OMF - Mike Reiss joins the show, details the lotion incident; Christian smashes veganism 1-3-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, January 3rd

HOUR 4 - Our buddy Mike Reiss joins the show to discuss the Patriots as they get set for another Super Bowl run. Of course, we just want more details on this lotion thing with James Harrison. Remember when Fauria tried to be a vegan? It was an exciting time that spanned many minutes. So what has brought veganism back into Fauria's life?


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Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 this was not in negotiations. I think that. They woke up that morning and made the decision however they did it. They're gonna trade. Jimmy your outlook and I believe we establish simple phone calls the Bay Area Georgia to drop off. Yeah okay to kill okay. Not turn over complicated with Glenn flew in Christy had told Tom Brady gonna fall off Clinton now when you're falling from the heights Tom Brady is you passed the rule ordinary units before you hit bottom it's not blown yet but it's ordinary. This isn't just your average January snowstorm experts are using terms like Bob bode just stay home we can even add up with thunder snow. A and he he made the yeah basically it means us from the monster storm don't make and that's been pretty handy right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Just look at the weather forecast you know violence these generals who we're gonna get in about 22 minutes tomorrow morning this would be the easiest yet from you. Ever later in the day Mike it was if you book that's when you add them out of I don't know what comes before people all this knowledge or live in no England moved to Florida if you don't like it. I think that's for our weekly get together with Mike free shipping in your mind. Happy new year guys. Follow your leader and duration of us he isn't room is on the table right you and her vehicle owners the endeared him did you at this Adam shift to shove yesterday were Dan Patrick. I was listening to you guys this morning on the latest data and heard it first okay so are you buying any of the issued and around Bill Belichick for a long period of time so bill Belichick's suddenly is willing to take less. In the way of the trade just so the Jimmy go Rob Lowe is with Kyle Shanahan. And with John Lynch and with a good organization. That we get a sense. You know apart credit. Make sense and he is just to keep them out of the AFC. You know that that would be the accents and I I don't think he put unique rob Lowe's interests ahead of what was passed the Patriot Act in case. That he would make is. I'll take less compensation wise. To vs say one and do just to keep a lot of conference that I want out. In a room that guy franchise quarterback and then have to have in the same conference and try to. Mike do you think he tried to shop on the elsewhere anywhere in the NFC because if both he did that I get it that's the best I can get but if he didn't he just hand picks and friend and old wonder if maybe did to a form. Well Lou my understanding on that is he didn't shock him. You know right when they made that deal deadline basically those are in light conversations. Yet teens call on them I mean I think we heard John Lynch say. You know yet reached out to them and was told well you know so. The patriots you like the options were it was Cleveland San Francisco I don't know if there were any other. So it's not like. There without a shot. You know. They knew the market percent in terms of which teams are there other than emblem who would. Who would have an interest in Arizona. Know maybe maybe Arizona you know I'm I think that. He shell like the teams and and it was more of an AFC NFC thing than anything else and I. So are its own set Tommy you're dead hooker or reduce visitor to the patriots win or go on a nice little run late this is like the second dynasty right as far as the first from the start with the house over a canal and you know Charlie Weis and those guys Skopje only given new group of guys and new three amigos if you will write you got and because cereal you got a map Patricia. He had Josh McDaniels I think they're all going and they're all good eagle is be either coaching or managing another team so Morales. What you think. Well I think the two coordinators Christian would be more likely you know this area I'm not sure. Our but it seems like for Josh in six years now year. I where you say you know if I keep passing on the is that they got to keep coming back in the you also look at saint Tom Brady is forty and you know if it your coming close at the end there and those situations. Each Soviet era you know taken that. That plunge again for the second time I think probably more appealing now. From when he met Patricia only one eye sees them would be that Detroit job because Bob quick in the general manager this year. They have a relationship and you had a possibility that. It's app there which are very high on you keep that so. Refers coached shelling out staff hardest thing in 50% are having their quarry. Pretty. Oh my god was with Tucker well Willie McGinest earlier house we all know what the AC picture looks like. I just focus on this patriots team because if this team was to go back to the super ball. It'll probably be the team has played the worst in December of any suitable team we've ever seen when usually this team is playing at