OMF - Melissa Webber, 43, breast cancer, North Kingstown, RI 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Melissa was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2016. She underwent 8 rounds of chemotherapy, 2 lumpectomies, and 6 weeks of radiation. Melissa recently completed her last breast cancer treatment. Melissa is a mother to two boys, Jackson, 10 and Parker, 7. She has been married to her husband Jason for the last 15 years. She enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, going to the beach, and cheering on her boys at sports games. They play flag football, soccer, and baseball. Melissa is also an avid New England sports fan.


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Our next guest here is Melissa Weber 43 from north kings down a Rhode Island her husband Jason is here in two kids Jackson Parker also here as well. Melissa was diagnosed with breast cancer back in December. Of 2016. When you first heard your reaction ones. Got my kid me. My attic and that's happening then I say half an affect everybody Stewart does and a year in the middle of shopping for Christmas gifts. Yes getting ready for Christmas and and at this gets thrown in other it's stressful time of the year. Anyway right there did you guys that get formula. With two young kids with two young kids our goal was I was diagnosed December 13 and has been night aside your that we have to actress. To tell that to keep everything is on laws that. To do that. It was tough not that was the worst part. It was the secret and trying to act normal around them and keep their schedule. In place when we were kind of sneaking off to go to appointments. That. Responsible policies you. How did you guys finally come together and decide this is how we're going to present it to the boys was it. Just you know please blunt as possible or slowly try to do some sort of analogy it makes sense for them based on their rage servicer. I think we're probably as blunt as possible. While trying to give them only the information that they could. Process sonatas darkness the whole scenario was just what they needed to know at the time these are the appointments were gonna go to. And they they dealt with a well he actually interrupted the yeah actual phone call so that wasn't too awkward but they dealt with it like champs they were great throughout the whole process. And like any kid the first question that are all the staff asked was can I get us and there was a lot of insuring that no you can't catch that this is something that I'm gonna go through and I'm going to be fine and it's going to be a hall but. They'll be NN tights or give us a rundown of the whole key moments I had my study chemo January 18 ahead even on the team out. And then I had a month off and then I had my first lumpectomy. Which. We came back two of the six margins were not clear that so I had to go back and for a second surgery. On June theft. And then I had a month off and then I did six weeks of radiation which I just finished us back and race so what's next. Nexus five years of hormone therapy there which I started backing. So blitzer so far that you lose you know it's business as usual. Running around to consider doing this man does this vehicle Hannity you never stop being a mom you. You can and it was business as usual during Q how it has done their very involved in sports on that play soccer and football baseball. So it's the constant running around and making sure there is now hiccups on their schedule we wanted to. Life is normal for them I mean luckily we have a lot of family. Wonderful friends that took them for sleepovers. Rides to sports. We had a wonderful meal train we had people for five months bring food on Monday through Friday so it. It was amazing we had a wonderful wonderful. Those questions how difficult is it husband with two other kids going she's pretty weak at this point I'm like right in the treatment they can't be easy. You were still working to right correct yeah open minds were I were there were very good about just kind of hands off at whatever time line muted but they were great about that. On the with the support of our friends and our community. It wasn't really challenged. Keep them active with their sports on picked it really missed a practice her game they were in school silence and it went quite well. At one point there was one of the bigger snowstorms. That we came every of every other Monday. We do know we're gonna do they weren't gonna have schools and one of their friends stepped up to the plate and took them for the night took on a school bus and everything in. Once we went to Dana Farber that was kind of when everything fell into place. We were able to tell the boys teller and we tell our friends and kind of the positive supportive spin they put on it was. I'm a huge mirror kind of a black hole that appointment in a farmer everything started from there. You know read that book via the when he first walked into the uniform right is on receivers here you find out what it is who went as we've talked it's only people and they meet their doctors at the meet their team I mean you know there -- looking at some of the best in the world at their job that hatched to field. Incredibly you know it's ours. That's what you're looking for. Hurt right and that's led Jason just saying we felt like we are in this black hole at the beginning. And we are advised to family and friends to come up to Dana Farber to get a second opinion. And we walked in and I pace it's Jason I'm just looking for a connection with the doctors I need a deep connection I need to feel safe I need to feel like I'm gonna be okay. And as soon as we met him at doctor dog at my surgeon first and she locked other room and I turned to Jason my sister and I was that that's not like. I lost her I'm home this is this is where I know I'm gonna get my treatment and I am a bit of cash so. Much of it is exactly that how comfortable they make you feel. Because you're going through hell and out and and somebody's got to assure you of what you're doing it every step of the way that's what I think they do they do so well. It to you and doctor bursting with amazing and mountain mine commissioners share in the shadow attack. She was on she was amazing bail our and it's on I cried when I walked IQ now I did it was a very emotional day your second home. I felt safe and I I to assume it's predictable happens. It was scary because that is what was gonna happen next you know. And you're saying. There's. Your okay you gonna get better and better and better and better. You look great thing and I'm glad it's all working out for. I you went to the right place I did tonight I don't know I like it it's great to meet you friendly as well and I can't actually you are kind of you really be returning to get you very much if you.