OMF - Mut made a pathetic apology for his lousy interview; Mike Lombardi previews Pats-Steelers; Is there a Belichick-Alex Guerrero rift? 12-15-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, December 15th

HOUR 3 - Mike Mutnansky apologized for getting beat up on the air by Pittsburgh talk show host Colin Dunlap, but took a gratuitous shot at Fauria. Christian delivers his response. Mike Lombardi reacts to the Patriots loss in Miami and what they need to do to win this weekend. What has led to an apparent cold war between Bill Belichick and Alex Guerrero?


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All of you read each. Fort Wayne alimony and forty Christian Fauria shut your Christian Fauria. Go hide during baseball's. Christian Fauria. Go to a prank phone call QA and other sports talk station don't make. Mike Reese blush if someone landed here and UFO and I sad to think about this world take meets at the worst. People. You know who are murder I'd say. I've let's go to Boston and talk to their sports fans with gland Lou and Chrysler were not standing for him. Taken jobs report and I appreciate that was just four days and even plan. Here's a tidy little they got in there yeah I mean he. It'd be used it before and after him act can't say much I don't get probably yeah he's he's worth. And I are get on letter. Shoots and stuff. And yeah. All of them got him benefited didn't know what I do differently Matt called on lap right now on Sports Radio WEEI. So you accept the little senior punter earlier in the program and you go back and forth from DN. He we'll go back and forth but I noticed the little scrawny and nighttime talk show host of the radio station took some. Clear cut shots at the top of this program was almost like. You know it's like we knew it play football game and you staged the first fifteen plays or get them down yes so much last night had his first segment all laid out the first thing he did is he wins right at one Christian Fauria. All of us not really though. Well I mean I don't really Kolb is right now. First thing I don't know the first thing I guess it was realized it maybe made mistake apologize you heard our segment. Talent needed jobs used to wanna hear from the big Fella. I wanna open the show with an apology. Nice this is not one of these meat to apologies this is not while amended the judge of that is not a code like the apology had to make this summer that was a moron not down that this is an apology there. Column to. I listen back to it. Because I wanna just. Somebody told it immediately afterward that thought went on to and I saw some of the reaction to instead need to hear this myself before I really comment on. And I didn't do a good job I I did not do a good job Colin Dunlap for a couple of reasons one. We started going down its role last night with. Where he's bringing up spiky flaky and you know what I did when I got bored. I I realize we'd done it for her here before I got boards that it gives her. Hammering it out and ports and obviously get that if this went through quality of this went on bloom I'm sorry I apologize a thousand times and let you down my heart wasn't in. As far as I know it. I was boy records I was immediately be bored certain segments right we got to troll coming on from picks article for the jug it is that wake you up yet. I think he's like he just wasn't ready to go well he just. Wasn't ready to go in depth that has already charged when he talked about the the old that yes it was the end and it's like Christian mystic shop. This ended as opposed to what they wanted a Marshall can do this burial than that with an apology to be much at night audience can say we will we will be better. I'm next time around should it should have been better last night. To be better going forward that's on the however we have Christian Fauria indigo shut your old Christian Fauria. Go hide during baseball's who Christian. Not going to open thankful collectively another sports stocks the children Christian Fauria goal make Mike Reese blush at the animals Boehner what happened yesterday or is this part. Even here the hope. He's saying about how he needed like I'd take out from some people went up north are NFL Sunday cohort are reminded on and it also and it also gives us a good eighteen minutes breakdown every single week he's our board of orchid eighteen minutes and him just sort of waiting to get through the interview. Everywhere you if you. Got from Fauria talk to. If so Sunday laughter room so nobody else I'll I'll say this a response. Lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep we don't lose sleep over little bland little baby lands that are like oh. Or little. It's something that's right. Now know that that's part of baseball it's important thing. This is episode brought home as quickly just that much. While he was born during the called on bond and he's I'm I'm I'm I'm not you I'm non moderate it's not actually our board. Yes one out there I don't know I don't know dominant big solid coming have a big summer it is I just got great news from average use in baseball summer. Now that's a big predicament later. Who don't yet. And and I'll follow you deleted. But I will we'll discuss the thoughts on gas so many highly what Michael did last that is he apologized. In the mile audience. If he offended with existing one a year from Christian and and the line is we will be better you know next not I will be better we will edit that they might indicate that yes we will be better seeds and my. It's really kind of just disappointed because. You know he's been mentor he's been strung along like Kurt brings them everywhere like he's pretty much owes his entire career currently handle and it is allowed only so. A multi what are you wanna call it. And that he has his opportunity and an apology pointed out. More than it for us right it's like this kind of what we do it's kind of what he's that's what you should be doing I. Feel like there's a million listeners a New England included a better job job