OMF - Mut in with Christian; Sam Kennedy talks David Price, Yawkey Way renaming, 4-19-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, April 19th

Hour 1 - Mut is in with Christian and he is afraid he’s going to end up interviewing Christian about playing in the NFL. He suggests playing a buzzer to stop him if he starts doing it. Christian thinks MLB games on the West Coast should start earlier. Sam Kennedy joins the show to talk about the Red Sox’ great start to the season and the issue of renaming Yawkey Way.


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Beach Fort Wayne. And moaning and forty yeah. It's. A big Grand Slam. Okay. He's been in the news hitting with runners in scoring position Monday able birdies Christian best is dominated by films is no homes. Rock chalker move on my part. But I tried with. Linn mu and Christian and be a different question what does soured and that is Tom Brady going to get a new contract from my understanding is yes that is something that he wants and before next season has now Tom Brady's team. He no longer fears valid check he sees bella check it vulnerable. He has the owner's ear there is no backup quarterback and Tom Brady clearly has a better relationship with the media and show after the New England does. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm never gonna end. As the world turns up. Torre is awful I'm gonna ask you why it's. Without a fight through this today but I am going to fight through me being here you know and all the more on how much as I am here here here might your partner on Sundays to go a pre game will be we do a bad it was no good exit I got bad news. And I mean I listened you guys and did I read it I believe the thunder I've read it raw chopper however the health called it doubles talking about. A micron chopper from a different story. That's why am on the attack. I'd be strong and it literally everything rate that's made me give us occasionally a few good minutes since almost twenty island it mental attitude. The alert. Yeah yeah man your current that your. We're open. Oceans. Let's turn currents that ex current and all he's got some breaking into a few guys that reform. Not dancing got Michael's -- all of your guys are to him getting here that he might think either fights and it will be gone next year yes if you got that I control over that's an Irish are from back and certainly he's not here to show the rich keep from the great I would say we will not have for Abby Ottawa next they notify beyond. And then look at that question about whether or have you back. Just for the record Christians especially Christian was better on football on Sunday that he was all thank you. Thank you just love to me that's not my fault that's. That's your fault as a producer of that show which we will get to your producing job beard Saul and local audience if it is it isn't it your job as the producer and the talent using that word loosely here with Colin Lou. To get the most that in talking football that's not my absolutely I'll do better next promise he he can he gets attacks of one date and he's like while I learn more from you in that segment did the whole either. Kind of mess that I listen well I listen more to show an amendment. Maybe that's what it is too I don't think they tainted at all during during our time do very very very real that's not the only on the poster thinks that. I really I found out that really you have some PC office to do you get it you're trying to light you know you put a wedge between not I don't know I don't know there's going to be different now some residual effect from you in the morning show this looks like that. We don't eat our own yeah show Cano yes we have a wolf pack what I soccer I don't wolfpack. Well the look to you realize that also does it look back at three guys in here and that one guy I don't know month anyone earlier in my mind it is global. That's like code name. I realize that not. Alone and roll. It. And that I have with it Curtis. Curtis like called you an acre current market as they have good local bodies and it. About was that about. Screw drivers are jealous your personal view on how would have read you strong abroad not having a rivalry with Kurds want to be lower. If you're not that I have asked. I am already not alone has already that again at I'm going to be. If you Robert for you today. I'm all about building a delicacy stability itself I don't like Tony we are going to change that I have six. What are. Diet we're gonna take your word or how old is Tom Brady your O'Toole and it's here to speak with Tony rob well yes OK okay I saw you do that whole field Mir on Monday Ron. And you work out the door by you you have no you have cardiovascular. You know ability whatsoever to Carter's for your your focusing on this page rant I like military apparatus definitely you Max muscle. Yes we change it up. It changed. It gives you one triumph played committed fanatic adults do on car I I destroyed Curtis and that brought. I don't have him as what does that really likes it's like you know being a two year old and one on one rate of freedom but if that we have the ability so I started by beating up on two girl yes axle challenging and he won't back up delegates like eggs and javy and Bart's general sort of move until I can actually run two miles down. Want to vomit over the sidelines here yet accurate count out the back importantly there would be. It's that instead of like you know battle more on the needs to be a physical altercation between parties to be like oh I got laid out as evil though he's not like a boxing match would you like oversized gloves. And they put you guys that are smaller regional can run around. I. And that's who can act. I don't box out Oscars. I would box and I are in rough route they wanna do. Outlook message not and by the end you know Hawaii. He's just one big. Muscle at the summit is all about the weight class gone by now that person is correct United's three class he's it's like he works out like he's you know it's like he's that we like these competitors. Every time he gets thicker. And pager he's bulky your daughter I'm on visible stage right now we gotta love the left and the ball with regard to what is so it's almost done with the spring cut under