OMF - National pundits are doing all they can to make the Gronkowski punishment a race issue, 12-6-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, December 6th

Hour 1: Glenn, Lou, and Christian discuss the view of many national pundits that Rob Gronkowski is being shown favoritsim simply because he is white.  Unfortunately, the race discussion is only an issue because the NFL screwed up the punishments for Juju Smith-Schuster and George Iloka following the outcry of the fans in reaction to the Gronk hit.  Ray Lewis and Marcellus Wiley's comments on the hit are two examples of media pundits; one who understands the play as it is and one who thinks it's a race and a "Patriots" issue.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and fortieth wait what do what do you think the bias in the bias is one you're patriots. True if you're white player. Three you have this laughable loveable image. That it has not been dealt with this why did you guys committed in this moment because I want his likeable doesn't mean that that doesn't deserve a greater suspension with. When Lou and Christians those awful whose cheap did you talk betrayal was dirty I have Jason said a whole who warned the whole who want grounds for sure I mean if the exact tick. The whole who want him I thought they shouldn't jump him. I'm would've thought about it how it patting myself on the back you'd lose them you understand if you notice I'm at home. My grandmother statement. I do. Eat breakfast I apologize what do you handling it and believe it back I got beat everybody. On Sports Radio WEEI yeah. Had a whole load I don't know what. I suppose yeah. You just full load Lana you did say these users actually jumped on that I think that's exactly what that says you should come on mentality you know when we get to the game on like crazy this week though. Oh hole good one. There are currently living in that note would don't want right now is that accurate it. Just. To Blake about life. Ryan Clark does mean this I guess he's he's got a good information so I know they're giving a lot of the you know he's put it all out there's so. This is this big I think this makes it a lot different now who who won him the whole load want them sold. With a give him and how do they get on. And it now we're all going to be looking for the rest are going to be looking for it. So it's late hits it's it's I take what the biggest issue is he to catch a ball legal right attorneys to the buffalo would. I'm assuming it is a public got to be the buffalo wild because her failure of the village where the Pittsburgh is a little jets around. Well it means is different neighborhoods that you don't need delicately and the other unit ready going through a West Hollywood it well you know isolated. Some some point in their probably live and I are your blood that's not a Hollywood odds did totally different place yeah I did this to me not surprised at all you. You surprised and on a nuns always talk to bloggers. They're concerned and I only hope that there retaliation is like you know pushing shutdown. You know whatever throw punches his helmet to some stupid. Right not just. Dollar hit any they're gonna do with the legal way which is going at him low. When he catches a pass there's not going to be any high hits everybody's gonna go at his knees which is completely legal. And don't give me the whole. You know unwritten code bull crap all right it's legal. His knees are going to be a big giant target his ankles big giant target. They usually are goblet I actually are does I think they'll there's always a little bit because we don't that's a lot of guys don't still like to do it. Because there isn't the same mentality that that debt associated with it bras Bobby years. He's on you don't you don't want guys rather be hit in the head didn't you rather be hit in the knees but what their needs being taken out. So no I think it is a definite okay here's the thought of the day we're going. On is that it's it's on its its football country exports in the man's game OK yes it is. But people don't like I went out there alone out there but they're playing I know exactly thank you plan to make it really it's we also a soft game but it. Is that how big of a concern would that be if the whole hood on him. They are going to play buffalo you change your game plan no I mean do you not cool and as much because we saw. Was it was last year the year before. That would draw came back from injury and you you did ever seen a solid middle field. Imus yet what you are familiar with the northeast saw was on the outside and come back from injury it was like it was into the year you administered three weeks straight. We don't still seam route from ground is not mil to feel they spread them outside things on the sidelines is a kind of protecting him from contact. You do something like that against buffalo as stupid. As it sounds because it is football you do it now you've got a goal in mind they don't. And if they target your big Fella. You don't do any note. I don't think you you you put him on the sidelines I don't think you do any of that because if you take grown. Out of that offense to meet what you're doing is you're jeopardizing number twelve. Because he does not have that I'll let you can't depend on going down. Jacob how posters can't depend on any of those guys so the one guy you could depend on to move the chains and to take Brady out of pressure specially with the bullets. Is to go to that guy eighties you put Brady can't change out you do what you do. You do what you do when you hope that though don't get. All of this that room but I don't people who want ground is. I doesn't think that as it's applied so. Cross the big bad bully. You're gonna make up you're gonna make a point. To retaliate and get him back OK so we we've seen that before we see people go laughter before. A good idea. We're too good to have a good idea did you think the whole look again. At it gonna take more than just the whole. Oh I think it's an even more don't trust