OMF - Mitch Moreland wants Fauria to love baseball; Bryce Harper tops weak HR Derby field, 7-17-2018

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Tuesday, July 17th
HOUR 1 - OMF sets the scene at the Jimmy Fund Celebrity Golf Tournament. Mitch Moreland has a message for Christian. Vacationing Lou makes a cameo appearance to complain about Bryce Harper. The Home Run Derby was thrilling, but could use some tweaks.

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Fort Wayne and pony and pouring their defense will be really good even if he doesn't like okay 3132. 32 32 ain't nobody coming close to hear it from yourself Craig can I get a lot about him on because last. I want you pissed off everybody tracks. Including county executive. With a Glenn doing Christian varies from nobody gonna pay him that that Panama's it's unbelievable this the greatest time ever assembled from. I really don't Wear on teams now on Sports Radio WEEI. Beautiful doesn't really does feel residents that are gulf got right. No I will not know why I am not suck a golf you have there's a difference that is different them. It for a while everybody else who was picked up with that club that you agree that it. On on a bit a couple of and I don't know if not yet I could vote every minute of my life like at its football and golf. I would be off and added I would yes we when he opens I'd be weak term it. I'd be taken money from people you know the golf course yes I'd be constantly create it as yes gets you on the other hand. You'll look like the old man coming out of like the ground this morning the weight you just look right you should not be wearing call the fire. Music so people can pull off I'm sorry you can make him from the. I love making but it you'll that you go to the incident different ball once you're different fortunate our state is that you're not ironic chuckle out of that. Twice worked well maybe it's between living and weird look weird it's weird place right now the economy. That you have all the people you work for you complaining about this done this on until you get a call like. OK let you integrate for Holland's everybody hears evidence that he's set his sights that it appears. Make you're out all my little way you can do it you're listening eagle on the human development out of DB Tony Robbins and demonic if moderate. The you have to look at what we're there watching you. Could do. So so you're one of these pretty boys you can Wear anything and look good you make fun of the people don't you know at that scene you know gracious. And I don't. Political yes what a fat people and these people collector as well there aren't that bad now not to here's the deal with yours do you golf courses golf iron in the whole culture of gall. It. There's some people who urgently so. And the golf for the defeat they're like what date they dress the part but it looks like they'll play golf right now. I old clothes and his leg amputated unit that was one of us at the pick at least that was the the white shirt he's got a great short and looked liked him problems box and then there's those that you know maybe. Now he'll probably decent. Don't get it they passed the point of view the crap out. What people out there. You know that there's. Just not playing here so we look great over total of about hard and move. I considered Kirk Wilson Neil wouldn't but he threw cargo hoard hard so he thought we hear from a plus I don't grass. It against you brought you all want to be re yeah. During commercial outraged if you have wrecked he's doing the four hour freak in radio show OK you're supposed to say yes and talked for four hours. This photo movers typically ya that's hard but that's in the journal the journal of assuming you don't know who you gonna do like corks that it that it does show that he's an athlete. You know art not a all the now. NASCAR now all of that out I did she freaked out probably UK. We argue about this earlier problems. We golf is too much of commitment and in my gases. If you play a lot of golf your manners I have to fill out definitely I'd. I I would claim that they guys who play an awful golf. But it divorce rate to portrait normally like to present. I think it's I wrote the seventeen out yet he always bill the guys home lights relief in the wrapper when they spend all their time at the golf course for members somewhere and never leave that Italy to bar area. So now I ice all the time all the time. I haven't. And I don't. Personally believe that you could be good father. And eagle out in the lead for six hours every single week it doesn't exist among the one thing as usual go on for five. Six dollars to two run at. The British when I don't know when you know. Butler though it. The artist smartest Mercer of the all black all in. All. Sorts of weird but weird coach was that I don't know what is it now I don't know what else letting you lost probably doesn't eat. A I mean he's out he's just one application that it was exactly put up. Now I'm not litigation. That's the only standout Vermont Washington and I'm at peace now that's pretty the only guy I go that went on vacation and lost weight on. She would tell him is he's got the technique yet which one where she lol I can't tell why you met while a more accurate than. Any extra and edge. It's the perfect. Economic and a huge mistake today which you pointed out mug. Structure will be gone this way now to don't cross don't don't writes unfortunately I saw some you know some work on the mark you know guys. And I almost got dressed in dark. Wired some short shorts like. Mr. good looking guy and so that the government. You'll read this that normal or below the home ice. I I got abduct a regularly and you know why he limitation on the radio you know for a couple hours which elected that you don't we talked about counsel -- but yeah. We kept the guys graduate next year Yucca I hear you on first off the bench first of which can get away with Elvis and me the other people. Do for a living truck ultimately you know. If different are now I can still let him. We can't reveal fat people could still miss it right accurately that the budget say Solio ways for Salt