the gun on all worked on the north and not cutting right now. Isn't able culpable error but you really do I for the summer yes. OK it's not work as I say it's not work not a bigger well actually no actually when I saw you running conflict while with guys. Forgot all alive as a running any winter jacket because they made its run in a rainstorm look like a character. Gold eagle ebullient. Best. I threw for Catholics are seven got a broad Johnson last couple they actually society here. Fired outs instead here at basketball well you're building up last you know your self esteem. I'm Maria Liu Rodman's Kurtz is not going to be or not can be good but Kurtz is. I refuse and for that to happen occurs to settle down. On it seems unlikely that as an animal political vacuum port would you you guys you can pull back and what he makes funny you make funny and and an early area. And it's been a lot trying to he's trying to assume that I don't like I don't know. Under body roll you know I'm glued I'm looking forward to recruit he's got to get that spend an extra. You know he's like it or we're talking about I need it you eating right you know trying to get the work now. Giving diet thoughts and like different types of people wrong. And famous ones now now now that. Around our. House is nervous about how should go about it not only we talked about not eating until I was I was nervous about an article about money. Yeah but is it wisely you mean in morning show badge. This is so full time member of that yet and only paid like having a number of measures your. You migrate all these temperatures like Jews at a radio host Gypsy yet. Like yours here one day what you lawbreakers you can do right that's means a lot he's a lack of bench your station that week. Prioritizing who like the so I think that the company used the and yet as they can beat and it shouldn't stop. Today I was I was thinking about it a positive way is okay Angel ball WEEI permitting and today. My point is that it be very careful. But what I say around definite as yet already shown you definitely can't keep this idea that it now I don't know that I asked I I shouldn't page question I ask your glory today horrible question that would I'll get you a little bit down that is between you and I. What I told you when there's you why I idol. I think Hudson's you're part of the wolf pack like when you're in yet he jumped out so if you want to get out and well what if I've already text and suddenly people act. My came out of Leslie my name out of it you say a week that's a that's. What you do send we're tax I do who is right who is like interviewing recently that ring and I don't tax you should read down on excessive but it actually makes no sense lawyer yet don't read because it does and it is writing. Also I don't voice to see voice to text books that are an important doesn't work outside of Stewart up does highlight of all this stuff of course this ultimate. Hello to ordered a lot of stuff today right. Guess one thing I don't wanna do what you not wondered because I I used to host the shale gas from ten until through the mutt Maloney should be Phyllis and all the time you read it. As he says laughing at one of the things that I did on that show polite don't wanna do going forty works I've heard it on the station in fact recently. Your former athlete we all his country played football. My I've played the game I do not want to interview. I spent two and a half the year probably a year and a half almost two years. Interviewing Lou instead doing a talk show with that if you wanna double what why that show failed. One of the major reasons why and I admit this was my fault I interviewed him like he was some sort of baseball expert will we all know now finally played the game he's kind of a dummy when it comes out of things you can. And it all and I. I absolutely did. All they want it now a career like whenever evidence. All of me treating like some sort baseball expert. Sugary well okay three. You know. If I thought I like two hours ago we we get so now you did you wonder is now under. A viewer I have yet the new James I don't think opera's. This so this this and I'll speak to understand the frustration. And I usually end up backing Paul Bourn and I defend him more than. In his defense. Did not ask often I had thought with a two on the air we said on the conference call Lisa wouldn't talk with a budget deal you know gets. I think that you Christians and it gets all the good it's among interviewing. And I think he's decided that yet Lucy articles on that Ari these guys scared I doing it though I didn't ask you fjords Aureus you co sign you were on the conference call. I would say that money is right. Okay jango. So we'll let the fine I guess we never happen but I it's there there are two years what have you look at baseball expert I'm going to want it's beautiful. I I have heard if voters are just get out the dollar value I could I I've heard recently on the station now word former athlete comes in. And it turns into an interview. Of them player any examples of the apple has there ever a point where Andy. Player for the patriots is set to announce that he's playing the upcoming year now I you know I agree with your announcements this week the the team worked out. Is essentially the one yeah. So that's a that's and it has he has heard of most recently asked our product Rob Ninkovich of the guys yeah and it just felt like an exact perks I am I guilty. Guilty is chart of a lot of things. I am very much guilty of doing what I heard yesterday which is interviewing and half. That was my downfall I don't wanna do that today I do not wanted to do that today and we got some sort of mechanism place where I start doing that. You've got a call me audit or Paul or Lucy because ice in the reason one of the major reasons that show field much my show I she'll. It because I interviewed an interview opening where you're at it were a lot of yelling you wanna talk generally argue I don't want an equitable growth and don't trust each. Yeah we try to just now are the only time medicine is so we need a mechanism of some sort or by start to interview Christian for a yes or. Football expert for the day. I did it. Over the app also sees a liking. Not not so we had regretted having