OMF - Might be time to bubble wrap Kyrie and put him in storage; the new catch rule has some flaws 3-22-18

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Thursday, March 22nd
HOUR 1 - The Boston winter sports teams have done a pretty solid job keeping things entertaining since the football season ended. Kyrie Irving has been a major part of this. Should we panic over some lingering knee issues Kyrie is dealing with? Also, the NFL has gone back to the drawing board to determine what is and isn't a catch. The new rule should be fool proof, right?

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On you ready. Beach Fort Wayne alimony and forty that what Thomas could you come the time delay. It's our open and most quarterbacks. Everybody that Baylor players only our team he would but do you buy out of entry. Got all the cars. It all in the start it all apple would smoked bacon crisp and shared. Charted a share to try to do what ever allowed his. Not bad with the coup and Lou and Christian there is some sentiment will win in the Celtics organ as they already here that suggests that. Let's see what happens with the second opinion but that possibly. This is far from that sound the alarm about possibly this could put his season in jeopardy. Second opinion always freaks me out both of them the athlete that's exactly trust people in this guy's new Wii has no the doctors and the doctor says to him. You can play through it. And he looks at him and it's like her just like he told Isaiah. On Sports Radio WEEI. Mark congratulate everybody in the true today including I including Ryan everybody get to work today. Lollar Ryan and I always these kids every time we had a snowstorm is not around all usually abrasive. It's in here. You know obviously the Olympic blog over here he fights to anything he's always here Lou you're here but it is the ride all they had everybody is on the conference call failure on time you'll. I'm. Very honored I'm well well acted at a fairly it's no snow slowed me down without a lot like Chris Broussard. Don't get it and we'll go it was to talk he's ought to. Yeah I did not know how to do what they only one good thing but only when he's ready yeah maybe on holidays it not weekend is that. New reporter talking now Hillary does Capitol Hill is again yet you protect yourself. I'd get it in this war all you are today just rejected. Rubbed somebody out and and you know you love all these agenda did this yesterday. Did this yesterday won't think your mind hey you you are you happy right now yeah yeah yeah. Did the boom boom isn't working on homework and Arnold whose artwork every time I imagine the moment you can I ask you bring you late you leading down a path that no. I just try to figure out what you're saying that's all you know what I mean interpret rubbing someone out math. You know what I mean I'd topic I didn't ask the question boom boomers in America so did Chris -- are trying to figure out this'll sultan the so he might. Have some inside information or maybe Minnesota. Kinda it's okay. And there is some sentiment a couple of wins in the Celtics organ as they all of you here it has nothing to do just that. Let's see what happens with the second opinion but that. Possibly not this is far from that now about the alarm about possibly candidates could put his season in jeopardy. If that terrible. And any changes would get more it. If that's the case will rest. Don't pushing through this season just to have him play in the playoffs. Wind in these not really right. Let's getting healthy and being here and they were combat Nixie that's inept and off eat this. Our job there is god you are eighteen so that lets see what happens we'll look at night this guy's not memories not wrong you know we didn't order always I don't throw is I sat that you know it say you've done for the year when he comes back and plays yes. But it really doesn't about I'd say had a chance to get pulled you're always right he could see who's gonna sit I told him. So there is there's a lot of possibly that it could exit woods I'm not saying it's definite but only on weekends never on a sign OK yeah now. After the. The it isn't just about you if you if you lose weight and all that yeah I'm here. Aaron that's out there and that that might shut him down with a regular season ban died seasons Allred makes will decide next year I don't know what I'd go look at it sort of but it might not apoplectic good. If I if it does it does but it did that that it well thought it was an inside you know because because he doesn't like terror that we had a and I agree I think I've possibly may become a bullish about. All the all weekend that rock. Mean neck of the portable edited. It's a government in lately what exactly did he own his Intel zero owner's account yeah president Abdullah. You know. How about nothing is gonna. However it but it may contract offer. Two free to quarterback AJ McCarron. That's correct it. Right about now fall on me McConnell while Blair rejected a gulf war in underground look at the happens Kirk and trouble. Figured out and so that's that's the right way to that's right what it is they don't participate. Can say what sources now. Like. He's accurate. And so what did Broussard saying well is he willing to. Play in pain differently now that yeah there's pretty don't you know give me one version of what he's saying. I know version I don't know he said. I had no idea well again it would slide is his version is. That they're contemplating. Setting down for the rest of the year award reason Sunni. But there's got to be specific reason for example he's getting a second opinion here to my second opinion to. Possibly possibly possibly. Oh my rapid might not so if telling carrier ring today. That the knee could get worse if he'd like these are the answer would be you shut him down and don't play. Correct correct is that a percent. Or are they saying to him. You can put the heat you're just gonna feel discomfort because it's the rooms are getting in the way and you're going to have its comfort they include. It's up to maybe seven point five on the paying scale. Then you have to make a decision point don't they played in order. I mean you can sit there and say well yeah it doesn't. It will get any worse which for me at I don't know all I can say that about so let's like weight bearing did you ever believe them when they said that he got out of me wait Barry okay like if I got some of my fingers my hands in my whatever myeloma a and then I'll play in the game and it does affects me a certain type of injury but when it's my ankle. When it's my knee. And they say you can't injure our running around a jumping at to further damage. That makes much sense because what you