OMF - Michael Lombardi predicts big things for Jimmy Garoppolo, certain Patriots coaches 12-29-17

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Friday, December 29th

HOUR 3 - Michael Lombardi joins Buck and Butch to discuss Jimmy Garoppolo's big future as well as which current Patriots personnel may be in line for an HC job. Also, who is going to the Super Bowl...


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Are you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. Any part in that process is there is some element of strangeness and seeing a guy like James Harrison for so long was and arrival in uniform is on Muirfield in your uniform. This the national football captain obvious policy isn't it historical epic proportions of snow. Volcano eruptions and earthquake quickly and Lou and Christian. As soon. Through which us from Washington. Average out. What team is that we have to rest others. Yeah that's it. Yeah right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Thanks to Rob Ninkovich for stopping by. Which serves as Steve Buckley and had told to clock before too mossy and Tom current takeover went for Ford where Maloney. And Fauria on this final Friday of two scavenge here at an eighteen. He does and Sirius. I got well playing yet but that just a Medford you know that'll soapbox unlike the 2013 red side both. Kate good beards and a but they would they're out weld whom those those. The worst whenever it was when he charged rhetoric was gone problems with the Oakland. Any look like that I anyone meet it voted but if he did he do for Greg guided them to your own back up. Fouls. At the patriots jets Sunday at 1 o'clock. Bill Belichick met the media this morning and one of the things he was asked about was Malcolm Mitchell who's been at the last two practices. Has missed the entire season with a knee issue. What has a chance to come back here is his thoughts on Malcolm Mitchell. Presley didn't do it. What he's done to this point put himself in position to. It's a long road and when. Capable. It is and I got it. So it moves. He difficult if you get a sense. But he went. Can you. Practices. This time you're. Intensity it's difficult to. It's do you can. They think that's another. So more question more than just came out on this. It's a months it's. Well. 12 there. And we've jedi tapioca and I believe that was enough he'll parry from NBC sports Boston asking questions about it. I think one of the things when you get through the rhetoric Belichick he sets the bar in those settings shall loafer guy. Because like you know who knows what's gonna happen Sunday. But Malcolm Mitchell comes out and he's healthy and plays that you begin to be get him back involved and if he has nine targets good to see that they'll said that it's very emotional. He also said it's been a long road. Since he's played football it is good to see amount it will see how it goes it's been months that's a lot of time to make up and one or two practices bock. All. Definitely a long definitely weak at and T about ninety degrees my Mort that much different and in case we were wondering. Much different temperatures Lola ninety degrees and kept it. From nineteen to zero. The letter camp. Yeah a little hillside Villa had become the reps since that love covering camp shorts and flip flops. Camp worse where is currently here one. That's what concerns spring training ground but I don't as bad inning in violation of the game start but spring training the first ten days as guys playing catch. So. It's guys weekend that it was good living off of guys playing OK yes. Okay is the envy of a lot of young men by your state boards we've got to be dirty mourn all the guys play catch right. What is it tell you rugged guys plain text yes. No PAU bottle that way he he cross and the FT. I like that we publicize on ovals hitting the ball to the book and this is. And I'm sure you've been through this one when I get back from entry. Like the dominant question that it's posed by everybody at how they look how they look I don't think. Great and have a great early and yet really got. Really very yet easy sale in the uniform. That it. To the kids say I don't know instantly concerned that it might the way Pedroia played catch. To our question about scrutiny in Boston when you liken our Chris Sale did not choose to be here. I'm he was traded here but. That contrast between David Price and Chris Sale last year couldn't have been more 180 the way. Sale handle situationally price handled the situation said Ortiz. I see your team has a price and sales. Science facilities. I didn't your party's. And him are. Look breakthrough meet look right through me when I looked really seen individually targeted event here for for office so atmosphere. I guess is it safe to assume after one year that. That sale embraces. The scrutiny of Boston announced doesn't know like the keys deals with it. It is not embrace it doesn't talk Mondays. At and in the end nobody is a problem and he very nice pieces tuck after it down and when he does it. He's eloquent he's available. And he's candid and he's accountable. Yeah and he's also. He's default is I need to pitch