a high level. I just think this team is flawed out of this team out there you see that in that can stay disciplined enough and beat them but I just look at this team and just I don't see it. Well I agree with you Lou and and I think the point that I was talk Paul Perillo this morning he treats all week be as we said if you take every patriots playoff team under Belichick and make a list and say what's your confidence level this team going into the playoffs this one. Would be on the lower end of the list right there so bad and I agree that. But and you look at the AFC. And I would say if you were to make a list of all the AFC playoff teams over the last seventeen years despite the weakest group. A playoff teams that haven't down here and have a lot team. While this might the year so it's still might be good enough for them the way I look at this team and I may look at internally seem as they play their game. They can beat anyone and if they don't come the play they can lose to anyone and there's enough of the year. Recently Miami on Monday night or that. Arts and try to explain to me how the numbers read differently because I'm with you you watch this team you see the flaws that defense the front seven you could run on that defense. Certainly a lot of teams are sweeping a run on the on this team that's why they had to bring in somebody like James Harrison right so. Yet from week five on this defense was number one in the National Football League in points scored against them how is that possible. Well I mean back to the red zone and the turnovers. Because that can cover a lot of stuff in and also you know give credit. I'd like Matt Patricia is a head coaching and eat it up. Really nice job Lotta arts. Statistic come and actually it's. You had Eric leave you sign up bills this. Hill's 53 man roster this item play of over 70% of us. That's the situation. Here is the only debate late situational. Are all. Red zone in the turnovers that helps them offset sort of some of those other issues. You know you know that. Bill Belichick was policy is always a defense of guy right and enroll real crowd comes iron. And it said what at some point in his career Romario canal kind of distanced himself from Bill Belichick and people looked at him for being the guy when he was running to deeper team down and out. And it wasn't bill Belichick's defense it was from Rupert l.s defense to say it was Charlie Weis is often it's. Has Matt Patricia. Gain enough distance away from bill also people look at him as that this is Matt purchases defense and there there for a look at me. As much as as my own person not as a Bill Belichick you know you know clone. I think so Chris I think this year I I have I wrote that earlier this year he was in a tough spot because. Whenever that should play well. You know mastermind when it didn't play well. Oh. Don't win here and I actually out. Autry Sam. I think anyone really know it's the way it is internally I mean listen to rob it is now you know some media stuff he'll tell. Like Matt Patricia T shirts and so we have enough for those guys Jerod Mayo out. And don't tell you know really be the way he forges those relations players and our ability. He has no doubt. And on the inside out on the outside. Shoot straight. As he. Elect offensively that's. My concern which is strange usually get Tom Brady but I think the after the bye week for a few weeks she says is the one most personal office we've seen they can pound the football league with a large using go to Titanic April football that backs. Announcing that that versatility is gone it seems that the wide receivers kick it open it seems like drawn in Dion Lewis trying to fall ball over the net. I don't know we are is this offense as far as the health of a guy like Hogan a combat can maybe make a more personal. Well that's the key Lou I think they need to get Hogan back. From the shoulder and and and probably will be back lay out the hope is that he's more effective for them. It was an act in Miami Heat wave like it in Miami. You might as well not. Enough I'm James White last gains he should be at the lay out. Rex Burkhead. Last hour with a track like that. The last really they hope that. White they get Birkhead and make a hole the old Hogan back and I think hopefully for them. If I bet that an. Eye sees. You said they take months away. You know and then and then whatever and welcome runner and he got off. And then you got similar situation. They or. Last games he might you. Were trying to create that showed eight. More stuff and Dion Lewis as you saw that it wasn't always at Salem and what's the story with the ultimate from. Well he was out there again I mean that's a last week practicing wise and yet and so it does. Play every does would be in a role and the heart in the back in the all alone I. Meet. From the layman's view. More productive for them and you know it's clearly not seem trust level Brady has. Mitchell so if you're asked and I would add exchange. But for right now L and fun. Mike Vrabel going to be head coach we have those here. I have to I have noisy suggested earlier I don't root problem genocidal question is really the right. Sarah. I mean actually you've got to be a head coach some data it. I think getting interviews Christian has hurt him right on the show these on the radar. To me that's one year as a coordinator of my yellow early and I. And then he'll also Bates knows of one year and it's turned the