OMF - Nate Solder signs with Giants, 3-14-18

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Wednesday, March 14th

Hour 1 - Free agency keeps ramping up with the news of Nate Solder leaving the Patriots and signing a deal with the Giants. The guys also discuss Kirk’s breaking news that the Patriots made a contract offer to AJ McCarron.



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These Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 with the we have some breaking news here bill. Well this is not gonna make somebody happy now it's not be any Amendola. Is staying in the AFC east had to dole wants more touches the don't know why don't expected to sign with the Miami Dolphins. OK okay. Political and Lou and Christian talk about 1518. Gold teeth left it on the bench for the entirety achievable if you. You've got to be a tight so other patriots have made a contract offer to free agent quarterback AJ McCarron who went. Conference call starts at 815 candidate eleven Saturday thirteenth night at 817 look at that you Glenn Ole Ole Ole Ole all back. A lot I was gonna right now on Sports Radio WEEI. The only one person was right to. You one question for you put those tests but it was good Louis cleared up that whole thing was Holmgren. It that I'm. Good now. I think it's time to organize you know put together what else finally got to know the story is a gift first think he's in feet grow like art in Jerry can't figure out. But I still don't element when he knows he told that's for the war. Yeah it was I understand that I know more than they did so as they calculated it oh yeah did tonight your finest moment I might get. I wanted to kill you wanted to kill vol I want you they have the old deal Christian what it was smacked the workers when it hot be out on why are you hot early do you eagle and it goes after and remember now and I learned learn from my mistakes. And I am I sends the wrong all I can think I'd throw yourself. It's me you've grown. It's a different light hit and a hand hours and it better work on the you know nobody's getting in trouble for each of these should do them take good job big huge package things in there. Political wild and free agents you can't. It is already setting any here in New England it's like a regular feature of this week they'll hit it when you do what the patriots and last year was a little bit different. In the they had what 6465. Million dollar last year wasn't that no one there was not last year it was a lot of fun for the New England Patriots this time a year just on. This is not focused on football and enjoy losing use. People who is not just not fun you know you're there do well we're we're. To our big results again this is beyond this I thought that it could this is the way it happens for patriots fans. But I was amazed last the reaction. You know Malcolm butler's gone Dion Lewis is gone. Emmett Dolan might surprise you but I mean only pay cuts and a guy taken it's like it's all falling apart. But did you did you think there are gonna come back no no Malcolm Butler actually Larry surprise no. Yeah a lot of letters and I'm not surprised that this is Leslie reaction of my god and morality morality play here what's actually once the Mets he smacks you in the face with the reality they're really lead on that you're forced to actually deal with with the upper hand again. I did it battles Davis. I know the goal of all places to go right knee he could've gone you know to budgeted from places he's going from. To help his career because the dole is fantastic the dole is yet Dolan write a song to any form. He's won in South Beach so the whole Motley clear and well packed in like that they'll love that I'm like he all of this week I feel like we helped create the dole the doha. Why okay. That don't look so hot right now got a lot of the equipment all the time Wednesday. Yeah you belongs there we have an order hot pipe Dolan did you. This morning nice being really really. Really ridiculously good looking at a page noticing that very different still so hot. All of a I am I don't I can even this and yeah we drove away yet for putting it on don't wanna go on. Anywhere you would have done Indianapolis would have gone anywhere if somebody was gonna shell out it's a 425. Million gets rights of the season is just a weather out of mama want to go on yeah okay but if model's body for a month BM you know at all either I'll put the dolphins were giving GeMS reality you know you're guaranteed you'd think you'd be there I do know he's out there for anything to do -- on your own mind now that reality show that we go all the want to about that I have a lot of these adult with a shirt off. I think I think it the dole and I did. The weight locked in a beat the build himself well you know I think patriot fans who always looked down on the Dolan. As a positive experience of how we plea when it counted most yes we first met him about quiet and all right we're on the afternoon of these weird is quiet relate is there's boy wrong capital. Then all of a sudden. Stadler opening up light years in the code couldn't get him as much yeah I don't think that's a good dude the bullet and knowledge of either the more pay cuts he took the bull initially they won't let her pay cuts and less of a role he had the more. Vocal he's it was Friday and to replace a guy and welcome that everybody love I was light until he dropped the pass reasonable that some people site got beat her movement is an artist through again with him good player but injury history that. And then it was like he was. Albert took over it was a penalty came up so it's already but but to his credit. It'll say it more pay cuts he'd hook. The better he once there advance requires that they might never volume never all of your budgets not watched plays when he needed a little it was great to play our students and here's the problem he's going to the dolphins. Like. And it though it's not supposed to be out there are gonna almost exactly the Playhouse that's all right what goes right what they need to do and they're paying in this type of money. For Danny Amendola. He's going to have to have better attendance I think every singles on the wall blame in until the question those guys rate he's done what he needed to do here. He probably would love to stay. But what do you make lunged at one point it was you know when you really. You can look at the markets it was a two years 128 have guaranteed yeah it was a 88838 and a quarter diluted sixty year or whatever it is. When you look at some of these guys now can get 16100001516. Million to what attendance. Five or six million dollars that's about twelve yet. Eight