can do even if that was the case is favorite. And editor John and he two point. Because you're worried about landing on this niece and you land awkward because you don't want to land on his left leg right leg and next thing you know. Yeah you eat now you're Burton another party of body could you compensate it happens a lot. So if the dude can't play a you've been hurts him that much that is really no reason to send him up all the. Thing is that if you were if we're talking okayed. Carrier reasonably part of this team for the next eight years right big big part of the winning ways a witness here. Okay well I mean at the Pentagon and lots. We unity and go to the go to NBA championship and I think you can with that not about a percent no well promises and again I was doing so the point the question isn't whether sellers right or not. We know they've been having these discussions or do you think they should just sit on the be done. I mean is it is this your such a wash because the other I'd give up a market Smart. Tim Brown will probably be back right Al Horford to cheer leader spiraled down the drain. And then carry Irving being less than honor presented but even at 80% tiger Irving is better than the other options and why Kenny played 8%. Everybody just plays hurt while guys like okay if he's only at eight and he's only 8% we cash shouldn't play again but the anybody else yeah. Okay yeah there're couple things at play here and that that's why I asked the question is is it going to make it worse than Lou brook a very good point. It could make it or simply because he's favoring Annika heard something else. So when when you look at it he's going to be a free agent next year. They have to make a big huge decision are giving him an awful lot of money. You wanna make sure did you get to that point when you're ready to re sign him that you feel confident you're gonna have for those eight years right. Etc. you gotta do I don't think there's anything to be gained here and he told. Roll on him is that he is so if we just let them play he's going to be he'll never ever be carried Irving that we wanted to hundreds street Irving. At 80% but that'll be him for the rest. I don't think that is the main thing here you have to think about yeah I think that that's it that's really hard to do when you live in a moment especially sports. You know it last year if you think about it you know the Celtics are finally get to play Cleveland and in the Eastern Conference finals. Does this series that you want. The bulls at the game to you find out Isiah Thomas is out. Don. These results. In eligible that got hit me in a that's that it's all part of their agenda the American Becker won it through without but still it's like. The reality. In the emotion of recovering done for the year sucks right now. But still young. And you might that you hopefully the placed him for the next six years right that's a sex right the one identified your original Everett as. So you got to at some point be able to be a take the emotion on it and say. Maybe the best thing is take this guy out of there right now it's done she done for the year. Take the screws out. Let his Neil going to clean it up that is being heal properly and now Iraq and all next year because really guys let's be honest about next year. If he really has it really is about actually really I really is about the future in the window into the of opportunity that you have for the next five or sixty thank you guys are pretty sure went down and not mean talk about liquidity was that you guys we've done and I and so my twins were guerrillas were. I'm real you have to write down on you when you fight that it it that the do you think you're gonna win the championship this year I don't know what's gonna advocates got I don't know he's got a 100% I gonna be a 100%. Place those so if you're not gonna win it right if you can't win it all thing. Against whoever comes out of the last you know it's our race forget about it let's switch to lecture. Well I think there's a bigger picture that you have to guard and protect year when it comes to that the franchise yes there's a much bigger picture here. And if you put him out there right now we have managed his minutes. And this is what he was playing every game Kirsten they would dump 32 minutes to get to that the post season. Yet it is a good look look at look at the minutes that I guess I don't run on his right and you're trying to predict the future. Trying to control the destiny. Right okay well we don't know if he can walk out. He can be done shut them down. Start the season he can rip is hamstring heated role as a goal and never be the same. So I I I I guess my usually when I started chasing the injury and trying to control it and try to manipulate the outcome. I just feel eventually make it's gonna it's gonna go back to bite him that that is my town. Well because you don't know what he doesn't he doesn't know a lot of guys who he's been injured in the past socially he's never dealt with injuries is never dealt with pain. It looks like he's kind of aware of his body knows it needs to do is only some rookie that's got them there have been hurt they freak out in Arnold to do. You know but if you're talking about. Any sort of tendinitis inflammation. That isn't caused by some sort of defects in your you know your kneecap inside your ankle join you need joint whatever. It's mainly pain tolerance. As insane given to inject it projected for us not go. I get that and people will argue that point come on suck it up. It's gonna be paying not much on oil market are but we're not just on its output of just an object okay but he did that just don't just assume a that. And while you don't not a perfect but it is any chance any chance whatsoever. That he can do more damage to it Lou brought up with a great point that is. It could be that he compensates for NATO does his injury elsewhere. Yes and that's a problem well that's the thing it's just sick you know the need with that program for the first time in the happen in. Yes like man ultimately. Because I was just talking about light without Tyree in what exactly is it. You still have to think about that make what is the future this organizational but the and he did without carrier dish where. Over a really know what is it. Well it's it's sort Taylor brown at blindly say it is a and you finally got that guy yet it was rode here use cute to have a nice little free agent come and sign here minister resemblance the most love for out of the first big one. But it's nothing would vote for Alice Alice a small little piece every month Gordon Haiti where the gonna do an alternate and one Heyward is a small little piece if you don't have I agree. He is if he is the