OMF - Lyndsay McCaffery, 33, osteosarcoma (bone cancer), Chelmsford 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Lyndsay will be singing God Bless America tonight. At the age of 29, while pregnant, Lyndsay started experiencing sharp, persistent knee pain. She was eventually diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, right after she gave birth to her first child. She had a 12-hour operation on November 2012 where the cancer was removed along with part of her femur. The bone was replaced with a donor bone and a plate and many screws were put in to secure it. Lyndsay was unable to walk for almost 8 months. Her cancer was removed successfully following the surgery, and today she is cancer free. Lyndsay continues to have surgeries to help with complications from the treatment, most recently in July. She is married to her husband Jim and they have two sons, Mason, 5, and Cameron, 2. Her parents Rick and Betsy have been her caregivers as well. She is also very close to her brother Jonathan who recently moved back home after living in California. Lyndsay’s hobbies include writing, listening to music and hanging out with family and friends. She is a drama teacher and administrative assistant for Bright Start After School in Arlington and she is getting ready to start her 5th year of teaching.


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Think if they should 29 years of that age you're pregnant. And suddenly you find out after you give birth to your first child. That you have bone cancer that is the case of Lindsay McCaffery she's 33 right now she joins us here at Fenway and stitching. So tell us what happened when that your life changed I think. Quite dramatically. I mean when you're expecting your first baby you're going through crazy stuff I mean years here your life is to change and I'd been having this knee pain. And you know I at first it was a two concern pregnancy doesn't pull on your body and and you know was a big deal by. Just started to get worse and worse and I noticed that my knee starts. And it just didn't seem he didn't seem right. So. Monster is short and adapt getting on an MRI. When your practice. Which which isn't is great. By way it had happened we had to know what was going on. Blood clot. That they found so I had to give him some shots. Blood donors and then they did and they found masks. And when I was part. While you were pregnant while I was pregnant we'll how many how I'm just here's a six months then I was I am not so that other last month could be rude. I was I was more I was pretty much. Well I am. And so. That they they basically said we can't do a whole lot. Until you're eighty pounds because that's testing you know there's a lot that goes to goes through your body I am so I delivered. My son two weeks currently. He's makes it Mason City finished. From here and act immediately. Immediately they started doing path to send biopsies and the tricky thing. In my case was they they did needle biopsies and they they couldn't they kept coming back there was no cancer and they said there's cancer we conceit. So what was basically they told me you have cancer we just haven't been able to figure out. And so this is littered I have. That I had to leave and continuously kind of hospital tests. And finally they actually had to cut in I had to go under general anesthesia they would cut a piece of out. Because that was the only way they they thought they can figure out and they did. On the end of August and just about five years ago. I had surgery and they'd they were able to diagnose me parents deal last year's karma. Which is really rare form of us use our. They they did say if you have processor this it's that time. Time. It I just. Nice and when you say that it is good news and bad guys we at eight inmates with with my. My newborn but I'm a right I didn't require any key didn't require radiation. Treatment that I. Apathy. Replacements. Pardon my feet mr. placed he took that to. They had to cut my feet artery. To get the two and apps act accident don't grow as it was smaller surges as the cars. A follow along after you deeper that you Wii units searcher for a while he it was the week before he turned I'm. Most of the obscure part I'm assuming it's got to be. You're nine months pregnant you're having issues you know sure what is before and maybe it's morning sickness that lasting longer who goes first child rights you don't get it. So but you find out at nine months and it's like are you there are there any concerns about. You know your son your child getting sick. Or for any other reason is spreading to into the fetus I any wild concerns that. I was more concerned about what if it's genetic what if Ike did he he could get this kind of thing. And I mean they were very very safe on date they never you know they never put my body through anything. That would have harmed him at all by it but yeah I need it had been if no idea how long and it and then it'd been there for very long time because it. On to a substantial rise. So I have no idea how long it'd been there but I I had been experiencing some knee tweaks. On a couple of years prior and it would go away and I just attribute it to eighty you know I ran on it wrong or whatever. That I suspected it then for a long time and my friend over here as was the reason that day they were able to find. And obviously this vote of support system as well you know the two parents and him. The future husband Jim over here to thicken what would I be going through them. Right first child your wife is pregnant she's that's 878 months pregnant she refight this information out like what's going through your mind but they're against strong for you so. I'm guessing all that was really important for use while the. He's so important and I mean that that time frame where I I knew it was cancer and I didn't know. What kind of cancer wives was horrible because I thought am I gonna be here to see my child. And that's. That's and and plus all the promotional stuff that goes on you know it was chest. I did a lot of writing. I do I do a lot of writing I've written several blocks very deep fibers inside lock. And apps I started to journal. Just for me but also for the slim chance that you know later on on the road. You know my son would be able to see what was that she went through all of that she couldn't walk for eight months. And now you wore cancer for. Cancer free at it'll be five years on November 1. Regrets that off that is now you said you Austin did some writing but I don't think there's and singing. And you know an opportunity tonight or what's gonna happen here tonight. I have been asked to sing god bless America tonight's yes I say hello. We usually do on the shows on somebody's. You know admits and the only of breaks the news that they're singing in front of if you do it right yeah we did yes I am not a watched yesterday. I do actually warmed up so Davis Davis your America's got and a version. That ugly if Hillary's practiced. Did this come. And Erica. Good group of people and then. And move ahead. Oh I sent me besides. Jeanne and I made. And and and I. There oh wait I wanted to move yeah yeah well that's an idea what you shoot a fourteen year old girl last night I don't know yet you on the believe. Last night to rule and outstanding at you America listen we're later we're really happy for you when you've at least been through hell. Here and you deserve a break. Five years is a good yet the good landmark five years ago we wish you the best known for. Us and we thanks for joining me you sound story.