OMF - Lucy is on the board; players rolling their eyes at LeBron’s fatigue , 5-25-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, May 25th
Hour 1 - Ryan hands the board over to Lucy for the segment but it only lasts a few minutes and Ryan takes over again before a disaster can happen. Dustin Pedroia is set to return from the DL and some are speculating the Red Sox will get rid of Hanley Ramirez or Blake Swihart with this move. Little did the guys know, minutes later Hanley will be designated for assignment. They also get into LeBron feeling tired after Game 5.

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Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 and playing tough but it together Boston feeling good about yourself to the you do realize Boston congrats you're going to get role in the everybody looks good at home what about LeBron my mom moments. Look at your environment. The why I was too tired of them fit either put out effect. I'm not lose sleep over the opera America with clay and Lou in Christian I am I gonna make you knew you know make a mockery make it is not a diner and Friday on Wednesday for a I think I've polled think Archie didn't turn out in its outrageousness and then I haven't him balls off tomorrow so we have little seed of a new Lucy and Brian that's correct. On Sports Radio WEEI. A wasted day Friday going into this Memorial Day weekend no choice for. OK I've only twelve minutes to get to go to work today from the central to play minutes nobody nobody say meat to please please save me too. Crashed I need to do. Yeah I think I am that I got a lot of data Internet and how it drives the first I. About 800 at a graphic you know Brian Bailey Bryant you're awesome but we want to see a train wreck Morgan for a guy. Org and what a man I look back. Yeah Madrid not yet Bryant whoa I'm not that down. We like to see is yet take you for your critics who was is that it just. So we continue to see that desolate guys. All know it's not I don't want really wants future. All the wrong Paul. For the longest time with you suck at this job. He says you're terrible you don't know what button to press you get nervous. I guarantee you one thing in this first segment while you're driving don't want to ride it where no Anwar alone won't do the woman and one cent a half months. If I. Session man thought that I heard it you aren't ours to lose in two hours. Spent an hour so it. Our judgment and Ryan's eat there. But I will guarantee that's what she will not play any sound and fast he. They got the fact that I don't. Not Bible out. What was arrested since you hype and you know he's definitely. Have a bad idea when we got on that either because attempt to. Might turn it to play that fasting Paul now I have to let it but it ninety mile lie. The fast beat you feel afraid that I will play guys do you realize the procedures she turned it here right now yeah now in power because she has a lot with our look at war and it happens click it's a very. Talented and I Gonzales and acute up right now it would almost on ruthless it. It leaves it looking AM fifth player. Yeah definitely yeah I'll let the have you know so. Little and also so. So all we're already pretty violently. It's so obvious that shall it's found. Do you have Jones. Mark was relieved that judge blocked it house godless religion on the broad. What are these last night Lucy. Ball years and then you all about the public Paul Pierce and ultimate hypocrisy. He would of handling we have immediately from last written but it that's Udell him early today. Morgan cream. Level three the biggest drop will be free to drop we get that. Everybody everything is that it reduced its hold on how to yeah. Action she's next to 68 glasses but she doesn't just look at this two Ingle I quit here right now that I'm Michael. He's gotten as a vanity book Christians mrs. about it you know earlier how does and I Florida might be the quote an event and the best thing right now is is rise really enjoying he's doing idol are what your mind he's he's. Got a on the back against the heat is back watch in the parties I Lucy would you feel more comfortable sitting over there you know watching guys emergency what did you feel comfortable it's not it's -- no it producing all its the numbers are to see she feels more comfortably or approach. I know that's that's not out yet. I yeah. And that's. I give Eric all have had to resign I I'm with you look like it. Morgan. It then again now go to Bryan Murray. So yeah it. So if you wanna talk to Lucy if you outcome data call room because. She's got her she got a stuff together becomes a champion those those comments I mean she's very nice she's gonna listen you shall wait two out. Call and talk to Lucy come with a strong Kate if you put you through it she says you're good enough we will take your call it not. Lucy's the gatekeeper and she's in charge he's got you right to drive the car market seawall and rivers are already calling. When you land use he's got that's like Lindsey Graham on the plate. Lucille Ball. Some important. That it doesn't affect for the. I was a phone numbers of six or 777979. Gay I don't know I didn't hit the home folk did get my home phone number I'd big amount on it was weird when people are calling me for my all of we yell and scream that's good. Is this is this is one of those days in which. It's the weekend people even people who chilled to work today and if you have shown up to work can't check it steadfastness. Anticipation. I guess for a long weekend anticipate maybe going to out finally a nice weekend maybe go north Cologne the south would ultimately going anywhere anticipation for. Game six's game sevens. Anticipation that. Let's say one thing I have no anticipation or whatsoever. I don't want I wanna look at my own don't text me about the man with a good play or good shot. I'm not watching the Celtics game one. It's I wouldn't watch it now it is and why why why would I will wobble and we welcome waste land Sunday when I already because that's going to be the most important white guy that's that. But it keeps. He says hockey well I think that's a restaurant Lola remind me what does better than expected to expand that crunches that the report that their particular night. Why bother why bother obviously got it in all seriousness I don't gonna talk about it in the case brought on Monday did this on average and six on 7779793. Cent a bit. Sure we will get these million people who call shall today. And give us a zillion reasons other Celtics when this can not only are you ready for the if Houston. Ends up winning the series it's still a possibility they only have to win one of the external and the game seven that'll important game seven is where. It's in Boston we all have agreed to gamers. Getting you to believe. That the Celtics can beat Houston abacus Chris Paul. Is RT particularly. Our shell. On Monday right. We always gonna be talking about on Tuesday Jack just think there's got to be overvotes as a but no it's gonna look at Monday