OMF - Michele McPhee should have been more thorough in Hanley reporting; Edelman to appeal suspension, 6-25-18

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Monday, June 25th
Hour 1 - Michele McPhee joined K&C this morning to discuss her reporting on Hanley Ramirez’s alleged involvement in a drug bust case but it is now being reported he is not involved and the guys think she should have been more thorough in her investigation before tweeting about it. Julian Edelman is set to appeal his suspension today and the guys wonder what his chances might be of winning it.

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Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and forty an article to. The right to the bases. Jackie Bradley junior with the first Red Sox hit this afternoon. And he's still. All I was seeing a patriot fighting allegations. Once they get caught Steve yeah ever they have a book I heard certainly need some of the examples would definitely. She with the coup and Lou and Christian. Had him there marriage glad the beach and erect cock. I need to gain that was if they had a very questionable part I think all of a wall Powell what does that mean every means at an air America anyway track. Act but it certainly put him and being around at this it's. I'm going you know multi jurisdictional chat boards that looking into a bit. Probably economic net operating outline that if things right now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Meanwhile at least back in the Dominican Republic technical skill needs Carlyle setbacks and you know I'm what all the violence. My answer I'm. As family. I'll go one of those friends. Do the agency yeah I'll grant you don't know about it. It's like they're here to Dallas at any age same idea NEA you know it friends you have when somebody except you're based on a very important we are not. It will be the mature at a call me notes. Hey you know we don't get me out of this thing away hits he used to know what the situation is this news you hear the tone of the voice. It here Lou. We were wood you don't what happens when did you drew there's. They would be that way so how this whole place with a time Giuliani over you ever accept assistance from anybody at any time. No none and even Zoellick. Now hot sauce and they start your season based on the pictures that you wait for you cute. Yes and I mean they give you what's in your kid into an analyst with kids that I usually lights and my value and important that the don't altered your wife isn't anything kid I. I'd like you have a good for my kid or kids at the other night ago from a life because she's probably trying to with the first. Yes it's our lives really excellent title again as allies that no value even investment daily yeah. I think you'll only point absolutely so a cop pulls you over statement a couple of yeah. I pray a couple meals and I say I wanna got a ticket that's you know I. I don't know. I think moment. Yeah I mean much did. I'm not like this did the president tell yourself you're from this boat had. So heat and the cops you know based on. How. What's at what point out that part of like police. Pulling over protocol adults are read this weekend ripple into law enforcement don't work was claiming that the it is kind of a procedure and I never would have procedures the procedure is hate they tell. A friend maybe Detroit or want to be a bigger drug worlds they wanna connect people and he's saying hey you wanna face time again I think that the again I've image and good taste and is that what it is and I'll invite all I know that's been the chief of police but I. It is that the report obviously came out without Cambodia Michelle McPhee had the story first it and she tweeted about it that you and every radio show on world talked about it. Susan Brown box. That the guys that didn't turn this got a couple turnovers that you could surge to cardinal probably just you look at the brown box. The random bless yeah what's which by the way doesn't give relentless let me Erica optimists do whatever you thought opposite they can't look at it drunk so what you wanna look at what's it look like the the only place I want to. Right like I think that's bad but I don't care what the rest of the caught out. Unite in the injustice of it can't look at the trunk. You can you know everything else is fine in the when he suspected anything else under the in the truck but he says it's Hanley Ramirez's. So approving approving Ozzie calls a daily Ramirez so what so that just that's nearly can reopen it it it's yours and it's find their image and it's kind of weird. It's 8830. I don't even though in adults and the fact that they they do by the fact the cop was huge hurry him along with this you know is with interest in just like Oregon Brian I don't know which Google bought me my name is. Just playing on to like you said kind of see where there officer went and age you may be gather some more patient. But that's what we're doing on Friday was most famous person you know you have on your phone I slide into a jam. OK. I call this guy like you talked about it I'm by the way Lou's got Hanley in his Dominican Bob all of my guys like. Well let's let's start I does all of this this was the tweet from Michelle McPhee. Hash tag nearly Ramirez former at Red Sox infielder has some dot doc in quelling. Issues. Being item in connection with an ongoing federal and state investigations the June not this morning she was extremely defensive. Defending or tweak things she's she's she got it right. The guys that morning Wesley lover you'll agree Lister whether. Agree that you got it right and we're critical of the globe story may be mostly because is murdered him in an admitted he just possible to be wrong so there's obviously some agendas here. And us is Michelle McPhee. Has been an outstanding investigative reporter and is now a criminal reported to me she's very affordable very connect she's very connected. She got lazy. I agree. So she got lazy that's what I'd say why promote this on Friday when you weight room on Monday in the report get the whole story and that protects its way expect from our. She'd write a story that of backing in any and I don't know any of that stuff was between two and every radio show. And honestly I think some attempts untouchable facts I think if there are facts and some areas. Were wrong weren't consistent as some holes and both charts. At the stuff I was lazy I don't think war there to dig up I believe by. Or I don't think she was invested in this thing and it you know she's not big sports fan that I know of so to me you know some of the stuff she's doing the work she's done with MS thirteen and some of the other stuff she's done. With the marathon bombing she's invested in it she's got sources she's doing the leg work and whatever. We've mentioned this on Friday. This was a rumor that has been going out there for some time and it does cross street the afternoon it was a producer more than it was the hawks your body. Alan it's good they're basically non leaking it out it over the next 24 hours were gonna have a story and it's gonna deal with the handling it's gonna deal drugs and I'm sure as I was listening go oh my god. And he really go in there it was a rumor that we have heard actually Luke got. Somebody connected him up with a awhile back this