to deal ought to get real plot Riordan Nouriel tell Mikey so we figures up and I kind of knew you were gonna see some like that so we're gonna. You know I can't like shock you right I can't hold that buzzer public as you know it shock you can't stop in the middle now without so we've we we have a buzzer for you. That's why. Got a few options did joining us tomorrow differ on the death of much that's interviewing yeah. We are now at the club is yes through good Huskies on Thursday night at Genoa. No home. Don't know that's the order waits sound that all that's only for order with an old model late caller. Round and Sox who had what. The south room. Now know that's like somebody like you know breaking into like coach you know FBI Secret Service lab or some like that the second when you played the last one. Of the other ones I just heard that sounds like the best one. I think I would say okay. Now we don't we want more. It sucks right now. Guys I'm a lot but we only married knowledge it's dying and you move I don't know you know on display the one that you think works best. OK. So every time he started me that there were a public creek Christian. Like during phase two of the the train someone to explain that once you mean wood and erosion back. It is. It's an area and as I was I was I was guilty of it I've heard recently now on the road you don't is no offense you don't deserve that. Like you don't deserve UB OK you played the NFL green long time and you've got you've got paid you got paid money to catch footballs. I've treated guys who played got paid money to play baseball experts. So rocketry and despise how different is that simulate the week after you've been a part of a lawsuit also part a couple of wins. I kind of just like this issue and it is the and I can't just have some positives and up. Expert that's UB judgmental as. The career third guy. Like you're like that you're like that you're like the best third I wanna build me up and I called the career thirty guys are awesome. Great I edited out of time. I think I'd have thought about what I said earlier I was like yeah today is. Note so infrequently that's would you do right and you're like you have your own show you what I do the baseball stuff. But really mean now you're like you like each you two would. Basically Lou baloney but the radio birdman rely on your five tool player. I mean I'm usually out every now Amanda what's your version of Pawtucket when observers like I think you downward you have to do it this year bill off bright popping out how to call him. Did you I can be in the war eagle putts yeah you could Tom Karen ought to value my right to wrap around or what might imagine every getting. I think they're very normal lot right right getting the real life like in the morning so can I make. Do like silly stuff gonna like throw stuff that you can you Lucy do some sort of battle of the brain lists does that work. Did you do trendy can do training and always voice. I kissing you guys have ruined orderly voice operating freely in Munich Nationalists like big I want a security dogs we did not rule in order to ruin orderly voice he's done a morning show no more -- Kirkland and ruin well that would I would agree that the Billy Bob southern accent I can't do I can I can do they all went the old Glenn acts and it's now been turned into that you saw gondola that's. All that from you. Like marriage do. Is perfect. Joey and Google. Like it got a really functionally there at the end and you have to tell I can I guess the obvious and that no one else you know it's like it at the same time we get all this information as it had been as we go to F that. There like that. How and see that that's it that's see that's the best or you do that. On ironically you do the best or way now everybody impressions announce on the court now you do the best or wait southern Norway the the Billy Bob version now. That Kirk does I can't do. Back but he also has that right is that there's there's some timing. Or way. Where he sets up something very important. That is not that important since like you. Well first it's like oh okay. You have to score what that is a paycheck I don't have I had the the Johnny most on this I live indictment now. There's actual real thing I'm an urgency and believes he knows that it yes indeed we wanted to add the play by play just how. He wanted Johnny most I don't. They showed maps. Well he's looking nice and I heard that he wanted to I could I never knew I did I let the play by play guy but he was at times the color guy for Johnny is Johnny most was to audio selection. And so it is a big guy like Glen wanted and out and so we tried to you know. We should OK I look at well listen overtime to make sure that nothing happens do you. Lot of stuff going on. I Melissa stuff you do right you sure it's a good job particular policy might not put it serves no sort of say. Yeah yeah somewhere else like more organized than me now does talent to win my brain work by the way not rough on Sam Kennedy on it. At 1040 for this hour early Sam can doubt that Zeke West Coast and can any errors the is the pair are Sunnis here I don't know I'd. Maybe traveling I don't know for what had no idea if he's there or not. Teams played really well. I watched like zero minutes of the game last night and listen to a little before I went to bed but not why we I session with I am I ten on television with. The whole West Coast East Coast like it it's not our fault. We should suffer because the West Coast fans in West Coast viewers like can't leave work early. And East Coast people are we get screwed on the east 10 o'clock games. These 103010 o'clock games that start out there on the West Coast so what they say why we can't the gently working our early what's what you are you how that makes you. You beat traffic Q what's the so what would you. Okay sear the Anaheim angels yet what do you suggest they do so they get their their crowd gets their normal time 7 o'clock. The fans watch at 7 o'clock after the 10 o'clock eastern time. What do you suggest they do. Oh start every game against eat most of Baltimore New York lost as every East Coast team. They're how release are the games in Anaheim holding LA cart big kid they could portray art Sox take it. Won't listen EU