corner here also and now look at how that worked out well rejects these studies that he'll get is the first of its own life. This aid there's still hope for you there's still hope that made it may be Vrabel Khalil and no love for the I I don't know rounds yeah. I don't I don't notice here is where I go to two more years and an appointment riddles that coaches knew attendance coach Hughes on. Why you know it's not as well. The migraines. Uncomfortable. Questions. The feeling this is something that. Mike Reese is actually comfortable doing. It's just mikes please. My physically and vital question about that relates to please the public will have a great line that he did here employers who brought in the hood Radian Group and I really here. So you know it. The other day I try to get these guys put lotion on me much at all. Couldn't reach my back. Right in the and I know you know Chris price was on the motion on. A team person. Which are I don't know if you read it witness and it's. CBS so first it's videos that you earthquake were you there it looked at what actually happened. Can I just there but they can request is Lucy around no mountains and around homes. We didn't want to download I'll I'll call him vulnerable at least I'll I. This just isn't as fun of you want but most of them loosen not looking. You don't like Christian now with your broad also had. Security so I brought I'm sure you're right there what happened. I I so so first of all you guys know Chris price yeah yeah we look great rivalry at. Great guy nothing gets hired and where we're all waiting around teams ericsson's locker. You know and the obvious big story in the game. So he comes out hot shower naked. Al. And and he said to everyone there how long wait. And it says about 20/20 five minutes and yeah it was almost like he's trying to be funny. And handed you know easier for your handout but some lotion in. Chris' hand and and it was almost like that Joseph. And it's out you know among turned around. Right. I'm just joking you know so like gathering up. It was almost like it's make it a little bit of it you know it is and it did he actually put the lotion on his game. You mean like it's meaning like with their illegal contact with you odds yeah yeah content. I I I couldn't tell on the I'm out there are I was ICN. I was the. I was seeing Mike's head like every legal picture reveal that go around real load gets only a low and there but all I guess the question could be. A good choice if you go to choice. To rub lotion. On Lou or Glenn who need homes. A I'm gonna pass do you camp as if it buried at the you know being driven by the they're letting us through the south about it but adding Lucy and went global Irish. You should have been ego Lucy. Landon or Lou. I know you can't pick Lou because that's part of it an unwritten code of oxy and we grew up to get via our back. So I am relatively easily amigos Lucy grossly losing I'm a no contact. Yeah no contact guy isn't like you're so good at what would you have done is that you best dancer ever yet. To pass and put lotion so what would you have done it James Harrison had poured out the lotion. To you and said you know you would rub my back then will we you know to be honest I've been thinking about that and more I would exit. You're out in my eye you know and let you might put it but in the moment honestly. That's tired and joke you know what do you know it's always putting lesson in your hand in and he brought. I'm not there applauded often. I think. Now he's comfortable and yeah absolutely right Christians take the most new head rubbed as the new hints exactly I exact I think it was like Jack you wanna tell you all know I I. I don't think I mean I. I Connecticut Chris that you know. I etiquette don't we all know like top spot real like template you know the same media people that are. Playing it delicately in a public men privately are calling us and they give me his sales just. I feel bad for Christmas began if you can't do that. Well the. Say it was quick gland and I mean this visual light. Hand was going down the back would be low but you know let the. Talk about being comfortable in his dad who needs it on my unreported Mikey there was content just. I think I I'd have to go to an instant replay. There any art it's better than you are right now but I'm. They don't lose. Day ago the young guys out of the let's see if that really at a record high right. Yeah exactly and they go to Vegas I do is a favor call us back if you go to the video replay you see anything to contact okay. You I'm here to Eilat Monday. Nobody Mike restrain your Norma. Client who question the excuse or way Maloney and 48 on Sports Radio. This isn't just your average January snowstorm experts are using terms like box and vote just like it. I'm not sure if the looks scary when I when I see he had graphics. For the business network it was going to be 812 inches which they do. Fourteen big deal. We're seeing much bigger storms and that is reminiscent of right now wins nothing it's nowhere else everybody in windy before they they called a nor'easter going to. Israel with Tony Bennett not bomb cycle later on cyclone. To their own damn bomb site on something. If you lump. It you know I was indeed. I remember for two hours and that was what were you always very forty miles. Poll forty now was out pretty relieved about it yet and it and they died out pretty religious about it no serious about it. But what