upside to the next you they run the east but this year I don't think they're ready for yet as the think it's clean and healthy. But he says even even if the outside world is taken Boston seriously everywhere and at Cleveland locker room in it's I agree a 100% with that statement. Just like I agree with everyone and their Golden State locker rooms taking Cleveland series but they know it could be. The difference. Olympic gold states taking Houston series. But they know they can beat them they're taken Oklahoma City series but they know they can deal and that and that's why it typically it'll be so quick it's taken Boston's series they should. Is that if the duet Japanese to comforts. It won't beat it hope it distraught that gets swept the 2005. Is going to be a great series but I still think. If these teams right now as constituted a that the Cleveland. Every bit the one thing is like Ali you know the sultans are consistent in that they have a bag game they've been able to rebound and show you that okay they can right themselves they can fix the mistakes. And they're not gonna let one game affect the next game they're consistent that way so even the young kids are becoming more consistent. And east at their needs are looking at the rosters starts it okay but you the cavs bench is better and I don't know would draft have green in Korver would you have to have market Smart. Terry rosy year so Terry rosier off the bench consistently giving you points and and just energy everything up and markets Smart. Actually hitting his shots. That's like you can't it's one thing I will never count on us markets are hitting his shots on a regular basis but I will count that as you'll consistently. Beat irritating other players getting steals and time allow timely back yeah I love that he's perfect. If you're gonna be a championship. Driven team you need to have a player like that that's willing to sacrifice. And to all those little things he's willing to do on and and I love the land my biggest thing in that game last night was watching was. Who's gonna do it in front of LeBron James yes that's tolerant Arab Mulligan playoffs nickel because Jack to electric crowd couldn't do with them in knowing is that what you thought that he should've because he thought these big guy in 66 he's not gonna. He can't control LeBron so if you're looking for and market as more and if you look at Furman negative from last night's game did you feel better well I tell you what I had. It was OK because I'd go right by Jalen brown a lot more and I did single by Marcus Moore sued by everybody but of same markets Morse we look at so on the defensive metrics you know ET covers the ground pretty well of and asked some huge sample it was right there opening night. So this the first time you saw markets Morse. Cover LeBron James and know what's gonna stop LeBron James you get in his way you try to slow down a bit at the ball out of his hands. And get a guy I was give me ten minutes of Shimmy also off the bench he could allegedly yeah don't shoot ever did then don't. Shoot but the only I would say when you're talking about the depth as you write LeBron is the difference and the brawn is the difference specially with the team that may not have home court advantage in the series. He can single handedly going to somebody else's building and steal a game right and that that. Changes everything when you deal with home court advantage but we talking about the bench. Veteran bench of Cleveland that was not real good last night because they were outplayed last night. I would have more confidence in a veteran bench in a playoff game. Were you getting two nights in between games some nights three nights in between games off. I that's what I Woodward at the old ass team telling us to wrap this up last night is uninteresting pour in the post game I believe or maybe it was pre game. We're talking about Boston has like their bench players are all first year players right. First year players sticking your players they don't have a lot of experience in the post season. That to me is going to be just if just sued. For mentality it's. With this team has won the teams as a coaching other one doesn't it all together in Tehran loads he's a philosophy of LeBron James and we don't know what his teams like. Brad Stevens and young energetic team. That shows up every single night that brings the energy back to backs we have always the last few years under Brad Stevens expect this team to beat teams in back to back. Because the energy level will be very gets to play Clark that's who we love about this team. That team over there is old. Who believes. From the opening tip of game one. But how can we what are what we do to get to where we need to be in the post season and care about this game here. Whatever order Labarca a couple of things their soul. And defensive is a reason why the cavaliers have been good defensively in regular season last two years. It's about effort right. That's all it is it's about energy and effort presenting at your team doesn't give you that there's insist they are pleased to moderate as