OMF - NFL owners unanimously vote on new National Anthem policy 5-23-18

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Wednesday, May 23rd
HOUR 3 - Straight from the NFL Owners Meeting, Roger Goodell announces the new policy the NFL is maintaing with the National Anthem.

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These Fort Wayne and moaning and forty patriots also be better off the Belichick was thinking about this right now and Brady was there Bobble that faith Tom Brady and I'll let fame go on the public all plays. If I was you I would play for free bella Jack was starting to push the narrative maybe this should be the last year for Tom Brady that word got back to Brady with Lynn Lou and Christians to be honest with maroon and if it wasn't for me. I'll elaborate how he's an incredible talent like I have seen it happen to lose to Riordan Landry purest sense. 2% is the whole retention issues like the bill to Guerrero and everything it's contract how much is handling quarterfinal of the other thing about it let's don't know how to get a break a shot or you know this is a pattern once you make sense to him yeah I was eight badgers don't know you're being informed that I need to let me let me end this I don't know about me like you I've already said. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Doctoring up supply captaincy itself scratches all process. Stuff like that or a big game tonight at the TD garden. It is game five many things that game fives or the most important. In a series certainly I think they are when you're too too because this world you know. Swayze the series and give somebody the opportunity to be on the verge. Of clinching. The the the playoff series and moving on to the it to the next series and we although the celtics' big eight. At all. And we've talked a lot about it and we've talked about the kids it was talked about the role players. And there are some people out there like the guy who was mean your career certainly made the last couple years Kyle Draper who thinks that that Al Horford is well above average. You see via the teacher he was wearing hearing instrument known as. He had average. Al Horford then the average was crossed out is like a main thing. The memories and everybody trying to deal that's real agent of it says yeah it was an error fought like might pony. You know or you're wasting your time travel with a better nickname than ever it's never gonna get the the difference this year thanks to bush on deafening. One of the the asked we answer to. Mr. amazing round. And it isn't and not like my pony falters and the relievers can goofy he's yes sporting news NBA. Guy he's in town for the for the series. The guy that has the biggest difference. Of all the way it turns out to be. Al Horford. It really it really is amazing little shark because you kind of Thursday it highlights included Saudi highlights that the the top two discrepancies that keep in each category so two points so it's Al was nineteen point 72 Waldman wrote. Terry rosier when he on the road thirteen point three home of the two biggest ones. But I'll also updated field goal percent to shoot 60% on them at home 48 on the road. But yeah when you look at the two things that really stand out is that Jalen brown Jason Tatum. Now the kids Edmund bad that not an issue. At all and he tumbled brown I think that that second half that fourth quarter particularly Satan in Cleveland the other next though the key was great I don't think Tatum was great but. The numbers. Like these guys of you know the by the numbers while they go as big mistake we just look at the numbers and box score all afternoon. But it's a two kids that have been more consistent than anybody else your bullets remember that those two kids are the ones that are relying on to score rivers and what I agree with you they have not been nearly as good. Well since that nineteen point 01 erodes sixteen point nine at home to jail brown eighteen point six it holds a sixteen point nine and a road though. Qaeda scoring no underdog. Just the opposite with him right in it and I wrote on the road you know he's under in the room right but overall their play has not been as good but Al Horford they say. Let's go back to Kyle Draper shirt. He's amazing hole. He's right at home games he's amazing so far Kyle Draper I go back and where the F. Average Al Jersey tonight or T shirt the elected I mean the amazing once I asked but when he's at least playing in six. I I'm putting average how sure are back on again telling anybody when a. T shirt now. It. And if you look at these numbers Marcus marked. He's shooting from three point range which we know we love the truck packed. 