OMF - MLB's All-Star week has some issues; Glenn says Isaiah Thomas got porked, 7-16-2018

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Monday, July 16th
HOUR 2 - The producers' wasted paper printing out stories we'll never talk about. There is no star power at the Home Run Derby and the entire week is in need of a makeover. Through little fault of his own, Isaiah Thomas experienced an epic fall from grace. Danny Ainge says LeBron leaving the East doesn't matter & Jaylen Brown is disappointed he left. 

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Fort Wayne and moaning and for why the Red Sox game and Chevron UK man. Christian Fauria I think he did a great job talking about the Red Sox meet cap and I find to be boring exercise. The game's great. Red Sox roll. Awesome there are no issues those people should just admit they don't like baseball but it's okay should there wonder why that is passing Cochran with Glenn doing Christian pastor Rick's car. Give us into the mid days. We'll talk about it in the afternoon to talk about it or an important mid day afternoon after whatever whatever what now on Sports Radio WEEI. Just want to this list here. All these stories. And has this real stuff she hears those who just just Jews who who has the who payment has always in the name of our aim it. Never miss Paulson as a. Check nation wants to play for the patriots long term but it will cost the kid. Obviously there's been what you wanna do what does it grab another hour what does a topic where we run without let's run let's let out into the public. Hey Jack Mason wants to play over the patriots long term. But it will cost him what do you think I actually found one on this step and actually kind of like what is that mrs. cutting interest to see you talk and I cardinal John I don't normally want to wait and find out what it is. He's still doing trying to play his music it was still entrant in Ohio with the letter to what the weather's weather boy I'll be honest when Letterman audience to her. But if the weather like that look out the window let me all the you mean I wanted to tell you what the weather is that you got to have a problem we do. I don't care but the head. Not raining since the other thing we we broadcast. All over new wing and they keep them both in where. In Vermont remain. It's different weather. At different places. At that time is different weather where you live more wiggle that for. There's a great app called dark. If you get these it actually acknowledged that life is that it's not known if you yet your own doppler radar right there on your phone okay tell you do have it on Somalia. Shows you exactly and does it out of this doesn't work because it's you know inconsistent. But to the T. Rate almost to the minutes are the sect when it said it's going to rain it rains and when it's an accurate it's ops. So it's perfect so like if you're out late to the beach but the one pull your pool cushion they don't want to put it. It was dark skies tells you that I forecast its debt on board it's like right. And again Jules hole like global view of fall weather pattern known to man very simple download it to decide whether. It's a free to spend some. And he ran. Although I Dallas rated fix. It didn't rather and so many different places but at four bucks for a oven and set where you don't care right you know giver at. Nokia three united but he gave me so our guys were at. It is downtown you expect that you do a lot of things outdoors so they can use your recommendation and talking about. This stuff like that Alex Hall Seles is about as advertised as a kid says that it's like down to the decimal points on the longitude glad you spit out what this all rent many things anymore you know once of reasons. But. Actually goes I'm not gonna listen to an end run producer announced her own. Market. Differently at least a year like what anyone. You guys think that fox will use the sky cam and MLB all star game with the talker on the show. Young baseball demographic looking for new ways to experience the game something different maybe okay a lot of your fairly young if you give a rats as the most I can I do not give a rat's ass that aspect of his and why if you're one of the younger people that you think that we need to. Get the attention of which makes some sense I like your initiative. And you didn't think it made any sense for young people walk out would joke. Charlotte for I like this guy campers I think it's I think it's an agent baseball needs to do like anything. And everything's he's back I think the demographic that's it that's so this is one of the articles I pulled up nicely thoughts they're good said adding that he'd do it existed under don't. There's two articles. Blogs are just one and I hate this guy with a passion I don't is don't wanna. On who exports. Keith Olbermann. They hate you so I hate Keith he northern encouragement. Kirk. No stronger restraining order that's notes and edit a much of a much of the wrong part of my best. What about a particular within what fifty feet of them pretty good OK fifty I'm dyslexic works he works kitty just out of the studio two point six seconds. There's no way that you're you're you're not fast enough as good an athlete as you know yeah I've asked them to get into the studios Kirk is now. Work his way out see this this whole like you know every year around this time. A couple things happened and we'll get into this for this first one sacked him later on the show. Everybody declared Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers to to go to the symbol Iran obedient to be that every summer. Beat before the seas are that's one thing that happens still trying