OMF- Mark Brunell joins the show live from Radio Row. 2-2-18

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Friday, February 2nd
Former NFL QB Mark Brunell thinks that the only way to beat Tom Brady is hit him hard and hit him often. Mark also talks about the importance of Nick Foles focusing on only what he can do and not worry about Brady and the Patriots offense. Mark and the guys also talk about his charity work with After the Impact Fund. 

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We continue to roll on here at radio row Mark Brunell joins us right now. Yep for the season began talk about two years ago at Jacksonville. So special building something you're right because he was right it's first time. First time first ever everything every move read about it if I saw I saw mark. You were doing you TV production restarting do we we are talking back and forth and I know you dictate. What you did me. I'm the only person that you are usually shocked if I was well wolf before before the season I think that most people were. Would have been pleased with seven wins it wins. To get twelve but it did suited to the men back you know sometimes you know only one funerals yeah I should not being on which means that Alex and I didn't go. A retired U. I don't. We got to get to two years ago could you were emotional about this whole deflate I have bill it's no well you know. Guys I don't know I don't know why I'm here I don't got to ask right now OK I told my terrible I don't know. I would like an anecdote I have an old crap now. Talk all about it bring it out bomb off or Kamal we got settles in the years two years later you look at the success he said obviously it had nothing to do. Which is. Is perform to out there right. I feel good now two years specifically about the depleted yeah but the whole episode. Yeah I mean it was it was interesting. Listen Tom is regardless of the deflate gate. Does it. Or has it impacted his legacy at all perhaps a little bit of hiccup along away but. He's the greatest of all Tom wood he's been accomplished. It was fascinating to me about but it's not that simple to yours. You guys notice as well as anybody it's what he's been able to do the guys around him. It's not apologists doors that easements room with over the course career. He has the unique ability to make the guys who rented place to hide. Level I think that's where his greatness lies. But let's put anybody out there Tom wood super bull. But. Special leader special guy competitor. Just remarkable his his career and it is not done but 345 years. But. I just fasting is remembered for us. Mueller toggle this game here compared what teams you do to beat the patriots and Tom Brady you obviously follow this Jacksonville team it and you look at Seattle boy Atlanta last year you can't play passively he can't just try to hold on because he feels that moment that it takes it from either I think that is dominated Jackson. Absolutely and it was the artwork wrote it was the fourth quarter you know about six minutes left you'll watch that game and into. Just it was like well what's going to be denied him the bullet hit the ball in the fourth quarter that put some points. On the board into it's like Jack where were just holding on little bit just trying to get him get that clock ran out. You can't play against operated the pictures like that you have to stay aggressive. You have to do you know let's keep play at a high level in any mistake you made pictures can take advantage of I think this would be a good football game. You know it's close at the end guys. And targets have been hit again. We all know what's gonna happen that's just simply what he's done what he's done throughout his career okay so. Break down the I guess. The mental gymnastics. That occur. With a quarterback like holes. When he looks across the field and I don't go play defense right does that you Elliott now that he's trying to think about it you gotta you gotta match score for score you know it's there. How would you I guess prep yourself for that situation is it's a great question because the last thing that equals. Needs to have on his mind is who is across the field. If you think about Tom Brady or what he's doing officer of which they're putting up. I think Nick's best bet is to go when they're just focus on him and his team. Taking advantage of every opportunity every series is critical angle gets a high powered office like this the pitcher so the minds it is listen. I know the greatest ever players on the sidelines I'm just gonna go out there do my job on the focus on the Patriots defense understanding full well. That there are going to be a few things that perhaps it's you know bill there's going to be some great halftime adjustments. Every series is critical in and then you know this Christian what's the game Stewart's. What's the game starts it is a football game it becomes a football game so take him at one point in time. One series at a time one quarter of time I think that's the approach that it needs to take he's doing fine job and it out say that's it that's easier said than done. I agree yet I okay is that I know how you are not OK I know it I know you're accomplished careers especially older you were able to to handle the situation you but here's a guy. He's a vet but he still out of you know the situation down but it so you know there goes all your plants negotiate philosophy. I don't know hello you know nick polls but these people do that. Great question I guess we'll find out but I will say that what he was able to accomplish up to this point he'll be a backup quarterback to super bull. I think he exceeded a lot of expectations. And