OMF - Mike Andrews, former Red Sox second basemen, former chairman of the Jimmy Fund 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Member of the Impossible Dream team and former chairman of the Jimmy Fund, Mike Andrews joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian on the second day of the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.


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Our next guest is a guy who was here for many many many many years she was the chairman of the Jimmy Fund former second baseman. The Boston Red Sox and like you two logs over here in the diddley hey you talk show with an. I thought I would not talk to everybody that I. Or three others like them and also trouble over the years my chances with this. But see you and Lou. Great to be here and thank you for having me on here with the army and fun. Huh. There's a future for wanna and yeah. And if they don't. Somewhere else and that's a bit as much as he ought to. And that electricity means so much trouble you know I'm a former player he goes on there it needs its passion that guy and and I'd go out BC Europe jerk that I. A did. Three I don't know to me out. A good place that they threw him out. Of a juror no I don't immediately unit to. There are bigger picture regularly attend you once I'm a little. That you did vacuum in the clubhouse. There. We're obviously really into the Jimmy Fund because you have more time chairman but. Tonight a special might they're bringing back the impossible dream team from 1967. When it's this. Now fifty it's I think I was minus three years old at the time. Start. It's amazing it looked like that when you were. And second page and at 6070 or so yet but people forget that they look at the Red Sox managed 38000 years every night. When they played opening day in 1967. There were 101000. People football or at all and Rick go hit a home run to win that game I think it was against a White Sox they're number. But 101000. These guys started. What now. Is a totally your call a colorful and they started. 67 that that was you know the park really even in the down years that the Red Sox have had cents 67. The park is full all the time and I mean it really was if we we go out with nothing else it is that we brought back baseball. You lost it was wrinkle your shortstop we'll you there he is my short stuff. Thanks god and have peace. And it usually goes first two years now love regal park he toughs out a bit and Clinton to to take one thing you don't want to mess would agree. He does that stack yeah. It through. It's well it's weird that for you that you know the 1967. And now. They're giving tours of Fenway Park my kids come up here for a one of the retreat trip to make it tore. But it amuse the deaths at the players are Lockett buying guys on him is that just. Oh yeah you know it's really amazing about that it is at about that time in 1966. Tom he was talking about moving the ball club out of Austin because he couldn't get an agreement with the city to. Building the new park and that he didn't. And they were he was really talking about moving out of Boston. And now you look at this ballpark and what they've done with and and it's like it's I walked in and I I look at the old films of us when we played in the park. Honestly look bore you mean now I going there as to why no ads on agreeing there the only sign. Couple of Tom jockey in the ballpark with the Jimmy Fund only. Signs in the entire. The big backpack and 67 was there they want the media like right now there's so much attention to how this team is covered the media. Was it like that back then actually did you have did you RC or radio right. Yeah we had political and formerly had invented the sport but I'm. That goal has put the cola what was it like. Are they what if it goes back the start here we probably had about four writers. Traveling with us by that time we got in August I think we have about 24 and so it became very. Yeah you're you're much more exposed however the big difference then witnesses that. We all travel together we went out had Beers together with the brush it off the they'd do more not me that's like. And you could say like off the record I'd like to say this and it wouldn't be in the paper. But now I've written that these guys can't talk us. So is that is that you know we look at the players of today. Won't be one thing that you would take from your error and implement it into their personalities. Well it's hard did you know that's hard to you with a football player probably go to the same thing you know it's changed I mean you know I would say that money is certainly makes you much more independent. We used to take a week off. And and go pick it Diop in the winter we didn't we can go work out all winter long and these guys now urges they're all wealthy. But I would say that you know it. Don't forget where you war because as. You'll be forgotten I don't care who you are you going to be for publisher David Ortiz some daylight. Gloria what's that like in the offseason so the starting second baseman for the Boston Red Sox walked in some way to Haiti at CUNY need help I think what what what your job and what's your employer like really. Absolutely. After the 1967. Season and went back home to. What what would then my home was Torrance California and I was working for seers and I was hoping that I could take over the sporting department should could and. I got a camera all right at that time I was actually in the where house pulling off you know what somebody wants to take it out front on report. And we just come off the World Series no one knew no one knew I was going to. Affairs and I don't play base our. LA nobody knows yeah are just fall guy to two weeks ago or just in the senate into the world tour. Imagine doing that make it in and right under soaked in immaculate witness what well when I got the call on our golf. I got a call from some of the guys that stayed here and they said you got it back here we're making appearances in getting. 200. And I went 200 dollars I don't clear that I'm. I warehoused god we got in the car and went back. Boston we've been here so what a difference are just looking at the attendance like half a million and 65. And got to the 700000. 