age appropriate based on the fact of how much you play what his rules going to be some ways of punt returner and as these is it easy and every down guy now. And you you look what the what the dolphins are doing and everybody got yields are completely trying to change that whole culture that whole mentality. That might be one of the things that there is talk about it nothing as far as losing the dual clutch catches return. He lost both you kick returner and return got off the return and punt returner both guard Deon Lewis Danny Amendola so. Mean nobody wants settlement return applauds right now not all that money maker type situation. In open post season whatever might be but the probably use of their so and it at the deal hosting again I'm surprised if he was going to be there is money finally he was going to share. I think he's a funny these are good stories I think if you're with your fans these players and they hit it but time is ripe for both those guys about the guys that left. And and and admits folders on his way I don't know on what you think he's here or not but they're gonna paid too much money. Just to Specter you know how you could turn it down. And Solana shocked if he if we find out two hours from now. He's signing with the giants for fourteen million dollars a year. I don't think it'll be known on now those are gonna go and pay him fourteen million dollars and fifteen. She's anemic and I think the but the giants you could look at that offensive line Sox McNulty about Eli Manning law. In the giant fans that I look at is offensive line that's one of the worst it. It almost smells like Los Angeles the year before the rains. How bad that offensive line was and nothing worked. So they sit there and what they do they went out and gave up on crap load of money is that tackled in San whitworth. And I gave him a thirteen the other giants look at the same thing we need left tackle. And we need to unload the phone to make sure we get the Skaggs ruined our whole season. I just. Penalize those see him coming back here so I expect in the league. So we do this every year but with the exception of last year maybe the year that they they wanna get and we just nervousness every year. I mean this is eat you've got to understand is just more than more than more than most I would say because you have as a losing guys so these are these these guys that you were aware so those that don't know us but these are these to me are like cornerstones these guys were talking adults older. Lewis. An and Dolan guys that haven't made a huge impact on the game. Big big name recognition. Showed a big it just is different and you losing. You know just a guided his you know Italians eight was it Brian Lowe to. Logan last year you know you like Brian Logan by Logan right all right sorry in reverse. But in Atlanta in the morning when we're. It's locked. A silly walks. Los if I think it wanted to reflect any change marine Wes Welker. But I mean this a case of that was all he then all of a semi retired but so many in one yes it's in the housing each separate year. This year it is you know the Alicia best back Malcolm Butler. Very polarizing guy here in town it's only start left tackle drafted him you'd also need it's it's. All these guys that one as well. Yes and if so I would sit there ago OK I know this is going to be funnier just not because of vote absentee are going to be you know bombed out of these guys are gone. Because he's grown to love them and you like him or whatever. But the fact that think about it's it's really hard for this to happen. All the issues Lewis had deal loser coming out of college. Cited content web page it's renegotiate gaining her losing out those who ball on us having you know ideas like get all the touches because he had like a hamstring. I've been via free agent nodded and started playing almost pre season games then deciding you be contrary work for him. An adult the same thing take a pay cut after pay cut and having a big year showing how consistent he is he can be trusted him getting paid. And you go to Nate soldier again first round pick I get it but lots of issues he's had. Reads he comes around and not only. Are you going to be you rate the best tackle available but it's because nobody else out there so you'll you'll hit it in two different ways. There's no competition you've gotten some other tackle isn't using you as leverage our vice Versa it's perfect to good story of the they'll all be back the only way he. Comes back is if he takes the hometown discount that we all know that. Because exactly what you said this a thirst right now for left tackles he's the top guy at the board affect your backups are number two and put three on the board. So that's your only weakens back but it. It's going to be funny to watch this play out over the next few days because the patriots are going into an offseason here without an awful lot of money. Last year was the the outline they had 65 million dollars to play with any pounced. They're not gonna do that if you could look at the top 100 free agents would would play this game before. Bill will be picking 126142. And 174. Out of that list. In the in the in the next couple weeks that's what will happen will move very little ball player and they will try to incorporate him into the cyst. Only data we've ever seen it or throwing you know we even. You know the problem the united put him in his tattered as he left so early in the year that's another guy another offseason. Where are you know because he's polarizing also was spent half the offseason talking about this guy and it's dome it's no mosque so. And season. During the season maturity and a free agency is going to be see who's there and I got Kurt many hands. Tweet which has been. I guess not only retreated but you know other other Ecevit's impassively. So I guess the patriots offered as tweet was the patriots have offered a contract to agent can offer him a Contra yes. Wanted to supposedly so other papers indicating your contract offer. Two free agent quarterback AJ McCarron who it is a table as an assignment or not for want to start somewhere but the odds are it's his start here so options are limited for him right now. We we did this before we saw this report for the show and and when you go through. The entire NFL. And you know we know that it's. The debaters for example it lashed unity they signed Glendon a draft Robiskie to a team like Arizona even though they signed Sam Bradford they might still draft acute. These really only one spot for AJ McCarron to actually be the starter and that's buffalo. That the giants they're gonna sign AJ McCarron. You know made a bit they'll