you are they don't have. But they don't know they'll get a show a big candy always seek. They always joked yeah I think they take last night's game and it was a blog there was not a competitive game and can any type of conclusion. If you're wasting your time especially when you when you add Isiah Thomas. Into the equation is able change everything for that team and talk about the benched this were real change everything for the bench is probably the cavaliers have had the last couple years. His everytime they've got to take LeBron off the floor but nobody else that can score. Now the going to be able to put Isaiah and they did it against Portland the other night. Out there with a bench and they made a run in the third quarter against Portland they're benched in Cleveland's bench did because Isaiah was out here. And the probably Arnold does an audio there. They're gonna blame of the bench they're going to be there come off and another doctor gonna blame with a bench that they now have the alone. Playoffs game one I think is coming off the bench now. But it Isiah will play with the bench they gonna lead one of those two guys out the bench play predicted that Brett can't do that right to see it doesn't Tatum Ryan Braun Horford when they don't have. Right now we can't do that right now so with a broad comes off the floor Clinton was incapable score you are setting their lazy they don't play defense so they always look at a level shall. Now I'd who knows what he's gonna show he's at a Goodyear to have seven great area just it's funny how luckiest people just crap all over Kevin Love. Andy I don't want to really Harry Hamlin has been unbelievable all year long they missed a lot of easy shots and left the game against the tuition jabs at last Vegas opportunity athletic I sucked up. He did decision not a selfish. Ideology and rarely have any. And then he'll hit about seven threes in a row and destroy you know in the playoffs this year in Cleveland is is scary I would not get too cocky out here. You know Celtics fans that don't come its stately game. It's not if they don't think this game. And I did drugs they don't add up all they do because there's only sixteen a moment you can really tell you listen they figured out you know what they're good at. It's just and then in the NBA it's. 70% expert he even might erupt throughout the season may she get at the clouds it. If you don't get home court advantage big deal is still in it yet plenty of opportunities while these grew up. The same guy that said that it was a statement game in the pregame show said you got us for awhile that first game because Gordon Hayward wasn't on the floor after the first few minutes when leader which I would totally agree with. So the player do you that they got in return for their second best player which is god every Irving. Is not on the floor. So how do you make this a statement game if you look at it the first hints and there was no Gordon Hayward how can you look at this game now suddenly and say there are without their second best player. And it's a statement you aren't they want to really is it really is enticing noted is to jump on board in just it's a straight theater in really good because you just. Everything looks like while all figured out so quickly and if so which fasteners there are more athletic and Cassidy said this yesterday and it was a great point and watch it all blew the pre game stuff and you know in a sports a Boston with Tacoma NBC sports and just sort of thing we could. They don't our and ESPN's go on and there'll you know build on this thing apple whatever you brought point yesterday. That it's just great theater that the NBA moved all these bodies around and look what it's created. Most of the radio and people pissing and moaning. About the divas you know and Isiah Thomas. That's what's giving them a boost of about 35%. The TV ratings they don't like that they don't certain people don't like it. Put it it's creating interest in the NBA. Because their personalities involved the whole Isiah thing. And what he did last night when he finally did that press conference at 645 last and suddenly he Indian you'll go and laughing about yeah. Our own and am not a good. None Estonia ferry all the what was just sucking up to have a busy got into the arena he felt a lot from the fans and he allowed himself. To kind of just OK take a break from the hate is what he did really brought my physical the last and he needs he need to do is is sold on a sideline and act. And act like he's just pissed off. Here's what was going through the mine and Q how are we want him with Jose went up into video of the may be dire on the you wanna come on the bench for introductions. Do not wanna come out you don't address once in a lot of work on halftime three taught in the first quarter ocean waits of three minutes left in the first need to just walked onto the court. But what the hell is the difference. Between between first and second quarter Jumbotron. Put you up there fans cheering you acknowledging in waving. You couldn't have just put the video on raked it in there and