OMF - NFL has a new National Anthem policy that leaves itself open to a lot of questions 5-23-18

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Wednesday, May 23rd
HOUR 4 - With proper verbage in hand, a lot of people are realizing that the NFL's new Anthem policy could open up the League to more scrutiny.

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The general public has a very strong here report. Respect for the flag is in that moment we have language and our policy standing at attention craft store. Focused and I think the general orbiter will be the club's been in the league. Isn't part of what the issue was in the national football. Over the last year is that the Republicans defied. On on what is patriotism what is showing respect for the flight that because I couldn't take what can't predict it was showing respect to the. I remember there are a lot of people during all of that you take fall calls. And you get that through phone calls both both people from the military and military background. One extremely offended and the other one not. The other once thought is more or less this is why we fight you know this is the freedom of America to real express yourself. Meanwhile the other guy who has experience in the military is offended by. Seoul how to helping satirical by the general public you're actually right it was a different feelings. So I thought. He's been listening to what people have been so obliged you will what does he Dziena understand. What the media brings up Colin camper next to name every single thing. The commissioner knows he has ducked the football people he's he's not looking at the collusion. In a lawsuit an incident that did the two football people taken place in early we can't socked in the Arab League can't play anymore. Nobody's gonna pick them up. He is all of this so why does he not understand. What the media is constantly bringing up Colin tampered extinct because its political agenda. They're using right now they're using Colin can't predict for the cause. Think people are gonna do here he thinks that the public. Understands what respect for the flag that's the issue right now that's the issue we're having in the trees and so they don't so do the patriots have to count. I guess and every policy statement about their policy sure it was a giveaway business is the way we're doing we are going to do is listen. It organ fine for player Tiki and he went at least tell them not to. What are we saying that we were gonna final also I think you'll break it down in his press conference tomorrow and easy all the DT ball and he is gonna have Rendell how does that Hillary and he. Can't avoid it also questions the federal good dole. 32 different policies. Thirty different policies there every single to David different mindset so. Of this team is as you had you know respect the flag is how we do other teams that is so it's just going to be put 33 African. What does that tell you heard it what does it tell you is the players wanted money for social. Issues write to to help society. They get nine million. And yet the players association today is mocking the league basically saying we never involved in any of them. Any of this stuff that make in this all right and we admit nothing to do in the civil handed over ninety million dollars. And the players is that they don't. And this is not what we wanted. And so the commissioner actually thinks that the players are going to be respectful and follow huge policy yeah he's crazy term yeah. Say that they just got nine million front for what they wanted him to work into the into the community in the neighborhoods and they're telling you were gone for this and this being such a. A political issue based on the wage front kind of brought the NFL and the NFL owners into it. I just imagine what it was like an out and those meetings as far as that curator if you're an owner that hates trump. You don't want you don't wanna fine her make one hard standing fast rule because it it's almost like okay trump wins. If you support looks like on our support them so you had to force Artie you have to make it where. Each club mandates their own rules and regulations. But the general hard rule is lists at night you wanted to go out go out but if you are going out yes stand up if you wanna stay it yet. They. First of all they were trying to squeeze trump because they were or may be fearful of drop because he'd be tweeting about this stuff. I'm not sure you do it the way he's doing right now. Went winless when guys don't show up out on the field. And and and try reads about the stuff and finds out that there are certain guys that are in the locker room and they're not coming out for the National Anthem to re. Assume right now a little naive that we don't realize that. He's going to squeak out there that want to have a chocolate yeah that's what is clicked OK so let's let's not pray you had a more political hero and owners to that you are supporting here and Michael Bidwell okay Arizona Cardinals. I think putting the focus back on the game. Making sure all personnel. Stand on the field and honor the flag that they can't them. And the moment and so I think it's been a good discussion internally what's with that coming up with this policy. And it's a league wide policy that it clubs on a club by club basis will be able to enforce what workplace rules so that's a missile but it clarity. It is a league wide policy. And women and a if it's a league wide policy. The commissioner in his statement. Said that each individual team after the team is fine. Or bird the individual teams going to be able to deal that