is a long time ago and remember us talking about a month ago OK but you can't in and other people have come up to me with the same thing. It's a rumor. Then he has been a permeating. Now for for weeks but nobody was able to immediately think so what that. Point peeling serious territory real series territory when you deal with drugs and somebody's reputation and everything else. To throw it out here. Just eat in callously. And not them on Friday we talked about the stuff maybe she sensed that we gotta get something out there but how is it that somebody that is his fellow. As she did not do the legwork on Friday in the court system now you're right she did Zooey. Alone just with the today I don't do a Kurdistan but you're working on just somebody else is gonna nowadays a poet none gonna go to their get the full important. Look into it more because what she had that was different was the A brown box and he facetime conversation tour. You know and I know those guys and said in the morning guys is there's skewed and indeed they did lover and everything else there's a crapping all over people bring up time we'll timeline. Sorry I'm on society she made the timeline kind of important in talking McKinley Eric appear to vote time lines important look at this this is when this happens when that happened. And she's so apparently she's saying the corn that are restoring. This guy was pulled over business that was a big Boston April this guy was pulled over may thirtieth. Right and that's when he named. Hanley Ramirez news released two days later. And it's just it's just inactive so was it. Using now when Chris Curtis gives us a report any drove up to towards court this morning. And he's read the port report of a police report from June 6. Bush June 6 I think was the rain and I don't know all that stuff OK what what I'm saying is which player that was that want partition plate. Which is talk of Canada listen to a gone that when I first heard it whenever it was Friday night is that this missing here because none of this adds up and I'm sorry timeline does mean something. It was attacked at who directed I have very significant drug charge and that aspect has. Barry personal aren't accurate inner America. And that's aren't banking committee before you attack and I got him from that perhaps. Or you just look at the facts on the back side that Hanley Ramirez. But quite suited up it's not. That's a fact that's an inaccurate fact that it's wrong. That is 100% wrong a paper why it's okay I'll see you was released two days later. Usually may 25 media freedom. A kid there was no what you DF favorite player you've got a cot is caught. You have to cut he's gone you reading at a trailer which we all know nobody was gonna trade for the guy and he was released on May 25. She's saying it was may 33 days later usually silences that it's not a coincidence that the whole thing is that she's saying it's a fact it's not a fact. In the other thing was that may thirtieth to get released and that was the for a mean to arrest announced the first time remaining ending Ramirez's name came up that's. What do you tell me and the timeline doesn't undersea you tell me that how in this whole thing started by a tweet from Jim GO Russo. You tell me that if he got arrested may thirtieth and gave him these numb name up on May thirtieth. Why on June may 25. This guy Jim Jerusalem tweet it to Jared Robinson out investigate the low block local law enforcement. Regarding handling his cards something that should have been in there Jared. More of the story it's being reported. That started the whole conversation of there's more here and start looking into what you hear anything do you know anything may 25. Choosing under estimates everything gives name. Instead the only gets released two days later released five days prior. It was in two days later yeah IDs pride they released his ass. On the 25. Out of social auto I draw the connection to what's it like Friday that a signal I have nothing here is nothing you gave me nothing is better correct inaccuracies what you gave me. You'll false statements in those fires are released Eric and I get it is honest in a baseball part of it you know some say it's equally since they released fifteen million dollar player you don't pay fifteen million released. And so now she's trying to get in ahead of outscored it was a baseball decision by the people wanna believe it or not so patients at technically. Arrows or tweak wrong. I guess is being eyed but we all know that we was now on I said I'd in connection to go out we don't know what that was the anybody citizen will be probably had nothing to do with it. Whatever I put assassins. I know once you once you put that out Ortiz inference that is of the dastardly I think stating on saving wrong you viewed. Well you know the influence Israeli leaders played only meeting people down that road just this is not her fault for leading people. But you gotta be telling me that's not what. What you thought everybody thought when he saw that we always used the word I don't think she was interested I'll admit everything that sugar cane she she said and he's not as bold course I don't want. Got to be true it's from our. Which she said this weekend that she wasn't gonna say anything more until she actually saw it should all the artwork or whatever right exactly and she was in New York on Friday so she couldn't get to the court then why did you tweak the sound. If that's the case unless you believe somebody else is ready to beat you to the to the punch and you know you've got EA source. Internally aloft enforcement that's leaking all this stuff is she midpoint this weekend I don't just take people's ward for I want to actually see the paperwork as you said you wait until 9 AM on Monday and this thing will will will open up. Come and ancient but she's very good I mean this is the thing that it that you carry credibility and she drop this this was much ever does it normally does not want to as a legit. Every Michelle on its target that's right now but that's not the case at stake on this one I just on us that's expect her to Tennessee on a weekend get more information and come with a hold in store. That's all. Because they keep that connection is Edwards trying to make his connection to. A case red fastow when did it. Knew it was coming down knew it was going to be in trouble in the target and cut disguised so we don't get through were not associated with our especially when you look at the connection of the globe in the fact that the owner of the Red Sox on the globe the way that the story came out but this makes no sense -- -- -- I actually believe the Red Sox in this one I believe core I think it's more than when you calling baseball loses in the fact that he had a bad month it was a decision to get him out of that clubhouse because he was going to be a problem for that team because he was not gonna be a part time play a few I didn't get and he could influence other players. But why wouldn't the Red Sox or if they saw this coming from drug I don't know they wanted to get rid of them anyway it was pretty obvious they wanted to get rid of I guarantee you they had conversations out score and Dave Dombrowski well before Dombrowski tells zealot or war insect. At the screen I let's get credit I don't but I think that was talked about in