I knew exactly at the same. Paying the most it was. Couldn't do the exact same thing then. That if this was stupid and I'm gonna say this right now. The Celtics cannot. And and Paul Pierce probably would be willing to go along with. To have it done on February the eleventh. Because here's my its appearance he can play the video that's why they're there I don't I don't even after Paul JOS they would act like it was there when the last night don't. As fast and I feel about your understanding that it Thomas please don't ask Paul years. If we can played the video that night if you're the Boston Celtics he gave them the opportunity. The crowd gave them a warm ovation he was working any admission he was working the exercise bike he came up as the game was was going on the game with impolite. He walks over six on the bench. The crowd start seeing them there's a time out shortly after that they put them up on the on the screen and everybody. It gave a standing ovation. It you've got that in it could have been more than just your picture up there standing in front of the cavaliers bench it could've been actually all the video. The great highlights of your career you'll elected not to do that we move on when you remove. When you hate you you're not thinking straight when you're Hayden you're you're near you're emotionally cloudy late your year your decision making is all messed up because you're just too he owns two pit stop this I don't know what to do this from us is the yes so now can he regrets because the Latin I have this this whole this whole narrative this'll story came over your head. Until what February 11. Now are you gonna include Paul Pierce and and I've just become the whole thing won't issue off the most Jose crowd won't (%expletive) you off the most if Mike Vrabel gets a head coaching job or Brock Hewitt gets Monday Night Football broadcast the role fewer. In a heart from all big. Breaking Sadler imported oil below does that create these guys reflect. That's a scene that's ladies talk about it. Aren't patient are seeing me who has not had decided that was a good that day. Are you were black. If you have a lot awful announcing unity it looked at her and all I know all the possibilities for Monday Night Football on that's a big selling point Prius is a golf sponsors excited Conan were good like solely cheeses. 56777979837. We know it's going out there but we're gonna do wish. Where here until yeah no that's I get up and you can judge doubled back to you little free can hotel little bit to put a little mimics your penalized by it. In the big day with O and sport weight moaning and Fauria on Sports Radio. I all the maturity of Isaiah Tom. Because there's been so much say it over the last handful of months mile high was traded. Dealing with an injury the passing of his sister. He's back in Boston. Any talked about whether he was gonna have a relation would Danny games or they were gonna speak for awhile. He's better than me. Now. You know the situation that he had with aliens as this this happens a lot this is not. Out of the ordinary. You get traded away especially if you like the place you Iraq. It's even worse if somebody trades you'll wait to play she didn't want a day but certainly not certain if you re exactly. So he actually went to a good team. Where he has a chance to win a championship right surgical situation overall. But it happens all the time the players get this they never talk again with the the general manager get those of the organization. It's to me it was more of I mean he's still pissed I still believe 100% that he is so as he's so hateful and he so angered he's holding a grudge. He's just buying his time he's waiting in the fact that he was in the building. Kind of softened him up a little notch it would soften him up and and you heard you heard talking about it flesh eating all the picking up some disease a Republican authorities. We have that is already hit quality that's about it already there are already have you ever seen somebody so distracted with some of the sneezes why do you stop the entire show when they sneeze. Because I just wanna make sure he rolled back down and added the up button as news which we all do our job yes it would call its regular. All alone oh no no no no you're right we'll get these Nate Louisville Ellis there's a generally sneezed if you stop breathing. In homework I don't I don't have not innocent I don't know about turned blue that's different OK I just needs to check in on your check and again. Just some concerns and that he has been you can bet you do you know I like no one else can happen anything Darlene on record of their opinion I did I picked it up a little extra major economic realities about three separate it out of the the donation Miller for it is truly out of you not be part of something that's edited yet. It's like you between warm apartment when they simply knows what he's at a party. He's he's he is crazy because he must be part of that conversation and there's like twenty conversations going on at once so I don't around the court he's like a crazy like a crazy person. He