OMF - MMQB's all-time draft, because you gotta get that punter; Aaron Boone and Jess Mendoza kind of counter each other well.... 7-17-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, July 17th

The SNB crew has some sort of chemistry. Ghost stories, trade speculations, and bad leg kicks. Yet we still wonder if Aaron Boone and Jess Mendoza are having problems getting on the same page.  If you were hoping to get Ray Guy in the MMQB all-time draft, you are S.O.L. Some of the scrubs like Brady are probably still available though. 


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Let me every. We can't shut down low. Everything socks she's proud of here Sports Radio. Point seven. Ph.D. one lotteries box threatening come now now that WEEI trending now. Any number on your clients. Kennedy when it comes to the entertainment you'd love X one gives you more change the way you experience TV with the expanded EX war. The Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays opened up a four game series at Fenway tonight he rod makes his return from the Red Sox splitting the weekend series with the Yankees exit keel Elliott of the cowboys may have been involved in the Dallas more. Borrow off how altercation last night is presently under investigation for a domestic abuse case and your weather forecast gonna be. Today temperatures in the upper. Eighties rock you've by northeast men's club. Get an extra 5% on every day we do those advantage card. Subject to credit approval can be combined with any other credit offers exclusions apply see store for details US only on you ready. Fort Wayne Loney and 48. Yeah screen. Door. Our. With clay and Lou in Christian congratulations. To WE EIA the morning show yeah. Men pain and Callahan and the cast of thousands and the mid day show would go away ferry area Maloney now on Sports Radio WEEI. Broadway carrier Maloney. Maria. In area you have an extra I'll answer all through reed open Hedo wherever that the matter in the ferry it will do with shirts do. What does that a and I think that night I. Called we are determined we did. Kid we didn't get a little bit of relief last night with the adjustment does she did not do the one on one. Personal interview that they have now made as part of this whole telecast on Sunday night baseball we car ravaged. And course called Ravitch was asking him whether he fits on his better. Simpson's dad what's 26 a California king and holocaust never have you beaten India. Maybe I mean so it's but when I talked him into bull here rightly talking X 68. He optional huge search for OK do you fit on a video of any from a perfect as anybody ever asked that question melt. The solid Dan roach ever come up to Iran might I had Dan hey Paul you've been on that he hadn't had yet to get a special but not so that's our leader and sir pregame show what he's asked about height. Bizarre question that was no interaction you fit the back. So zone apparently they are still the assignment away from just Mendoza in the into musicals. Right it would absolutely no there was nothing ends a ghost or. Ghost story was czar. The senate in Britain from. Did you experiences yeah. So it's the thirteenth. Yeah but she just went. He ho she hunts affluent and I got its user its. It's. Starts fumbling around. And we won't know when. Yeah slam. I locked my that the builder from. Everything that's right it just didn't get it even if it flipped it. It was like five. Things can. While pretty and so we're worried about her trying to figure out which would you use for power and deserves what she throws on that speaks Angela and moan complain about yes. She's you know W what would you would you say first is that she works hard she's you know she's. She's into weight and she knows the team in Dallas that was a fun to meet that when she says stuff that people say she's great gives great insight. Which just happens to be wrong about it but it sounds really good you're chipping with Frazier and them wished that rocket to left field. In the nation don't like is back leg comes that up out of the air. That comment was she says vote but what that does for dinner. Negate that a minute after the Eagles or every darker here as a ghost stories as the departed John's only Ochoa still powerful and he's on the other line. You really have an era in his room we have and find out or know I was gonna I gonna we're gonna. Stretches much advance once again. You know bode sort of afterwards it's like kind of trying to subtly connect well he's correct some more if you problem that anything but you're a jerk if he was a jerk spectator really bring some personality. That I could that town to toast regardless just returning to start the ball well hit a three hole and baloney comes back that I in a move a little bit lower than that instructional Frazier Gonzales power because it's back it comes up. So if. His parents objected at the hands and that's the that's what gets his barrel for the ball to beneath it pushes off that back late drives it forward. You don't see that it's time. He has a hard time. Good pregnancy zones. That's exactly. Please don't need to address that I don't know how I got that idea power needs royalty lift your back like rather having planted and actually spiel beat your hips in your power company hips and you Cornet back leg almost pushing a great the teach an eight year old. Bakley coming off the ground that's actually an issue that's that's his company to work with him