OMF - Marc James wants to be on K&C; Garoppolo won’t lose money because of Kiara Mia, 7-20-17

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Friday, July 20th
Hour 2 - Marc James says he would rather do radio than TV and wants to be on K&C with Kirk and Gerry. He and Rob do not think Garoppolo will lose any endorsements over his date with Kiara Mia and don’t see anything wrong with it. Brady also posted a new Instagram photo for Gisele’s birthday and it shows he actually does have some muscle definition.

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Right now on Sports Radio WEEI okay. Amen that was paid for got rave that book last while what was her reference. He's just. I think isn't about the Red Sox on. Rocketed. He had a way. It's a grand isle in the riddler here's a big tease delivered from rob ran out of it but he had found out. I mean we were roll it on the night. This is breaking news when news we can get the old one when news breaks we break it which was such a lie. Which was Pamela. Lives it was like. Like okay yeah this is before you we at the website we actually you we'd break some news of every once in awhile they get something here and there. But we can't save renewed breaks we break it all the time. Break every story. We have that now. Are so I don't know breaking news sports. I'll probably like champions. All. Big a little voted for them now I'm really intrigue a little flaws I have to pay up in Seagram in sprint Tom Brady as sort of service once against it's Ingraham I believe it is if the picture of him and his wife. Once again on the beat she's wearing a different bikinis and the other day. And Lou fumigate your weigh in on this the second Gisele is a goddess just mentioned that. OK I also her birthday he took while I was gonna get that thank you for that ruining my in my whole thing might Pollack yes she point five. Who is. Night's yes yeah she looks like she's taught me more than. Big man what we mean. Anyway I call high I think she's a very very attractively. So anyway she they went in grand there hugging. So you can't really see Tom Brady stomach in this he's wearing a bathing suit. But I can confirm this is breaking news Tom Brady doesn't have a lack. You can see you lack. You guys hugging you have you got Latvia got up so he has a lack. So we have we have that one muscle group at a time. He has a lack salutes you seen this pitcher cracked. I have seen yes visited does it make you feel like number one does that make you feel like Tom Brady in better shape. Then you've maybe you felt. Oh. A couple days ago. I used in fine shape if you tie out I think his arms of goodness picture but you better pretty good in the other pictures here OK are you glad you could see the latter right into sleazy the last. Okay do you think that my second question this is that do you think that they did this he did this you prove the photo. And this was sort of after the TB twelve saying hey you know you don't need this expect this was his response on me show you that I have a lack. Yes in response to that respond yes he clearly knows that he caught heat for that its program follow. We waited we would agree with OK fair enough. Now that he should a guy you'd find I'd like it's a before I had more prob would. The TB twelve we were getting defensive about it yes that's it but here's the thing rob who for the most part like patriot fans don't care they just wanted to throw four touchdowns no interceptions against Houston we want and that's only good news is a guy that we Tom Brady has the last thing he does have a lack what what was the post I'll just happy breads and all I'm birthday okay I birth ages now all it is speaking a picture quarterback's gonna get all your phone calls right now 6177797937. Who to Jean region for taking out a porn star don't think he's gonna go in sixteen because of the dollar a PR on me yacht now I gotta tell ya I don't know photo taken or five star restaurant in Beverly Hills and publicized that but you know what. You do you Jimmy G. You do you. Who like. Let me tell you something that I have no issue with this just do what I would have I would respect him. I would I would lose more respect for Jimmy gee if he Dieter card asking sister and he did the points rule. There is now well Trojan. Coincidentally she played a Kardashian sister who really react she won't yet that was one of her many roll all cannot see I was not. I am confused well unless unless I'm with a lower RI ADB page she was very very close going mainstream okay. By. That may be this was a little bit of a cent. As I kind of fuel that set up what way where hey you wanna go oh in near shore gas why not maybe you business but what business it would be talking about but she's taking photos of mirage I think she took a photo over in Cairo hotel room at the Beverly Hills Hotel right getting ready for the whole thing so we we don't have any confirmation that he dated her or anything else I heard Perkins Jerry do. A segment on this today and I'm just so would -- greens with Kirk committee and because these to me and I don't beats will call asked. I do not think this will cost you need to seek -- -- word brotherhood of it is today and utes are in the door civilians I don't think this'll cause now I know Jerry well let's not get caught in the by the way that Gerry Callahan for the first time ever to follow is that he's a big fan of yours yet and I I don't know why but I'm a big thing and it's a cat so I like Jerry Kelly on fox this country. I I stay if