OMF - MLB is going to shatter the all time home run record, no thanks to the Sox 9-19-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, September 19th

HOUR 3 - The Sox potential play off rotation continues to puzzle. The Doug Fister train seems like it has derailed for the time being and David Price is now back in the fold, pitching out of the bullpen. Lou thinks if the Sox win the division, John Farrell should be safe. The Louminati are currently looking to impeach their leader. And MLB is going to set an all time high in home runs. The Red Sox, however, really haven't pulled their weight.


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Are you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty retiree Erving yesterday. Brought out all wheelbarrow full of BS took out a shovel and through on this table and expecting you three to eat it up with a smile more they lined up. Let her pick the ball. It they'll line up your lying. Did now about to kick block team he's got to try and block a kick at 56 nothing. He's a horse's ass but don't act. That's a quote with the gland Lou and Christian series does that mean you began at but Hillary and they're told to prevail aryan a couple of little guys. Not a bit of at the little dollar aside there does that mean you say you moved he moved. And removed society proposal to try to re populate the world for example a sex look at a lot of the great idea. On Sports Radio WEEI. Horses asses the days of decent scores is that he's always. I tell the other doing my I playoff rotation and I got to they're just throw this week although below your address Fisher house. Was within their ruling around that Iran is now he runs now in there to play who we. This just came off an awful lot last week obviously his fish who stole the ball so well. And it and it turns into you know what we do. If the playoffs started tomorrow you know who's your game three and knew the answer was easy it was done pistons don't have the question abound in the playoffs started tomorrow. But the reality was is that. The difference between Fister ports LO NEA rod. It's. There isn't much. There isn't ami got a body work from Salem body work from Palmer is all year at the others. There isn't so he had two or three starts left and get a goal on this has got lit up to two times in a row. Get a lot of playoff rotation in my got them off the roster most likely so it you gotta wait it out because you'd be Russell ball laws last three times. He has you or sell to put together his last two to figure out who's gonna start game three still don't know yet. It's irrelevant I think we found out the secret to the Red Sox what you do is you go even in nine innings and even if you trail early get back in the game got to just get an extra innings to get that stranger when fourteen annually luster. You didn't actually I don't like they're like a like amount Harlem and happens let's get to detect a while we got a hot how does that happen now we got to the Brazilian soccer team with timely hitting to the course of the year they don't hit big home runs in big moments hosted their four. Team and three and experiences how. I. But I Klestil. I'll know not I don't study give him credit. We hope that's all right well I don't have a blast that you're down by six runs I think they've got mall wind won't come back Wednesday team in baseball and in it more wins when trailing after five. They're they're resilient the question is. Can you do it in the postseason. You could do would against Baltimore you do vote against Toronto luckily you doing against Cleveland oh. You need to against Houston pillow down 41 government we want them if you do that against good teams in the post season and usually answers no to seamen aboard you look at the board right now and you see where the. With the rank and the Vegas odds. They are the last division hunt we're going on the we're going and a promise to winning the division right if you're looking at the uncivilized division one. Cells ever and Vegas is picking every division winner a ball then the title looping them but the one that's trying to sort of goes with what we've been talking for the last couple months as far as just. You know. Yeah they're good nice old team he got some good players you know sometimes they believe play you know above you know expectations and the most the time assistant in men. All the talk about as this guy's got to play it back I've got to put it out of all the guys that are on the team right now who's lived up to their expectations. I call them hole what's what's got doctors should ask this sale will basket now he's he's not for your cleanup hitter now to obtain a. How does that happen how all due to clean up their hands and wait what had happened to happen to other than the patriots lost to the. Took it to the G. On Nuys is between about Sony's THE now you know and so it did because. Handling. So yeah he's dealt. The Kennedy at the injury straight now both shoulders in both biceps later I'm here and doesn't know which one and both shoulders both biceps Regis I was even able to pick up a back. He's tough and Jimmy got topless pool of everything her body of both shoulders and both biceps body's not pliable. Pedroia and what doesn't pejorative take an idea to cut those food it's sad that's. And I ask you before let's Arctic a week and let's get the the other if you look ugly. But Libya once again through that the you know strategy guy in and hadn't come back to life and you know a coast rumpled clothes in the game right weight it's couple big knocks and make a big Americans. The New England. Broke bolt to grafts first multiple hit game of the year. You know I