to force that down our throats. And people tried to come up with ways to either. It's baseball or fix the all star game Keith Olbermann attempts to go into it and he kind of looked at that little bit beat almost gets there. But that he stops. OK so he basically goes to a whole long list of how the in other Ulster games started on American League and nationally really hated each other how to gain it really meant something engine to. Who can rise a little like a big deal. But until now in the goal of getting to his point by saying that Major League Baseball so basically this copy what. NHL does copy way hockey gods don't count that at this beat you know it stopped trying to act like it support like they finally got rid of the rule where. The winner of the all star game actually got home field advantage. During the World Series that would be was one of the dumbest things some bodies I hate. Any mid season all star game period in any sport I pulled he's an awesome game that's who admits he's an author games are the biggest. Waste of time known to man nobody cares and I paid as we go this despite what some of these guys say none of them want to be there. You want a week off it's basically your bye week but yeah you're forced. To go out there and act like you care about the game and be there out but it did in the fans. No it doesn't get rid of it altogether. IPO here's a better idea. Barbecue. Go to some like hitting. Like tag photos like so I've had three of these guys aren't the best of going to the problem was not a brawl ball the best juggle the probable. Got a free trip for your family to Hawaii I don't think anybody that putt online Q if nobody if you want to Florida Powell might reward these guys stuff sent to a product of Aurora Aurora. Your friends your family expected Hayward have a little barbecue maybe a little raffle we played ego no editing out. It is angry and off peaceful and nobody wants to go stop trying to figure out tried a couple of weeks out of six baseball picks propagate nobody cared. Any ended the one thing if people watching the home run derby. No hitter of the most popular even. They want to and you can't blame them there's a track record now of guys taking all of these swings. At home run derby and affecting the second half of the season goes back some years. I think who said this last week. If you gonna do anything with a home run derby shortness put some other events in the thing ensure that thing down and maybe you'll get some of the big stars to go and do it because they only take a few swings. So you get two rounds that's it yeah for that penny pitches they packages that the fourth best players in the game. And you gotta go get throw it in forty minutes home. Think you'll let me I'll tee. A Miami I don't. It doesn't matter elders know what's what does different with a different reasons I wondered what your buddies. Knowing exactly where to throw the ball right your suites by okay it's been like how fast is going fifty miles an hour may be. Put a gun on that these facets of us. Until probably five or six you get some old guy Richard adage your brother to old pitching coach he's hiding got a pick with a little like Eagles great defense you take way ads reflect a gain in ice back to the growth. That you got though did did take an above and yeah outlets and and expect that fit. I'm would you I have no problem with with all of this I have no problem wins get rid of any of these All Star Games because to me I hardly watched. And I do it only because I I have the job. Right and there's nothing else going on so I won't watch a home run derby tonight. And I won't be thrilled about it and then I'll watch the game tomorrow the all star game tomorrow because we have to because we're sitting here talking about it. Most of the public is could totally ignored it's an exhibition game and it's not any idea about how stupid it was for Major League Baseball for 234 years. They actually tried to make it count. In way to keep you home field advantage as a don't know league in the World Series like a player on any team in the marginally. Is rallying around their patriotic. To the American League and we're gonna go win this game one of our others in the American and what's still believe no one of those teams that suck and you're not you're teams are going anywhere else would you care you know you'd be on vacation you'd like later and I'm gonna watch World Series. So so you watch fir what. Firm I guess just because of something else on or you wanna hear Chris Berman right and who's not he's got game Oregon and why they disagree about it up. The move would this year I I think ESPN's doing. Overdo everything fox as the game tomorrow night right there right yeah and it may be Madagascar's in will be the son and I crew may yield the home runs Mendoza. Maybe as she did last year let's just a good sound might just commandos had some good you know like relieve groundbreaking calls. And. But not right now everything. Yeah. And saying the more it looks cool I put Canada more academies that the event at Brian. The. The detectives. And it loses points but he did it. So I agree to it's it's the fact is that you cannot get reason why they're not gonna get rid of is already ready bunny rabbits I went in Little Rock. So they can get ratings that are absolutely nothing that the pro ball last year that comparable to like to a brilliant thirteen nobody rates that will actually author of prominent Afghanistan why would they do probably with my mother played the ratings every year and by the way it's the most foolish of a mall what did you say about the the baseball all star game. He really doesn't change of the pitchers who