Lake but I've ripped you for being that it's really not. For UB if any. So like you really. Needed it. What are you thirty rip you for being you for being plan which is very broad broad strokes Latvia this. Oh. Different directions to choose it gets like quietly and you don't feel like you know being witty and Smart. I've got back to lay out we know when you go to Thompson if you steal at least in which you are you following a fact that moment right for the what what it right so let's. The likes actual words her. Or should make you that what they should. Do that I don't know it would be the most you. Opportunities off the radar people would I want. Item and it would be embarrassing now on I look at hundreds and greater fourth grade thing is I'm great writers you don't know that apparently I'm a great run see your email that any different your guests are there any kind of in the federal rules for textile mill. Read like I. Democrat rather right use the OO RTO no. The eagle RE RT ER wants to keep. I don't care I don't know I know the regulations are. I don't care who weren't pointing at you while there's another one run and Ottawa that you get lazy don't he's not giving crap that's what you asked woods. Let them all that ball does. Let's they've given they've made it lightly but not out it is so the same way act that way specialties in the NFL it's the same way out out of right for a website. The same way acres of we're gonna have you heard on an apartment there sure okay. My bad bad technique made it that. Bad idea on how it's going to be one. I went to what did. It's all my red led. Terrible that it be run on what it is not going to be didn't spend corporate wouldn't ask you to do this column is the funniest thing. Any of muscle it burglaries do it's late in its 2000 and abilities do this where. An old players at a website and in the it would they ask you when you'd. As. Right form. I. I think all you tired it was just write out your experience though it was greatly since it felt like I had to our college. College sports it's gonna fly at a full time job required me to give all my time effort. And energy to that job outlook not gonna sit advocate for computer. And right like Mike I had. And regrets and I was released now so what they did it was great. Jerusalem that it so they had this mostly Colombia and I would basically tell her. What I did with my days in in in real time too by the way select what they're talking to where I'm like and you know we can't we can't each season. Low blood and all of I got my dogs on the floor issued my dog is the rock on the floor into the took a explicitly do you know. Now you're not proud I was of the woman that you're flip. Talked to Melissa got only yeah that's it's all right oil oil well shut down. Kansas City to quiet day. Outdoors but it's the building and a I we are broadcasting like that Alpine. Hill's. Witnesses argue early Jimmy Fund golf tournament presented by Jamie Parker. So team the only I saw her. And there were out here. And the weather right now nothing. Rule of well Stevie failure hand a little you late restart always mourns the very erotic work using it's usually short fact I'd say I think if you set it I did face value added moist. You get excited that I have seen that I understand that. But later on they're expecting maybe some thunderstorms yes which means. Easy cash Akron advocate that we might get a little blue and I sent out through social ozone and now Orson who is they went. Now we'll push is out in at least the course that's all I'll say what else on the that dogs what is that Oakland five putts and you know it feels now dale Scott Altman flush with right. It's yeah it got out of all of the on there are some really fun to climb up mountain bail. Yeah I I would outdated useful setup right here on. Just informed. And move. So there's my contribution to show what you do when Leo with the lightning storm comes directly to the people get off course lightning storm comes in and have questionable before. Over what like that. Oh Tuesday you don't want one Doug Weight everybody. That's person. Or all of it off completely. Saved my life you know if I'd just like you know some sort of like you know some news program Tuesday trying to screw with them listen in order for school or real now it'll it'll warn what you do is drive around on this car doesn't have a top bodily and all the before I fired. That Hitler all the golfers to shelter. Tomorrow when I did you love did you actually a home run derby that's good I am like you got black mr. mr. baseball and Ottawa. It is important that baseball people war. That Christian in gauge themselves. In the Red Sox and baseball the second half this season to point out with the players themselves. Are actually request. That you engage yourself in baseball that's making it. There are holes it effort to get it gentlemen. Mitch Moreland for placement of the routes I'm Mitch Moreland. And one of my goal was to make Christian Fauria care about baseball but that's it. We let them honest and efficient with. Here you can make fun of baseball through. Yeah I'm Paula I mean what a little and army and a little differently but he needs to grow old as baseball I don't make my and make fun of how soft they are how are. And athletic can a moderate or how did but as far as the ability to hit a baseball. Heard it on the unbelievable out. Different different and also give them credit Mitch Moreland as you credit for them for the mental. A toughness that you have you have. To accurate I've seats and I changed melt in the in the beginning when I start the show like that you know all the time and its ultimate fuel the blue voters to be out there playing random it's going you know the line I get it right you put it puts in the heat like it but I am I soft in my stance on that but to promote baseball so I can't wait termite beyond its top five hours you want to get into it will. Will not that I helped also. At all. Really never falsely. I don't ever heard Gloria I care about baseball and my god makes. It come. Mix two bags that might. More than. It's thicker listening for them to throw at you nodded and colonial