the Smart thing to do it you're going to Anaheim I'm okay and the game starts at seven. You're leaving and not leave it six right at me to any I don't know coming from. It's gonna take you to Africa and hours to get there and keep it everybody to you get to game. Some beer and LA. But I now idol actually you don't have to San Diego never gone just like what that's about organizing ideas LA's San Francisco is not part of California right ignore it out it's gonna. It's different candidate different set of rules that give so lifestyle. But now they should start at 5 gimme 5 o'clock. You leave a little bit later. Because atop won't be as bad. And you get home early to ask you season ticket holder yes. To get out of work early for every weekday home game so that you can about all of them out like a little guys like for a little talent and who our who are annoyed about the game time starts at tunnels I think it's you that they're you'll just stumbled started in 10:8 o'clock eight local storms stay at 10 o'clock at night it's not clocking and time it's kind of odd ball East Coast time OK and it's no tell me and for them they play at Fenway Park Oprah in late know they held. Who they're doing it on what their fans don't Eagles name calling games. I knew I only nukes I watched a little bit of oats honey the night before and not watching sniff last night sorry Dave O'Brien. I listen a little bit of our guys in the radio and was nicely by the second or third out of the game. I was sleeping time USA. How board boy did they do they bailed the fairways are likely to Todd he's updates and they didn't show up I did I did the same thing I took the came off was they said they sent out some reliever. That's enough I'm good good night gaga it's what 445 the next stated there and almost becoming they're just. They're so good right now that's where's the entry. Where's entry with this team I Heatley and and we all all the guys that I picked then began the season like Hanley Ramirez he's my guy. I he's just killing it right now look everything he's doing so great yet there's not one issue with a with any of the pitchers even even David Price you know recovered it. From whatever the hell he had. Everybody who's supposed to hit is hitting. And there are still missing Dustin Pedroia others still missing Zander Bogart's and a pop rant is he playing so. I mean I get together. Smoke and everybody Sunday quotes. So. I think the only issue they have right now is that as good as it is in he can be this year. Like I. Alex course getting all the spurs fifteen in 21 manager Wally I could not I'm fine attorneys and a pile on John Ferrell could that again that conversation you want. But they'll be some adversity year. I don't care we talked to that the afternoon show or does the media when the fifteen to tell it lost 45. Or six of seven or seven and I because that that is coming at some point. I want to Sealy deals with the dead that that Timmy is the looming issue right now with they've ever had David Price starts that's an issue. And everything and not gonna go this well all year. That is what I wanna see on Alice correspond to it when they struggle a wanna see JD Martinez respond when he struggles been a very good start for Martinez. The market is Australian beginning out score you did the a little bit how we handle adversity completely it will afford us the lead the very first game of the season. So I mean there's a little bit pesos one game that was won only be would you want quietly did people jump on jump on top of that. How quickly sexy Jesse Carlson smitten Joseph Kelly eat for intentionally do it's it's the brits the back of an Arab backing a manager it's the goal that we'd like that the pick on. And and Sports Radio on so you're outscored its fifty into Sam Kennedy we'll talk to this hour I'm sure is thrilled. The adversity is looming I wonder what we'll talk to yeah Berkeley city is Lumia. Sanders yes yes now approaching look at this adulthood and apply always and right should only the crappy teams are gonna play the Yankees still soft and I think it's looming this week but it's looming somewhere it's looming somewhere its six month season. You've said before it's too damn long the season so I feel so right now there's just a bad week coming how to score deal with a win a by the way the attention is now paid to the Red Sox right now. They are getting overshadowed by. The patriots drama number which are Celtics playoffs to Bruins playoffs three there fifteen to their great story. But the sort of under the radar Eva and other west missed a plane get four more games the West Coast and they're really under the radar. They'll be front Saturday and at least we know what else is playing the patriots won't have any drama. That's what Alessio it's got to be Nolan on what does that mean so it's so the equivalent yet seventy I got your callers agreeing with you do Jesus is here you upset all all agree now right now could you wanted to do well on the I ask you a larger view politics. We're gonna tell you the game starts you're is still. Is this is your idea tell. I I I don't know what just for the record for being invited these calls like planet by Gerry Callahan Gartner act that I am writing this. To you is it right for your well wait stop accuse your college music I was here you maybe one other guy that watches college sports via I'm just I guess assume right. Cause ultimately that. Now a little bit more bass a little bit fine. You'd like gateway and they'll put on me the West Coast. College football about twelve and 1439. No no skiing but it's it's not met the board member of the local. Audience of that team UCLA and ladies get avenue prodigy are big going on. I don't adjusting. Unique and its version that would that but the level drama that version that was ultimately Auburn overeat when I ask that you please be condemned birds have been I want to and the dot com you can. I ought to nameplate six. He could DVR you can't do it if it's made toys he has UCLA for example UCLA plays a local game 10 o'clock. It's meant for the UCLA fans that the local fans not meant war. Well they're playing UConn as an example of BC it's not meant for those people. You'll stay up he'd want to or you can DVR now we're gonna comedy for the East Coast and yes I'm still yeah all of it makes my point is that. And after getting any ratings anyways. They're marketed at any rate let's thoughtful game you legally our capital all adults seem to be thirty sept figure this out. Christian for aid as of Saturday college football show he kick want until the the prime time pac twelve games are over once a year in New York until midnight 1:2 I am one of those games early earlier. There ought. Earlier you'd be homer and all about you you prima Donna happily actually auditor yeah yeah. Oh yeah. We'll. I. But global. Dear dear tactic that. Geriatric calls right now we're gonna get all the writers write down all the that the callers are out again we will downfall calls up until we thought the same Ken it's 177 declined. 