better right pitched a lot to buy cards and give up one hit I need to pitch in in it's kind of know right what I'm saying is he he has not in any way shape or form embraced. He's just found a way to deal with what they say that it's so definitively. I've had conversations with a about it. You you asked me a question I asked me why can with my answer on mass asset is that your opinion or is your opinion because that's my fighting and everything his opinion. You you you just asked me questions. But you said with such authority I thought you might have some information race it is like David Ortiz embraced it. David David Ortiz would hold camp by users at his locker I can lower blood embracing him is remember what I said what did you say. I did not say he outwardly embraces. I say he inwardly embraces is when I'm saying he embraces the screwed what I'm saying is we started this before the show today talking about guys. That thrive off the scrutiny right bit. Went Fenway Park this building actually raised their game to another level do you think Chris sales one of those guys I think Chris Sale when he plays and again just to be clear I didn't talk to about this wish there. I think when when when Chris Hill dangerous places. I think when he plays and note that I say played it. But when crickets because. Note do the way remember the double he had a pop up slide at second base yes the way he runs on the line the way he. Every single play. High school coach who should get film. Oh Chris Hill every single played it's made he is gaining exactly where he should be. If that's the ball into the gap easier part of the third base dugout behind. Home plate he's between home plate right field wherever the pick wherever the date that chart says that a pitcher should be. In net. First and second one out pace slowed to whatever it is he is where he should be so I say he plays a much missing pitches and you thought so FP spore. PNC franchise and guys that catches and by the way the epi is point it wasn't going to check. Pride no that was not remember that in sort of it carried on there. And but I think Chris Sale. And again discussed topped its. I think Chris Sale blocks everything out IPE could have agreed that it could be. It could be. Thirty people at Rogers park over brighten it could be 38000 federally could be 60000. At what that. And I think he blocks it out and he's on a mission to get this job done. And and that's why I say when he plays baseball he he is as good an all around picture terms of fielding his position. Running the bases he's not much of a hitter but. Statistically but his swing looks good though that he got a double. Mean it was a W I was a couple of flights enemy is it good. Ball player I agree all caked on hand and only their own ball players I have girls and girls obviously after the game. I would agree with you I think sale could dominate in it and at the old time baseball game. The dollars that that's not easy winning went well with 8000 people as opposed it before thousands of Pedro this year awesome. I I think you're dominating anywhere yet if I had to guess I'd like to be Eric Ramirez can from Cambridge. Born in the Dominican and he goes I think either bridge what does that UMass Dartmouth. He is a leading up to game against Pedro Martinez cool is that. And paid for through soft balls he threw a pass but on the bill that you'd like to rate risk it if I had to guess Chris sealed does embrace one of those guys that does embrace when the park is full. And does hear that and and probably pitchers better because of what's go to market New Hampshire who's next who butchered buffalo mark. I don't. Like. I. Related. A related story box. He said when you get out as current reigning first couple silly dude can't drive right. I went down to our old miners two years ago you go to Disney anyways I'll make it quick. You know on at least injured you know what to spring training. Yeah acquired by the yields stand behind all play your old law of the plate and picked it comes in Texas wrote to her. For an hour out. Look at my Urlacher that let it out and that was it at my short right. You know what the worst throw its spring training is where solution to opening remarks that some pilots the Reunion Arena and I'm on the Puerto I the first the worst throw spring training I think. As a player is that catches drill where coach will stand. 2030 feet away and throw balls down. Act in the ground that T you know working on blocking pitches and he keeps on the ball down pouncing points that a whole bucket of balls. Sport catches drop in on all of these into bowl they call it. Have to work on blog and it is when it's a Katie played I don't really while he plays the mile and the giants bounds of obesity catcher separate. And I said to him once that's going to be the worst drug is on of that trial. And only goes if it's just like if you ever go to spring training pitchers and catchers and obviously you're there but if your fan. And you'll see into that Croats can do what's in the world so what this is one of the dual home run derby contest early and I think that that's what they have to do on and I'm simply saying it's exciting. It's fun and you see all. Indy britney's wife go I've seen her their pitches and catches heat he brings their kids I see Alan Dershowitz there missing former big league players it's always. You know who's going to be what it's a fun thing. To beat there and to buy a hot dog and watched around all the different fields but in Tennessee it's an answer to that inevitable they look. That's why he goes to make six on 777979. 