center he is every move. That Gainey has made when it comes to the picks in the signings and trades it's all around ivory is an. If you lose him. And gotten a Danny Ainge had a great job if you lose it was getting done. But if he gets hurt can't play the same guy or whatever it is I don't know effects next year don't want to just protect him with kid gloves if you just what you have. That was a bunch young kids and we're gonna go to the same growing period you have to wait for five years to pay them becomes a star brown becomes a star. Or Rhodesia becomes a story that's what's gonna to wait for high reuse their right now that's one of the best players in the league he's the leader is the god. That you need in the playoffs to make the big shots in the fourth quarter but look you can't do it. Managing 32 minutes in the post season play your games don't pick it with the kids don't take them. They don't think insert it there too important. You know you fall behind it again you need that game you're losing home court advantage suddenly you're texting him out. In its fourth quarter as unique points you need somebody to score yet and the. Our President's Day however that sport. But it compared to my little Sissy sport. Baseball yes glad they called that I'm glad you finally fessed up you need any doubt you knees hurt right I'm up at the plate is on is not a lot of new ideas when you take us when you fall to crowd out. But you take a swing. You'd get a ground ball to short. You dropping back in he run both 50%. First base unity maybe your third base in your your legs of bothering you knees bothering you you know take a step and it died but you can play Smart. Protecting it and the article if you really if you have to. Can you do that playing in the NBA ticket to the basket and doing with a dozen cuts and to jump shot yeah thanks and defense and indicated that it tickets Italy and jumping in the air not knowing how you in the land. Try to control how you gonna land. That that's how you really. To yourself that's you really get hurt. If I'm him and they tell me it is a 5%. Chance. That I could make it worse OK then I'm balking. Then on passing. Then I'm going to get the surgery done now I'm gonna get it done early. Get everything cleaned up under the kneecap so that I can be ready for next year and and we make that run for next year so it. So I don't or Groce wrist you need to learn what he is anyway because you may know millions over and over Marcus want WW don't know what he is under fire and we're gonna start and Wilson class did you not get their markets more if I don't have it and shot the other day. Big reporter and he's not the defense supplier the markets more emotional and obviously he's too small and like I know I'm. I know I I am trying to find out you're gonna find out some of this other stuff as. If that that's what you play or go to win it this year anyway. If you want to get away with Jenny finally you don't look as green as you used to tell her. I won't I love you I want. Seemed to win any green it's admit there's a bigger does a bigger picture here you know you're very narrow minded center so we know that we exerted every day. At an ideal liner excited now we all I'd love our handicapped who opened up the garage let it be up to me at all and are glad. It is all angles are is what it is that is a bigger picture here isn't. There is but I just feel like what does it have. Hate. If you can wait to have your surgery in June. As opposed and Ian and your still be ready to go before the next season. You ought to be Rachel October really mean that it maybe November if you really wanna push it a second make a difference. Then I just don't think I don't know or talked about like shutting them down to me is he why is the last option the app. Last question what were we may be at the last jailed giving you the first option. You know when you're gone and gotten through like it's like you thought out and I am I doing all of my sun belt now under the order until dot com go to Chris Broussard has this story that he kind of thought I am not sure be legal legal or not but he might try to do amazing wanna be shut down if possibility he did see a second opinion which said because it's not say it happened. Possibly. Will be shown out doughnut hole we do not go another report out they don't hold to but don't hold me to leave them outside advice today you're protected and all the great Democrats and after the and how much faith I told them there are some people in fact it felt big banks say so this stuff could possibly make war. You know the league's second opinion so we're not on our first option right now. You know it's of there's a second opinions and our own option three people maybe who knows what's going on behind the scenes. If they're telling him there is any chance that they could he could do more damage to this thing even if it slight even listen to what Lou was saying. That because he's likely to happen right from the start if I am I'm and yes that then if I'm the umpire re. I'm Sydney going is it worth it for this season. Is it worth it for this is I don't think it's necessarily perfectly. There's there's like there's a bigger picture here for his share and it's not this year is clicked. Solid detector investigate its not like you get everything in that year and you say this is it and we don't when the note this year than their breaking up the team and we're done. I know I don't worry you saw what would it would have to Toronto last night. Yeah so only did Toronto. Only saw that has nothing to and I like Kevin Love you played last you play. Dave at his brother just died he must or you know that was quarters brother comes corporate America those who like our little easy. And black guy on. An episode insensitive. And I would be so insensitive wood Brothers I. Don't beat them. All of platelets that magic at a picture late in the game I don't think my opinion on on. Carrier we should have nothing to do with played I don't know what Cleveland's gonna do. I know what they did last that would go back baby well there it didn't think it was 79 points the first snap it and then yes I'd in his second half that they were gonna point we're talking about that a. A popular talk about the Cleveland as is does it change your opinion a clear they really should turn it to does that change your opinion on Toronto it's a good point because. That's the question you have you appear sickly let's get issued Boston's that serious health issues at this point drawn those lights out but. The team just can't judge can they win. They know how to win. But managed to choke again that it would be a talented team that gets swept in am it appeared. In the series we think they should compete