will be to his values to the viewer to. You're going to greatly to anybody. On that roster roster who. Would be. What ever reason out of this you know we'll be. Different ways to repeat unity is a like I like him once. Okay. And then suddenly. It into the Q those are you. Yeah did you know you do differently about it I think our problem. Acutely sensitive to do you mean if there's any use of it I was I was gonna it will be one of those guys the older guys. No he did all the right things you know worked his butt off to get where he's you know proceeded the way you in thirty something. But baseball. All of these guys are 1921. When you're told it's left and right to the eyes of all this money. And and legal back. It's all the all the free outside nearly so yes I would say mr. Moreland. I do care about these so it's already started in in in his dilemma and dispute I noticed that you did watch that homered Democrat. Yes that should do what it gives you knew that wasn't good you do that you had. You couldn't be lazy Christians or we're. Aha because you really cared in certain that it wants. Wolf personal Bassam was born. So all the home dates for the guys so that parents and actually only politically I wanted to like my wives in the bed easily and it. The re. Here's the thing. They have used it has 33 game home run at the written shot 778. Outside she's pretty colossus of the you know it was now your Shane and I am not watch that makes cents so. I would say this so complex it's football that's some. Real. Good on the football based on one. Football like one of like you based on what he did all the Tom Brady at all he's up against coverage then that's great isn't anybody else. All of this quarter ever. Even know what. What I. Here's the kicker. The match you know the last actually whites and yes like I. Bishop in the NFL a there's tell what it's like California I interrupted you when you went to bed at night on OK look not on that and I'll go that well yeah. Always. Know who who was the guy from Shrek you know the efforts and Shrek. You know that prince property to whatever. Government note there are differences that would not labeled public look at that I have no I have no Internet there so it's pretty well you know that cartridges needles like deals now okay isn't it William you know movie Shrek right. I don't well in the movie that prints when it first introduce him. He comes out really slow it slow motion does is the witness every flips to have died due to eleven and I have no air and flips about that Bryce Harper. Yes that is Bryce Harper yes like every time. Like there was a lot is the result can only allowed that guy she. Acts yet he has the looks on a heated looks like he still. Looks like he's two years older than Dennis. He should out of it. Show you know it's an official here working doctor doubt yeah without putting that you die with that it was pitch into right you originals so much mud on my issues was like it Bryce Harper's last round on the name. Rich charming person took a while we had the option percent. There was a particular Curtis you were Ku machine in there isn't a point there is a day. Google machine tomorrow morning didn't find it found there's a poignant moment derby so a lot the last rights as last. And I think server at ET. And there is a good little stretch word harper that was it is. Stuff that are yet he was a little ugly it was good news that you wouldn't get nervous you know he does servers I think he got nervous in the hole and all the harper and do their home underwear flashing his dad got sick so eager to get that could extortion like six pitches that were not capable. And the clock is down. Aged tool and adapt. Yeah you do admire you want to win this thing but then he got to a stretch. Where he found a groove and everything was perfect for harper and he was just Nellie left to right what were item. And since he got like hit a four homer ball whenever he gets third second timeout you now we've got thirty seconds at one cricket home run. It is that it already found his groove and found a sweet spot so does the matter was I don't but I like. I like it just. I liked. I I I will lead to a minute and I'm as cynical as anybody out there when it comes that stuff not I would tell you was like totally. Formerly a harder percent in geese hit it at all times now. It's kind of the background and then I waited for something could happen the end of what's god got up to eighteen to twenty they were there at high home run totals. A bomb then suddenly I said OK and down when doing outdoor little working side and the computers and one of all my attention. Onto what you're doing so it was it was in that respect to wall. But aside propagated long wall last filtering you need to tighten it up ball and you don't want. That will help them I think in the future they tighten it up short and up and find another event that they can put in it whether the skills competition or something or put another event. Shall home run derby and they get superstar see it fitted in the name you you didn't have guys that were huge stars last. I'm not an accurate but it looked like they haven't been washed in the heartland okay hometown guy to go around Italy yet. There are some sentimental ballad valued at that dad. Also but what's about to me this is what they they should. They should change shorted out. And you can you can watch that it wants harper trying to you know re. Reach AT. And its right to the rates right wind returning. He was swinging he's getting so tired I can understand how guys lose their mechanics but it undersized guy I understand how guys slate. Because they just they they lose their ability to hit because there Sweeney from there he'll try to talk and now harper got that settled long swing anyways. I gonna semite I don't wanna do. You just get fatigued he was added he was definitely headed in a so so what's deficit hit it hit you gotta you gotta hit thirteen to beat somebody big twelve. So so what's the difference if she shorten it. And they in the yet yours you need to get superstars back in there. You know unique in there okay you BJP Martinez and you need to clear cut home