37 to join butchered by Mike Lombardi is gonna join us after this next break. In a couple of minutes talks patriots talked on kinda stuff Jimmy grapple. When he's going to partly what should take a drop. And on that pretty good quarterback yeah now I mean hey it's it's it's not exciting take its take it now says too bad he had to go. He can have a great career. I hate to say it but maybe after this season I'd have cut bait on our Brady because I think this guy. He he he's not gonna win six syllables like edit. But I think. Over the next ten years would you rather have brought alone Brady only it's as obvious grapple. What do reasonably. To a 45 am here is that we YouTube US we predict the future which is why I said when he said. Because. I don't think he can play at this level and this is don't expect a pretty predictable time. But we saw our. And is Brett Favre. Was he at with the MVP approaching the vikings. No he was not MVP but he played a very high island yes and I am just fell off to fellow and so that's what happens at that age that's what's scary. Pared down all the odds are it is but I mean. Don't you agree that this is not Weytman upon proposal to greet Brady's different or should be bird is different birds back hadn't had gone and he would still played at a high level. Well they're all different I mean it's. You just don't know you did you just don't know it any time we get to this discussion. Oh Brady 201820192020. Nobody knows and and what I do know. Is it's really hard for guys activities and play at that level. That historically is is in my favor. But this discussion yeah of course it is quite an easy I remember Steve the Borg and always use his name was like 4546. Minute of the falcons. But he played late ninety yet but I'm but at that age but I mean he he was stuck an and they brought Testaverde in late forty. Three years something. 43. But the that last go around the path we look at Europe so so yeah but. But we're talking about guys who were like team Harrison who can be role players when autopilot guy's gonna lead the office for sixteen games. Steve Buckley book tour satellite rocket quick break we're back Michael Marty right after this on. Line by a FaceBook Twitter and it's just grab more of or wade were loading and 48 right now. Sports Radio W week. Mike Lombardi our conversation with Mike is sponsored by town fair tire plants can insurance in North Fork power equipment. Toward wave Maloney and Fauria have the day off the sports Stearns and Steve Buckley would bring in Mike he can find him on Twitter and am Lombardi NFL. Hello Michael Mario. Forward do good how are your holiday house everything gone. Everything is great you know everything's great get rid playoff time those are good company and also all good. Quick thoughts on the James Harrison's situation and knowingly. You know I I don't understand people's reaction that is something if you watched patriot. Football all season because of the injuries and because of guys are missing. Continue to Lolita transposed the so essentially they have a hard time so it should and art are rushing the passer and Harrison looked leading sacker for the Steelers last year they offer him contractors state. They gave them to deal they pay them with a little feel excited July he thought he was gonna play they've never played on. And they released so why would the picture Akamai this sort of out trying to get in cargo on. Other information from the Steelers or like try to hurt as the about trying to improve your football team in the two areas which have been deficient all season and wrote all the other games are set as. True good gains may be tree. Talk a little bit more about the two year deal that the logic behind at the thought of that I mean that some would it would take for him to sign near his post somewhere else. Other equity out of Pittsburgh circuit or pay Adelman you know look he's he's across the portrait of Olympic sport released on. Works contract it's still hard to get paid in the the patriots. He can double that essentially is what can happen so it'll. Other would Europe and Asia who the F are the history or your your evaluate crucial. It is in great shape he takes a lot of pride of our could have packed lecture you look their best pass rusher in 2015. And sixteen I'm sorry. This year haven't you all and be corporate strategy and luck because. They've had some play all other play from. The outside linebackers have played pretty well here you know that your committee political appeal but I think that hatred of what went to the table. Are two things that are really important and he could devotes. Mike Steve Buckley Boston Herald I I I certainly agree in the whole insulting so overrated. Yeah its I'd I'd