listening to what we did for two years the blooper was there and he folded and. An ad you'll like this guy it was like this guy was some it was a tough guy is no I was so we can and and just blame intents and lazy and he's like pushing mud around like. Spotty good sense he's a really honestly did you shooters balls drop just. All drops. But it happened this show I don't know the only alternative so like SRI it's art I expected more you know white and he just allowed some little pump gas push him around. And he's apologizing for so what should do is call a show up. Did a set and go back Adam not the little thankful called QA another sports talk cool again wedlock underground. Competitor Netflix got his business but her husband months to violence on. And I haven't tried I had tried to do better on six Idaho and lure him they know principal Arianna. Solid all that easy outlet only she's been bought one that would keep. Mark we know there is just gonna keep for repeated everything and piling on. In those guys are like a little tag team of their notes on it no shots. Breakdown the Steelers hero Riddick we're gonna have a hole in the needle a little meltdown mode with time you call it. I usually call and if they're on time because they're never on time. Aaron eleven edge in Lebanon not actually twelve are probably around twelve old isolated and knows that the did they change the time of the show I don't know I usually get it I mean we don't know. I had no idea don't plan they have no idea text message from Ryan Doumit. Hello mr. foray as good Texas is ago Paloma safari will will is it okay if you call and at this particular time we really need your health and Brian. For Brian we'll talk to right now and there aren't my numbers are that John wiley and if you like that. He's very polite he's you're considered as he knows I'm working on Saturdays and usually says it takes on Saturdays. If you Hillary monsieur president mister we sure on his elder. Aside I don't see you but you have rod Parker who moves into the gift that just keeps on getting what he can get a love rob Parker concedes is does he gives material all the time minimum. Shannon (%expletive) They were apparently talking about. Right Tom weighs a cheater and I'll always believe what it's like China is it that way don't think the idea. I'm Doug did and I'll wait for the book to come out yeah well we go a lot. Think you're gonna have to look at the book I'll talk to enough people and if you're really uncle Eric may have you would have liked that line we're told the Boston Globe media spotlight tonight I would. What's it like that they pull the lot of the police don't get great low and you know on the break the story you look and don't forget I don't want to. I can't afford it that it's added a class project yeah. Agers need to hold your time the good book group and on WW that it would lead only got what you really weird globe right you've really got to vote on intelligence on what little rule book is a good book called the ball low income people like hold the spot gold but yeah. But the people with. The Baltic to elevate its spotlight today the spotlight that takes all the lot of the things go ultimate. Didn't win an Oscar for spotlight today they made in eighty directed the movie stars she beach yeah why I. Oscar he's I'm glad he's living in April that went frequently earlier. Further for for writing Purdue in the hole by a bullet to fire you wanna poll sir it would not perish either isn't there an Oscar he doesn't know the goal. But the blue the blue ball. Spotlight thanks for spot. All the line is that OK okay that anyone who wrote I don't know that whole article on. Little did they went did they have right screenplay they did not than not helped out for shouting get on it doesn't undid that and they didn't want me. Griffin's highlight I understand your point when you do that I don't politics are put it doesn't he doesn't know the difference between real life and you know movies even though you have to go to the theater. I don't read the dvd actually watch so and so. You don't see more ground bumped them we'll foot and say are higher now from about Parker on him all week now. All he ever asked was did did he do it when he played it to the lower into a regular there's all day that day stint at the podium. And say if people tell me rot I ask god to lower. That did that you already know what they did it. OK so that's here's that I'm gonna tell you what here's to you should've said police hate that here's what you should set police guys and that's rob park and you go back. Did you do any like real research ball which I know you won't duplicate Friday. It would go back there are different on Monday here's who's out I did it too much hitting it 20082009. And go to first take. This is this exact same take heat took back then. All he just replays it recycles it over and over and over Hillary eventually. It'll be right now are we right Brady has to suck embrace that in holing you know play able to like sock. That ain't gonna happen even to go out on. Hobbies in while high passer ratings of a man who's never had tutorials to dean inform his pads should soil who never had they gone win his share of sun and and light dad got and I got right. Actually it's so it's all the same crap like the slate gates by gauge. Chimp is Sharpton isn't it only wants the globally around. These people dig in and indefinitely. Now he deflated a football let's say he did. He came back improperly inflated football wanna shoot the ball and came back in one another one last year. Do you eat eat rob park will never did discuss that right now. So just the shooter so there are some of the details diplomacy Obama. Maybe without Tom Brady again at long last Friday if you ask. The in the Netherlands are that her son may have viewed through rob Parker I guarantee the response is well never changed it all this I did it to placate. So what makes me think and trust them that they won this last month when they did something else right and