again heaven the past. And so last night was that was at Toronto. First half blowing out Cleveland at him once we've got to roll and they couldn't figure it out they panicked they just looked scared was so maybe you learn more about throttle than anything it. What they might be day to make is the first half was exactly what they've done all year than dominated teams. They go to their bench their bench dominates teams OK the bench got 35 points out of those eighty or 79. In the first half. And then in the second half. They no longer became the front runners. And suddenly they were challenge it challenge right out of the gate and take equity boom went on a 60 Ron 70 run something like that right out of the gate. In the second half and suddenly this thing a little bit tighter. And they became that Toronto team that was seen the last couple years on the Playhouse that's only one game. So who the hell knows. Obviously Cleveland had something to prove. But. I I think so yeah. What kind of talk time needs they are the ultimate front running team. They're like it analysts are can be yours or are you gonna get challenged all the way they were Atlanta Hawks ruler you could have had moments in the polls CC and how does not only in a moment so you wanna changer. Change your call on on Cleveland cooked no matter cook done not done one. What days. Each. I'm really happy at myself as a player I'd like it is likely that a new music clots which Dawkins first round exit look at what that title. Not gonna win the Eastern Conference that would justify it cooked as did not. Winning a title of the don't know noted got its final of the conference fond of either gonna get found no barrier I would not I do not be the only point NBA finals yeah I would still let. I think that is what they do they don't have this. That is how does inspired game I just go crazy it's usually the brawn and lead the way obviously. And now and then they just. I don't the other team does they just take a nap they thought focusing at least not trying. But here's the other one with Toronto if they faced Toronto in the conference far. And without carrier being I think they get to the conference final against Toronto. Toronto has the home court advantage. Toronto will win those home games front runner crowd loves them those of the games that they will play well they're losing Cleveland you'll play a long series it'll be like a seven game series. And Toronto will win because their DN gutter roll on the road all bets are off. Well it's an alien in his chair is that. If they do occur because of Munich Toronto just not ready right. The only is Cleveland team is extremely flawed noted stated smoked in a final trading. But convicted needed beat Toronto because Drudge craps all over themselves DeRozan has been outstanding. Just came in a shop crept up last night let's immediately Seoul bureau. Trials got a lot to show we'd it's just. This team hasn't won anything. We stick to scoops gonna show up and take. No I think I think that's a great question and use our last time I think did the ultimate front running team look at their home record vs their road record. The ozone hole and those that those are the front running teams everybody loves us at a home. We get no negativity nobody loses there's no obstacles nothing and we have to face. Adversity. Every demonstrate they get up the road they get a game like that it hugely to Europe by. Fifteen at the half. As I said the 88 this sipping our points numbers that. Second have a whole different so what does this one is a secretary is it after they should've happened already and why McCain today I don't know if things don't ever is reporting that has now. We're really going to Alabama loser who's in the act. The Andrews I don't know there's aliens injures they meadows and again you don't hear injures him and I don't know rearrange music in the Californians and who's down California. Of no idea that even passed. One big document passed away Joseph. Well currently in Joseph yeah. Yeah Joseph outdoors or. Should know segment and ordered doctors ridiculous and they definitely do it without rabbi and a bracket was filled out in our bracket was who Brad villain but. The best doctor I just need to flush out a few more region. That doesn't sound as easily reasons it's gonna we're gonna there's allegedly that we you know has no merit and restarted it now. I don't get in we started to tell me the ball doesn't of the initiative. On the heat don't heat he's better than he used to be. I don't. Hello Mario won at I don't know how to say it disappoint I think the project everything on Monday it was stupid anyway and obviously here he initially DG ideas of how important principle should it works in his left. Does that a week later it was although brokered what are the border washed by just as one word. Indicative of American political rackets left there was information that is even that was a great. Joyce final round bye and read it and keep them. A 6177797937. That doctors might tomorrow the capitals. Where a bunch of stuff you know we know we don't we got a bunch of stuff we didn't make it 6177797. Threesome teed off with the show on Twitter hack away and until he. She wore jewelry and after the Chicago. Let's get you back to more affordably from owning 48 right now Sports Radio. Yesterday the stars shows on the serious in the class orator going over the game Oklahoma City I. Or two people out there they did this he could go along with water treatment plant. A pick it's it's it's a race win in the regular season the did either. Hey noble goal only gone back on. I'm just improve always follow me to ask them they can't talks were supposed to do an impression of an extra you know and by the way the only I was losing Judy Patrick Gilroy believed that the so the McCain won't run the country believes they can make the republic of and at all well alright garlic freak scenario all I don't know anything lol now I agree. Does not only do I do some of that I don't think it out they drapes does. I don't think Abby does that delivered you'll hear no you never hear you use Google if you will hear the technical side is what is it it will save Isiah vs I agree that trade was being discussed Greek and putter on the air because he couldn't admit that you want it to happen. Insulate their Isaiah is so you get a hold of you tell me and you work over the years that you would know you go up about all you tell me that Abby says one thing on the or something totally different behind the yes it was you wanted to Tyreke writes any of its utility does it was a officials you can glow in the country let go is it is not going to happen it's a two of two is it the so this is fake news. Owens has its own