were throwing who try to get guys out and the guys hitting the ball. The football one you don't touch anybody you don't hurt anybody if you're gonna tackle somebody you do would gently and bringing him back. You don't do any of the nor am I think he's that you do it again what I think that's that's. That you contradict its. It's like. You can't regain went down you can't tackle with Al giving. Your all that's the problem that book all the problems the dumbest cigars and can't get also an offense linemen don't put the the guys get screwed in the pro ball. Or the CDs. And the corners. And linebackers. Here's the deal and they're not holding anybody up nobody in the company's arm tackle anybody in like not their sold out of socket. Nobody wants to do that sold so it if if you don't wanna go to score tests and yet there's somehow. You don't commit to tackle this guy who. Who's got it very Christian all of these leagues realize that he would it's it's a dying thing. OK these old All Star Games these exhibition games that the public is is is bored with the so they try all these different gimmicks instead that's all. That which is named Keith Olbermann. Your body and that's all he's doing he's coming up more gimmicks so that the NHL is that us against the world remember that one and then we have another one where. The DB get too old timers to come out here and pick the wrong things and we get the they it was Michael Irvin team Leo yeah but the editors would get Sanders they are Jerry Rice project with. All of a foolish all you're doing is you're seeing if you can. You know come up with a little wrinkle that may be will get the public to give you a little ticketed viewership. None of it but word is what is wrong works with just giving the players had time off you're sitting here. And you're talking about others out of getaway day in added there's no downtime NHL's proven this in the past the NHL had problems. When they would take the Olympic break that's why they got rid of the Olympic break ended and a lot of NHL Roosevelt Allison forties that was way too hot yeah I like ridiculous but. What ends up happening. When you do that is suddenly NHL hockey goes off the TV's. Major League Baseball goes off the TV's. And people start you know they forget the habit and they get away from it. And there in the summertime there are other things to do you can't just say we're not gonna do you've got to have some type of marketing even if you're not appealing. To enough people. You've got to keep the blow. Roland but I'm with you I don't think there's a solution. When you when people say I get the solution I get the answer. You need the ideal IL OU I do think if they if they want to do it some of these more popular hitters. Into the home run their Ricans really to make it more durable or make him an actual competition. It's like the same way why did the dunk contests used to be awesome in the eighties. Because all the great players. Like entered the dunk contest the three point contest you could you happen to you had to watch dunk contest. And now nobody cares a little bit better but if you really want these guys you gotta make it. Possible for them to play played it yet not to be scope rule like air judge was all I. Last year you know due to reel dunk contest you know with the the the little Marines. Not an hour ago. Because they don't celebrity a celebrity games it tonight that to a celebrity soft yet they played yesterday they usually air right after the official they said that they'll play this is a celebrity game more. And about Corey be greasy celebrity's. And it's always that you know that you know Kevin Hart doesn't with the NBA. The guys like four feet ten inches tall he's able to do all these things and he's great starter. Did better if you had the baseball thing tonight you have like celebrities like road losing and you allow other celebrities to throw away. All right. Hey did you just beat me. What I'm I'm I'm I'm talking about soon went and got her act that are possible pain you gonna throw baseball that a woman. I'd need to I didn't I didn't look if you look at the you don't you don't see you're the woman that we OPEC that Kevin Spacey. When we throw him out there and destroyed him how is that. I just bought a bus I'm applying it to me as role I'm playing good you know hungry. Sharks are bears deceiving get outside that I. And have been in my mind I don't casual and while that actually work slate as its national solution that they can actually do. Hey this is possible. Off what would kick off the tee who cares what sorts of C had the ball anyways so it it's so maybe four minutes. Four minutes to sit there and his many home runs they want as they can't and they have a forty I think I'm out. I'm with you why I don't think there's anything they could do to make this thing better than what it is right now so I'll say. And do you see a coach for me a famous coach. It is what it and you just have to understand that it's never gonna get any better it's never going to have more importance to it. It probably will have less importance as we go on from year to year. I six point 77797937. That is our phone number OM a loser always off this week of. Family friendly made me show you all right I'm waiting for you to make it ain't no legitimate point shut up you're in the going to need it badly when you hit the road Emily Lee yeah. Keep your guard down. It's Fort Wayne reloading and Fauria talk Sports Radio WEEI. I think you're on them. 7797. Ministry said any these these wars. We could be the best weeks so war. Bachelors to my radio my problem is though I have to watch that problem you don't what are things going to be more if it's