the way they would want to deal when I was Utley what policy. It accused of those good internal discussion. The players association say well I'm glad that all you billionaire owners had nice discussions amongst all the fuel what's best for your team's. Above us the millionaire but knowing it and we were involved annals of internal discussions I'd. Billionaires usually when I don't know they were. Maybe a fine from the league against the team that team to have its own work rules will be consistent with the overall policy. And they will make their own decisions about how to manage that from there and the core of. More owners is this is our Rudy of the Pittsburgh Steelers obviously we wanna continue to work with our players and make sure that. They feel with their point of view has been respected. I think the fact that those who are not comfortable standing for the anthem have the right to stay off the field so we're not forcing anybody to stand to who doesn't feel that's that's with and there are the way they feel about. Particular subjects. But those who are on the field are are going to be asked to stand no we've listened to a lot of different viewpoints including our fans over the last year and and I think. This policy attempts to. To come out and a place where where we've respected everybody's point of view on this as best we could. I'm not sure I'm not sure about that night. Certainly there is a large group out there and it's not small it got Donald Trump and the White House. There's a large group out there who was sitting near saying I expected. The these professional athletes are making almost money they should be out there and feel we should respect them like they should stand at attention they should put their head over there are all of that. I like they get dad and you don't want to lose them. As viewers of your sport okay fans of your sport. But did we not listen that there's a whole other side to this. And he just sent so we're gonna sit in a dress the stuff with our players so if you have a player that sits there and says. Mr. Murray. I've got a problem because I disagree with a our policy here our policy Darren talking about the government's policy. Of the United States policy so I know of got to go up here and I've got to respect the flex all Melinda do that. What ever you are you going to give me. To vehicle to express my opinion so I can tell people as much as I don't love this country animal understands that this country. On the other hand I'm pissed off because you know I don't think that cops. Are are doing the right thing and I think they're you know right now they're there they're they're picking out people based on color it your current B deal with disguised. Yes and that's what I said earlier this is you can't you can't un ring the bell. Right at this is this is the life we live now this is views of the issues are gonna have a since the NFL in India right the first time. They're forced to kind of you know. Throw this out there which could be what's in it I would say nine it was a time Prague and have an issue. But to your point if I'm gonna say you know I have to give you anything. I don't have to give you platform. I don't have to. Individually you wanna sit there we've already discussed this quietly and edit or allegiances and we're gonna have to deal with the players are well you're gonna have to deal with the players as far as how you discipline them. Like what your general rule it is the league said they're gonna find me guys I only team I've given you output new and first rate hotels on the issue you guys have a nice big plane. Lots of room. I mean whatever I put. And teams' hands. With a B a team out there that says I'll allow my players to express their beliefs and Ernie at them. What did you find it and then that that donors got to get it or hit a candidate is fun know they can't they can't during the anthem. As the very it now that's a league wide rule any commute in this respect the average Joseph so what are we allow meets each owner to deal that is only. Mean that's a possible of the rule is. If the standard respectable and believe that a policy of these individual team that can be an aura that's as you don't want. A final pain of funds. My team can express themselves anyway they want yet focused ways that we will do that. Guys I don't want to wait for me because how wide dress these issues and the like and that and that leniency I give my players but the hey corner you want me freeagent. This we may not be of the pay play pay was much but listen and work or easily comes upon you can say whatever you want. Knew there's a new owner Al Davis the new owner the Carolina Panthers have made a big deal about this past week. Politically he can't stand trial totally against Ryan so maybe he's one of those guys. Maybe he's the he's the opposition here right now let's say we have just letting Carolina what's it like in North Carolina. What's the show so there are Charlotte's a little it around it all out a little bit more I would take a little bit more liberal and we can look and see how they voted I don't add yeah. I don't they do it is through that but honestly academia to. You know we just humans with bullet racing the fist out rightly didn't have it is our ruling was talking. To Dave Parker of Detroit Free Press are reviewing the Steelers. He says that raising a fist. Would constitute dis respected via the new reality interpretation. Right. Anything is is it I think any formal protest is a form protest. We didn't define exactly you have no easy doing it out there I think everybody understands what it means to be respectful to