only. Police said but did you throw the ball underhanded actually works or an X I heard as a result that I remember when a coach told me at any point time that my back lay a was where the total football yeah I get to just jump up on the ground you collect your front leg is yeah those whatsoever. And that's how he gets his power is detected at the hands and that's the that's what gets his barrel for the ball to the news. It pushes off that back late. You must you must mean. The fall through pushing off the bat the way and then following through and that's where he gets its power and that guy trying to favor and I've got to be what she's talking about. Right now I'm not sure she does not I I think blue nailed it and that is that not good stead soundscan it. She's got a lot of DS to her game. And that's an order and the guidance of the world sit here because she's a woman and they wanna pay under. She sounds like she knows what she's talking about they sit there and say she's wonderful she's terrific she's actually. But I I I agree with them behind the scene behind closed doors. Baseball people rolling their rights area hitting coach potatoes had you gotta stay strong and your backside. Mean as they see that there's talk she's talking about the follow through it. Front foot hitters he wanted to power sounded resigned and it did sounding got a lot of great it's out there and he said oh my god yeah she sounds like she knows what she's talking about. They and you talk about the key then you then you talk to people who really understand the game of baseball who tell you she's probably will solicit. So yeah it indicate saying today that necklace in her son when you're on behalf. But but. That is why you're it's not act gets. Are you keep talking about how why and how are you at all. So she supposed to know what she's talking about yet people behind the scenes in there or are left and edit and pork ever boomed wants to be able to say. Know you'll wrong. But he can't he's even rent is afraid of critical little woman putting yeah that's like a little bit. Why not up to send armies are a few things would rock same lay was lazy chickened out got through written UI at one point it. You have actually though little training I was Friday so it's. Well here's you know what I would choose your your hug. These are this morning with reliever Tom Green what are your what a great street got stories and more elderly you know I don't know how was it ever if you don't president oh god no I'll you'd homily a lesser but I know is it like it's the best there is. Sounds. She knows what she said. I don't know did she sound like she knows what she's doing with the with ghost of emotion as dale. Dale comes in is in Dale's and go straight doesn't go around those. People who do the TV show the ghost or ghost hunters want this to us now and they beat us. That isolates your rag on the story I don't I don't serve all the ghost stories is just baseball game we've already we've all agreed that is the most boring sport since world your percentage though. They you have all your life you're more than ever seen and I and his music. It was old almost like a lie at the news old time music coming from all right yeah IP music right about what had. From from 314. I don't know my yeah I don't know is there stress about it trust me I don't AS one of those people that does play that little game with us and toast now she's terrific aren't really there can be as babies and we may be too. I don't know maybe just buys into what she's saying he's going all over today today that I had yet. I've got I don't I don't mind that the ghost story goes that I don't mileage good political great it was a great story but to me it's a that was example last night of late. You know who went to gain twice a game Lamar selected she tries to dive in she just music they need to talk about it. And she's just I don't agree with I think factually wrong. Adobe does to me it is out there analysts like a slider down away that there reaching out or change their way out front with the elusive backside is hitting coach in the world though Toyota. Get off your backside that that I get an issue for the student threats a final and trying to keep back. More get your pick an honor for for ghost or that just wasn't there entertainer of what was gonna happen that every town gases for every T you think that they might have said something tour like before him. We're trying to expand. The baseball audience through my dead people to watch exactly. Yeah Jessica got. There it was a good good favor yeah the ratings for the artists that you're gonna make sure we hold to account that if they don't and unfortunately dead being an unrelated to his life was not allowed us bad. We nailed her or struggle with Deion down who we are trying to get that camera but that. That was something we heard about it was just like where's this Kelly for up to me it's more sound. The the actual chemistry analysis of the actual are hitting a baseball. The art of fielding it catch you are you can actually see it there ambassador I don't know if you don't have it avert calling Jackie Bradley juniors catch. It is to even that I'm like well. You don't think there's so I don't think they actually face every right to give her opinion and analyze it the way. She sees it she actually said something they all did and I totally agreed with him at the time. They here we go here's the sports center play of the day. And guess what. ESP