it's we're apparent weakening goes she goes and visits all of all of the bachelor's parents. It's to meet them and don't say I don't approve and this is too quick guy you young person after you're order so you're already know what's gonna happen because it's like so predictable. I don't know if it's I actually I called I called the winner. I guess I'll call the winner. Of the bachelor slash bachelorette like three out of the last like five years accomplishment in life. I mean I was sad as much less success picking games. Just skip you don't know anything about you know. You know here's what's wrong with hockey games. You over analyze it out already yeah you tell people over analyze it up or down numbers on you know this pitcher I don't know whenever you don't always have brought. Hustler you know you know now I see it spam and make a decision I don't I don't watch a lot of whatsoever and I am always right. Susan loser now hi guys is I don't think the winner I pick the final two minutes. Desperate suiting my own home pretty good that's like picking you know the patriots in the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl right the beginning of the series you know again clearly gonna get a load Brock in the middle bar what's up Brock. Both Nadal and think we can agree on this week is useless but they all use in baseball had an editor C Eric. Yes all those things archer. Wouldn't it perfectly. Scrappy all that we. Re great at something like you know I'll read we got. Charity week. Oh ball to ornament gitmo without their all it would giant inflatable pig it open like that have a cocoa where. Local business at a ball like out there I didn't know I baker wrote it tries to do when you are that week it is something like that. Because because of me at all. Now what you're doing and Brock is you've you've basically pushing them out front even own a most of these guys already do charity work as it is they have found agents. And they do stuff would you basically don't just sit near gimme a crock of a boy you've basically got it all we care bush charities. You've really got to believe that a body that. There either even if it's not charity you to. You looked up you know Whipple ball tournament. Over the line somebody did it bring back I mean if anything better than the all star break that. Everyone agreed it pointless and everyone also agrees that. Baseball has trouble marketing at dart in and. They do they do it trouble marketing their stars you know are they they won't do a great job of marketing and this week either which is. You know I think they should do business I think you brought. The old school version of battle of the network Sartre I do a program in particular have been the face. What I'd get. That's good citizenship for. Good thing but. And he caught. It's. Yeah I'll bet that whenever I hear that we die today he's done enough so you don't battle that with the old I movers and redo that they did late last year right so like. It was like reboots and everything was you know route terrible. Mike Greenberg was your host of that success and there. And it a rowboat race. That sensible and always and of going in circles the notre robo there was like a a shooting contest there was a forty yard content there was a bike race actually had a bike race. And then they always end it with the obstacle course idea to double that of. Hurdles to bulletin date Wall Street like you know America needs a warrior that I would actually prefer that. Do you sometimes see these guys fall in a big battle like green too late mic I'm like Nickelodeon or something like that it would be more entertaining you want personality one way to market your stars. Do it that way. Yes I mean if if we're gonna go all go all in on changes thing then then why not everything is on the table. In your ideas akin to the story and there were two hours almost two hours and of the program and this is what we're gonna try to do we're I don't know I don't him to I don't want to change change to change an event that nobody gives a rat's ass about to begin the fact is we're gonna get calls you know Reverend Wright make a huge story because a lighten up right now look at them medal. I. Actually he you know and I don't know some of the stuff that you said that coming up with something more court hears. The event socks we don't need an all star game we don't eat any alternative All Star Games. We don't need any given skills competition. They took the skills competition this year change it up people does it was interest think and then by initiative going to be bored. I would rather go with Shaq makes it wants to play with the patriots long term. I don't know how many but what can hold -- tournament at alarming gap on the ground want more of which went on it on home again here's another one voters don't. Oh that's on this it's from Alex Roemer. Irate Isiah Thomas is dramatic fall firmly validates gay teens is cold hearted approach would this. With the outback in the mix by the way this just say. Pour Isiah Thomas returned to of this war. I see no risk donors there's no professional athlete that I could come up with a maybe somebody can. Who got port more than this guy did when really most of it was none of his own fault this guy was on top of the world this guy had people showing up. Close to 20000. Nightly at the TD garden chanting MVP when he had no shots when MVP and our staff being picked he was good he was dare ask. But it was an MVP. And he was on the verge. Of getting either this team or another team to give him close to if not maximum dollars. And instead he's going to play off the bench for one year. In Denver for minimum salary re debating. A year and