bet Belichick knows more about the Steelers and some Steelers players just because that's the kind of guy news. Hyperbole aside you do have to recognize though that it is a big deal it when a guy plays. Almost his entire career at a high level for one team that magically shows up with a and other team. It's it's gonna be a pretty good talking point among fans. Optics and yet there's no doubt I mean but I think they're of the reality of that Kevin or you might compliment or increased played really well. And watched played really well you got to change our failure to address them and Utah coal probably. But we'll double. And then make the decision to release some you have to know from just go in the landscape of the National Football League that she which probably. Going to become. The interest in the ointment because of where they work out. Hi trowel or help Charlotte or help the they had it river or. At all but got that they've blocked all thirteen you'll look at their rosters are ample room you'll. Have to figure out there were gone and got. And they obviously could have a problem with the so I don't see why it is a problem they gonna have a problem with that. Obama Brady because I'm pretty sure you said this. As a couple weeks ago is driving around like I hope you said is that attributing it to you. You rest to the next quarterback of the patriots isn't in use said he was a sophomore in college Summers that you. Is that Gary Carter yeah. So so having said that. I think originally said that if that was soft or ice coaches little optimistic but still. Do you think they have identified. A future quarterback or do you think that sophomore is still like. Third string with this current team hasn't hasn't gone quite by Tennessee and Notre Dame has in god or Flutie PC. Hasn't cast aside for the guys in front of him and Golan Heights yet. Now typically on the most guys that are really going to be pro players you know pass before expert future and I mean look which after this yet thirteen starts that although they are worried about a but he came out. Out of North Carolina so most the time are so regardless or. You know typically users can come out right so when you look at this should let you know that Shahzad got player. Right but the reason the reason I approach it the way it is at Montana. Flutie and even Tom Brady has had did had did. Get past the bunch of other contenders. To rise to the top at the school the Iraq forest so. Yeah with a mean look Mike Hanna came and played as a freshman. That some things happened between he and Dan DeVine and they've kind of got spelled out if you Rhode you know I'll situation there. Yeah I don't go up I'm pretty sure Nat whoever's the next quarterback to follow in the greats footsteps of Tom Brady. Oprah is probably playing right now he's getting better improving because it's really harsh or. As we know from which to biscuits are really hard. Position to play without experience at least at the college level now would you go back a Montana. Error you overlook a lot of drop back passing that was an option there it's football so now that we got spread attack in the terminal seven cultural local law. Quarterbacks to have a better understanding of the game in the transition so sure protocol. Called the pro. Talking to Michael Lombardi could foam on Twitter at M Lombardi NFL. Mike in all the stuff that's going on the Jimmy grapple since he's been in San Francisco's read some articles this week. And one of the things. That people were saying in a couple articles I read a common theme was well Lerner Tom Brady. And clearly that's part of a big part of his success. At the first thing I thought was wait a minute. That didn't necessarily factor in when they left coming in from Matt Cassel our Brian Hoyer or some others so what does that say about Jimmy go drop below. Com that it didn't say about the other guys. I think it is more talent and look at these you know what quicker after committing to a hotel where and you've had your your personality. At the skills that that was going to ingratiate himself. To working harder and improved in epic that was the most important factor bucket and our council are back council. But I can't complain call you know he played them sparingly and and so when you look at those situations and I think you know this is particularly true in more how the little guy assistant make talent and his work ethic is on par with anyone else and let me say a particular kind of observed you know during what Belichick you're meetings and you can't YouTube with Tom Brady every step of the way. Your understanding what it takes to execute what it could be hurt yourself accorded high level. Both are important you know important steps he took an acute betrayed look no one's ever doubt. From the telegraph that. Student grappled sort of they've built traded but he was not going to be a really good player it was the fact that you had a really good player in the position how could you all managers so well. You know fought the solution would come never happened. Will you be surprised if he doesn't sign a long term deal in San Francisco owner of those talks were already