and passed on it as the player I thought that that I don't. Okay. OK okay. You know. Okay. OK. Okay. Okay. Then edit it wasn't to play the game too because you had some millennial sitting down there. In Bristol Connecticut set although there was this kid. He's all added up. And he's on a little of my athletic talent has a little song and although it doesn't I'll spend it on him like a Zumaya on my own world doesn't know my own girl that's what used to it spinning on the little bike whatever. And you know what the problem Jackie. Hannon the play he made it look to Wii's yeah that was not ease those guys these boys and it wasn't decorated attack it was a great catch a nominal while he's not a bad but I think you said that if that is the best thing you said it looked. Too easy wasn't. Everything was perfectly timed his jump in wasn't he wasn't sprinting most guys panic in that situation. Ball goes up and oh crap I hurriedly get their flight gets that I'll be much thought process has to go into and timing of every little move you make. When you first recognize where the ball as you recognize the fact that you backtracking you do not realize in the back he had. You know that does a really the year you couldn't wrap yourself is shown much that goes into the wind like get that is all right. Again he went over it was a full arms like over basically right and what we have to sort. Grabbed it might zero and probably all had literally was dead beat all the wall and snatch it back Johnson if I mean it was a perfect catch but it looked easy somebody in Bristol sat there and there's probably some I hate to say it. And yet the push to shoot X you know I did. You have trying to fight their. That's particularly in we're not only reducing if not how we can tell him once so yeah just glancing through but it's been on Halloween when I was in baseball and I'll baseball who apparently it is almost twenty hours long. A period of a direct hit a break and I take a breather and the bass player and I don't know I know is did you at night and you'll little break. Jessica do you know who pitched that game which which even a sadder is Indian who pitched it. Louis Tina yeah starlight at least gotten yes. I know. You've you know you you forget it was so damn long. You free of DDB talked to him after the game realizing what a good team he had. Because it was so much time oddly went on you left the ballpark or out of left of left it with a six. It was ridiculous that went on for far too long yeah but that was a phenomenal catch that he won't get enough credit for because he's such a good. I said it feels as such and he knows exactly he's thinking and as the process that goes through what they are another two other great catches that have seen a lot of guys miss in the past. And that was my game that's in right field when the sun was glaring right in his face. Those are easy catches I'm sure you've seen him at second base before low that it in the when the sun is out like that those are not easy catches the night he made two great points. No I that was an outstanding catch and just it just to prove that that you know because I get adults on the matter what John DD and a bitch about on Saturday talk about that game I know prom and all's right move to bringing kimbo in the game. The right movies give Ballmer on the ninth Soviet it's the result whatever but it was the right movie did the right thing. On Sunday. Unless Jerry did the right thing but it worked and what I was Matt Barnes up anyways in the in the it was a 77. Or why was he up. As it was known actions against the eighth because you know price was sort of struggling to get through the inning before. He gave up they hit the Sanchez judges up and it's like on now located at Barnes get loose case judge does sometimes technically it's a whole rock right. That got pulled back but still home run I'm sort of second thoughts about that we just so caught up in the fact that Jacqui many great Jess we've got that price out. No I think he was looking at the doesn't let you really got to you don't mean yeah popped away he's looking at the pitch count anyway are gonna holiday. Looking at the pitch count is saying it's getting out there and he hasn't gone this deem and should read. And I think you're right I think he was looking at the judge situation at a single. If you left and and I think you would have and now it's hit a home run yeah. He's getting a pullback but it's a tightening laws two point you know I don't I don't know if he would have if he got himself a single up the middle probably and taken the city don't run a check people Bakalar okay he stays locked in right now shown great just give up African bomb. Apparently he didn't take into consideration what he normally takes into consideration that it is too late in the game my starter has given me an awful lot of pitches and oh yeah. He throws on the left side and the most potent right handed hitter in Major League Baseball and step in the batter's box. And in that a sailor goes a perfect example of the night before and done everything right it's a hunch and and it just didn't work. And I'm not to show eleven face holiday and it did work but still it was I was show by Barnes was up because we'll only use. He innocent I think that gets kind of gave them an extra adrenaline up and he threw his ass off against hauling down punch output a still like she's trying to figure out why he's up. He's the open knocked it in a bomb. Okay