OMF - Michael Bennett wants Kaepernick to get signed by an NFL team. 10-19-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, October 19th

Hour 4: Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett says that if the NFL wants to stop the protests, it starts with getting Kaepernick back on an NFL roster.


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I power upset big with a new truck during ram power days at 495 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Lowell or visit them on line. 495. Ram dot com. Something to lose last night to the bucks they are now four and two they had to Philadelphia to play the sixers tomorrow night it will be their home opener. Gordon Hayward shown on the scoreboard last night any pregame video had surgery overnight successful surgery expected to miss the season. Yankees can close things out Friday night in Houston and move on to the World Series believe it or not. And the cubs live for another day as they were winners last night 32. You've got Thursday night football changed the raiders brought us tonight against Vancouver. At the guard and not let this one from patriots practice. No Gilmore no role again are they going to miss Sunday's game against this high powered Atlanta Falcons team will get into with coming up next. Sunny high of 73 for a few by north these bans cloning. He gave to both sides entrees and an appetizer to share offer only twenty bucks try to game two for twenty items like the week. Bacon burger or perfect streak chicken and shrimp on you. Fort Wayne and phony and 48 more weight compares his potential you know going past carrier Irving is the number one guy this team because I. I think he's gonna have -- -- and his team he's gonna be your number one he always on Cleveland's only make it a great point political and Lou and Christian I enjoy it made big guys by the way I know they filed into his short Americans give another show more credit than we didn't know you know I know we didn't say we're not gonna do it most and I don't like for a hates my guts I could hear that yesterday believing the jealousy grieving over the air which is fine. I'm -- on math and orbit Malone before in my guys are the best sports big issue in this investment to issue a single thing else you think they do a great job amid a show for me right now is working mid they got into the good job they've clearly found a rhythm we think they do a great chance I think what I was saying it too wasn't it was a busy taking phone calls from 96 year old. To sort through a tube is a tip those guys saw talking baseball. On Sports Radio WEEI. On his door for so long we think it's ever gonna die it's always gonna die. It's it's it's it's it's simple what's called sickle. Above the ways that salespeople or dishonorable and it's as well. He's just like the perfect little you know dad puts them us when no remorse and really we're going back. Does enjoy it and now it doesn't mean Louis native who does what they do have to ask you dance all the time identity I don't know if I do you do I do not want to show them what I was over there sure. And I'll show I'm sorry I can earn a shout you you're probably so you don't constantly selling during every break how. Now cursing your likelihood that they'll let us do looks like you just did little video. I don't lock it's at times dressed up we got dinner out. Dinner the only evidently solid Motown or. He had appetizers whoever whenever anything big hole and brutal way would go to adopt yields we Ali yeah straight out everything in their front you know. But we need orderly for the I saw that you attrition just do the stupid beyond those in the green room brilliant. Old ways when you tell us when you laughter assume all I want ice data in order mistakenly took his son to go to the game. So the gas or way. To do go to some day I just happened to be hanging around and I heard you and winning the 208 that you know what general of the lord I think they felt like uncomfortable because I heard that anecdotes are because like I overheard them talking about so acuity at. Add to heightening they invited Glen and me by the ball. This data you should see him. Sit at the head of the orders wives for every time why not ask everybody what they want to drink try the veal tried that this is perfect note the waitress by name they all agreed that pat him on the back. He'd he'd he gives the toast he talks about every company how great they are what they need to the company and pick you for your support. I sort of god damn legs running for office all. He was doing he was dancing it's like some of sharply views into these dark he does get offended when this process and Dan. No no doesn't know if you look in here as you know why not he's got he's got. Screaming noise I Kelly's. Don't want it to run its true. He knows it's true I have witnesses and eloquently on his intelligence that is all I can say bad can he hold the road tonight connect say this nicely without pissing people off but the the veteran female. Advertising agents in this market. Just loved that some Christian Fauria now. Puzzle why I was with my eyes you know I didn't say I didn't say you pull a Harvey wants the united. I just said. You would they at Georgia because you're so beautiful you why didn't they were OK I felt good compete well you know what Europe I guess on my language here. And I ended may be that I have better hair than you like do any other body part better viewers I am upset if you're losing yours or I'd. Losing gets lost its gonna get there I'm just gonna I don't I open up and drive in movie dinner and dancing. My morality so you are here during the breaks Alou and I have already program that would resentments of you don't like it screwed yet I'm kind of team