OMF - NFL Hall of Famer and Jimmy V award recipient Jim Kelly joins the NESN/WEEI Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-21-18

The former Bills great joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian as he discusses being cancer free and his numerous positive experiences.

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Our first guest today and wanna introduce them by playing a little bit of an audio that you probably saw if you watched the espy's. A few weeks ago the great Buffalo Bill quarterback hall of Famer. Jim Kelly not accepting the Jimmy V award. I tell you what was us and makes a difference today. To someone. Whose fight to preserve tomorrow every single closely does prove to be a difference maker. In the news is you'll pars as though there's some Barbara Morgan goes to work. But you exhibited differs vetted her put it all those guys have twice as hard drive breathtakingly just say we know once a day ever vote for all your studies. Saudis urge anybody odds are you have some realtors supper is done enough to me to answer. It's the result me on how really good day to be your mom or dad. Isn't your grandparents. What you say is yeah there's all you have water back down to me that differs in that measure is doing that today. Remember to always always. Works for your exit Libby said he never ever give thought. All of you all god bless and you don't lord continue to bust some guys who. And yeah. Jim Kelly at the at the espy's award and even better news just a few weeks later he went and got scanned. And he was when and he joins us on the phone line right now Jim great to talk to you and great to hear that. Things are going a lot better on that. Yeah I dug it play. Out on election are you are gonna want is no doubt. War on her out on donations don't apply to all the dollar per dollar dollar I would donate. What god or no remark upper column dollar shortage docs. Yeah I forge a future goes on yoga. You know virtually walked there's. What quiet. Day you know budget wars and I am not in Atlanta we are all like to be on the bottom. On the bright side of my jaw is not at all did you like that went on look at Lebanon torture got here. Well you read pollution on. Yeah okay hold on hold all the and news media dock like this and making a lot better than Fred ever smoked for a month later. They'll. Point. No I just thought boy. This. And god like it. And uploading user all of you per acre lot like what are short Bob ability folks like you all about what you don't. You know we are I've reduced orders number one day David Marino and John Elway and what does run they're do they're usually work better is it out. What are your daughter walked out yeah I'll want to say you're not. A number you're. Right yeah. When that educate and out real real one as a real news out of I. Waited I don't. Know a lot like me ugly out shall play as an iPod brought into. It would be an RB Terrell got all way. The president through you know your old age. Didn't acknowledge you know if you you know go down to your leaders gave out blah blah blah and and then look like Sean White curtain down on day altering and I had created to be young coach and play football baseball basketball and only hunting equipment. Called out everybody got a lot like they do you know more room you know work report are your leaders on worldwide per day. And can be. As easy. A cork bat or not we're not gonna on they have. I. Outlook on June. That helped her to resist it I hit it all these days I don't know I'd be no we're Beckett. The odd one out like him mark rudner. Romney initially balked what are. Calculated and appropriate letter sent yelled at you bell and a rebel. Roland I cannot. All you know it's got date on the day and week out what are her rocker Mick on the day. What I like about. Consumer site that allows you might call. I'd I'd I'd yell at a budget what he can channel. Quarters on a lot of the action. Oh what a virtual. And then slide idle power while you don't look all that little ball well you know not on like a light note that it. I can try to make sure. I do's and then we usually result battled well and try to do you know make her. Attitude. Are you about my image my daughter double walk and my awkward look. A crawl or what about all they walked in the 200 Y a pattern I heard that budget out this man. You can be a makers some light on how great or go to work on your ball not know when you go out on. Do you. OJ pregnant some. You know Virginia obviously your career your hall of Famer you've been through it's that that's a very physical league human career is over you find out. Take me through that that that first moment because we're talking about how scary that can beat you hear those words and for those to hear those words when you first heard that word cancer. Well you know it's hawk unit in all of you on your blog about it. As I broke on the road a road they bought on your iron shot rodents are grouped on. I agree on a dark history on production at lunch usual dapper Don because. My wife or any group was much on your brain imaging what you ruin my daughter. It'll work one or younger constitutional every moment you once you went through. Not only outlet like what it is they might lose. In your life I'm not sure auger in anger or hug. I probably we don't. Part because like you all the treatment groups and I wanna put the Oregon Montreal. Comedy good news. I brought one he's. Not the lord your leader right works just say I'll when I go home and held them. And luckily on not 100 day and I director can be sort of traditionally done mark Rodgers now. Country beyond god on our little mountain my wife would show opened with a you laws and our employees never. Thought about it that way we can do and particularly know why you'd better. And you're off or not. Are you become a corner after I oppose it and I don't know why notre IQ what can I shall be goes. More. Or are. You talk about the doctors that care for you and how important they are to your recovery and your overall state of mind going through the such a tough situation. Older you're all of a no hit Al each you. When you go through it when you're it was a quarterly got her allergic cut. Eulogies at the walker yet know what bill and continue right days when I was on pulled up all on. Do you work your record a war on commissioner Roger made that appear on our four out walk around. They do machine called a model and I'll date me I don't are worry you relate your daughter or are really great pause at that. They are going to make it does for all out on date unbelievable and for my shirt. Had go to New York City war. Why lie on the bigger one as total record shark in my upper draw neutral doctor bowed out of my way. Slowly blogger dot hole awkward. Part of my dog Beau Biden built real old you are on mob. Each day's. Put done your child the doctor and dignitaries today on her own sure people can do it like on Byrd question. You know. And not go it was a problem multi night to show possible to the issue that you hear about low on the bird once. Good talker Berkshire's require much. It's amazing because we're talking to a lot of doctors appear at the Dana Farber and what they do and a lot of the similar stuff that you're. Talking about it is amazing. Some of the stuff to do so for Mike what I understand they are reconstructing. Urine tighter joy and the use part of the leg bone is that correct them. Yes they've gotten all now are are what they did was. Out Wal-Mart right year always dollars. Bought my neck all the way up and down all the way up the middle bought my pal duck coach Mike shared. It's all my little note dot report dot plowed back in the day like this dual both my left Larry. I'll just you know on weight bearing bone. And darker Urquhart who wrote to ball on his shirt version is one that did. And you put that ball and it broke property three or work computers go look at it does on. And you reduce detonate a poll on job. Blood count the number it's like our own it and check it and broke grapple my leg also. And they were able to attach all just a thought or knowledge it got to no well. But you know what show are so good that is still there and it will be your wallop but you know what. On your shut the shot it up wouldn't you know shall we want your local law work you do it. The daughter got police lieutenant implied that they come here in her. How to schedule beyond locker underwriter. No word bought more but. Her last I know god Don are you Greg draw on that goal and but you need people like doctors know what ability senator George burger detect about your business and not on her blood had a good when it. Don't work or control long term while trying to all of those new York and it. Listen you're an inspiration you've been through hell and back but you're here to talk about it and the more you talk about the easier you make it. For everybody else are we really appreciate you spending a few minutes joining us possibly you know take the shots where it was doesn't doesn't hurt you and our rights if I was pretty good. Stuck by like it and writing you plug in college it's illicit work Diego but I worked at. Eight I don't little. Sister and his new guy not on garbage day walker took pictures. All. There's dogged by early August the number Arco were important out that opened come on Bob well done go to battle. Always taught all grades on each other all about oh my god but god. It's not listen real life you know be a difference maker about working earlier play. That you. It didn't make her take better on your shape and Ollie got longer. Jim Greg talk to you thank you at all. The great Jim Kelly hall of Famer for the for the Buffalo Bills.