if you decide to become a beacon and you realize that somebody was spiking your beating food with meets. Instead of all the other crap that people Monica Monica month in the B to begin in my late you're you're you're IRV and you're looking for restaurants strictly because you wanna make sure you have the option of view of the game. Menu probably in front beater it's like it it's almost like a cannibalism Writely you feel like eating your youngest guys there only a lay was caught doing act. This is crazy so. Her name's Sarah Goodman Laurie Goodman receptacle corner of trucks fire an. His eyes your business structure fire bottles at a recent hearing this shot heard or read is that friendship that if friends because there aren't fresh for our our two. Wrote and I saw a group NIC says she she spite. Began. A few hours ago. It's it's an Ingrid 155 miles northwest of one and so I was trying to do you like racquet about it to spike in Degan food with beef and real and they eat a lot of these don't eat like as she was getting death threats twilight. Bloom and now I call the cops on. I'm David Cook anything beyond your library for our personally. You should need it. He treated prologue only bit bigger so you're V when interview and his being. Just because they ages ago a peanut allergy and you ask the people have the waiters listen yeah I'm allergic to either make you and then they do it anyways under the dvd through and they say it is no piece it's an act next you know you blow up like a balloon in Russia possible doping. Same as you get sick amid because it via if you don't have meat for like years and fear of being dinner. For like ten years so whatever in yet meet your body rejects it gets sick. I could I would I could live without me I don't know what you can I live without muted that it worked for two days was intended it was like to segment it wants. Says people to block off. Pure and hail this this this one or does this lady should be charged with assault. She should be charged with assaulting. And I mean I guess that now get a little carried out on the are you surprised are you people are getting carried away so you you decide your husband your whole life and your your become of the game which means you can't eat anything but one. Fruits and berries. Yeah nothing that comes from late anything that's green Li. Green leaf grown tired or other ground believe so now you're out of the different beat me it's different than being a bit of good about it and Alex if you shrill I've asked to care I don't I have no desperate Eric English yet on what authority eco passage there only eats fish. Yes I think that's score well. Home the only meat the two meet these fish. Because it's suspicious nominee and so passionate you know passion for a passion that is it's it's a Taylor thought at the more I think about it if I were stranded on an island. I might become a begins because would be far too much work to try to track down food in which they're gonna fight back. He really worry about what and one of the gunfight looks like obediently meat and they just. I've seen passes him. You know I'm like you know non you know combative. Actually. The audience for a reason have you known any football players or vegan I don't want to hear about joining thousands they go to Brazil for area boys. Boston's past whenever big Prince Fielder became a he gave we talk about that we don't have any sort of gave up pies and ice cream. Green Zone is that. I is pyramid head pies ice cream and candy up of the time out I. I don't know I think going to be pretty pissed off. I guess that she's a she's throwing it's a religious thing. But it's in the religiously you beat that is yet but you have these. Worse I was in college and working and olive garden essential Massachusetts this Muslim family has deer meat balls at important. And I'm not negating an item like. Excel. Richard B model find out if questions go back to find a chef I'm busy he'd be as you can't find him anywhere you relays that is out there and so I asked Mario service located at meatballs and beef frighteningly huge passion yet. It's like a table like yeah auto percent beat meatball said the order them they're eating them come back about five minutes later they have is ghostly white look and obviously case has opened their case before. Don't you share. This is just be in these meatballs and I'm like. How I go back to the cabinet to finally by the shabbily cables meat balls are just all be Freddy's economic outlook report. So that so there on the channel to their gonna dies it dies you virgin you don't like to think Gillian like go back to the table. And I think he'd be critical and I say yeah I just double check with the shaft items at be it usually happens but it is alive you know not to tell them now there would ghostly night that they note that every point because they know that is one of the most delicious flavors in the world hole like never teasing and annuals so they eat beef but not look. Why would the political. Most things. I'm what I'm just I didn't see if I were Muslim they just asked as pork and drawing eight B I original little muscle. I'm why you're guessing I'm totally guessing of it doesn't necessarily mean they were totally afraid could have been entails a color religion you know work. A Cody wants a street you are Christian disease you got no idea I thought you know could go to. Eric are you know. I didn't like that when you're let your