24% at home active force feeds 14% in Iraq or 24%. For good day that's. Could feel for fourteen point three and the rock he's got the two lowest route at 33 point field low percentage. Numbers disease Terry Rosh years 45 point nine on the road. But markets martz good the two lowest. Where I had a matter of I'm not surprised and yet he's advocate you know Monday night's game was one for something on from Iverson might bring would it would if you look at the net rating of of all phone like even Jalen brown. At home he's eleven point nine on the road he's a minus seven point five. And Jason Tatum twelve point eight at home let's applause a minus four point four. Away but you're right wing who can market Smart you look at markets Morse. Marcus partisan plus fifteen point three at home in minus sixteen point five and a road that's what 32 points once you get it and got markets. Morse is twelve point eight in all. You point six out of the wrote. It's unbelievable. It's it's frightening how bad it is. So I feel confident they gonna be good tonight I feel comforted that Jalen. A brown will come out have a terrific first apple get them off to a good start. But you know that we have to worry about his people are calling out the projects. Did you know him from the slot that is the slowest guy I guess he thinks it's in the end if he'd done this little eight is just incredible. So this is the basing what we're seeing in the playoffs the slowest player. In the series. According to get a one of these geeks little analytics thing is one LeBron James. James is slower feet and steady hand remain in complete control of the series. And these Eastern Conference playoffs. But just don't make the mistake of telling him. That it 33. He's slowing down so somebody actually did and apparently the only Mac app though the only. I get ready for the I didn't feel would players slower than him. Of the four teams in the conference finals in this analytical thing that they do is Zaza Pachulia. Faster than slot. So he was pressed to all these are the good told a column about he said quote. I wish we had the audio announced sorrow has to say today that without a domino is bleep I've ever heard he told the athletic after 44 points. That tracking bleep bleep. Can kiss my ass and bigger lead toward bull yet openly bull bull bleep there you go bleep bleep the slowest guy. Kid out a year. Roy eco friendly track how this fire RAM after the game trek that bully. Our number one in the NBA it's NBA on how tired I am half. To be off shirt you are LeBron that nobody nobody put a visible higher million U then you do if they're not the most tired out of all the work. So much is demanded from you you need to do everything LeBron how your energy level you need a speakers argued need an energy ball. Believes that he's the slowest player in the league it is about conserving energy and he walks what he has do. As you play so many minutes you think he's the slowest player in the league team you know useless the statistic is but watching a couple of that's downloaded it the fastest player is in this round of the two teams. Who's there earlier. You know who's who's like a little guy that probably running around element it's on public key from Philly not not not notice it says here's the catalog is our military rules you. Jordan Clarkson yesterday's who's a short black around the court is as you're Clarkson had. Any impact in this Hollywood yeah you guys running these guys he's got a run back and for the comets are pretty fast but you're right this pissed off LeBron and knowing he was really side took this personal right and to the point where he dragged it out to saying. On the tired did because I'm wasn't in my hands more than anybody else. Supposedly that's the biggest night of who he really ill when it beats you sometimes like you don't forget about just taking it for what it is or. You know dispelling it just saying you know those things don't really there's a lot of peoples and do not take into account more but no no. But this colleges you used to ground multi urges me outside. Apple. Still hard Qaeda I'd never would most tired these guys to lead you got a red dog ever got hired as mean nobody runs Nevada hotter than that do. These are available. Oh my god that I thought like as much everything that you like I get a little more respect for him that he does this shore you know it. It's like. You're you're just admitting that you can't deal with somebody beat back the obvious and all of these things. We all know that little survey was stupid it's baloney and it doesn't need anything. Apparently you can't find somebody is you don't want. Then that's financing metric rate there coming up to take this long list of discussion of the greatest players of all now that there's a yes all slow you know revenue hit a really try either you know Jordan he tried to try and slow they would never sit there are trotted down the court so stupid basketball at its eighth is 50% effort in 90% of the time. I said he hopefuls because we've taken a shot of making all I saw or heard a lot of. This last night people were thrown back and forth they were basically ripping Brad Stevens they don't like what he's doing and they they don't understand why rose years. Getting caught up on the switches on the brawn and is it gonna Brad and some aren't you saw lots tonight scheme and what. On if if the owners don't pull out here and play what is he gonna come up. I'll guarantee you that they were working the other night as the game was under way to stop the switchers with Rocha here and by the way when you go back and look at him. There was no reason on many of them that rushed here at the switch I don't let's think he was doing it on his own because he's program. You when they do this where was your overcoat and anguish. He wasn't seeing the game I still make an adjustment there rat right they're gonna try to sit there gonna tell him this is when you do it in this is when you're dark so would you think about it. All the bronze gonna figure it out a way to get us into gets a row and didn't abuse it you