anybody can be gotten through. Go back some signs of how guarantee that line as ironic as that happened but I. I was on every day now my question would be you know in a division same scenario. Is a whole hood after Mike Evans. Think this Lou giving these alike can easily what he's he's big he's big white boy so this is what different scenario this little white guy. In a black guy when his back with term Lou and it becomes a race issue. That's that your missing it the rest of you are black guys vs black guy's last name an earlier deal New Orleans is at Tampa. So loses is the way Google get liquor. And Algeria have cast their hoods so what you're basically says is that you I have. Have you heard anything up about you mean there's so so what about Tom AJ green is is a hood after AJ green. For what he did I believe so. I Oca and in Cincinnati Hutton that hood is definitely a plus that hood the I did call him dad that's exactly right Clarkson would hold Michael ended. So Pamela what do I did yeah I could find an album worried about retaliation yet have worried of those Google after I hit a decision that would you say that in a good. A real problem and lose or I get a real problem with the whole thing is is plain out specially after. We have learned in the last half hour of the program due to suspensions. That were probably at least in my opinion. An over reaction. But everybody still talking about Guam they don't think grown up enough so this is Ryan Clark which show idea what was he doing it was the right racial words Russo. So Angel right rituals and worship and rest and I'll rely Hello World fellow Arizona guy solidarity shares their rightful those all of. Will we see did you talk as the jury was dirty I have right guy have a say they say sithole who warn him. No I mean the whole who want ground for sure the mean as the exact takes the whole who wanted to see him. Only color that look like belatedly turning into prison trail okay I we go oh OK I like are imprisoned to go to LA the one guy you find out you know items that god is this guy squealing got to go get them. The only that we regard to the yardage is like you appreciate you'll like it just falls down like that's what it feels like so he's a marked man the eye that the rob. Bloom is is there and we said this you before the suspensions came out I didn't feel with the guys they've only got. Storage I know I don't know god first off I think that's the most outrageous hit. And it did they give a suspension took that one there because I know they wanna get that hit out of the game and indeed this is there their next step by. That it still goes on maybe as much as in the past but on a weekly basis you have wide issues come across the middle in his flags thrown because it's helmet to helmet. Multiple the half a dozen if not 1012 times and in a weekend. You'll see that flag sitting at his suspension on that is ridiculous I don't think Shuster should go to suspension. But the problem is that. People keep saying it's ridiculous. That Glock out one. And these two guys don't confident they are doing what they are and how would agree. But it's not because drug cut off easy is because they screwed up these other two suspensions they endorsed you guys should have been fine. They never should get suspended. And because they got a game. Now the argument is how can bronco to give wants outlook and it crawled and look at the fact that they screwed up the other two because neither one of those guys should have been suspended. So here's what the NFL has done and they have created this environment because all your last night. Was exactly what you just said why didn't ground get. 234. Games suspended for the rest of the season so here's what delete it. The league suddenly decided over the weekend. In this game on Monday night. Probably because it happen to be Pittsburgh and Cincinnati and at AD reaction after the grown kit on Sunday. They're moving the goal post right now they're changing the world suddenly it's it's a helmet to helmet hit in the past what it's spent is a heavy fine right. Now suddenly Lou it's a suspension in the probably guessed this precedent Monday night they skidded right so every time. We have a helmet to helmet hit and many of them. Are not done intentionally. Just have to. Feed of the game right a wide receiver comes across the middle. And maybe the target is the jets and the judge used to be catch it what does he do falsely grandpa. Now that target just moved from the chest because the player moved correct those and it's just that helmet announce it now. So yeah that play happens. I mean too much in the league again it but it is it's the speed of the game you gonna suspend guys confidence yet they have to Linda. I have to what are all I have to go to Obama and the authorities local law if these two teams on Monday that it's an eagle. And it. These accent and I did see that I have to I think the league has changed at the the ruling here they are going to deal with it now. Now with suspensions. With helmet to helmet and it's got everything to do with an overreaction of the raid. So the college rules and high school rules are different. The college rules if you get flak for targeting penalty which is what I'd Loko and got right you gotta targeted penalties. The out of magically get ejected from the game it goes to review if its review shows that there is you know head to head contact and isn't much different variables to that. Based on where your head hit but it they ruled that it's targeting. You geek kicked out ejected right in there then that ejection based on what you got that penalty bleeds into the next game so you could possibly miss. The remaining part of the game you're playing in that you got reject a prompt and the next games last thing your shadow that's who had a first seven the next little to slow this thing consistent with the timeframe of how much you should listen to get so it doesn't matter whether it doesn't matter see that's that's that I hate to rule. Because it is you lose