OMF - Michael Lombardi on Belichick to Giants rumors: 'I don’t know where these stories come from' 1-12-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, January 12th

Michael Lombardi joined to the show and talked about Jimmy Garoppolo's free agency as well as the recent rumors of Belichick going to the Giants and other Patriots coaches moving on to other teams. “I don’t know where these stories come from," Lombardi said and mentioned people who spark these rumors don't understand the rules of NFL contracts because coaches can't leave teams that quickly. He also quoted Tony Soprano and believes Garoppolo has the leverage he needs as a free agent after playing so well this season. 


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I've got here and to my party just a couple seconds to hook up for them right now I would say this. Loose correct in the offense spotters this weekend. As a little bit of difficulty against this Tennessee team and they gonna be more questions. About Brady next week so. Anything he's doing right now documentary. Or. Anything is going to be magnified if he doesn't play well enough if he is out now as for touchdown passes this week and he looks like you'll Tom Brady. Nevermind. He's going to be in a bitch nobody's gonna complain nobody's gonna. If you know big critical of Tom Brady show comes down to if you play great play well play like Tom Brady. Nobody's gonna bring any of this other stuff up and if you don't. Well all and it's it's entering internally Tom's doing too much other stuff and it's becoming a a real problem. We got a Michael Marty let's go to Michael Barton. Our conversation when Mike is being sponsored by town fair tire and by complaints ski insurance and like. There are effective rate I've promised you last week that we would actually ask a football question I can't promise you would be multiple football questions. But we'll start which I figure this one up titans are awful defending tight ends. Titans are awful defending running backs are coming out of the backfield in the passing game which trying to break all the stem we can't find a way. In which the titans can win this game we off of guilt here with. Well look after the current wave of it will protect got to play the perfect game. You know a touchdown ball because you can you can play anyway live on the clay Tucker milk the clock there's got to convert a lot of per balance. They can keep the ball away from Tom Brady you'd make him only have a twenty minutes. They've got to be able to. Execute our offense within the short sure they've got at memorial that's going to be pleased with the speak to them allow them in the equation goes on because they're not good enough for the the skill positions to be at all the on the outside constantly so are other good got to go out there are opportunities. Fortunately they appear certain social climber Iraq whole world on Tuesday over our own date. Case fuel to the and then whoever they play it squabble broke right tackle. It got to be able pressure with those 34 guards bill or law enforcement all outside. Can they do it for sixty minutes and actually harder they're gonna do for forty. Probably the I think what happens in these changes the wall patrician takes over and that's why the patriots went. Hey I was Michael's wondering if you had a chance to hear would Carmen policy said that at. About these are races that I'll play for Margaret Thatcher got a lot of great listen let's just take a ridiculous and this is a critic yeah. But were representing the team I think what I would do is entered the room and I would bring a large. Jar of factually and I would say to the agent on the other side. I'm a nice guy I really wanted to do the right say please be gentle. So negotiate any durazo is colossal yeah. I could talk about a lot of blood drop below it if you ever. And it was like that before my. No I've never done that. As pollution problem that I have never been in the prison incarceration and Ohio voters to have that lurk you know. Basically. Brought them. Lot of neighbors. Karma karma will pull cricket look you're the agent controlled controlled and it this way. Yeah the carpet he becomes a free agents so because. It forces in Africa or April ball hard because they know back bumper of the tractor out created number that prohibits it probably meant is the number of its government how. Start the negotiations so epic. He's got a lever he needs. Feel like we lot of discussion about the market for Jimmy grapple when he was traded we heard reports out of Cleveland now what they are offering first Dixon fourth pick overall. We have Ian Rapoport and radio earlier today and said he knows that at the draft. The most Cleve was will offer was a second and a third which I think changed the dynamic of it all as far as the market for Jimmy. Have you heard anything like that is it it did seem a little bit like. Yeah Arctic I think our absolute steal the show before and I think that oftentimes. People used Jimmie has. It'll all it is more Matt Cassel would upgrade yeah you know and so Google and their heritage there America that you know look. Could interpret law and the reality is so much they actually at all in the Cleveland was the king peacock anybody National Football League it will fourteen. You know Cleveland was always offering things in an hour later they would change in the anchor it is players looked like some guys decide they're so. You know I I'll pick anything except as troops. Other markets for Jimmy such little people who believe how could you look and I would say. The military Colbern was trying to help put your guy. No I watched them practice and prepare. That's interesting you talk about the Cleveland thing and we have heard that Belichick did not want to deal with Cleveland. Because he was afraid they would messed the thing happened when you look back at it right now. They were willing to give up that second and third for AJ McCarron and they screwed up the paperwork if you remember might they get the poorest up. We're only what we'll be back after we lost our corporate who have you know and that and so who knows what they would have done had not I mean look I think anything that you are we moved. I was about actually. I. Are we doing math again here and to show all right