cut Eli I don't know but they're advocating in to compete with Eli Manning Tampa Bay gimmickry cued in to compete with Jamison Winston. But the only place AJ McCarron has if you look up and down the leak. Is buffalo. So the patriots baked throw him some pin. It's a you know what this what we're thinking of we spent a lot of time trying to figure out this type of contract with the last guy we had this is what we finally came up with. Are you which listed just to have something on the table because honestly buffaloes on its today and you would you gonna do. Is it deal the the 789 million dollar range for the next two years and in the eighteen to twenty range year three year full we think you're the starting quarterback. We get rid of Brian Hoyer. In your back up for two years but you know what would you got paid the last couple years to make some money a week ago. Your go to buffalo we gotta go yeah. Another way to help them how they gonna pay him mostly back and the in your contract yet how they gonna pay almost ad campaign resigned yeah we can play this game but I'm so exactly does that answer when we put yourself in his shoes he's two time national champion. Bit back of his whole offered an adult he's been good weasels then now yeah he's been. He's really good got an opportunity shall be you do it belongs in this league he deserves a shot abuse started probably had as much as. An opportunity to drop all that data due later similar OK so the timing didn't necessarily or upper and dog not going anywhere. You think he wants to even consider. Backing up Brady Amos Jones only about two years of not we're not doing that. I don't usually lose it goes anywhere else you took out of Cordoba was don't know what you'll go sought a meeting got okay so there's there's some chorus that's fine as a backup. You know Europe back to eagle that you look and all at your back you go to it and doing your back goes to Europe back assert certain places you're not going to be the starter ever less than the crazy. Save the jets are Bridgewater county the good senate Gallic in the nick now. McCarron not gonna draft kit and I I will tell you there is always a modest viola I saw this thing today and yesterday about buffalo assumes Josh Allen going Buffalo Bills. I'm like. Rates another ten years of completely dominating the Buffalo Bills because after court but he. Stronger and stronger at that whether he planet we know source Mariano. He's right I think I'll report back all it does not act now I'm not buying it. I hope they do that. But a great situation John Allen and the Buffalo Bills that you bring an agent to uses dogs newsreader or just view of this I know I'm not buying UA big kill us this I had I had you are what ultimately we'll just every illegal okay after two years he's killed and so here's what he had all hail and New York. And we had no talent played in wind ain't nobody was watching out of the lineup tonight have you had every single one of these occasional it was as I earlier you're different stories about the guy but he was great phenomenal OK you're the only 100 solidarity. Yes it is not not the only one dog and white male. Well as some of its all its all the big sent abroad trying to screw with people still advocate for some reason I got to firfer W you're right Buffalo's those draft Buffalo's gonna draft one of those kids they get your. Two picks in the first round pick tray with with Cincinnati with a two wild again K great candidate Peter goals in his. Seems terrible that wanted to play a five. Picks went to signal that it graphic you know I think it definitely tried to like to say they defeated. Well because I think about it and what place show like I don't agree I don't know if you're gonna love agreement that is the one place to have that even if you like Peterman and they're telling people they really like pretty adamant he really didn't get a good shot laughter that's the one place have on the Cameron that I don't know I am I can start I'm telling you. That is the only thing why would you go if he's argued that it doesn't go there than what. Like he's 28 years coming up on 28 years old he'll be 28 years old at the start of the football season this year. I want you wanna wait for this it it may never happen. So the bigger questions about the bills why should I don't want to go back to why didn't like them doing I don't know that if if if he's 28 right now. And here's the Tom Brady is telling people he's gonna play it was mid forties why they held while wanna go to to win the women went to make less money. That I would make elsewhere maybe he won't. A new notes on to saint knowing what may be kicking tires they may be looking at the market and saying. Yes you get a backup quarterback right center AJ McCarron to be a backup quarterback it's elect's 78 million dollars. Would you have any concerns of guaranteeing all of it. Is backed up a bloodied by you not guarantee a vacation claimant doesn't work really Plame and a guy gets hurt but if you're not playing him. Why would you give me eighteen years old and I guarantee you one year too in part of your three because that's ridiculous start he could actually begin go somewhere and get. Understand who knows what kind of a deal. Maybe guarantee 1517. Million who don't really get a commitment pages citizen were guaranteeing him twenty. You get back up for two years. This is a quarterback here that would pay twenty when you want. It Bakalar and of Buffalo's giving me the same bad contract is that's a bad contract. For a free agent quarterback where there is some Sam Bradford just don't need to get wet spot Fulham Buffalo's the only body Bradford is a great. Of the you know artist of them all time in the BS artist he continues to fall. Well you can get paid so now some what you were tried to a he would try to tell seven million dollars for back up your back and got very clearly yes you're shaking your was Chase Daniel. Wear your Mike on yes that is based positions that important that team's announcement of more money. On backups and it did not practice signing guys to 1617 million and with no intention of being the future. Because they're about the draft their future is what the bears did. It's what. In letting go back to all these teams decided to have these free agent this is reaching guys need to turn around and draft somebody. So tell me what it was and tell me why New England would pay seven million dollars for a back up when they already have a back up right now the millionaire the highlight of okay if this is able have to love the apostolic supplements Dmitry eight if built in wanna get rid of Jimmy G yeah. Now is it is saying okay