going on. Oh look he's you know what I I think by the culture has consumed so every morning when he wakes up how fortunate it is. There have in the all the Kirk cousins nonsense. About it all the efforts as it was really just posturing I mean that's just talk that there's no real realism to at all on the united 49ers. Packed Al. You know what they have and they understand how they can build a football team around them what they could do because they've got a franchise quarterback they they have the best quarterback you know C west article Russell also. That includes Garrett Koppel has our sit or work. Accept or somebody that I tweeted that out of me that yes a hoot about a clergy are or their car out classic rock well every single time it has got to do target date. It didn't do what us you know take. Why it takes a lot for them to put him in there was just learning the program. Yeah I think you know look at that this kind of program abduction illegal patriots and bill quote offered to terminology is. You know one is turning on the Italian and so it's a little bit difficult to translate it true there's a lot of wage you could say well you don't call. You know we called this hour here in the Arctic some kind of argued that there was the sense that they wanted to get a have a lot of what they really had it once they put a band and look big like Sheikh Egypt I mean they actually thought. You're that there could be an extra cut. I don't see that they hit those little wars not ours as sort that they thought they had a lawyer seat yet that couldn't they shouldn't go. He would he could do obviously stated realized that struck gold. A grapple screwed up the draft picks for two franchises now. Yeah and it they did have dated strike they had gold dropped from the sky for them. Mike Matt Patricia Josh McDaniels who we think has the better chance of getting a job offer and might. Leave as a head coach and I think is good opportunity you plug for your book. That you wrote football done right how the best NFL coaches are breeding success how is your book doing and about that first part of the question man. Well all the all come down to ultimately multiple of eighteen so. It is now on pre order you can go I am on pre order to it sort of looks almost on its. It's being as you know books take a long time to get the credit solemn courtroom match. Our Josh what this is not a disrespect America got what it or not if Josh had turned down job so. You're you know Josh has been a position to look over I look I think Josh. We'll have an opportunity like because every single year. Should he come back it would become a head coach of what it takes or not that's going to be based on him. The situation the general manager all those things are a player that. It's in position now where he's gotten interview the last couple and where Al. Part of the whole process of our respect you'll have the opportunity to Eric. You know the timing may be likable guy economy may not be right or cut for people got another chance you shouldn't cook a lot to meet a month if there's probably 67. A poll last start by general manager and a leader could be upwards of 90 she got opened the do we do carpal contract which everybody expects it would happen. Circular if you surprises in what Jack Del Rio execs just I don't know. I think that's a little bit of I'll owe Riviera country a lot of it occurred but what are the file can kind of see all or almost team. Do they keep circle is if they don't make the playoffs. I'm guessing you or weigh those guys may have already asked you this but. This Patricia get hurt by the whole Goodell club those T shirt and that that though the way he may be perceived by other potential suitors. I think it's gonna happen answers some questions is no doubt about where our I think perhaps answer. Although I picked it looked everything about their rights right. Like it's that could be expected to be every place that will be perfect form. It's all about and I think that that's what you find anything what you take a job for all of us you know sometimes it just isn't right you might think it is but it's not. And I figure comparable on the awkward the Detroit they'd make a decision by urgent call. Umpqua post at a police work with a long long time so. When you have that confidence and knowledge about person said that other stuff doesn't really play into tracks so or it's gonna have to all about it. And look one thing you know is. Teams are they wanna say they wanted to come patriots but it's a little harder to do looks like Al who's twenty pal or harder to start stop right. So you go to marry you want to try to. I've got the patriot what you've got to be committed to build Denver while they work. All of our trust they will it work and I think that's the concern that you're the patriot assistant is Christine wrote an article out. Change the way they do their dispute at all guys Josh and Matt oh really integrated in the patriot way they're gonna wanna order that way. Might you talk about fade to Josh McDaniels fit as the new head coach of the giants. I'll look that's the right true are they look they are big element the giant system has