that's the response you have it that's why in. People's minds will never change ever see the mission a point in that they're talking about the patriots and Tom Brady again because. Tom Brady is engaged in the biggest game of the weekend in the national football like. Instead of breaking it down talking about the game what they're doing is that the old same old tired talking points he cheated while white. How they keep on winning these games and how to keep on getting back in these big huge games. Where you know the AFC you don't oh home field advantage is its stake. How does this keep on and if you've cleaned it all but naked and he can't tell anybody anymore and it can't support air take care out of a football anymore. As they I was that they keep on ending companies big huge games I talk about it or breakdown certainly gave Michael Moore joins us coming up next right here in Iowa power. Please use both hands and a quarter we will pony up for and where guests always get their sick unimpeded and without interruption yeah. We'll consultants also they had they were now this summer or they were eliminated they have young players could have a note let me talk to my your guess you're not on Sports Radio WB. I went back and only in the. The Friday edition we get ready for the patriots and Steelers game that everybody's talking about doc monologue these games the last few weeks. That's what we're talking about stuck with a Mike Lombardi get together weekly get together with Mike and Mike. Corridor budget so let me give you the the premise first double foray so the question Q would you agree that last week Monday night. Patriots showed no focus and no urgency and again. You know I think he got a credit Miami for the way they play the requirements really the slightly faster here yeah. And I think you could say that there wasn't focused approach I don't know on the Miami beat into the functionary was more flexible they want to gain in the trench squeal. I'll give you that in case I thought and his staff had a good game plan there was no question about it but there were also seem to be no focus its usual for the patriots to do this. And yet they showed it now you've been around Bill Belichick what happens when you go to one of those games. And then you've got a game the week after because the one pattern that we've seen over the years here Mike. Is he you don't seem to games like this. Back to back weeks with a New England Patriots. Right I mean I think you know what happens is winning streaks are harder than losing streaks because. The winning streak the focus turns to slip a little bit you know things become more important. Outside the pictures of what a great job of maintaining a winning culture and waiting. A consistency within their preparation and I think sometimes you know Miami took an easy place. Or doing the play I was error you know of the you know opening game of the year lows are in the heart for extra. Oil and so. It has always been comforting and and and relax and saw that you have up to 32. He played probably the worst game of the year in the last ten weeks. I think the focusing attention concentration. It has wrapped up but not pushing the you're going to be back against a little good opponent a little hostile environment. So you're gonna have to step up gain. All right Mike so which players the lesser of two evils. Antonio Brown. Or lady on bell. Well I. I think you gotta take it so that you know look you gotta take it at colonial game -- backed out how they had to put in the slot keep him away from the doubles and they do a lot of good things creatively. With a book you can't you know it would look like on the plate the cowboys back in the day when they had. And it they had Michael or they had jiggle the chip has this will look good to trick or quarterback. What you can't do is you can't so in order to stop portable that's never happened which you have concern it will limit the explosive plays. They're very different characters. You know it may be ten catches for eighty yards a replica you can't live with ten catches for 200 yards. And so Arctic the mentality is look we gotta keep the ball out of us. Certainly make our plays we just can't let them make those explosive plays yeah that's the recipe. To me valued at a small doubt you'd never overtake what most guys would the other game. Good to go would require. Also assume one when you say that I say I see that that's what Antonio Brown so bad so use pay more attention. To Levy a bell because it feels like he's the one that can hurt your more than Antonio Brown especially if you're saying keep everything in front you limit the big plays. That's death by a thousand cuts completely on bell. Right that you're you know look one thing we know about the running in the the local time that you run the ball Trixie ovals so you know this game is gonna come down it will perhaps this conversation actually the what are the things that come out to cool converted third downs where there who was able to convert a playoff games to playoff games come back to this one. You gotta be able to be very good on third short you've got to be very good in the red zone. You've got to be able to control the position those three areas when you come to playoff games that matters most of those or fourth place in the result. Always work over the comedy game between two teams that somebody. I think that's what's gonna happen but a move the football pitcher to remove all. But the played in the red zone and then make those third down place and then. Those started to use those third trees mature stuff on your part of the field if you don't convert it like last week. Got sort of wobbly port nine Kirk bell the ludicrous told that you don't you can't gonna bet. You can't conduct this week. You can't make that mistake you can't have a third report on the route to Rex look at. And then have a beer after your short because he cut it into insurance and you can't have that as we go to the cartilage can. So Mike in Miami the offensive line