advance and core finding came on board at a specific point. But if you're a Red Sox this golden opportunity here receives a guarantee you gotta be kidding me. We old home. Much fourteen million for the rest of the season. Could let this thing go we could suspend them without pay maybe he's guilty and not think. We don't have to pay for next year we don't even have to pay for this year. If you're looking far incentive. By the Red Sox isn't the incentive to get out of to clean yourself a B Hanley Ramirez. Without error and anyway. If somebody different strange legs this whole thing went for broke on Friday to Saturday. The opinions of people had an atom look and edit. Number one pick in the mayor's right now. It's big isn't over yet and we'll see at the globe screwed this thing up. To protect somebody which I don't know what the motive would be then we'll trashed their preschool up another cricket star Arnold column on this one. I have no ideas of maybe they have maybe there's more to me he's guilty of pat being apparently friends enough with some guy. Who to deal serious fentanyl. End of your culpable optical face time with them on any given moment is that you say you don't just do that with anybody and he's got some strange friends which I'm sure the got a look at the again. You know but we did this thing went on Friday night. As far as that written Red Sox in the pick. Just trashing the Red Sox the organization guy and I was trying to have people walked me through all of that you know walked me through. But you said the Red Sox they caught wind of it tried to hide it. Now hole because if they eat if they've been at this is true if he really was investigate it being in part of an investigation. You suspend him without pace AB so fourteen million. Right makes sense so I again you brought up the timeline of how important a time line is I've got in front of me the police report by trooper David. Bad and Gregory Evan one number eight strong your racial. This happen on June the sixth 2018. At approximately 11100. Hours. So this is June 6 look at episodes of the world we're talking about. I I've got to believe it is Angeles we've got the wrong report. Dell CEO Rodriguez. Australia he had every received information that doubts he'll read read couples traveling with approximately. 200 grams of suspected heroin so we get to tip of this guys carrying. All of this free but the silent on this didn't notice the difference is this isn't different Israel and this it is as close as the different arrest he's got to be it a little restlessness nonsense you've. Some vehicle the driver side org operates the beauty yeah April 41. Of his front waistline it felt the heart unknown object which could Benedict. And apparently it was. Ten grams. Of cocaine. Whose place of residence time. Everything is happy to see me Saturday and it would 200 plus grams of a powdery substance Wilkinson a console. In three clear plastic bags this this this report. As it. Nothing to do with it brown box now face time nothing to us either been saved Alberto Rodriguez is wrong and we got a different name. Or this guy apparently. It's June 6 on May thirtieth was with 400 what 400 grams of fat know what enough to arrest him salute put back on the roads we get arrested again June 6 with two monogram is what has done this this start this story in your heard about it about family and all facts straight and now we're not also actually get a rightful Somalis say that's exactly what we should do and what has allowed people to set on elected said. Make 4050 gets muted this guy Jim market is less him. On Twitter he sends it out you should look into the affected so that led to. Nearly Ramirez. First of all over the place reckons it was so with a girlfriend whether it was his body in the car when enemy and he was financing it legislate you know what. If you everybody that I talk to bonds laughed it off the Olympics but he notes the book that's seriously. Now we unit Leone it was a sort of that reaction to a point where you just walk away from circuit is not here. It got a lot of steam in the last week although the people and hear about it and everything else but an how many rumors. You do we know. Music consultant doesn't make sense stuff have you heard about Malcolm Butler out all of our best out that was unit on ice. It's all about them and I think we all this is just didn't want this is that in the week president weekends on the scramble after the attacks bookings should look at her maybe she calls local authorities it was just sound asleep so they'll does this stuff all the time and all things the world between Tom and is now on maybe you know certain things or maybe. So we did we hear it all the time most worst was social media now in just kind of laughed off because it was so ridiculous but. Well an outstanding based on the I guess recent history with athletes. You into trouble here and you know interests you know Eric Fernandez islands it's like you know those that bit the way he was able to. Just hide what he was doing. You don't buy things he was saying in everything else you sit there and go holy crap nobody saw this coming. Anybody everybody he was saying all the right things and hey here's a guy murdering people. So when somebody you know throws out a hands or some sort innuendo. Regarding you handle the use it to go well. There's been there's there's been smoke before for certain athletes and then you've got the big and then you realize there's a fire. So yes it promotes you to sit there and dig a little deeper below critical of it. I personally. Think you anything to do a bit I feel I guess some group all friend that's a slap. That has is number in the air but for me to think that like Haley was funding and some sort of like drug operation. Because you watch too many episodes of narco. We have right. It got back through the hole the Red Sox think again I date if they know there's an investigation going on you easily suspended without parents are so fortunate enough. The dirty business of saving themselves fourteen million viewers like to I think that they would okay the other side bush yep it's a bad PR move Acadia. The walk me through that one bad PR move for a team to release their number three hole hitter. Who raked in the playoffs who raked in April and they release him and make a month in the reason why is because we think that he's financing in drug ring in the state of Massachusetts senator you're gonna get us how many people who sit there and just ripped. The Boston Red Sox were doing that that's a bad PR move through. There's let me just take it. I don't know. I understand that the bottom line is when it came up of so much a people that this is anger with the organization. OK and people just like good second opportunity mad at them there's no win no coal. I don't gonna walk me through all the stuff and anyone pulling them. For stuff and be mad at you organization beat gotta you gotta help me out here to get that next step tell me why they wouldn't come out when it. Tell me why it would be a bad PR move to release him tell me why they knew and held it did you gotta help me with a sort of listen based. Well we've heard. That. It was better for them to unload him we now and not deal. With the wrath of Hanley down the road because one they knew there was no way they were giving him the 