news. Can kinda get that can bring up sort of estimate the righteousness and the Bruins happens it's Kraft productions pre season with the patrons. It's there's contreras to shoot the data on Luke on the game since we're talking is brought hope is not an attack guy Andre. Since my size I think that's that says we're talking incest can bring up a little issue that we have called straight talk solution we have an issue. We're area talk show that takes phone calls against yours yet in this in this just so that we may call screener on the screen there has your name and your city and what you wanna talk about oh yeah by the way tells us everything you've ever said that was before he gives this week. You think our numbers stuff on you we everything. Bledsoe got used to this Novak and Saturday cards so. Got into wild. Somebody get into the so while back and it was porn. That popped open the middle of the call screens remember that yes I and then we have an incident where it popped up not one but something else somebody's. Text will be going up on the screen. And somebody we now and then we saw something else up there somebody was searching sites and would have. The same thing is just happened to us. That somebody took control of our call screener from a week from the site. Again I believe it's the Russian who cares for the Russian leader there what is it regularly doing that's so to see complaint I. And openly and Mendoza we bend over and every. Currently an equally to all users someplace that we can get this thing for example look at frigid and very enrollment dog gone. How is it that we've gone how many months ago and I was with the porn showed a political screw or month and half mile and a half I. How is we have not solve this mystery the great question how we cannot solve this mystery. Yeah it says thanks to our guy albeit the big like this that mystery okay. All of these mysteries it's all we can't figure out. What the bleep is wrong with calls. What to say about Hernandez's he's got a lot of he's got a lot of friends. And supporters out there are soil that is they're attacking you build it as I say it all went against what shirts started it on that your case. Think dedicate stuff they had you don't see the nicest you know comfortable road Lou. But I'm a takedown come going. With the month of bullets and an act of Charlotte to enemies like a decent phone calls right now but we we got a look also. And all just. I don't they act so talk a little it was this will contest or if I push contacts documents. It doesn't go to doctor with it's okay. Hold isn't the better person. And it I think we should just I think we should start because yesterday we are talking about something. But the catch we were NFL's. New definition is that a new definition urges new wording I don't I don't however don't know it's a hello there and ask how did they it's just a major panic Lebanese and all definition it's an old if there's and this is Chris this should be to Chris Broussard ruled. Because I steal don't get it and now think. They get it either iced feel they don't have to sit here and I'm looking at it Troy Vincent comes out. Troy Vincent decides. These Emeka makes your comments on this the first thing I read. It's as Troy Vincent quote slight movement of the ball. Looks like it will reverse that. Slight movement of the ball with a chemical that's a slight movement of the ball going to the ground. Looks like that's going to be eliminated okay going to grounds going to be limited. And we'll go back to the old replay standard reversed the call on the field only when it's indisputable. Many continues if that was me who go back to pick you always have done this at the company's commuter EDT these are recommendations. Okay now rough that is out yesterday target he continues says. The ability to perform such an act yet. That's it that's going to be the main point of debate our receivers going to get hit and lose the ball. And and and you lose the ball and Pete after putting his second foot down. And a question. Will be whether he could have made it four ball move or not and some people will think yes and some people think no and the referees after lately you. Roll roll the opposite of what every you speak you should have happened correct. Will rule the opposite of whatever you think should have happened so no matter what you think right. Should've happened there are gonna roll the top of just. Start by and let that out. All that Nebraska and the rest will a little confused the opposite public every youth they should have happened. So your picture and the rest rule OK completion guarantees but I Mac now and he obviously right. So it it I feel like in trying to fix it more they've made it. Worse I thought it was finally do away with things. Mentally right Kerry Wood and getting away with no I actually Arizona that was made a and that very few. That was profound very useful and played but here's what they did they. They found that the audience out there at the audience that they're losing on a regular basis. They found out that the audience. Didn't understand and fought the all of those catches that we've listed over the last few weeks. Were all catchers and they found out that they weren't in the I didn't know why. And they did the problem was that the fans did not know or understand bill rule. Did not understand the boy almost six cats will survive that the the ground. He didn't understand that insulin like nation it all. Catch to me cynical it is they said let's go on that premise. That a majority of our audience out there watches our games think that these were catches now let's find a way of making a much catch. But they don't know how to do it so the competition committee defines football move in three ways number one. Taken a third step okay. We can count that how people can count right Juan to general. Eight though there might be some question when you do it as Lou was saying yesterday. Stop frame. Vs full speed as whether that third step with the third step towards that two and a half. The second one. Reaching or extending the ball flew for the line to gain or are we get patent you concede that on Rita replay number three. Having the ability to do either. Oh how does that mean. Both lawyer says it's at its objective and subjective side of perfume that Edward only accept any of us first you can see it OK there it is dejected their epic third step. Reaching the third one the ability do either announce that the referee publicity. Could you possibly heading third step could he possibly if needed to reach to announce aren't there now we're back in two. A referee and make a subjective call. Your guy in the united talent or your I was I need to be Jean yeah he's gonna go arrived