goes from one little circle of discussion but he. Odd here there we thought about but. You know I start that the Soviet you know per person do that as a yes it is clause in every conversation. And it does not part of that. And twenty. It is the did not always deal or no law like this these two little bit yeah it's yeah. I'm. It's because I just what you feel go to your room for an appointment dog and neglect Ponte snap its fingers and all these clients are gonna come run and chief little un. Sorry thank you bird can we get back on the I was president you know I did not hit it nicely and I was worried August. On my topic at hand and it comes really voted out of national collegiate benefits are not effective time. I want to get back to you it's up because I wake up because I think yeah I was an eye on the tennis and all you guys lose these and they apologized the one thing I think guys. They have said last night though that I really actually believe my Dick there's been a change in his demeanor his emotion on his back to playing again. So we get an opportunity to play he played well. You what it out of that game saying you know what I can do this in there probably was some real fear. Internally that he couldn't do so he feels a lot better now as opposed to sitting on the sidelines this off. Because he's no longer autistic so. So because he didn't play beat the because so little reason because it the wrong reason why he knows he could play wanna play gives pause because you wanna fail I didn't say none of them but I'm Sam's readings re not a rhetorical line. So you're saying that you know he he he realizes he can do it now I'm saying no you want realize that figure that out against the Celtics because god forbid he sucked when Shiite. It's a self I just don't think that there was any change of heart I just think that that's him I think he does love the city and Nikki wants all the love. I just think that he for whatever reason. He was he still trying to put together perfect not you once Gonzalez who horrible boss we. Are always. Some tar ball or. I believe that. I don't believe he hates the organization he hates I don't hear our side of the geek he liked Danny for trading and I still think that hurts him. And we hear it weird to loft in whatever but. Not I think he tried to create the perfect 91 is for some reason yeah I wanted this family don't want anyone that's playing his his it was a stupid. And they call Motley taylors were amused to read downhill right so he's probably at a house. And he's got I feel like he's pissed so why do you guys that he favors is going to be on my terms but then when he gets to the arena. He says he has this emotional complexion going on between hate. And like revenge and love and like you know just everything that. Everything that is you know in his heart and is an affection for the city and that and the memories that he had here and in the success. There's a conflict. So we dipped into the stadium in the arena he feels different about deposit you know it probably not a big yup prizes went ahead in and allow them to play the damn video. And I do any my kids because what's so you'll still. And it's only ask this question why did the Celtics have to reach out to his people as he explained last night. And everybody asked did they can do that none of them is that when I don't want to not let the people if you do the video. You wanna recognize the guy for the accomplishments and what he did here and he did a lot you put him back on the map. He made them relevant again giving more relevant he made the organization relevant again. So why you have to ask him he shows up he's on the bench he's standing there is not a lot of respect but if you put them. Of respect for what's. That I was on the gonna buy you present it out about the president I. When that or give it human askew it's okay for me to give presidents crazy if it's gonna respect you so much by Ottawa he's trying to buy my president screwed up halo tomorrow. I'm give you approach the television tomorrow and let's I'd I'd give you a tough guy war. Hey we are actually OK so so when he yeah I definitely would I agree Talbott you can disagree on you want but that's what happened. The Celtics. Out of respect what ever you want Isaiah thank you for QE plus years. You put us on the map we traded you I know that hurt we're really sorry about that what ever you want that is exactly. And I agree with the south. Felt yeah I agree it'll quite a charter bus I had no business. And what isn't surprised. Dignity of being soft in this thing to me now Kelly they feel they don't I don't really got to I don't Avery Bradley. There's a bit of a job to resurrect a prevalent today I dollar letter cited I have Leo they did but I. Honestly did they tell these guys before actually penalize it can be emotional for you don't forget what you cry or to play. The tribute video to you couldn't say when it's going to be a just read it's an MBA saying the role doing it now they do with the other team's 21 player comes back whenever I think the Celtics did it because they'd like that guy