get beat there was no grown put Brady wasn't good now doesn't seem like he's allowed to have one bad game. A lot of people calling for this is the end with him now unless you think that the injuries may be the Achilles in the handbook what did you see did you see an injured Tom Brady you to somebody had a bad game. Our Arctic is the typical art in Miami puts a lot of pressure on them and I think that they put that inside pressure which is always what bothers great quarterbacks look. But one thing about weak in the outside rusher those who can step up when you have the inside it's creating getting into the game like call. And that creates a problem in the you've got to get through it and I think everybody our student was well. I'm Chris Hogan didn't play well look. The ball I don't regret it Coke or log Xavier Howard all the sudden in the COPEL former school one gate the ball to go you don't have rocked people. Practical field. And they want the ball to go outside of the you're not able to win on the outside hold their lives where. You know that the quarterback at the holdup all have the second law that he wants to an awful in his lap so I think it's more about everybody that is just one person. I think that's what the patriots look at this week that changed act. Find a better formula everything about this in this patient control. Picture offered her the win this game with the patients style they can't allow it to attract they won't Linda. We're talking to Mike Lombardi a weekly get together so in the Dick LeBeau days and Allen Keith Butler years. Pittsburgh is decided on playing zone and blitz that's what they do defensively as you know a recipe for disaster if you're playing against. Tom Brady said this past summer Keith Butler was sit in an interview. It is asked about this and he said especially after losing to New England once again would got to play man we've got a changeup he can't beat Brady that way. I've watched them this year I haven't seen an awful lot of of man made it into a little bit more about it. And they suddenly change up this week specially would know running shape easier than they do that Mike. Well look since you're the comported such as it makes specialist sizzle when you're might just slow your defense slow but what your markets faster defense is sets and Shakira absolutely first plate stressed that the results okay now he's not there I think you're gonna play more than eleven megabits a look at that reaches a certain anecdotal. That you know we're gonna have to play at this cooking channel and take our chances and see if we can win Miami one outside of no one since Miami's quarter situation. Is this good tickets all doubts about those got a split some sense to comfort from that double crop bit the matchup inside about social a lot of backs and that's ballclub. But you're right they're not going to be able to play resulted if they are so would actually easier tailgate carved up if they played man. Without chase you they have a better chance media holding onto the matchups are bewildered don't go becomes too easy. They've got we'll put pressure side. They've got to put a ball out quickly I just don't see them trying to great zone defense without result inside defender like Saluki clique like eight. Shortly like a righteous here. Restaurants are so yes so we know we haven't this is this discussion about Mike Tomlin all week. As far as like where you would rank him as a head coach in NFL right now I'm humble with him saying he's I really like him as a coach. But nobody else seems to respect him and it and we also get some calls of people went in in Pittsburgh say that he's under achieved he should have been had been able to accomplish more. How do you feel about Mike Tomlin. It looked like it is to write the plays an emotional guy that can play hard for that sometimes the pace of the game get away yet the stock probably won't play. At times the secondary hasn't been as as how does it needs to be the player that's not a picker paid back. They that'll help them how much would Joe's little corner everybody remembers. Target market over the Eagles last launch held out of the job epic mercenaries unsure of what facts. Especially sensibly. We'll look that's the case that he don't want perfect in this profession no orders and I think you discuss that though to our. It kind of looked around. Like in the early in the week Greg Bedard is talk to a relationship between Belichick and Alex Guerrero throughput or Alex is no longer. Allowed on the sidelines and just here's theory thing as far as a growing. Beef I guess between these two. You know I haven't heard anything that I don't subscribe to the that the network sites operate any of that article earlier stuff so I don't know anything about oh I just know that. Looked at pictures up yet healthy and that's the most important part I'm sure that's built spoke off. There's never heard anything in the past were Belichick might not like. Now on the look when I was around it was a big part of through treatment lawyers argued. A number of the world so are you like I have no idea about what's. Hey Mike come have you ever been in like an argument or as anybody reached out to you for something you have said and at the end of it. They say you're better than that man. And if they have I doesn't make you feel. I don't know you know these are pretty opinionated so I don't know why I mean look at one thing when you worked for Al Davis is I have you'd give an opinion. You've got to have some fact based Stewart so. A ball you know don't get me wrong I'm not saying I'm always right but. The reason I reached a conclusion is based on facts are based on wake up 1 morning it say about that there's so it'll and the fact when we all can do. He's taking advice from other people we'd make mistakes and we can grow that you take the stakes are grown to what they always. I knew his game. Thought it would be great gave us. Yeah I thought I did the patriots know how to play these kind of gain political control the pace