atlas of the pack a parcel lava man caught the ball. And I didn't get their steps if there's that suit their step when a simple assembled there look at but the question is this quote year that a third that now does he reach he doesn't reach I don't see it reaches you respect unless you respect you reach which you reach out same page don't retract. Our topic take air. What we have reached. That's talking about a different assets. Together because what you think you're about he thought about reaching its Baltic Hannibal regional and third step with the rich and they're stepping it. I don't know aren't you in trouble when you put her hands of the officials and you're letting them decide what could be in other words work worsen did you. On the hot tub a time Virginia and was doing time know what could have happened. That's what you're leaving open edit this rule is so freaking done. And they're going to get killed would just excuse if you think people were confused last year you wait do you see. I think it an east street shall set entity they want to controversy they want the indecision they want someone getting screwed Seoul on Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Although it's talk shows and everywhere around the nation could sit there and debated talk about yelled the rest do everything they want. To me abstract it's apparently okay what the fiscal what does this change. When toll that you cannot ever while the league in 95 are going. Simply put you Connor you did it wasn't it wasn't his I don't remember being in their. Since the Ripa. After a three book that changed is nicely framed by framing a way to mineral look. Will the ball comes for you gotta catch well it was a catch because he probably have a look at the ball country hold out. We don't we do. We define what catches. I'm seriously thinking a baseball we define. When the ball. Is there actually is actually clocked at first base is that when the ball and there's the glove. Or it's the back of the glove something that nobody ever thought of it would have to do now all of us and football because of replay. They were forced to define. What it catches on paper. And that they are unable to do to put in words are in so you had its replant a slow motion. He had freeze for an end that you had high definition. Where they could actually see the difference of whether they he and was touching the football player do you think it's the airspace in between they're just giving up of just giving in patients. Too angry fan base that's all it that are unwilling to accept. A clear rule that's all it is face I don't always get as a. It is if it's like to talk remember that at the same and I think they're just the very rule. It is it requires you. To be two to debate so you're talking about a football move a football active again that's that that the ability to form such an act. Think that's going to be the main point of debate our receivers don't get hit a lose the ball upbeat after putting his second foot down and the question will be whether he could have made a full ball mover not. Now that's your decision rent free pay your decision refereed beat. Or you know whoever's down in New York City look at that review at a snail's pace so. Again this this is what they want. And this is what they get in that it won't catch it it's it's never there's an a unique controversy right but you want that and that's what somebody's feelings to be hurt. Pit stop when we looked at that you want yeah but I don't think they want it right. We had controversy last year people simply didn't understand. Why I'm sure it wasn't on my equipment is very easy. No no that was last year because you and I agreed because I think both of us understood the battle. The problem is all people to understand the role in you know what they were confused what they were confused with a running back who's reaching over the goal line to who exposed the ball to get. To get six points. Vs the transfer of the ball from quarterback to receive. And and it happens and that's it says it's it is that it's a definitive account to Pittsburgh. Not happy with Jesse James. But again I'm angered every single promise you got fumble the ball to the end zone new team gets the point that's a dorm room okay I think that it's a dumb role. But doesn't need to switch it because I think it's dumb role and understand the role. That's the general public stand to catch a well I think this point last year people understood. What do catch was I'd I'd believe that it's just that there's of people that don't like it. He's now we get a changes. And uncheck the phone with millions and stupid so you've got to stay with debate before but I understand the of the changes and personal like at all. They went ahead and try to change it now maybe it's even more confusing and we'll see what the year looks like because I think that most people. Understood what the rules are two people only think of it in terms of the controversial plays have been on the goal line. They're going to be controversial plays through out the entire play in the entire field now. Specially with the ball no longer having to survive the ground it's gonna change everything. People going to be even more confused as to what catches because we've got home at the ground because if I believe that's correct all dead. Right the extent might. It can't be dead because if it's in Jacksonville to feel it catches he has possession of that. And he'd he does exactly what the rule is which is one taking a third step to reaching our extended the ball or three having the ability to do either which means the official can go eagle and that he can seize this month say you know. He was trying to do that and I that Democrats have to determine when that began that's a huge leg is when does this one does. Exactly one does that begin to catch them. Beat one and ended it it can't go back and forth well is it right off if you are all walking because of fumble. But if you're agnostic and direct. If you were on the spot if you only if you have you filled league first two criteria. Right. The of this interview like if you if you aren't touching and running and you fall in your ass and when you fumble. The broker actually cause a fumble if you're not touched yes that's correct what would have been an incomplete is now fumble out of around the middle and you. You don't think people not to be confused aren't just machine but if it's complete pass in the ball on the ground cause the fire the bottoms out. You can't handle herself not you getting to blow the whistle through the rap because did not act in a bill to feel the clock tick you aren't gonna when he does the. Everything and Americans and and hysterical and wanted to run Maroney you