know another way. Listen it's a thing we said before the series began when we were sitting get their giving the check marks. And I have trouble getting to check mark to Brad Stevens is the coach now because I don't think he's a better coach than Todd Luke. But the problem is that the plans to coach he's on the floor he can change up on the fly where Brad Stevens got a way to go to timeouts. And wait to try to you know get his players to change on the fly and we saw how successful that was the other night it didn't work but this whole idea. A starting market Smart as any sense to anybody now. IC may be more market Smart. On the ball I would give you ball. Makes less sense is the theory that a you know that due to start airing Baines. So Cleveland won't put interest until now and I'll tell themselves that they get you put erred beings in there. The go to you can put a guy in the latitude to maybe Alter the way you play defense. How how was put air Danes could dictate what Chiron Lou's gonna do Tristan Thompson. Understand how does that work you can't take party control that side of the court so also beings exist as a whole we can't put Tristan Thompson on Al Horford. Even though does a great job when he slows him down instead we're gonna switch know Kevin love's on Baines is what's the what the south's gonna do try to. Try to abuse that matchup hey let's feed Aaron Baines disease got its I love you Kevin Love autumn knowing how it just the opposite tops gonna stay on Al Horford is still a good job. And love can take amounts of the perimeter and it takes away some of the stuff that being a husband answered and you need help is defensively you compare beings on Thompson to control the boards a little bit now Colbert. You know Kevin Love at the other end of the court. Why would Cleveland change they think it and it. If Ralph what I would not change my line if I were Bret Stephens I would not change my lineup I'd I would go with the same guys and say guys were at all. This will we feel good week week I did a lot of us and I drive forever read all of us okay and and go that way and then play it out as the game goes along. And see what happens because. Somebody's gonna get themselves and foul trouble we've seen it in the series. When you're trying to defend LeBron and I still think the best thing you can do with the bra changeup with different people continuously making constantly have to think he's a quick thinker he's the parent. At least it still flooded and today or make it nice try at it it doesn't matter. Does it doesn't matter I drills on the you don't does it let no matter who's covering it I think which I was and bush years offense off the floor known known at all but that they scramble right when. When they switch erosion has done is try to scramble to try to make up for trying to send a guy over there and that rose zero fine and the guy but get a double team. As your home eleven pick no political overture Smith knee you know. Why so much you can do release. Of the leads on a solution to LeBron James is a great player. So rather him just backed down Terry rosier take his point senator Brad second Bono. Yeah we still got to guard the perimeter he gets two points albeit. But I out residency you know what let your your home NC chair Smith can show got they started their shots that may be got to make an adjustment. But I get the ball out of his hand as the the other guys to beat today. Ending in a hole all the the other guys that are the other role players Tom at a guy like Kyle Korver OK let's see them miss their first two shots. Honestly because that that's gonna be the difference because. LeBron gonna get his. Don don't worry about it switch whenever you want to put multiple guys on up it doesn't matter none of them can stop them. It's Kyle Korver is an idea arsonist of the world interest in Thomson and the world a George Hill and it's almost. Guys just are agreement that we wanted to with a machine did it earlier in the series. And that was that you put that delayed double and so the guy comes over when she puts them all the deplorable that guys coming over from the weak side. And you force him to kick it back out and let's JR Smith can do. Let's see if corporate entity do any good news that our troubles I'll just turn left and right you got some consider units and issues but would you feel more comfortable. About those guys. Maybe not making their shots or do you feel more comfortable on her some people say this. Well let LeBron get his forty points by the way there was a huge difference. In the 44 he got the other night. Vs the 42 we gotten gain to security guard. 