Ernie the so. He told this guy Detroit Free Press that he believes that raising a fist. Is disrespectful via the so now it's all about interpretation. The general public doesn't have the same pew closely to hold disrespect and costly don't. Well it I look at it and it to meet their. In a standing at attention. Not necessarily handle the heart but I don't know but I got my attention that to me is respectful all the flack you know he let other people may look at it differently. Go through this all last year. That there were a majority of the people and the media people by the white majority of the media. Course at mission Colin camper and it deserves the right. To do what he's doing out there. Even though the league the business as you refer to it. Is losing customers. They were losing customers beat because of this. They took patent surveys out there as they're they're a partner networks and they should we're losing people because players are being disrespectful to the flag. But the meeting was it a go. Well being disrespectful to the the national him there are no no. No he is somebody who cares about America dearly and he wants to change some of the inequities that that that exists right now here in a country city. Our best finish in the outages in its late instead suggests. Adding one rule hardened best dealing with the in dealing with we just we just the other day we just listed the top ten highest rated. 2018 the highest rated shows on TV. What does it out of attempt to homework or football related. They're not suffering. Nobody ever getting accepted like anything else your business should should increase every year the percentage of your revenue should degrees. And they're start to see it over and over and also a decade or you can type person looks the stock market every single today announced it freaks out announced today a ten year period. Do you think there and it now is growing. Or shrinking. I think they're concerned or they well know the latest in what they're really soft. They're concerned. You know they are grown up pictures are all I think that the ratings are a little bit deceiving in that you'd get somebody choices and everything is getting wanted to send some phone calls. Or her favorite college communities Boston always good Jermaine. Or may. Go on. This so that I remember that was nice of you I got hammered me. I. You street we're decent we use our recent re probably call your show like caller really bad cell phone. In those early years you know rebuild. Mark. Our lives and they can't even here in 88 which he wanted to just it just operated four is seeking called these shelves okay. And yet. What would you not only he's talking to attain a better connection and you eulogy at Z. All huh I don't know what I would guys but a lot of problems. How is it positive that you DMZ always find you do you call them don't wanna. Oh I'll let them get to those and get them yet had experiment sample. Well mole in its. Well I think it's quite let it basically told every team. Create our side we're on one outcome all but announced that. They walk. What part. I don't want wanna come out she can stay in the lock if you'd like to Kamal ticket you they have actually got to find it so slip it's too close to. Equals wall more actionable I think it's a great or they can protect NFL protects wedge about five. It wanna protest all they gotta do what they had a locker gets what the I also want source in the awkward it's quite low on the other are glad I expect that. I knew he lives he expected that around won't for you actually found out you would be best opponents cell phone deal. Now involve your peers is even Obama who they keep. It later. I'm surprised he hasn't worked out with the with the DMZ because they're constant threat lineup and I had you don't like the guy when he's off satellite dish from the Dublin beautiful but did they the issue I have with that is the media will come to the team. That is let's say two or three players that sit in the locker room. And then come up and ask them questions when the game is over there it's causing a distraction for teams because instead of talking about the football game. Media members are going to be interest it'd hate the safety senator outings in the locker room for the other sports you're issue and get on to the left guard what sure issue. That's going to beat you know this is not ending up closing it out its opening up the door right now because there were other players that we'll stay in the locker isn't. Like it's like I feel like you you have to be bay because it is date. Guess even I've I can only identified two things that I guess so tortured just kneeling and hold your office. Shall we something else Kirsten plus stomach something. That's I mean if you want to you know show something fuel or protest. And again symbolize something else. Closing your eyes during national victim now being focused on without enough people potato conflict you know I I don't question with a lot and I'm not limited manner if you believe in the audience that you're doing something to Gizmodo and -- I do does stand at attention from Santa threatens a blinking and I don't really. I just think the doors is open I don't want you could have accomplished this amid the players association. Wouldn't go along with that maybe they're lying in the way that they're dealing with it today. But if you were to do what the end. And you say OK everybody's got to c'mon for the flight because you might not like certain things in this country. But we do have to show respect. Because they the flood does represent a lot of different things. In this