OMF - Madison "Madie" Miller, 17, rhabdomyosarcoma, Brimfield with her mother, Deanna Kaplan 8-21-18

Madie met OMF when they visited the Jimmy Fund Clinic earlier this summer.

In 2016, Madie went to the doctor after having a fever and chills. It was there that her tumor was discovered. Madie was in treatment for a year but relapsed in February 2018 after being off treatment for about a year. She’s received 7 cycles of IV chemotherapy thus far, a total of 12 cycles altogether, and had some radiation in May 2018.

Madie's hobbies include doing makeup, photography, sports, reading and blogging. In the future, Madie wants to become a travel nurse or oncologist.

She is currently writing a blog on Instagram to help other kids going through cancer or hard times find support. She loves sharing her experiences in the goal of helping others. 

Madie is supported by her loving family, including her mom, Deanna, step-dad, Chad, brother, Brodie, 7, and sister, Mackenzie, 19.

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I'll introduce you to imagine we met Mattie over at the clinic a few months ago she puts together neo blog with all of the other kids that are involved in the stuff. If you wanted to get involved in the blown around this whole project. Mentally I asked you did especially the guys on the gas of that work out now on adding we go to my Marshall township an underdog. Actually she moved on from on the on his year as wolf great to see both the view. And your family is is here as well so tell us about what's happened since the last time we you know we ran into you. It. All good though I'll cuts. Well looking it has happened was that plot was just an idea that moves up and you're about to do which you've actually started it so yeah your body needs to grip there to help others. That might be going through with what which I think is amazing how how fickle for you is how are you putting it out there to win. Yet ready and waiting it definitely helps write the stress. If it takes that's enough for others to be connected anywhere it maybe read your blog and I get a lot of people who are like I'll keep callais its inspiration disease hockey. To be so embarrassed his rookies of cancer is. And I honestly it is but it's. It was more about the data they feelings or is that just more the whole experience it's about. So when when we see this a lot like kids adults they just have a sore throats. They have you know fever to her whatever yet as you used to yet fever chills. And then you're thing and it's just any normal maybe have the flu maybe I just didn't get enough sleep last night. I mean were you how surprised were you when you actually went to the doctor and they told. We'll going to look to surprised he says I had gone to his. And they're like it's a constant attack is okay as they got I think that's what it is and we didn't understand anything personal. Which you probably should have. But by the time we did have a scan it was the size. Alert or grapefruit tree and he had yet she and then exterior. Here in Boston. Taki too many doctors. So mom she goes through your treatment and then she relapsed and what was the feeling then and what did you guys do at that point. I guess we just an expected those utter shock. Nearly she is going to be on the next part of life you know so. But she's such a strong kid it was just right back and. She's just so resilient. What the initial diagnosis. Thousand dollars. What's gone through your mind like when you hear that. I just think the worst you know immediately where's the there's always people there reassure you and to. Like walking through it. You know it's funny over the years and we've done seventeen of these now. The kids your rates the teenagers they seem to be the toughest ones yet. This really into erupts in important and interesting aspect of your life. If enacted that part of it to be difficult if you should we stop your fighting through the disease. Having really bad to have here is it hard. So that musical. I shall want I think it's apparently for nearly ten find yourself and she hasn't had that opportunity that this has brought her strengths. And they shelter. The other kids just seem to be in you know your rage they're really tough. And I think that's going to be great for the rest of their lives you know they can battle through that you can battled through all of the. The things that you see here kids you're retrieving younger and the parents of the accident it amazed at how. It's a maturity that speeding up in go to mile Jewish perspective on life tenure completely my child. Is dealing with this and acting you know like they're much older in the way they've handled it's just beyond her years and her friends. That's for sure. So one of these usage you want to be busy travel nurse. Now what you're travelers I think you know they could you know. Italy India and nurse Mayo argued to view for you know probably computers account I there's lots of firsts involved. Have a few with that I went in Israel that's very fresh out. Where you would be Paterson Bob. Oh yeah there but we'll explain in an eye on you because you know you learn it would. We'll freshman year rivers got diagnosed the first time in the anesthesiologist. As a apps that you can that he was so agree about everything it was first time ever really talked to. Those in next year's slightly six. And then I kept going like but I don't travel. Virulent travel. They wouldn't that day that there's the school certified teacher and it just used lake and other places around. So why right. Yeah. Aren't they kind of a hard sell bottles of water. The place until I actually felt all the practical now let it be a shrinking of yourself thinking of other people with a little of everything you. It's great seeing you again and it's always great when we go over the clinic and we see some of the patients. And then they come in here a few months later and you look great sound great and you in these that you feel grooved rain that's awesome that's good that's awesome. Continued great health what is your what is your program. Or yeah a little better at what is in school. Any idea any store it's OK just. It's just DM ED. I underscore MED might be strong on they're just to check it out we will check it out at a great senior moderately CNET thank you very much.