mean this and I'm happy for the guy I've always liked that guy but he went I'll get some hits like to go but slowly let's analyze the soil it's better. So you better about it incessantly Jonny Gomes yeah well like the guy so Elizabeth nobody Israel's right now in Chicago now. We're on our show is usually get should we get excited that the David Price physically unnoticed patriot games they were doing thirty shoe models he joked. Two wings. Perfect on the on on the monster should be so he's ready to start. It's right or is massive and that two things that I stretching them you're out of time and and I don't understand that one little part of it said the rise X amount or no. They gave up on as quick as they did. You know they had those in the game could have been a Monday could've started Saturday could add another game against Houston that it that it two starts he threw forty pitches in three innings of simulated game. Humidity could on 6065. And is on Monday. On one's gonna start a game on Saturday maybe catch a five. And then maybe gets you six in his final start of the year two starts. And if you don't like what you see or if he finds out the sets get tired after four or if Iran is dealing inputs LO is dealing you could then. Then say you know what you go to the bullpen. Then you could do that move. You're going to the bullpen because we're good here we can UG can be a weapon and our bullpen because you'd see you you'd get hired. You all the same stuff in the fourth or fifth we can't start you. You that don't have that luxury now I mean there's no way to dude did you solves that terminal started for individually so why don't these guys. Not sure though how long he can laughs when I find out well okay fine. But it if you already kind of know like let's we don't have enough time I've been done this before I kind of know now you can't know who David Price is the pitcher you know is as as the as the man has the play area just outside of baseball and I cannot Marvin Miller man of the you know we hiss and yes sir. But he gets the award but what more you better serve. Right would you rather start they start clapped gamely busiest three. Which is a role in the bullpen now I think is role now in the bullpen is. If they go with he runs ago with sisters they go what we're sell and they struggled in the first couple innings quick hook. And yeah I've got you've got price it may be pictured the sixth or seventh right foot because that's kanga what exactly what did you lateral back days back which is right so did not go back to back days on to say so the ideal spot where he can really help is dirty down three nothing. That's the schedule that. That's the product that's. It is the ideal spot for him to me is you know. First off beat question the answer is if he if he was able to get it right. In pitch at a high level he's the second best pitch you have on this staff but I know the playoff stuff whatever it get it. But you know if he can give you ninety pitches he should be starting which I thought they could have gotten through but they'd they'd they'd given up on. Seoul is ideal role is to boost the pace to sixth and seventh and in a bald Addison reed who is the Baltic amber that's the ideal role. Course if Fister goes out there Renault of Iran goes out there of port sale goes out there again. Great you've got this good weapon for the sixth and seventh but as yet a pitcher the league. I don't know. He could be valuable eat your weapon of open just like Chris Sale could be a valuable weapon and a bullpen but I think I was asked Barton yet that even though struggled right. This that this is the best case scenario for him now. This is where he this based on the criticism based on everything that that revolves around him. This is a safety zone now now I think they're protecting him from himself the protecting him. Because for all we know he'd be fine. But that they're protecting him from scoring up. And failing therefore dealing with more issues after the season though are well there you go you big dollars money. And he could win the game no I don't know you know were put heat he's not ready to start. So we're gonna given the bullpen got the we're gonna do read the game but I don't Lombard. Detour that morning discuss how do you see this guy's ego. How do you savor from. From just the crystal that he out doubt he would get if he could if you do thrown out there you're damned if you damned if you don't if you go that he screws up. We'll let you put out too soon he wasn't ready whose fault is it picking the. I don't want we should probably hold off and find an iffy and come back and pitch your that they are too conservative enough he can do that aren't. Well that's the other thing to me game one again in game one gets played out perfectly let's just say that game one is perfect. You know sale goes since they still goes six. Know of pitched a gem on say David Price maybe comes back and it did price still the seventh. Don't create kimono a beautiful game to Kenny pitched. We come back the next day. At the throwing at all I I have no idea where reason that's your bullpen role tedium for two winning too easy available the next day energy shut down. Titan so we kind of just we I was seven years I don't think we'll ever really find out because if they were Smart they would never let us but I I'd love to know whose call was. You know I think of the film to do at this sort of go this way and it was price that I can't ramped up. But I but I wanna pitch and prove that I'm a great teammates I want to go to the bullpen or was it. Dombrowski says he'll hold on now because I don't want to push to fork is I don't want you get surgery