country so did you allow players. To be able to speak about the social issues the NBA get away with it and nobody bitches. Do you hear any of the the the trump feisty -- anybody here don't try out bitching about the NBA players coming out openly talking about stuff that's going on. In society right now really are. She affecting black metal. So what you do but this is not gonna do this guys or majority of them or gonna respect the flag you know why look because they have to. And other guys are not going to and those guys are gonna be interviewed by the media who had their own political agenda. And those guys a locker room and a sick most of those guys out they're totally believe exactly what I believe they're just afraid because they they're gonna lose their job and it's going to be worse. It really is quite six point 777979. Threesome. I. Who's the arbiter of respect for the flag what would be considered. Disrespect the flag and anthem of the general public has a very strong Q4. Respect for the flag is in that moment we have language and our policy sticking his tension that's off. Focused and I think the general orbiter will be the club's vision and leak. That's where he's making absolutely no sense that's the dumbest thing the general public has an idea of what the respect it is do you not watch the election. The last time or does he not just plummets in the same people who love what's unbelievable. Blow them. If this car with mobile or our country. That is more divided than ever in this guy's coming. And only the hands of the general public. Exactly what's respectable and what's disrespectful. Let's go Ryland in any other car Ryland. Should a guy I am and have an eye on him having such a hard time this right now. They have McCartney are exactly at zero of where they where where they came out this press conference right. How is staying in the locker room during the National Anthem not disrespecting the flag how. Our commissioner said that everybody understands the general public understand. What's respectful I just don't wanna see it. On the TV. It's unbelievable. Do you take it away from their gonna see the players not in there aren't they. Evident that it won't be viewed that way it's been a guy you know what no one's visually disrespecting they're just not on the field. That's the way you know and somebody nearly during it is the worst look than nobody being on the field. You're you're gonna have. Some sort of men have been which some rogue police officer sometime in the future and you're not gonna have anyone out on the sidelines. During the National Anthem and that is better than. People it is now at 088. It's not worth it you're exactly Nigel from what you work for or. I I'm with you and I think that's a possibility that Hillary has an event we have an event leading up to the weekend. And the team decides you know what they're gonna find only as they deal we're gonna stay Zain not not an event it divides the country. What about an event that would bring it together right vote 9/11. Globe Boston Marathon. What about some just tragic event in this country. That's that's not a time when sports and news CD emotion and you've seen patriotism and you see all the players on the fields. They get it on a moment like that biggest thing in the locker room. I don't know what I can tell this not now it's you don't know here's a thing. And Saturday night they don't know if they duking imagine that that will be an apple you're not because you know like you're not into that war and as someone doesn't know do you know why. It's not fair and a and I will make make a bet with the on this one pogo and go online and add another 99 lunches aren't. What do you like insulin less time economists think that Elijah comes on you'll assemble asked NBC ESP and CBS fox. What are your plans regarding the anthem. We're not shown it we're taking the game from kick off that this last year they stop even show indicate they've been doing. Watch it delicate to protect themselves from something just like that. They're not gonna they're not gonna have to do a thing about it is that the rule for them as these things don't if they make the rolling with the racial the anthem. Now everybody knows the answer is being shown on the happens weeks six OK these guys aren't out there well actually what happened to their uncle. Not in any event that I'm talking about right I mean still want to be one of the most memorable events you know post Boston Marathon was the Boston Bruins. You know in the National Anthem. And showing the fans and how they get involved and you saw the the players on the ice you know and so an event like that. You'll think these broadcasts are gonna want to show the anthem. Justice is just as shown all. I think that is that it that is a pretty special circumstance rates it is about ratings now and is that's an easy volleys the crazy events. Some something that no could ever imagine a bunch of planes like you know crashing into buildings. Yes I would think that would be considered a special events. For the lead lets you know it and how do you have an issue for anybody could be the peak who say you know what. I don't I didn't yield down and out of the people died you know what this is my ball went on to take it. Now if you would hope that's not gonna happen it won't vote and what happened at all I remember when that was happening there and when I was playing I mean it was. You could find it dry out and how you have to be a really old you're really when you're at and can't go back to admit that you go back to all your. Put yourself in a really bad position the I'm not saying that