sex with talking civilians but is it what you want to do it and yet at the well. It's. It tastes like crap that's why I mean I would love to do but it doesn't ace like a burger taste late. You know seeds and nuts as Boras that put no later. Did not back archer and all that actually be a some of the biggest companies that work that Egypt air in the Arctic and burden if you all the organic eating a lot of leg. Very apple that that a brand called beyond that we did it. By the former CEO of murder in this year's. Whether it's. It you can it not debatable and us. So he's got no idea what real beef is anyway that yeah. Calmness that's it Egan burgers. I know they've got beat him easily not a little ice cream yes accidents via. Watson quoting here. Like Apollo did not make it fun and yeah it personal it's too expensive it's too difficult if you raise obviously prevail it's got cheaper I think that's why quit being of the goods sold and all went through everybody in my army. Yes it is utterly enforcement gold all the included I expensive. It'd marks as an absolutely but there but Jenner does and what your putting into your body. And what you get her result what it can't break are going to be that haven't beat it might not eat that much more clean and healthy. Diet and I'd I truly believe that a lot you think that the one. Do you do you think you could tell the difference between a piece of bark in the hammer. Yeah absolutely and I think you know are you at the park would be much better. Than a ticket if Tom Brady ate cheeseburger and have been he's three years ago. The pick up that did you eat burgers Fries and I grew at every single day use. You're gonna be able. Mean. If you do it and dancing and criminal you don't look as though the video like ice Tony every single day. Mia so Tony as anything every single day. Got an adult he admit suck at it it's good and diet adult that the white balance at all. You put forth on that effort board is that's why he don't like it I double duty forty years old and went MVP like. Don't you are and Ali on the island he's good don't your fart smell worse to it all the all the you know is Clinton yeah re elected early cabinet right. And the national average. It. No no not at. Night and Cody. We don't we would dominate the league died when I was assigned to avoid Mike Vrabel comes agency Alec neutralized you what does all this is so in about. Yes well I had a little a gimme a great old anti Iran have all my aren't able does not belong to yeah well I don't that's. Told you the break he will be a head coach he will be if they jolts of his head coach after being deepens corners for one year data Miami. After only beauty but the backs coach OK and and Britain had more success than and it's been around more successful coaches from power to bill you name it. He's at Uga is gonna go on the whole credibility. Level sorts of deals. That you have a problem not a bribe you I did it was say you'll what I got. I'll say this I got a problem when you pick your I think he's ready but there is a saw this Peter King Monday Morning Quarterback is Israel quite it is going to be difficult to answer this one question. You coach the worst scoring defense in the league in you all the years coordinator why should I hire you. Audio it's a that it injured or injuries last year which as injuries to JJ watt went down last job on Houston's defense look. I don't know loss was merciless I had the guy's been near the worst defense in the league nobody was worse than yours. Why even now my head coach. And it's an. On to build a build I to listen to go about that yes this Bill Belichick yes your edit and he has it that's because everybody knew from its it was a good recruiter at Ohio State. Fast track is way too deepens corner learned general we are Cornell saying system which is bill's system is such an recruiter in Ohio State that he. Sentenced him to Boston College right. Why don't pay Ohio State recruited him Saudi without Ottawa and yes it's different it's a different type in your right so I mean Jesus and so. And is it OK it's it's less you are all these other coaches sometimes it's like blood in the water mentality. Cuba talk about real for a longer time when his players new music player Ratner the president and all those things. Always in tune always and it was going on. Can you handle people people respect him blah blah blah blah. Then you throw when bill and you've thrown everything that goes around that hot young coached lots of energy all the other young coaches out there had a lot of success. And you take shot and if you take your shot. On a Vance Joseph. Which doesn't have a good of resonate aren't other he's had a great time okay Vrabel would be the next you know. I find a solution you know what I think you'd see more and more of the stuff I mean look at with the rams this past year. And they get themselves are real young cut you don't Sutter general sales to the judges can handle had success in Washington yes. Okay would they were able success or defensive coordinator for the he hasn't happening. But this time he's got my name out there he thought they remodeling the personality. You mean you know we meet some people you look at an acidic I can be a head coach. You mean the guy tick I can't be grateful audience does he should be position coaches. You know I watched you guys I've nominees Blanco to third base coach on manager right. Maybe if that presence which I believe and