we got another shot at eight Jimmy GE might not be that guy. But I like him a lot. So it let's throw the same contract it energy spent on its own video with you happen. The only reason bill would have to look at him so you know one. But carrots done. And we won't you know what listen beat but it will be a real. Off the cliff drop off when Tom Brady's final close here two years about for years from now if we've got the camera here. We're still a viable team but I felt like the whole offered a contract to be crap. We're crappy well mighty popular with Christian most of these at a check point about all we know about it. Getting all excited when he got out of the 6000780. Mil you brought up the point before the show itself was gonna get a hundred million that word out. A free agent to get edit it don't I don't know I think it would show lawyer and you know even bring it up until that nobody here watches T three years 3030 million mostly a leak it hit gap. The example is chairman. Three years 39 million since holy smokes thirteen per the pats were gonna pay that through I can't believe he got that. And then you look at the deal you've got to be kidding me it's just to make sex industry. Darren I don't think that's that's you know living legend he's. But he's that's one example but got ready and well there's a good. Everybody's Christian and I and I'm really wine is what Kirk cousins best and only deal that would tonight holes this they're not messing around that's we only need fake or. Our our Sam Bradford. Holy crap pop any horseshoes that he has type I might end please can it is have a lot of luggage you know if you noticed these two great. Potential he's one of those guys to great potential guy. Still never shows that for well she's got a I don't. He's now going back to wait please I mean about it don't matter of for you make it as much money he was the one of the last quarter but that first round pick that made on Monday for the team generals and a helper for drastic so he. Completely just. Just kill them with the money look at his cap make in the money even though he never played look like he was going to be great remember. That first year that rookie season he played here. And Gillette and a pre season game and he lit them up with the Israeli. His last year in college he got hurt twice let's get hurt a bull giving her against BYU a week every play so McCarron one. Is interest thing but it has to be one of those where you're right Lou we're Bill Belichick is look at and think yes I'm telling me we we lost Jimmy grapple right there. McCarron AJ McCarron that's the guy I was that we can kill it and being hit it. And Taylor and wheat down and we don't miss a beat in that would not get a quarterback is cut as we do we do and we we don't drop off of. We do is you change the timeline right we changed the time I go QB had to make a move on Jimmy I you know what push comes to shove guys I agree to kitrey compared. I understand it does let's I wanna keep this delicate the timing is off. We get another chance and dive and so everything we're thinking about doing financially can't keep all these guys we can start over with the skip. We we can weakened structure a contract to worries that 89 million dollar back on one Jimmy turned out I had no problem guaranteed an 89 million for the next two years. Eight is twenty million guaranteed for back up quarterback because he's not gonna suck it he's not gonna get hurt because he's not gonna play. And you know it and so we can actually guarantees and cash is only one spot buffalo. And of the Nat and all the money is for this kid is make a run. Guys can actually they do that's what the patriots do over the years they look at the marketplace. And if there's a guy out there that is great you we used to ward again value. They look at it they say the market's not jump into this kid let's jump all over because we're gonna get great things. So I don't doubt I don't get that sounds pretty numb for the desperately do not know I nobody. Just AJ McCarron it's a case those diseases are listen preach as any official start officially started yet. I do I want off before you it's crap. But at least we didn't we know what kind of job at a resort. I was able yeah all right I think they need to put on the table to get out there it is the market up and religious a lot of patriots and yet something for ya. It's not gonna be what you gonna get one of those crappy team the buffalo you go you're gonna make more money. Just want to let you know we really liked you edit everything is a lot kick anyone's while directory tree so you don't like already please we we notice that talent for the beginning you should sign with us XYZ university because we noticed too when you're in the race. Ought to start to get you filled up. And and it's that most of the guys it's tiny stretchers some just tech Texas pointed out like this is Seattle based who did this almost first didn't think with the whole Flynn Russell Wilson thing. They keep the Becket mass clinic crap load of cash years ago and right there on out Russ Wilson. You know I mean you could say Washington did it when they drafted RG three and came back in the third round draft to Kirk cousins or fourth round usually they're elected they're investing so much. Asset and resource is in that position. With a give a guy eighteen million and drafted the Q a month later who's gonna actually start hopefully. So he's doing that but they're not gonna do that. I assigned Sam Bradford and turnaround have AJ McCarron as well. The Abbott you don't do that it. Amy AJ McCarron wants to be a player in this league if he can't come to the patriots go to buffalo nobody would pick or both of lets you figure legit shot. I'll probably go to go to Tampa I believe AJ McCarron to outplay and beat out he resisted but he thinks it would rather sign a kid at a college compete with Winston. Or sign a high price 1617 the eagle quarterback law and with it once is still on rookie deal also solid to pay him a truckload of money. So that would work you would you could still draster guide a third round did cut demons Winston and keep AJ McCarron as a quarterback. I don't know I just what what what are the best likelihood for me to start. Buffalo all right got it that's my job OK it's not and it's your job to lose. It sure jocks if this story is true could be that the patriots just seizing on an opportunity were for AJ McCarron it's bad time. As Lucent lot of teams have their quarterbacks and the other teams or looking to draft a young quarterback. So there are done going out and getting the veteran that big back up guy that might be able to start. So now he's