66 in the because it balloon one point five and 67 is unbelievable. Now you have a long time chairman after your playing days. Of the Jimmy Fund you retired one. From her from the Jimmy Fund about. It's seven years seven years I've had so you were big part of this you were in the guy on the floor every single minute or whatever. So you've seen the changes you've seen the great success stories. You've seen how this thing was where. The chances of survival were so old slam and Mike today we're seeing. The saint Kitts the same adult coming back year after year after year we Italian earlier today was told he had eighteen months to look back at 2012. 2000 at seventeen great program what difference. You know I I remember when I started which was. About thirty warn you about 38 years ago now. And the kids who we were saving the week. They're good wonderful doctors and researchers that Farber receiving less than 50% of those kids so. When you saw somebody committed the Jimmy Fund clinic and I got to know so many of them you would look and say that chances are better that you're not gonna make it the annual are now. I don't know what they that it's got to be well over 90% of those same kids are born in Britain leaving a regular life remark it's just an end you know and then the adults on the adult side it's the same thing and want to reach out to Jerry Remy too because you know. Actually we wanna make sure he gets well because he's he's you know had a real battle too and yes. Numerous battles yep yeah so. But it it's it's just phenomenal and I just thought Ken Anderson who is. You know probably in and you can almost say this about so many of the researchers and doctors in a barber. They're the best in the war and we just had an in here yeah I know I desire is just obviously and I looked at him and I just say. You know he's he's world renowned there is no one better than him and you can probably pick out. Dozens at Dana Farber who fit the same mold. That's going to be a book called write your patient you look in the NC it was my doctor who's helping me. In incomes doctor penny it's my opinion. A pretty good or or another you know another one needlessly. They appreciate it take all star hall of famers doctors everywhere Netflix it. Tom Brady of and that's what it's honorees at tackle he locked in you know it is OK we got the word I think. People aren't. I say this for so many years and if you want if it's something that's gonna make a difference you can't give. Any place better than Farber. As far as cancer and I think it's important for guys like use anyone's in there. And seeing it in me and and as I met Lisa and it meant that the nurses indicate doctors. You cynical okay this is money well spent. No we're the money's going to release what goes to out affects lives so you know you you want to donate donate. It's amazing what they do it's amazing it really is transform whole like Ecstasy in real life. They use of rikers it is I despite an at all I've. Watching you guys yesterday you know because I've watched in the tolerated tail on an on going. You know it. The in a quiet. I'm listening to Lisa sure Byrd saying she had a bad summer as she awesome your kids on guard. Got tears are coming demise and one like god in notices. Were on the upside of this thing and yet it's still we need more help we you're we need to keep those funds coming in. Yeah and it affects so many different people out there and I think that's actually the fact that so many families have been affected by it it's made more people aware of it. More people understanding that cancer is that bad work but there are so pretty different forms of that swing different researching somebody different departments. Now people I think are more engaged and that's why those the numbers keep on the phones keep on ringing because I think people understand that foreign more than they did years ago you were doing. Remember our. System and it's Coleman the old days at home doing. Yeah we travel around doing individual radio and you. You know we'd make. 500 dollars here in Bangor Maine and go down somewhere in Vermont while more than singers two. Yeah. I they enjoy tonight that'd be fun we're gonna have a great witnesses it's like say is probably our swan song about regulars back anymore I you run an idea about here yeah. Sick commemorative back from the 1967. Impossible dream team yes and it is I see a lot of signatures on it so how many signatures are on there is that you you told me that assigned. Awhile back this is stopped and signed recently. Right it's the bat that would as commander in 1992. So there are few people missing because we lost them before. Before they. Happen. But there seven different signatures on here. Yet buying mean these are real signatures. And course and you're on board. All guys he writes it is an on here it's Joseph Boyd. You work while now people forget or you run. So almost all are on your actors sell a round whole thing Williams. Are all on here. So. We're hoping to get it while I'm on here says so you're not longer. So does this look let's get a phone number the first person who wants coal. With a 101000 dollar bid mine is probably didn't appear probably somebody out there right now on view that that's thinking about making a sizable donation. This would pay for itself right now this is a collector's item very talked about. How significant that 6070 ones this that's gonna be worth more mud down magnolia for 101000 dollars. If you get it back so it. First caller who calls him. And pledges 101000. Dollars to the Jimmy Fund. Gets this bad at 877. 73812348777381234. And we can even have my you know and deliberate. They'll beat up an addict in the crack. Up they handle the label and your pain yeah. It's it's great senior. Right guys thanks for all you do it and keep up the good work enjoy the night tonight. I don't pony how many guys from the original team here well we you're still alive well outs but I think there's seven team. Including coaches and so we lost about half hour. Houston late season yet enjoy the night and thanks he's my future.