they actually had to because it people like Jerry Kelly so once in you will be on the morning show right. So OK I was your gonna look good a lot of chemistry there well I gonna tell you they if they brought me it just last Brothers they're like Klay Thompson. And Seth Curry Dave bring me in on Kevin Correia both. Ed any updates it there then it's like a row that's a wrap on Kevin Durant saute apple. No reflection we got to get to the calls but that that leads me to this question. Marcin yes mark of the CDU got it. If you had the chance of you have the opportunity to import start I wouldn't data points are NB on the radio okay or beyond TV which would you do. Okay what it the three different joins us now pick the ports are. Radio or TV. You're asking me this now yet. Does brigades of about clearly could rear where you're talking about being Kevin Durant to the morning show borrow the opening the door for that being a possibility Liza yeah. Yeah I guess in. You work for NASA be very happy you hearing about announced very happy but you know I would imagine they want you to have all your hopes and dreams you're forgetting what option C both. Watch an idea like I was tax bracket racket I'm not giving USC no I'm taken one like well you know summer in Nantucket live in Wellesley. OK I do that because the question is radio or TV. Yeah and maybe that's huge distance that's. You open door for you open the doors you flood opened the door. I I would tried to radio they yeah. Now I'm a radio what's wrong that's it so you ask me that night and give an honest answers on the ball full ride mine that bird Johnson on captain now rob rob rat rat I don't aboard her ego but it was great meeting Jerry Jerry's a good guy and and by the way this year. You see hero and I stand for people like Jerry talented people who fought for this country seriously for the National Anthem we what do you think 6177797937. Let's go to lettered in what star what's subtler. No matter how you doing today. This one too low blood so mob this information that's being put out here before I do that I just wanna say that. I begin once you have this in identity NFL should stay at their vendors can't felony products while Leah while would do the pledge of allegiance. But yes some of them as I used to negotiate contracts were unique idea for 36 years against a multibillion dollar companies. That you displayed at a private company has a right to do what they want. It was a collective bargaining agreement in place. Our company policy cannot supersede guys out collective bargaining agreement. So what what they're doing nowadays they're why are you doing what did you do it go onto the union and they're discussing this with the union. Because they cannot lying mechanized has and they cannot discipline. Any of these players are light in Indian collective bargaining agreement. Now the company can't turn around and say well you know bottom line because they just wait eight billion dollars of revenue. Record breaking eight billion dollars of revenue 270. Million dollars routine and and former magazine writer says. The most valuable franchise in sports is really a Dallas Cowboys. Can't say as right now the bad at that. A letter to letter not a letter you obviously you're very educated on this topic but I I would ask this in May be I'm talking out my about it than don't know on talk about probably. But when you have the what was article 46 with the with the Roger Goodell the cited jealous is the plate yes it yes so when you have that Hendrick we know that that is such a wishy wash the union institute probably a terrible CBA announced perfect example. When you have that article fair 46 where it gives Roger Goodell do you write to do a lot of things that you're talking about that most places don't have the right to do. Then maybe this is a different situation than that. Knowledge god is basically at the walk I mean normally in a company policy should proceed to collect. Great value homeless slowdown editing tool that's a line what does it what was that what is it like what are my golden again. And Colin can a company alone all on the bodies fell supersede SEC ERS ET if you go and suburbia seasonally. IDC that's right collective argument but we Leonard I'm with Leonard on this one I will tell lies a porn start them and yes I Nokia are guys on this computer you both but I can I did not. You know Google list but she's on their soul Leonard I'm what you want this because there's no language. In it. Last CPA. Which was implemented back in 2011. That the NFL cannot make its players stay and they can actually do this but the problem is have to wait three more years let the new C. Not so why he'd get NBA you can go to union election. We have a serious issue here we would like to reopen the contract any union will agreed that and now that it could honestly okay we need this and complain put him there and he unit can say why. He would account graduate will give you that what we want now let's say all contract guaranteed or. Dead bird. I then make it all right we want to be out all disappointed and I can't really I NFL logo to a third party. Are. They're gonna have to make concession the NFL's gonna have to compromise letter good phone call. The here's the thing. And he gets it right into baseball gets it right Abbie Gregg mentioned may initially baseball. It's not the same is not nearly the same. The Major League Baseball think about this mark. Major League Baseball that don't need any rules you know why because it's not a