a half ago whether resort Max contract guy if I c'mon here that day and said not only do I not think he's a Max contract guy. I think he does. Contract guy. I would have been last I say there's just so there's got to be two things that are going against them added that the obvious is it is it that the size. Of these little guys got to teach but he's productive OK in the right system where he basically just does everything. Mom but I think at this point time based on all the teams that he's playing on. It's got to be an attitude issue with him at some point Tom you have to look at him say he's part of the problem I don't think he has but OK but. Usually you would you say when a guy plays for as many teams as he's played for. And it actually showed that they listen he can do it he proved he does what most players pick a lifetime to do. He showed up in the biggest stage that he that he could possibly playing right in the plan when he delivered. He took me about it he played hurt he he played grant was an emotional distress he beat me basically were no help I'm so. Okay what's the problem than everybody why can't he find a team to commit to him long term. Why so it goes and goes to Cleveland. Was it injury early in our with a personality related. My point is at some point time he's the problem he's got room so so so what does it I don't mean it does it really looks up broke the what is it that. Well here's his stature size obviously is an irrelevant if it's not relevant most honorable Illinois on summer and BP. You saw it in the playoffs right. Yes they've Brooks John. Broke his job so you're tell anybody though so to me size is it's irrelevant doesn't matter who wants he has shown. Now what he's he has a little guy playing a month but on a bunch of giants but he showed that it doesn't matter. He leads they would pretty freaking awesome and in the playoffs went like awesome it was a great. But did you think attitude he is a problem because he's cocky because he's undersized now he's ease of these listed as 5959. A stood next to him not front nine so it's even more amazing when teams look at and say gotten so little. But there's limits beat 'cause. Of his slice. Teens know this. But this whole idea now that it's all on him rivers article takes the opposite view and that is. The Guinea is just cold hearted and look at it says I don't care how almost on the body and emotionally involved and it. Danny saw way of getting a better player who was younger who could do more and by the way is a little bit taller metric is quite a bit dull. It was all DNA looking at saying I'm not gonna play this sentimentality game. Look at the city on vital allocated but again you. At some point time. If you have the right attitude the right personality that team person blah blah blah got a great ultimately she has called a little tank I'll be really good we blocked the irreverent. The oldest of it was the only option did anybody when he has complaining here utter control of everything. The offense went through Hamlet two proud everybody on how to present. And I think it and then at that rebels the greatest coach in in the instrument and drag on the saint. Breadth and what I'm not saying that it that it definite clearly he's a cancer that don't the players love that part of the players will love dimple on the roaring on the table for you you've eaten that you would partake if you like. At some point time you have to look at the player why doesn't he have staying power with because he's he's a good player. Oh wait I think great unbelievable player but at some point time it's no one's willing to commit tall long term OK is you wanna leave injury is there. Injury issues on the road Richard put everything out on on the table from day one starting with Sacramento in the Phoenix can't do that. So he was undersized player. Who was an offensive machine coming off the bench who wanted to be a starter. He strive to be he wanted to be part of that starting to Sacramento wasn't going along and he goes to Phoenix. And same thing happened in Phoenix didn't go along with Phoenix look like total fools. When right McDonough does that deal with nannies they did was he involved an appeal trying to remember McDonough was involved in the Q so they do that deal. And he looks like a fool for X looks like a horrible fool. In making that deal because Isaiah Thomas suddenly develops as the second team all NBA player I that was all because this kid. Took his game to the next level couldn't do it in in Sacramento lot of that was probably the personnel around him maybe get coaching staff same thing in Phoenix. And then found out where you give them a pass so I remember everybody praising any Allman got he found a diamond in the rough in this young kid then Bret Stephens did an. Unbelievable job of getting this kid to play it this high level and running the offense still so we are all of this stuff. Then what happened was. The hip injury hip injury changed everything and what also changed. Was Danny Ainge looking on it never satisfied and if anybody thinks that any change is gonna be satisfied to be the best team in the Eastern Conference jewel crazy. Okay you will it trigger a run on another ideal is okay by the by. That's fine that's put us all the victims I now case I'll give you Sacramento and Phoenix okay I agree with that point. Since he left the Celtics. OK with the New Year's time recently playing on three tees don't you go you go to Cleveland and what happens. What happens but weird but we're sort of circumstance but it's OK fine but eventually. You gotta put that behind you and start looking ahead at the OK okay to protester says new ownership Newport new team