OMF - Mike Reiss explains why Bill Belichick stays ahead of other NFL coaches, 11-22-2017

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, November 22nd

HOUR 4 - Mike Reiss joins the show to talk about the Patriots avoiding a letdown after the long trip to Denver & Mexico.  Based on the schedule, it looks like it will be a while until the Celtics lose again.  Alex Reimer previews his debut on Dale & Holley with Keefe.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and forty I would Erica would you like crucial for him he's here the problem knowledge Perez here being. Stop at the end. Spirit thing. Then all of a bridge do heard. Then I think the thing from here Christian or is punching the wall back there when you one and now we've. Every management once he once upon you again and I think he's gonna blockade of my fight in my right right now chart with gland Louis Christian and we both say was look at the and what was the answer because he's gonna Winnebago trip OK averaged out check it out not at five Norton 48 would have gotten it that the main job -- down I don't want to Mexican actually if it occurs to translate. Binyamin rounds who's been years down to the what did not pods then I god be be open. Candidates and you'll do it all don't best big off the bus stop now on Sports Radio WEEI. Life that's impression that it intended for you earlier that morning none was enough. I'm going to movement not flattering but yet I gotta tell you I'm just looking at that sort of looking at detects one of looking at emails that pour again. I think people have a whole different view of Christian Fauria have to they read that piece last hour I I. I'd I can't admit him to go and try to match up the two columns yours. Vs Jerry Kill hands down now this was written without real particulars Israel. Yours yours you know I I felt like I was there even though you know you were talking that you even as well get to see that your little Timmy. You're Tim I'm Lou nobody ever Adidas and all have a little Unionists and I guarantee you. All of us have had a petunias in our life. But to hear that is that you've. Look that tried to date. Promise promises were offered and never. Given to him one thing apparently ran off with somebody else what they were getting a lot of text. We're way is the tune for more delays that's not flattering rent only from the like that you want you but I. I you I'll guarantee you that if million heard your version. A seniors make final memory vs Jerry Kelly and that was written. You know in my 1964. Or whatever now yours is to me a lot more emotional it's more impact full yacht. And a fumble was canceled because what form that's what we'll play it again coming up in about a half an hour but. He goes four minutes long if I were coach at that the boom box out like you mentioned the fact that it played so I just play for years out of Atlanta metro. I would I play better write everything. I don't know I wanted to report predator and o'clock before we get them makers particularly like predator we don't. Applause yeah we. You know play so the predator the day and he actually it popped out last week that there are more women now that it come. Forward and I'm just shocked and chagrined to hear. That porn legend Ron Jeremy is now being accused of sexual assault by a whole lot so when. Now and its us I don't feel like that's the home might. It's a one it's like I feel like the porn star in the seventies yes. Yeah still don't buy in ways that children I did it that he did say he fits the criteria the dirty scumbag in Philly of course he. Like eight Aaron OP sheep. And he's such like issues. This really strange what your reason your mood as the storm which sent. You said it's on restraint Jennifer several women I think I'd want legend Ron Jeremy of sexual assault the allegations which date back more than thirty years. Have gained traction when adult star ginger banks released a video content and yeah I don't know she didn't look around the failing several allegations. But you should read it a sexual misconduct against Germany from other adult stars as well as well. So I'm a little she said for overrun. For over forty years fans and fellow performance paying money and wait worn lines to meet witnesses. They want autographs pictures to flirt with me physically grabbed me in different areas. I usually my clothed penis they ask me to touch them and then launch to have me sign their boobs. This is his reactions. And you wanna know something in this case. Unlike like Joseph Biden and the George senior and some of the others that have been involved in this. I actually believe. And I've never understood Norman Jeremy yeah understood Roger and he is the ugliness fattest looking just piece of the crop. It's it's it's it's amazing that this. I was actually. In the porn business and I don't need him to jail but out of all the visuals that you want in your head coach Sean chases early this is that the polls I don't know that I know it's it's on. Edison had. I Anders and can easily like this be the last person I would say all know he's clean right. Life