7937. Format to get called the first segment I'm not doing what what did the other day to me I don't take we don't you know because I. I don't think that that's the rules standards or training he'll rule my you don't think it called for signal so it's already 1030 you've got to start or shy around right now I feel let's go once they show it big peacock. Just all puffed up and egg problem this is look at Paul can you I have power. How would you just a little bit now the tiger actually it's already working and Erie in the her. Under we'll get your old ass Red Sox gulls and Sam Kennedy will join us Lou it. Christians concern about the picture on endured something today I meditate and so I let Ivorians well I did 61777979370. MF with at sports stadium W media. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away and that's on WEEI. Before during and after the show O clock. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of loading in 48 right now plus Sports Radio. But the rocks and center fielder review. Running water throughout the whole game do you think he would be the rock pile. Iraq piled. It's fairly decent defense is. I don't know what I'd also like him and he's a breath of fresh air and I've I've. He ever arrive at a great things I go to he's great if you've never seen a baseball game annually. He's the first time he siege here I think and broadcast precious agree after that I had lost Tony Romo I'd lost that loving feeling. With him yes all but takes on racial world. Tony Romo got a lot of it is sick and bad days but I that is coming at a sold out every replay of wrong doesn't shut up. I'm really got in early on oral shows out early on Romo he has admitted openly. We get the jobs and I was Illinois. It was an out when I was actually going for those are from one foot your service programs. The the B Jonny Gomes experiment he's going to be filling in I've been told according to might well sources will be doing a bunch of West Coast games. Over the course of the year assuming this as the series goes well much or get a second chance to make first impression. I figured it too is part of a nine nothing game last night and I admit I saw nothing except the highlights today. And Iraq he'll never had a Grand Slam and a report cell and win in the Red Sox roll lineup in their fifteen to talk Sam Kennedy in a couple minutes. On you suggest that low Nat West Coast teams that are the games earlier this is Seattle. Anaheim. San Francisco Arizona. Air anyone playing in the west so this is a lot central times no good Colorado. Public that organ -- that way so mountain time zones on nine oak not a clocks. Not gonna work for it to those title seven starts and that was the joke by me for that point especially as what you've done is you when you do this tonight I host a show called red sock you McKee yeah. And Red Sox fans are I. They are with you on this now they tend to being an older one. Right so you're young you're gonna grab the first was ominous today. All right so this is Jim exhibit global force that got I I I don't remember Jim at all so I'm Jeanne have you due remembers him. Is called before so I'm gonna say 42. Receipt or to be over on that okay qualities in Fall River that stopped the page in the morning Ariba. Jim would. Bob Krause is that it should clamp would have via as well anyway this whole time. Fifty years old and opens only games in I do I watch what side. I wanna agree with you but Jonny Gomes real quick first while Tony Romo ran out Smart things this per week five. Well lots right Gomes Gomes repeats. Everything east. At least once. And then could not sure what he just said. And then last night there were the top spot and he needs somebody had the tall men of the year. That there was a force play at circuit not a piece base there were verbal keep out it was kind of funny. Christian. You want. People travel from twelve games in New England from Vermont Maine you know on there and they got a kick out there are sometimes very. They take the day off and comes to Boston so they can do it tell 48 hour rule that Ehrlich. And I've got 200 no it would be like had trouble pale Tuesday. You know I like the angels have to pay off that they'd be. Or are they do that anyway though right in travel days they try to get these teams out earlier Jim they're trying to play more date games. This year poll forty suggested something a little more radical that is. They should all star couple hours earlier some distant upon the citizens watched as their hometown nine plague is sure load as a Stosur dollar Johnny go and our life yeah yeah. ABBA ABBA this guy have a Jack is actually from California Jack's going to be about receive 45 hijacker had. There NATO and I'm on six or 62 like Massachusetts do you think helpless is not for. Well I don't like evidence they have play cardinal Irish or go to sleep with a pillow radio and that's something that's. So while with the game you got guys elect against back in time they go past. Now with via toughen up are tough guys sitting next attack I don't like to gauge isn't it just you know what it's not a demand. Request all it is. Disposable and fearful world quest in May you can committee gas and Kennedy to pushes across well hey he's personnel man he's more powerful than you are comes to baseball can in the game's start early Friday in an open a back started. 