let's go see others. And I got a hunch you know runs on the board mark got Lawrence on the board we get a that we had done first right so. It would eat it worst case scenario two run homer we're still leading three to two below. I'd get so picky it's not bitten on the a on the manager your first day back I 6177797937. By the way. Trying to go through this thing and I can't figure out whenever it's too many pages we got to really use some football here because the Monday Morning Quarterback crew with Peter king and all those other guys. Did their all time NFL draft and I just get the feeling this is gonna (%expletive) off. A stereo so it's gonna (%expletive) him off today we're gonna get that we're gonna get some of that coming up next. Sure that wasn't just you with the mayor just the. I could tell ya got more or AM Maloney. Any guy you are just the kind of sore now back come Chris. Gimmick and that she racks on Sports Radio WEP. No I'm apple forever as reuniting here today. Again. You know it's the middle of summer there's no longer have there's no first week of the year it's it's come up with your zest out like the second worst week of the year okay it's not glory there's nothing out there and yeah searching for stuff if you're doing it for hours of radio or TV or anything else. So Peter King decides that he's getting together group here on Monday Morning Quarterback. Problem I always have a Monday Morning Quarterback. Is is that she gonna mourn and I don't think you Monday Tuesday and Wednesday to regional so long and come away if awaits you so much he's given us too much. In a day and age where everybody has short attention spans. Peter King is decided to eat and challenge us challenges it thrashed challenged you. OK but he came up with a an interesting concept. For column today. Online out of a week when nothing is going on and the idea was to do the all time NFL draft she can take every player. In the history of the game and he put together pretty interesting accrue here. Our Ernie accorsi Gil Brandt who watched I think the only NFL game ever played Rick Gosselin who's terrific yeah. Write your king of the mine trapping and filed so he's getting employers hall of fame quarterback. Peters part of the list Bill Polian OK there won't be any patriot outs on the list for Bill Polian probably knows talent so he'll pick some pretty good guys. So they'll sit down and they have a draft order. And the first guy he steps up and takes the first pick the idea was to put together. 25 round draft. Mandate was to. Just read their own 25. Round of gray hair and sort of tell these guys don't do order as well I don't find anything else like to do. The mandate was that each team had a field and eleven man offense. An eleven man defense policy kicker punter and a wild card player either a special team room. Or another failure of the draft it is upon his early in Waco. Yeah exactly so here's the list and so they start with Lawrence Taylor. Senior building you team defense. The greatest hey he's a player of OK you're given a pass on that the additional write up the back yet you show drowned when I would go for a quarter now. At any draft in any single drafted in here's seniority. Millions to the test right you know what's quarterback is awesome you know how good Lawrence Taylor yeah given that. But the first ten elections need to be the Cordoba house gets worse and made you'll get to say it every normal draft any normal draft. You start with the most important position OK deepens the palate good there's a ton of them out there cutting edge Russell is you'll get fifteen sacks and get straight candidate twelfth. Don't start what African defense though it may be the most important decision follows sports is a cornerback maybe. Think deploying to games. OK and I can understand it is the number two pick them off the board was mean. Joseph Greene did still mobile quarterback so the first two guys off the aboard RLT. And munitions like this is an insult to all corsets and now let's just keep bashing it gets a lot this summer it get it on our Ono gives our it's just opens at number three. They finally select quarterback. So you think who was some month and a series of Brady. All of the main maybe they love Peyton Manning. An elderly are there a way it's Johnny Unitas or about a black shoes and rightly so here's what we're doing we got a bunch of old for all guys. Always say I don't under seven days but so I don't appreciate it you know sit on the board shall arrive Eisenberg added thoroughly on those currently got Lawrence Taylor mean Joseph greens yet on United's off the board and then it's up to dean buyouts to select. Four OK so he's gonna layers. Of all time soul it's gonna get though he's eight he's a quarterback all right these are also under Macs he's a quarterback. Think quarterback he's going to understand. The importance of getting the quarterback and let me read it himself. Ritual itself is get now you can't pick yourself he's got Brady on the board right so which one do you think Brady. I could teeter good getaway even understand I really want had a muted colors into Brady out here and invest culture. He took. Re. He entered the 808. Punter. This is freaky. My third explanation could look for an explanation he's gonna have to explain himself why did you pick. It's real simple in about a month that's five weeks. And of fantasy draft maybe a couple 23 of them if somebody took a kicker. With the fourth pick we