political thing the one guy Bruce Maxwell from the Oakland Mays. Who right now on refer rising ally right but you've been around baseball. It is it is the least political of all the sports and probably the most conservative leaning of all the sports as well. But for me the reason that is the case is because these guys around each other. So much more than anybody yells they have to you with each other so much more than anyone else and you don't political such a polarizing politics it's it's a polarizing thing. So these sorts surfaced. Quickly about the I'd never seen a clubhouse where there's it it rabid political debate ever. And in baseball it is just not happening in beat if you do have something. Then what happens if that becomes a bigger deal atomic goodness we get it you witnessed over the course of a 162. Games. And to me that's why not NE CBA or anything else that's why we are dealing with a baseball ever hear about the stuff that base so I'm putting you. Without the 44 million dollar a year salary you were Roger could you have the power fix what he did fix. For all I drawback I don't draw attention to it like you he are too late. Don't like that to Arnold and I thought I'd do it honestly idea what that press release sort of did last night. Which is. Were drawn back on this and we're gonna have a conversation with the NFL PA. We're don't talk through this because they were pissed off initially when we came down with a sin may have you talked about this in they have every right to talk about we have to get to a resolution. And pocked and talk in tock and then you know then maybe behind the scenes as much as possible. You're going to be fine if you're argued Dell it's very simple that you say you're going to be fine if you do become excuses. Now and that's not gonna placate the owner that's a completely yours that's not completely gone from but it is going to make it go away. To me that's gonna make you go away where it's gonna have like last you're gonna lasts and lasts and lasts players do you wanna. Stay and that they and I know you do it's rhetorical question that. The reason they're in this position is because they try to appease. The present the United States have went out in the last of them. Instead said those sons of pages put him in the locker room that's what the present set I didn't see that I'm quoting and paraphrasing. But that's why you're in this predicament. That's right candidate right and that's the problem you have. The I can say Roger Goodell should do this I should say the NFL Ph.D. this figured that could say the players should do that. But the problem is trump. The what he does but you understand he is the U fire between the NFL PAE and the league. He's the guy who galvanizes. They dare forget cursing and cool idea I'll buzz of. Meg yeah habit that the problem is is that down might be the case but the reason we're talking about his because of him. Of course the reason we talked or talked about all of this is because him and and he does like it or not. There are people there are are major trump supporters who are major. People in the financial world with the NFL they're people give a lot of money the NFL are big from people. Some awful and so as long as that's the case. Then you're always gonna have this wishy washy stance from Roger Goodell and there's nobody more quote we she Washington Roger Goodell Kodiak in north Conway what's up cornea. I'm. Why am I content to add on the whole. And quite. National Anthem I mean there's doesn't like what Matt guarded. You pick and or whatever that well you're wired dot distract your dog. They can't do that because 22 I mean right now that there's language in the CB ABA the NFL owners cannot do that right now. They don't have the power to do that now they have the power. To go ahead and impose discipline I don't think they can just fiery guy now. Systematically. And bald guy the way they did with Colin tapper an implicit. What you like the guy they're not tell you this on Colin Capra make you one other reason and Kodiak and ask you were rhetorical question right here if Russ. Russell Wilson Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. Took any during the national it them do you think the next week that any one of the other owners would want to sign him. Void because. And the last two years the college to play quarterback he was three and sixteen he was one independent. His last year in the appellate 2016 complete let than 60%. Of these passes. That's the major reason why can't do with the fact as Robin night. Had so eloquently put it the guys don't know hurt your bottom peep gonna boycott the products. Why do you tell you. What do you do know it. Yet it can't fire and light right there on the spot and get out they didn't water. Let him opera's litigate. All right what you think about that rob soon now now you're not in the united that he men and I was told you I love like I love curia love his name yeah he's got lowers import is it is you'd love NASCAR right he does I think he probably likes to debt that was my guest yes. I let's put a nice shot you he likes to do you dip due at all. I've ya know I got there I tried it when I was young kid because I used to look up to the players' analyst Susan was his bizarre right by the way they talk about CPAs right like. Abolished the death of Natalie did it all it is such a it's such a fraudulent thing it's such are remembered because I remember when Schilling was on. The Jimmy Fund thing and he had gone through his stating it would