497. Plate appearances number two they were fearful. What he was going to be like as a part time player and the influence he was going to have on some of the players in that clubhouse. If they don't sensitive or for them to unload him and those of the baseball decisions you right. They have an opportunity to promote. And not have to pay the remaining on his 22 million bucks this year because they were already going to get out from under next year and already figured that out. Why would he not wanna do that. And let's face it we a lot of calls the weeks after that they could use him right now the bottom of the order to put the credit they can use handling. It would make their case have they set does it evidently right now and even more so when the post season but here's the problem. He's got a criminal and that allowed a little bit of bad PM that you released a guy that you feel it is under investigators FBI investigation for. It's huge because he's a drug lowered technically yeah I think it I think you're an easy target area. Social played dumb of the you know of the play that whole roll is this an act right. He's really it's criminal mastermind I don't know just you know with with hands and everything going cinematic you're right I was sacks of cash at all Q I was a girl who's really got a pile. Pilot's license he's he's he's really he's running content and out on teams play. Seven themselves I don't tell everyone over there on Jersey street. If it wasn't a single sold hadn't seen this on Twitter or social media this guy tweet directly at them I don't know. I do know that the manager had no clue. I do know that the people that made the decision to cut in the Ramirez did not know about this. He didn't and whether you believe it or not I disagree with it though he was released on baseball reasons for baseball reasons for the from the manager. The gay and and insists. Need to get the hell out unprofessional. To it professionals and it'd be deal with him. Bad influence on a couple of guys. The odds bat speed was down slot that speak to beat him up with fastballs and what team he goes he's done. And I don't want it fuel them and what's gonna look like when it put him on a bench to say that was more the attitude this was baseball. The handle on this. And to insinuate that the timing of well you know way this happened two days later get released is it's not knowing baseball works nights I don't know. Investigative reporting and police and everything I'll I'll admit that you know she shouldn't pretend to know believers is all about. Now works either. That's all you know and it's just it's very the whole thing is. The timeline not let it adds up I wanna find out more because this thing that Curtis throws that's all the little arts. I know what the hell is assured but here's what this barely does guide also agree that president and it's either different guidance and arrest. But there's nothing in this that's a. Anymore or whatever the thing is that social media has changed all of this you mentioned that some guy you had no idea who this guy waters. Was tweeting this out to court robbed us back on the 25 of Mac that's what's happened. We people who have. That the opportunity to broadcast out information. In the past media reporters journalist we get a lot of this information for people who weren't that well. Had information but they had no way to broadcast that information out so the journalist became the conduit. Now we have people who are amateur doing yourself a journalist out there have been using Twitter or social media to get something in what's that. And then the story gets a life of its own. I would need I wouldn't be critical over for missiles for her for tweets. Right because to me that's what the bets business as business is being done that's that that's the new world we live to sending the messages. On a bit of their original one Ret thoughts in Cuba has some well issues would be I connection with the ongoing federal and state investigations they tune. Not a correct. He was denied his name was being brought great you know by. That's advisory board and we rarely used and no I listen I completely agree with my point Q is that you go all the way it is now this you're forced to dissect in the anti sniper on your own guys. I've heard Michelle decoder ring. Chris not under outcome I agree with that but you know what should have been with that this story should have been linked her story should have been linked if you should have talked about because she did on Friday. Bynum can she's talking about how knowledge that bill Haley has said he's got nothing to do with this and she she said some of that stuff that the good the guys that nearly nothing to do with this. The should've been a follow up story all linked to that that comment rather than just leaving it out here. All weekend. Waiting for somebody to kind of do more digging into our job let's find out what the hell the report really is because when a guy comes out right away. According to the globe maybe they screw this thing up again only Glor reports that are out there. But the guy that night Khaleda nearly enough to do with this galaxy Eagles that night you feel like a cable keeper nine Hanley. But for those guys and you know it's been up and doing a two. You get more of the report won't even now we get to a store this morning that he shoots a morning guys this morning. And the ending of that editor was just a little that was a witness thing and how tall is this holiday and. I think that you know about how one little thing every I don't want. You know that I I don't think it's cheaper AMBER Alert our. All I am I might I. Yeah how big hitting a terror in the attic. That. Out bikes if you're all expect I haven't. I think I had to either globe is going after you because of this. I'll I don't think they bought me at all I get that at some apparent effect. At present but because. The local historic fact what I heard what. Which did you what's at this thing and I understand how to see the connection with Hillary was a connector Miller. The EC and this is what I want your idol and I'm amazing what do you mean. It I thought I talk about talk about being safe until I don't go away strategic what she's bringing in the Hillary sergeant stuff with these Franklin as far as that. If she's bringing in that part I don't understand it got to separate my first though is it oriented to try to discredit. Michelle McPhee because she said no she's with it and Betsy who put debt known on all that's not saying at all it's it's it's it's other stuff Logan related to equal. Yeah that's that part of it's extremely confusing. You gonna get back to what you said about linking her story that's were I think. She was not vested in this thing I think she tweeted something I try to put a story with a right call and in how characters for the that was an all she could urge a few more characters looks like Dino Dina. In argue some some letters and a numbers of whatever it to fill it out. She says she put that out there it was not real complete. She didn't have a story I don't think she wrote a story about a I don't see anything this week and and that she did a zillion interviews about it. And it was all open ended I just don't think she's invested in this thing I've read much of her stuff including some of the stuff she's dealing