had very few opportunities out of you guys saw the story out of out of Miami. A last night that. Had a lot to do with the situation with with Danny Amendola that Ndamukong Suh. Might there might be interest in New England for Ndamukong so that that may be a an issue I think that showed entry to carry that and you would think so what would it surprise you at all. The patriots just threw out again kicking the tires in mobile offer for Ndamukong Suh. Yeah it's I just think what's of the talk of the Duncan who come into England and did. When you give up a third round pick get a fifth Mac issue but for gaining Shelton. That's not hate him. Don't write with but I do what you Trace for the skewed Shelton in Cleveland. Do you sit and say OK you know which try to clog up some some of the little tiny holes that we got some big ones the bedecked clogged up that hole. Defensive tackle. They got f.s are looking elsewhere right now reticent to saint using a third round pick an asset to go get Shelton and jobless spending money on dumb can still and sweet we can now. Stop the run yeah we also we also saw them lashed your load up and we thought they were loading up on that the front seven. And we found out through injuries guys that didn't go work out for them that suddenly that was a big hole and it may be looking and saying we need a lot of help. And it from seven and we can't guarantee that anybody any of those guys are going to be healthy. Next year so they may overload at that position right now Lucas that's the biggest poll. This team as we talk all we want about the loss of Malcolm Butler they'll be able to feel window be able feel women a lot of response receiver. It Malcolm Mitchell comes back next year they can fill in some some there. I think the front seven right now defensible. Is really a major problem. Major props I would did you focus when it's a lot of free agency a lot of spoke with the patriots more stuff popping up where does they shouldered go now. Does he stay here or does he give the patriots don't dump this guy a lot of football today at six wants 7797. And three cent. Keep up with the show on Twitter back OM app on WEEI. Before during and after the show O clock. Let's get you back to more afford weight room loading and 48 right now plus Sports Radio. Wherever the single is Roger we'll find that he will be needed. I think what you eat ram does he gives in the dimension in middle feel that they haven't had that thought they had it. But what felt better when they got hit but that didn't happen so I think this will help open up the other guys I thought they some young receivers to keep and I'll feel Marty he should've done would be blocking it that far enough. I was a big block and take the way through I. And New England Patriots you want. We have that's going to present right now who really has fallen to thirty yet again that's. What does that mean yes exactly what I'll allow you at least you see the headline three years thirty million dollars. He gets 330 million dollars there's there's a clause in there it is something in there noticing guaranteed money people. The noticed what they do you know people get it and I sort less than a pretty people get home god they got Jimmy Graham. But they also let Jordy Nelson go aground and he looked a step older last season are demur here today injury yep he looked old. But it's the guy you probably would say give if you the New England Patriots he's what 323301. K ties but not giving him a awful solid coming up she's. He was out to visit in his first visit Oakland so that's never good right. A good team going to open it is to get something out of Crabtree of countries out they get rid of them. Maybe replace them I think he's familiar with the wide receivers coach out there but yeah that's a guy that. You definitely have bring him I never thought to shoot it ourselves right that I'm what are these I think he's a risk right now did you bring imagery to dole money. But he got done plus there's a little known on this year when he got out of Miami girl. Keeping Ehrlich there'd been talk about an hour of the people say you know you he can tickle for him a goalie doesn't play the slot. Love he did you know two years ago when club gonna hurt me blue law he didn't have Cobb went down he actually played the slot the coaches who have an article. To Julio and play in the slot to Nelson does he get and that's when he was outstanding. And they just. Did decide between you cop annual young player which is obvious from seeing see guys I played. Sloppy yet I heard that all do and let's just say he doesn't have the player I mean because the way they were on the wrong with a lot of spread looks and with with and you can sit there and say cooks is still going to be. Exit Aziz. Guard element is still on the slots he's H and yes. And you have to go wrong to be in the wise and then you have no Nelson on the other side having you can you can attach strong you can spread him out. They use some back in the backfield so he doesn't he's. This room from what what struck me as crazy it was just how much love and affection Jordy Nelson has locally. But when the world was that he was released like I couldn't stop reading tweets about get a get a get a get them that's our guy that's our guy that's are happy guys now why why. Yet on the got to tell you why because he's been named guy. And if you go back to a three years ago is he was a terrific player that he had the injury last series seems slower still has great hands but. He's gonna get down field I think I might agree they let let him go because he's not dependable right now. To remote in your life with an end and the fact that he slowly ease slowing down. Mean joining us and slowed down because they're rush got hurt. You drugs you pretty damn good you know before. That Rodgers went down and all of a sudden it's just that. That was the connection Armenian Rogers all of a sudden targets went down the other guys would Withrow and they were throwing deep to this guy and also. I'm Heidi can't factories slowing down probably getting older. But just look at his numbers last year. Look at them when new without Roger. Have you think about that battled back shoulder sideline throw out the Dodgers and also tell you what that's. To me it's more. 4040%. Of the snaps something like something in that ranger. Third down you know second now specialists reds on specialists. That had a situation just like just like Danny Amendola canals that guy I agree with you obviously he's he sees slow down but. He sold clots as far as making the tough catch that to me is more important than anything else. You wanna get New England Patriots