it would be Smart for the league to work within TV partners and say. The guys that aren't being discussed ya got I don't know they'll put it out there. But I I will tell you this another element out there that's why there's lead the divide this country is split they gonna sit there and say wedeman I wanna see the National Anthem. Before the games I wanna have that on the yard if you don't think that's possible you don't think. That the guy who set and a White House is not going to be tweeting that out when he doesn't see the anthem on the first game of the season. Then then you're not paying attention here's Mike at east long medal I might. They are you guys like him. I haven't I haven't called and allow you guys who got me going again. You know you look I got it and I can't believe you're making such a big deal of it is to begin with. Every time this thing ever came out it was only 123 players when they're talking about fifty players at thirty. We're talking about a handful of players across the league. That. We're really so now the commissioner and all the other people involved in it that would just be dealt a beer. That you know what we have a choice. If you want to allow it under the flag you go out if you don't you don't what is the big these. The big deal as what you do is you do with the NBA did. And you go to the players association and say guys we we want in this practice because this is hurting our business goes back to workers from saying it's a business problem right now. I understand that you guys. Have issues with let me finish your addition is right you read this shoot it out they'll let you back what you get less work that bear that. I understand that you guys have got certain issues the U wanna looks you want to express your opinion out there wouldn't want to do that. On the other hand we're gonna make it a rule that everybody must stand for the national at the how to get away with a with the NBA players the NBA has a rule everybody stand shows the respect for the for the flight. You don't even see anybody doing any of the lock arms and you're not seeing any of that stuff. They're just standing at attention. And then the guys on their free time. In they get plenty of attention within get to express their political views. Like him he's just say this quick before we let you have the last word that's not what the league is doing. Here's what you said is say if you wanna stand staying at to a c'mon c'mon this be respectful. That the league is Elliott may or may be something to have that philosophy right our policy we don't know. We don't know what are your thoughts on individual it's up the policy that the team rather it's does not own league wide policy. I I agree but most of us thought that I've ever seen with the NBA player that backs up the court like happens on the field football players. The other thing you're human and Howard and that we talked about. That the red carpet went over to the Yankees and an Arab League rules. The biggest thing is what you gotta do that he you're gonna handle there own way I can't imagine any team allowing themselves to be quiet week in and week out without. Inflicting some sort of punishment of these players. I just don't understand why. They have a choice either go out or not allow widely accepted that I don't get it. What about the guys that don't go is that going to be an issue. White oh my god. Oh. My god look I would do so night eve. Andy because the media is going to be all over that. They're gonna find out they're gonna know first of all which guys stayed in the locker room and the reason you state in the locker room. If you're making a political statement okay that's what you don't that's the disrespect your showing to the flak you're staying in the locker room that they're gonna ask him what you or. The the political issue is and the media on the whole. Liberal very progressive if you wanna use that word they've got a law that they're gonna eat it up and it's gonna create even more issues so I I think it well. Odd ones in Natick high blood. There I don't let you're actually write it down as an audition. And I think I would applaud the I did not find a talk that yield on a couple of the guys start. But the point out without it are now what union in about what are we trying to. I know the other also decide what is nine yarder. I guess. Going forward it to me that definitely visit the what are the freedom for far this year that these guys are protesting a let's start a Pacman are tackling these issues. You know however they do a great part it would vocal not proper sort of police and local in and start showing some progress. He doesn't do anything to it it if it just. An arbitrary thing but what do you do to improve back to music yen if they could start it on a track meet some of the locals sort of dissipate over time. I would agree that I delete thinks that throws ninety billion dollars that the problem. Is going to solve that and your players in Juneau Christian who do work a lot of work in the community and do Stephanie out season. With some of the stuff so there's some guys that are that are actively and it. Yet not gonna solve it but yeah what about the NBA elect partly that are on our Europe they're sort of not let them down and beyond doubt they're probably addressing and dealing with things. Back to you the mark I understand that a lot more guys all guys all key. That's sort of the key academic new language I almost went to an up and are sort of seems to be respectful way to protest. So what would you do this particular you know. It what does that have to do and you can. You're already seeing