they feel bad they understand they made a business move there a better team because of the business oh. They do anything that they feel bad they really bad trend they really look like I think back and they were going out of their way to accommodate him. He shouldn't of it is it is a bad trend and in Major League sport major sports professional sports. Hockey does it to but it ladies tribute videos to guys that are he was there two years. You used. Your fifty year yeah addressed by the team was unique and he played a video in need in with Kelly Olympic unique also. The man bonded a bottle of everybody around him. It would and everybody of tons reprimand the Bobble head lookalike. A case since since since Kevin Garnett missed a corrupt. It's I never met Paul Pierce W water boy who it was very unique for Isaiah. Like what he did and how this all these people a lot Bob Watson don't play. No I mean of you so you respect that was there it's only two years those. No he deserves it he observes the lobby that serves the respect there's no question about it but it should to should have been done last night. And the Celtics just cave in and now looks like it and give a video on Paul Pierce is now. Whatever being a decent last night Paul also last thing he is an apparently ball Peterson's been defined what's expected to say. That's when I mean I don't even ask president and don't even have bought holds a BS in it all pierce answered the question somebody said to him. You know they're gonna play this video of this Isiah Thomas treaty do you have from the we have that by the way. Here's a bit of a possible package did not want to video tribute tonight we wanted to let me. Pierce's numbers every time I went moviemaking that's. Spears is my life. Video you ate the whole night I. I just one in my family to be here to see. That's what it came down to I want to be able to play and I wanna my friends who experienced the love and appreciation this city and his organization was gonna give me on that night. And win our rivers and as a result of these guys. They didn't say they're roll forward and they say. They agreed on and so on me I know people I don't know why they're so mad about it is I'm not taken out to reply appears it is. Fifteen years you so there's nothing I can take from him but if they. Choose to do that night that would be grown and I'll be honored and my family and friends can see how much every. OK in the front all Saturn Aura when the ball's in your US open its US Paul Pierce and Paul Pierce is gonna say what you gonna see if he comes out and says well. I don't want them to play the guys say looks like totally. He's gonna say on what I've heard you and then that big a Smart thing by Isaiah that they can you put it you put it back on the Celtics but hey they wanted to deny Al I'll be honored. So Percy and it goes February 11 carrier complicate. Are we doing this or not all the great and so now the focus would like I've heard all the green team receiver Tommy I've heard Mike Gorman for animal. That all said you can't do it on Paul Pierce them. So then the great team is gonna actually. You know headache on their face and the Celtics actually do it. On the eleventh eleventh of February I. I think you move on I think it's the point now where were world move on to the futures and apply them by the way you never ever play applied you don't do that. I a also he's got some bad news source. We set you up yet he's had a bad news says that whose fault was it. One way to go to a physical wreck he had a great idea I need time to there. You know process. Keep up with the show one sweater back oh Winamp on WEEI. Before during and after the show. More afford waiver of loading and 48 right now. Clark Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. A source Bear Bryant. I'm ready for the bad news bad news with. If I'm silence of their when he went we do have some bad news. Let's hang got slapped now. Chile's government produces over. It is confident that the good and you got your hands did you not at all alcohol without. Actually was human and that that was Micah. You're free to competitors general growth is still. I'm Bob was there are just regular don't want you rest of the text bigger and louder and mare you have an idea of human to human telling us since before the show's closet false that's really not UTU. Has been able to hold down at the bad news. I love it great. UT's. He gets nasty ad that you said that before the shall beat you now I said Doumit during the break details on the sure okay. Chris fine. I shouldn't sit at the time we don't. It's not that well. I I think package that it's easy today when a run right on Saturday. Lebanon exactly mental grind via aren't yet fast the ball it had deals that definitely rides Lima yes arrives it'll Ryan was trying to come back in secret and that's the bad news I don't know outside it's blowing sideways it's just released at this as we were on the ground there were just in the world for what it's like a cyclone talking. But about talking about fragile. Egos or whatever with Isiah Thomas last night. Think it