with right now and in Newsweek. Per SE borrow. This is not to appreciate doesn't care it was like she heard this somebody told there somebody that you trust and she threw some of how fortunate to have all that it held. She was an investor in this thing entirely. It was at that awkward. Exchange at the end that was we're just looking at the Nokia six point 77 to pass up 9%. But it doesn't mean he shouldn't our discipline the beginning for me yet because it would ultimately get it again they. You know about how one little thing you know I'm like yeah. Yeah I I don't know if he Brit at the colors are. All I I might Bob you know picketing a terror that getting. That that out by accident I. I thought so so I I mean when it is not a blip as I might have been obese and learn you learn a it's based on mine I don't know whether. Based on her tweet she sent out about elite she said might. So she's not saying that she wants. Now if you want Lee if he's leading you'd think that she's actually there and they Soviet. Yes what that was just you might not because I was out of that might since may or may not see that she's basically saying you know I was there I've on the witness I saw the harassment. First and I wasn't there go to OK they're trying to discredit you but she'd. Slogan let's dig ordered out by I would they tried to decipher why would they try to this Roth. If they know that she was a witness the most they didn't I don't know Garcia hit it's if kids have tried it it it's extremely confusing the whole thing is just extreme almost. Confuse him even but the globe story. To put out there and we'll see Pakistan hopefully hopefully somebody will come public OK here it is right here is what happened because. It's strange and Michelle talked about this is while others brought it up and alas that we're talking about it. That the attorney. The defense attorney. Who represented the man Udrih was rested with the drugs and spoken a condition is client not be named because concerns about his safety. And ended defense attorney. He doesn't want to be named because of concerns it could help identify his client. The guys in jail right. So we ended up with June 6. Report released Ricardo with a totally different I wouldn't say it's so so the defense but this is the first attorney only have one class. Let's. Go to news source like lot of wanna tell you you know my client is what does heavily represented one player in the NFL always you know as a voter data it. So this does give up his name. Put the safeties and the skits in jail correct these concerns about his safety. In jail. What does that mean I don't know what's been concerned about safety. Maybe the attorneys normally handles the horses he's got one drug case and that is real important honestly she's opening abundance that we know we have kind of an expert lime to pick yours are gonna want to give won't do it either out of rhetoric yet private sphere both Iraq when they're not gonna break honest. The only thought you could have and maybe he'll explain more but why would you protect this guy safety. Now we hear it is a big huge boss so that means it this guy with all this fentanyl. Is the guided going after. The goal at the somebody else. India league the use and it's got a cannon is an informant but the candidate eight. We don't want you. You bet it's a given up some serious knee injury time and that's why they don't want to use its Disney for anything I I have no idea your guess is as good as mine that's what safety safety in jail where it will totally from well we'll talk that rabbit who I believe is out right now writes he's so rabbit his daughter's the end. I think he's out. He's got nailed it down and keep track his doubters that he's. So why why but but but he isn't that a lot of time in and so he knows the the N word I was I know you might even have some. Lover I've talked to a one so we'll talk with rabbit coming up next little while to fall much of a deal at 617779. 7937. Right here on a Monday edition bowl and a. WEEI. Your timeline had the arrest happening and the late may the globes and happened in April any clarification on the the timeline of the actual arrest that led to this facetime call. Now. Here is what I well my parents that I ever have particular project. I. Went somebody act act excited in the world at the actual or white it. You sit in on all over at that aren't. Tiger aren't. It. All over ever I am what they call while lot. Or its full traffic stop you got what Eric I can't place. And they're determining whether I. And people are unlawful acts. Here's the one thing we can't tell you think June the sixth report to Curtis was reading this morning. A waste of gas going to look the law hi he came in Braga. Wrong with our guys got to run glorious name out there. That project while I don't know I'm not that they thousands with a skull yeah I mean it is the it is the wrong guy and saying. They have been on the Jones set to note to watch David a strong yet once I heard Jim 62 and making sense the dates did not make it so you don't always under air yet so who so who gave this to my clerk. That's that's known of the court to give that name now you've got the court doesn't sit there is a bit like old school you have to. Yeah what you want to roll through it like look for for hours now he obviously went in there with that name. Also Rodriguez yes when did income for a Michelle did Michelle say this names that way when looking I don't know maybe Michelle gave it to all off the I don't know. But it's not it's not it's something case it's not thank you don't get them to go wrong guy wrong case has nothing to do with and we regret though there with with Ken player GQ most of these guys definitely human race to be fine go dig it out that he says this is what I mean I just I would expect her to lock this thing down on this day and age we're in right now I'm sorry this is this is where we everybody's rushing throws at the table because they think there might be something there and so it becomes more confusing. Eventually maybe we get sued two to the real world so funny damages done. I'm just say so dependent Mina curses came back to her disregard dozer Rodriguez did wrong guide the young wrong name wrong everything arrest. But why he was looking for dozer went Rigas because of this and trying to. What are people out of them all week about our marriage. And there was a man named dealt the Al Rodriguez who got caught it yet big federal daycare. Well now we have need to point eight in federal prosecution. And it partly bta. That's going to act. But so but I bought him a little confused maybe we we need to play a little bit more of it whether this is after the fact that she's talking about which would make the time line work. Or whether to the guy get a rest with 400 grams of the count is of fentanyl was left back on the streets. Was arrested for that. Well you get arrested a June 6. Doesn't seem to make any sense and let's listen guys as the embassy officer David A strongest. Strong my story. I agree this Arantxa doesn't arrive rattles around a rabbit out right regulate revenue out. Tomorrow around I don't regret any good to have you had to have all right so what's your take on all this you you you know how this worked for. Where I think happened was armed missiles. Yeah 135 grams fat not she looks keep it down