since George young came in places like he's certainly not. As though that she and brigantine so that GM control order if you aren't the culture coat looked for the general manager what model works that. We will all the barking from personal background I think that she can't. Has the work for the coach the coach has to be the major focal point of the organization. And other GM can't be yes ma'am politicos like Josh Schneider Pete Carroll. But I think the organization has the one from the head coach art extent and are looking every morning. The players hospital they were for him they can't think it for the GM down the road. And that he controls everything perfect or should be a marriage between the GM as coach. There's going to be a working relationship between the geopolitical trickle back in power a lecture date at that picture Kennedy. Final question for me in my Mike. Who's in the Super Bowl I've got the patriots and vikings I think the vikings are going to be the first team play on super ball. Well what would your outlook for our American before we click on the old Kaloko. Yeah yeah so. So. Called Super Bowl it was pretty cover that was actually the start Meyer book reporters to global player. It'll look like the vikings are I think Carolina in her team because he camp and you can do some good not like I can do it also. Beat some bad things cards for people like Alan I should it makes complacent and not exactly. Actually showed I liked him so I think they're repeated three areas I think we'll be heart Eagles play. I think the number one seed or outlook in the paper for me but listen listen harsh wedge to the Irish open into pupil beat the Eagles. As they witnessed a Monday night and I are can be anybody because they've lost their best. And Michael Marty to find that at M Lombardi NFL on Twitter I'm Mike thanks for your time. They are my two again our conversation with Mike Marty is sponsored by town they're tired. Complaints Keaton charities. And North Fork power equipment units who bowl prediction work. Annually to the breaking t.'s. Expertise it's a big ones who's Steve partly butch earns more after this too. Hi I tell you get more dubbed or AM Maloney. Any guy you are just the just saw now back to move Christian and that T Rex fox Sports Radio WEEI. 61777979837. To join Steve Buckley and would start to get another hour to go after the short segment. Into the top of the hour Tom Condon jumped Maas who will take over from two to six who have a bowl game on tonight at 7 o'clock the Cotton Bowl. USC and Ohio State went to the Cotton Bowl once. For BC and you yes coldest cot Campbell ever was it the most recent. It was seeing them when deal stadium wears out and played at the cotton but ball in the old fairgrounds in Dallas it was recent. All city was shut down because they have an interest so who go to the Super Bowl buck. Patriots in Carolina. Whom. Which sets of the storyline that Carolina sort of teams to beat him earlier in the year actually sent the money game winning streak after that putting up. That's the story like latest on a plane Minnesota in their home field. What's interesting I was thinking about this and you talk to Marty about it any. Tried to say they had a home game they didn't really was and you know majority Truman texted me to say Knoll. It was their home market and that their home stadium is a different thing that however. What happens if when they played it. AFC NFC title. In Minnesota wins. That's and that changed the whole hotel dynamic in Minneapolis are usually. When your team goes and Super Bowl. Respect Colin travel seasons hotels in the area economy trying to get a really wanted to beat the suitable I just wanna beat you don't buy and scalp ticket. The vikings win the NFC title game. In Europe patriots day. And you had planned to go go to call up the hotels right away is ultimate that. Again destination that I wanna go in February and many dads at it's it's the super hero it's a good point it is a good point I wonder you might get a bargain you Magid. Unable to any that's ever been to Minneapolis it is of course it is great posits that that that skyway airlines all the sky I was going to be in high use because you don't want around all of downtown Minneapolis and don't miss it all summer and Minnesota. The falls on Sunday we throw it. Lived there for two years rams visit Minnesota Rochester Minnesota it'll be 33 K double AL. Channel six BC affiliate a governor Doug said Munich who was the third manager of the Ballmer mightily upon mightily captive audience in the front winners and aces I knew Doug. And Mick bill Myer was their catch I was still a you look up Doug simply not what did we have this type of guy he did I play golf for Doug at once a week we did as creek awesome if you look at you played one game. Three for five with a main guy today you know ready for one day of the great cavity that said I think Chris Brando. Got sent down and Cleveland to Maine and Doug eat it sent from AAA remained at double A buffalo. So I'm not sure of this part of the story says more about the great Bob Ryan army probably both. I covered the entire first year of the Northern League