would have been like Kazaa to carry Irving played a phenomenal game last I think he did exactly. What he needed to do as a leader of that team. Not worry about going out scoring 323536. Whatever. He set everybody else up he got that offense in gear they doubled and took all of them all Villa is right exactly and and a lot of times what guys do is again. Dealing with ego they fight through second you said he said everybody else up and it opened up their offense tremendously. What happens if he is if he did have one of those 35 point gains in the pop another one up from three. And they started chanting in the equally did when he gets a lot of want a little bit yes once. We can you imagine that well he's is that they go along. What you would order form with the way this polish last year found out he's not MVP of the league talking about how. I was MTV usually he was finished fourth report if it's my body and you live under its full said that that whoever was playing. And only crowd Gaza now I know let it legitimately hurt it. I did bodies and bad news you have known Benazir had it knows are sampled in order every I couldn't I couldn't I just keep things are worse and I am I am so I squirrel moment you're completely different. Little. You know. Those guys are. Nobody but that's it that's another bad habit you know we talk about the videos is a difference between being a UNDP candidate and actually having a chance to win correct. Getting an MVP vote being top five. And having a chance to win the last year around the NBA it was obvious it was a two horse race and if either one of them felt that was LeBron. He also it was it was it was a Westbrook and it was hard. It's well known as a two man race that was it and it still chant MVP cellular occasional. He's not he's delegate votes he finished fourth was exactly where we should have. Right so I just think I think it feels that if anyone and that's still amazing feat that guys and Cheney and VP had a problem last year. But we ought to think that they do whatever eventually they do everywhere around the league nobody attributed the twelfth guy in MVP voting and if if it's your home arena. They're gonna chant MVP. But I wonder what I say would've thought about it last that it is you know of all the below she got. Because it and I think he's missing some of that they've left it last year because he was wearing their laundry. And he was winning games for the I and so there are kind of happy right now because they liked the tree. They liked the trade they think they're about that the fan base believes. There are you better team right now after Danny Ainge made that trade. Yes. I think the better I think the future global clear I agree. Well I can't apart that is is Tatum and brown and what they're bringing to the table right now all of that at a young and even Isiah mean Isaiah vs Tyreke. There was uncertainty at the years and about Isiah Thomas. You wanna give him Max dollars you wanna back up the Brinks truck. You want him for five more years. I don't think there's any discussion that a couple of years went carries up that you make in America by. But I know what age many of all of that is there's no that's that's a unique enough so the future. Is a little more clearer and obviously the kids help and he were coming back next year weather becomes mix of role players this year who knows but the futures clear if that's. She just like getting back to the original point we're talking about that last night's game. Bring into focus. What you can expect in the in the postseason. No because supposed Gordon it would comes back we talk about the relative inexperience of the of the bench I still think that's a problem. For the Boston Celtics when you get into the playoffs. Well we're still. Trading deadline away where Danny agents got some flexibility with that eight point four million bucks they got back on the disability deal with Gordon Hayward. Plus court he would himself could compact and maybe the 81214. Minute player coming off the bench what it does give Jewish scoring element now. On that bench you know we eat probably not gonna give you an awful lot of minutes and I'm not sure you wanna break up what you've got right now but bringing him this part of. The discussion to last nickel back and forth people is that. You when you sit there and say well there's no Isiah Thomas. And as you well you know we gonna Gordon Hayward so it's stupid argument while I say is back. I save plane. Now you're Monty could go down any surgery and of course everything changes that they've no Isiah Thomas the summits are better team in my mind. They know I keep their cells went. But it's just that Nolan who play make believe all we want but I just as it comes back and knees Isiah Thomas. They're better team Gordon Brown begins. And if he does he comes back as a as a bench guide or a Gordon Hayward was coming back in say three weeks was gonna start actually playing. And he's gonna get a couple of months ended up to speed and you say he was healthy and I would say you know what epic subs can be and I do I don't count on that if