because I don't want to miss next year. I don't want to pick up the option if you don't need to do wanna risk injury or a John for us in an agent bullpen so it just pitching and a sixty sevens of doesn't go well you get blamed on me. That would surprise me although if it were price's decision not to get the surgery. And it wouldn't surprise me at all said this the other day. If a month from now we find out he's cornered undergoes surgery and when that happens forget about it he's picking up. The the options get picked up he's picking it up he's not going anywhere. He's not he's getting thirty million bucks anywhere else are we talking about this off the idea off the and we got the sense of peace. The Shaughnessy wrote from a few weeks back there couple date Dave Dombrowski is talking about. Regular season and and postseason. We have this conversation all the time by Johnson out British John Farrell as a manager what does John Farrell have to do because she's been on the hot seat what does he have to do. To keep his job. So then the favorite to win the division isn't going to win the division. So no surprise there good thing for John Farrell certainly not a and make it your favorite question right exactly but has yet to do something. Here in the in the postseason and depressed gets an interest in comments about that talking about the the the the regular season and they get until the whole money ball that situation when Billy Beane is always held the playoff success was random. You get your team there and then you hope for the best. A Dombrowski respectfully disagrees who I don't take it to the extent that it's a flip of the coin to browse he said as he stood outside Jon Farrell's office. I really do think that there are certain clubs that are better prepared to go into the postseason. Doesn't mean it going to win. Fortune becomes much more important when you're dealing with a one game we're short series. Because sometimes the better team doesn't win in a short series but all loops in your pitcher doesn't have it on a particular day. But I don't believe it's a flip the going. Of course I haven't been flipping very good. In recent each animal when I read this article that we've back. My first thought was this is Dave Dombrowski just sort of defending his past. I'd like you know who's providing Detroit better team and Red Sox who lost in thirteen but. You know in the playoffs it is random you know you get in there and all of a sudden it for the Red Sox for example. You get to post season also look you vets its fourth when he was five bombs in and Jackie Bradley three bombs and in the mysteriously arms heal up. In all and and everybody just rakes I mean that can happen I mean you. He'll have a bad baseball team the Baltimore Orioles could walk into the postseason and get the ALCS it's just the game of baseball you might get hot at the right time. So I thought this was him almost defending I've put championship teams together. But the playoffs and so on predictable which haven't just one because. I looked every set up it was not his fault right at Akamai like I've done my job out Soviet policies and some of it it just happens he and I thought about that when he talked about the Braves teams. Is that they won a division fourteen straight ties with Tony one once one World Series. That's why you just never know do you go away with the club thinking gosh were really good. But there are still think you can't control. So the whole thing I thought was ball about the Brownstein but recently discussion both Farrell's come up and this may be thick of this article had a and maybe could come to the conclusion that John Ferrell wins this division. The safe. Zones what does he need to do with specialties. This is this is the hard part right of winning the division as they are part afterwards would you believe that not Lopez you only what the process said. No I think that that's what about your beliefs and that's why I think Democrat senator that John Breaux or safe I think he's got his manager that has won a division two years enrolled. That he's gotten to a post season. And even if they get swept or they lose their first round. He's gonna come back to the same words the defense does himself with the GS so defend his managers say when you get there what you need to know he at least hurt. He can only play once in awhile prices and help the Nunez is coming off at me hey it's all ball beyond the right time but did John did a great job he won division two years a row he's coming back and. And you look at the way it went down last year your Cy Young award winner reports allies didn't perform and perform. At playoff loss was about wasn't jump or Russell. You know I am not my that's my than last year losing gains were open and it was a powerful. Much secrecy I think it would have to be a monumental failure by Farrah with. A key decision or couple decisions to mess in my none of him on because of the policies but you know what the whole idea of the random. I stuffed it. You just hot in October that's what baseball is posed at the the Los Angeles Dodgers. A month and a half ago were viewed as maybe one of the greatest baseball teams of all time Iran route to topping a 116 points right. They're the only team now in the history of the game. To win fourteen out of fifteen. And also improves to fourteen out of unless he's been out of centres he's been out of the senate seat at a seventh inning and ask anyone who's so bath OK but it asks. Pablo Sandoval of always felt as people of all we said. And so probably you gotta get up because he's a watcher norm and them up you're looking at to post seasons he played three by the way he was