605 local time so there there there he batter you about a night with that. The every week did it there's a 162 for two games my are there any honest is there reject them and that it takes away. To get penalized. Earlier Sharon and now there are 66 months he's yet politics you. Boy you insure yourself their own games or baseball I'd like that. Auto sixteen football we'll talk to a guy that maybe can make that change for Sam Kennedy Boston Red Sox aren't honest next year Ol. And talk Sox right now with the Broadway Murr lonely and boring on Sports Radio WEEI. For the way Bologna and Fauria now or wait over Loney just Fauria and mark would you guys 6177797937. Red Sox rolling fifteen into for first year manager. As the best start all time Alex Gore's team is so on fire the CEO of the Red Sox the Sam Kennedy joins us here. As part of the front office report brought you by a arrest restoration specialist town fair tire. And by Cumberland farms the official coffee other Red Sox radio network in San joins us warning Sam how are you. Yeah. I'm doing good on sitting across from a guy who wants every West Coast team now to start their games two hours earlier to appease. The Boston fans at East Coast fans Sam and I'm sure at some level. You can feel bad for that the fans in the game starting later here early in the season. Oh no question I'll call it let's do it is time zone would do it if you. So all one time anyways if you. About we would it is about what happened so all ball at an earlier start. But. That hardly keep pointing we would stand it. So you talk about late you know getting off to a hot hot start fifteen to I mean everybody's doing and what they're supposed to be doing right you still have Pedroia you don't have pom rants. That are Bogart to distill what you're smoking teams right now 84 runs in the last ten games so. Is it just the manager is that it means yet you know last year this time your tennis seven now you're fifteen to. You basically have the same team what's been the biggest difference. Well the big it's it's as we've all this back to out score them. It was done. Tremendous job I think Alex or is it appears to be you know that players play. Starting rotation with the best area baseball. And now we've. People loudly treatments in the last. Person. Games so pitching and pitching always today. And has been outstanding so. Players and and they deserve all the credit and it's it's a great start but it's just that we all well and it's hard and we're very pleased to but we will talking all week ago but it just what doctor ordered force it was a great start we will keep wrong. Yes it's Sam I'll try to do you know equate this to like a football season right you know 5217. Games. So it's kind of like the equivalent of may be you know a one and L football team more tuned Opel ultra may be and yet. That's what you really don't know anything. About that team. But I don't feel that way about the rats us a feel like you pretty much know what you're gonna get with all these guys. So maybe there's a little bit more. You know hope that they could get this can continue. You know moving forward. Well we. Had been. The feeling all along that our our young guys. Many of our our home on draft and develop by our great baseball operations group here would improve. Year over the years to come here last year not a great year deal to tired and an October. But you're right security aggregate again. It is a long. Everyone goes through down period so. It. It is truly exciting to be especially rewarding. You know superstars emerge and watching rock devers died at night out will keep stats just. The world the extent Andean the list goes on it was off to a great start as well. Well this country so it's particularly worried see these young guys who were there now compliment by a quarter of that you guys who. Hopefully help facilitate that I step. And more forward but it's an exciting. Well hold talks he won't be able to have rallied around for 10% of your income. I'd send you mentioned rookie bats and a couple local guys wrote the comparison between bets and Trout all on the field the numbers bear out that they're the several players couple years ago I thought that's sort of one. The MVP over Mike Trout but nationally. Might child gets I would say ten times the tension that smoky bets does it even though they are a from a statistical standpoint. A lot closer do you does the team take responsibility as Major League Baseball take responsibility promoting. Individual players and do you feel like mu key. It gets that same attention that that might trump gets in and as the red that they ordination a responsibility to promote him more to some masking. Definitely yeah we we do it and I think you'll. I think the key Al serving cookie will. Are yet more World War II if he. What he's doing. News emerging and faces the pace of our franchise. So impressive about him from where I think it is. Not just the on field performance at a person he is off the field you've spent any time around them. Training anger at the ballpark he's got this rare. Combination. She. Incredible confidence natural leadership abilities but he also loses its ability. And that's rare combination obviously there's been great want Saul seem to. He really hasn't vs the leader of the he's. In the ultimate compliment. This is this rain we're talking in Egypt into. This guy that has this community rally around and he he he watched that leadership role. And but he's also very. Actual possession we have an. Clock whether it's assailed Dave price stepped in Detroit has so. Can he be the first to say look come out to China to do I think by. Obviously he is a great leader any pictures are on opposite field and that's really fun to watch his emergence. They sand so. David Price pitches against the Yankees it's cold and terrible weather right he can make as he's got. You know what race tingling or numbness in his hands right. That's California which is fine no issues. When you when you think about the most important part of the season being October playoff time and you know the weather can be an issue. Guys nervous at all about this condition that he's had the innocence eaten Reno his words and since college but it made you know come back again. Well. By the rock. I guess I get nervous before we can't get. And the measures that are starting pitchers and then there hell. You guys particularly about all