don't if you go to did not. I don't know my boys are. People gonna get seat on the phone it was an ugly little tip do you want to get all of but I got a good idea that someone is against that have loop it back throw the first couple questions outing in a gene voice since we do. I mean the probably look at Lou department announced an ultimate and what's gonna happen next year's fans now have have become accustomed to catch being a certain way. And excuse the gonna be totally baffled. Totally baffled and good days at what is setting up good things number three having the ability to do either. It's all subjective every officials got a look at it differently good luck to them they're good at that they want the. Like that it could look they would look. This wasn't ever ever so your it during the offseason anymore there's a lost season. You got all this debate got new rule changes yet you owner meeting yet to draft you dad yet you know work out pro days got all the stuff is he going. Key talking about it on network needs something to talk to other than who's going to be deferred further taken in the draft. Think if we had a hockey league office that got a long explanation you'd get from. You called it a moment that would be outstanding guy catch the ball goes to the ground somebody recovers it takes off the defense was touchdown and adds a cold. For Britain five roll. Just be thirty minutes later schemes are gonna go for hours long. I mean this is in jail is there. I don't see how anybody can justify this making any sense. Unless you're a sports fan who was pissed off last year could you do like natural but if you understand the specifics of this. And the changes they might if you didn't understand last year Lebanon is now your gonna be even more confused this year and you're giving more. More power to the official car. Slippers are gentle for hell's going on with calorie. I'd 6177797. Out of 37 sites fugitives came it'd be fixed call screener we can now take phone calls. At 6177797937. What an amazing thing to a talk show and he actually take a phone call. In the meeting with Mo and and a sport waive our loan in for a EA Sports Radio WEEI. She's dead Bryant should debt should that be attached. Do you want that being cared to react to fan a player coach. The jets games. Do you want that to be catch. Did Dez Bryant you want that's the kitchen do we just begin Matt being the language debt would constitute what does that mean control and each one of those situations. To beat down and then the ability to perform big football actors historical patent. And coach Tomlin continued to. Expressed the ability to. Perform. A football last. Well at that. And makes senate nine totally understand what they're doing extra events and he nailed it right there just for good old Malia sort of what we look at the people want it's a bit today wanted Jesse James is touchdown to detest it's gotta get my Mike Tomlin only wanted the Mike Tomlin and Sean Payton of course Mike Tomlin wanted to hear Jeb. This is what it's all about it's all about the fans were confused and they have been for years goes back to the tuck rule. Most fans spot with a tuck rule that is a fumble I think I know football that's a fumble or if you read the rule book specifics in the rural book. That was not a full of it as well as the patriots. Right it wasn't just the a steal a phrase that one adapted to be a catch. As everyone else in the country rooting for the peak is to lose they wanted to be part of that could be an anti patriot and we know that that exit. Pull the old rule that's I think they should have done late and then. You know because. Do you think they'll imitate this rule again yet they'll heavy chains all going to be almost five years it'll be a change on again to be there you know the coach is on competition committee will change. Who won't be Tomlin won't be patent market leaders on the bail beam peek aero whoever. And then they'll say you know what this this Easter hurt us all that time we need to change. It's it's the debate a no brainer of all time to throw Lockett and right now. People will be more confused next year than they were this question once breaking patriot I would love sombre brilliantly shooting guns ready for this as a treatment big sign it. By Molly who is who is going to. Plus I was breaking news wrestling with. You might change and Phillips herself her say so it's radio WEE Mercedes Lewis is now a New England patriot go at the show afterward they blew check marked the New England Patriots have signed. Marquis flowers on a one year deal it's pork. All right that is of course. Special purpose every vote like a real special teams eye opener. You don't rove play an integral way let me get this Friday and outlook on all money and done like on pilots. In kickoff and every offer turnouts we've been all three things we mark these houses are predicting Britain and bold elder Paterson aide Avnet Abner. Met each later and a they've signed six special team owners and not to like a tree got a 500 re hearing on the ready. It's six. Especially secretly to go to bill rationally special teams all three phases of the game you know that little terrorists on Thursday the day after telling. All three phases of the game we're starting this thing and we'll get the defense. Is it now when we gets it is funny man I was like I'll buy cars out there another huge need a good base. At every team has a good base and you need you reliably please and I'm linebacker. Yes you tomorrow and play a lot of the analogy is generational and they changed the rule you know it's a totally different that you was quick to he's quick number Lester again I don't know your you're gonna get excited about it in the draft is where you draw your excitement from humble you already know that draft the first pick will be probably could be. Maybe possibly on maybe if I think about but don't hold me to this. Yeah tackle a case are Redmond. Last night. You've probably done that you watched at all he'll excel. A few weeks away from the draft and so I looked at although the tackles in in the draft looked at me and it looked at three different things. Raves about any of the kids from notre teams like gigantic. State that. And again advocate 69 it's even tall of them in seek and get sick and get some soul or body types. But you read they don't really have a strong physical war. I think the National Football League if you're left tackle you're going up against them those behemoth don't you have to have like a solid corps physical or to be able handle these guys. Or the other one was the talking about again under the first round there. Are. Nuggets don't mess it was against America these guys on some album say they're too big. But 