atmosphere Atlanta Falcons high powered offense a little bit better against than Anderson and curse word ends so Syrian Jackie was a little off. Guys they face last week. Generally go to do we know Gilmore in the world. And you ask as a practice on that change your opinion it is yes it is Johnson battle mostly. Will be little or better most out of what the bad the most he had a good amount of bad man and a they go to one and three at home. Escort service at tracks isn't even with those guys there's there hasn't been any sign. Whatsoever. That they changed defensively offensively. I think they did explode and go crazy go nuts at any moment. Any moment they can put thirty. But defensively. There's no way you can look at the last whatever five games and say well they figured I don't know I. Adam it's not. And heartache that they'd they'd lose this game without Gilmore row. A man that I continue to Jones I think they lose this game Amundsen who don't have either one of those guys the popular film only knuckleballer. He didn't cover Julio. Right. Just with the running backs that you got emotionally point it's an animal she arms aren't until you know walking or Sunday morning and finally see it. I'm just complete nothing's changed a very large and especially these two guys missing. But here's toward the here's where that history I think to screw with all our opinions. Because they've had games like this they they win you have the team back up against the ropes ropes items that it lost. Embarrassingly. To Miami after having a seven point lead loss to buffalo. And suddenly they just can't play football but I take it out of the wrong way and it hasn't worked out that way this year they lost a home game we also appearance at an capitalism all the homes have been lost another home game we said here last week you're a basic industries and it turns around that are important enough. But it's group what they're not your opinion of the T take this we talked about ten days recently and bought the jets and he's right and they know. They were in the light of the dugout situation until the end and then also came in the division rival on home game for the jets okay. When the quake. I played tough autonomy here all the players. You know every game through the closing is Willie McGinest. Clothes and now but never answered there's anger there's still a player. Austria on an off night as he can't instill a contestant still got a feeling like I can power get gifts. Since hangouts leases and get someone put. This team. I don't think they have a shot figured it out until Gilmore comes back. You know in the least kinda have their their guys right on couldn't figure out what your role I know but but in La as the along as he was there. He sectors and look at got to feel good to get a feel like they're gonna figure this thing out. As long as there healthy. And then you can the last time we saw me a pretty good against Mike Evans right I mean look pretty good net game now we we looked at him with and sucked but still. He looked a lot bats at best he's looked. Heidi turner around defensively if you don't have Gilmore overall or either one of immunity to bolt these guys back before you really feel like okay. Now let's go now let's see that you figured out in 67 games eight games whatever. But if neither one of these guys are playing this week you play and they. Steam. You don't win you know the best thing you've got going for him in his came on Sunday night is the up all factor. Because Atlanta's playing with the are all factor in every single game they have her they have. Led in every one of their games so for this year only to fall apart late in the game. Which is exactly what they did the Super Bowl so you can Evelyn you gamma that they can have a nice week. In the fourth quarter you don't think they're gonna start feeling the. All of it sits there and it's this Mary it was there it's Oregon last what are DNA right now it is unfortunately for them Indians. And but I just even ask that there ago. They should. They're panicked. And a better team because I still give everything to bill by. The circumstances based on how badly this defense has played every single game was about to let down you know at the break as they're features still better team mentioned says that. At that page is still better team. Overall OK because in every situation. There's an obvious every game that the pitchers have won this collect the last two weeks they've had some help in my opinion to some help. From the rats with us sit there and Jenkins touchdown no touchdown call. Against Tampa Bay had a crappy kicker. The unbelievably bad crappy kicker and they still had an opportunity to weigh in Houston Texans had an opportunity could've won should've won that game. The only Indy really dominated from beginning and was against the New Orleans Saints on the road. And it jumped on quake and then that was it and their defense was so bad it could figure out so. You gonna pick the loose and act you actually pick them to lose even though it notes rule the everytime I pick against them and some odd I originally thought. I just think the falcons are psychologically damaged and I don't think you can including Matt Ryan was the MVP last year is that stupid mistakes. Julio Jones is not an agree here get it. Yeah he's got a he's got a physical issue so pat took advantage of the well that's and that's that with a concern will be signed maybe they are so is this anyways they activity and it ten point lead a fourth quarter it's okay now we're gonna fall part. But to the patriots without Gilmore without role and what's his name better mostly. At a mostly Allison Johnson battle mostly do they have the guys to actually take advantage when Matt Ryan craps himself and