42 in game two were all outside shots if you're not yet he got on either side stuff the other night. Insides of you don't that's not good as. It's also going to align if he misses for a lot correct as you said before team I always vote with LeBron James. When he's hidden outside challenging game two it's almost impossible to cover. Beat you know as he certainly drained threes left and right because when you saw that day take it to the basket. Backing guys in the right that that's on comparable he's just too big east too strongly to get the line or do whatever he wants. You almost want to seem okay mediate shot his off. Who take the three this week on the lane we can't stop it. And I'm also gonna workers asked at the other end. Because I get it you make you at three days off between the games last last two games right between a 34 right 34. Restaurants are doing through let's say the other factors is his Jalen brown a couple of minutes I forget who we did that before was it rouge here. As far as that the pep talk and how it goes you know it old Jalen. Oh you Keiko Mikhail if you need help what does this which you want you wreck. You count Cory is his ability regularly along on the Celtics Liu Kiki by title opulence we can achieve these witches who went to a children. Did you keep it by a cut over you for example he's seven years all he's on he's white people aren't. As block yourself. Are you kidding Kelly did you rose and I believe you are trying to find different matchup for if you can a fake a know Atlantic and the outside it's safe to assume that read. He can't have got over dominate that match. Knowledge and it it expected. Gary okay get a gritty advisory readjusting. Figured out thought process on Kyle Korver great shooter. OK but he is that he sat down defender. Dylan brown who could jump out of the gym should never have his shot blocked by Kyle Korver ever. We reality was we watch decade early on. You know what Jim Browning Korver. Rosie I couldn't go by he'll leave it right and a lot of times isolation it went nowhere hated the same thing with that Jeff Green. It isolation many times you try to put move to try to back him down and it was a great defense and late so those three guys Jeff Green Georgia Mikhail Colbert shot out of like they they were shutting them down defensively. That he would happen. Acquisition Google by hill and needs fast in an instant but still Tatum which Jeff Green Colbert Jalen brown. Their isolation a few times they couldn't beat one on one. And I think it all happens tonight and I think there's a huge difference they'll play with great confidence they'll come out. In the first quarter I just don't think it going to be the way they were in game three for Cleveland not going to be uptight and you look splits their unbelievable. Yeah if you like to watch Al Horford scheme you you go back and look at your doesn't every person you don't. When your if you were a betting man tonight now that you are low. But if you're a betting man he will we get up at that Al Horford as one of those amazing games and in everybody you glow plug Twitter want to know and I would say wait till gains and excellence in it does include. Because there's a there's a pattern by 6177797937. We'll get some of those phone calls what do you think the Celtics are going to do. To night we get to that next. Yeah. We've made modifications story action policy we did that this morning after a great deal of discussion yesterday again this morning it was unanimously adopted by the club's clearly our objectives of the league. And to all 32 clubs which was nemesis that. We want people. To be respectful to Nationalists who want people to stand and make sure that they treat this moment in a respectful fashion as something we think we go. We been very sensitive and make sure that we give players choices we do believe. That that moment is an important moment and one that we're going to. A focus on. As Roger Goodell moments ago unlike most things this one's gonna backfire on Roger Goodell as well so if you miss that we'll give it the all team. All league personnel on the field shell stand. And show respect for the flag and the anthem. The game operations manual will be revised. To remove the requirement that all players be on the field for the anthem so if you choose. Not to stand for the anthem and respect the anthem. You must stay in the locker room or any similar location. Off the field until after the anthem has been performed. Our club will be defined by the lake. If it's personnel are on the field. And do not stand and show respect for the flag in the anthem what's the over under here remember Loney investments for the first guy. The defies this. In week one week till we gonna go to wintry. First I was. A people who feel very strongly about it they will absolutely get that call eight protests. That's why you'd do to geek noticed now's look and it will Branson on our Twitter he had this apparently Goodell. He had said this Roger Goodell says the player comes in a field in meals. As you stated the NFL will find the team. In Russia and the team will quote make their own decisions on how to manage and quote any discipline towards the player. Require and I can't I just announced that we averages says those who put all questions go ahead target what happens if a player decides to come on the field and decides to Neil. Nonetheless despite the policy that's the first hour course and then the second part NFL PA. Has come out and said that it will fight against this policy what do you say to the union leadership and why perhaps. He didn't better engage. The pick it union and in striking this compromise. Rosier. Anything I have to say you know sit at Hendrick would and I do that over time. So I'll be more than happy to do that but I will do that. To them directly. But there's been incredible. Engagement with the players. On this we've talked to. Tens if not hundreds of players about this over the last year or so. To get their input didn't understand their positions. And again to respect him as a thankless stated here. Your first part of your question was what happens if anyone is on the field