morning the point we'll recap Sunday show people be talking about Sunday's game yesterday's game more than. Friday I don't gonna be painted as anything on Monday sold all about Tuesday so Tuesday we're not going back on Friday night. And more are we talking about how. Healthy is Chris Paul's in suggests and will that affect the NBA finals and can you believe they're gonna win the NBA finals the other two best because people LaMarcus Monty and shut down James Harden. Yet yeah do you Brown's music you play like crap we all over recent. You know me I just don't match up. So the match up well yep yeah at the tip you know they're the 2001 feature that's that is what the storyline is going to be here Celtics are in the final Brad Stevens bill isn't a Stanley Cup yeah I've actually. Circle line cats and dogs yeah gather I would say this is Chris Paul can't play in the next series if it's crisp ball. Because goalie had played Oakland and not going to be abused it's. Over the next two games so they lose both of these all the gonna get wanna branch of what he they get blown out gains in the granite like light. He hit one yet this one game. But how many days between him because he had some time on his candidate cramping don't kid has nothing to do. Atticus and how the ask you okay Christian Fauria who played sports and it NFL level professional yes the dude pulls a tweet that country that's why we hadn't yet been answered what I found out besides it eagerly got rescued by. I've yet disciplined area and I'll ask now array that's got to him and you can't is that what is interest falls in trouble here with this and when you sent he's. Certainly not only did so I don't know about that because yeah well might have been. It might be crimp in all this and these guys are tired of the LeBron he's gonna crap up that's OC president mark that down log in. But it might have been. Late into a lot neck Gately gave you might have cramped up on his hammy he connect that he got a shot that the biggest play of the game. And he stays down at the other end of the floor he can't even Muster enough to to to get down to the other end of the floor it's the biggest play of the game. Don't kick it down the flow grip up if you if you mussel season as you according. Do you what do you if you if you polygamy here on the ground a carry your ass off this hobbling crap. And there and there's so there isn't excited and is it legitimate debate what if the Celtics win this series. In Houston and ends up beating Golden State not a jacket Patton. Is it not a legitimate debate that if Chris Paul can't play in that series. Celtics actually have a shot. Yes yes it is there's a lot more sense that it that it well I don't agree to a special little glimmer you all here and it's no question it is but. Neither team is right. I'd step that went off therefore it was a game three in that third quarter. But you know I don't know he's he's he's all right Klay Thompson. You know what you know that it does not in the it would dollar injury Iguodala is a problem that he's talking about Golden State's equal a dollar injury how's yours a what are we doing there. Klay Thompson might not be healthy baby step curry is done healthy and you look at that scenario. That's the scenario in which you could really start thinking about the celtics' winning. John two months in salary. Maybe winning at all. But it's only because that series guns are injured it would be the most threats are about the most improbable trip to the NBA for both teams out west are healthy Asia. Know the percent down. They even with Houston people I know people look at it says while use of stock ticker this is pretty damn good. Hi this is pretty damn good and you know when they wanna play defense they can play defense and they can score and hardly brought it up pardons and awful would you all for eleven months from three point territory put it Nadal would meet. Lose out on him. Even at offensive and because you can see now it's easier to defend to rant it's easier to defend curry the Rascal is no word out loonie you know word about liberty dollar he's out there. That's a problem for you offensively he can score especially it's around the room. I don't I don't know of its business at them breakdown that deliberately I don't wanna break down her. Does because it really even even with that game right cells are now they they they're back in control. Wreck their backyard Houston's back in control the golden golden generation and it's also OK so you go on that went oh what a double digits the State's gonna win right. There it will win game six oval back to Houston. And pending you know health concerns with Chris ball or whoever it you know that game you're gonna get that game to gold as people teams there are are healthy. And it goes back to Houston for game seven. Who went to game. Want to know what I was yeah I don't know Chris Paul healthier and I've got both sides are healthy you know I don't know it'll say when we can go stays healthy they went but. Bowl both conference finals right now Boston's used to beg you would agree that. You have the teams both had south and east now three to. Those teams needed to win game five to every chance. Right in this series they needed it but it's always an over the at gold state Cleveland won game five and there are three to be all correct. Delegates and say no thickly even write a boss Zoellick to straighten you went to straight. Then sold the fact that these two teams are the ones that are up the only ones that say OK now we've possibly a two game sevens in my city. Eat it with Cleveland he's a year ago please seek on their nickel back home and abroad in his party kind of has some built in excuses got a lot of support. I always go back to like my original original assessment. Of like this team to educate you write the Oakland you know games happen you start you know you you think one way you see something and you change reported view. My original thought this Cleveland team that they had no heart. And they were soft. And they were complacent it's because it's always lie but I don't let the games I don't know why not I Solomon non dominant they not bitter part Locklear and I think you I think you have ha I think you have enough. I you have enough information now. To really look at each team and know what their personalities coming with the address at the game and I'm like let's say what's more than that though governor outlook bit part in Cleveland. Yeah and then four was cutting Cleveland's four if you take out late. If you take out just a bunch of stupid plays in the first quarter. Became an expert at compressing Bible and listen I'm fifty layups and dunks it just make your layups that honestly that's could have been that he can we Google the committee the little things. Can we just. Finish at the rim especially for uncontested even if your contestant can we just a lease in drop out. Tebow that you that idea but yet with Cleveland for me wasn't just the two home games it was the feeling I had only along