those bad pass or somebody beat closeup of a football. Take advantage of right I mean. I'd I don't know without Gilmore and and row just look at this game it's I don't I don't think they went going to give up too much just to launch a bad. On days they diet that he got to even that's been killing teams and maybe after watching a safari safari and Jake and get a budget catches and and a bunch opportunities as they're tied and off and threw Food Network. I don't ever forget it's been good so they got so when you look at the personnel acting of the bile they count is remember the first half. Of the super ball where you looked at this oh my god Atlantis to so much cork in the patriot. Right here until until the the the that their defense started to Wear down that's pretty much what happened. And our office started making dumb is dumb mistakes they Hellenic and it. And it could also look at how yeah we're going to run the football that you weren't on the clock. All of those things still continue to exist matte of fact. Even worse because the one thing they had going for that is they had Kyle Shanahan running the offense and you get Steve Sharkey you and Dan Quinn still there I. So. Christian I would love the city it's a talent wise you would think that the weight when those playing Atlanta would command. And do a number on him but this is not the same Atlanta Falcons Panthers saw a leading up to solve these are these are two teams that played in the Super Bowl and this past February and they may be to the the lesser achieving team. I believe so that not the same. On the eyes met right throw for 360 everybody's totally Rabbani yards and give up as a team. Four to 25 or accidentally go to the aisle and it and it went Matt Ryan throws and a very it's not right the most at 33340. And give up 450 yards in the blue there's only 37 to authority. Get that you know what to. But dropped. The ball and they're athletic that you really hit just seven or that this would prefer that there. That's true. That on there and Atlanta wasn't so juice out of control it is. Can't trust your master with your head down there any moment but you would think if they liked or one right now. These are well at least there's only there's one bad game but no they haven't released showing up Christian you've been on teams that we've got polls great whatever you want to call if somebody was plastering them all week by telling visited the good morning industry leader in all week long and yet it wasn't a game. If you balls and you've got great. Are you not going out there on Sunday night in your crawling on your skin use wanna beat the crap out of somebody you've got so much motivation to that it stroke back to this team. But do you really believe that this thing has got you and that's it if they do get the win it'll be it's not gonna take away the pain from the Super Bowl it's it's never gonna lead but do you think of them all isn't it great to get OK but that they haven't you met. Is that part of the example I don't believe or they or they wilders. To the just wilt or are they partly get great crew. They get recruited another quarterback that it's right there wouldn't lead episode do you think this was again the idea is to have the MVP closer look at it if you this year no evil that he will Sunday. Johnson battle mostly star of the game you don't game is over and they did a little interview with the emotional to force of the field. Johnson battle mostly nobody out there collecting his little bull the quality picks he's got a 61777737. We have the or the people signed we've nice boost to read these are allowed to Gordon who did it it's hard to read hugs and kisses him roach I know better the grilling steaks thinking of you who lettered view the move Sharpton and Gerry Callahan morning 530 detail on Sports Radio 937. 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They decided they were gonna get together with the players not 41. But they actually did have two days that we we talked a little bit about two shares today in the commission seemed disinterested he's in the corner reading a new agreement were off the gloves exactly. Don't think doing the complete Keating. The the white lies that's all quick to let you know they're they're making it seem like we're willing to sit down three rated. Some of this that I'm one of them FDA commissioner route from yesterday so website to put together. And edited out he's thirty minute 35 minute press conference yesterday. In which the commissioner over and over again. Talked exactly the language that the players wanted to hear you shoes. In the community community with issues it said it all four and over and over again. Tea that are players or men of great character. They had me there you deep understanding. And tremendous knowledge. The issues that are going on and all of our community. The players were very clear. How they felt about these issues and how deeply felt about the Tunisian community that these are really issues. That are players user owner issues. I mean she's there she's a quick call us in our community. Times were put it together but there to try to address these issues president today talking about the issues. Our players have tried placating have been trying to bring attention to him. Issues in our communities to make our campus. Nothing more important hearings on issues and humidity are sitting senator Kennedy's relationships between our clubs if you. Our players. Our communities. The relationship between the west does a lot of our communities and and are okay. As I attribute these trees flowers drinking game with a you know it's you know you know. On our oyster bay devil you know and and that's why is Africa but British. He did it just to appease these guys cause