kick Motley twelve teams very simple 25 for a very simple 300 pick ticket mightily every plane get your ass and I totally healthy double in relief right now you're no longer allowed in our league you took a punter. With the best all time football players of all five or gap and that's where that is always pick in this shoes. Take the Sunnis motherly. Texas this team all right so are all all all up with a filler just for the out through a slow week filler articles and ranked teams and who's the most important patriot blah blah blah blah blah lots. NBA summer league action going on. It you're gonna do it at least. Humor me just a little bit and pick a quarterback the birth to exit kicker go higher than Tom Brady yes in interim data earnestness seated. Guess your punter. Kicker. Kicker can't bounce basically took his entire punted eighties chargers team is what he did he tell you recreate in his own team you from the eighties. I want all my friends are my team I don't want anybody could have been. Even coaching situation actually you know Kate they become fortified. Its had been made that trophy is named after him to make him for as far as our coaches go. We named Joseph Joseph porridge in the pro football hall they're changing Pro Football Hall of Fame executive vice president and chief. Are you that this is another great pick and he he he picks Italy after after he got real quick into Munoz then Jim Brown Reggie White went seven. And in this guy organ drafted eighth. He drafted the first wide receiver to come off the board they're right that's what we got a better because up and I don't. Up until a couple of years ago Jerry West rice was not due just as the greatest wide receiver was. Viewed as the greatest football player right and we finally came to the conclusion and I want. It is there a quarterback position is a little bit more important which these guys. Limited so he took the first wide receiver off the board dirt out Don Hobson. HUET. The play SO actors from 35 before I. I okay that's happened is that you have considered a brilliant guys locker and I don't tells me it Don Hutson is like five and white guy that weighs about seven. Vertigo we proprietor of the top forty top Soviet. I don't ever heard Don Hutson don't know I had 9099. Touchdown passes in ten years all OK a year you often hear their revolutionize the sport question. Now revolutionize the sport forward. Paso in this get to the point where it got to page three page four and I said I'm I'm not I'm done I can't do this. If you don't have Brady you don't have Montana at the top of your lives you got re guy number four you've got young stand a rude or whatever you go or they'll Peter King picked nine and he picked. Tom Brady zones some Smart one go grolier Otto Graham and and jobless candidate John Elway in the first round and stop. A guy that you know this guy on this call the panel is who on a much younger guys audio and Peter game. So you don't have 130 year old and his group what's an army Reno some you know gold gaining you know like ex Scott's and he doesn't. Dan about what nets' second round the second round pick hesitant in snaked through there are back the first pick overall. Pick of the fourth picky passed on Jerry writes. Walter Payton Ronnie Lott Peyton Manning pass that all these guys in selected Kellen Winslow. Yeah but again I'm saddened. Well we aren't you don't grabbed up at a game back of years and all gonna get a putter but he's a great guy can ray guy can get to you upon this Egypt yeah. It. On solid and I'm excited to Canada. Basically it's just the soul men getting together and guess what it is played Pete does all has played peanut allergy thing at all well I actually don't panic pretty pricey. What I ran through a voice at that I would not sit down and say if somebody said to me he can you do this 25 round draft a you can late 25 rounds now I'm up first. Guy you would pick producers they record who would be your first to burst your first three pace would be what you would take eight. A cornerback. You would pay a war based on those running back rattle off all the quarterbacks you rattle off tick buying akin to get to seven tackle donate he Montana and ego yeah offense you go to defense and edge rusher. The eagle back that you go often to tackle an eagle quarterback punter kicker. Safety and some sanity safety. Just in case somebody if somebody wants to throw the toddler safety and being just face face it there safeties out yeah well let's call it safety. And all rover and Deion Sanders at some point when a controller so you know what it is still a lot of times you get the old timers. It's bush again hall of fame stuff. Who pissed off that the old timers to play in the thirties and forties member of the Harvick kids in the U kids the playback of the twenties and old. NFL. They get pissed that we forget about the old place with a little leather helmets are they do might get. So this thing wrong with kinda giving a little notoriety to those guys were talking about guys that played en us. And Ahmanson and yeah do you think he's. And it. He would be the greatest wine burger grill on the nightly I don't really think. It'll come at sixty years from now will be a guy that rule and they'll be guidance can. I don't eat it and they'll pay don't have a brave new and different style of our cats they'll have some columnist who's he was assistant quarterbacks that though sad product is right here now. And you know each