68. Other heads of all Durbin bill stalled six well. I think polar hopelessly stalled out insists they don't sing makes you guys. I think you know 6768 I'd known all over the place much of Ballmer on the other sites extended success and at least he's there all 6768. These guys they got to succeed that he threw to me yesterday. That particular entry over at the Albert Boston College got her to shoot eight Scripps ankle so and audited by what from my guests via a sack leader not doing anything you pretty good player before that injury right and yes wouldn't set. So he could drop into that area. What would he be somebody that we I don't I don't they build up and that area. I don't let's not let's say he does let's. Let's do with the NFL wants to do let's go let's say and maybe us out of it could have possible predators are mock draft five point now yet. To mr. Khatami when he beat some guy that could help them possibly. Possibly amazes me this is its pass rusher is not overly Houston overly all that over power anybody. It got real big I mean that you know he's quickie in youth even he's one of those guys looks great shorts. But yeah he's a pass first and that's basically what he would do. Could he stand up be kept trying to put him in a two point Stansky dropped me possibly. Yeah exactly exactly you can actually. The days of the the odd hand on the ground your specifically just they pass rusher guys like him out of six or issue note to thirties company. Measure exactly what is what it is 255. You gotta you gotta deal to drop recovered yet we played multiple positions. I challenge all that's mean he was a lot bigger then Landry thought I was gonna ask. Right now he's landed arrogantly 234 point five and he. Wanted to move up for a couple of spots if you really like I just. I read all the the tackles and none of them. Item I don't watch these guys and I'm reading other guys who watch these guys. And giving their two cents on the and that it be bright in the sentinel nobody was rating of any of them knowing that this project I. Project you gonna get tackle when it was project and it felt dot com yeah I got that 31 of their choice between. That gimmick lynching Cole Miller. This guy's gonna take Michael Miller. On the other jets have Bucky Brooks she's got taken Connor Williams and guard out of Texas a maniac has cold Miller I think fifty in the tackle or six. Best tackle in the draft. Is in the exit is a real difference some guys have one guy at five and and that same guys like to in and somebody asked him to 32 minutes of guys that wouldn't you'd. That African. She's in those top seventeen yeah. That's crazy match. Saw them goes Woburn man. Sure yes absolutely easily a huge pistons where is bill today. I heard Bill Bennett has seen his baited Georgia's an Amazon South Carolina it's amazing. Seems to be North Carolina maybe. Clinton. Should be spending a lot of time out differed guy that coach I keep on hearing people tell me after Josh McDaniels came back in the bill's gonna leave and yeah well Josh is gonna takeover seems to be doing on jobless like always there's lead in this here's to your duty normally does. Well yeah this this is finally here are some ladies out there working our egos the if you look at what all that effort into cliche here endless possibilities may I always chip and maybe all possibly. Could be don't only get doubled he's not going anywhere that I articulate she's going to be here to only seventy doubts that my age. But I don't think. I got again listed Roemer and the Wharton and every you know I don't think the fact that he is out right now looking at colleges is proof that he's going to be here forever he does this might be there anyway you might be different but this isn't proof what. Oh what did you think this news. It did at next year's is last year coaching did you think he was a good idea what the draft this year is gonna just blow off. It wasn't a look at football players know I think he's the type of guy that he would put in a full day tumble last day that's hazel for Saturn rocket say it's been a great career wasn't that this isn't proof that he's looking I don't I don't have next year I don't think he's not looking past now might retire the next got it up. I'm gonna and I already liked it and then months ago but I'm gonna stick with it he's here for in little time he is not going. Yeah. He's not going anywhere in those people who think that Josh has taken over in Europe to absolutely crazy every additional list shall Muslim world a brand new world and even taken to accomplish. Where is just sort of just violent in the Caribbean that me myself I opened my world you know it's. Nothing about it but he promised he was gonna open a couple as they came back from Denny and at this time he really did but that. So he's he's not head coach. It don't you think he's he's going to show you I think he wanted to come back as a coordinator I do not and I don't I think Atlanta I'm like wow you don't want to coach. I'm not sure I do you could always be an offensive coordinator you Kamal. We'll see at least we'll see what happens right by the fact that he's Philly office cornered this kind of bombs on my little bit is it that that's a better alternative like beam beam. He's got a coach and head coach in waiting. Are you see your beauty get some new information anytime you already knew about but he was in a series of January's not picky anywhere you stay back from these other trips. A you don't as you evaluate players and self scouting but you could add your own show your own ship your own car you could at a all the people underneath you if you failed. Come back in office coordinator it would surprise me if two or three years from now four years from now Bill Belichick decides to leave and Billy O'Brien has some success down in Houston the biggest probably has. Is it too many injuries guys they couldn't show up every Sunday he gets fired. And bill O'Brien gets hired as the next head. Phil Bryant and the way George had success and that itself and I figured out say you don't wanna be the guy after the you wanna be guy after guy happens I think you'll detailed exactly Jack which doesn't feel like I've got that option numbered about them afford that none of you want to be the guy at average guy replaces the guy after it played out Canada yeah beating guys don't play with the the war really you know way you did what you're trying to do completely stones and you always makes sense to me it's only occasionally you get me. It's almost like a silk and I understand you've the first two years now everything you say it's like analogy revolved. The after the that was. To we're going to be back after we do this commercial that will be after will be back.