all it's about. Is the readings are taking a cat because you bastards are going out there and you're taking a knee and you destructing it you pissing off our customers. That's not surprising to you because you get something done almost on another TV show here yesterday. And he was again giving solutions. Scan and social in his time off limits on majestic same play asked Katrina money there resellers don't care to Florida right behind their program. This time your shoes in the community all of his words it's all we adore your your costing us money in our pocket book and time and energy and just wanted. The players doing the same thing dirt dopey as well. Michael Bennet is making fourteen. And a half million dollars a year fifteen and half fifteen. Million dollars a year and who's comparing yourself to. We don't even think about what Jerry Jones a tickets and consider of of a person being human being Arctic term. To me like I was told angered that they ought to start it was like to remind me of interest our case you know we've European your property so you don't have that. Ability to deal person first and I think in this generation American pit since the wrong message to yankees and young people across the world that. You freaking kidding me that's certainly a bad message to young kid comparing himself to win nineteenth century slate. He's making fifteen point 45 million dollars to play freaking fork ball. Yet he is he's the worst type of human being personally he's African liar I can't stand this guy. I ate at all of it it it I can only imagine. With some of these players. On his own team the Seattle Seahawks really think about him. So we go about thirty G watts that pitch. He really wanna be he's willing to lie about it to get attention for so people keep putting microphone in front of the space and allowing him to split this knot things. So you're telling me. You'll feel like this late. Why does your card case employer. Told you know. No right at the boy if you want to let you stand song are you beat that Bibi you can't do it. Why that's RPI understand what got more right than somebody else that works at another restaurant or some store I just constantly asked Russell. I don't think Paul. Don't tell if you know I really deflated look did. They want we got the video room and they forced me they forced idiocy when you're human rights yeah I've been out there and I got there there there but I just a you know and Minnesota guys look at everybody better do it. I think wider I don't want to graduate that we. Let me see such anyone on I think in this interview a date to when he said. The first step. Even be able to have a conversation is to make sure that can't cap it it's not too lenient is incredible for me this means that we make any kind decisions. His statement that they get their issues and it was talk about it and want his job. If you look at the quarterbacks I think in a full right now I can't name one or two out of the back of sucking one dated him. And it's like a court next to start and if you really think about the back of some have an opportunity. He seems to suit up and I think before we can move forward that's something that we need to actresses of the kitten just as the players and chips used in appropriate because. The Capital One of our own thing on. Eight with guys and I think you know so he wanted to make that. He hasn't taken a music news Peter King you do topic guys in the afternoon when you've seen it he talks players who want players that it's not that. He dislikes. Calling cap it just it I think their players that believe that they're standing up for things that are different that what called capitol police. Right so I think that there's a lot of players that sit there as a like Doug Baldwin is one of them. His father was a cop Pensacola flight thirty years he wants reads to the dare program so. When he youth and elementary school his first interaction with the cops is in a classroom you know if you remember when you were kids at their program back then. And that's your first interaction working with them and community your first interaction isn't in a confrontation on the streets. And it's almost easier to kind of separating themselves from cap predicted any of Michael Bennett coming out and it's the biggest problem I think these players. They sit there on the same page you know they're not they're not editor of figured out there is an associate everybody feels. That the that the first thing they have to do to address this issue is to give Colin cap predicted job. Me poisoning feel that I'm much I'm not really unnatural. And it it's the dumbest thing in the world he wants to be able to have contract for the ball. He's a he's a slave. And second of all he wants to be able to have complete control won't be the boss we'll just what Michael. Get and chief friends together go by an NFL for a chat you'll have that opportunity to be able to do what ever the hell you want. It it really is laughable eight I understand Christian BNP pissed about because it's laughable. And that's the problem that they got together for two days in New York of the expenses. That were paid for players for owners for everything just thought that these guys gonna tons of money. But they couldn't take it all of that money. Back into the committee this a waste of time. The owners are trying to put on a face it we gotta do something is people attorney our game and turning our business down and it's affecting us. And the players you're right Lou all over the place they're not unified once here once they are ones all over the place nobody's got any solutions where I. And learn why stop listening to Michael Bennett he's he's a deal stop listening to he has he's he's not. Respectable. In the fact that