it does it's going to be. Role player right yes. At all if at all which might which they might need when they might need another guy who could score to back down. But one development it's and it's gone on now for the last what it actually does combat that might change to do yet but the last two weeks but he regular if and known because certain you could have setbacks without paying you know as you never now. Yeah and are guaranteed they're not doing that either there or they're looking at the trading deadline and they're gonna they're gonna bring in they'll bring in a veteran players here some veteran player. That gives them some offense off the bench that's what to do. But the the development you've had a over the last 56 games now. Has been very -- year. This thing consistent he comes off the bench and he gives you double digits. Now does this continue on for the next month month and a half if that's the case they have developed another weapon coming off the bench. Because they need that desperately I think they don't have enough scoring ability off the bench mark is Smart is their best guy coming off the bench right now. And he you can't depend on it to score for somebody else's got to school night in and night out. That's an apostate yet. Directly Isiah Thomas thank. Isiah Thomas will change the Cleveland Cavaliers. Wrote it my W when you and think about the future of these two teams where they're headed how do you think. Do you think Isiah is gonna need surgery missed the playoffs well that's a distance of its about it doesn't seem that way will mean that the invite is going to be fine order they were comes back engaged white 45 minutes and this up. It's a better or any other things unless he starts the Hokies are going to be you know a change of power as a power gonna be in the south is going to be the team in the east. Now LeBron he told me we believe me go to team in the last. But what do Isiah Thomas and LeBron James play great together I think it Thomas gets an extension. LeBron James decides to stay and they just keep growing that they've the next five or six years well let's would call a governor is hoping for that's that's why they did got isolated there. He's hoping that he can do that might affect I would not be surprised at all. To seek Cleveland at the trading deadline at making big huge deal. And because they want to keep. The front runner yeah right so I mean and and maybe that's just you know blogs into a combination that just as deadly as you know when he had to I don't know who. They would Addison LeBron does stay as it goes down to who they would add and you have to wait and see who that player is but it all these teams come back next year. In Hayward south thing I'd say this obviously the favorite when he. Looking at it the team stays waited but you know it you know Kevin Love just just the third top three it in the top physically but it would need to Isiah did I didn't expect to operate so. Heyward is back. Their top three soon. Over the Celtics top three they were both carrier ring and Al Horford. See this this is how you bases. To me if you can't get you know obviously a step curry and in some of these elite guys it top five player in the league which will we think it was need to win championships. The only way you can combat a team like Cleveland or even Golden State is just had five players that they would have on the court. Five very good deal of it on C a leak but where do you want to categorize these guys tend to thirty players and a forty bring players in league which is what they would have. If I read Jalen Tatum hey wouldn't offer. That's the only way you can it's. LeBron already shows that you guys to two plus love don't get it done right you can't beat Golden State. They got for they got three plus one and dream agrees the plus one we could say they got full. They are good complement of players do you know just need to great players at three Big Three anymore. The beat those guys together it's more than four might need five yet but it's more for others would have that Ingles state because they have got other help on that team they had got some depth right now. I it's shelling out you know that on and decide I'm going out if you don't don't look at blizzard going on her was I'll Wear here until 2 o'clock we'll all have to fall I had new tablets have changed today people who do different things obviously you're worried and concerned about storm here Saturday but we're here I am going to give you weather update right now you'll want we have bar and why don't we ought to have currently own personalized the enlightenment while we just we should we do on this show from from home should be bought her I can as I economic. Data nearly a year an argument and I whatever relatives I don't know or I don't. Just that the problem is partially why we let you don't want to get one for you I will. The U wanna you can count anyone out. Underwear yeah all day and just kind of rid of that don't even have to Wear the more of them and that. Afternoon delight to Brad six wants up to 7979. And these three sevens is low enough.