run hitters in that thing because. You try to try to drive personality from these guys and what you can do. Add a home run derby you can drive personality. Because it's far is no competition I need to win this thing are. This is death you know this has gained seven of a championship series so those guys hugging and laughing after one of them lost them one of them beat the other guy. To me that was really good okay that's the moment yet with just Mendoza going out into the you. That's at least baseball is trying. To attract some of this this thing that. And it got me out there and Jackson mom's not right patent up. And maybe give you some sense on how does it work for us and ask you why why are you hitting. Because. I'm not a home right at this happens because it is having to go over the fifth. I have been to go over the fence okay I come on it was who's your pick them right now when you look out yeah. Why that is. The city happy that's the easiest. I'm Sam yeah pretty soon once again here. The way into the. Yeah this. We'll just let those are walking shoes by the way OK I got all alternate she was pitching in the celebrity. Game that goofy game with a politely. DNC Hollywood celebs. She was pitching and in decades and are our children allegedly fumbled and evidence of solace just awful. It was awful game. It would seem that so here's my question you silly doubt that we don't writes opera La right about marking the players in the harper. People either we've either he him or they love it it's morbid here Wednesday. In Alice in appearance because yeah yeah and that's not that he apparently they were either layers there's a prince charming vibe about it. Really there's you know. To implement you know it didn't interest her second serve which we do regular collaborator sugar and knocking everything over on the on the table I can understand one I didn't leave. A complete loss which I thought that audio out talking. That's your only lead attorney again that Jerry is constantly picking on on. He's been here for half an hour. Can I have my phone please. Would you like it won't that just. Knowing that I think interdiction I can we think there are now learning it for four hours and hours. I think we're doing something your initial hit it right 998 birdies and an idea may yet he had not read all mad. Exactly for a few weeks Ahmadinejad. Really. I. Now I know Laura fox okay Bryce Harper appearance. He couldn't and like many kids that just. Great he can't. It's like touching guys won't get. You guys all those little guys move that's like secretly curses while the Pentagon has it. Wants to think he's authoritative Munich it's over you know he's gonna move stuff. Our doctors are more over it is the small little Blake Jones got when he was trying to clear the table for the Richard. No one idea you know what to do to get the stuff but they just it's going to be. And restarted. It and organ title in to threaten to Auburn. Or go so much as I say that to implement action. Many real problems we have seen what separates them up Russert is collectibles now go back to follow it is gonna get those are. I don't I don't articles you'll be tomorrow and got trending if we don't have anything that gets seriously thought about it before I cut my issue with it Atlanta are. It's so he's apparently a lot of guys. I am trying to figure out who he appeals to. Say OK here I think it's apparent in no fault it was all really just. When you look. You know in his mannerisms I can see him. Rubbing people the wrong way because he doesn't have that he'd leave this prince charming vibe about it I don't know usually like that. He just if it loses out of them you know the way he puts his hair back. You notices and if you're in the Nagano but this and you don't sit here and why. And now Bob you know my point is agree or disagree. I. There's something to what you're saying any is one of those guys and make some people some people dislike he's have a great year and the second thing is if you are great players make you. Do this and in. In baseball to little bit more difficult to do. Is that you would take his team would be better this game is anything over the last 345 years has been a major disappointment. Pitching staff that that is the rotation players that that they had been under achievers and he's the the he's the that the poster child element team for underachieving. And I agree with Lou the more I watch him plight. Why he's vastly overrated the more I watched Mike Trout but he's vastly underrated. I think Mike Trout may be one of the all time greatest baseball players have applied he's competing now big growth that all the great. He's that good. I don't think Clark wrist but harper I heard he was that a blip but in bookie in itself but it might you may be better than that bright star. And but I would say this. That we knew we knew would you look at that arc for Harper's been Smart he does that commercial worries that on the on deck circle on the incomes in you know. And I edited it'll commercials four but the fans out in the field would have he's got he's showing some personality commercials. I've actually got aren't always great at that Jack had a much different personality off the year that he did to most commercial they made it to the loveable panda bear. That's what they did with Jack. Marketing and marketing places it would prop. Or would that's why they thought it was a kind of just I don't insisting that you guys that for most I don't know who. Who's trying to appeal to the most guys you look at that guide on what to. We'll look at here and there's some jealousy involved in Cuba you know you know what they're seeing is is basically basic perception album. Not fair by the way but I can see how. He rubs people the wrong way you don't even know it's just because of the way he looks in the way he acts and there's some arrogance to Ahmed AI price and I know how rock. The draw like in tough neighborhood. Does that work five jobs yet you know fight gravity well that the navy had left baseline and all maybe I'd know like the old was he when you know all my. Other than you know let the ball irritable. Yeah now what people