benched in the in the first of the three. He'd he played really well hit really well in two with a three post seasons he played but it is history in big games for the big game player. It's all a matter of you know you just happened to seize the ball in really well in that period when the game showed up on the schedule and said this is game three. Of the NLCS army does and that's all odds it. But I just I think it's going to be hard. Well hypocritical. You know of of Dave Dombrowski. Who almost look at his careers at GM's and I built some great teams but the playoffs is something you can't control. And never manages its won the division two years straight. It that post season. And lose games you know because maybe Chris it was getting hired its award this star is not performing well right so. As long as John Ferrell holes on this division. You know they don't lose this division yankees in the last twelve games. I think he's safe senate he comes wreck. But by the way you just said its sales another excuse for. And firfer for Farrell what's Chris Hill is doing this season is exactly what he does in every season he seems to fade at the end of the. Law and again it a try and it's still goes out there now whales. How was that how does the how's that curls fall and that's the obvious choice you're you're being killed people all year it's an excuse for this time to display an eight no he does it every year Chris sales don't know I nobody because he's got six of. Harder insert a seventy or eighty pounds soaking it that's part of the issue but you can't blame for that goes through the somethings are out of your control. I can put some better bullpen together in Detroit that helped write in Philadelphia we're we're we're poll a thicket of baseball Schoen a 52%. That point 626 in order to keep his job you don't 26% city to win the ALCS. And point 6% they'd win the World Series so 52% of physical it was a couple thousand people. Felt that he had to at least win the ALCS to keep his job tactic is ridiculous you get if you win that first try to get the ALCS. I think you know it's definitely safe announced on dark side I think just by looking at some of these comments from Dombrowski if he wins the division. John Ferrell is safe. Can you have a great little moment as you point out maybe that that would but I think that you say it is on jewels on his division. That would do Grady Little moment would absolutely do it because then the public we go apoplectic. And get the feeling that. Deep inside angry Lou these kind of giving you'll talk a little left and a skin a little Greg knowingly those that they don't you take it one of fire. He's not want from Helena is not too much fun and he's got a bid to put some of those Belden oh I don't know what I want to know what it's like the pictures we learning about and that's I mean he's got a little smirk it's it's almost like he. He feels good about this John Ferrell is going to be back bedroom where his at bats schtick he's worried about himself so and this is she's just like a camper and I would take a break we're back to full calls it 6177797. Entries. Nothing stops a rumor loaning you come out of Cooperstown that you like you know once. Hope I'm Jim hall of Famer well meaning the FCC. They act like going to happen. It's poured wait for EA and move Marleau on Sports Radio WEEI. Man. I just out of programs being brought by Lansky insurance I work and all over the place let's get some phone calls him. Peterson Jamaica Plain UOP. I hit a I think actually. Glenn touched on it did this is my opinion I think that this problem player about our sort. Everything Bill Belichick did done the conditions can go out and he wanted to be traded New Orleans where would get his money. The patriot who offered him. What are contrary to fans in the pages severance sick so a million dollars. Which is left ball besides that on go larger thirteen was not as good quarterback knock. Or is always a free agent and Malcolm Butler was not so if you if you go in before. The expiration of your contract and you do not have. The the flexibility to go elsewhere because you're free agent and you if you gonna do it extended video you take a lot less money that's that's how it works pretty. I don't but I need to trample it and it will be just until this is the that's how works. I don't good Bill Belichick doesn't care about anyone everyone knows it's his mother when he Leno and does what he does win we yeah I agree if you decide Jimmy arms right now so I think why it is K gonna put his kids had on the line on every single play. Eight he knows that the the patriots. You know bill term basically. Was so get paid. And he's he's an obvious reasons so he should care I mean it makes sense for him to tears talent he's got. A lot of years left on his contract and now everyone how do you good quarterback. The only thing I can let them out and eat it easier or. And it could get as much let's say. Ten million dollars said it's all billion dollars the only team to commit in my life and it gets hurt soak it. I understand that this Bill Belichick way. It works. Sometimes. When he got to look at the other and so he prince's people are. But that's but so much of it is your very really wants is any question do you you're talking about Jamie counts they can use Jimmy Collins right now. You wanted to read what they're saying it Cleveland by Jamie Collins. I don't you wanna does he allegedly and now the ball was trying to. Senator at what age or on don't prolonged our results are you by our. Because he's the son is fighting definitely there's still agree on the price that I might agents are one way and editors there. It's several million