OMF - Maria Isabel Clifford 4, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Acton with her mother, Jessica 8-21-18

Last winter, Maria Isabel was experiencing flu-like symptoms and general fatigue for months. She also complained of feeling like her 'bones hurt.' She made several trips to her pediatrician, who chalked up the symptoms to flu and cold season.

In March 2018 (3 days before her 4th birthday), Maria Isabel’s nurse called and said that her skin looked jaundiced. After some blood work at the pediatrician's office came back abnormal, Maria Isabel was immediately sent to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Maria Isabel’s treatment includes chemotherapy and several other medications. She is still undergoing treatment.  

Maria Isabel enjoys coloring, blowing bubbles, and playing with her dollhouse. While being sick is not enjoyable, she really appreciates how the Jimmy Fund Clinic works hard to make treatment days fun. She enjoys all the activities that the Clinic organizes, especially all the arts & crafts projects.

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Let's get out of hand here in the studio Fifth Amendment part Christian is now asking our our guess the latest four year old Maria Isabel Clifford. That when the fat guy starts talking. You throw the foam baseball. And she did listen to him I don't know why anybody does lessen the first of which elicit any lefty Jimmy were told Omar you know Bobby were so beautiful her mom just is here as well it's nice to meet the both of you and thanks for coming by so maybe you can tell us her story. So. This past march. I'm Herbert this march 8 and on March that she'd been having some symptoms that I didn't actually know where symptoms are wild that is kind of like now it seems like cold ease and if she was doing so well. Sort marched at her school called me basically if you come pick her up because she's just as well so we rushed over to her pediatrician. Eons armed. The pediatrician. Who's a great future she actually cutting new. And she looks that are answers like she just has looked that you guys need to. You know going to children's immediately so we. Drove into children's fortunately it went that far away. He and armed Weaver admitted it in we were there for a month and a half and she was diagnosed with Denise Howell ayello so leukemia. And it's being you know she's been in treatment she will be treatment for quite awhile we salute them close to two years of treatment. Our she's doing great considering but armistice is a very long wrote. It makes great success as you know with the hello yes thank god that's the thing and it's not that you ever you know wish for anyone to have cancer but it is you know it. Feels good to note that at least you have a common one it. It did a lot of research obviously earmarks and some of the best medical care in the world. And John you know right now that we're in good hands. So you associate pediatrician and and she charges right know. Gold order children's big that's always a scary thing yes the for the diagnosis it is going there because you just. You almost wanted to deploy it to was definitely almost. What was that time like before we get diagnosed if you start to think that. Well out what could this be the yet that's having heard pediatricians I can't tell you definitively but this looks like leukemia she had with a limp. She looked very pale kind of jaundice that sort of thing and that's our pediatrician is gray. And she was like I can't say definitively that you really need to get down there on their call ahead. Which he did and then once we actually worked in the yards in the moved us at you know to a more permit governments have they started kind of coming up with. The more specific diagnosis and. You know after you're there for so many hours they're kind of talking so many people use you do start to realize yet that to sink and that guy is an insult one day. Yes. It was it was an awful awful. This. So tell me like when you go to to the clinic we go to the hospital and CEO of the kids and all the different things and after the kids there. You know just term mood changes she excited she really likes going to the gym. And clinic and I know date and you know I was leading us a lot of pictures that they were kids playing in there in the do their pasts. Ticker really crappy situation and trying meek you know trying to make their genes that are. She does lots of art with Dan she even likes sitting her team a chance she gets orderly lines so that's like five years she's spores that. Yeah prince Iraq. So that's and you know in the agents you know everybody there who works there is extremely you know aids is extremely upbeat happy. And you know people who are in the air it all the patients and their families. Obviously have their ups and downs but I know that you are had a couple days and that worked so great everybody. You know they just sort of rally together said to help you deal immediately get a therapist to come talk to me just make sure that you're taking care. So Maria Isabel tell us what you like other in the French Fries over there. We like. Your favorite thing in the Jimmy Fund clinic live bait and music. Like the music. Is here as their instrument you like to play rounds early. It Eric kicking surrounding him picking anything I can't prove it gets green. Heavy today and leaked all over the mile. Who. Is one that you have right there. And from that they with a heart I want to India can you make somebody disappear like you pointed it like the big guy right here. Could you make him disappear. On me cubic don't know right there make a note. There are great are you tonight Sunni and we we wish you the best thing. You're in the right place we are yeah and thank you for this everybody has so awesome and all the donations I can tell you they really do. It's different no question thank you very much they can't see Emory is about it's literally us.