and it's disrespectful to him some of the flag. Do reveal a fine from the league against the team the team to have its own work rules will be consistent with the overall policy. And they will make their own decisions about how to manage that from there a comfortable. At that that's a safe play by him. It's out of his of those sort of league does not consider there's a league doesn't look bad it's the club that looks bad. Right so I say you know listen you got a line Neil what you're supposed to arms upon the club Olympic club deal with their own issues and any backlash that is associated with that. And it nobody. Iceland niners. Take the fun. Indicate to find. Out at the Dallas Cowboys take the fund paid a fine and find the player. And they get one team handling it different than the other team. Right now and that's that's just it would noted that the team on the fine is the is the same but derided team one team could sit NASA bought. What team could sit there and say we're in Dallas. And you know people here really the respectful of that flag and we can't have that this hurts our fan base here. So therefore we're gonna we're gonna suspect you for a week we're gonna do whatever I just like you do whatever they want. There the employer and in Frisco they might say well. But here's the best one about. Is the association is calling good deal out. An amusing this loosely that he's quiet that the league is long and about it they just issued a statement. The NFL. Chose to not consult the union. In the development of this new policy. That. Didn't just get Roger Goodell save the players' involvement consulted about this this is the NFL PA. Issuing this take it the NFL. Chose to not consult the union. In the development of this new policy NFL players have shown their patriotism. Through their social activism. Their community service in support of our military and law enforcement and yes through their protests to raise awareness. About the issues they care about. The vote by NFL clubs CEOs. Today contradicts. The statements made to our player leadership by commissioner Roger Goodell. And the chairman of the NFL's management counsel John Merritt about the principles values and patriotism of our league. Our union will review the new policy. And challenge any aspect of it that is inconsistent. With the collective bargaining agreement on anything credible. Engagement with the players and I mean he's I was talking to. Tens if not hundreds of players. So. Go all out and have an outline but the other thing too is no doctor if a player they feel like disrespect the flag. This in writing is it healing it who decides. To Getty talk but this folic who. You downsides to look what disrespecting the flag is it just me is that it did anyone about about that put his fists up through here who decides what's disrespect the player who's the. Arbiter of respect for the flag what would be considered disrespect. The flag and anthem. And why would we in the owners kind of willingly attempt to police something that is subjective like this well I think. The general public has a very strong Q4. Respect for the flag is in that moment we have language and our policy that talks about standing at attention cuts off focused. And I think the general arbiter of these clubs and and leak and more work for the players' interviews or else. Two very tall guys that are parents of opinions on plans now to sort of deal with your hand if you don't we handled our. But then trampled come out and he'll tweet out. A this is disrespectful I don't see the players put their. They're right hand over their heart that is most visited the I assist in general our fans know what there's no you don't like utilities don't work what's in your view that it would team you supports like porn you know when you see the rock presents OK so it that's what is going on on media boil it raising your rates this certify. And an eagle get airline what's of people at what are we knew that visit noble lying and our fans know different streak to open reckless and here's the thing that's that's an old way of showing. You know some sort of protest that's old old school right you could actually develop a new one that nobody knows about. Mile b.'s stand with your your your hands on your hips Christians Pamela one hand on your hit. I mean it close your eyes closed or whatever and all of our lives and easy to social and his whole social campaign or this is what we're talking about when we do this. We weighed twice and the and touch our nose or grab our year we are disrespecting. Our earth somehow trying to send a message. Here's where the poor example doesn't apply because in this case I think honestly I know that some people are gonna see it is form and other people are not. We're we're seeing a politically the political divide and what are we just we just gave you the beat if we just gave you examples of stuff you could do. And yet what does the NFL PA saying no they're claiming that these players are actually showing their patriotism. By expressing their social activism. They're being patriots because you're coming out and they're talking about inequities that are that are going on society. They have a different view all of that the players do what is considered patriotic by Roger Goodell. But the the president is going to be involved in all honesty you're just gonna respond he's got until the next level is