don't realize is there's a military. History. And that this stuff bookie I don't know I stroller. It speaks a lot of languages I was actually in Aruba I'd like three years ago or lack there he's been. If they take a drug anguish about. What. It's. But I entered drug mission when I do like affected your scene. He's getting more more than he's getting more if having him might get to hear the receipt I crossed over yet no choice doesn't really seem on the surface it until he's just chill and he's probably here a couple weeks that the a QB went radio tells. But I would say this he seems like a really nice to know it seems in the and that's based. You're promulgating at a point now need to get a mile he hears that they hear the sole battle rookie. It was Sheila brown do you the ground of being eaten there Thomas had this commercial programs. Like you. Don't it was you know. Don't shop. Under. As a valued at their commercials rows legitimately there's Tatum and they get home like it's like bad they're so cheap and everybody they give that your view the some random. Jersey at different like Dick's Sporting Goods. It's so too easy. This is an eclectic but what did you say hey listen to get Jason him about it how he commercial paper for the rights of the actual Jersey though because we want that you. He doesn't have that. It doesn't have that what do we throw throw me a bone to have a marketing campaign. And they can get like. Can you don't it's. Cumberland farms that's our place we welcome the farms backs should become an arms illicit books consistent reliable hard working couple. Debate Diddy no way. Of debated this argued this before smoking needs to be more visible and a Red Sox have some work to do. In doing that Isiah Thomas was here Isiah Thomas is now one year minimum contract when Isiah Thomas was here he is doing national shows all the time in showing up that TNT broadcast. The Kevin Garnett. He died he was every word he was on national out. We'll keep that hasn't done it you could sit there as well okay that's hasn't won anything you gotta what a championship I would agree he wins a championship this year. I think that personality that he has goes to the next level Okeafor stop the panel that he has. I think he can. What can I get excited because it looked pretty didn't Grand Slam. I let us what do you like it was quick it was. You know this powder their horses are like one personality though. I it causes great hello eight but he was not the air it will be well ahead of everywhere at different there's always my you don't produce. On not different sport multitude. You think you don't he was a political campaign form itself you know he also showed up at at patriots practiced last year. In all of grace eating itself into this city and the brotherhood a boss like how you use it almost like almost forcing. The Celtics to sign him by shaming him look the problem people all of its sister she is that all this is our keep the actually was doing so you don't go to guy did not get the hell out of dodge you don't think he's doing enough. I don't money and I don't blame it on ice so that it looked like it guide us as you know I'm more concerned with. My post courier this guy's article I don't know they wanna do so they're gonna start you Curtis are doing these shows and interviews. All their free days ago they're gonna go to Q fox you know you know they can't call game seasons don't because you do analysis offseason. Okay we're gonna get to it in talking about rookie that he talked yesterday about Boston about the future about new contract. JD Martinez hawk about Boston talked about the opt out talked about new contract it was an interesting stuff from bolt. Rookie that's jiggy Martinez two guys obviously were concerned about going forward. Do they stay here there that the backbone here of this team the base of the game going forward. Do they stay here they both spoke about it we're gonna get into all of that we're broadcasting live where my heels golf club but at the activity but celebrity golf tournament. Presented by effort over here Jeannie market. On Sports Radio telling you. It's. That it that all of them. After the TV audience it real well for ever short reflected it's people excited they were both Freddie Freeman earlier it means more. Don't write operative Geisel rated guy. He Pulitzer for India and would ruler who noted that the usual rate of like this in a lot of home runs. You will pay 300 million that do. You think. I Annika I actually prosecute. It's not that they want to and they had nothing with a different group that is true that is three. Married so hopeful her opponent just. All that. About rat how who went to grab this nation altitudes so so we've got to. Pulse former former Beverly open shelf very tight so we've got we've got Lou and his buddies all like to it getting ready go out there on the court. Did you ask my microphone in one of those we listen to engage you wanna hear that what do what do you. There's often ask them what they think about that place refuted what it would is that when needed it. To the next week. Long a list from. That car and call it that got screwed yeah it is deliberately right. They didn't mean to carry my hope that all of it from seven yards out. Jim law books. I saw Johnny Mac while around him joining McDonald's to receive once they get up and let them. They lose them or they lost that couple who you're playing have been. Anyone know much about what we we and money on here we go outside that we got it right now cards already done we're minus sixteen some legal and beat us we would we have raining and we Flockhart Opel wolf frequently while many of them the old way you'll come to recruit and get the aggregate was two sets and it was then once I expected the second half of the season whether it's not a typical yeah and the goal is to go watch him win the division who eventually the open position. To win the World Series it's bad. This is what we get yesterday for Mitch Moreland his goal for the second half disease. So now the toilet. And one of my goals estimate Christian Fauria care about baseball a are you kidding me this that we need to sit down. 