to do after. I start fresh again. Goes the lakers you'll be thickening of the lakers aren't because LeBron James is there and they don't want him. So he left such a crappy impression on the lakers that it is you know what we don't need you. OK so now they've now is what the Denver not so you played on three Tivo for. Inside one 26 months in 47 months yeah. I get the set of circumstances. But you'll allow yourself to look at and say you know it. Maybe he needs to change that too little bit or is it calls somebody else's fault he's just been them we were great because we've never heard stories inkling where he's been at accommodating Cleveland. Now we did we heard that he was try well that was an engineers that are it was a message that this is before they treated about anyway right so everybody and us now they wanna mess though they were meant. Go their roster known beta build their roster. What does that they they were dealing with the same play girls who of course he's about Kevin Love. I have simply remember that's the story was a bit yes everybody met tonight and asked her. Well they were so he comes in he rocks the vote he start calling all guys who won a championship and have established themselves as he thinks he's king giggling he's not Colin. If not call them. OK but you call it what some Kevin Love is fair play. Fair game for Kevin Love Kevin Love disputes and John haven't Kevin Love claims that that none of them is dead right that that did not now. He claimed that did not happen as a denied that and they get a lovely later tonight I I I had prepared to say I don't run I think it is fair I think adding it's there. To at least consider the fact. That he could be part of the problem. Doesn't meet some guys in his attitude got work. And why why why we hear that story why isn't that an I someplace your plan you a week off the bench a good great at UBB a six man. He went on now I'm a starter I don't think that's part of his. We'll sort of table not my feeling is that I didn't finish the deal that and I'll repeated again today and leaked any athlete is never got port lost more money. In a matter of them thought shorter frank timeframe. That is gonna give us you've got enough articles another article all caught up front there's an ad if pilots grab bag it this is could you wanna go this is an audience for August 23 2000 every network he's. It's August 23. 2017. Because they that's what they didn't accept your point Christen this is an issue hey you Kiki do. It's who have taken off your title you'd ever want to. Lola run around during the show pretty stuff how far away how far away is the printer. Click. Fifty feet up fast beating you you press for how quickly UT you to. Did they are back patch I just tested myself on that last one. I wanna use the one that's right by your feet approaching forty yard dash between now this is ridiculous god. I we get to the phone calls coming up next 617779793. Step. Back to morrow poured way Merom Loney and 48 on Sports Radio WEEI. The idea that you don't care that is it LeBron is on the other side you do no one believes it and it would be idiotic not to care. Yeah wasn't there last year you go to the one he's not innings as teams out of the playoffs. Five. Times there's no team that LeBron is not done a playoff wars in these last eight years. They end the Boston Celtics it's ridiculous like he's not telling the truth. Basement so many resources in trying to find guided checked LeBron you go to roster tickets when you accomplish your biggest rival. And didn't get to the championship you've played out it's only one sure that the your company. Do you start building your roster to be the warriors they. In a position where to win a championship you only have to be LeBron or the war. Local law. At stake go right on the toughest ones gets awfully. Getting change is alive and I would say I green. Okay. He's so life he's not telling you the truth the reasoning not telling you the truth. Is it's not in his best interest to sit there and say greatest day in my life. But I'd change once and offered that. We're going to. Act cakewalk to those NBA finals Seles and nuts. They picked up again and we're gonna be there and a finals next few of the year after the year after the year after that because there's no LeBron how foolish. Would Isa. If he said appearance and oh yes we feel a lot better without abrupt how did he get poison Toronto. Plays in Milwaukee added that it plays in Philadelphia. Are you kidding me of course he's lying that's what they don't they. Lie. Is Jalen brown mind. Let's see nine I don't I don't think he has written. Nothing I could so I didn't aim anatomy don't we have senators and we do we but he came out and lust on these explosions or Osama. He's only get half the stuff we're doing here at the so. I'm Brad came out and he said. That he said disappoint but I'll give you is exactly that's he was asked about. About LeBron going over to the Western Conference. To be honest. I wanted in this day. I was kind of mad. I wanted to beat that team to go through him a feel like we could've had a last year but we felt a little bit short. But I applaud someone doing what's best for him he did what's best for him an answer to a yadda yadda yadda I awarded him. To stay in the east. People say I don't like when people say. Now that a bronze gone you all are the favorite. That irks me course of the that I I think he's on the truth a lot of us we feel safe because we feel that whether he was there or wasn't there. We was we won't we was coming out hundreds. Treating his knowledge through what's coming what's CAC we against if we was it is. A case sought yeah I do believe these I