they repaired a 30 all. It recently or do it and. It's golf it's the great political divide we have in this country 50% or over here fifty year old right here and it's a mess and this this is far too vague. This is gonna create more issues and they're gonna be more eyeballs on this from day one washed his hands and I players' association comes. Well those Cecil come back so you lied to us is that the agreement we had all these conversations you say we're going to be in this together. But we're not you me to not count out. We're telling you here's the rule giving you were actually given you the choice. We have language and our policy stating your attention cracks are focused. They get things that it believes can't do anything about it the team. But your ownership can't say hey you know you get your ass out there you got to go out there okay are no no they're saying it's insane if you want. But I tell you what the best case scenario just how does what looks like. Everybody will be on the same page you'll have a couple teams where a couple guys regardless of what that the team wants guzzle we just like voting for captains. This one will be like you vote for captains before the year starts and an eagle all right. Anthem were all coming out right. We're not gonna be a winner to be this team work five guys dated you know in you know forty guys around we're doing that we unify will start now. The case over that had this discussion here. I think you'll see less teams. More teams will come out as a group. And do the right thing or do a taping of the right thing showed social sort of unity as opposed to. Ten guys stated that second look we have thirty guys gain in twenty guys coming out. Suppose you may. Suppose something happens cache suppose we have an incident out here that happens. Opponent bad cop does something we've seen this since this situation before. And that Sunday they're playing a game and a team together in that locker room decides guys. This is this is that the abuse bylaw enforcement officer none of should go out there. That's not gonna be a big story if nobody shows up being at that Monica event summit because that's all these things start these things start the week. Something that's on the society yes and people the players react to it. And it's interesting that the NBA we don't have so we have a policy in place the policy by the way he's got nothing to do without Silva even though he's the greatest finisher in the history and I don't leaders of these shirts made it was about it was a David Stern. Our rule years ago that got to respect the vehicle but they also. Allow the players to speak. Speak openly they gave them the platform to speak and yet we're dealing with a similar set of circumstances matter of fact. We may have a higher percentage. Of African American players in the NBA than we do in the National Football League. And yet. The NBA is not taking any heat here. The players are getting to express LeBron James is out there on the campaign trail for firfer Hillary in the last election. There characters speak their mind you Wear the shirts they're doing all of these things. And yet none of this is happening to them they're getting the backlash they're getting the loss of television radio and television ratings are soaring. The NFL at least she blowing this all out. It's them out of do you want and they don't know how to deal with a players so sloshing. The other thing is he used kind of you know you gotta be that that that old guys at not a sports receive a look at all the young waitress tempers well really this is just the way it is now. You're not nobody's gone backwards this is the way it is. So I don't think you're ever you're never gonna please everybody so that situation you talked about. That will happen to quash October or November or whatever you to understand is that there's no hard and fast rule. So we if you wanna make a statement the whole year we've been we've been we we coming out as a team are now we decide no we're all Spain and why. The other thing is okay so what other networks punitive. Other at the network decided we're not Sony appeared so does. So does it matter so that's another way of controlling the narrative if you are not going to Scholl the National Anthem was based meat to anyways. Going dot dime if you're right network if you the network. You have a controversy right now don't you wanna show because now you don't the public may want us how many guys around to doing on other guys out. You can pick up games the start line so. It's so it hasn't signed in the past this past year you've had whoever the commentator was over the lead analysts are aware it was a complete replica with a guy. It's we get to pick two guys you know some some some crews didn't do anything that mention at all. Now you're just gonna sit there hard fast from Kazaa network and half of all and played together our guys listen hate fox eight ESPN HC BS we did this of this in this. You can even help without even more don't even show start the game have some little we know three keys to the game read before ankle right to the kick off and there we go. So what the NFL is doing in all of this is they're kind of forcing it down the players association throat and basically putting money. Right putting money ran towards social issues that's what they're doing that giving millions and I know 980 million dollars thinking