raise a lot of attention to it. And that time MLB that we're gonna realize it changes in the teams in the CBA. They are not they are not adhering to its like in in anybody does so minor leaguers aren't really allowed to debt. Relied too old lie. Why why because you're trying to deter I don't without but it in influence that OK and and what happens you're you're never back in the day I have I have a good very good soars on down and it's a clip talking. That they they are allowed to dip they aren't allowed to have tobacco down there. But they also get a heads up with the tobacco police come around so they also bury and hide their tobacco it's. In an icy guys who were coming out. In the major leagues now who aren't supposed to be dipping because they're not grandfathered in and then dip and all the time. And this is very important topic and and in case you're wondering and tried Redman once. All my throughout it was it was discussed how. Forget Lenny Dykstra. Played baseball how you doing in physical activity. Would that's stuffy about I don't know what you stand up. If you go back and watch some of the old film from the Sydney's rob you be able to it's he testified at its eagle watch ESPN classic Earl Weaver. And Sparky Anderson used to smoke. In the crowd got Jim. Yeah smoked. Like cigarettes in that dugout our lines are lit up we will get back to your phone call 61777. I. 79837. On a free for all Friday and Owen. Day with Bo van and a sport away we're loaning him for a game on Sports Radio. We EI. A lot of drugs doctors but how about the fitness stupid but you don't. Do this anymore if you don't respect the flag or you don't like the country or whatever it is just going to the locker room. I think in many respects that's worse. It's not worth cannot stand. That's worse at their ratings are down 20% but you know why they're ready to sit down and yes the flag. But there were also down because people find politics. Incorrectly but hitting job they find that to be much tougher meaner and more interesting than watching a football game I actually. Watching that. What's so watching football. Head down 20% since this whole thing started with a flag at the end. That is still believe that it had added I have not heard them before we never heard so I dole Aviv. I mean obviously the obvious but is mind boggling. That he is saying that he is responsible because so many people want the fussy politics. This date somebody people wanna watch him. Wanna watch his TV show over three hour NFL game. Yes right through what to what his TV show which is being president of the United States over a football game. Here's what I would say is that I don't person I don't know how you feel about this but when you talk about the ratings and that and the interest in football. I think that Utah. The physical aspect of it the concussion news a lot of that that is turn people off. I don't think the flag if you're if you're juxtaposed in those two against each other. I'm saying that is more important in the flags out of flag stuff is turning people off. I correctly. But hitting chopped they find that to be much tougher meaner and more adjusting. I think there is a certain demo. That might be offended by that immediate turn it off but I think that's just. You know I think for me the one thing I will never stop watching it I grew up on the NFL in my dad would take me teams at the old Schafer stadium in Foxboro when it was Schafer stadium with the metal bleachers back in the day I will tell you this right now. On the thing that bothers me about this rob Moore dean and is that the product itself and I get a yeah hacked to clean it up because you know all the concussions in CTE. And the lawsuits that were coming in the NFL for concussions and all that stuff. But the product right now you mines will put a flag or skirt on the east quarterbacks can't touch him get touch him anymore. Just that you just can't touch him and that to me I grew up on LT I grew up on Andre Tippett. We have made you know you attribute the really if you think that's why people are turned though I don't. I don't know I know the NFL like leasing the ratings are down to a certain extent but the playoff ratings drop yet so. I think there I think it's a product here's. Here's what I think if you have to go down the power rankings why people the ratings are down I do think that the the the concussion stuff in the the oh my goodness football might not be too great game that we thought it was is a ball the flag stuff. I think it's the same sort of thing with baseball's going through this mark this too much other stuff going on. Missed too many other things going on yeah the two main things to watch is graded as a TV show is football can be. That he trump is right in this respect it is one of a 120 things politics as 120 things where we can watch but there aren't twenty things we can watch. There are too many options there's too much to do. It's not more so than even even two years ago three years ago. There was none now I can mean Netflix there's no matter whose TV yeah like all that did you see this thing that's a blockbuster. Could've bought Netflix for 85 million dollars. And and now don't you know blockbusters one store left in Netflix is worth except and in doing his work. I guess we're pretty well aids it's like wow I I I can't even imagine how much do you ever get situation blockbuster. Video place for you stressed now so much. You know become a cupid had. I forgot they're trying to video I forget six months ago. Yeah. Allow the days that I miss the days of our bartering with the video clerk of flights and you know why it. I know I know I know 500 dollars and as VO but can we knock it down and those days are long gone much like you arguments on the field managers. The argument with video clerks are gone off right now and the loss are dead in the society's changing and not for the better 617779790. 