a guy or you don't need to just yet doctor right away even though it's an accident doesn't matter. It doesn't matter in our big eight UK if you get a target penalty you're out so there is no gray area there is no greater U bloggers debated is that. And that's really what you want in my opinion in and indeed they re doing it they review it they go over it. And that the ones that are gray they're the ones that you're not sure of they get ejected so they err on the side of caution and it looks closely at ridiculous isn't like titles in the runner. You kick him out and he gets ejected that's the rule that they should adopt. That will stop. But the majority of those head to head contact plays because guys will know. Hey it's all I got to the penalty I do get a final edit it in your mind and expect but I stayed in the game. Eject him out of the game right away that's. In Italy and the next game who met Macedonia she's our game. I know right knee and you win. Well I mean any get two weeks talking about how social can't play the second set and a half hour but a high school putt but I hate that late. If it's something that the lack of the NFL lacks and it's consistency at least. But yet DiFelice in mass and once again with throwing darts. At. You see you again then you write you set a precedent. We still got four more weeks before the regular season. Do you think it's gonna be another hit like a local put on Antonio Brown the plea is not want. I'm on any to any rumors that they get four more games is going to be fifteen to twenty of those types in its apps allowing Kennedy spent all of. Have you even when you don't know consultants and even the Shuster hit it looked at it again and like OK he was. Borderline defense I was on my part by it was a borderline lying to the legal if my act act and I agreed to put that together. And it's vicious because. This is it it looked really bad. And does so you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna punish more based on the result. That's why. Like these though a lot of the penalties that you get defensive players when he hit the quarterback they usually get it it hit looks really bad even if it's legal you getting the flag. Well I can hit tumbled on oh yeah hit really hard to well I mean but it's still legal amount of flak. On it that's that's a reaction now I think of referees. Is that it is a very violent game there's no question but you'll be some hits -- at wal. And violence vicious hit. In their first instincts both like you thought I could eat like it they try to figure out of the penalty not only got those of us it's gotta be account yes myself that's it's a question about the plays it that's legal conflict as. But it's likely it did in hockey. It's like this unwritten rule right like it if this guy. If it if you have a choice whether to end this guy's career they don't want you take that choice they'd they don't want you don't listen. We know he's defenseless and let that we know the quarterback is fair game after interception. We know he'd pretty much can't can't depend so against the bigger person so we want to touch the quarterback. So the court doesn't it sets and he's going to make a tackle. Don't watch enough and how they just did is what the does that set a screen. So because if you didn't hit him legally. I guarantee EU the European this there's this much criticism and attack on you got to attack couple little little core backed. But what I'm you can hit a quarterback legally. Accurate throws in his seventh and he's like usually running around. Like all the guys that last year. And at and re. Interception. And David. Reagan I'd like you what he just they just yeah it's like that you know and it. Would. And it. Is. The mineral dikes and the deal is like the middle game and actually he's trying to cross the street no these cars comes out of it's like you would steer him. It wouldn't it but he was a narrative line. The narrative was instead of looking at the two suspensions the league made yesterday an overreaction by the league they're scared to death. That they're going to lose viewers because oh my god this was all horrible light of football. What the narrative has become as YouTube and he's just one game suspension crushing it three or four game suspension and most of it most of it not all of it. Most of that is being based on race. I mean that unfortunately some are did you describe for only a shadow league JR. Campbell I believe I'll leave Lebanon money aired over the Panama so we have a good one hour we whereas a guy on today. He's on his people yoga during the eleventh hour now wait you starting on this morning so well we can't do it twice with them again if you want. He's electric. Hold on loan Ito did you know in the studio yesterday and as we get this to arguable I did when you wanna know what so 113 and GT eight and two under the agency that in order and yeah she's been on Twitter as well you know I didn't yeah through. So he's not going to be an assurance that again the senate was not at a shell. We lost out to the morning Jim alienated people are so it don't need it upon maybe didn't ask enough questions I mean Kirk was irritable today apparently had been a rough night that the globe these. Maybe it's just the proper questions let's get down 1130. Are you. Now you know I have I actually heard and this is actually hurt. Or does that you didn't remember you wrote in an interview this morning elevating him I think it's first time of the day you know you want real hero to try to key thing from a different. Radio stations they've heard a radio station that you think what you eat high tellem with the Spanish stations at a sports this year but we will speak English Daily Mail puppet accidents hasn't missed actually it's got a daughter saw. Unlucky on us we try to do that we need to get that done before reduce the department actually. If this guy he was to be on the air again that's part let's have a month seriously it was because he was pathetically bad I don't know if I mean it's like