whose lives up to the second 80s90s. Disease you know these tweets like yet he definitely grope me and stuck his tongue in my mouth right I mean like up. Of course yeah of course he did I just this one's a little bit different I am aren't. I've our problem. Listening to all the women on this one so finish your round. Editor of the day so let's get away from my reason I'll ask Mike received from this as I don't think that's what I'm gonna handle the uncomfortable question comes at the end if we don't have to ask him out right. Ron Jeremy and I'm sure Mike was not following Ron Jeremy whose career when he was growing up is that you write like you weren't phone Austria. Annan on that straight and I love the timing of our call because I come right from practice. We have. Let me just get offered at all you know Bill Belichick while they like to. When he wants to get to keen attention to basically say look. The triple Goldberg the last two wins there over. We got to refocus it is rainy miserable day and just Belichick it is who you know walk out of practice. And you know reluctance but note Tom Brady. No Rob Gronkowski. No Chris Hogan note David Andrews no Marcus cannon. No Patrick Chung my license on the Radian Group as he suffered. Just taking it easy on the bottom and knocking out of the ordinary there Chung remember. Did not back down to. So such as you know just like immediately that helped report got Slater was back so just sort of started off with a little bit of you know the latest news here from our. Maybe we see a little bit more of Jordan Richard's Foote we're gonna see Brady we're gonna seek the right we're all gonna they're gonna play and it's funny because so so low they have tomorrow off like what's what's the scheduled for them real quick. So usually what they do Christians they come in and actually practice in the morning and then he usually cut him free a little bit earlier than they normally would they go be with their families. And don't make that I'm a little bit today so it'll be a little bit of a longer day from today and then a little bit more on Friday that they UConn and I'm unless there's a change from the past but they will be in tomorrow morning. OK so I don't build the spoke to the media already in the one of the things that he was gonna say gushing about. With the fact that the dolphins had two great quarterbacks quarterbacks and laurel of laurel and went all out also are outs are. Graham was a little bit at my bad okay outstanding quarterbacks OK first question. Is Jay Cutler even going to play. We asked that Adam on the content Colin said he still in the protocol so that bill. Sort of fluid on that situation Christian in terms of whether he'll be available for. OK so so. What about Matt more so Matt Moore is your outstanding quarterback. Ha ha ha well. And yet you'd be the next guy in and you know he he actually reminds me a little bit of Brian Hoyer like you might be able to get to McCain hurt you. But if you have to rely on him for so long term probably not the ideal situation you know people. You know we talked a lot about this after the last couple games because the attention to detail. Over the last couple games is why they were able to take teams take controlled the game early on and say see you later and sump and that we didn't see during the course of the season to watch all these other games like. And it's you don't see the attention to tee to UC screw up she she stuff which is that it's like what hell are they thinking whether it's the coach to quarterback. Our current quarterback. Whatever it is how is it and I know that we all know the politics to the best coach of a mall but how was that there aren't more god. Ice that are more like bella check what is at the seems to be this huge drop off in attention to detail by kids. They had couple thoughts on the acronym the first the ones that indeed it's in noted the the penalties like just specific to the hatred that meets as soon as well as the accusing me at the side. In the 69 penalties and Belichick was upset about that insults he made it a point of emphasis apple byte. Ellis got a clean yourself this can't continue what happens one penalty again Denver coup against Oakland Anthony took three penalty. Have you got sort highlight the when they talk about ways how they correct things in the excellent. But you know look this is not like a new flash Belichick. It's special there's just no one liked him a around the league in terms that are just the coaching at the roster building. Where and then make moves and not problems. You know but overall I mean there's just no you're hurt him. In the league with and it's impossible to head coaching job is very very difficult and there's not a lot of young coaches that are coming up the rain considered groomed. And even assume 60% of what Belichick does the one you really you see the difference in the class if you will. Promote Belichick's team to a Del Rio team broke Belichick scheme and advance Joseph schemes so it's sound that was really well I agree the last two. See that's the difference I think in in. The