37. Let's he would a dated in need of what's updated. She gentlemen how are you candidate who. Is yes it did and it's. You know like I'm gonna get to my arm might football. When all else. Flag but it Jeannie Jean thing it's a little great yeah I mean not. Yeah. I don't I don't think it's gonna affect them you know he. Couldn't work on it that it won't let go or. And he couldn't work out of and other eight. I. Could but in fairness David. Could he be working on the naked bootleg with anybody else to he could he could. Oh they gave David a hole in second I have to ask Lucy questioned Lucy if you don't know where did you did you know did you lose respect for Jimmy G forgetting a porn star. Actually not a good I think it's great a figure classy young woman soul you know at the porn stars are the class sees people but you don't have an issue. Well I don't have an issue with plans are either and they're they're just humans like the restaurants it's not not not here at home. Third hey David this is you know I you know I'm asking the you know that the target demo obvious on. Other key that they're great on an Internet look at. Yet equally but certainly not our goal all. People that. We have got to watch out for the quick release just. They're double entendre and all my lord here we go on different roles don't give the cricket yeah all right finally yet Davey keep going keep golf. Let's listen I don't know what a sight I think all of the other flag now. Not basically employees to correct and it they're our employee all. Not important. Near. Actually that didn't know employee I wouldn't to satisfy in that aren't you want all of the fight they bought on the radio. And the culture to gain bought all that unprofessional that would be. You know that's like at a date in how there employees typical. Or any. I don't think best buy though has a the employees union that represents I'd with the NFL cola this is David Levy played itself for you go to best buy you in your right EC some people acting the way you don't want acting. And there but then you have that one person that one reader advanced spy. Who is just distraught Izturis who drank it view that whatever best buy you wanna go to. And they are so valuable to the company and they might not be doing anything wrong. But then they see you unfairly punishing in their eyes. These other guys other employees and also and that guy that person says I am also going to do this. And good luck because if you'll have me your business is going to go down. That's what the NFL's dealing with you suspend these guys you suspend pennant these guys number one that's ten players you suspend and number two. You gonna have spent more because they're going to be supported me you're teammates. Terrible events now. When did indeed paid by the way rob I is that Chrysler and Tex I don't know if he said this is attacks lines always right right yeah that's Baltic at the GC Netflix is two years olds. No okay I'm in the ice and I don't know OK I think two years ago two years ago right exact two years ago I was introduced. Through Netflix via making a murder. All of also and Steve Avery yes yeah so in now but we can agree that Netflix is the much more mainstream thing that was two years ago well I got a two months ago. So there you Kara and I love it takes away and if if there is if you have a choice. Unlike. Let's say three or four years ago. If you have a choice to watch the staircase. It is another one that just came out or anything I saw that have Michael Peterson yes if you have the opportunity what's at. Or a team of you know rule named two teams Cleveland in Kansas City Hall now. Right I mean not now mean you have that option where I guarantee you five despite years ago US it's a football game it's going to be entertaining you know might be entertaining. As not the way anymore I think. That is the biggest reason why ratings are down. Is it there's too many other options. CNI. Will say one thing out there I understand that you had me at the game because concussions will get this on the SI were up against it but. You know what I mean quite frankly and this is why we love the sport I'd love to see LT take off to a month everything here I don't have a problem when them changing and you. I know you love it to demonize the yup and I also see these guys the guys he's used to beat but fine by sea you know you have to protect yourself. Yeah you have the that you there's still a human beings by you have to find a way to make it interesting without telling people what leak of denial. And everything until that he now. All right well okay and also now don't act like all right well these are all you want to take it down to that you're doing it now. Mean you can't key ally I understand but but don't tell me to gain. Is as good as because it's not the game is nowhere near as good as it was twenty year old and they have to figure like baseball produced right it's not a great team for young people watch quite yet to figure out. Ways to get them don't watch it. Cindy when the NFL I'd ferret out your thoughts on that 6177797937. And what are the patriots got to do. To rectify the situation between Brady. In Belichick Bradford and James and for all enough. So should be. