OMF - Mike Reiss: Patriots should feast on young Saints defense, 9-13-17

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Wednesday, September 13th

Mike Reiss, ESPN, joined the show to discuss why there would be cause for concern with this week's match up with New Orleans, but realizes that their defense is so young that Tom Brady and the offense should have a productive day. They also spoke about the lack of depth on defense, and what led them to this. 


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Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 but this is a problem I have with Tom. He's just always comes off disingenuous. He was disingenuous about the play gave the same thing that happened. During the presidential election but he acts as if he doesn't know Donald Trump you can't have it all the way the worst people in the world all good people. With Chardonnay ahead when bad things happen with blue and blue and Christian do you say what you say you can't sit there through quite careful here careful where you don't want to hurt somebody a lot of these players think they want their mom and dad to be up here on the game and talk radio talk radio's killer. Especially in this town and shot up shot out. Yeah. There's a vicious enough tickets to all around. On Sports Radio WEEI. I this is its final hour of all MF for today about it we were at Fenway Park tomorrow. It's in Kennedy will look joins us from 35 game. We'll sort out little. That currently you know to to get back to Ireland I don't know I don't think so we don't know what they give you a few hours it and I. It reportedly asked people what game I don't know. My. Maybe we should you might exit negotiations going on Israel I would say don't like you have yesterday's whether or whether you wanna do the game goes and president of the feds want wanna you wanna do with the Italian. To a mom and a at that moment attitudes that. You can be the you know via the crazy son that is like you know it's we have speaking out of the house that night and Adam parties on the eagle on the case you could be deckers. Glossy kind of snuck a posse is a lot it's got to do good on that when it's big game and are gonna do in the games so it's. Justine realize there's an element of those days are. Or I don't let's talk to our buddy Mike Reese we're happy to report by the way and announced that might he's going to be like a regular. With our show draw I'll football heavy odds wanted to get this out there and on what he's referring to him but I don't appreciate the way you attack is his height and little like. One person Glenn that really should say much about here I like is one of the only people can post. I agree that I got your back I. We didn't. Yeah you should mean encryption on the set and I for around all I can you lower your chair means that light down the floor on that chair and you gotta go to work. Just wraparound just wrap them on the DC goes down easily nausea IC were rumored to were doing those shows you know Mike is always apologize we're here to tell you might. They get you have on the stage you what a rag on somebody ought to call somebody out especially here you don't have to apologize. After all right now we want and I mean nasty condescending. Might greet us okay that's their guy we want. Or should be that way this week Christian how great that was it a of course this season opener you predict an undefeated season. Of for the record there ask you why aren't adequate day what did you what did you think like I picked Robert Horry blocked negative. To stick with what they are likely go leg or not only am I not known everybody sees them on grass this. Pressed him he's gonna throw you out you're no longer I just can't believe you're actually allowed that buildings. If there's so did you did you lose your first question status. I. Not when massive collection so I jumped scenario would assert once. I shall we of the show we sit this out in the last hour he is he's antibody. Concerned about this game on Sunday we got an opportunity to look at no one wants to Wallace is the same team we've seen lives for that question at last Thursday until the wee bit idol exit or potential. So it is anybody concerned. Well I think there's lead that because they're sure I mean at their home opener. They played better homes and on the road going to look very good Minnesota by you know going to be playing defense for the patriots and what would and it's a Dante and let them practice there. Who's gonna be playing defensive end and I know you know this seems probably a lot they'd bottom. In the league but what I'm not we are in the opener it's eight to play their game politics in the quarter forgot that you know wake them pretty. Yeah you know I'm gonna start off with them make you feel comfortable has already own socks. Just thought terrible lately what these are non what are you never got a radio and we didn't get involved you know what snubbed LA I don't landline. Not sell our remote working and see you know at the streets were murdered that's the problem C got you gotta give it your best. So I'll look at this offense right okay and look at the offense of the states and looking at their injuries especially at the tackle position I'm looking at some of the weapons that they have. Now and I'm looking at Ager Peterson and look at that Abbott Camara and look at that Mark Ingram. After looking at the table of Kansas City Chiefs I would assume that Camara. Would be that role that third down back dad it's going down the field and Cassius marsh is chasing him but at same time. Really use any of those guys but the but Peters and only execs carries. Yet it was interesting that you that distribution now. And the saints running back sat there straight right now you you can't actually Camara with 31. Now and that team and an Ingram with 26. Here and only played nine plate Christian in nineteen Monday night. But that's the position at gonna concern the patriots the most. They can't play the same as the defense that dime defense with Jordan Richard you know closer to the line of scrimmage I'd be shocked if we keep that from them in the scheme. So you know I think stopping the run the power run team with Peterson and Ingram. And then Camara Belichick called my match up player sort of similar to what you might remember which Darren Sproles and Reggie Bush. On saints in past years so that that their top concern for them. If he was out there a lot with Ingram and I'm just you know you look at it. That you say you do some things different that way about the personnel and defensively you know with high totals he's come back Harris never even played in May be does of the power runner figure Peterson plays but. Honey fix it personnel wisely they do they have enough there another coach him up his personality issue. It it it could be Lumia tactic that the what we saw last game with the dying game you know sixty cents add back I've. I'd players between the defense that lineman a linebacker I think it'll be a technical game where they'll play the three faced the Harmon McCord in Kyung. You get cute quarterback in Gilmore in Butler and you got to feel pretty good with that group and that's how you put it together you know in the front. You know with the front six if you well they didn't need much better play from Alan Branch out and all scheme for him you know defense attack that disfigured. You know branch and Malcolm