fans really has no sign him on even rational border reporting that Nate soldier is signing with the giants. Really don't breaking news again. Mean not a surprise no. Let us know when it thinking that soldiers gone they they can't pay him. Dion Lewis is gone all these guys are priced themselves Malcolm publisher Sally come back. So this doesn't surprise me is that a whole shore. I hired by he reached I would say that you of this is that the biggest thing that you know more than have to bring back solar computer. Whatever they gonna do and get more pressing back the Brinks truck right given whatever he wants but. I just now is at risk are you guys 41 years old. Minute got a phone Joseph Thomas a quick note that don't retire well especially if released you can be for a year through two at the playoffs look like. If they get Joseph Thomas replaced Neitzel for two years I'm fine. I'm fine with that it's a slow down a little bit. Well apparently never going to be the last franchise. Even eat out he even Donta hightower. They drafted him they develop them. He was a free agent heated maxed out. I didn't act that nobody bounces out with the patrons nobody. It doesn't happen there they don't Max out their own players they and a may be maxed out somewhere else nobody hi tell his biggest problem was. That he couldn't get the big bucks somewhere else he can get off what that was a lot to pick up that offer he would have been gone he did not get. So we came back here. At the dollars to the New England Patriots. We're throwing in yeah and it's it will they will end up replacing hand and I think everyone will be like RAI. In CS still think the biggest problem if your Bill Belichick you're looking at this. And saying would you like to have had makes older yeah. But if you are gonna end up with the giants or end up paying him 1415. Million dollars. And that's money that you can't use on the defensive side of the ball. That's what you have to fix up what why did the patriots when Super Bowl this past year they got the Super Bowl all right the second one because of the defense that gave up 41 points. So I understand that part of it and there's no question the defense has to improve but you also can't hurt your strength. Your if your your strength is that the defense to improve that much to with a gonna be Minnesota next year or Jacksonville next year you still gonna need to let you always needed. Tom Brady to bail your ass out of so you know you have to make sure your strength remains a strength. But he plays on the offense and if I'm going with a less. Of a player at left tackle I believe Tom Brady can help bail me out. Tom Brady can't bail me out every single game if my defense if a defense falters because Tom Brady couldn't that the super moral bit of a 500 yards he scored 33 points up on the board of the profits get. And they lost. I can get it won't as a balance Glenn our defense improved and I'm getting sacked in my blind side is a left tackle socks that we can't run the ball derided the young Lewis and on third down out of somebody make that great catch anymore like you do with David cola. Also not your offense isn't as great as it once was now. I'm not saying this guy's fault. Is gonna go on a running back that's gonna beat you do the things the deal Lewis doesn't want to be shocked at how they find these guys. They're gonna replace image dole whether Richard Mitchell maybe even Kenny Britt comes up and so with the left tackle one is a concern. It has to be concerned they have to go find somebody temperature. If you talked about without until but it it and I agree with your balance point but you've got to take it from somewhere. They're only playing with 2223. Million dollar this year and that got some things to do and apparently. Pretty hasn't. But he did they have been able to work to deal with Brady to free up some of that cap money that 42 million that's on the books for real. Let's get to the phone calls here mats stuck on the cape payment. Say boy I. I'm. You know over the we don't know that not Butler it'll be there they are in shock that ER. I in I owned by the fact. Mike Vrabel is they're coach. And what do you think. That he wouldn't put a call and it built built Jack about this all suitable stated in my area network how many are router aren't the big Mario to. Yeah bite it really ought. I don't know I thought about it I'll already. To walk walk through again though it wouldn't think anything bill if if that it happened when he bill said though some might say is a good player to screwed up wasn't played as a good time. Why did he go there five years 61000030. Guaranteed it's it was built like it was bill said the Vrabel. We were playing in a situation where we were really fearful cause we had holes and our defense of four. We were fearful of the running game especially when we're playing sub packages. So we played like we play with a much safety gonna be really into court really don't think I don't even try and that's doable on the I'll get whatever be able to explain but let's say I I agree on highway 98 and does that have done all year every game's a big game. Every year every single game is gonna worry about the running game every single game could be tackling game bottom line is the two best players out there and he did so what. What I'm trying to deploy to try to get to Lou is that the one thing I would be concerned with if I'm able. But it now playing in answerable. Is there was a discipline issue while officials about let me just finish so supposed bill came back to them and he called them cynic you know I just want to ask in Holland. I know Unita bring him back anyway. You know was there really something that was there at that that significant thing that happened of this but the bills adopt this was a a football issue a game plan issue we simply were playing. Big in the secondary because we were fearful of the run in sub packages if that was a that a thumb frivolous at all OK so you tell me there was no issue no issue whatsoever has also. His knowledge of your dribble who you know these. Politics of the only guy he knows. That if you're rate we call Matt Patricia. But it was his position on yeah it was rumored to be adjusted in butler's well that didn't happen on blown to saint call Patricia today what the hell happened with Malcolm and bill. Maybe get the right answer but okay fired excellent Houston to visit call patrician bill. But the only thing I would be worried about. If I was very humbled by him not play because on the coach doubt and say I'm gonna put it in the best position to win that's my job as a coach the only thing I would be concerned about. Is discipline