that's going to be the solution. Are we get to your reaction your phone calls new policy in the National Football League. Is that a good thing is the Smart thing or is the NFL just. Put their foot right back into it again and we'll continue with the Celtics on the table big huge game tonight for the junk players for Al Horford is the numbers Dallas. Once again these Glynn who can Christie for away Merck moaning and 41 Sports Radio. Who's the arbiter of respect for the flag what would be considered. Disrespect the flag and anthem the general public has a very strong view fourth. Respect for the flag is in that moment we have language and our policy stated intention craft store. Focused and I think the general orbiter will be the clubs and then lead. Raj got I don't know he's strong right there we can go and is building right now you can download the whole way. And Alex removed and ask Al eternal what do you think respect is for the flight anything's going to happen. He's shown respect for the flight right there there are a lot of people think the commissioners wrong when he sit there and the American right I think they are saying the public knows it. No it's not like knowing a porn when I see it some people view. Patriotism much different than the way other people do what he's doing he's he's trying to dictate a certain way that patriotism should be viewed and I think in the end. He's gonna create a bigger more turmoil in all of this fall is if you're one of those people that you're describing earlier Lou that's a clear and wanna make their point. It's going to make your point even if you do this especially when it's on their ass you're not finding them you're suspending them fighting there wasn't. What's what's more bays and focus focused. What does that what does that mean I squirted I don't know it focused basically means late. Somebody's like you know relieved thinking deep and hard about the country and everything you mean and means to the what does that mean standing at attention I did it. Focused so not fool around not talking with your friends out like you know. No I mean what is that what ever. The fact is that that that fact that you're allowing the fans to determine what that is what so there's backlash from the fans. Because. They're not respect the flag may be the players you have to make some sort of adjustment. What I just I still like I don't know. I don't I don't know stalking IBM is that's not be invoking. I don't introduce there's dozens of Egypt Republican and I view and obviously they think they get through glad they did find it made you think that there are what what is the rule all or others general public has a very strong funeral for. Respect for the question of him as governor yes yeah you're the one up. I passed the buck yet also the president doesn't matter what the general public views and he toasted another and it's gonna set a fine. And I think the general orbiter will be the club's been in the league that's it notes that everybody going to be everybody is back of everybody's got to realize who's now. Are good that they key here is them it is to muddy the waters as much as possible and make keep it is bay keeping his abroad. Keep it its objectives you do whatever you want to do. But the most important thing is somebody gets out of line somebody has or they're not supposed to do pay I'm gonna find Robert Kraft. X amount of dollars and then he's gonna happen if he's sick again find so there really good owners who say you know what hey guys. I may take that fight every single time you because I love you and what you do what you're doing is right. So here's what's going to happen you're gonna have guys that because you don't have to be out there for the National Anthem if you don't believe. The age you can follow the rules that Roger is establishing. To show don't come out there. We know that the media is going to wanna talk to those two or three guys and I tell Roger and maybe he's not paying attention as the the political persuasion of most of the media today. The meat is going to side with those to a three brave souls. Who decide to burnish. Age but decided we're gonna show up well these the National Football League and show our society because they don't like some incident that happened in Austin, Texas or somewhere else in the country Chicago whatever. That's what's gonna. I think I did a much predicted on what's gonna do not united because you know I think it last week I think six. By week six because I don't think that's why I don't drive I still think that then there's a network or even gonna show. I don't think they're gonna show. We don't you don't drive like I was clearly that east grand and the NFL they are all get together say listen you know last shoe you guys made that whole list of guys that. Weren't standing guard guys that were kneeling. We're not doing that anymore. Christian have you seen how sympathetic. The members of the media have been to Colin camper Nicholas Eric Davis or any of these other just so do you suddenly believe. That win until he gets find okay Ol or or players don't go out there. But the media's not gonna jump on this it's becoming politically charged. This society today and there's a group over here is a group over here to the right to the left if you don't believe that the commissioner is opening up the door. For more of this. I also feel your messages