0181014. In Moreland and I want you to to just talk to talk this thing. I liked it. The issue here's the thing. You know that turn my turn the saudis yes I do know that much respect for myself and Oklahoma in a much different ways turn ultimately. It's between first and second. I'm like really hard right now I admit I got fooled on the oh no no I've not happening I once did an interview. We did that you do and I will do that he's been five minutes habitable tries to convince you why you should love be okay not apparently four hours a day for me hasn't yet done enough. Target now but here's this would he start off when he came home to us. We just did this that you hear Lou but I we talk about Bryce Harper yet okay make his physical appearance this. The guys talk like. Manly men you know he's sharp he's got hair blowing its slow motion is typical school should be don't like oh my voice 0%. Hair that's see that's what what's that proves my. So I don't know if he's tool and and I have no idea to. Let just what you look that's you know that's what I wanna help you would not making in the Tbilisi. Is Dolly Dolly definitely wouldn't but I tell you that moment derby was rebel really about promoting his daddy was dead but like court seek with the beard. Graduate assault with a beard. Let me operas now on there you know just I don't know that he is the wrong way I ain't never gonna get new love the guy thought it was a great show a lot so. Now Bergman at the lowest rates. It's Warburg crowd into it was that was nice but Britain and round sites or four minutes over BP. I don't have to make it through but they had to fill that window for me that four minute round of BP knew a guy like the guys unhurt. Know that debt that we're seeing it eat your heart was asked at the end of the capsule is gonna make you and I can ease. Understand how guys completely lose their swing. They did in this situation in the competition gets film there in the moment and they wanna just knocked it home run that's. Right and at times slipping away at any attic AT&T getting ninety. I think it's not I mean they're onto it they're getting better but make sure 22 and a half three minutes then they got except. A crisis at La. Again that guy like he was in no rush that he wasn't gonna change it now if I don't think that's looking for a show at all until it hit home runs its Clark turner acted to kill. I will say this media what do they give adjustment doesn't take in the walk out to the outfield with listen my. First up and watch elected we will Poole writes in his body is ended up which Wilbur and Wright so in that way. But anyway. My wife's like who is that in what are they doing now uncomfortable with this. Animate this is her existence everything she does is uncomfortable why in God's name within walking out. The center field with smokey that's what we're doing what you said out. Personnel. Will be trying to show did you pick personality out of the delicacy and that's the thing about distressing news. I picked this personality there are I really believe that something in it yet. Bet he's as superstars a player. Personalities. That snake but it imminent situations that don't seem to be working. And that didn't work out what experts that so how bowling going out over the plus easy that's easy accountable well that's that but that. All. You should and as these guys. It just meant don't you want to come out what you just come out of blue steel water being out whoever the delegates you know interact with the players so what they're they're lighter side it's not all theories francoeur of course he does look pretty good just block the order a table typical water while the way you've got people inside you which are getting votes are missed arbor on well almost as it breaks opera's but it appeared on Diana priced up exactly like. Yeah hopefully it priced at birthday normally just. There was Tom last round he stole away were you nervous that don't you know in trying to. The water and put away with away away away and it wouldn't you yeah. You guys are well I don't think it was six or seven pitches there at the end they were unhittable. You know and I that he was just nervous and it could blow my dad's music when I'm in a moment derby title in two and I. Well I don't that's. All out but it's they're watching you ought to to undergo invasive they're gonna they're gonna blame Bryce Harper losing this home run derby on it yet. That's gonna complain because he could throw it down the middle. So you're gonna resort in the accused the usual reading when Goldman derby that is due date of diesel ridden. Derby that really litigated I think he's won Portland there. I do what you gotta do it embryos that you good comments though a monkey that's very interested in watching the negotiations go. It's never once and have a conversation leads that analysts that a hundred RBIs and 300 million kids now Washington is time. It is. Our obligation well. Butler looked decent the political and I actually talked they have at Atlanta Georgia that I. And it accidentally ready to turn that. Solid but recognize that ours might look at Kabul right. Listeners on both vehicles for awhile because I'm on fraud on it it's there on Friday at the next few weeks were you gone next week. Ottawa here next week is that about it long and Friday. Along in the next week. And have gone on loan problem. I loved it any recommendations yeah Russia almost managed to that's awesome apps on the to do nothing but managed. But the whole town there aren't enough for you in the less than two. Two lessons while we wait until which didn't know it actually you know let's have a quick Thursday we should do this I mean there. Yeah terrible idea actually. You know they got I'm here on the voice of reason unknown entity. That since it again rob Oslo yeah. Oh very. I probably already got I've never contests you can throws for us that's what I don't like the one I this party that is a week. No way covered backs enough to say it's there ya go to short notice at all. It's all yeah that does not look like good group that does not eclectic group that hits the ball straight at the aggrieved parties