action so I'd say it if anything with this proves that gives sunny with a mistake. So disciplinary action here and doing them wrong this was a football issued this was a game plan issue. So I and that and I believe that after we had every single different scenario known to man don't you kind of worked out. Saint Nazi so it was a disciplinary issue but he still couldn't be one of the two corners even though they reported their situation is that anything is literally telling you tell me Eric Roosevelt and its heart it never gets hard to believe. Because. It's not believable but it is our public good deals done stuff like this before where we're been shocked that a certain player. He's not getting certain playing time we eat eat this there's been issues not maybe to this extent where guy doesn't get a single. You know whatever it was what if there was discipline what do patrician to over able elicit those two just but it had some. One bill was bull crap Adam. It on the offseason for not taken to deal. It like on the or just dogging him we went from being loved them than I do like him at all. And the littlest things are set not peel and builds up instead of you know what he did do this he did this when he missed the plane and bill just normally. Bill what that problem deputy hated the kit. It just got sour on the kidney benched him but listen he's a good care trust me he just made a little mistake it's a relationship that. Other cities are targets civilians in Libya into elbow is not apologetic Dell Neitzel has agreed to a proposal for your contract. And I know you are already heard over and join Al Pacino doing television revenue or does that expected in Andy indignant terms well here's. Security says the source says sold with the highest paid tackle in the league I would say money will be ridiculous things for me and I'm sorry. I liked player not paid 151415. Million dollars I don't want to player but how many times did we city on a Monday same manner. Sold it without penalty that was a killer so all the guy got around them on that key third down situation how many times did we say it during the course of the season. You're not gonna go out and paid that guy. To be the highest paid left tackle in the league. Nice player I like a I think it's it's of all these players he's the biggest loss because he's the toughest guy to replace. But that money doesn't make any sense I six point 77797. And three cents to. In the mid day with Bo van and a sport waive our loan in 48 months Sports Radio. Support in what forty out for a song sold are expected to head the giants. Yeah a huge get for the New York Giants and new coach pat charmer and of course everyone knows they get on and logs. His offensive linemen and they secured. Probably the best offensive lineman on the market expected. To be a huge deal. He now former. Blind side protector report Tom Brady. And this was a real battle this was New England Patriots waiting on shoulder wanting to have the opportunity to speak with him to Houston Texans. Good John adult law and make sure that to Shawn Watson they're young franchise quarterback was protected. In the end it is the giant with a huge splash in free agency made shoulder expected decides yeah. That kind of a stretch a good guess but you're paying him. As the highest paid tackle in the game. That's where deregulation deaths why that's timing. Is not the best tackle in the league which showed that if middle middle middle somewhere. Obviously this 32. Start in left tackle Lulu was he twelve to sixteen and a 1012 yen down. But timing I Spain team that desperately needs. Help on the offensive line it is nothing works nothing war last year for them. So they went nuts. Now what do you do. Well what do pages do Joseph Thomas. A sign that one on I would absolutely go German defenses that don't look at all the yeah I mean to welcome mark is can you can move markets Canada over the listeners to play every other decisions are right when everybody should resign him. You could cite tariff on down would exhibit a decent job we know that bill and if you so adamant Obama blogging I guess their practice all I while what are your expectations at right tackle like think about all the right taxi came through New England Patriots organization. I mean honestly Tom Ashworth my body former tide and just like makes older than okay only he played right tackle but look at the right tackle position overall. Branding Goran I think is another guy Tom Ashworth and trying to think all the different guide those aren't. You know. Transcending players those are guys. Those exit those guys right consisting guys know to do it their overly overwhelm people. You could trust them for the most part but did I get paid big dollars wait for the first car we got Dante Scarnecchia he'll figure it out online for that called cup does it just. Much money is peace deal between the players in the teens there is not enough money you mean there's not enough information and gentlemen. To answer the fundamental question how much are keen to actually paying the players. He gets to that information available up. If you're Robert Kraft if you Bill Belichick. Or yes. Christian if you don't need gain you know how much money they're paying the players but we don't. What I don't understand why is that wouldn't why do you say that because we've all he doesn't a contract we know signing bonuses note the base salary is not the incentives all our. But you don't know will make in terms what. Yeah we do I the incentives are they say they came to the table creation might go Lou I called them might help. If it probably will explain didn't should yeah should call themselves good. Well we know you you'll hear catch all architecture street we know here is you know you have. Good luck I'll. Out of the NFL experience for not in the NFL game explain it to you. The regular AM. Arnold you are thrown these cleared under the pipes with such regularity gotten us. He's John how do you what what the NFL PA say to you. And you call them manipulate spent their time to talk to you. Will be only people that really know how much the owners are paying the players are the owners Bill Belichick would know what our case in the super agents like donkey. We don't know the country have the money to pay for example Jimmy grapple in Tom Brady. Robert crashed knows what you guys don't but you talk like you do. You don't. It. I think and oh yeah John I like I have no idea where you're going from wheat we do now. What we do. What you read what's your basic oil hold on hold on if you think you manipulate the cap in real Casper is capped at the OK that's fine that we know how much real