at the deadline trade deadline there. The minute they trade way Isiah Thomas and he brought in this crew that everybody was praising. Because they're good two way player won their first of and you look at the team it's that this is it. OK expected the trade deadlines but this is the Cleveland cavalier team the award by the policies that lift that years and I'm not worried about that team. Is that they they're not better than they were the before they better after the deadline in the warmup earlier in the regular season because it wasn't working. It would. But the only threat you had was Isiah figuring it out at times you sit there and say it Isaiah was healthy right now on the Eastern Conference finals and playing with Cleveland UW and have a thirty point game. And just stick it right to the Celtics that was the fear. But that you you tell me LeBron James in the post season. People were excited about Clarkson. Our coaches say hey this is pretty good. Very near the Joni likelihood you know I dad are there any mention of in the in the clothes and food and mood you're talking about these. Go ahead and and even the trade deadline should have had different unique stars you must read do you really think you can count. On Rodney hood. In Jordan Clarkson. And Larry needle may finally clinched it was OK but but all of those players take all those players and consider solution table instead it was a feeling at all year but it wasn't just because of tone I think everybody had to feel that they weren't the not a lot of people felt like that of Stephen A Smith others. That trade that's good turn is dead at the favorites to win needs to get better wave flags. Now what he needed is he needed a guy that was going to take pressured LeBron did off of him the way to carry Irving did and you're writing healthy Isaiah Thomas would dump some. All right because you have to put attention on LeBron and it was gonna leave I'd say it was some space out there out of war but would you look at it tonight's game. I'd I would be shocked. People say all you want about LeBron James and he might bring nothing to the table in a game on Sunday. He might have part of what he's doing with the reading and all of this other stuff might be he's setting us all up for. I know I can't do it back at that TD garden because I don't have enough. Guys to show up and help me out he may be setting himself up but if anybody thinks she's not gonna come. With the game for the ages tonight I think you're crazy I would be shocked if he didn't. I also think those other players. The role players they're gonna feel empowered they play well and obviously at all. But with the Celtics have to do to win this game one. Be aggressive which they had not been on the road so far right they're going to have to play defense. Awaited date they've played defense the other night which they have not on the road and a third think they're gonna have to make a lot of trees. A lot of threes because they're not gonna get the inside at all tonight. Is he really honestly nights after the while watching game four. Well I think they needed new. Bob there. Yeah I. I mean I felt like they were playing. Late in Jim Brown sadly too fast you know it threes might get to the basket eagle so fast you realize either. Left too soon. Or oh you jump too late you know. And it just throw the ball way I forget who had the stat we will talk about less than me Forsberg. But in that game for every single time but didn't Celtics got got the lead down to seven. They went one for six with three turnovers. You know it's every time indicate that there are out they just lost their eleven mind. You know or was so they're controller you it was a snapshot from this down bad turn over or. A missed lay up because they they put their head down they took off and heroes are too far from the rented dunk. They're missing dulled. Since they well they want they want this break this mall watch it every animal like this and they're looking at they don't have a great player now but but it's it's they're big they're definitely Ener1 great play their best player he's twenty years now and right out here we just like in his series. Is twenty usual got a couple. Coffee in the U weary by the NBA in the south of game on Friday even though you're right they did. Everybody was that the suit finish off LeBron and move on because. Even on the dangerous scenario and then on Sunday it is OK don't wanna do they know how dangerous the seven with adverse LeBron James and knocking off the greatest player player and a planet is blocked. Still an option. You know it's still there for them in the back not not get it if so lose this game. We still get the play one more home so that's you know remain a different views to deduct any of those. It was you know I know about my points so at what point time is it not worth it anymore. I would like to think that Brad Stevens knows that game seven although you do have the advantage and elevators will call it. The guys haven't why do you wanna risk it honestly look what I have a real talk right now why do you guys want a risky you have the chance to close them out. And I so this would Shaquille O'Neal did tonight. But you're over everything on his miracle you know perhaps a you don't want in this and I and how you can view you don't want him in your emotionally you get alerts. You know what I look at my phone you struck alerts and it's tough to convince a team. That it's a must win when it's in check because that's my point that it's almost like a lot here only that he's a psychological game because my head while you know it. I don't really want to conserve my age you they have to believe one it's possible. To make it possible office Julius Paul Pierce but you know we'll get identity that is based on one game. They did win one game on the road granted it was an odd ending double overtime on a showdown today fluids are close it out toys. But this LA it's all you have to convince yourself that it's worth it that the energy that you're gonna output energy that you're gonna get is gonna is gonna pay off. As you got a lot of chance at all. Donnie can watch ethical Brad and really is and then obviously the finish this thing off but it's like trying to convince. Trying to show the players admitted with a blueprint is to win on the road you know biz game one. Will gain three rather should say. This is what happens when you did too cocky and you think you're really good. You know this is the kind of gain that happens when you play the best of the world you win two games straight media for days in between that read the press clippings. Lesson learned this is what happens you guys aren't that good. Game four was. This is how we want to play much better game. We just gotta stop making stupid mistakes the wrong time that has lost his composure they know poised whatsoever. So it's a building blocks of same the same type of effort to slow everything down a little bit you know don't. So it's all or being noticed trying to teach there it's all likelihood