think there is personality he's. Cut differently than most guys I think the more. More he grows as a player and torturers. And more confidence he gets are gonna see more of just his personality is his point of view I do that out I like that is Smart kid happy yeah yeah I do I believe on slow so Smart that he can be ESP. Not agree at this point I do think there's that do is a different way of looking at this. And I think he believes that. What people say as ally you know you went to an NBA finals or you didn't you didn't go to rain by LeBron James wasn't even there old. And in a room real typical challenge big deal so they're gonna evaluate they're gonna devalue the accomplishment they're gonna devalue. The journey and just everything that they overcame and then you know because there's no big bully you know challenging you. Above the broad yes it does mean something to look at it means a lot more if you go through great teams now they go to the finals. And they'd be gold state or Houston or whoever's in the last. Then OK then there's you validation. But if you go through the east and get the NBA finals is that while you know you're supposed to go there anyways who was there to stop you. The mentality guys it's you have a free pass go ahead so I think he realizes that that's the real thing and you know the wake people dissect the NBA. That is a look at the last look at all these great teams of the last of course you weigh Jalen brown you're supposed to go abroad money and there won't bigger accomplishment. That's what's gonna happen but. But that is the result. Of him going over LeBron going to the Western Conference is so different it would gain. So Danny Ainge is looking at it and change is I'm sure. Privately is that they gone off the screen for this gives us a better shot. He can't say that because if he does. Then suddenly. Any accomplishment. That's not winning the east is a major disappointment for the Boston Celtics. And they look like fools that they don't get there now that LeBron is down there and supposedly get knocked out like the second round. It is doesn't make any sense for any how they want to sit there and say it's the greatest capitalist LeBron is that a Western Conference that we have an easy job when you asking you don't. Do they have an easier shot at getting now you know the NBA finals with LeBron in a Western Conference. Just a hustle and that's a good thing can't so that's what. This is there are other two legs and put back east. J&J that are being run by general matter an owner and they're. Other guys getting paid these particular drug did not say that he did not say we have a better team has no he's saying he's disappointed he does. But I see this I like I did he's innocent so I'll I'll put an so differently. So like it Reggie White got sick in and a depleted red light or Michael Strahan for whoever. I was happy as hell. The prep for this guy who probably gonna win and you know 7580%. Of the plays like that go his way he's gonna win. OK but then I got to a point probably don't like. It's almost like feast your demons in order for me to get credit. Like in the you know evaluated like the best in the business. You have to have some push back you you have do you have any initially in the just evolution of a player initially I don't read what I want I don't. Crap players to patients who are pumping out the BS so the real thing and I did not been I don't know I don't I don't like this don't you get real. You've reached for either a bad guy that is fake blow hard like you are. What you get out of your mouth wishy washy waffling on that back in or I don't know the closing I'd get a look now I like hey these people like that is that is seen its pacing that he chose the word disappointment. It outs in the short term to sort out Vator is short term yeah you're gonna get there you gonna get there but. You're gonna be judged this to do in the NBA. They judge your your chip issues whether it was a good run our bad run like Golden State three of the three last chance of last four years. I. Who's who athletes who now. Christian Christian is this team next season. Gets to the NBA finals. And they take a Golden State Warriors the six were seventh is the perception will be. That they will be coached in for the way this last Cleveland cavalier team was. If they can go deeper into the playoffs they won't get all of the accolades in the world and nobody will give a rat's ass with a LeBron was on their schedule. On on on route to Golden State or whether Rhee wasn't. This is politically correct crap Danny Ainge knows. He's got to play it down maligned because Toronto Philadelphia these people won't use it as motivation all season long. They will be bought. And board material you know morning said. It is that it as as the Greek freakish talent his teammates had any change said. That they're happy ecstatic now that LeBron is out of the out of the conference what do we think about that. He owns that and he's playing it politically correct Jalen brown is doing the exact same thing he's playing it politically correct. Inside internally they're ecstatic. Not disappoint you so is so far this is a good day saw him say what's wrong with there oh my god I'm so happy he's gone. He was such he was a disaster it. That's a tough and don't do that Afghans want the talents he's a tough guy that I don't know I don't like music with accounts. So they're powerful and they have argued for seven months. At least 7561777979237. That is our phone number. Are Christians in a house Lou's got the week up though you'll be with us and the golf course tomorrow will be a pine hills in not implement. 617779737. Back to little girl's night.