Rochester was. The mind or league is that independent baseball league with a slight the last rate saints might bet bottled up. The first championship series is played between the Rochester racist my team that I cover the ducks hey manager against the saint Paul saints. We've. Mike back as their GM it. And I was talking to Bob Ryan and at the Boston. About. A friend wrote a book after it was about the first year of the Northern League Bob stump publicly demand. Bob was correcting me that on the things that went on because you know he's ready as long as there are you and I well I. Forgot about it but that was that was one of the most on time sitting life commitment league but. Went up to Minneapolis every weekend to cover the vikings Jim nickname was quartered had that. And I was still in the metrodome I actually covered Minnesota sports along this was easy. When norm green. Took the north stars from Minneapolis Saint Paul. To doubts status yet and he's detailed in the parking lots we example exhausted that topic so what you're very neat like just now. I'd give before we go to the break let's play this little game. This weekend here are some games a streak and I'm curious do you think wins Jacksonville is playing a Tennessee. Tennessee needs to win to get the playoff Jacksonville really doesn't need to play if they're gonna be the fourth seed Matta in third seed no matter what. Actually they could. He could well I don't know I don't think they have anything the plate but the the birdie clinched the third seeding might with Kansas City but we've it was at in Jacksonville Tennessee. If it plays it if Jackson was not in play for and I haven't done any research on this and I'm right about a senior throwing stuff that yeah united sure. I am not sure if Jackson does nothing to play for. I'll go with tennis I think Jackson the winds picking either way I'm Annie tennis he's on the play Oakland at the chargers chargers have to win to get in the playoffs. Oakland doesn't have a chance. Open resident chants no charges are at home yes. They went it okay to a that's around the league they now know that two more opportunities. Angles at ravens. Ravens have to win to get in the playoff thing. Of the penguins when I go at that this is unloaded one buffalo. Buffalo has buffalo has to win Miami's toast. Buffalo OK CO buffalo winning give the ravens winning of the charges winning and you have Tennessee Wentz yes sure. It's well why did I think he gave me light emitted going and out of the break the last thing I'm the reason things out here is how this leads to the patriots. Is that the odd czar. In Jacksonville. Is going to play I think tennis he's gonna lose he's gonna play that jacket bill's gonna play the chargers. The first on the plane I about that yeah at home and think Kansas City is gonna play Baltimore right. Wins those Kansas City at home against the Israeli Grassley who's gonna win make believe games we don't know is trying to figure out which teams coming Foxboro in three weeks Jacksonville. Jacksonville's an idea charges yes who I think that I think charges go into Jacksonville beat Jack's. I really do they are right Jack did you know yes and if I'm right if that happens. The state charges when you you're giving me lake six teams that may not be played I wanna just talk the focus of the patriots who let's be candid. We have been conditioned. So following patriots CNET also reports on about the jets side bestowed on the none of them that historians is a type of patriots that historically. Plays its best football in December yes that's that's what that we've been tied the open blackboard. The numbers. And it. The last three or four weeks it's just I don't see it. And even even the buffalo 37 is sixteen. It was well. That was that was the actual available at close to the and it's loaded it was a tale of two stake in whatever way they could only applies they outplayed the Pittsburgh game they dominated by Forbes. Armed. They outscored them 24 enough and aware of that. But it was closer in the snow or there was not deny him the queen were dilated buffalo I second half did did they owned when they got that recall that change the course. All right so you've got your your your your pack until this thing points in my scenario. Baltimore Ravens are coming here in three weeks and the chargers are going to Pittsburgh to play does not saying that I am focusing on the patriots in course they do they need to do. Before they play the plan I'm focusing on the edge of the top of the hour if the 2009 dollar was at the 2010 I embrace it but it doesn't tendencies and has taught us anything. It's the never assume that it wouldn't playoff game because. They had dilated to jets on Monday Night Football that welcoming the football put withdrew jokes with Rex Ryan and they lose to that it's. So take a look on your side them played their best football analyst through we teach teach us something doesn't. And market doesn't matter illustrator Nixon working on a column trying to righted as speaking doctor Abdullah. To a peak priest as a nice. Nice anything to do peace treaties great Steve Buckley bush starts final hours after this.