dollars there are. Commit to emission the entire point European when you're right he may be better than top ten OK let me he's not and free agent. So you don't get your money. Until you had the option of saying goodbye patriots not gonna get a lot of young gun if the patriots own your rights or any team on your right. Then the only way you get an extension. Is to give them my big hometown discount and then we'll give the security. Yep but Bill Belichick could read and mocks the very bad guys have been our. Yeah and that's a possible yes it did feel that that we really figure out what that was all about when we were going through the whole thing if you're free agent. And if you were free agent a year ago Malcolm ball would've scored. Not this time I'm sorry you're you're now doing Oregon you you you are saying that it was his fault because he scoot around in high school in Alexandria an agent yet disadvantages but. What has always been you know I was in the question is always been you know what is the nor well let's amid all the road deal right leg obviously five or 66 million was gonna get it done. He was gonna get thirteen to fourteen is it was a creates so was their offer of ten or eleven out there. Apparently not right so they got that's where the argument is experts Nicklaus and not looking for durable money and it's in situations different. But if you're talking extensions should be on board 66 and I. Should Butler did the right so Butler said screw that I'm not gonna take them you know pennies on the dollar I'm gonna wait until my day comes which is at the end of this year. And screw you and now he's got the patriots in a much better position. Because normally did sit there and say OK well we're gonna combat in trouble franchise tag on you can't do that right now. Because they need to sort of the quarterback Brady. Other sort of the quarterback and enough and then they keep in a quarter of Brady's gonna retire they are keeping records are based on articles. We got a book listen above book came out yesterday again. Double down said 45. That's news at 45 yeah okay or dunk quota why we're delighted nor O'Neal who are you would narrow body telling on the truth of your neverland anymore. And down. On his bike in north prominent time I. Well I yeah I got the Red Sox and they started off season and the offense that was batted point between the equally which as you know getting on Kate's wedding. For you on one date transformed. Into being at all and actually could claim was out of pertinent or you don't you're not not much. I'm on the east. Take an extra bases could now they know where credit where exactly where the cost apple you know there are about that the in the majors and so basis certain. In the league in stolen bases let me play this well all he and I. I think it was damaged so. While the trade deadline. He instead of going after power he goes and gets me now and then on top of that legal victory logic is. Wouldn't say hey we need of more outward like what someone aunts. And that the and that just recently won the World Series and that way. Was it 2013 points in the oil so that does not like wore off and on and off. It comes down scratching out runs. On this he has got some one who. What he's thinking oh we think they don't neo Nazis. There are. They don't get artsy I won't I will bet you anything Mike did in the offseason they get any. Big huge power bat that's what they ruled while they're not gonna continue doing this is the that this is too risky. What the word is though that started looking it trying to bring unions. And I I'm sure like. There from Ramallah led that's not the best dance he's been great he's been great he was the answer he gave up a pick me up with would devers when they brought him up as well. That was a pick me out but c'mon that's not a. That is you know what those stories are those stories are these guys are on a team so as an organization we're gonna say they were retested because it's still playing out all these are on the team for God's sakes. Andy's of the players who are still playing for the Red Sox saying that they would love to come back here so you better understand the timing of when these discussions are happening. To realize that the Red Sox probably don't want anything to do admits mullah next year and at and Eduardo Nunez probably wants nothing to do what Boston next year because he can't start anywhere. While at the possibility button but remember there and sit there and got. Or all of one look at the problem. So the news is that you can actually he couldn't do it watered and cared kind of what the supreme. What in fact you can possibly. Some of the upon what what you wanted to mention one actually probably the age group calling a lot next to. Now I don't know now how are now estimated sec why she's too good a second there's maybe Jordan and let's get done what he's so good at second base. All educators in this health concerns and there's no question but when he's when he's healthy. He's the best second baseman defensively probably in baseball. It's like our future. We oblique and we really get from Italy there's only a few nations that this is it like to win. That's because they stole bases era missile base of the ass in May mean they did do it second Yale they started stealing all year. There's been little more successful lately. Rajai Davis is it role player that every team much to acquire the end of August. With speed in mind even if your power team knew of its speed and mind to stealing bags that's why eagle get Raja gives way every team should have a dialect at the roster. But you do meet Eduardo Nunez again. Every was asked all the reporters are