years so strap yeah rear I don't know. You know Dan Hudson is I'd be willing to bet that the Iranian angels much but it needs. Much better than news. Think he was younger he sure has argued during his wife is not a I don't thousand I don't know it was a white guys in the moment I don't know villain is very on putts and the husband. As the guy who played the carefully with the jets that was him. This thing is contact Peter King trial. Hudson and adult and it didn't let me tell you wanted out of it you know what did get you know again. And I I'm really concerned about this Roger Goodell. Apparently still pissed off about that Patricia what the teacher. The divorce tool sports T shirt and clown in the nose in the hole or Ecstasy was where you're coming off the airplane I thought and coming from per a league source. The commissioner continues to be miffed about patriots defense of coordinator Matt for church's decision. To where the forest school sports dealt with a clown nose teacher while disembarking from the plane that brought the team back from Super Bowl 51. Did did somebody like ask him. Or did he in the middle of the summer to poolside sit there and say something to somebody to a friend of his you know it still pisses me off. That that that climb out that that the church that you coordinator rob but no way. I'll take all take some criticism from you know Belichick crap. In defense of coordinator pat Patricia what I Halladay is he's got a girl Iraq affect. Crap out there that Basil does initiate a butterfly bush and slob you want you know I really doing it anyway jobs had to go wait yeah coach in this league. So Donna Hudson's definitely like okay in 1942. When he led the league in touchdowns with seventeen he also had seven interceptions. And he was 33 for 34 extra points. This dude late freeways. Threw away another two quick like no he's a three way play kick extra points interceptions. Attack on an area six want. Lucky Walters to the right place to go on a tour around two way player play due to wait a note as a lawyer Laura in the modern air. I 617779792. Threes of other honest and with a story pops up for. It was a good delegate that party. A poolside party suddenly said. You know that you'll illusion is that he got he got hammered and uses drugs I did you know our outlook has. Desperate that he rental car. A hard act died. So as to be that the final event and oh yeah there. So you know rather like you know sometimes you go there and input like you know on the on the that the seats. You may be sure openness Erica how short those red shirt and red power that we should have to wait very democracy American flag. They should all have that wash those did you send concerts and none on how you know all noticing a seat. It would regulate all greens are like CS has its a good idea red nosed David chair that everybody should put a resident red I want to put a red nose on that two patients achieved even though. You don't donate to a good cause you're you know making a statement and that idea that I 2006177797937. Wear black to the phone calls right here and all that coming up next. At ON math on WEEI. 140 characters of new England sports know how every day keep up with the show on Twitter as always math and EI let's get you back to more important wing rebellion forty game right now what Sports Radio WEEI. 45 rounds I think it was a victory guys lovely guys there's honorable them. Who would you pick in the eighteenth round nineteenth round seventeenth round where where would you pick apart you have to. And all of that in the cardinal rule that's a digital versions after the guy after coach about the coach would gophers four. Greek guy cost. Them and he should be in a whole thing I I go along wanna put cup and this is so ludicrous what hunter is part of the game and he's sure I know you don't believe that. You believe that they should I donated light from the planet you'll always plays called science stamped out and all together unit upon season. He spouse to me what will happen at all. Fine it's just. You're asking dance outs to political team together he basically puts his entire San Diego Chargers he on the a lot of political cynic don't Winslow. Innocence in this draft. If I'm Phil Simms who did done a better job against robot that he would have done it what did you I guarantee you would have done better you know it just you know it's. Really mix it up bring someone who -- bring a young boys this somebody who's not eighty years old until Gil Brandt has been around forever he's watched a lot of film. And always want more film and him. Gimme a younger version of Gil Brandt. Marty India. You want to miss so many remember that last week a lot of porn just to do some research on the program. That was you know that would water a lot of what might I don't know about president Lotto or loses this computer I'm what are they wiped its. Because there's so. Well get you off regular Bill Maher Al I should went on yours has Elena just over years of Americans Margaret trend was that the do my research. You know trying you know currency which is good at what she's into a lot of somewhere I might my opinion is that she's the next hay Adams. The case we if we're looking for a really mail boy she's o'clock look at for a viable shut up what the verdict and it just fits perfect for a yeah. All things you. Like the wolf fetish thing slots Yunel and hopefully by the way. What's the interview go after she was upset you're