of our teachers. And there are held in general it's such a decade. My understand that type story oh was. But the reality. Eat your guys to be healthy whether it's there. Their mobile fingers that way. They're back. So one got reader nervous about. October at this point we're focused on candidate can be in the moment. Yes I always and focused and concerned about players to help. He to our success or failure this year old price fight I got to. You're seventy years 2004. It was incredible to believe we have all five of our starters could go to the year without. Rotation that's just remarkable. And it. Ball out and gulf war isn't as good reason. Of that so yeah hell is it is a huge concern always put. At least we've had some some injuries are ready earlier this year and obviously. We were when an island. Lawyer I know health is an issue but you know you know it is here right data prices already been a target for bunch of different reasons and you know if you guys investigated or appear to way to treat this because we're we're doing our own little you know whether indeed. You know investigation. And that. There's something called I. Like the Bible. It is the Bible it's called it rate guards syndrome were late you cannot. There's you know some hairs body feel numb or you know in certain circumstances usually promoted by cold. Just you know thinking ahead because you know. People like to hammer this guy and I can easily see them using this as an excuse to get after them in even though he could be treatable so I'm just curious if specifically hey listen we got to make sure this doesn't happen again and it's you know I don't summer's come around but you know September to be cold October you never know which are gonna get then. Yeah yeah without go out and people that was very very confident in our our medical team. And then out of communication was put all the players that club about it. We're very confident that the those things will be fine when I hit a concern about health I just Connecticut general pace and content. It's all important but I know we're we're very comfortable. And we don't talk about the medical issues we've got a great great team. A specialist in every area and so were worse in good shape pothole map. Salmon alas some righteous talk with the was over Fenway and you were couple days away from forgetting that the ruling from the commission. On yawkey way that has since been postponed reported that the Red Sox asked for that to be postponed. Kirk for a couple weeks can you tell the thinking behind that where we stand today with the renaming of potentially of of yawkey way. And happy to let me just start out by saying we have not changed our position. Whatsoever. I should. Remains that for consideration. For the public improvements commission. And as we understand it there will be final resolution. One way the other a week from today actually out on April 20. Is so slow we. I pulled out from our perspective there was so much testimony. A lot of talk back to work on the issue. How one vote community. Wise decision we want. Wore it every one. Has I can't have the opportunity to be heard. Whether that's and private and public through letters to a public testimony. It's. Important things that we got city and to consider so we want to be respectful. Of the times and allow. You heard so that's that's an ongoing process. We've got it. Last August. We talked about this the first time. Publicly. Our contention that remains part of that he had he had as we understand that the ruling will column next we can. Regardless of the outcome won't go forward and positive. It would the most important thing if I seventy future here for us at Fenway kind of and that is definitely part is inclusive and welcoming. Everybody and continue to do that as long as on the Korean war on the. Yeah I don't was a spokesman Sam are above the team lawyer suggested that you like you said substantial testimony any new materials that came up. Did the team present any new material during this two week window did you guys double back on some things that the commission. I know we did we we need you just referred back to our original date. The question. Inside by. Property. Holders on the streets panel. Will move forward from. Sanders so quick it update on. Pom rants and Zander. Yeah Salt Lake all my time is gonna go out Friday night. And can't be great to get him back obviously we know. What what he's capable of and the last yeah. Personal data Alec and obviously are are on the West Coast is that standards coming along well. You never want to a timetable on it sounds like. At least another week personal. Al. Yesterday. No rush you've been true where things are so. You keep it out that we've got guys who can be pretty for entry through the heart sort team Dustin Pedroia and so. I look forward to get those guys act. Well fifteen and to move on don't screwed up ballot scores on the best start ever for manager for the Red Sox he Sam Kennedy and CEO Mike Cumberland farms the official coffee. Other Red Sox radio network so there is no decision this week. Week from today those side on yawkey way vs Jersey street. It's been implied that the Red Sox asked for the extension. I'm getting terrible job now thinking I should ass and this was. It was it was Democrat already yes because they're having that what do you regret the question is the guy that you guys did you guys ask the extension because you knew you were gonna get in Novo. That's that's the engine and whether you answer not I don't know but that that was the question. I think I needed that job I was really impressed myself that it's a different situation here not having the big fellow over there and in the hall of Famer over there. We count on me like I usually closed and yes you. I usually defer it's it's it's easy to defer to Lou with these. Right just because I did it to us it's a matter of a victim of a dead on right you wanna right now mistakes made on that show up that list Vermont minus FBI's latest editors and answered daydreaming. You know we have these leaders on forced to carry engagement Sam which is fine and in order reduce bull worship Allah but I do think. That this David Price issue is a bigger issue than late. They're admitting to. But I can I play doubles