he handles hole. I mean it's a tough is it really is Galarraga a husky sheltered by the privilege of Glock being ground. I mean it's you know. White privilege of the white privilege paragraph after parity said that it wasn't about race is like including race and his thought that was the most uncomfortable one of the most uncomfortable and comes out of her. Because I would just rattle off about three words that wouldn't see anything can relate. Okay. I mean it'll he couldn't speak. He could not condone indicate who stone hit space would not want anyone why don't I had no matter. Or court because they. Yeah. That doesn't exit sign light regarded as late in the target alone. Education to a head coaching job to opt out he it would exit not in the when he hired the unit that it like you know we get the credit. You know he produces you know what it means he can't handle people article also black the black then well. Mold out of market activity they are partly mortar I'd be more want to. Never know because the message can't be that it did it it. The play could not. It attacked the art and yet go to. So you don't. And I honestly don't think I'd edit all the words together that's more than I heard him in any Intel's ever you say you're you're gonna give him a Mulligan because I feel like -- -- -- of the second operative that he got a bet it was too early currently Yemeni you know you know makes it about hallway one day you know you love me allegedly yeah allegedly tail between Italy and alcohol because that's what we're just out out out like do you constantly mentioned in this that quote is one. You know I'm wrong has been living the life of the rich. Uninhibited and like Americans superstar then he goes he's the crazy white boy. Who parties parties can we can we do wish that wasn't about where you can send you understand you on this. Like. To. Apologize what do you have. On its. It is a more credibility and things that money you can Monday salesman having breakfast. And getting ready to smoke add that to me gives you more credibility with you thank you don't say that you. The comparison. That. People are trying to use is as the QLU on that float during Mardi Gras so. Change that change the picture caucus on that float. And he keeps grabbing some girl's breasts or she's trying to peak for sure outsource it and expose her breast she gets some beads. You're telling me. What are bashing to have a lot of we're nationality of it none of the reason why he's beloved. It's because he doesn't do that for Christian because he can have a good plan he can have a blast and he isn't assaulting any. Pressure 69 joking and giggle I've had after it what does and does it do you think he took heat after of these Super Bowl loss when he was up there. Dancing on stage of the Internet with an injury and missed a game he's a crowded dance music game at a party here that he's from his own people here and I want people idolize the laundry usually making excuses for their athletes on a daily basis. They were all over him to people follow that but last night nationally as if he'd play in this they all hate the patriots the only patriots. But I can't say it's true. It's all about the patriot is Cologne if it's all about world commodity it's six. Yeah and in notes featured a patriots is a question as one of the best tight ends in football. And if not the best with what he's healthy he is soul. You know you happen to have the best and in football on the best quarterback in football so. Foster these stories from the center these guys. They going to be. Actually going to be critical that they don't like cure organization they hate your team. They don't like quarterback. You know and they don't like you tied and they think everything's act. Rights and and of course again worlds collide then it's a white thing away it's a black thing in which is just. Just ridiculous physical Baxter and even driving home yes they are still thinking about lake will board. I just he's back today at every tomorrow afternoon and had to sit there and mention that wrong. Like I hit a black guy on the ground that has to tell me the guy I was by. You know it's just it's not Rihanna and beyond that especially him. It's it's pathetic and he'd always gonna come on. And he's gonna try to think we animal what time of the controversial stuff is it but I you know agencies things need to. To sort of brushing off a thrill you as its rust off what is no big deal I don't want to say the odds. I don't I don't think I don't think race team in the play who like to say. I don't statement that he could you had a brush it off a sweep the rug was he this broke just say whatever we want we just say no accountability whatsoever. When you say you can't use as an excuse I just when you had stroke rates. Okay key suddenly come back and say. You know I just I was on the air we we were just park area and lower value at all. All you I don't know when you say sales are usually other accountable series starts but I don't know how to grow up thing. I don't know how the Tom Brady on the sideline will get to that. With with mcdaniels and he responded to it yesterday. I don't know how that's become he reached. You gotta be here. We age everything. Is about race now. Is it it really be how do you see any differently. No I but I don't understand where it's coming from. I you guys you guys tell me you guys tell me I believe. Just being around sports over the years of professional athletes. As far less racism. When you deal with professional sports and teams that you send there is in real society this used to be you miss a minute right now so maybe you were. That we live in everybody's season as late black. McDonough from. Well unfortunately too many people see everything. As white blocks which was your first thought when you see something happen indie game is. Well debt that happened because a black man all of this happened because he's a white man and every single thing now is turning in this. Everything you can have a discussion. I mean I really. It's