win on the road here it's all well and good until ball home team comes out and takes a sixteen point lead and from school that's it that aspect of that and then once that. Happens especially your young team you're gonna sit here and do all the things you just talked about you're gonna justify and say we're good we go back on Sunday will get a little a little. I and I think I think that is the you hit it right there that's the most important thing. Late the only way they mentally stay in it and they're they're good with our stellar not a lie on the south to go to Sunday is like listen stay at halftime. They keep it within two Q yeah it isn't even that was you're ready to the next. Even if you're like you're down eight and they see you know you had a two pointer you aren't were down six and I it was like it was like the series is similar game to. Game two that that same LeBron goes nuts. He goes crazy scores at 11 points for Tuesday there was a three quarter yep you're right they're good deal of rats keep you in the game so you're going look at that bad. And the look if we just took their best shot. Legendary performance in the first quarter and guys were still in the game I think that strengthen them mentally and knowing that they OK so you see in the worst. So they can't throwing the ad idea that we can overcome. Yes yes I think that's that's because if you if you might some of the guys in the baggage you know you foresee a downfall fourteen it's great that. Into the conversation two guys Diego which can beat these guys. And any other guises yeah that's correct your game seven I'm not place that you that it's that. I think that those conversations that resignation and that those conversations that over. If they didn't even happen in this league and probably nobody at weekend freedom you know we don't have is an human nature it's human says. I'll get you thinking just underwent similar soon see you have the you mean what's. As a coach one part of CB and the teacher at a r.'s penis the title here's the one you do if you're if you're Bret Stephens here's a silky tee. It got you do not want to get into game set with maybe the greatest player on the plane. And one of the greatest to ever play on the plane you do not wanna do that. So don't sit back and don't think that we don't want to this game I think in some time I think that I was batter now has been to give. Yeah I think it's there I realize yeah yeah I'm not gonna go take that approach went on. Go to winter onslaught that presented young aboriginal and beautifully you know now are listed on maybe you just scared the hell out of me there is a game seven you don't want it Watergate seven. It's not as he will win and we all can't beat her digital and and losing flowers almost flawless easy alternate view that these major talking Iraqi. So you do I lose game six and oh yeah the locker room look at that great speech I pentagon goes and I guess it was good. Reggae is Africa that's no it's not like athletes this deal O'Neill from last night's game bringing up this very topic. We were wins home tomorrow. We'll go through wounded and some of these. And that is the way game that was I don't know who. No one's guaranteed that it to you that they were here at the moment when. Because young fellows that work well. And then submit your precious. What is it my although my approach and we'll look the president goes. It's been seven when we have broken your president. General we're about to deal eligible. You have to wisdom approaching it and all the commitments. I thought that last night for the golf side. It was a weird it was a person who won't everybody was an accident. I don't play well at home that they thought it was seven. Three and seven. At boulder obviously because I didn't recognize the sound who don't words that's going to be any time you call me all haunts are right. I'm of all talking about Paul normally here since do you do it clicks to meted out to guide us through it and yet there was called off. God OK very good I know guys ask all right thank you thank you guys like ball went right there I would call went out there physically he's. A B eight. Obviously yeah I mean there's pressure yes. There is pressure every game game by it was a lot of pressure because the Celtics based on what the situation there are inflated home had to give control back again. The pressure just to its worst. That's an L captain obvious Shaq we get it. And he's standing animus or believe him on that point I was feeling why chance it YY league chance you don't you don't think you'll see our control. Everything that. Half fantasy you know it is this the thing about this Celtics team he's right isn't under pressure. In game seven it might be too much for Jason do May Day I have no idea. Must be one of those games we've seen the post season before to where early early in that first quarter earlier than Brad would like he takes him out of the game. He put it goes to more exercise outlet that is he's just. It the games too much right now form physically you know me to get back there but you know what if that's the case it will be too much for Jalen brown. Or won't be too much for Terry rouge air. Marino won't be too much for Marcus Moore from markets Smart and I just feel like they're these guys are like this superstar LeBron but I feel like on a given night. Like what would you call. What do you normally called the best player on the guy that's played the best in the series and Eastern Conference final. Team. You don't you don't call a rookie watch column. On constantly when you this what is Jason Taylor he's a star right now so yeah I mean Zoellick is the best player. On a team it's an Eastern Conference finals. That's autistic guy. But that's why that goes back to your point the NBA is so unique that once you see one of these stores blossom whether it's your one your two or three like Jimmy Butler. It doesn't go the other way no. This kid is going to be the Pope just like you right. When it's all said and done he might be Paul Pierce was one of the greatest scorers in Celtics history skip may be better. Skip maybe from Paul your growth and so. It certainly you look at the start he is the best player in this series for them and Gillibrand might be that effort that this past. Because separate but how you can solve all of this I think take threes and make trees. I really did you think I think that changed on him to relieve the flooding and although everybody makes admitted he's the reason three point lately on the road. Apart brother cellular every game question when a favorite then and the first full five minutes that's well it's chalked up 6%. The Olympian. Let you know I mean they know all that you don't like he's coming off the bed till like six or seven threes come from smaller. Gains but why did they say he's already leading three point shooter and as a blank outs yet. But main event by I'm bill Baines and bug dollar and Angela vein well what is the arts along one at you from average out. A lot of Water