outfit like social San Kennedys as CEO the team. What is what is he eagle. Any rest the right question you asked the question that most fans. If they feel that way they're they are a cut and he's let Glenn were a scared concern how can. Are you concerned. It. They are concerned enough that now club that as the CEO of the team he's not even if he feels that way. He's not he's. Even that feels like you do that it's an issue as health thing. He's not gonna bury the player like that that I don't know you don't you tell it that way when it scores don't mean you can answer the question that he but he's the manager. Verse of the CEO the T mean you guys talk to Sam before Sam is he's gonna. Give the answers but. There's a long when it generic question and answer about the overall health court did not want to talk about parts to what I was bill well Bill Belichick can you not want to talk about injuries. Rightly Belichick does all the time the public injuries in general absence specifically acknowledge rod mails me. He's not gonna do I like baseball and nail right there's more the more liberal right editors they'd be talk more. That there or just their front of the media more which yes it it it leads to it. Sandals at the dual applicable but you know what I I agree I agree with you that deep down. They are scared about David Price not only that the dead tingling fingers Gary arts disease and syndrome which they are real thing my cousin hasn't. And when it gets cold her fingers are like now she can't do anything and it's such as real brutal cold. It's just generic cold like in the thirties and it it it's bothered her for Jennifer who were kids so it's a real thing. He's not gonna cut here and say yeah we're concerned about the price in the playoffs David Price concern like that I said to start the show. Concerns about David Price for every time he starts and so I get tweets like every time price starts this year what's the issue from the guide and White Sox fan. It's an issue because the track record is. He can't about a game early two starts ago he's not pitched well when things start to unravel price. He has not been mentally tough your Boston block it out he's let it bother him. On an all out my example. Partly attacking a team broadcaster a case golfing market so I wanted to finish your time he starts. And I felt that the that he needed to strain on two games together. Over the giving him a standing ovation he's like comedy about hippies I should tip my cap you know and I'd love it was great for a while caters there's days that number one. Start to count win the fans over again which case you. Have to do yes right be in the attack and especially in work uses guilt these anybody's been on a likable part lashed so you but you know how commando out here comes October of your product over outscored he's talking about October. Out Corky thought about Abbott write brought to cover it up. He's joking about it says that sometimes I think he is being sarcastic. Sometimes which sounds a little clearly John Ferrell was a baseball robot. Who set thinks the nature data browsed he wasn't on his ass would come more. What is like the robot. If it. If it bit you. So dad Oprah about what's that the robot was that show remember what their mind on my little mound hell no idea and you look at so don't bother arrest him because. Big lead little but Dickey what was that show I watch it at all times. You're old enough he either Obama she was the local big key she or her name was Vicky but the show was not called the Q the robot. She was Vicky she let you open the back in my Hugo is a small one well at all wow. It really report. On that easy Google's heard Vicky robot I was floor the last episode it was almost for keeping things on the show and nobody page and it was right my Wii allows for nobody by the 89. That jackpot well he's looking clause more and agony of the mountains as it does there's more people are robust John Ferrell. If you can robot. Eyes yeah Lawson authorised the segment did this a lot you pout pros in a signal and things are going to. I just sort outside football. And I go to sell out. So well do meters of sea ice cover from around. As Paul quickly this was my mind. Come back when I. That. As. Well as at November last album like that we have. Demolish afterwards like hug it out when this guy hurts him and now this has. We and our rights are they like I've heard you've heard lights it's bigger it's black eyed. I heard today on a conference call yes but knowing it's from you. And as a question do you say do you agree together if you put a run down together and I hate to distort I don't know what you're talking about. You put the damn great together should you know on the too much you would think that if you if you put on the list. It was a relatively early morning that's like you. An excuse that excuse okay just don't like them. I mean that's OK you have yours your things I'm sure IC NIC I can't use race I can tell you right don't you guys meet today note drives. We better at it. I think. It sounded yeah you'd better. And he's gotten better against. Let's not allowed to see what's in his oddly this thing to say that the couple was not a whole flood story we will do. We will aren't we will dig into her husband authority minutes next hour at some point towards the end of next hour I'd won a couple minutes because what I saw yesterday and today or Tuesday and Thursday. There's at least a little more airing danced about this just to get every all our cards on the table just for more I see it as an outsider you know this try to attend the record I don't see it right away today. Tuesday and off the air and right now I noticed it and when I asked for SATA channel five only get it. I noticed that so I think you think you you you think you're going crazy because it's like your question yourself if you actually said way. You thought he said right Arctic coastal ass and start the only reason I did a double pretty. I Celek. So sorry 61777979837. The phone number there are both love national blow hards like Colin Cowherd. And guys who played for the patriots will lift your locally were saying the same thing. This is not good right now for the new patrons can that in your calls OMF with the F Sports Radio heavy media.