him it's it's sad that every and and his people out there while respected people on TV let the will bought or even Steven there and he's done it before but. That's just keep with it does Gingrich keep bringing it up again to reaching it may be because it hasn't. You know maybe because they get another point maybe they get you know credit Ford maybe people Panama when you don't make my got a capacity united ballot five years ago that happen to McGraw got to pass because he's great player in his sleep. An elite doesn't want they're great players to sit out. Right Obi because he plays the patriots. And the bias the league is trying to take near the patrons at best team to help ratings they don't want of one of the best players on their team to miss it that was the discussion for five years ago. On why Garko one game. Now it's because he's white. It's unbelievable I'm gonna get to it and we'll get to they Daniel's response on the Tom Brady sidelined which is another war. That you see an awful lot in the national football like. We're coach and a player are going at south the first time it's happened would read it happened before with previous coaches. And we're get a big deal about it on TV because. That happens to be on a white guys and we're comparing it to what would happen with a black and honest and were recently pops and I'd 6177779. 37 and load them up we go to the phone calls to malignant. Christine for some people like him I support you're good either this pitcher is people talk to their current. And earlier was a small community battle when you're crazy or not politics the way looming in 48. There's this really highlights the implicit bias. This leads to what else he is trying to say. Is that an eagle level of punishment wait what do what do you think the bias is the virus is one you're patriot. Two true you're white player. Three. They do know you have this laughable lovable inmates that it has not been dealt with this crime that you guys committed in this moment so you can. But that cocktail together figure out what happened at that moment. But because coop is likeable doesn't mean it that doesn't deserve a greater this. So wrong Marcellus well. I'll pick it actually ongoing theme here guys and we talked about this yesterday if you've 75%. Of the players in the league. Are blocked them is a pretty good chance that the victim. In any one of these bits will be block right. So therefore you curious to assume that the you don't see here's the here's what they're missing the missing the real easy part of this blue you brought this up earlier. The fact is that he was suspended correctly in my in my opinion right. That that thing where they're getting Iran to start preparing to to Schuster mr. comparing it two I'd Boca right is that they were suspended also where the leaks screwed up. As usual. Is they find two guys that they shouldn't of justice based they suspect you guys that they should've suspended. Based on that just they're the criticism of the noise current from the drop situation so the mood changed the way changed direction. Lot of people chirping all over all of the nation talking about you know what he should get what he should he get. The Monday night game happens Thompson suspensions Tom the flags pizza will you but I also. Note Shuster should not have been suspended. He should not be missing the game because of that hit. I looked up. Based on what they've done in the past I don't think that's should have been no suspended five days a role overall find him find her for lack of judgment and Terry so we just as a that's what it is I'm sorry I'm glad but that's what it is yeah. Think the comparison they they go on the wrong road to make it compares to Wear and the putting on a focus on brought the big lovable or white. The real issue the real cause is the league's scoring enough for them again. Exactly why didn't and that's that's the problem that's what we are now talk about the world today feel like the climate. Has empowered all these guys. To bring race into it. Ellen NFL network and ESPN and fox. It's it's located do because everyone ends. New years ago I know is who is different but you know cap practical for Harbaugh every of the San Francisco took over Alex Smith. And I know as a black guy table for a white guy. But the discussion was you know how can you bench Alex Smith the team is whatever you know this is your record and well capped its got a higher ceiling but it makes no sense is out Smith makes all the right plays. Now it is everything is that the Peterman thing. They keep. A putting off McDermott ended Peter McDermott didn't. He didn't just make this move because he saw maybe saw something in impede a leader to weaken. In Tyrod Taylor as we saw this past week up close and personal has a certain ceiling can't take it may be where he wants to go that wasn't the decision to coach me. The decision to coach made. Coincidence the most people in this country political appearance spew this stuff is in a film power to is that he chose elect a black guy. He benched a black quarterback. Rather than talking about football reasons of baby Wyatt was why didn't make sense. This is just a crime or the influence of. Hour to talk about I agree with the climate we're in the Marcellus Wiley just said what a lot of these. Black commentators just fly right you want your patriot till 20 you're a white player rights all right sorry. Okay that somebody's got to bring this up finally. Bagel before this panel okay the league makes a decision. Are you telling me that that handle sits down and says a white guy got to them off easy. Is that we're talking about it sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit of it would Eddie Murphy that's what it sounds of it does all the talking about a year. That's what they do. Are there members of the panel that that that our exporters yes whether the African American. Lethal last I checked. So you're telling me that the blocked who's making decisions in the league office. On penalties and