talking to sports yes I'm outsmarted tweet it or way she tweet board when he's edition of what the hell was this. We'd get there all the time people said it didn't talk more sports talk just like more like the you know you you on each program to get these weird follows and you click on its from and so you can have a chance at me and this is unbelievable I. Girl like you know none of that machine doesn't work by the way tried it yet and I don't at an Internet. Now does Amara to see. I you know we're we're talking about our cast of characters are lineup for the for the fall in for football season yes we we should have almost a we don't we should include her in the mix once a week. I think that court should we. Look through these logos or call that you lost of course yes you just like with a career ER right now the direction of the where she trending you can. She'd return what's available for shock like that she was pissed off that we weren't talking about her sports I'll know about sports and NN that was how with the whole thing began to see you feel like guys like let armed version are cheaper version of Lisa and Larry and it's like the ultimate mills yeah mourners carry that that it views laundries wellness and book. Even oats wasn't in the spring Bono wasn't due guerrillas sprint book and did like three months ago that's true that's why nobody nobody agrees that this is a good idea for us like this good no analyst doing it torso once a week yes is it your idea. Q here's a thinks. We rely on areas do yeah and like if it I don't care if it's anybody else comes here as long as it happens that's when we workers for this. For a long appeared tired I think every other area cured. It's your idea you don't like what I do I like it. It's a good idea you've come up with like an old by the way every month segment last week was my idea when every last segment with hander off to must Johnson Saturday mornings. She call you if you're Regan says you're deacon right. And he lasted three ounces there's a joke in there and. I'm not somebody told me he only lasted forty minute. On Monday morning you can edit probably not and he called on Turkey. She threw the sponsor and yeah she's yeah I guess actually on regular listener she understands. She gets it. I mean this and sometimes you get these just these opportunities that are able to rebound we get a bit different demographic in the spring company and we at general point where it should be will she be considered a pickax. Not I don't know just the opposite she wanted to delve into more sports. And to me that's. You usually news. And yeah. Ignorant I Atlanta's sixth grade. It is filled mine you know. And now somebody's Martin released passion and roll. Please a lot of computer to phone calls yeah people are on hold if sometime in you've been quite some of uncles and a half a trillion Maine hello Charlie. Eight gentleness. I talked to pad out and I know you we don't. Know blah blah listen I just haven't thought about that game on Saturday night. Would all. I you know the first base holiday let him back. Why can't you umpire used discretion like you would colored balls strikes or vice our circuit and you really can't argue that. I mean. I didn't play much baseball beyond Italy but I knew one thing if there was a ball put in play on the ground at you about first base. You had to close circuit holidays no doubt. I mean that was so clearly. Our interference on the play. It was ridiculous insured reject the call and an actor and one artwork. Gordon had what I mean you can't make it to content minister Kamal without a no call he should've now on this block. And the other thing most reliable to guard Scottie probably didn't. What did you notice that you know when. Oh what's his face in this to trade at ran to first base. You know every intention back the first. And. And Arnold LL Ellsbury no dreams and missed I don't know the reasons which. And he taco and we catch them back but it. Why would you guys I mean you play. Can't pay to play the game like Luke played did anybody and we're gonna remind them little girl holding a night you know. Absolutely but it's. I'll decent amount had been feared spears and that sort of knows urgent call it mullet toss burst into the second with a minute of the nut who minute discussion. Yeah I just I I thought it was crap but I heard on the money with you guys at that should have been innocence or someone here again. Yeah well destruct on how the runner. Is forced out second got a rumble person taken off. You see the ball and socket how does he know. Whether the first baseman. Talked about it if you're just assume or just give himself well. Because the because the umpire got his right hand up in the air. These women around he's got okay. That would be an out he's got all this was 810 feet away from first base he does and he got his best way to touch first base speaks nonsense damaged a sense. You're out at second base in you're out easily at second place right. At that point. You can't get back into the apply. You should be eliminated date there's got to be a rule that once you're out you're out. You're right if it. If it's not obvious. So you didn't have an answer. I don't on I think there's gonna reach out to the table at that we now have a long time. Even as he waited like it was forever 45 man enough where if I was disappointed we porn stars were 45 minutes apparently broke big with them today that. But it's still there it is make nobody