Cube from Tatum Lola two with three from brown have the right guy shooting the threes. The commode chapter in his seat means no sooner got imminence of the you've lowered down a little bit low only. Bump boy over quarter. I think he's that the possible through total environment that probably he well he's at thirty tried to create a three point opportunity just spread the court litigant and that might bring an. I don't all of all of us and our eyes back to monitor all of it was ready all of Australia right now on. What when the Celtics it seems like on the road when they have struggled whatever if you could be down sixteen to six. Had to be because Tatum and brown are shoot well Al Horford Dutch you won't get them the shots early on go down fourteen. You know because guys. Like a bull markets more Smart get Smart Erin Baines are combined one for ten. If you lose get the ball do you guys get those are. Think if you're taking the ball to the hole and that's the biggest problem Tatum has now is finishing taking the ball at all. That's not gonna be good thing and if anybody thinks the Celtics are getting any breaks whatsoever. From the officials in this game crazy you can come up with the conspiracy theories that it's fixed and trying to get to a game seven and maximize our debate over you expect it docket. So but it's just that the nature of the game. Officials on the road march different then yes you know it for different time. Well clearly they with the with the officials they did you like them they shouldn't take a back of the fact that they I mean this is impossible the fact that they know. How important this game it's not like they don't read the paper or follow Twitter means they get it they know it's hopefully you'll have to remove. That a bat that from the equation to get it at an app is close to an honest called game as possible. Because they don't wait and then do what it crops artsy LA it's like a natural tendency to call also vetted him in the air pilots get a deal the focus was a phone number again 6177797937. Call and ask for Lucy. She's gonna take your calls she's very sweet very nice and so we need to ask don't you aren't into default. I came here to Ireland. She's answering the Foley doesn't have to ask since the but I want that if I I think that literally. I had to buy will be back infected. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away and then on WEEI. Before touring and after the show O clock. Let's get you back to morrow scored weight room loading and 48 right now Clark Sports Radio WEB. BA everybody looks good at home. Colin what about the broth in the LeBron that swept Toronto the number one seed. Winning the first two games on the road that LeBron couple sloppy. Sorry I didn't know if you watched that series EU mean the LeBron had 61 career road playoff wins that but LeBron. Mean LeBron James for clutch down two to one beat Indiana. At Indiana. That that LeBron well it could have seen that abroad this year last year year before year before your before. You do realize boss that I watched that game last night not vegan and grabs your going to get rolled tomorrow night and leave them. Setting up the game seven where will broaden games severed averages 35 points. What's going on a limited powers going. Boston's gonna gets its case for why he's he's you click on read your script everybody. I mean I don't let me governor do something that and any reluctant to go and no I'm not gonna do it but I amen and take a victory lap in my sleep. Because I will be a better route to the times is game start eight African Perry advanced to this because we all we talk all the time about what you. Six and six insular because it would be. What would know right away at a closed is that crap I don't get out wrapping off in between Cleveland also rating is up well. Only a gun if you think it like it is eight Friday it's measured in California right along Memorial Day weekend. You think your stand at home watching Cleveland. Lost is gonna do it inaudible are not a hundred somebody else or are you up and watching them no you're not doing. So so look at what. What we know. LeBron is LeBron is very. Image conscious OK and so I know her image makes it taste served Pate turns returning he's he has something to looms. By losing game six and won't tonight because this is a young team and untested team twenty year old kids 21 year old kids are doing it. A lot to lose he loses this game. And if these national guys coward all these other guys. Max element and and others Stephen A secured convertible amongst us Steven they blast them the other day. For for being tired I heard Stephen A ball last directors ET it's pandering to elect blast demolished because he didn't make big plays. They gonna take some shots. And LeBron if he doesn't win the skin not the defeat they want some they look. If he dumps but if he wins this game will be the prevailing. Thoughts Olympic let me just loses tonight scores 373840. Hit into an. He didn't want Auckland as it was at home it will I don't want guys I think a Mon I could be that supporting cast sucks and you know let me finish the point let me just finish the point so I think he takes heat. If he loses this game here tonight. But if he wins this game tonight because he puts up the numbers Lou just. Any gets help from the supporting cast is really what what it's about got a big numbers tonight sporting cast gives him nothing but the gonna sit there and they're still going to look at LeBron should've done it and hold. All these teams when it all but he comes to the garden on Sunday. And he plays well and they'd lose that game because he gets no support at all. He's got an easy exit out of Cleveland. I try I didn't want championship I did everything echo a gotta go in Houston let's say Houston loses to Golden State in the series. I'm going to Houston I'm gonna put them over the top the same way direct put Golden State over the top I'm gonna go to Philadelphia because I get young talent there is me a five year window to build something to teach those kids to the men to to win another championship. He's got an easy out. In the media will buy all line and sinker. Eagle loses this game tonight. I think especially if he's hired. In the third inherited carded an old news we have is already there are networks oh and it works on Sunday he's building that execution because Sunday could sit there sound tired man. I just couldn't get I got I didn't six. If you see this one. And he he still wants. That Willis Reed moment he's accomplished an awful lot. But he hasn't you know the joke of all Paul Peterson a game African wheelchair while Michael Jordan in the flu. He has had that wrong. So we get hurt this demon deacons on descendants does part of you only get a grip up he gap and ovitz and his game a game seven it's gonna Holler on the first quarter. Maybe the second quarter you know their down in at the garden game seven it's gonna fight through halftime down. Great on August 2 happens gonna tribe its own interest Campion. And