suspensions. Sickness going like easy. Yeah is that a lot of them you know you can easily do you realize you're trust you're about all white and I don't read too. Throw it out there and sit there and and throw a hard out there it's at Davidson you know why you know all I know it's because he's white. But as we get into the process of how it works or makes a decision. And because that's what you should be doing Intel only court Italians. That is sit near in the NFL office basically saying one guy one game suspension if that horrible act guy who did what cart did we give them for. Who is making that call Joseph somebody and somebody out there's got to make that was the general and yes definitely like. It makes the point you don't like you know I'm glad that it's so you sound like oh yeah. We got to lobotomy and I don't know the reason it's and he's doing they call Obama. Now pick all cause is ass and it's. Bigger rightly it's all right you really Healy geek rock wanted any team. It's a good point it's a society. Didn't give Garko one game suspension. A society. And the way we view whiteman and Blackmon didn't give juju Schuster one game suspension. Someone did. Ultra Pacific might go at all amount Runyan a ride ago you have a goal which is our Merrill I want somebody right but to make it. Picnic wrote that one game off because this is how society treats like that. Society didn't give out suspension pick up. I don't think society in New England would have given all the wondering this afternoon and probably to sponsor I think you'll you'll you'll get a popsicle Hannity if you continue to think about this and try to dissected the fatigue I think about it what they're not doing that now if you don't they let me let me society going to let our society and unable wheelock Alec Holland jeopardy credit actually amazed ourselves why. Took that route up but he should do this you should know. You should know. Willie didn't would we ask that you two will begin local pilots get to the Pope I wanna I wanna talk about this. So let's go start with Jerry and a cell phone Jerry's in this one of the ledger. Hundred ruined that. Glad. I don't know. Huge appetite cannot directly to call so I may be you know beating your network but I'm fifty or so we'll applaud all of my life. Society. Has been. It's only a certain technical group of people that. Only then that are negative Vanilla Ice. I've not because of their actions because of who they. There might say no matter if they're still living in poverty. Here while you can show that keeping them down. There you know they're. Every morning the police got the police are bitten body. And talk yet. And their work or not be taught and not say how I don't you just. You know beach rentals. I was so that some of that is then there is some truth in some of them. Okay that that's put a blanket over all of this but how does this play into a football player. In the case of Rob Gronkowski. Who gets a one game suspension and this is outcry right now that he should have gotten 234 games and the only reason they got one. Is because it's white privilege. That's what we're talking about the other stuff that it is far more complex and there are some legitimate gripes. But the dog whistle went to which I would like privilege of the day the week and I'm. Wage. And be hitting. You know I don't loud pop like some escalation didn't know and all day. She Israel is area I don't admitted that if you don't think that there is a thing called white privilege weathered pertains to this or not is a different story again. Nearly got it they talked to that was high as a kite this morning. You know in in it's it's a guarantee to people civil speech to a bigger issue of this country. You know when you try to say you'll give me specific person who do you think is the racist in the NFL the society didn't suspend drunk. Someone did someone gave a one cent to instead of threesome who you calling a racist that's in the office of the NFL and does it what's the big it's a bigger as more symbol of society today. No single somebody out. All the Marines who won here. If some doesn't it somebody's doing this. Let's coma that yet but let's let's let's let him. Respond. For an NB accountable for his actions here's Mike in Connecticut. What's up Mike. I am. I was not to get a good point I blew up the question a short while ago why don't basically why I got that kind of I don't know why even say about a people that you guys as well I don't know affected at all due respect. Is because that picture where eighty. LP all of your wife or your car what Stephen is talking about a credential when you're gonna talk about quite good. Against people. Like stop eating that I don't I think it a bunch of BS. Radio right. Yes. She's slapped me unless I'm I think we got it right by the people try to nick it definitely quicker waiting. Always are all part of the business what capital ideas that we do stuff for ratings and anybody who says I love it when we're current work we're critique them this is doing it for ratings don't kid that's how we get eight. A candidate based on ratings. But what's our economy made a pop don't put Marcellus Wylie once why he's not going on a network of major network. And saying something because she wants to create ratings. Saying it for that a different reason and I think. I don't know. That's why would throw it out here I don't know I don't understand how the wrong key issue will be how the new Brady issue yet to come. A racist the issue that discussion that you said it might be interesting vote. I don't think he is he's. Making up his opinion. Or ratings. That you you wanna have a discussion to discuss this a pay cut a wanna know what you think what's your opinion okay will talk about I think he got off because he's like. Did you make that out knowing auto blitz on what I mean goodness talk about issues like that. You didn't say exactly what you think it makes out like that up so they might open the discussion because they think it make it's of interest. But what you