asking these guys and rescue team given the interest to bring back new news and more of course what do you really think the breast is gonna say no. We get what games to go before the post season and missed most of pick up the papers say you guys don't want me. You're preached a noon as we know interest with a one doing is to say actually you know what. I have no interest in coming back to Boston I'm gonna sign a lot more money there goes the Warrick SI is you know you're hitting it is gonna say that football games to go. No brainer answer desk. To give the diplomatic ways endorsements yet but anybody that is not believe it and obviously we're going to be talking in the offseason I think a lot about staying with another home run last night. You can be talking about it Morrison needn't. He needs things. Now more now right. Many see it and hours and maybe you might be right you're fifteenth. Are as close and I he he's got at least 112 games but that's only that's only the Maris record he he's not gonna he's not going to be Padilla. The the Basra continued it's not a record if you don't beat the Basra could even though between our. Yet we know what happened there right. They beat the seamless. Dozens of flooded. 61 that's your goals to beat 61 and people can say whatever they want which I think is pretty funny because that's our text their early text earlier I'd gotten. And it was talking about. It was just another reason why would the Red Sox artistic. Ward home runs it's a historically pork. There's 2017. To me the most home runs ever hit ever in a single season home. All's Jews in 2000 it was the previous high of 5693. Home runs in 2000. There was something going on a 2000 I believe him right guys written 1670. Everybody was Jews to the gills and this year. Right now MLB's on pace to hit almost 500 more home runs and he didn't 2000 Boston did the Red Sox are dead last in home runs. A region as a. Absolutely here's what that means these are you overpaying. For power you wonderful visual like homer pay for power. Again let apple do right he studies and it's such an eyesore so they always do the they always do. It's the pendulum always leads to drastically the other way and what we need power let's all. Or Albany picture let's all. For that you know no research on your base Dave when he power let's get some much I tell you. This this is the other reason get back to the federal thing. Even though there have been some issues I think would John Ferrell during the course of the year and you're just angry that was part of fuel come up from time to time you take David Ortiz out of the lineup. And you see what it's meant offensively the state and then you sit there and say but they still winning the division. So you take game three Brett. To correct a grant of money has been right now runs 5600 Sanderson told us this season in the top three was now those thick you know 2000 was number 19 and 2001 was the top three. Until last year. 2016. That's now the second totally be out the 2000 number to last year was now number two this year is going to smash. Did the steroid era in home runs and your Red Sox that's last in the American League homer that's why you pitiful 156 home runs by the Boston Red Sox. Is and I sort it is a problem it is an issue they will address it. Come November it will get both come behind sluggers. It's a concrete plan. Fumble and went. What is but he did you take Ortiz over the line if you talk about this number and you look at how neat that they event it does give a plus to John -- they still want that and. You don't doing Eduardo Nunez comes into play is that. You in order to acquire the bad that you want and maybe that's a guy like Stanton. You need to include. You know bogey and added that idea. So now you know you've got Bogart's has gone bad attendees garlic you know you don't get Stanton and that's a guy you want even those contracts up and a couple of years he can opt opt out. You've got to give up all arts have been attending if that's the case you say Nunez to be shortstop. Because defensively. You know it's like a close second to me PDs a much better second baseman and unions defensively show art and bogeyed technical step back this year maybe it's because of injuries and maybe given in the position every day he'll improve buddies are there for defense is if Rafa. And now you get Stanton in Nunez considerable doubts about a tenth you know and of course is part real player's involvement that's the only way unions have. I think he's out there I think is it over and look they're gonna get a power bat in the offseason because the Red Sox at duke they overreact as you said based on. What they saw this past season and they've got the resources to be able to deal. I six point 77797937. Back to the focus coming up next on all of that. Please please vote and they can't afford we will pony up for and where gas always get their sick unimpeded and without interruption yeah. What consultants also live like we're now this summer or they were eliminated they have young players think about go to great how come your guess you're not on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm still Livingston. Kelly for the season's start she's going to be better can't wait and come on on a regular basis. I mean all ivory Irving did yesterday is kind of ramped up a couple matches in Cleveland the wrong you know. Pitching now LeBron will be asked the question winning the people finally get to him. What do you like about apparently it doesn't go all the whole thing re trying to dissect like how somebody feels and what he really means by saying this and what was he really trying to say. That's me is just is