patriots and everybody else in the problem with that the weakness right now I don't think it's quarterback there's some good young quarterbacks. It's coaching out there but how is that you've had a great coaches they each have a tree. In which they spy on these these cultures. And how is it that this is not. We're not seeing the result of this might throughout the league let's say and everybody should be good but shouldn't we have a handful should we have him guys that are really good. And. We see and it here's my experience sort of sick in the bucket on the fly. I think it's just like you know are just our culture today everything sped up. We want it answered now we don't let things sort of sun. You know of all in what's happening like. Glad I really believe Josh McDaniels can be in that class. Well look what happens he got its chance back in 09 in ten and it would probably too early. For him right and and so it didn't work out but when he gets his chance again I think he'll be better I think what's happened is he's. It turnovers so much. That you're not getting. He's a long time coordinators like some might dimmer in Minnesota. Music great extreme right like he's he's probably one of the better coaches in the lead and it took him like. 25 years or whatever it was to get his chance. So we have time to sort of learn and take notes and. Nobody got a chance he was ready for that mistake I hope that were given these Cogent enough time. You know before they get the chance and an and then we see more turnover in owners are less patient than they than they ever were because of the pressure to win in the pressure. To sell tickets and sponsorships and all that and that sort. Continued to snowball from there. Yeah Adams and I look at the AFC west and just how. You thought that was gonna be really the cream of the crop right as far as divisions go and Kansas Sealy Kansas City is falling down Oakland is a mess they just. Your fired or deepens a corner. Denver being who they are how was it seven games general they've lost a summer like that or her but that's Johnson's. That shot doesn't look like they could possibly slip into some power position especially they can beat Dallas. Tomorrow. Let's say that's re not a good division and then but but on the and on the flip side or Russian tea on the same side well what's happened and if you. Right I mean what happened a lot hello Christian I mean I remember we cannot falcon. It's a game a couple weeks from now to the patriots and then they'll be here as a young coach. Just like to talk about who makes a quarterback change in a load up in his State's right and then Miami. They've fallen way out the jets know they slashed early so. Immediate slights. You can almost look at the patriots Christian right now and say December 17 at Pittsburgh but that could be the most highly anticipated regular season. That we had a long time right. Yup yet no I agree on that especially so tell me something about a minute off because I feel like nobody cares. Nobody really is even focus on this game apparently gamers understand the game you just he will throw the ball large audience out of hot how does Miami win. Well so the couple sought and they can't turn the ball over there one of the worst turnover keen not only got an 829 in the turnover differential so whatever reason they can stop turning the ball over and relieve the pressure like where if you're hatred and I. I think when you see Ndamukong Suh on the other side of the line of scrimmage probably started. It's got its nap. You could do something stupid. He could try to hurt you know Brady or whatever like not that you're gonna held you back Christian but that would be like it. X-Factor go in its games that I would look at and say between him Cameron Wake. If they can get some pressure on Brady. Deliver a couple hits early may be rattle him. They need be they have a chance but I mean we're really grasping. At straws on the talk about them. I would tuck and our body on my crease from ESP and one more comfortable question for you here. And this was a debate we got a couple days ago just watching the NFL network at night watching ESPN. It'll be getting all excited about Carson once and I'm not saying that they should date he's been unbelievable these. Certainly been Clark though that defense is being good to what he's really been part of what why they're nine and one. But they're already written him as the MVP. And I look at it Tom Brady's top reedy getting. Failure attention and all of this now he's forty years of age but here's the caveat to this. He's a forty year old player who's playing better than what he was 3330. Or thirty by 36. Something we have never ever ever ever seen before in this sport or may be any other sport. And much too sensitive about this or. It is it this is the new fresh toys and Tom Brady. Neck Glenn I think that it I think we'd like the new stories and it sort of similar ram machine like that sort of rushed to a north the next Warren and o'clock in the way to Carson went a big part of why he is the leading candidate for him I would probably put