say within a discussion on hope youth you mean. And this is what we hear from some of these guys okay is that that's we believe. That run because he got up one game because he's like juju and in the OK go one because they're black. Okay Mike Evans got one. Burt will be that of Bobby that the biggest similarities paralleled the Rob Gronkowski said it would be Mike Evans he got one. Every mention his name why he only got one initial argument. What are you went. Why did you drink it doesn't. White privilege Judy did you do anything. Right back to your phone calls coming up next. Lou is rocking Twitter before during and after the show at bloomer Loney. We are back to more affordably Murr ammonium 48 right now fox Sports Radio come. Let's that was on it for me guns from one of the worst play the problems and football you know that you would attack a guy from the back right there. All that on a regular play with supplements as brittle football player and foreground the tickets at that level I don't know I mean was one Damon out of this one game do enough. My best radio. We'll get Blu-ray Lewis that's in that. Situation and white situation into the equation you never did I need dividend. So he took it as a football. Play. And so that I applaud he gave his opinion he's entitled to is of him right. And he didn't even make it something that yes took for him differences it was weird experience and stuff like that off. It's just it's it's like he's he's just the last guy I want preached to me period nobody can be great preacher. Are you kidding me he'd be one of immigration in a charity downsides are you kidding me Aaliyah case all bank that missile out completely comfortable on our way to I'm properties as I. Three aspect. She's saying he wants you to be on the money. To Iraq he's sick I've only got a preakness the peaceful. It reads we'll show how badly wanted to briefly need to do Alter the I hit a term goal to let's get back to the phone calls here spotlighted by the way the way. John Farrell. Doing an interview on a major network and we're gonna have some for you can alternate way out for you and I you know you would think maybe you'll take a shot at them. It's Henry and maybe did to browse scheme maybe the Red Sox. Maybe you finally reveal. What David Price hit to screw up that team that's on him knowing the next hour you do not want to miss ways he is John. I'm Ferrell Lou. His best buddy and you and you know what there's so don't feel ten minutes ago he doesn't have to worry about people critiquing handle appropriately you know that you guessing about why doesn't he can just speak. Yeah I'll bet the bank I agent titles and a fire I would show up arm in arm which it is. You all over we'll do that coming up in the next now here's judgeship in a car telegenic. Yeah you know I think will be your right it's just the climate I mean we need to actually gone backwards as a society. I mean I'm never can let go when one shutout. Nailed it didn't crack back block on the arm he broke that often to climb in the Green Bay. He's broken leg who the white guy. And he checked one shots and I had to do it again I'd do it again and no he didn't take any heat for that at all. When I was a black on when a black guy hit a white guy to get cheap shot broke the dogleg. He would actually brighten a. Skittish Jimmie does it does anybody really believe and that's what's driving me crazy about these these. Analysts to a throne this crap out on on TV so you really believe when they're out there the football player is getting pissed off like rockets get pissed off and say it. Even though it does things whites as white Beckham's Jersey he's really black and I'm going after all because yeah. Senate did it take any black athlete is going at a white aptly specifically because he's white and really believe that always just. I don't I don't believe it but I'm continuing sample of how we might wish cricket when when it was the other way around why. And now. You and you're a player when a game's over saying oh yeah I was going after a that and the black dude over their only 657. He was all over me I don't have the 220. What do you see you hear them sing number is dedicated CD player. Exactly and that's exactly what Gracia when he apologized multiple times after the game he checked I apologize that it was number 32 PE dad I apologize normally you don't know what it is. Well I don't know. It's fun. You and here's mocked in in Reverend Billy internal. Hello what's up mock. All I was doing some. I didn't call him put little on the black man I know who's doing this yesterday. I really black and on the web at forty. As you guys have been very. I'm quotable. But come on the air and the place you today. In other black guys that talk about the rationed thing. And I just on. Without or black people don't reflect this will clearly. Christian though none of us saying that there every black person feels this way we're we're talking about specific guys we just not talked about Ray Lewis for example. Because he had an issue with compliant thought it was the most vicious thing he's ever seen but he never doodling and brought within will show the same Willie McGinest has been. But but you don't ray hosted by race and. Don't know what Miette cola I haven't ready black called the Indy is so obvious. Would that help. That or let people lose weight and out of these great if there is good vision and I've only got a couple of minutes plus articles week back order. And get asked a question mark because there there are issues in our country with race does it bother you when they use instances like that like this. Does that sort of just take away from what's what we're trying to do in this country when they're bringing up things like this caller race. It you know a lot because. No formal letter. I enjoyed please welcome my young years then. Well we're article on the field though the with the well Clark waited values not a I've been really even in spots armed late. You can quote we call it mad about they have about that regret that lightweight machine you don't end indicate there was no law won't let me. That you know so it will well it would be competitive and let it would have Florida which I don't let. So what you can. Culpable of old white or black ink is definitely picked what game is addictive little you know unfit. To go to the end. There that selective if Larry Bird was black he'd just been simpler. People affairs. But you know Zain late that was dumped him and he but you'll more offensive because you're you your spirits and it takes some from Larry Bird say he's just a normal player he was black and remember that development. That's a ball being fired up and no known they had had a press conference. 