like a new it's a new sport in itself. Yeah when you're in the middle of August or arms are September. And you board. In crime went so much to do and that's what you dealt. But I especially when there's somebody that might be talking about your doping. You know LeBron James and carrier being in. Did you pick it winners likes Tyreke. We because you talk about it is wanna play with his ex lover the brunch at the well that's what Kim's death and we we we know where when horse collars that he's LeBron guy so. There was definitely a problem between LeBron and carrier there's no question about that. So we don't Wear winners whose goal that's right now beat Justine yet she broke down some of the comments on begets on this and I did not marijuana but I have no idea. And he highlighted you know few things that their carrier Erving talked about and basically Akamai this rapid conclusion that he feels it. He closely taking shots at the cavs coaching staff and the culture of the organization you'll management itself. You know and there was some subtle jabs of course thick and it may be LeBron James. But really more about the culture and environment that he wanted to get out of Cleveland and want to challenge yourself to go to Boston. So what is it what is the culture that he didn't like them to. Colter Bean he wasn't the number one guy. Welcome to the magic met if your team and you're an all star. You're you're you have a you have some call the exceeded everybody's you know there on in glory you're stud you're an all star junior champion. You're in game winners. And yet. They're going to LeBron James fur. You know authorization on coaching hiring hires. Free agents sizing this I why did not coming to you for any information or for you Cole. Sign off on something so do we think LeBron James going to be there. Now since Kate why don't we think he's going to be there. Why do they want a Laker gosh. It was a cluster children so LeBron James can choose to leave this is like the culture he doesn't like management. A desolate the owner Michael carrier ring decides to do he's of these are probably hasn't left so when he leaves people I know but now they're okay your Hilton last year I don't know but I'm just saying anecdotally we've talked about this before he can leave now because Gilbert is that he is a lunatic. He's got fans on their side in. It's a dysfunction don't blame don't functional family over an acute even higher game GM they're firing GM's they're hiring GM they can't hire the guys they want he doesn't want the job. Nearly can't make trades because at the broad can't give a commitment for more than a year there. Players at all and bowed out Jimmy Butler not to come here not to accept as straight as we don't know what's gonna happen with the futures a LeBron James wanting to leave. Is okay will blame you organization for that. And in more praise LeBron below and Kyra re reason to that is well doesn't like the culture doesn't like the future the organization. We bash him for on the leaf. A lot of people I've silicon don't. But it praising LeBron fortnight and it that's gonna give his ass the past. At least now they are they are right now Lou but did the way it plays out if it's all on on both of these two guys I think LeBron can't read if Gary comes here Kyra wanted to get away. From LeBron to seeded wanna be the number two guy. Probably looks at Russell Westbrook and says that he became an of one guy and okay say look what he'd. And then look at or hard at what Harden got an opportunity to be demand equity so I wanna bedecked. I go to Boston titan V that that that that guy but is all sorts of pressure on him right now. Because he's never proven in his career that he can be that guy that affect what LeBron is not on the court and he isn't he's the number one guy. Go look at the win loss record he's feel miserable so it's all on him it's also want LeBron now. Bet he's got to go through this season let's say he wants to leave at the end of the year but he can't just toss in the aisle. Out for the season he keeps on talking if he needs to be able to say I can do what without carrier. I could don't win these other guys any may have to do it without Isaiah is for half the room. That's what it comes down to the going to be judged on. What they do during the course this isn't a guarantee of LeBron goes out. And the cavaliers had a great season. People are gonna be applauding LeBron C can do it even though without carrier. At a verdict comes up here becomes the superstar here in Boston goes on to win sixty games he gets all all of the acolytes right. Now plays out. I Gregory registered its interest in that you know we're a year away from bashing Cleveland for their culture and their environment when when he leads. And yet. They at some kid here who kind of season at a time decision on what the what's I don't like so as there is there really anybody difference between between carrier ring Kevin Durant or any other NBA star that demands a trade him wants to leave. It it's that they'll they'll have to deliver if you do that all yelled out of debts don't etc. when it delivered a cat he delivered they didn't want the year before the difference here too is it we said yesterday there's pressure on retiring. He wants to go to a place. That's looking to get over the hump he wants to be the man he wants to put this team this organization on his shoulders you'll see how he can grow as a player. And it's a challenge. Whatever directed people viewed it argued not really his talent. She brings great talent and everything and win & Associates and it's that's all big colds are fast launches so just different than any other sports