him. No one aide of Brady's one me is that look at the whole. You know he's given that team and now you could turn at your table what about ready at the same thing and it did. But it's just the same scene seventeen years in the making and so I think it is your point about you know that the new fresh thing. As well taken and there's still time for this and things shake out lets get Eagles can sustain. Because some you know pretty safe bet that the patriots will be to. It did this is not the Brett Favre at forty it's it's not mu at forty. They were really good at age 46 guys who actually has all of the answers as he says to all the questions. It is better now that he was 5678. It's unbelievable. And I I don't think it's being played enough out there really. Yeah especially in Glen when you consider how many hits you it's taken early in the season that's really tightened up they've done a better job with that. In recent weeks but you got sort of back to the discussion I think it's strengthens that candidacy for radio much more. Oh it is horrible my keys Thanksgiving. Day and the question. Aren't as bad as you or anybody. Our man. And our man and I always think. I am of course of course I look at that your name it and it's a high quality FEMA uncomfortable question that we European demand lot's you always help and rightly kitchen right I mean you're there you're on YouTube boots on the ground might vote which calling. Absolutely and if so do you hunt. You remember the first time. You put your hands into the carcass of of a Turkey you'll think its old way to. Slime. To be a little warm in there did you think it the first time he's that your hands and that. Lying your way carcass of a Turkey. Or. I don't even know where to go this one's just. Look at what it's like a closer look networks. I thought this question asked on the Food Network and I got it racing what were you thinking. Thought man it affects thinking. Christian. I don't know like this stuff in here. OK okay I took a and I. House today that yes somebody passes every week on this course it's the yeah there is no later tonight question he answers all of our other question in this everything he says yeah. How soon the enthusiasm they might have a great Thanksgiving buddy okay things might get it out yet about it and we'll talk about it. As Mikey reasons we'll take a quick break we're right back but it calls. A. It's peace time for another morning media relations action. Good for change. Sarah days he's right now the wartime against. They are a good good show right now. I live here we have. Figured it out to export way more Loney and Fauria fox Sports Radio WEEI. And amp half when he gets the Celtics a couple seconds and then you'll have job. You're cool you're hip you're cutting edge and as you said earlier you're more interest to the Celtics than you are the patriots are we gonna get to the Celtics and just society. But let's do our little KM the official frank sausage of the New England Patriots K am touched down contest. Would be known and all season long each week fans can visit the promotions page at camp dot com you can enter to guess who will score the first touchdown for the patriots and yes right. Well you're going to be added you can win a pair of tickets to patriots game and an autographed football. From the patriots star quarterback though we can't say his name you know nothing is he didn't practice today or the patriots are tight and heat in practice either but those of the autograph footballs. Did you would win if you win this whole thing. So Christians in the lead right now with three correct picks and there were only six to go pa. Who has won correct pick I have one correct pick and so let's see what happened last rate Martellus Bennett Kirsten. I got I gag Iraq mommy dom don't give me solemn and I will go away very fit all well. Open it up week wade didn't who got a birth Dion Tim Lewis and Lewis's right analysts second. Those guys I story in my life second all right so. You can make you pick right now by visiting the Russians page it K a doctor in your pick for Sunday's game against Miami. You can do the right fights and Celtics conversation and that if you know we didn't you guys. We have the maker picked you to picks this this week and last week at the same thing you forgot the of the day to pick this SO will you pick the sweet apple I apologize if I had little personal but lose first and before I left as they recorded his case picking this is gonna be brick cooked. Our ticket take the brick where you want I'll let you go first. I will stay where. No. No. It's always drunk I thought. I'd tell them. Out to anyone that's when he. Add that that's when it just came to London today all of a sense you'll what was your what was your first was. Most of the yen. You can do is point again. Next. It's the coaches like that sure it's nice I'm gonna go to us the Al Lewis got a birth brought his due though because there is a quality product and now I don't think diesel. Yeah it's gonna be helped out in the whole thing. OK so there's there's are starting to move on and talk about