money these guys yet. Real money we don't get after eight days ago you don't. Okay John mommy did it just jump on the it is. They sold there. Four year deal worth 62 million dollars. Or 35 that that is guaranteed he's now the highest paid offensive lineman. In the National Football League coated in Rappaport a you tell me that rob what's lying about that. Don't you want your fingers are big difference between what he's scared can do what Tom. I thought I am definitely guarantee 62 million is a phony number jockey nor does not meet my. Really it's just guarantee. Not listening we we we talk about how his phony contracts we talk about what the real money is all this time and it's in front of us week everybody can see it. And he called the NFL PA to get an explanation of Christian earlier in the program said the only contract that is real when you're looking at the money is Kirk cousins. NATO. As well Democrat is containing illegal 0:0 AM sombre feel to it but you don't know I don't know I we. We do now because if you add a whole lot of hold on if you add up the number to Tom Brady is cap number is scared to anybody else. Ed 22 million and then you add the 23 point two million we know that that's what they would have had to do. If they put the franchise tag on grappled that you could look at what the number would be. And luge track. Could you didn't. Yes you could. But then you would have a lot of holes out here in the field and you and other fans will be calling up. Eight games into the season when they're foreign force saying why did they go Jimmy go apple all of that we have this just noticed it on the sidelines of the friction. They had this thing called a Google machine and which you do is you go globe with the contract. And it tells you what the real salary is. Bonuses real cash vs gap hit. Mick I mean it's on a given number of open up the computer off I think it's called in if OP to find that out I think he's wealthy humans he was ambitious. I think he was trying to get to the point. Of and we hear like 62 million dollars for Nate Silver it doesn't mean anything no kitten the epic the wreck but everybody knows that except that guy but these are called in a appear to get it but so sold or four years 6215. Point five million a year so here's what we know 62 million dollars is to figure they give for the total contract for four years 62 million dollars means nothing. Four years means nothing. 'cause it's not guaranteed and therefore they can cut him before that. The soybeans guarantee is 35. Million delegates through your charity yet. So what happens is would you giving big bonus money up front the one thing it does do for a player you tell me up from wrong with the Christian. Is it. It really gives the player a little bit more time and a contract because there's so much dead money at the end. If I try to cut him early in the in the timeframe of the contract. Yeah yeah it just in the fair reference side's going back so Mac Leo. Signed a does that Dumars sent 375. Year 55 million dollar contract. With the Carolina Panthers. Including twelve in the dollar sign both 31 million dollars guaranteed. So I mean it's. This is this is I know you say what you want about Neitzel older. He's a good player. Is he a hall of Famer no he isn't 555 a derivative or six I did but still let him answer I just look at their the united be guaranteed money he got 31 Mac include a 31 Neitzel got 35 and it's a year later so as more money matters more money to pay CNET because that is not a million dollar social media so you'd figure that also also magically it was all the problem if he's getting paid. The years is a different obviously. But as far as like what you're getting paid. It's about right so I mean again. We watched all of Neitzel who's games and watch every single game he's played in right. You wish she was like it is dominating guy but he's consistent you trust them to protect Eli Manning bowl level there is a great he plays a great guy. I'm he's never gonna get ally you're gonna go look at this guy say look look look how he conducts his business everybody. Now the highest paid offensive lineman in the National Football League and that's the reason he's not with the New England Patriots I think they like until. Here's says Stephen Miami wants to talk about Neitzel to go ahead Steve. I'm good after a good morning I don't. Contains one insisting that most of the major freeagent. Pictures slot this year. We're on the offensive side I think and we all have to believe of course would have great that we can. You know which stand. In the past week lost in that even though it straight champ car jumps. Who really haven't places to pass rusher. And it. The one out of little slate pick Tom Brady missed the most so we have seen in concert. Be the next man up as they'll say is certainly still but of your question mark. Which these regions on that doesn't do anything to our cap right because it looks basically taken out there. Books and it is correct we're OK and the other thing I want to just mention is that. Is going to be quite interest in I mean in the past. We. Sort of fair game. Go to their travels I mean it's open now I mean is there a couple of left tackle is there Sankoh. Not all that did they could get it let's see if you don't think they they they all others family. They've got a plan B they've got a plan C plan B maybe Joseph towns plan C might be Marcus cannon noted that's another little shocking. I none of this and did they do all of this was coming. Mean that the patriots have been pretty good organization over the last eighteen years maybe the best and in all of the national foot widely drafted two tackles and that's where thankful that arsenic rat him last year. And they used on two tackles and two defensive ends we know why they use and defensive ends we could see that last year and now we know why they're using it and tackles and the they missed. It's a bad luck with his kid Garcia with a blood clot right so. And that's why they have had spent more capital on a tackle here we met like it was a second round pick on me yes though eighty cent a second round pick was a star. We use in the show's worst in this yesterday you might seem a little bit who knows you may see left tackles dropping in this year's draft. When you look at the board right now there might be some usually there up at the top of the draft the seems to be year in which you're gonna be able to find one where their draft. I 61777. On 7937. Makes shoulder gone to the New York Giants. It continues. Here as we say in the promo of the dismantling. Of the New England Patriots will get the more your phone calls your reaction it.