he surprise a lot of people. This may be a full that's what more surprised left them hard to say you know that's a question predictable but you see it you'd be brought to say things with them. Do my job. It's if it's enough. How hard is is that slightly more dangerous I think it lets you jubilee board was right war against buffalo who struggle with some quick passes early struck at any time on that point oh is that I don't wanna cost you gonna run. You know into the doing the one where he's confident early on so. How parties have reported warning you can pick Paul struggled the first Catholic priest and a big games but that all of a sudden clicked in the second half Paul partisan effort quarterback who starts off so all right that you put in the passing and then half. They play it's it's for young guy that hasn't been and allow it's it's mere possible doubt that it can't be done. It's tough and it was the pitcher's team you want to not wanna get behind. At all they'll find a way to bury you in so again getting back to you. Getting a good start it supports the fourth quarter or skis in the first quarter did little momentum due to the running game going take some pressure off nick. A lot of things have to happen she defense have to play really well but a lot of things have to line up early. For make fools because I think you'd be in the early frustrations. Already setbacks early on I think that come back to buy it. You're talking about possessions and give him time reading extra possessions it's like it yet so this defense is gone now. Markel was six games without a take away. So that means Tom Brady is kinda playing on an even possession. Level which is even more amazing Eddie's been behind in some of these games including not one last week did you. Just refer you are needed to it's just. The way they play in the big games like receive the best football. Experts say the best football for this time here in the positions are absolutely critical you know what her Jacksonville it's a game. If couple three and outs but delay of game those mistakes late in the game they're they are very very costly it. Arctic I think if if the Eagles have a chance. They're gonna have to get the ball would have to you know be opt opportunistic. Reasons turnovers or to do. But I think the only way you beat Tom is to hit and hit it repeatedly it's not gonna frustrate them. But to get in this phase of office Mort affect the timing a little bit if that if the defense for the Eagles can do that. I think they've got they've got a chance now that's what the Eagles had done corporate our turnovers but they can't they can't get their pastor so it's definitely you definitely you know you look at it from Europe. Situation Jacksonville's a team that's upcoming that they may be a gimme for the next three or four years or if this cycle continues on enough to seventeen year. Yeah it's definitely got me positive regardless of who's in the big game yeah it builds knock him. In the suffer I think it's good for. Teams they beat the surprises like Jacksonville Jaguars to cut it accurate but it's gated. They'd be back on the on the radar. Had some fresh blood in the big games I think I think it's good Nazis. You know the experts dispersed and been great for Jacksonville ruled Jacksonville northeast Florida. He's good for the league and so the policy. Does. Public or stick around. I think he does Christian I think these are the right to at least get that one year. Extension. There's there's some inconsistencies this year we've won twelve games. He gets an opportunity come back. Pretty much the same team intact by and large it's easier receiver managed to get rob product got that letter commitment to protect them solid. Here that got to have some pieces that. I think for quarterback to beat him being in the same system for your time only helps you like if I think he's does this force system. So to to have to start over some world that would be detrimental to him. For him to stay and try to keep that momentum and keep his progress going in the right direction. I think key to be the richest corporate you know but I don't think there to get them you know between your blockbuster deal will want you to your fellow she's got out what you would open. I think at that time that he can do is to improve. That you'll be together for a long time. Mark rebels working with military veterans with after the impact fund explain that happened at that fun provides resources increased programs all over the country. To help. Basically people that have been or ways specifically military veterans. Former medical players that have suffered dramatically. Those invisible injuries that that can really affect your quality of life after the impact on that for good job. Specifically in Jacksonville on the spokesperson for group called the Eisenhower said. And war have military vets first responders. A former medical. Well players come through the program and basically just tried to rehab them help them really get back on the feet and after the attack. Fund provides the resources to bring these people through. Our guys are really you know after they get out of harm's way with a battlefield or the playing field. It was really missed you know about that teammates birds steal. Affected by concussions throughout they're the Akron Christian you have two guys beat up they're so after the attack but that's a good job. Just try to make awaits of these guys to get back on the field it's good stuff you can check it out on line after the impact plug. Dot or mark to catch it up all right again that you noted that you got watching her right now. Joining us right here on radio row.