the Celtics their guard force seventeen. Wins. In a row tonight I had no knowledge of business. It says you not tell me as. I thought I could kind of be done so poorly done enough so was that you that we're talking about the shift in light of and you might have been will let you go that they are all hey. All the satellite satellite. You know why you have him opinions or are you won't open until. But you talk about there's a close games said it's not like they're blowing people out usually when the team goes through. Age sixteen. Game win streak and have seen this before or seen it with Celtics years ago eighteen game win streak at that I was broadcasting put. Do but there are blowouts they were easy dangers involved. This was easy to take going to add talents and have to fight. Out their way through it to an incoming from big. Who leads at the other team are getting on the early on in games and there have to get back into the games. That's what's even more amazing that this thing continues on and you schedule for the next week this could go to torn to. I think he could but are you saying that because there's so close that they're going to be worn out passages that that's usually bet that lame that tends. To push for decided all right so they're all these close games come from behind that kind of wigs out emotionally. It takes more energy it's not like the starters like golds they was on the run but stars out of the game in the fourth quarter. There aren't playing anymore Seth Curry trade dream on greens that whole cast of Carolina Wisconsin. And I worry about does that worry about their offense anyway if you look at them in the Eastern Conference I'm not to be looking at the west were beaten and worse. But in the Eastern Conference I think for the fourth. Lowest. Points per game. In the Eastern Conference with one of two point nine now what's sitting and is their defense has been phenomenal hadn't given up only 84 point eight point five for the past. Of any team in in the leak. But that's scoring that lack of scoring specially the benched a lack of scoring by the French eventually I think that he's going to catch up to pay. I think picked that Bret Stephens is not be guessing anybody when he said the other day and listen we've always games in a rowboat we're really not. Playing as well as we need apply. I think he's right. Oh yeah no I don't but so okay so that's my point so. They're going to Wear down sooner than you think so what you're seeing is good and all but it really appeal a couple layers dad you would notice that okay. There are you can't compare it to the Golden State Warriors what they're long winning streak now it is extremely different her leg fighting tooth and nail. And the more games you win. It should get harder because now that you've reached sixty. That you would think. That that the next team they play wants to be the one that breaks the streak like the Celtics broke it broke and gold State Street for when they went out to Golden State and they beat them on their home Corbett well look how big of a deal was told they cannot to bought for the first time. It was like a look at championship game all the attention is like patrons it's like fans back up at the never seen anything like this before and us out we're just cannot. Getting started with their own rules as far as read brief peek reconfiguring their team. But but how soon. I mean it's it's an act and its him who's next on less noise Miami tonight Miami's a lawsuit if he might be a favorite out their lights telephone because. The one of the Miami can do is they can affect a little bit right so. Then good on a play utes off. Defensively. This is one of those games that it might not be as easy to block the eight of eleven you know or dad but it definitely a lot of buildings he was. Like I can back to back tied game they had yesterday off their thrash. Sound like they're come problem back to back you don't road trip game religious or the landing late in the some city and are already exhausted. This one. This launched shouldn't be any different than any other one in my. Now ours as far as trap game as far as trap games are considered. Like there's there's nothing. No formulas added to this that I don't think this is trapped in the Murti beat Miami once rights of the party played him for her youngest goes the other theory is that when you play them the second time. You play the Celtics had a second time. You sort of worked out now it's different now you know what to expect. You know what they're what their personalities like beat by a bitter and so all these teams that have a lead a thirteen point lead at eight point lead going into the fourth quarter. The first thing you're thinking about is hey guys these guys come back all the time this isn't it time to relax is it time to look to stats now. Put your foot on the pedal and go so that's belt belt we'll be outlets it should to see is how would these teams. Lay the Celtics the second time around. Like how they approach them with a BR a wholly different would you treat them like a championship team. The first time we