to be head coach. But I have to ask us regularly whereas other note when you. Came as a matter so Alia that it was had it right so much got to identify it okay that's sort it'll presidency look good I don't know you just fine however you want to do it owner of the team. And you bring your guy in right impetus. To and he can he convince the team to play well Kenny manipulate decrypt what people that defense look. If he was he was a deepens corny here with the patriots would look the same. As Matt Patricia better defense a corner and then. Why don't like their horses might be able look better is enormous field type daddy don't have a crazy here or little jelly belly to exactly who talked about what Patricia to see old look that three bull heads. Because if Matt Patricia is defense was 32 the league in scoring this year now unite anybody because nobody did much anyway I don't know. So guys who aren't as good looking you have to really be good at what they do like the Indy Reid's of the world. Right yesterday got him but he added I was going our version you have a problem with the way it looks always tolerant of the people. I'm not your problem you know a view and our parliament of other people and now I'm not tolerant view and deacons. Yeah I think I asked I think for Matt Patricia that's why Detroit makes all the sense in the world Bob Quinn knows that he's not going to be in anyway those are able also were enough channels open and so I would not be surprised that it he becomes music coach I think are good border security we're looking at the scheduled for next year. Detroit Lions New England Patriots in Detroit here who. Really go a student and teacher and a very able players are all over it looked at Matt Patricia draw I think it was gonna get the job. He's gonna get and I just it's like there's already buzz going around it he looked at but he said the younger coaches villain of getting the job. They get this quote here from somebody another they other NFL coach Wright and coach is all the guys in the pool the one X is the best chance to be at the best head coach is for able. It's his presence. And the people he's been around in learned that Clinton. It's that. So Jon Gruden was one of those guys who are my three all right now I would just ask you living honestly Matt Patricia who's been around you know all in learned from bill ballots Jack. Defense was 32 in the league in scoring would he be the best option of all the guys out there. The let's say what is all that and Mike Reese was throw if you're Matt Patricia. And you're looking at the season that he had this past year when he did not have great personnel on its front seven loses hightower loses some key pieces are you kidding me. He's done a hell of a job yet this is there if you got to get a job this is a year from experience of coordinators. Yeah like they did exists you know labeled as they just care around this way of being you know vacant non all we know of being being bill's guys it's really bills' defense they're just urges you know. You know. Passing along the message but bills really drawing up plays and he's dissecting everything and yet he's just to keep your head we don't want more segment to go here. That's more. That gas. We're moaning and Fauria really fired his fat ass or wait four years ago when he called back here. He stinks at these job Chris Seward terrific talent they're carrying him move Christie and ended. V anchor on Sports Radio W. Time has done a major storm tonight so. Lose part on the cyclone. They were you all you take and he had these people of this stuff that you want. It's could be the end of the world tonight you know I don't know in other really well into England's I want. So concern over ten inches of snow before apparently it's got to be able to know wins OK when I felt so did you have done social doesn't think he'll mama always yes yes you don't it's bad. When sharks are freezing off the coast award for culminated sharks. Star secret amoral shark NATO. You don't think that's ever happened before it's unfortunate. That froze to death of reason in buffalo on the ninth what illegals Waltz layup that just popped up. That's your frozen ocean home construction management and that's the theory I think we'll be real bad so diesels by 22 tonight it'll be very ill man. Incidentally I did include video he denies is ambitious play that Julio Nvidia is unreal it's really his child. She's just that yup exactly there's more to talk about him not playing men and and waving off the video -- and Georgia once they was pretty good he looked a lot better than I thought he would and he did that fall on the first drive in the layout and he's at all the as the hip again now and get right up now. But pretty yet doubts or other wherever a lot on sides then go to absolut. I think joked it's really turned out he sees little beast back forth and Jimmy Murphy as gently as if he didn't want the other socially wants. The perfect night for himself. Yes yes it's unfortunately it's going to be popular thing either no are you better not to hit it better not be so hopefully they put the video tonight I'll play the that he did in prouder moments involve the same time back to back dual share and move on played the game and they go there let's make sure everybody cheers. A lot of Milliken brand on the way and definitely it was good it's good I did Elena next we're back tomorrow. The big huge storm and AMP air where harmful.