22 yeah it all and went out there I know Larry had to go out there in the middle of all now playoff series because Rodman had doubled down immediate even worse. Larry had to go out there and basically said that he has no issue with that and Larry brought his mom and it's at my mom has no issue with his politics Kate always rings around this Hamachi and all that right mama it court. Also having difficulty in the other room for jihadist vision shamed him into wearing the suit that I follow. Like he's got to show our audience wanted to learn me. Some guys who Wear suits against bald he changed mentally yesterday and certainly did that don't pay we spent good money for yourself when you don't know where it. So he wears it on Wednesday delivered shortly instantly. Gets more credibility where and that's. Now yeah absolutely maybe I'm too. You're all about flow of the oil is this year and are you ready then I just know who has visited. Is a victim dies it's put itself. Who are reluctant to did you really aware of and I. I mean I. I don't like theater and Paul I talked to on the ponies that you brought it but the change when you got I did have Barbara little political team. We see agency that we'll never listen to us on the ice he fell right. I think so uses the embarrass him any reason dateline says something and oh yes yes sir sir how hot that how high for. Here's Matthew in Virginia hello Matthew. They look on all you good this situation is a lot more simple and everybody's making a quick so yes absolutely ground with their. He did you've been saying it hit a guy laid out about and somebody is. You know using. You know this very superficial issue it is celebrating by making an ignorant comment about race. And I can't leave a couple callers ago somebody claimed that. Column that it you know the only reason why people situation and their life is the way it is is because of their own action when I can. I can't believe I I hurt it. If I'm a white guy. And if you're old white guy and you'd or white person and you don't police that Erica White privilege of that there has been systematically to keep. Black people in this country down then you're just plain ignorant because that is that is their you can even argue that the back there at the governmental institution to keep people down. And they claim that. That. You know that that doesn't exist is just it's just stupid I'm not saying that this is what. That that has anything to do it on the ground situation but I just. Others it has announcing it has nothing to do to go to a Jewish and that's why it should be separate. Right and that's what I said to the caller said there there are other issues and you know what I'm gonna get a dorm right now because we're talking about the court situation. Which can't mix and match matched in the issue. In the end when you do you'd try tribal peoples emotions and you get people watching your your clips show on pace Balkan. You know and social media and everything you get more ratings and it just it it it it angers me when people use such a serious and complicated ratio would such history and and not. In our country connected to her her lady Emma thing that you guys are doing that your you're simply you know getting a feel for. Everybody's opinion. We're talking about it because it's it's news right now is the way it's been portrayed nationally I'm not saying that any of us. Are void from from trying to get ratings that's our job. I laughed when I hear that you know and critics do this and in our business you guys have seen it before they're just doing that to get ratings. What was supposed to do drive listeners away. We're gonna hit on the topics of the things that and we do research is research that's done behind the scenes here. On what people wanna hear and what they're listening to and segments that we do. That that that resonate with listeners and others did don't against what we eliminate the ones that don't and the ones that do we do more of it. Why don't we don't get ratings. You know pay and your rights but bring operations like this and it's topic we've had last week or so here's pars he going to HR. Ill for sexual harassment. You know to me like it's a serious issue right now our world so few wanna minimizing think that one of those times to take some NH dollars because. Of somebody calling in year shell. It's on discredits yeah tries to minimize the reasons why or what sexual harassment is or. Whatever reasons there are around there so when you start talking about race in this country in white privilege and start bring up examples of just another example of it. Is the way Rob Gronkowski was treated. It's ridiculous you don't think cabby in training should have a a look at our guest list for next week and probably make a decision one way or the other we should amount. Now we talk about the act merry Cahill like him or shouldn't have I was hit by some of that I should go out feature because it's a hostile working. Treated me that is a good idea but he should be proactive and get their first you know palate you know Kurt stealing our guest analyst and I go with it never been and once it's like. You start and we're gonna get into more of flow of this subject plus I got a lead John Farrow. You know no shackled up there and say whatever he wants right now coming up in the next hour.