it's a CA just will be gave everything by just gave away but he. He needs this stuff. But he needs to stop it as much as I I think he's the greatest player in the world that stuff is never gonna go away when it comes LeBron James the drama that he requires. To play under. Isn't is ridiculous because he doesn't need it. But in and because of that news of people out there they can't wait to just jump at that story. They didn't they're gonna give a tool but no no great players ever like you know we never Scoble oh my god what an unbelievable effort just because they're tired. We've never centers at all he's been so higher seed that's why the older guys. It's because of injury. It yeah yeah injure me any battles and tired as I get to me that if and that's what you see the older players are totally roll their eyes it is. Retired guys you'd probably current art. Card players are rolling their eyes at that. After in at the the applies to attempt at him to try and like it shouldn't say hit because he didn't say it that's the thing. He's got coming out there saying I'm really tired his coaches. Not an analyst Laura is by acting and I know it was ally's weight so he'd ever had like he has dogma does it have to it's the body language of the facial expressions that. It's the well always new look on his face it it's that. You know standing with his hands on his hips it may consider going back complaint even through I'm so tired I came about. I was. Brought back. Again I don't like acting school near downtown Boston citizen I get on stage ready active steps to. And a lot of good at brunt of that you know it just wants the running game fighters do everything he did. To make sure everyone knows I have to say it but he is yet hands on hips in the first quarter of the job he's doing it a point that first one half to. All he has to show you imply it. By like standing around. You know putting the towel on his campaign like you know Rachel Nichols of give it to alone in the winners don't give such an item edit it's you guys don't think there's a difference between. Game six in game seven for his image going forward no I do CI think this game is if you if he's concerned about his image. He's got to win tonight's game at home. I wouldn't escape the heat. So he can alarms game and walked away insect and everybody will buy into that to the script he just didn't have enough hey here's an imminent he has a game to. Today as a game two here tonight and they lose. Tomorrow morning won't exactly houses even able bluster and tonight I won't make a prediction for you right now Stephen able take shots at him after the game tonight. If they lose thinking too well that it will be fair. Because if he goes for forty and JR Smith craps himself. And Kevin Love and palpable rates in supporting cast is not to. Good but it's off and that will be you'd discuss a home game of the great players takeover and that's enough your pedal itself that's enough and well rounded the those appearances look at these kids and what they're doing in the bottom line is that Brunswick cleverly didn't have enough rounds down I think there's a difference I think cube being the viewed differently off of this game tonight if he loses. Vs game Sunday I think game Sunday the media will will treat him with kid gloves and he'll have that built that issues like I can't play this many not as many minutes. I've got to go to one of the team I've got to go where where other guys can do something I want less of the emphasis this will be good. Less than the emphasis on knee I don't wanna beat the facilitator anymore I need a facilitator to facilitate. Yeah you know I think he's also. He has the sour grapes mentality. I feel in this particular situation. It's too tough it's too hard I acted I had to do too much and it worth it. On speculate there's I think that creeps into his mentality. Especially you know depending on how things are going. Or corner. Down ten can't do it we we can't even if we go to games and averaging two I think there is today. An asset to this series particularly. Sour grapes mentality can't do guys not enough not enough help I can't do it on my own way and we have bill. Whether whether it's two or not. Escalate that to me is also part of the equation. What's what's if you and if you have that salaries mentality that you give your that you should you give the the non verbal expressions. But tiredness but not getting back on deep it's. What athlete would get out there after a loss you know. Oust tired. That would never. Ever happen if you work. I was tired guys I just didn't happen by the way we never waited he did not. Respond in the negative he didn't see wasn't he's in everybody's tired. This time associate basically sit outside their ilk as size you know gave some games a little bit tired of some guys would say. I was fine and I think it did and why it's even like he's done he's. If you. Put a flip it on these guys put that bit on them ourselves like a heart monitor forget about engaging his speed. Because all all the professional teams do that it was a little microchip it'd be good patriots. They engage you during during your during all these camps thought they don't want you to run a certain amount of run keep it down. If you were to put that on all the players. They'd all be exerting the same amount of calories the same amount of energy maybe and if not back up at the start. The world moving all the time so. You're telling me he's doing more than I am it is LeBron James do more than Kevin Love. Interest in las says they they asked yes it is they asked if they're all moving my daughter I don't know why did you get more production but. Church of Thompson's effort on Al Horford. It's just as good as the brawn James until Brian writes no change has to do more because you know he's required to singing Trimble dollars from him OK but don't do yourself double the Balkans right you'll get. Doesn't know himself because a guy out he comes out in beginning he sees as the play every single minute every single game you don't mean and it's a goal for his summaries itself to stop this gold world played more minutes a million yet your LeBron freaking James. You don't play more minutes you could label it as anybody in the post season. That's need to play more minutes. You know me that Chris Sale who died down and October you know September what does he do one offseason and ultimate goal programs little idea and this guy. US it is teamed up and do the same thing you know what predicament key and reapply every single minute and that's why am. Well that's just dumb he wants to begin a good get yeah I didn't want it to yourself you won at its legacy by you play 82 games. Don't tell me now you're tired. Don't don't don't tell me your tired now. I don't wanna hear if you don't need to an NBA finals. How you are gonna get through that if you happen to sneak by the Celtics. Are eager tired. Use your decision to play every single freaking game we knew eighteen was up by thirty you're down by thirty you'd still