you you said this the other day saw election you use your own words. Chances a Bill Belichick coaching the New York Giants next year. I think that the that was critical landing at them all on bombers on the court shorts come. I mean the daily news in the market has been really don't trust Arab ethnic statement don't matter Belichick or there. I mean look at it other ocean there's not click people punished in the polls and a colonel. Like this contract you just can't get up believe all the coat that he you know. You know it's like a pig sometimes there are rumors. If you are running a football team we just talk about this Patricia mcdaniels dynamic right the rumors that he Patricia the the league guy with him with the choose Patricia all the mcdaniels. Always materials not interested in the job if you or GM now given what you saw from Peterson McVeigh and she and him with a young quarterbacks wouldn't just be the guy the offensive guy horse because started tried feel that maybe he would be heartless. Arctic Ocean through diplomatic I think you know Josh is gonna. So what options that involve the Indianapolis and then and gossip to involved in the New York County government got Latin column on the quietly trying to conduct them for that you know spell checker it would want him as a head coach it would work to argue really portola Barbara order to basically talk. Or. I didn't get milk. Got a little work out pretty good guy that goes from the featured speaker the picture exploded on more so I think that giant I'd go to marked secret because I know Kirk. Great history and I wrote a great appeal in the New York area however there's a lot of things that happened in New York yet healed they'll welcome contract that's a problem because you like contract. In the future of the lot of the problem. A lot of hard court guys are the problem yeah it's the talk that the probable and oh by the way you'll have a quarterback nick here centrifuge. Well okay well that's why they're in the position that there were and a general manager already has placed the US to deal with a little back so he's got a little earlier might when it comes to what Tennessee yes we do time while limiting the recessions of course in a third down ball boy all the all the normal things. But how do you think they should do yes he should they do the methodical. Bleed the clocks lol offensively to a bit the play clock says five. Do you think this below the more aggressive and challenge the deet and towns that patrons deepened to make them plan their use to keep them guests. I think they should I think it should keep markets Mario understand other markets burial there hasn't been a shotgun quarterback. He's grown eighteen quote over twenty yards thirteen of them combined production. He's thrown seven touchdown pass as Burke and for the U a percent. There are better when he's on the Saturn could use dual threat from play action pass. That's what I would do and when the opportunity came to play perhaps director of the pictures. I would use that I would keep them understand their I would make him have to be in there with a after the front runner past. I know are not always. After the brought about the from the shocked very shocked at that are easy to figure out when the loading of oh. Yeah. On the quarterback. Well eagle quarterback pat. Technical way I understand they don't typically that's what he's a much better quarterback under center in the truck. Gemma actual word about the Patriots offense and is when Mike because it till the wide receivers with a press coverage haven't shown they can get open. And it seems that it's Rob Gronkowski or boss because they do have a good rush defense. As well as far as the young Lewis goes but can this offense is sort of flip the switch should be near do we think he can be. Our other car the crew that controllable outside the numbers we're gonna have to make some plays the cyclicals Polycom and they'll let people packed Littlefield tick away crock. It's going to be hard. And so I think you go to your local Miami game plan. I'm no rocket played that game but if you assume little electronic kick away the first order forced all the glass certain numbers and whether they can do it now can he do for sixty minutes. I don't know I think that's executed game that's not always about the first driver ability. Consistently edit this you know. Amid a kite can score in the twenty they can't get a look thirty. So they can compete and get the chance to me it will be about being able to control a little deal. Course were all outside. So we know we were having this debate about ready cooks. So brand could I think we all kinda had you know higher expectations for thinking that he could be elected Julian element type he's not he's more outside deep threat. All being thrown down the field. Were we wrong to think that he could be that shifty slot receiver was that was always just an outside deep threat. A that you don't let an outside guy and they looked at the one thing about the site's existence thanks as well as. There inside receivers don't have yet Hartley Marcus Cole and could Ron Clark flat out you know. What he can catch a ball down a little spiel about their quantity so they tried any Trout Celtic. And all they want a big guy inside the sort of on the outside same thing with the picture picture in picture changed direction dark. Cooks and that are on the outside where he can build speed and he can which cuts that are Arctic expect and better play outside. I give us some things start pulling that will happen this weekend in one of our four game something that will all my god I can't believe this just happen. Well you know I mean look I I think the chilly Atlantic. It could win because you know lack of food quite elaborately outran him got a quarter the public looser old Albert L Atlanta going to look out. They have a fourteen point eagles' defense could play. Good enough to carry thirteen to the next level Neitzel is going well. That's the question I mean look Carter went separatist nine point five yards per pass attempt on her out. Nick poll averages 3.5. At the it because he's on third down I think he gives them the chance and I think that's what I would say that would be upset about. I'd like let's not actually give you good luck guy.