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away and that on WEEI. Before during and after the show all our. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now plus Sports Radio WEEI. More. I would never ever ever myself ever individually desperate to find a respect for. And the people who fought for I would five point there's some 8022 girl wants to do it. Who cares you're better than they are. Guys who desecrate the flag or creeps I hate it I think it would you wanna back a lot of puts him in jail five and a conversation Mike what is the NFL has screwed up. They have not an extreme enough in this world. They should go all the it's the. There are many years. From hurting Callahan the morning show here on WEEI. And he's right. They should call it and and I guess really the NFL was like. York half passing this thing. That that's why it came out of those owners' meetings in the eighth where they. Came to this BS policy in May get worse and everybody just completely crap all over it and now there in this unenviable predicament but do you think bit. If you think if the NFL came that. And the UVs to sit cocked a little bit with the NFL PH that is what we're thinking writes for thinking of finding these guys. This I was going to be. You know we'd you don't need to draw anymore attention to it and they need be to find them the in the NBA model whatever. If you think you did that then it would be that big a deal. Mean it wouldn't penetrate the mind just aren't distracted by this email I don't you tell us it's on go to my emails outbreak in a lot of them. And one though. I was piqued my interest and the the title the email was. Adult site extends lucrative offer to key Arab media following date night with NFL quarterback Jimmy Grupo. An interesting. Summit so the email goes hi it's very nice of them to say I carried it out her life. Hi. I wanted to reach down. I'm I have assumed this was just to me yeah sure I want to reach out following uses Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy drop flow with team out on a public date with porn start Sierra media. Adult web cam platform. America said the names I don't give publicity OPEC has offered. Ms. media a 100000 dollars to spill all the juicy details of Turkey that's expected to ash got out dashed. From what. What they ate. Q how these. Of these non could ride right stay at the four are four seasons hotel. Miller cities and everything in between. O yeah Larry they get between a hundred a hundred grand that's that's nothing. I mean literally like she does that she now she should never put your glory and for that. You don't think she would take that. Now she wants to see Jimmy G they are the two carriers now. Now either she takes it as I think she takes off for what do you guys think you did she takes the offered. He already revealed. There isn't all there are there offered again underground sites as you can go after it. What's he do what did she reveal her instant and story he said sounding like what happens when you figures aren't you got your instantly your hair back. Brilliantly again that's revealing it give more little there's a lot of it. UN though all are aware no data got a big hundred grand yet to go beyond this crunchy let's just say Jimmy gee had the greatest game of his career last night yes -- okay we have to get what's his name back for all the yes the double entendre that we have we AI he had the greedy scheming I think he threw me touchdowns last night no interception to collect take on this all of everything that's come this the Glen taken this. Is maybe the most bizarre part of it. Which yesterday gland on on the air insinuated that this was going to be deleted wins and losses. This blah movie is a bad look for should be Barack polo oh yeah now could be now I think they'll let people make decisions about the Fed is not we have sound Glenn. Because he basically was saying. That beat cornerback quarterback in the NFL have to work so hard right and this is this is it evidence. That you are not working hard enough here's the sound of that guide our new our new. Through six. This is really disturbing. So he does that the problem with Jimmy grapple so apparently. Due to grapple takes huge. Porn star key Arab media. On a Beverly Hills date is very similar to Tom Brady in the terror read which was not pretty but it didn't great quarter. You know what it's like you don't want to work and work ethic and the time and the effort you've got to you know everything is going to be flowed out of hundreds of all right I just trust me this is not good for Jamaica or apple and if we continue to see this you're gonna see it in the win loss record of the 49ers this year you're always Expedia and ruining a once again these. I was 100% wrong. That was that was actually from last night yeah that is him that was on reversal we are doing a triple response here. We're doing our response to much response or where it's at war anyway its yes thank you. You're on to something hash tag me. The sound within the sound in the sense exactly. But is added that both I I really I gotta tell you I was surprised how series here Italian was this morning on an. This subject he said it's gonna cost Jeannie G endorsements. I know it's not all easy. Remember your very close to being a third person permanently no I don't know I just disagree and I thought up. Another wrote I did lift well I politely disagree I'll c'mon I