getting 36 minutes and regular season. He wants to get the blame for that. No he's out what do then shorter series against Boston that he would have gotten as the NBA usually weaken him. Two to rest for the finals are to the phones we go here's Tim and East Bridgewater woody got him. And how you doing good yeah. All right listen Michael I've been remembered thinking about this we all know how to game changed. But I get into the myself wondering if somewhere along the line they were low post player life. Kevin McHale the release today I think he'd be unstoppable would make. I think it's a different game you just said he says yeah he would have to have a good outside perimeter game. Yeah but if you have somebody that's down low they don't play that game anymore so nobody goes out even it'll boil like that. Well you're the only thing that would be if you is that good. In the low post and you force double teams did a great honor in kicking out the three going to be great passer David it written. Well then yeah we did better you have got our our power center out there because none of on the exist in the league anymore I would think if you put those wanna put on a team somewhere along the line they'd be. Originally just what assistance on some yeah. The powers and they'll. What do what did you think they exist anymore to. And why don't you think they exist anymore. I I think a lot of it is when they watch the players that burden. Johnson will play and all of a sudden they comic became an eight vehemently so that they were not terrorists and it's easier to the recently Al. What are your big part of its limit that to say you played Golden State. And Iran are out there they don't have a senator do you start airing Baines. And it's just say Baines is Kevin McHale. Yeah. You know and it is that there is they act defensively myopia to stop Kevin government kills two points are probably tired. But learn offense to advocate a kick him out of three. It would indicate three points. So big games as the game has changed again we might have been to stop and download and it's only that we can't come out the perimeters company America. Here that if you want strong people so why don't they in this day and age. Color around what you're doing now put twenty hours out there are or whatever what do you think kids and and pick any you can it's. That are holed out there seven feet tall play like guards or learn to play like arts the difference is the generations ago. If you were anywhere close to seven feet that's exactly what they did get dressed down on the block you don't move your rebound you don't shoot out here in New York York Rangers six feet away from the rim. Nowadays they teach these kids any of your play like guards. Say you know like Blair as like I I my weekends are consumed with AU basketball. And it's funny like whenever we see you team that literally has a big guy out like a big guy like it in his nickname is always shocked. Every big guy and every age activities shaft. Expected symbolic that's out bottlers is that it's a little sex art. And they have no post moves that they can't teach it and they turnaround end up losing the ball. And adds a somebody else ends up you know stealing an inning scored transition. Any team that is. Teaching low post moves at the age they suck course the base actually got serious and athletic and illegally differently towers in this league is is New Orleans and those two Twin Towers taking a half three pointers a game right combined right. Right and wiping out and they were better and better when one of the Twin Towers got hurt they are better game in your right offered offered what does he wanted to he wished he shot more three point oh yeah one thing Utah young Al Seattle for what would it be sued to shoot threes earlier my accuracy or selfish. If you if you got the blood is that the detective. It's it's easy though it's easy the glare approximately. Two double a guy down the block it's it's really easy to do and then suddenly the post up moves not there anymore writes just out there you don't have it in your got a defendant at the other end. I'd 6177797937. That's our phone number right here at all that. Didn't show. What WEEI. This was some talk this this this game. Was not what they needed in this situation that's what I'm saying and 28 cent six turnovers. He's already but seeing the looks like he's dubbed. Uninterested I don't know like elect on stepped away from it at different points during a game that is true. Because maybe he realized we can't wait you know what I mean and that's what it looked like to me. Fork. Saw yeah I think they're big they're gonna. They're gonna go the Bronson and if he loses this game I'm convinced that you will all they're gonna iron just on the girl only shuttle Mike that's right it's a deal they'll criticize and yet if he gets to game seven. I think he can and walk away. And with his head held high and say I won one. You just didn't give me cast members I can't win here I'm off to use I'm taking my idea my talents to Philadelphia wherever. That's where is gone he he can clearly walk away and we're kinda catching with some of the baseball people are doing up here is their kind of speculating as to what's going to happen. This is Robitaille Murray Dustin Pedroia expected be activated today. Speculation to make room has been centered on Blake's wife your. May seem like a long shot but couldn't be Hanley Ramirez. And instead. Over his last 41 you know out of the bandwagon you know your life. Last pain relief and energy could cause lasting games that I crew that you guys are seeing it once 75 a tie that's higher than Jackie. It is last fifteen games. Possibly they move on hash tag Red Sox Johnny Damon shines in this is speculative. And him he's overall numbers are close to league average but Red Sox loan swangard. Really so this could be a consideration. No response from Red Sox do in quote inquiries to this point third chance. There's somebody that will will will take nearly all Sherman a New York. Most times Indies all just speculation opinions because he brings out in the obvious thing is that the of this this this option point two million dollar option. That is. In. Haley's obviously culture part footage that's automatic next year so picked up eternal way the player you know more about the options on your concern interviewee a little bit of money this year. Maybe. Maybe you can give something back that might actually helping it open. Because right now your bullpen has three starters and right got a problem out there yet that this frosty at catching acute care. With. Three is not allowed to Arizona did get to our veterans to other catchers can't pitch any public but there's a thing you'll have more familiar jolt and consistently closer. Three starters. That your real relievers have regional Kelly and Matt Barnes that's all you have Brian Johnson Stephen Wright and inspected blasters are all starters. If three long guys most teams have won some validity molesting if you get guys