of the game and I think they'll find a way to win it and and the one thing about this. Steelers is they do make mistakes or cons offensively whether it will slow the ball up in the more big bet I to a 66 times last week. But I under the status again at that hasn't slowed almost forty times they won't let. My point oh Tomlin the other day you were just talking about it at the record against Tom Brady is dismal. A media for or against the Cleveland Browns. We would look at it changed as well but Tomlin is like one in six. Brady's got 22 touchdowns zero interceptions during that period 379. Yards per game quarterback rating of why it's 47 point five and oh yeah. The airport in 3839. Points per game up on the board Brady be so dominant. No matter whether the games played in Foxborough or Heinz how can be so dominant against these as we realized a really good football team and a great organization. While articulate what you have to do some point in the big Al Davis will speak speak you can achieve that because of this you're thinking yeah. I don't think they've been able to do that Greg Gilbert a recipe to beat the patriots backup would it be great game. Still have never been great kick in terms of the coverage it's okay you've got to be dominant inside of the front line going to be able pressured got to be able. To rush or adware and they haven't had a dominant sequence of ultra look better at our greatness give them some. Campaign would improve no question what do they haven't been dominant in the principle and so when you look at formula rape and hearing what they believe is waiting. And they have a look at the team they have to be I think that's the one criticism you could say well. Without you know without any. Being law in this attack and they haven't approached it as we got beat this team or. We'll see if it it continues on this week Michael's good talking able to get extra but Obama. Mike Lombardi brought to you by town fair tire complaints key insurance and Norfolk Liu do you think you took the whole. But of that man's Sirius listeners yours and theirs is an uneasy understandably annoyed you the wrong. Wrong Peter Dawson has no idea we talking about evidently but again that's universal I think that's universal console and you. If somebody says. You're better than that man that's it that's kind of understood that they're being condescending and beating it on net effect when you when you bring in and out to a two Marty much. Right there he just veterans that Cuba Christian better than that why do you think academy he just don't get Ethan that's human yet is that any of the Christians that have. I understood right but he understood the original yeah. If you don't play and I. The history of what happened don't need to know the history there's going to background do you know what it says you are better than that man don't know that they'll be ready I jerked me you know better shot until you should set them off a little inflated and answer all wheel formula. When amateur fighting I think if idea. Thousand and that was it you know I don't afternoon and actually you're right ghost you Iraq I don't know about these stock yeah. Right and highlighted degraded by recently and I hate about the show over and they always try to get it isn't it's Ramirez on intentionally damage you're. Yeah. Like anybody. Every tool in the mid day with Bo van and a sport waive our loan in 48 on Sports Radio guy. We've EI. First of whispers as well there's sort of a belly check Alex Guerrero issue of you heard anything about that. At a fifty year old boy I've heard whispers about that sort of speech well there's some sort of issue like to do not know each state did it do across. Don't know how lawyers who earlier in the history of but clearly it is there something there but I don't know what to make it to be options. You get the sense that that's a bit. We've heard the whispers it's a big issue word's display of single. Oil the real blow over hyped I don't know how to quantify that again it's it's not the first time I've heard it to see him. But I don't have a bit of knowledge of it you say voice should be you know this is not a big. The feeling I don't think Lewis the same feelings as you know we're talking about this this morning before so. I got the feeling that it's the first time out of chapter and I love shifty he's terrific he's been great about this. First time we've heard about it they don't know and rent a Marty and I think he has a right he has to go along with because he's the guy. So he's supposed to know everything you can't know everything about every one of these 32 teams you can. I dictated poverty most interest corporate. A little room. And listen we're so proud of playing yeah. Actually write it sounds like your guide that is the go to guy when it comes in for me communal admit that but it's only gathered almost. I had to act like it. Oh yeah I've heard it. Midyear I don't know the extent is pulled and ordered I don't know how bad it is and Jonathan I don't really know I think about it and hollering going on I don't really know anything but I'll say this I've heard whispers are more. I don't hide and heard and they run I've heard it's I don't know those whispers saying that a lot of I don't know what the with a you don't know. We just what are one thing which is what a voice yet I haven't heard I don't know so I'll let this thing is homes so. So is really strange because. The first time I heard about it it was it was the dark Greg Bedard brought it up he brought it up on children message. But you just pointed out something very interesting he's not written about it on his little sight they're the Boston sports front yard. The thing is that some on the site me go back a week and it's wouldn't think if if there was that behead them she or won't do each individual little podcast a video or article notes and maybe it's in there somewhere. But would that be headlined cry with thinks now since we know that this guy's not only tied in with Brady put different business