won't you won't before we saw it as well become all. Five to hold on it rational adult let it all rowdy and ready now we've had been involved at all and I'll take him all gonna get about a phone companies got a better when he was hit the bat it down and I have really good pain free agents fired next and act. About this nuclear power you can't be granted there was no longer but he did I did just when you get out it doesn't matter I. It doesn't work so. It it was it almost reached down. And we're start to get some people who seem to have an understanding. Maybe the law enforcement whenever. That it if and I'd defendant wants his identity protected that means he ratted that we might have some situations here. Where there's some people that are under cover right now that are actually. Working for for the that's yeah that's the reason why you think of it being makes given names access to a try to get what he wanted to. Stride again relishing it again we'll see if we got a phone call here. You have to have painful that. Pay phone in person was available dollar bottling. Who looked so anyway. Yeah you. Are among got arrested. In the game tried you know look at the paperwork that. Then we heard it was the stock 200 grams or something like. Mass and that's. Name it means we're obviously yet there informant. So he's that people are reasonable it hit me very quick. Eight. Well there's a lot of stuff that just doesn't make sense that. The people think that need humans finance in this situation and get by and I can't wait. From what art gallery but he you can bet on two previous sound incorrect or and so there's no heat or eat. Right now. Edit it thanks for credit losses stay with a but we can't because of that online set but he played concluded its political reasons while you're part protect the safety. Jack so stand and so and so instead another names thrown out there well just say let's I don't. I just think like June 6 socio Rodriguez that they may thirtieth the rest of people. You should be looking in April. As he should be look at yeah he's on this and just same but rather it's just for example Marathon Monday. It may be should look around emir Tuesday on May thirtieth now June 6 Null. We should be run to set but made it very cryptic way of I don't know mr. Weaver in America. So maybe that's part of all of this that the confusion lies. In the fact that there is a federal investigation going on. And that there are people who are actually working forward the feds even though they're viewed by others as being. A part of me it's like it's like a famous name comes up there's a coincidence of this guy gets kites. And they're trying to drop some correlation in late again Hanley Ramirez. That's that's when I took from it I'm lazy about it rather signing an audit and he's pulled all the strings and he's like he's hiding in rock. Ramirez is Heinemann rock. Audience that law I have nothing to do a bit. He leads silly Heatley played are pretty here's and here's the problem is aliens absolutely nothing to do with us. Other than the fact that he knows these. Act a kinda guys screwed up your but Terrell OK okay but but that's not a and we are bad rap artist then oh why. Aren't you. But probably yes if I pull it stuck in some crazy. Drug ring and the purpose I think you know older friend is bloomer alone. Loop of the authors can write down okay called load reload the famous baseball player for the bosses aren't talking and as I know him as my PS today so those are my. I don't and in that regard but you know if you just look at it you can sit there and say while in emblem Michelle's original week. Its name is brought up in all of this thing it's brought up in the mess. But he should have been somewhat of a follow. The only denied any responsibility in between that the guy that was arrested actually denied it was actually his and you just doing it just to try to. Impress a cop to try to get off get arrested it makes them go I feel like that would have. But it nice ending touch to it rather than just sort of leading everybody to wish you. Let patent tarnishes him. Asked if he may have absolutely nothing to do wouldn't miss it right what it has got that out but if he is why guys it is tarnished by an iron to talk about it I don't care about him. A golf and I don't care what I care let's get the story right right. That's all all you know I mean I care about getting the story right. Q is called. They're people they're happy that he's gone. In camps you know and and so assigned about protecting. Anybody but it could all get the story right there because it's you know I mean but Lou in this day and age with social media and stuff going in getting out there. And the the the cloud that's been over the story now for for weeks. Then it's not fit guy if the guys totally honest there really isn't your kitchen washed and next appear and only about forty got you. They would suck up I'd just didn't say it probably pre selecting what LS or that it. Stick the spot on number one. In and out of the what you weak and resources this guy got a list. It is we're a lot to talk about a fairly sophisticated criminal enterprise. Are there to. We of that type of organization. People who are at the top. We're funding it and making it happen are back at its peak the risk of driving an equal talent core itself. I'm the type of individual that you look back at it grunt work and doing something we carry that much risk driving. These substances that. You across state lines are crossed whatever that person is pretty low ranking legal. Therefore with dictator try to get a sophisticated their app operatives were the prison system. To some degree most likely so whether this guy is snitching on its former co workers are not. It probably want wanna go on the way sort of parks and accuracy. And it was all. This is a desperate is this guy I was debt free got pulled over and Biggio scored in the global. This cut that apparently later he told the police call he'd found a box containing drugs outside of a building in the Bronx stolen. Unquote sort through it added they've repackaged drugs would have been a box and drug lords look for a buyer. Put the put this dude he just found a box full of Fenton so that's how that all out of it but you don't actually. Sosa now deceased now he's really focused whenever he stole from respond alum and that's to say good morning at. It is up to 6 o'clock that is an animal that's just wanna know the truth that what do you know admitted yeah I feel like you know what I don't get theories we have had some theories and I would say hello. Doesn't that and this is Butler all over again the grassy Knoll who I didn't play. That's what it is. But a lead but just speaking of Handley. You know specifically. I don't think any of us being. Crazy stuff that's happened I'll bet my life on it. He has no idea what's going on about how Obama at midnight at which I had about a light it. Up there right here at. Where are you crazy but your life on anything these days but I would say this. Is it plausible. That this guy knows keenly from something near both Dominican may be through. That you know relatives what ever they know each other and so the guy was clearly trying to make an excuse me the police up possible let me off if I tell you that my good friend is is meant at its Hanley Ramirez basketball