just. Obviously guys in the scramble that's okay fonts of fewer guys but start playing basketball. It's the culture is jumping ship. Part of the culture is recruiting other players to play fewer team. One year on this team the coaches love you and the next thing you know hey some guys go to this team and that's the better team picked up or that team. Occasionally there's really no loyalty to. None whatsoever so fast forward to one year twenty point five and you have the ability you do the same thing and your legs and it is different though. As far as what is ours Kevin Durant. Over the bonuses this would be a Tyree debating trade gold state. Same thing. At you know carries innocent I need to treat your trading attributed gold's. He was well why would you why why but why would you wanna go to a winner he will probably that's usually what. But wait if that was the case you look at it differently tomorrow I'll look at Bosnia and I just thought I would what what so he's he's not he's less than the player or champion or. Because he wants to play for a winning team he didn't wanna. Anything he had the knicks on his list guys in Boston was not on his slim I think ally I don't know able to slip because Boston was never lie to us. And GMT voter later afterwards with Boston never on the list. Saying that young girl if you teams are on the list for Boston and San Antonio. Now he talked about Boston San Antonio yet at debt that was not the other so called list. That the the thing is that. Secretary carrier ring wanted to be the man he's been in the league long enough he says they're going all I am is out of the second fiddle here. To tell LeBron. I among had nothing to do with the fact that the brawl wanted to leave a year from our renewing the prominently he was sick and tired of it right now a dog I don't I don't wanna do this. So but he's got to go in win now. It's all the pressure on carriers face constant basis and if you don't want it's not that difficult for him to go up score. 2530. Points of the game in the NBA because he's that freaking good is a basketball player. There is much more difficult for him to put a team together here Angela try to win sixty games and via a legitimate candidate contender. Championship now that's going to be winning is gonna be far more difficult than for him going up putting be terrific numbers so. He is that's always gonna be is the spokes person for the team right that it locker molds up eagle wonder who who first we want to first. Hayward average out they would doesn't speak he's quiet on every channel carrying. You always carrier ring so he's the voice of the team Democrats out there and whereas I Martha how are Smart. I'll take Gillibrand and thinking I told those guys. Go to that the goal of the little out of. Little guy and see Cuba is a question with with carrier ring it week. Kenny put team together where he's making everybody else better nobody is questioning that he can't score. Matt effect you get of one on one and isolation against any benefit of the best defender in the league wanna want to take them off the dribble take them to open slam we know that. We know what his ability yes but there's a big difference between that. And what LeBron does and what what a curry does it would do rant does they win games they make everybody else better around him. That's what he needs to do. They also question asking I don't think it but they often take all the blame and I get most of the crowd exactly what you wondering if can he beat Westbrook. Yet. There's there's. Westbrook farm a category two by two point no he he won games with the team if you took that team and you took him off to a team how many games do you think that team would. Did you know I don't know is it good player how many good players or it's not not many who we make better. We just get a bunch of points oh I think that bad I think I think he made a team better but. You could argue this that there's still far from content and not a contender. Okay Boston is in a position certainly because they play in east play and what that might be different story they're playing in the east right now. I don't wanna see Milwaukee suddenly jump over Boston this year okay. You don't want you wanna see Boston go out there and and be knock it on that sixty window. They're playing and it's been playing at a west it's easier to win games city east and build a sixty wins at east that is an what does that. Portable regular season wins. In his view it's gonna take a little bit of time. Yeah you know it's gonna be the opposite last year's team was built for the regular season not the playoffs this year's team is not going to be built for the regular season. It's gonna be built I think you have the depth of last year's team. They're all the same page at last year's team so regular season's going to be some ups and downs. But they're more talented come playoff time they have more talent than last year's team well I'm not gonna wait that Warner market sit around all. She's lockers and acumen sees signs of it during the course of the season if this team suddenly struggling to win fifty games. And people cynical and that's okay we'll just wait for the playoffs and went 47 but in the playoffs they gonna be great I think you fooling yourself because you'll see some of that. During the course of the season because of questions. Can carry urban make them a debate a winning team make other guys. Better out there is no doubt. He can lead the league in scoring if he wants next year especially when you gotta Hayward out there on the floor that's gonna you know attract a lot of defensive attention. All right back to the phone calls at 6177797. Denying.