can give us an answer on this one dollars an hour they screwed up this gently said it will it was on first which delta. That's even post ball balls hit to his left side he catches it tech's first or second is attacked play in that case the basement of its marble but to go back to first remote was in close the back. So look they wouldn't post but they screwed up and yet what ended up happening. They went to New York on the last beautiful but twice and a beautiful cake. And they came back and came to the conclusion that it was not interference does want to re reviewing the play they were trying to figure out how the ruins. So how was that not in general rule that one's sure how you can't come back and interfere with the plight. He clearly interfered with the projections that disaster right but what's worse is he was already out. He should have been off to playing for a if we get rid of machines could scrape off the people after the useless on the field you're gonna you gonna scrape them off the field you don't. I don't and so in New York they said they came back and said no no you guys are right. Don't get. I administer. Their share nobody instant thing and to protest. And then protest but it's not him it's not all people know what happens if they win the protest you start eleven check mark late now nobody scored. If all it score and you protest because you lost that game that that's if restore. You in the protest maybe you do but no we score out of I don't get it. Here's a Kelly and hammers Kelly. That you can make. What's up so yet they're drafting certainly. Also. Wondered if somebody felt there was needy like telling them to be questioned needle. They're trying to sell them and a new network for radical practice. Our girls guys old guys but it's just knowing all the old guys whose older classics. You know have the the symbol of leather helmets that are. I did not call it a little bit later what you're talking about a tactic it's I picked apart there you can look at the right. Yeah I don't sanity sport for many years and that guy hit something that's stupid. I would want to invite a friend that we all would. That's stupid guys who put that money and that no chance of winning Ottawa particularly your plane and put an army you luck that got. I don't even though the sport yeah we were definitely bad signal if you money. I want compete. Wanted to competitive league that do great pitchers picked a kick a third out of your plywood and money loud five weeks poised I've put in a team that no team I don't want ticket to come out. Tacoma Olivia is always when nobody's treating one punt for another hour here this. There ought to get carried out. Don't of those who are so there's more stuff on the Ezekiel element alleged. Involvement. And this is kind of interest in Dallas police are calling it a disc that's. But the only way to see her calling in and confident yes but there was no. Arm a rest at all last night but we're starting to get more information. The police said a thirty year old man told them he had been assaulted but did not know who did it. TMZ has a video pitchers. Hammered correct or thirty year old with camera yes TMZ has a video of the alleged victim on the ground. After being hit and reports the person who took the audio. Said the man had been in a verbal altercation. We have a woman. In Ezekiel Elliott's party posse. That person I think policy says Elliot Norton then got involved and punched the man and apparently broke his nose. Matt TMZ also spoke to somebody identified as sergeant Williams from the Dallas Police Department. Who said that a friend of the alleged victim. Also identified Elliott as the assailant. And a social media post from Sunday night carried these same message. Where. Some MS FW language. Older. Are there but he's good enough we'll get that report last week that he's expected to be suspended for a couple games giving incident last year. He's preparing to be suspended already firmly I think that's right with a domestic abuse yeah it's being investigated is expected to be lightly and we are rumored to whatever it is with this on top. More investigation. Believe it's over three of the league is it did now nobody's been arrested yes yet. And there and a shirt he doesn't leak Elliott was not at the bar on the police arrived on this thing. So in other words now we're gonna reach rose what happening in your video and audio video give good value and sex and a cellular and I now is after. So that I saw the video teams these guys is lying on the ground and racial kind of wobbling in the nation next one is that in going going in and it's. But there's a video inside there and sure enough karma. The NFL is now investigating. And looking into the incident they gonna take care of her right after they take care of that Patricia. In the change to affect I'm sort of assume. That this may be it this is true it's just it's a may be that the dumbest thing ever. I mean it's the first time. But a guy obviously I am you know a mental waits on the weights that's gone I'm only gonna take a break and went back to break that's weighted just think of it. And neither do you listen let me look at how. We will take it to about five minutes from UD gather your thoughts and they come back after the break. Throw it out there but he's a little bit of trouble I think that's what you gonna say he's another. Adam Jones will get to a coming up next ready or oil match your phone calls at 6177797. It's reset.