it come underneath the NFL players association through to respond how long did that it. Fifteen minutes there I had my aunt and there are all on deck circle and it basically call the commissioner along that dad yep you. Big didn't agree that. A lot of it on an older that'll player that'll like NFL player commission that we were meeting with the great dialogue with you know I'd like to tell you that they got ninety million dollars for the players and their causes. And they five minutes later they're calling out the commissioner calling him a liar. It's because this policy is not gonna work and the players are not gonna go along with that and it's gonna create acting the bigger issue and Ian we got one more segment ago. Do you. Relief and or hey if you like when we're when he's a little bit of a fraud. In this. He wants everybody else to be good that he wants to be a nice guy standing in the back I grew from a 1000% black sports. Thought out and they aren't good you know Bledsoe is right you went right I think it's that that hit you back. I gave you enough to Bloomberg and well. Now I. What they you don't I don't. Have to worry about ratings out of my game whether one person is watching or a million the only people talk about your shelves were about the real rallies and talk about readings right. And dale was a student there was a dignity and adult conversation. And then everybody was nice and they held hands and combed by Alan it was and they Rhode. Ruin the moment I was I was listening. Before I love the stretched pretty good days and greatest they would. With Celtic stuff terrorists to Jillian it's just go to sun numb when ESPN does these things and go around the table was it Paul Peterson. And Chauncey Billups and and Jalen Rose they ask who's gonna win the game each one of them gives a prediction. And that Shelby says I don't cute predictions. And our son she she doesn't show that she sits on national in the bull and dad and that he taught shutter to think. It's like your calling the game this isn't like college deemed cruel or curtsy is reckless right on the game guys prediction. That's apple you'll want to achieve important. I don't understand she hosts the studio show in which Phillips. Paul Pierce that well I don't get this thing and she doesn't show in the morning does she not. The you know the idea well into the ocean or get out of bed did. Whenever it out. And income and obligate me very nervous that it now listened Charles Barkley doesn't the cells can win this channel Izod and wrong he retired and I John Woodward opening night. With the angels whose opinion I just do the opposite. Of who they gonna play with great capital and are gonna play with great I don't mind a feel confident. Celtics will win this I am gonna all of a Morris and you feel confident I'm. All daily because all of that is Celtics winning in fine yeah it is. Good and this area tonight and tonight it counts is to. But does this also edit as I feel because I think deal alma exe show up it's a home game amazing and other guys that rosier everybody. To backe might still worried about LeBron in the fourth quarter yes you are but I still think they can beat that bill with a. As I'd like to call it scared if so I'd yes I do and I'm not and I'm not ashamed about saying that that in this series. I think the Celtics personnel wise once you move past the the best guy in the in the game. The Celtics are a better team they'll be more athletic tonight all the nice things we were saying about them the past. I know I think this would be close again that we got the first two. Because you know Cleveland's found some things that they can do. But in the end this is an athletic team they're really now LeBron in the last few minutes LeBron in game seven which I think that's where we're headed. I'm scared of. Thank you brought against you and watching to see what happens is that Terry Rocha matched her you know hot zone on this. How many times can LeBron and find that magic get what he wants you know get switch get one on Rosh year while the Celtics countered I think that's kind of the big thing. It's fun to watch CL a plays out so we're divorced today Weston Johnny's perilous job. First and John Luke Luke which won't put video commercial put the TV commercially twenty years ago after she could not that he's he is wanted on an idea though it usually it's ability at west and Johnny's that the Arctic as you just opened a new orders and what he did you know it's great of results are not the only one which warn you that they'll. Although they are again the floor generals and Georgia where lose often rode the commercial use in a commercial right there with lord Marshall. The scout program Clinton speak at the and it did Cuban fired more often in the laboratory at your own show moon. Moves. It's I don't know it's taken a shot and into a I don't know him in jail. I don't security program director Europe. Fire and I hope he thinks. Oman and don't you think yeah. Radio influences that I have a busy following dad listened Heatley is Utah Youkilis grounded out I really just played the problem you brought out just monitoring this. This all my heart I had misled and then we got the microphones and speakers on that and we hear that I would get the show. We are down here Weston Johnny's you guys sweated out a Macias here it will talk to Alex Cora act 330 and obviously talked a lot about the NFL. And the and the Celtics and Corus at 230 days as opposed to say that there's you know to 3230. Gone are endless army port. But I don't look it over we're gonna receipts in the pigeons from its guidance. Friday April.