OMF - Mike Mottola, 28, B-cell lymphoma (a white blood cell cancer), Methuen 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

He was diagnosed in October 2014 after having severe back pain during a golf tournament. He began treatment at another hospital until February 2015. He then was in remission but before long it was clear he was having some complications. By July his cancer was back and he started treatment at Dana-Farber, where he began a new chemotherapy regimen. By July 12th he was in a coma because of a bad reaction to the chemotherapy and when he woke up he could not move his right arm or left leg, and as a result he couldn’t walk. Mike rehabbed and by the end of August was finally able to head home. He spent every couple of weeks in the hospital for chemo and spent the time in between doing physical therapy. In early December, Mike was moving around and he started the stem cell transplant process. He spent his birthday, Christmas and New Years and 2 fantasy football championships in the hospital. By early January he was allowed to go home and spend the next few months recovering. Since last year Mike had the last of his PT scans and is now considered 18 months into remission. This is thanks to a clinical trial at Dana-Farber that was funded by donations. He still plays golf often at Merrimack golf course in Methuen and has gotten into yoga as a means of staying calm and reflecting as well as increasing his flexibility. He recently started a career as a realtor. His family includes his mom Rosemary, his dad Joe and sister Jenn.


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I would look like it is a great story we love having people come back in and join us again especially when the outcome is so great Mike until this year 48 years of age. He's firm at the when Massachusetts. Big call for. And we asked on the questions I think. Lou Aspin's out of the golf games and dumped one in line. What what are you know it's always a need help anything else that played golf he's healthy now we got no problems he's healthy constantly am unhealthy it's all it's all thanks to donations come out here because it may. A clinical trial that was funded from. He's from the proceeds from the feel special connection to it supports it blown. La Alec and we we are books and worst line. About mine. He's a big loan. Tonight so that's how we see our thoughts and they tell us that you there's. Other things they can load earlier that you could market alone. Oh that your brain washed that its market like back to admit it until. He's not a wider political figure real estate agent. Reactor that's why you get your deals right we don't play golf and the soccer on purpose right. Yet let people in. It bothering you remember him from last year anomaly and win and in Clay Buchholz in. Yeah. Or California. Few months away from coming back. The Sox an eight inning. And it got that guy now it's to be perfectly healthy by November yeah. It perfectly finite element of the great arms and awesome I'm getting stronger every day which is rate now. The way that you and it is doing that in yoga and play a lot of golf. What is great about the game of golf as you can compete. Regardless of skill level so whether you're good or better every can always play against someone and always have the competitive action. It's at night keeps me kind of motivated to keep getting better keep it stronger give give us your story again yes you're so I AM in October of 2014 has actually playing golf that I am garment golf course that went. And die down second horrible pains in my back and I thought Emma pulled a muscle or anything I was like 25 hours. There's just about to turn toward I wasn't doing stretching it should have been doing. And I thought okay it's talk of canceling answered but it went like 34 weeks without getting any better. Hands went into that. Starting is sweating at night and this is November at this point. There's obviously something. So I went to a hospital in May get some blood work hand down they kept me overnight in actually and in turn came in the morning. At cancer. He didn't dating to buy your things so my first initial response with a different. Thing Dana Farber was kind of not the most professional. So once I got to Dana Farber in February of 2015. It was such a different environments. You've had everyone from the ballet sued the receptionist all the way up to the doctors that I saw that. Really it a personal connection and I was listening on the way in two as a woman husband and she had breast cancer and she's just saying now that they've really. Com. They meet her feeling chi was being taken care of she's feeling and other numbers she really felt like a personal connection. With the folks at Dana Farber and that's that I felt. And so it ended up happening is they had to crush chemo because the cancer had spread all from my body and my central nervous system and everything. And that going into a coma for eight or nine days. And down they written out last writes I was in the coma. And it didn't think I was gonna come out of it and I ended up bottom my family came and took some pictures. We're seeing some of them right now yes well I took a lot of self these and it's. Still it's. It's I was just trying to lives might. Life is responsible as you can see those pictures I lost so much weight while I was in there. But I tried to keep a smile on my face and have a good time. And that's my buddy mark Wright knows he's been with me you know every step of the way I want my best friends in the world that. What was amazing is that people rally around you when you're going activists it's a hole. It's it affects everyone from your friends your family seed you know you coworkers at one reaches out wants to support you but no one really knows exactly what to do. Which is what's amazing now I'm working with the Jimmy Fund a lot and one of the things that were doing. Is that like a lot of golf tournaments and stuff so I've been speaking a lot of golf tournaments in one of the ones that we. Are doing is this gonna have on right now the sunrise to sunset tournament. Com which you do it international in October and we raised over a 100000 dollars last year in the first year doing. So it's just really then a great experience getting to work with those people and trying to just. Spread the word and get as much information out there's a cancer hope in your good now. The damn great I'm great so I went through clinical trial which is eighteen months long. In that I got my final all clear backed at the start of July. So now I am officially like. You know in remission knock on what this might be fake wood but that's OK but if that's it's a completely edited it's so now yen up officially in remission. When you when you you know you're here you're paying now you're obviously still involved. When you see some the other families. Some of the younger kids and some of the younger adults. Do you ever stop them and kind of give him some words of encouragement you know pat back. Absolutely I remember when I first went into Dana Farber I was so scared. And I saw the people who looked like they were experienced sailor they had been there awhile. And they really took it upon themselves to come out to mean kind of tone that everything would be okay into. Talk to you vote the success that they had at Dana Farber so I try to do the same thing now and whenever I see anyone is going to do anywhere near any kind of struggle with this com. I try to just reach out and help anyway can't even if it's just talking to them and tell my story in the fact that you know I'm not doing good when. Really a few different times it looked like there was no way that his enemy of the yeah and it's crazy I could hear what was going on like at these weird dreams and well while I was in the car when I woke up. I knew that like. Jackie Bradley junior was hot at the time and I just my dad left. NASA and in the Red Sox games on every time hours he heard everything when I heard everything laws and I can't relate and remember all that but I came out. The Celtics do things he probably it and it's I don't know I noticed right systems and in this in his out of. So there's good news otherworldly you relive it and was was Nomar Lou Lou Nomar. Yes it will delighted that resentment and batting averages a little Katrina made up. I mean you must be deep and that's the yeah models that. Running back in right. If you see you obviously you're well aware what we're doing is clinical trials yeah for you in a lot of the funding that reaching here today. Virtue out of that coma perceive your life absolutely the doctors I mean they tried out a ton of different things on me. And now after stem cell transplant they told me that I could go back and for a second cents a transplant but that would movements like a year of being. Basically locked in a room. And not being able to go do anything so this clinical trial ought to go out games you know enjoy my life with my family friends. And also it cured me you know it's the reason why I'm here today. Mike it's great seeing you once again and great to see that you do and so you may wanna hang around out here Chris hill's gonna join us in humans is a little bit better than playbook OK you know it. Eagle is then but he is yeah. At the open. Our thanks for strictly guys gives you saying you didn't see it's it's a great in the keys story it's an excellent reference to.