he lied about Vegas he got caught lying about Vegas for a minute that this case. And now you're telling me now you're gonna go at it make demands. On on on on to. We cannot and I don't want to own views what do you want players screwed over just as much as anybody else he got a high but there's a long. List of players is I just don't again. Ms. I don't get there's such a long list of players. That have been screwed over for one reason or another that should be playing in the league that does that are better than the other players who were in front of them yes. So who's speaking up for them. There are issues could be worse they'd be getting screwed over wars in contact credit for it we don't notice when a town you it's a long list of on. And once they're done with few. They're done with you did it collude to get a moderately well but individually team wise beside it wasn't worth it there sorry if you saw. So when you're playing the National Football League used abused and killed and mutilated OK and hopefully you make a lot of money in the process during it and you don't death. But rack your brain that badly where it's gonna mess you up when you're fifty or sixty but you go into our. You know what it is this whole idea that he's going to be able to control and dictate and that he is comparing himself. 2828. Asleep. I mean obviously he's supposed to be this well read guy who wanted to stay in its history that is missing. What was the opera is irony Horowitz anything and this can we stop comparing things sleep replete why. Why repeatedly Spain is not doing damage certainly got you yeah yeah. You really it's one asleep and don't you feel what it's like. It's like to be slightly. And does what I love they say you don't understand what it's like to be black we understand must've realized what it. I think like I don't know that you're talking about the stock that because you are an employee. That you know your your employers not allowing you to freedom be yes that's just the reality. Or to syndicate to second just leave right now. The right of human being you just leave work and just not do this or not do that. They try to prove that my employer doesn't control me. If that's the case you go find another employee. That's been that's just the way of the world. We all controlled by somebody. When you do when you go to work for somebody. You work for a boss for an employee. You may disagree and not like the army times in the in the course of the last couple years of doing the show. Did we disagree with with management or whatever and sometimes we had to go along with it sometimes. You try to talk him into it put a lot of times you sit there it's okay I'm what to do what they've. And living a life have to imagine living a life too where. You never ever do anything you don't want to. The sixteen I don't I really don't wanna do this but it should. I don't really want to this but I have to you know I don't wanna do this but I mean that's to be just that never did anything you didn't wanna do. Bush do first off he be broke. You know you'd be living I don't we'd be livid because of me but anybody they would succumb not you know admin on that the domino like you so once. Or against everything that if an if you never did anything at all in which you don't wanna do what you just don't feel like doing. It should be there. Well the only way you would be able to do that is if you worked for thirty years doing all of those things and giving in to people. Making billions of dollars and then you get to the point where you can shut everybody up right into it and you and everybody remembers. Job of their lives does something that you don't wanna do it if forced to do war. You know I eat you gotta come in today you got to commit tomorrow as we got a deadline on wanna commit on Saturday when you know you got a deadline. She got a commitments attic if not maybe you'll lose your job for whatever might be in every work. Everywhere. But the flip side in this news that the commissioners just playing games with these guys. He he knows that it's a politically correct climate out there. So he's not gonna call not behind closed doors can you imagine what he and the owners are saying all of the killing is that the mistakes yeah. And the issues issues issues issues community community issue. Something that you all have money right yourself money league gets money but you'll make more on the player. So mindset of a football players are Christian but it's true. Because they might sit there and say you know one. If I ratings go down we make less money you lake make less money nor the players think and when the contract out there by Kerviel by it and it the next guy makes less money so be it I still got my contract you can't come to means it ratings are down you can't give me twelve million next year guarantee you can't take my signing bonus. It might affect the business the next contract six years and now. I don't care. I'm done a number tiger only indicate in. You're ratings or don't you think Nike air ambulance that they don't itself and it's also very proudly self passage that about a day yeah I don't think that you have organized. Crazy you look at some of the players who are who are nearly and does not allow some guys are staying in the tunnel they're not coming out. Some guys are not in the but the raising at this and some guys are sitting in some guys are real. But it's it's there's not a lot of them. And these guys and looking at their concerts SharePoint and like do you think there ought to leave it two years this guy on this guy's a rookie. It's here OK at the U you can argue that you're really good this guys out three yeah I mean some little beat out in a year and a half. Maybe this latest look at the owners and say