there's also like it and and an under story here disability award honoring now under stories on super hysteria that's just reality. Yeah Eddie that's you know so you know that there is there's there's there's a price to pay. If you. Play Eric reads caller. If you I'm not used conch happening because is different you played air Eric reached car seat the young CT doesn't have a job couldn't get a job. And now he's he lost the super league also why the angels you wanna do that that's fine okay because. You will be on the list and they will you know what he's not worth it ultimately it well. It just not worth it we look at it the same way when you look at some guy who's who beat his girlfriend some guy who can't stay up the week some guy who. You don't always getting arrested or Iraq has appointed the wise. Art dom. Christian I understand that and I and I agree with you and that the what's happened to these other players will scare. A lot of all the players especially the younger players. But what were forgetting his every time we've had one of these incidents. It's because some of then this happened out there. You know a police officer. You know his overstepped his bounds something that's how it was bark they create set and so it becomes emotional it becomes politically charged. And that's what all of this logic that you thrown out there which I agree with goes out the window. And that's what we got to deal let's go to the phone calls of people talk about this Spencer's up in Maine goes Spencer. Bye guys let's just hear me out the land or any security on the actual devices in the real world. I think yeah yeah good out that it means that at the are you walk at all. All the you gotta do they have their own organization implement a company policy now. I work for very large corporate company up here May Day all and company all these that they look at the clink our. There are this way they did it look like that. You don't you don't Wear this uniform or whatever we're going to get your reported beauty yet get fired you yet the patriots and yet what you know. Go out and ask a player and all are or aren't as well argue that you don't like it that's. What our. Big Unita on the plate or this is a company called. It a bit. Get it eat it outlook don't wanna look at all like I'm. On every every. Single game that you would you want and then he'd take a week at the plate and be part of an organization. Yeah against I should mention it the way does award the it's understandable or would that would Johnny Damon looked like near Boston ES with the hair and beard with a new if you thought at all corporate learning the Yankees. Kucera. I do worry a little it was so what's the difference. What's the difference I don't I don't wanna sit there I don't wanna pay you I don't want to Almaty because debris at B bring to what's negative attention. Just say dad. What's what's wrong with an older public company if you owned up a lemonade stand and everybody was yelling and screaming about trumpet this and that and any owner. Then there and it and you find so listen you can't do anymore. There's a difference between a guy that does that for lemonade stand FedEx UPS or the NFL. You have a right to protect your business and if some guy is drawing negative attention which is hurting your bottom line why did you do anything about where you can't. But you what he has to do. Is he has evidence and overall policy like the NBA the NBA's got it right this is vague. When he storage not what the NBA is doing I agree with you I think the NBA has the right policy and that is guys. You can have social and the disagreement with with social issues. And you can have issues with the government and weren't going to allow you and they have the voice all of those guys are many of rumor are celebrities in their own right. They deadly the platform to go and express and they have done so he's the highest profile players in that league. We all know where they stand politically you may not a group of them but you know what they stand politically. That's not what the NFL is going. The a Phil's lead in this extremely fake. They're allowing it appeared there and everywhere some teams you can you can set your own policy watch and then if you don't follow the policy than the individual teams can be fine. And the NFL owners association. Is coming out saying no the commissioners why. We whatever involved and when you're governor of the union involved and it the FDA has the union involved and it. They're all part of the collective bargaining agreement it's day rule of Elaine you cannot do and just what. Nobody defies that you tell me that NBA players are not as politically charged is NFL players. That's true cordless so absolutely. And as I said if you're gonna look at the gender breakdown at the or rather the racial breakdown I would bet that that the percentage is slightly higher. Well of African American players in the NBA than it is in the NFL we know that much of this. Much of this falls along racial lines. Yet have the NFL's screwing this up it's all vague this is gonna create more problems okay now. Less so the in order to recruit we are odds of the owners talk some of the owners that were there. Art Rooney. Jimmy has limb you know they had the owner of the cardinals silly talk so we see here with him so it would come back it will do all of that final hour of fallen that's coming up.