player. To order are able to plaza yes I don't yeah uses said. The terms. In any manager really Toledo last night yet. So I'm really wanna put thirteen hours ago. Nice is I've been home enjoying my Fam and not being on a team has been my choice and grateful to those who resist it spreading the reckless misleading reports. See that that's the one thing I wish I had nothing do with the stupid stories about that locate some teams are calling you're you're saying no and we'll let that I've got to me that's. Like things don't add up that's why we start searching you know like Malcolm bug in place of it would it things just don't add up. You know you start digging in you start hearing things now obviously this report again may 25 dispute on Twitter addicts and to a couple of people. Kind of people sat on the try to find more information on a and it's wisely picked up by a team more than why isn't even if this isn't this is the reason maybe because he doesn't want to play and how he's done he's got all month about the fact yeah I mean it was a different to address yes. All right so it's a subpoena 21 million dollars this year kimono for so cancer he does what he can do he can either. All his ball. Sit by the pool smoke a cigar and every two weeks take in about. That's the point. So six month season three you know it to global one point eight million dollars. Every month or every every paycheck sock or whatever it's right by here for its actions by lots of saving big effect all that in front. All our duels every one jewel it could sign with a team needs because some of the team collect it collect an extra 300000. The study doesn't wanna play in them. Or it doesn't obviously happy it ended and then. What good is it too long because like he's black so I asked him what he's doing in his free time as you like in occasional days you'll like this. As you know homes those Cedric Maxwell less than it was a NBC thousand dollars he's advised me play anymore so Max let me ask you this. It was paying you 21 million dollars this year you can either sit on the beach. Or you can come back and play baseball clinics for months to collect an extra 300 grand old you do music and keep my ask them to be changed to yeah. A nobody. It's so maybe that's it he figures maybe I'll come back next year may be team gimme five million bucks six million play in the navy I play I don't. It is logical when you think about it that he's got all of this money I'm not sure we're talking about a guy who gave great ambition every day. Actually it is also an article Mike well I don't have. He doesn't have great ambition doesn't play the and you can lay exert all of us don't let you let the disaster first place with decent rate was pretty good. But so he lacked ambition. And you're told me he's gonna have the ambition. To go ahead and beat some financials like backer or thought about international for a did you imagine at a conference call I don't know isn't our donors beat UConn talking about the drugs talking about drops. Talking about drugs this what is a little bit different but I believe I don't know this that would mean what I say no reverse side. He cited what. Believe it up there are people who believe that Julian element. Eight peace. Against the National Football League and maybe able to get is that his suspension reduced. Or eliminate we're gonna get to more of that and we'll continue woman this and we start especially if we get a little bit more information. At 6177797. And three step up whole era point still. And uses that as his most vigorous defense. Looks bad optics are dead. Like animus going obstacle that that's what it sounds like me I don't know I don't think this even takes center position or different positions as it was even in Afghanistan. They adamant does look bad there's no get around that. But I don't think he looks worse than the NFL. And the reason why don't think he looks worse than the NFL in this particular situation is because again it is a question. As to what drug he tested positive for and it wasn't included when it banned substance list or whatever the case may be. Did it seems up and if anything that seems up and it when it comes to the NFL. It's challenging to me because there's not a league that has a strong level of credibility is challenging. The NFL and everybody he'll lose it's not gonna win. But I do think that the NFL doesn't look as good in this industry and and I want that so I tell you what did. And the gross you know of ESPN has a source. And these stores is telling him that the league made mistakes. In the wave that the test results were handled and what we know that a mistake was made is this was revealed. She wasn't supposed to be review. Apparently it happens all the time the guys testing of that as. Should root out the news with Lou this was before the riddler I'm really you know. An elegant art and additionally I was zero I don't know how he sources telling him that actually there was a problem. There was a problem in the lack of confidentiality. In the house but it was mishandling. Of the. Eight point if you actually testing this is a report until the appeals heard wrestle with right. And this it the to the bottom line to Julian is trying to get often a technicality yes the data isn't. He's not he's I'd vigorously going after a handler like say Ryan brought it. But it's the same approach. So he's looking to get off the technicality as far as you know the sample was the way in the mayor was here handled under recognized and unrecognized substance that it's not on list would Christian viewpoint of push fell. The subject will be a little bit moving forward so he's just he's trying to get offered a technicality and if he does. Great if be doesn't fine. So I. I don't think and no amnesty racists are yeah you're right rates so it's so make it down yet you two things one he's got to eat anything. So if you don't have it at you just it's so I think we know what it looks like. You know although we have an identified specifically yet to added but we know what this means you know this scenario means. This scenario your blood you yearn means only one thing okay but okay you're ahead of us the chemists are ahead of the of the testing process. So the testing guys that are crap. Listen I can identified as don't have a name for we just named it right it's elaborate on today because he's the proposal we sought action taken. So. What's he doing something well technically no because we as they put it. But now we're identifying and you also have the side of this and you mishandled the evidence you can have been tampered with they could have been cross pollinated as they like to say. So I would say as opposed to what Stephen says he's got a good chance of getting off. Okay yeah based on what your your sense right now on this what 7172. Drugs that are on that on that list and whatever if it's not on that list. It clearly looks like Yemen was trying to do something mass something do something you don't play to get a little bit try to get around it. But if it's not on the list not recognizable on that list. Then you can get out of this sure. Isn't it since an innocent technicality right because the way the the test at their little technicality what's that's what they look at certain levels of when things kind of are off that's the sign that. Something is in