like how is it. Kirk's writes the Han don't lie and its cost of a huge porn star. It's not that costs and Johnson one nickel and yet it here's the thing you know let like for me. I would've hit the Buick thing I have by Jimmy gee I lose respect I don't think she's all that I would've gone with my favorite one okay. I see your name. Sure army raids. That that would then you do not Google or work folks on your work at the weird thing is when you said her name like that was the boasted through your eyes gets a lot. Do it harmony reigns votes at RA IG and that it's you know it is a very easier bottles of that this whole it's gonna cost them money. One of the best defense of players' union fell may be the best defense of players on Moehler. But military public that he's there he's dating porn star. I don't think that Eddie wins pulling out from endorsements for Von Miller at all. And by the way and I would tell you I was surprised that are Lucy she did not lose respect Virginia grapple all and I you know I just figured that a reasonable young lady you know I think a lot of women probably have lost respect for GE G. Sure in Obama whether an echo watch him now of course not this. This guys I want him in a half hour while all your life of war and drop it does it does it put him in a whole new light for you Lucy. I that I did on the invisible and really yeah. You're disappointed. Compete with that and nobody you know your classy bit and you you atrocity that you eat if she can't compete we view. Old so I got that we can put it I don't guess I don't know if everyone has their flies and we're not recommend somebody getting in that business but. But this the athlete porn star thing I know with Jimmy grapple I know he's a quarterback in the NFL I mentioned Von Miller. I give you another one remember might be happily yeah they might Napoli was hanging out with Rachel star you know rituals that's so idyllic. You obviously are as good so I don't know where it started to start if so I got out of these database hanging out you got tickets. Know that he Hewitt next level on this so what Mike Napoli did it. Was when you get your shipment of bats you know it says like Louisville slugger and hazard the athlete's name like Mike Napoli right. He had Rachel star put there. No gas and there wasn't only ritual star but it was other female friends of it is. I know he's talked about this last cedar at Etsy into the Jeter get that straightened you know I seen on rock bar yeah or just yet Jeter got bass yeah. It's so it's like what's the big deal here what is it because he's a quarterback of the because Jimmy grapple with the is it because we didn't know anything about him before we thought we name. Thought we know we'll let it loose easy more interest in now when she was forty resume you know there he goes into every chance lose 6177797937. Is the number it might in Framingham what's up Mike. And under what the football player to do it but I hear what people you can LG couldn't do my job. Don't want Schobel quiet in the fifth and that's. Oh by the way but it might. I will tell you this too mossy I always have we always laugh at this on. Big guy ate high school football guy who compares his injuries too Rob Gronkowski always love that guy to. All what are quick let people through it won't go. Exactly exactly right right that would job at the insurance firm. It's okay you're not Florida 85 and a half thousand people with the whole world why I asked illegal legitimate question to do school still make kids do well play us agents for all the models kindergarten teacher and run every morning city kids to sit down. Protest taken me I've not and I did ask that is really sort of facetiously yeah I know Noah are a better question is to any teachers. Say we don't have to do this I can see that. Yeah I I would venture a guess that it's in contractor collective bargaining agreement somewhere with the union. I think that's kisses of people calling a Michael due respect from the people calling up about. The their jobs and everything you're right you're right you just doesn't usually happen the job we don't do the National Anthem to lead into a job. But where we dude doing in school that's the best analogy that I think we have. Right. They ferret out the vote in our teachers are there any teachers out there. I know beautiful ones whatever. But you know are there any teachers out there that have experience saying we're not going to do that that would be the best analogy well it is that's sort of the separation of church and state. As a third or what but that's why I asked an excellent school that's why ask in in in incentive like maybe it's in the contractor. I think you're right. Yeah that I I would guess that relies so long if it's in the contract and they're not doing it then. Donald Trump is gonna. A problem that bother rob Bradford started saw Ali and I unfortunately start something in the sensible tax line 37937. Now people are texting and their favorite porn stars. So now that someone else is it because that you brought up. Mike Napoli his mom solicit his mom taught. That's no that's true in Australia. So I vowed that nothing to do with him you know now. No no no I area that that's basically can I free throw Friday wanna talk about Jimmy G porn stars you wanna talk about. The nudie show now going to afternoons on August 13 if you wanna talk about. Didn't get them. The patriot drama which is going to calm in full effect next Thursday in Foxborough 6177797937. Bradford genes in for Olympia.