and I don't know if you know it is Elliott Elliott are. Elliott sweating already looking almost yeah he's already. He's got that's what's the sheer. An accident with a microphone. Icon plus all. I want it uses CO we all wants you or would come just like this one thought I read this. Here just it's a plus I just wanna see you sweat as much as I do as well as much as you do what which start at home nice and cool as humans and that means fairness do it why should it. Had a weakness. Computer just a driver in the rate right here we missed just one hit just one long made Curtis collectibles just collapse. I'll take care of the show fruit and how often particular ask any thinkers those makes her collapse that was then there's a couple balls but we want due to luckily we deploy we find out that this Flickr's table we have. Pictures he's not really have that I don't know Betsy likes the evidence. It's funny isn't it it's. It's like what you slap that and that's it it's like my numbers start with seven and that is. That it's again it's it's such mean yes got to learn to laugh. And as an Iowa uniform again exactly. Comic relief. Good to see these guys like I shouldn't planet that you do you know I'm a bump in the afternoon and just play. And now we're here it's too bad and it's. Ceiling right. Jerry enjoy it out there elated Jerry Kelly gets it right. And at about typical call 61777. On seven that it's reasonable we'll get to what to say. In which eighty Martinez at the same as well about their future with a Red Sox next. All the work in progress they seem comfortable. Dobson gets inside jokes didn't surprise let's get to the elementary Ellsbury and honestly do. And each other know what's your did you hear what you gonna need his own CD got anything additional from you right now is working now back to order waiver Loney and Fauria fox Sports Radio WEEI. I've been here at home when that broadcast live mine fields golf applaud them. In the months to go through it. It is milky milky. Oh yeah. Actually made you must have a really good you sure your eyes what at all like no you're not hit it out yet. That would cut Jerry's got his whole front and now he has news out people who would be that god is so hairy moisture is stuck in there. It's sort of stoking. The people that are playing here when they come out here one group gets my roots the only. The celebrity's is it odd stories will be all. The other. Kids which. So let me tell you some kind of old gentleman by the way are not what I. Way down I heard Christians wall soliloquy off the top and we were you cocaine or something this wasn't so nobody gonna avoid writing for the website had a huge specialty palace that. I may be a three years ago he Ortiz should I be you and I both know we're hanging on what's there. So so used to use that much. And dinner with which you look multiple times notes along great stories there is talk yeah you saw these stories it. These signals. Over all or. I don't have what you heard that what an hour ago so. Story right now opt out you manage some might perusing only right that would I Colorado Springs come remotely through the editor is not thought it was on a Tuesday night. Met a woman her name was Deborah Carr will corruption and human former champion. Causes great story okay. She's judo champion in the rights is what your willingness. Stop just listen I just don't yeah. CO I will not be a good story to keep watching our own Joyce turned question what should we order this now my board from owns a restaurant she goes when you guys from Boston. Just have a good friend and boss knows who she says Michael was. A pick up the phone call Mike and his voice Michael with different a couple of five minutes later dropped the phone rings. He crossed again for the fall. You keep watching the forum at which point she will keep you. It's odd future product yet you guys there so they get to the fall back she says yes Michael yes you talk to a ten year machines up. So what's wrong I have to give you a tour of the Olympic facilities and now Michael insists things are working coveted patriots don't need to tell moral set at. That's not good enough. That story not a lot of military leader now it's a nice young lives are strong at the U. What do you that we play you play with a lot I know Amy is minus. When you're doing your play by play. I don't know what race to what we're about horse I don't know what it was a big poppy we always hope. Obviously and I again we can't wait to that they would we'll be all what we was doing it again. The shortened version of that story is that what to do our horse race as a story to TV. And they wanted me to raise twelve horses there's no way you mean the recent six horses so I get a race six was never. Yeah we tried to call horse race on yes actually it's hard I am we have got to meet with a better result six horses and got to find that. Six horses in the race or Christian. If coming down the stretch dead heat I hit a dead heat now six courses. And they played it would no crowd noise and Alison if there was if you're talking to hand. I don't know if I called the winner right winner. Robert were to have it like three hours at which don't you come back. We're gonna play and you don't have right and renewed dominant note that I hadn't got goodness he's listed a look at some of the other celebrities and talkative. Why do you arousal and right off the top was at the gym long board like it was you know the reverend know you get what stern it's really. Yes and you think looks they're gonna get their money's worth from. All over the lakers that you're an army to. Be on what about the fourth. Pole at the same script about four all or when I've hit it left. Three of four in the woods standing over like 24 hot hot. Last pot. Alison OK here's right there and my celebrities that says I'll drop how many a city he had arguably needs 44 people. A youthful people knew that it for a once it. Solar receptive which you know you'd give you put your knee these. Properties. And they'll be all right these are the top AME LP at least play a sport is pretty he's pretty bad. Gotta get up at all. Yeah no big. Any parity. And