your system correct yes yes Seoul. Whatever he took triggered that. It just when I went to identify it wasn't something that they'd seen before like to tell you that. The senate I think that's a problem I'm Jack I don't gonna tell us what the overall test itself like something was altered something affected his owner of the bass PH yes exciting out but yes so they've found something. Which is basically what the test is all about now dated to try to do a good job of identifying all the possible drugs that could result in this that they can make that happen they just had. On this one I remember when I was like I was researching it's crazier each you can almost good I was close with a show is off to a high personal don't enjoy playing better at and the guy was held to got a house talky was kept. Kept talking about they don't test for they don't test for they don't test for. This was fifteen years ago. Somebody that I know of that actually ended up duly cat nap like a year later. A year later he got caught. For a two guys actually that we're doing here all of that both guys got cop because the testing caught up. To the masking agent or the new HDH of Cox deal they used to call it. They caught up to. But they pick. There's a precedent with all of this so let's say this is an a and unrecognized substance. And they don't know exactly what it was but they think that settlement was cheating someone may be able to get off. Now scientists will go to work to recognize the substance substance and it will be added on the list shall the next guy that tries to do it is gonna get editors or is it possible. The Julian settlement is able to escape the suspect or better yet it's an honor to recognize that how you nailed him. Even though you know he was trying to do something he was trying to match what he's taking it he was trying to work around the system circumvent the system I didn't Salem. When you analyze Collins wasn't just on the more probable than not. That's egyptians and can't you can't do that Obama planning decision op and I might or something like yeah like yes they can hand. Be on usenet because you don't you know is a reference to what we heard a million hired more probable than not. So yeah I think they most definitely code that you can look at on other cases every every huge user Richards Richard Seymour. As as an example are you got out his race and who knows what he took I don't know but he but he has there was. Oh to Sherman over to Sherman secrets Seymour policy Maria Seymour and operative Sherman karma for Seattle and urgency more for the record yes she did for the relatives and it never hesitated and edit it edit it. That cleared the problem is as he got off. It would not starting whatsoever as to what I'm hearing now and how about do garage and I want. Stick it to these claims he's got eight a source and claims that the league made mistakes in the way the test were handled to handle so sample might be more of a reason. But to me it's like you when you do drug test it's it's simple it's. Testosterone levels go higher than normal or one certain levels are higher than normal and if that's the case. Then you did something illegal. Now you don't identify the substance and that substances on the list it will be sort of bottom line is if levels are higher than nation naturally should be. And you're guilty of taking something and think that would be enough to say you're guilty of taking something I'm not sure went because if it's not all of that list. This Alex Spiro revenues this is constantly have to be updated it is is what substances cup being created right now is reached. Beat but if they're if the league cannot recognize that if on this attorney I'm certainly going the reason you can't recognize that is because you swept up in the way that the test was in the editors know screwed up yet and if it's it's not leaning to a specific substance it's telling us the locals are raw if you did something. And you write he'd he'd probably get something he's probably dealing with a scientist who's giving them a new cutting edge masking agent. It's able to hide HH or whatever he's doing something there but or does it it's still might not be enough for them to two. You weren't able to wish them to work so we get some we don't know right we don't know for sure nobody knows. But the fact is that so he's hired this high priced attorney. I did Alex Spiro yes sir he's gonna represent him he's gonna pile appealed and go big bosses on this thing. And we all know all this appeal worst we've been through multiple times okay oh. Is he very well could start the season. Maybe he misses you know if you loses misses a little you know you know the game six the whoever. Debate maybe or maybe they bring down the suspension will know that they will do. When and using its gonna take that long for I don't know I always get annoyed I got to believe what it is he's absolutely he's got a little suspended that the editors that they don't and assume you. But if you if he gets itself is furious today right. So they're hearing to appeal today we're not gonna know or are they are our sources on cores that we brought one here for the next couple weeks. So that timeline makes sense to me today they say okay we don't Sherman tonight you're putting money guy European. As I was saying he would get off because if if the sample wasn't handled properly which is why Richard chairman got off though there wasn't. Apparently industry news reporter who got handler. The urine sample the container started to leak. So the guy just took it and poured in another cup. So now you know that you can do that because then that you know now you leave it up to sit you usually when you. Sample you know urine test European Cup. Okay they try to put the cover on out. They look at the number whatever that's on your sheet and your name they take the sticker off of that the seal the urine sample in front of you. You signed both and it is sealed nobody touched it you repeated it unique view close to yourself you've sealed it and that's sick. So that guy sits there it is always leaking edit I'm here as you know on its course the cap and pours another sample. That I can do anything to that simple sure correct me whether you miss out west realistic at the guys that there's a good school which Germany to put some. Stuff in here right now so you can't do that that's the reason why. He got off so they handling of the sample. That would be the reason I don't at least Indian reason in getting off because but the aspect. According to a source the league made mistakes. In the way the test results were handled that would be the reason yes not because an unidentified substance grabs me right. So that may be hyping it and so may be the the attorney is gone to the procedure and said wait a minute. Exactly what they did what Richard Sherman. They may be they did that again I don't know but he as a source claiming. That there are couple things here one the mishandling of page report the unrecognized substance but he sources also telling him. But the we've made mistakes in the way the test results were handled if that's the case it's yet more evidence of the problem. With the lack of confidentiality. With the test so we'll see how that plays out why we get the phone calls coming up next at 6177797. On a threesome and right here and Owen.