brown in the middle pretty strong and then you got to work around them and now the big question I agree that you. David Harris the Landon Robert Dietrich wives you know. Cassius marsh. Someone got to step up and that's sort hybrid defensive and off the line linebacker group and that they're bigger question to me and during the heat and it's certainly hadn't been answered after the first we. I know this is always a work in progress for them and you're right you don't have to worry about secondary amendment courted Gilmore a communication problems on the covered till we get at that. But a clean that up. But it leave themselves. Make mistakes in the offseason coney easily and some of the other guys they brought in here. Did they leave themselves a little dry up front that defense in front. Well you could say that Glenn and part of its circumstances economic unit implants for Derek revert their top draft pick the sense of and to quote with the ACL. Tonioli when they made the trade I mean they they treated. A second round expert yulia and a third rounder with eight spots you know to move down the board and I think when they need to move you know obviously it didn't work out. But most people sent out a pair sort out. Hi healing you know low risk move and and it didn't work out so I mean between rivers and you'll eat. You know they they couldn't resign or they didn't re sign cheered him and long to be on. You know eat finances are here and lock it felt like they wanna get little younger there so. Some part of its circumstances and certainly part of it you can look back on and say well maybe they could have done something differently like when they signed David Harris in the heat duplicate and a lot of ways. Which you have an Olympian rob. So you know also a little bit of interest or make up right now are down and I got it sorted out so what it was so what about this defense the secondary. The linebackers and count the linebackers. And this in the deep deep and the backs for the saints. Seems like nothing's really changed like they're trying they're drafting guys right now they're trying to somehow changed against the philosophy in the overall just. It reminds of that deep as for the so got three rookies out on that defense right. The at 21 at safety when a quarterback and one at linebacker this should be feast day for the Patriots offense. If they can't protect. I would say I absolutely agree that the pressure defense Christian girl you know offensive line I thought for the patriots in the opener. Played pretty well she's really only rushed three so what you're gonna look at is a contrast this week expect that the more blitzes from the saint them when they do. You can they get hurt branding cook. I thought very good debut at receiver. And then when you talk publicly defense at how quick and Brady get on the same page with the receivers are about to meet with a little bit eye opening a very uncomfortable to me at times without adult men and then when image all went out there pressure team. How does Brady react to that I think that ticket to rely on the follow. It might go they have four. Really good running backs but it does it it always felt like these shift three right so we it I'm not such I'm not surprised by her teams calling about Deon Lewis and wondering what his future was like I'm curious if you if you think that. They could move him to improve this team and is the loss of deep DJ Foster to Arizona. Hurt the depth and maybe make it tougher for the noble. Don't do nearly and I think the reason why it Rex Burkhead might be the answer to how they go forward. Without any Amendola you know if you sidelined with a concussion and and you know what even if M and they'll come back. I could make the case that they need to scale back its workload they were flirting with trouble even before he got injured on the B offer. 32 offenses now seven punt returns and commentary that we talked about him as a guide it you wanna management workload because the higher yet. You know the more prone you are to injury so I. Think Rex Burkhead who if you go back it. Time in Cincinnati he played in the slot at times so I think if you look at him and say well yeah he's running back on the roster but it a lot of ways. You cannot help you with your wide receiver deficiency. In the short term until and then they'll come back so when I look at the I could say no I wouldn't remove the applicants back. I might play him more. The first scene you know he had what he had only nine at appellate a little bit late for him especially on one of those runs at a quick one of their best. Offense that played these sort of make something out of nothing. Our first game back for grown last week granted he was matched up with the Eric Berry who did a terrific job bond. But he also looked like he was uncomfortable at times. In a little bit slow out there you look at the the depth chart here are no walls look at their secondary you look at the fast tracked down there. Is it and you look it may be you're not gonna have the slot guys isn't he the guy that you would expect. It's going to have a big huge game on Sunday won't let tell us Mike if he doesn't. If he does and I think that interest in England because I'm sort of like that weakens the mode on him because they do give a lot of credit to bury in that game and I thought they got away. We had you know some defensive holding call on him and I actually like when the rep re. Don't call that stuff let them play a little bit but I did think. Based on the way to game it usually call. You know gronkowski could have. Definitely indicates for a couple flags in that game so I'm sort of wait and beyond that because Eric Berry a top player you know in the NFL. And part of our part of his knee giving credit to him is gronkowski. Doesn't producer doesn't look you know. Like we sort of had even in the past and they can't quite sort. Start out in the question you know and we need a little bit of a slippage here in the can be one game a little bit to all the physical side to go there right now. OK before we close this one out when we sat down talked about having Mike Kris on his say a regular on this program we said nicest guy in the world really comfortable. In his skin albeit not a and I am not honest analysts can't I don't I don't think we said about him is that it you know he knows this football team is as good as anybody. So we came up with what we have is a goal. For your appearance on the show between Downey into the football season. And the first one is to get the great football knowledge audience patriots dollars and the other one is to make you a little bit. I'm comfortable during the course of the show so you know they do the quarterback question of the week and the coach's heart attack and we have the uncomfortable. Austin the white for a night race and and this is the honest honest I also I'm gonna ultimately. And isn't this I just birth I've heard about this might gain some complete surprise a lot of it and ride I have meetings on this why me. Okay migrating. Yeah favorite sexual position all our Arco. But really it's just. Typical question I didn't know. Is that his opinion approved and that being a. What is it that's what it's like all incompetent question should radeon cubs. So let's zoom in multiple choices he and the little you know Joyce. Perhaps it is if I had top or bottom I just just be silent Mike and we'll talk to in actually.