played we just treating them like an average team may be because you didn't trust paid and around all the new faces and all that all that's up. I was rejoice a point that's the point is that now your gonna treat them like you're playing the Golden State salaries to our top eventually we have only got to get act right. Even Dallas was also doing anything right played on top went up and what do think Dallas and of Amherst and forget and a game of his play like it unbelievable and our vision for an end run and I don't believe he would've done that had the Celtics opened at the top of the standings and I agree with it differently or just got back up and else's game to get motivated for you regularly get some of that is it's difficult schedule. At Miami. Vs Orlando at Indiana then they get Detroit here at home on Monday that's a difficult game. They get to Philadelphia Philadelphia it all depends on whether indeed is healthy and not that night and whether they can challenge you were not limited Phoenix they shock. Milwaukee here at home Milwaukee again be the third game against the boxed. Than they did Dallas here at home and then they go to San Antonio to Detroit to Chicago the first two pretty good company I think you're right I think they're gonna start facing. Do the same opponents. But the with a different approach they got an advantage you can kind. Arab you can correlate that into what it would look like in and in the play out because then you really didn't understand what it seems like right on this portion of the programs spread brought you by complaints insurance if you missed it. In the last hour Christian. Getting inspiration for Jerry Kelly and many many years ago when he wrote that piece for the Boston Herald went seniors make final memory put together Q is. This ode to all of the seniors out there that are going to play. Their final Thanksgiving Day football in their last football game ever permitting uniform come tomorrow if you mess that stand by it's coming up next experienced. Lend 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. You order a way now back to more Fort Wayne remotely and Fauria watch Sports Radio. A lot of people. Taking days off stuff like Christian wants to go outside you very quickly as have been moved very quickly move first with that college dream. Is going to be on this afternoon with dale and win them keep. The key it's no longer keep its heat rash I saw that yep. Crossover brought to you by finance money he dot com feel good about this opportunity I feel great yes it's strange for me to be here during normal working hours and Heidi here in the wee hours of the morning in the wee hours and night from molecular so it was a new kind of Yasser it's imperfect but what actually on. Here at nine there's nobody in the building ailment of the Bee Gees you run around need to know really zoning it's really. Strange for instance. And we can't talk to 1 o'clock on that I only days need people to take up at you know it sounds that space time rather less affluent the crystal. One night midnight to two have a Thursday midnight until we get them not to of the so here's the only guy under the cards without the ball. Depth now I have a show and applicable fees and I will comment on board as health update now WEEI. That's to override of a certificate of candidacy cannot name like every day now that the candy man lose that note our hand is the candy. Actor glories here is for all right I'll live on other instructed to getting here late night host the games missed dot mix up I can't you can't WB yeah. And that's the handyman Al Ethel a pot sales pitches that we thought we can't help Christian art and now. I'll. The key in giving us these people like me into the communities in these late night guys I don't as there are so this the only question I have for you in just a stepping getting correcting you on. Are you gonna shaken up the shaft and I'm right gets got to bring energy it's what I do. Looking as always ticket sales to rinse and challenged on this program I thought yesterday they agree with the laws are always looking to shake things up. Always there's usually this time it's not as I need already pockets are going to be ready we're gonna hockey talk yeah I've watched. One period of the Bruins also are so you'll let me I went zero Vickers I and that's zero point zero has delivered meet aren't true it's like I walked in and sop here on out is I I I have email client wrote I mess and and a lot by investing one map now caught any hockey he's not Eagles are doing higher ratings and the Bruins this markets they'll feel really good. I am already. Alex from every state should be interesting and I'm gonna be disappointed if you don't shake it up look at always shake things I'm glad Dale's gonna get pissed them in Sonoma home we have. In my shall yeah ran well now turned into a crazy liberal we are actually doing some trump passing in the wrong business or advance notice that he's last night's human I would respectfully disagree are already belting his mind and even where to. Hours of love on the radio and sent to an