wanted union. You amendment. Ryan. I'm. Here. You and the. Somebody's got to bring up the Bakken and usually at the back into the baseball to have the greatest bar that's the product line. He's one of those things right. Ignore. Actually Jeter did delist the delisting Canadian translates to a beat on you when you don't cross the line they aren't. I hope we got to go out. Actually I have looked well they love so that's you know. They don't know why OK with me. That if you. David has no deal worked out. So they. He worked for the company. The contracts they force him to show up to be. A certain number one at least twelve. I. Not all the show's over additional over right now. I'd get to this we. Promise you hopeful that this story too youth let me. Well I. We just talked about all we know that's what did you think that leads to show. Which is make you gotta start this audience decide what once I think the sport. Sticky part. Rock records got this. He talked. And he talked about counteract these presently right though this contract even the other takers more years. Is loath to it right now. This offseason which. You've Harper's and make killing here. Even though right I think he is overrated. He's gonna make it killing that you Martinez talked about. Like 300. Million or something like that. In this make him and he's got out so we can opt out after next season. So this actually was. A contract in about off. It's a guy on top it there you yeah. It. Wrong absolutely. Nelson is obviously that's what we discussed. You know later. Yeah I mean like my time there announcement and so far so I'll see one out. Here. Yeah com. In my life. The front office like you know the managers like everything you know everything the way it's run I think it's. I think it's trending and really get it away and hope must enact. Part of. He would much figures still like seeing everything that these people bitching. That carrier ring apparently wants to even look every insisting on the front office you know that's that's a memento of boiler plate. And so here's the thing. It I don't know if you saw the visual image he saw video studio did you notice who was in light right. Beside him off to the left that would be Scott blacks did you see the look on his face and who. Ever heard her. It's like Scrooge make ducked and mr. Byrd wrapped into one he knows TD Martinis is going to delete is gonna he's gonna make so much money. It's like everything working out perfectly for him I can keep you can easily see these stacks. So I think your your favorite Twitter account of the Boston sports and for some. It puts me out there that said. They they gave all of DD Martinez's stats. From. Flasher when he seventy all star. Break and now. It's unbelievable. As the numbers eights it's ridiculous how good he is being. And no wonder. Scott bourses to sing their pulse rate and just like taking it all and because everybody knows that's got boards getting it done. OK so if your of the Red Sox and you know that once he gets to free agency and he opts out. He's going to be worth a killing especially when you watch what Bryce Harper gets in this offseason. A boxing you do now to decide what to price our bet is watching Brett operative is you don't Bryce Harper with what you do is in this off season. Before he gets that last year that opt out year that's when you sit down with them and you eat what you gotta be willing. We know that you've got to be willing to go to that no that it's going to be a free agency which you prevent other teens. From getting into the match I. Is everybody so on this. I don't I don't it's 98 gains or whatever but you're right there's a track record of the last you know his biggest problem is he was a late bloomer and a he figured out yet figured out how to hit the art of getting. It took him awhile and so there's eight a shorter resonate in the race with some of these other guys. But to me. Console yet he's so so so psychotic too it's awfully cute when he hear guys talking about. Other players like Tom Murray you know justice so focused don't eat sleep entry you know. The ball all the hunts priced figure from Ludwig yeah yeah F you to. But at that and you look at another envelope he's he's you thought I was call Lou three people who sued so what was the non. LB five. Oil. And he's on the phone and what LBV or love. Nobody you know he's. He actually it's funny we tease you talk about the difference in air reception vs reality. Yeah Bryce Harper. The way he looks the way his manners of 38 he watched Martinez. After any game whether please go to whether you please back. Look at what he's weren look to look at his demeanor politically and it is it is perfect guy is just really kind of figured out. And he's authentic is that we is yet he doesn't care doesn't care about anything other than just hitting African baseball and and any U he's fit in here to Boston even though there's no real personality I'll be on reader on a similar yeah and it seems it seems that worked at the Red Sox got to really consider this. In the offseason and Nevada had a choice. We meet me out and you'll see what I am just like I don't know that you. Year and then he's definitely I'll let you don't know what do you tonight why would you give up control as a graduate engineer let's get hurt next year then ultimately up to outrun. But David Price is no question about this guy's like definitely opt in some sort of like random rules somewhere and and basement baseball rules and regulations Willie prospectus which contracts. With team it is it is like oh it's like work rule. Peaceful part of her role as. I was at the rose rule unwritten rules that we find out of the terrorists there broke the rule and the advantage is confused as it is in the name anywhere in several players because a speech which comes with a player that they never thought about in this rule should act as a. Yes Alter that I'd take a reputable get to default Coppola Q here. Exactly what marquee Beck said because she said some nice one thinks about Austin about staying. Nice to finally here I say that is boasted distancing themselves. From our local teams 61777. On 7937. Radio and on that.