that's you problem. That's not a meat product to you probably you know it's amazing what future the legal and about the future of the league now about their next paycheck it's about this home. Symbolism on both sides that's what we're dealing right now you know the the president is getting Jonas to play the patriotic team you know waving the flag and the other guys are doing just or this social justice. But the thing is that these high profile athletes celebrities that if they went into the community with the police officers who would be sitting there who can hear your autograph and if they went into the community with a with would. You know kids that are getting themselves into trouble they could have an impact. The league's got money they have got influenced the players do as well. And you not accomplishing anything you're sick for two days in New York M freak admitting to getting capsule you know. Should show because they don't think it's just an owner province not a player problem and never look at that laid to rest at all. They don't care about the future. Of earnings so don't care about bears are great. You may not like him personally if three guys individually blend will. Go screw the he's a fan of the show. I personally like intimidation of the export wave Murr Loney and forty listen for 10 minutes until 2 o'clock on Sports Radio got. Norway shares his potential you know going past carrier reasonable and God's team. He always occupants she says he would give the guy a chance to breed Rick Perry on the best players in the eastern conference on top and play the lead. In carrier. I am getting the chance to prove I'm not saying it's going to happen this year mostly score. After two games an let's send them and saying that when this team eventually gets to the point of being a contender. I think is a good chance that your number one players not on this for our was not either Irving or coordinate. And I think that the likely candidate. Is Jalen brown. Let's try and added value outrageous for years from now as an outrageous. Mile eleven play quite this this the amount of time the guys accused of running and getting to him and get it next year a year from now. You know Mimi and LeBron is out of Cleveland and you've got I agree with Jalen and Hayward. And Tatum and Horford in the bigamy now said now you look at it's an okay. Maybe they're a year away from being an actual contender all the scenario brown and if you know pin is Zeta T gonna give you what to LeBron gave you last year and then. Turning to debut to it could be here in year two in June continues to grow now he might have some next year. Carrier ring is 25 years of nature and you yes you don't run as 25. Years from now. The eighth it's outrageous you aren't quite loads if you think he might be a better player they can tell you is better than governor and 125 years now the only player did you think he's eating he's got to hit the ground better than. Earlier Sammy but you can't talk like five years as the inevitable political team. The years that the consortium when they become a contender it was contracts are far right I could easily see Irving B in the second best player and his team. And then Jim Brown be in the number one can always on quite moments I don't think that's over. I talked about being equivalent Rick Pitino Witten and did an interview yesterday all the problems he has this isn't it's classic. Because he's telling people now this one people so he's claiming that he passed the dual detector test. Federal government is alleging that a global system requested a payment from and indeed is representative. To provide to a local recruit was alleged to be a 100000 dollars did you know anything about them. What do toughest to get to do it yet and oh yeah I take it like this. You blood pressure machine you're wired up about how work and I asked I was asked to question question at a what you asked me if any other recruits in my tenure. We're at a given anything and he said that's not what if what if what did you have any knowledge of the bullet that we giving money do you have any knowledge and indeed as transaction. It's actually not on both questions and cast light test. So I had no knowledge of any others. He may be the biggest fraud in the in the history could be a constraint here ballots I think he could pass one. I actually think I actually think under his himself he did not police. And he actually can go on and and put the wires on a mini could actually passed. I love that he had no knowledge abilities right this seriously lava tube as its like if he wants a solid Kamal. Bikinis that guided that knows he did something wrong it knows they got them on that would still go through with this. By just because he's just in denied facilities and thoughts are logical since he's trick. Ricky them yet yeah oh yeah there was Julius suing ideas. He's so we have Adidas and so that means and remember Vietnam knowledge of all those workers and owners and he does all this alto real old school shelled so ideas of Cisco more price here maintenance of gonna crush a little bit more when you know everybody is that I your item we paid a price for his for his stupidity but if you pass the lie detector test that would not shocked I would not just any elements and that is what I teach here. Brother usually find miss bodyguard count what's happening is always what isn't happening glad we have all kinds of stuff going on A Bruins Celtics both off to a rough start to say at least Thursday sort of Albert prayer talking about the ratings in the NFL we discussed it yet they're not feeling great. About that apparently in the fall fall the reports instant instruments to the problem all of that. 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