ounce from the as a trump bashing maybe ten weeks. I just was I don't know if you heard the serve earlier Alex we you know you know great writers Jerry Kelly great great race yet this years ago seed is meant to final memory it was a one of those that every time I agreed it was literally drive they did earlier it was seen me back here at my house tournament's top tier and I. Lack of a short jokes now definitely not a it was about a foot short and I am Oakland but he's fit enough that it makes up to OJ OOK. I'm fine. There aren't a lot of traction at the strap these are yeah Djokovic is for guys like you know rewrites I was just just solve every weekend. These aren't on settlement amongst downsize on these or don't. And buddy I mean we get along with friends but he just and Greg good friends Yang out a lot so like I relish that at all uncommon so so. Christian showed today I think and install it. That he could do and maybe one opt Jerry Kelly and he did the contemporary version modern version of an honest Nevada's. Of seniors make final memory there last high school Thanksgiving game ever and occurs everybody have a great Thanksgiving great Thanksgiving out through because they. Christian great thank you didn't you have got the entire family and I filled. Like up there really are they this is Christian Fauria. Reaching out to all of the high school seniors one last time. There's only so many more of these nights left. It's about you and there are faceless opponent. They just happen drug showed strong enough. Get your grass is ready to play. Well straight road games. Your alarm goes off a little earlier than you want it. You hit the snooze button a few times before your over enthusiastic bother finally charges in and yelled for the love of god deep out of that what did back. Try as best to explain why it is such an important day like the dad from varsity blues he's just tried to stretch out his own glory days and protect them onto you. The tell you that this witnesses one of the most important days of your life. Thank you remember this moment ever. Brain so fry from BP employees Star Wars battlefront to for the past three months that you don't even listen anymore. You hopping your mom's SUV jet off to the stadium there's a different type of tension in the air. But that's just because your civics teacher was arrested last night for being in the left guard. All semester and it's all a matter of time before the nude photos he distributed through the other offered the Lyman are leaked out local yeah. But not a nightmare. India. The music is flat out. Trying to get heights. They're trying to do your best to get hype for the big game but it's hard to run through a brick wall with Billy Joel's piano man blaring over the speakers lately. It's the only song the team is allowed to play anymore after Tony's mom said black Teddy is to racial welcome to the jungle promote drug use and health wells. Is Christian ballot used. The coach and drizzle. It's his big moment. But Vince Lombardi pregame speech he's worked all night channeling his inner new rotten. And you'd be pretty fired up right about now if you actually listened to the word he put instead. You would think about the junior the cheerleader from last night who promised to give you a hand these reports tonight after the game. It's game time. The crosstown rival takes the opening kick up to the house and the rout is on your really your ass off you been told this builds character. UKB did you can't get in on a special teams play. Your father. Has so much Bailey's and is confident that he's he storming up and down the sideline screaming get the replica absolute maniac. The game will drag along at a snail's pace it's rainy and Europe Rick and breezy and it's getting colder and colder. After not playing a single snap all year the coach puts you in the game you know that point when it's your chance the center snaps the ball. You plant your foot in the ground and don't guard and tackle open up a hole so big truck to drive through it. Just at the quarterback hands the ball the middle linebacker all the way the line of scrimmage Bob Hope. You lift your head up when you see your disappointed coach with his hand in hand beyond that is your father beat escorted off the field yeah. If you walk off the field you will remember act god damn thing that's how concussions work. Just wanna get back to the locker room and change in textbooks and you just hope your vineyard bond insurer won't speak from being in the smelly locker room all morning. The shirts mouse but that won't even matter of attacks from tune she broken up a few. Winners coming in she's turned her attention to the hockey team. College will be better. A nine year old crime. Yeah clinics and other alternative right now have a happy Thanksgiving everybody out there we're taking a few days will be back Monday. At 10 o'clock happy holidays to everybody bail. Holly with Keefe and Greenberg and our Ali you've achieved it depends who whose report there. And I haven't and I didn't want. Nall. Joseph go anywhere. Daylon Hollywood's chief are coming up now.