OMF - Michael Truchan, 59, rectal cancer, with his wife Donnamarie, 56, breast cancer, Bellingham, with Dr. Robert “Bob” Mayer, colon cancer expert and faculty vice president for Academic Affairs, Dana-Farber 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Michael was diagnosed with colon cancer in June 2016 after a routine colonoscopy. He is in a clinical trial that has included surgery and chemotherapy and is still in treatment. Michael works for the US Postal Office and enjoys carpentry.

Donnamarie was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2016. Her treatment has included chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Donnamarie’s doctor, Dr. Erica Mayer, is the daughter of her husband’s doctor, Dr. Bob Mayer treats Michael and Mayer’s daughter, Dr. Erica Mayer, a breast oncologist in the Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancer at Dana-Farber, is treating Donnamarie.

Dr. Mayer can talk about the advances made in colo-rectal cancer and the importance of men and women getting screened for this, as if caught early, it’s a very curable disease. He’s been on staff at Dana-Farber since 1974.  Besides his faculty leadership position, he continues to treat patients for gastrointestinal cancer, specializing in colon cancer.


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Let me introduce you to our our next as we talk a lot on on these radio telephones about families and we have a lot of family members and talk about family connection this one has gotten at all. Doctor Bob mayor is here he's been with this before it's great to see you again it's terrific thanks so much that on one of the experts and colon cancer in this country of ours and he's been with Dana Farber for a long long time. Michael true Sean is here 59 he was diagnosed with rectal cancer his wife Donna Marie 56 with breast cancer. Her that Bob is is Michael's doctor in your doctor Donna Marie is so. Humble hop unbelievable talk about the total connections will start would you Michael but when we get diagnosed and what was your reaction what did you do. Those diagnosed. July 7 of last year. It is pretty shocking to us to hit the news. Wasn't show. What to think of it. On doctor Mayer speaking abduct him there. He he. He just put me eighties with what treatments were available and where we're gonna go with this possible options. All of those things. We just run through your mind that at the time and an awful lot to take you want. I didn't. Going to the hospital Harlem today at a fob with my wife or you were diagnosed before he was your diagnosed in January. Jim Rome got 1000 July. And I was taking her and take time off work and so forth bringing arid for her treatments going through chemo. And then I found out that I. Had cancer and then it was like the both of us at the same time it is incredible. And how tough was that deal with trying to deal that knowing that. You wanna be the support system for the other one which you're dealing with your own situation we have seen banked him I'm so sick leave the. But how totally shut off of each other because. Some of the symptoms are similar. As side effects and so forth. So we could support each other as far as wolf this is I think normal fools will be feeling right now. And we support each other build ourselves up and always try to stay positive. That I think it was a key for me that it continues stay positive. Throughout this process. And principle my life. Dario rescue because you are you're diagnosed first using the so that's sort of like you are. You're rock who's with you taking you into the hospital you when you find out. Is that he's diagnosed with cancer and mail order in the hallways. As devastating. It this is my second time it gets. To his. And I found out and he. I'm scraps of business I would rather go through and watch him go through it can't mean that gives me. You know because obviously you knew exactly you've already been through knew exactly. When you was gonna go quietly without it it's man or yep and now tough that is it treatments there. Blake and it kind and he's like always been my rock game he said I now gesture pebbles so. He couldn't do it he picked anything Manny being next on. Enemy richt tried taking any channels. I've talked to you on your daughter. Is involved also do you guys you know go over you know compare notes and wetlands bother allows a president let's say not permitted or allowed at the dinner table. He had Dana Farber a one day my daughter called me up in the senate you know I have this wonderful nation and her husband was just to. Rectal cancer do you think you couldn't. See a of course that's how this started. It's the first time I've had that sort of referral but it so wonderful. Way to bring everybody together. How much you've been around long time we've we've talked about that rectal and colon cancer. What would the situation day if Michael had contracted this disease in 1974. Oddly contracted it then he'd probably would have had a big operation would have a bad would happen hos debate. If he contracted it in 1984. He probably would have had radiation therapy which turns out to have some late side effects even though it may help cure the disease. But he came just the right time because we have a clinical trial and it was a clinical trial that assessed whether the radiation was necessary. He did not receive radiation he's done beautifully. He's had his surgery he's all put back together again and. It's the way children from that is awesome and it's just great great story and we're so happy and now you're doing number. Pain again includes physical me to keep. And gain good. Well you have each other. Bank and you've got the doctor and the daughter who's the elite team thanks for stopping things yours but I jacket so beggars in pleasure you law that you Burma.