up in the second inning so starter was perfect for the last three to sell through. Yeah I got it isn't a possibility. He's likable he's been I don't mean likable he. He's he's he's taken walks outside of Fenway Park everybody loves and he's he's usually all of them knows what I did or at least a role is to keep everybody happy I believe this is Louis for wasn't given little credit anyway for this. I almost get the feeling with Hanley right now is that he looks at looking at bats as the only god can get some power that it looks at JD Martinez and says all like public power yet. And many sensors that. I gotta do I got to hit those home run because it looks like every swing is I'm trying to score three right now welcome to do it now. For me. Yet in April when he at 330 with three home runs. That was a great Hanley Ramirez through all of period and all feeling just felt like a stay with it that. You too much power in -- sit on three united fourteen this year you'd still be a complete hitter. In need an opinion 20s25. Bombs you know in May be more when he gets going who knows but you're right. I wonder if that's playing in his gait in his head at all this these two guys lead the league in home runs. And it's not leaving the yard. I'm Harry six threes that we groundout you know a lot of that sometimes the long swing now you don't. But the hands on fastballs Indian jammed or pull it off all the way new role in all over the back and been completed or use right field the enough power. Moments ago that come. And then he went 83 in only two or three days against the Yankees and I think up to Toronto whatever was that okay. But since then. Well I noticed problem in all forms last for anyone noticed problems was and I know I know is I noticed problem is and I know who's probably pissed off oh he's too pliable. I'm more events featuring a one on the home days then we. So the wounded that's my sense a lot of things. They are working for him and Beaulieu Tom Brady where reason Sweden Norway where Italians who are currently is probably sending a mail this act it's who the hell knows. Where the world's top rate of Monaco throughout the Harmonix I'm I'm a lot of the African Monaco so yeah because this is not doing the TV told method any good whatsoever now all if you do the TB twelve met that you're supposed to excel useful to have success. Multi need to get on the TV well or at least be you know partner with them heavily go back to lift weights get big getting on pliable because of this what this Haley. Working dad and then those animals little muscles and work ethic that allows us. I still think it's a long shot the only chance it has is if they're there is a team that's extremely interest in him. And dad do browsed he kind of gets the phone calls it. I can get. What I want. In all four Hanley Ramirez. Brian Johnson packet drag you viewed DH first baseman a left handed potential starter for war over to your was looking for pitchers. And you can't pass up may be what is is the were what the return is. The only problem is that you know I actually listening needed Scott hit your better team hits but I liked them the depth and flexibility that you have. You know in Hanley GA teaching GD and left DD DH Haley first bit smaller first Hanley DH which smaller first DD DH so you've. Those three guys give you a lot of flexibility. What are you looking and it and I don't know after Red Sox love Swire they certainly don't love them as a catcher or the give and opportunity supposed to love moves ahead. And supposed to made all of the phone calls I heard. Was it done a buck was on TV last night in and he majority was that they're going to go and you throw out and get yours did the best deal out you need to grow our reached relic you create a bidding war. Will come all the teams know bidding. War for Blake's wife Hart so the Red Sox are probably look at this thing right now. The only reason they love them they're holding onto them because their rules they love him is a is a tried tool. But it does no interest in team and they're gonna get nothing back and return home that does that look. Down the road if swipe card goes to the Mets go somewhere else goes to the twins low. And worship you're looking at him with fifteen home runs and about it it in August that about 325. Because they try to pick out of Milwaukee remember that. And that turned out to be pretty good for Milwaukee. To be extremely balls. Trade away your three hole hitter mandalit swing right now. That would take them and let quickly and you don't write a wrinkle into the all the money and so you're the only reason why I don't think there is a market that's what. But I don't have to ask the question is there one for him. So that and it Islamic rates for him is gonna give me at bats is gonna get the point to next year. So that that. If again the only way I would do it is if I got blown away some team called up it's an entity roster it was optimal Blake in the and what was the deal with him. You know it is and that's the only way that there be a really good market for him and you get which you need because I I just don't. I don't see appetite they don't the way he's drifting right now and floating out there and in the megaphone and always crazy things. You're out score you're looking elements and you know I'll take up output up with this stuff. If two guys out there you know kill the ball but if he should the way shape right now worries. Wasted space in the lineup. And then I got to deal with all of this other drifting and can't get to shed focused and into what we don't do we really want him and if you're Dave Dombrowski a look at how it's gonna be if he's floating it drifting now. We got motivation to get the point two million dollars for next you can do what's it going to be like next you're missing if I give them the freak. You can do it. In ill because you do you have in a New Year's delicacy to super utility guy. Why are in a first base and get him in some more games. In its in Travis going down AAA Sami need you know it can be done it's just it. If I'm not gonna giveaway. Blake's wife dark I'm certainly not their giveaway. In the premieres. So I've got to make sure didn't exactly what I need in return some not so sure you care I just don't know me but it would. You Bridget get more for Hanley wood thinking you can for swipe at least it's why we had better get a lot more but its head. Some type of the trade value of the year he wouldn't be the 25 player on the team that doesn't need. Anything he brings to the table correct and he's useless with and we talked about he's a waste of space at the 45 man on this roster why they holding onto because they're waiting for that taker. And they haven't found him and now they're running out of dates. I've got to believe they're gonna get more for handling than they would for Blix wired just your thoughts inspect the week we thrown out like it done outside the stuff we get to evoke off. On that and other things coming up next six wants up. 77 on seven and threesome.