for the next fifty years together aren't. I mean it's. I talk more dangerous thing rather you know Kenny Britt brings to the game what to expect and brick and Alex and also I'd rather find out there really is a beef if you don't bring up read an article about it. Because he's not on the sidelines anymore not traveling with the team this year that's got a big isn't it that the change something. I was happened so he's not traveling with the team but it. I have a hard time we've. Britain would be OK I I would too little and I would think that would cause some issues and I'm who's the pitcher who had his late. We're currently has had his. It is like in life coach in the stance. Him video -- all don't talk about he had his head is like his sports psychologist in the stands and pitcher for Atlanta smoltz was with the smoltz is I don't know I think it was to me it's like OK excellent every was kitchen where you're at your life coach in the atmosphere is there watching you to know you don't she was my left coach mark. Much like coach I thought it was no doubt about it but. I am not hiding from baseball now. I was working your posts have there sees it. He's the air's real health until it's either alone you're right it's restoring some or courts not story. Number it's just not it's just he's not on the plane as well it's not travelling that if they so huge door on the sidelines anymore. Anymore using photos from the south suitable for having you know it was a story whether or not he dressed up and patriots gear again when the war and now we we were we were discussing. Is no longer allowed to do it. Then that's a that's a change that's different. And so why and why message to them is that conversation like with brain injuries to his very best that don't know you tell is breaking and asked that question. General astronauts just at your house a relationship with Rio Tinto and timber industry history so why isn't he on the silent with you anymore. That affect user bother you that he's not allowed to be in the silently until I can't be used at all there's gonna from the plane a lead Brady spoke yesterday correct. He did did what anybody asking this question about. Alex I'm not on the sideline Malia and religion quick political game and Jerry now you Jerry Turkey recruitment and they dropped the the storage came out so much they I would expect them to ask the question yes. I would be just. Wonder why don't ask what will Monday night at all mutton everything like that does you know he went out how to McKnight not encumbered answer our sleep through the Internet well in fact. It might give it more eloquent well which is actually respect moralists and I was bored. Because I did it like they were short way. But the bottom line is just to meet its its. I like the way Lombardi Italy wasn't sure but do we listen to him we listen to Adam show after answer this question again. And you tell me you know we've talked about it we'll follow up I think this does sound like someone that it really has heard anything does it sound like someone that really. Thinks it could be a problem. I think to your point I've heard whispers about that sort of seen as well there's some sort of issue I truly do not know each entity I do all. Don't know how launch brewing in the history of but clearly that it is something there but I don't know what to make that two yards to. The some sort of small little fire chiefs Brady was honest about it instead. All to think now officially we've made this thing. Why why we transcend. We should and a dialogue that's Chris burns down that's our job at 10 o'clock as that for that dialogue and boy all's job now element that Paula I called up obviously thin now. Services it runs down so you're you're it's almost like an open door she's doing this where he's actually mentioning it dialogue. On the radio show that he appears on and then he's got this web site. On the people subscribe to he's not. It's not making it a credible story on the web site. A little publicly what university you have to look for announced Sunday the first item scanned silent. Where is just don't know is he there or is he in the stated they give you like sign language to the Brady's saint listed eight to eat your Opel unit so they fearful that he's not on the sideline but there might be some other issue to a media Alex Cabrera who is it'll maybe he's attending somebody else's fame out of these yeah OK okay they got. I don't know why he's not. Outside I was that it does this work what's the what's the Genesis of of a Gallic outs Cabrera who specifically helps. Certain players really all they want to help. It totally different approach has a totally different philosophy. Okayed than say the trainers say that doctors you don't souls that was not our good. That would start with there's this there is a little rumblings with the trainers. Hey box getting treatment it will muscle Somalia I can do muscles like it must the year Richard nurtured me well yeah it does on doing it right it is outs in the room. Alex a paid him as he won the trainers. You gotta you gotta get spam getting guys the last of me not to panic should the friction now that's that's where clintons and then there's this there's this challenge there is this. Pissing contest between two guys who aren't. Who work ended June wail on its head trainer Tim Whelan has been there for an error Smart guy up travels to Nazi out able to see other other people what they do and how they treat people. So that's where we'll start. OK so there are all these short work we're doing the same thing everybody else is doing working the fringes here and listen could be a problem. Have you from the can be issues that week and we have all these different theories and everybody started out there and he'll just Brady. You guys Alex is not on the sidelines in this is a guy by the way that has both a heat issue I think and at least an Achilles issue of you guys on the side. And issue more so the Achilles and that's probably Alex's expertise. Nightmares soft tissue stuff right as far as my ability and everything those don't. It's it's it's should be started. Habitual but it but it it's it's it's a huge story for less I think because I don't like he's like a comfort dolls like those dogs little dogs take an airplane. Latest field. You feel better I think they had to get legal and security they get their own seed who can't save me because somebody needs because they get think it'll scared of flying the size or bring your dog. So no I did bring you comfort animal. A week it is to put you at a low muzzle put a little little animals little yellow vests on you and say let's I can't fly without Tobago all the Tobago. It's a victim but I I think they are the guys. Asking him like the guys I was asked to go to Dallas still on the sideline is still travel how do you feel about that back. That's the story. Vieques by asking you know people can ask him about bill we discuss those guys friction between bill in and out I don't. Tom's not gonna say yes there is no other reason but technologies on a silent anymore I don't travel anymore and it does does that make you feel. For Christian just off the the rest of the medical staff from the French deficit and don't count this guy is on the sideline he's interrupting our job. If that's presenting an issue where Belichick made the decision and tell. Your guy Alex our guy Alex. We can't have bombs and Alice B he's the only he's the first guy to be in that situation tons of guys leave the stage lead the organization. Train in the offseason so world's they had their guy. Am I got a guy but is their guy on the sidelines. Well no but there are guys telling them what to do and there's about their guy on the sidelines no let me most but most the type that was the only guy right let me come visit. But at a and it on a regular basis no orchestra. I don't know I think Alex for the most is extremely respectful of their of their point of view of of their stance and their position. He doesn't believe him. Isn't that the believe America free rehabilitation things that I leave it there in the process broke on the table the two traders look at that is ankle look at Disney announced about it trainers and shake his head and allusions that just goes on just. It take these bills. I. And I guess in June sweetly on the chair a similar ballots must learn and you don't know we're not gonna lead in the days won't go until there's only goal of the clinic there don't touch and that's excellent because he's been there so long he's been there for. But I can't remember but you know when he first got their Soes have any issues. It's he's an ass that he is an asset. So as these trainers. Okay there have been very sensitive and rightfully so because and as you saw the territorial the guys at territorial guy and Celtics lost his job after all these insert right so. Greg Dickerson they are always. The run they're always afraid of us outside who have outside opinions it's medicine. We know this like somebody believes this the way she treated others say no you shouldn't this is the way you treated right so they'll of their beliefs there was some of comes in and threatens their beliefs and people start questioning. The way they do their business. It's a livelihood. Is their job these guys are making you know five million dollars a year they do over a fairly in a holiday that anybody to fearing. Bet that there's a ton of friction in situations like that seen it many many to put in this case we're talking about the most important player in L on the franchise. We're talking about his guy. And his guy is either not on the sidelines because there are other factors. Or he's not the sideline because somebody in the organization mainly Belichick doesn't want all the youngsters LA time and it. So someone has got more appalled and Tom is getting his guy off the silent. So is it that is at the store isn't a factor is that not a fan I say I think yes. Yes yes in his comfort. His comfort animals and I think 120 already talking about it yet our president did ask him it was after that says it was a question OK okay but the question gosh well but that's okay. It's about about Guerrero in Belichick is a collision coming a friend of Belichick says. It says that the it radius from the south in the middle of a conflict between the patriots in Guerrero with her blaming the team's trainers. For injuries on the whole I won't suffer and so it's Malone took my understanding is somebody they asked them Tuesday this week about this is that this is Miller never know from six. And by the way it's a long question I understand that put the station doesn't get enough of Kirk Manning I think you should put Kirk on as often as you possibly get. Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday this week. Just look good because I remember that that's a different story. When I'm when I'm talking to mitigate their that is football back in third. Grade was really high new loud I want your sound from over a month ago my. If this story just now that he's not on silence now and this is the most recent and asked about it I used or light on Tuesday. That's what I'm told pocket and I will look into net total through you can. Do your execute well. A job doing so well would you still got a little speed bump on you know John always concerned because we got a break coming up in about a minute. And and he knows who didn't break and be favored him to record its credibility he keeps calling back he argued that I don't believe it has got to CIA on Brady's ultimate villain you show you on bail us alone this is something we are talking about an hour gotten better I really dislike okay. I know I program okay let's go into. Of course. Getting about immigration unwelcome by the end of the I thought about the bomb and I decided it is not my check it out is that. The treaty is to be all orders are now would just sit there I have all of this. Lee sarokin everything and not really doing any pink and the armored guys that is nurturing their eight for. That's on the machine that mean he had to hit that one directory tree. And that's what I think of all about it all the sense looking at those other. Partners Jim my ability a holiday party. He'd be good Billy I don't know I was that it was a decent stab at it and announced a as an ambulance but if it's really whatever he noted. Was athletic as what it was all you want on it evidently not what it's whatever you wanted to be it was audience or. Other ourself in a dark. Those are brilliant terrific it's very new here but I don't think he wasn't gonna Stewart adds I'm glad over the job. So what happens when I tell you who who's paying no attention whatsoever and that's going on pay. That's real war one of our listeners loans are let's reward one of our listeners whose. Taking the time out of his busy schedule to look at it is the middle of the dates are not working I'm gonna review them and look at. And all behind the curtain right now OK both of you talking about earning attention. You're working tomorrow on that and CBS sports network. And as of two weeks ago. You weren't sure what Jay you're covering conflicts of article not you're wrong I wasn't sure I had no clue. I know when I found out when he is being put up on the TV and pop pop pop. I think I was like oh. We had an ugly little thing like. Do you want. It took every golfer ever have a policy within these kind of went our way I don't think it's not meet him on the as a result of good enough because I don't yeah football pinned down and yet I'm going with I think that's what we're bull isn't. You did you know you can do you need to run on the show on Saturday and listen that they completely other bull crap that I come up with it if I know you're looking at this game it's like you know the rain tomorrow at 845. We called time is that twelve we start taping it to thirty cannot out of there at seven he had no idea early and I morning what time I like I game and he well he was funny and out. Or I think you're the biggest load of crap for this game and Astride the ice trying to throw some or method or somehow someway. Somehow I've got to trying to our show referenced in match on Tibet should be legal. Suggestion is that I. I don't usually go out chosen to tell you Alicia the other thing is I know I can also try and get some rays that show. Maybe you guys to listen and we'll go from seven to ten times and on. It did for the three of the Olympic security Hulu but it's hardly cause for because I watched your ball hit on their I don't know if honestly right to do onetime Lou asked who did you most advice for college football season and her Republican. And racing games like guys wasn't locks axle and every Locke I lost every single line I sort of got tornadoes and goodness what are. And it's ago he had no idea that western Kentucky and Georgia State was beginning to deserve tomorrow. The things into the on this west ticketed after your state bowl game in the history able is that it was inevitable inevitable that curable but curable and each year. Find a cure for breast it's okay somewhere in time. I'm like him like you know just be all in a village knows Collison. You know on the highlight a tight end you know keep him on something nice to date for me one player or coach for either when these two TW I don't know a soul that Michael I know. I held a it is on the team and I don't know yeah have you wanna do you want I don't like they are finished our guide find the mascots at the baskets are and put the mask let's head on sixteen year old I don't know numbers have a great pass on is like he's like a big blob. He's obviously got there is no question about these drugs when a bright figures not a great quarterback he's into the you know. Is now a little more balanced knowledge just. You know it's just a question as you know defense is very good out of line with other than a pretty good job of Sylvia the Miami gained. They're there are no real there there in the real standouts. On this on this football scene you know there were not I'd I think it was for a defensive efforts you know significant obstacles that are offered to want me to put a lot of offensive line in the life of the loan for a lot of the last few years. There are few other guys that you know. Then you look at other guys Steve Filipino tweeted. I'm I'm doing a a half. Ago. Friday. I'll I'll I'll I'll. I listen I didn't didn't talk at all. All of these horrors of what he did this was the total fraud going on a Tennessee radio station you lost it. Well its rivals of all he's really go down on don't know Noah. The at the Cleveland stole and that's that was that's what he played I didn't it says a national network yes actually being 888. Time an analyst at thought let's get. Don't know enough errors to lose like we're all your notes doesn't pass look. Cutting up names anyways and as these games all along watching Tony you know they didn't know President Obama does become a problem for me. Because they have one guy and he sold job is to make sure the stats and information correct names are correct you seem so in the right way to blend of Rio. Because I'll do that. And really. Have any incitement to do it over to latch on to come back and all my dad yeah yeah. Just blame it on the producers is going to be you know archives and a leg LA though I've found myself but I just there's they they encourage homeownership the Atlantic glad they collect ownership right my point is it that's about it because they call you out is soon it's like it's like they know every single stat all the news that there in the basement. And go through stats and information about the ball databases and he's ruled Rome. And they have be put enough together so when you get the wrongs that. They're pissed that don't know dude it's a tennis that he used nine. Seasons and hit it exactly. You are worse than teacher per when it comes to preparation this unbelievable probably another hour ago. I'm I'm gonna draw a blank you guys that's where the for the office says that it causes death in front of me and.