OMF - NFL pushing game times up 15 minutes; preschool bans term ‘best friend,’ 4-19-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, April 19th

Hour 4 -  The NFL is moving the start time of games up by 15 minutes. Fauria thinks the Patriots could use Brady’s possible retirement as a way to sell tickets and merchandise. Also, Kraft should have a say in how the Patriots part ways with Brady. A preschool is banning the use of the term “best friends” and the guys think it’s going too far.


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Beach or wade heard moaning and forty. To do Grand Slam and. It's. Hitting in the there's hitting with runners in scoring position Monday able birdies Kristin best is dominated by films is an old. Rock chopper move on my part. But I try with. Glenn flew in christianity a different question what does soured and. Is Tom Brady going to get a new contract from my understanding is yes that is something that you want before mixing this is now Tom Brady's T. He's no longer fears valid check he sees bella check it vulnerable. He has the owner's ear there original backup quarterback and Tom Brady clearly has a better relationship with the media. And chapter. The New England does now on Sports Radio WEEI. Team great team bella Jack see you guys waiting patiently to weigh 6177797937. Month and Fauria. Persons final day of the week to be Tom Karen rob Bradford tomorrow. Try to keep Torre locked in for the next forty minutes or so good luck. Could not do good work so much we got a lot of energy million stores had great energy today on it you're great on the conference call. In a million ideas we've gotten all of them physically that's true view wanna give her any other thoughts hiding LT wanna get back to phone calls number. On the road pulled back and uncles right that I love the fact you know people put the effort and to call and I'd like to him off right there but this good news from me because in and let me know you think this is a good idea and if you're excited about this. Sold at bell is gonna chains the way they the times of the games on Monday Thursday and Sunday night's. A league source told an apple network insider in a rapper born on Wednesday so Monday Night Football is gonna move up from 8:30 PM. Eastern time in 815 to get off its back if you could go to bed a little bit earlier a game but he gets better. Add. Ball of the week it's just they've got to work on Friday that's gonna move from 8:25 PM and he did it's a solid. If that's the authority to point. You gonna get a whole five minutes and they've really promoted yeah. I haven't as of Sunday Night Football. You expect to hold a working and watching pulled out of work they have called dad wore Sunday not debt held company got Faith Hill Carrie Underwood. They got a scary and Olympia fields and cancer we heard he's even afraid pills. She is phenomenal yes I'd go from 8:30 PM eight. Any ten minutes back. Dirt dirt they tried. They tried to try to do anything to get Ryan everything went out there again the little ball making a little tasty floater with just a little bit they came into the office say hey you look really good today. And at all what Lucy says that media won't Lucy said immediately life she nicer than this I think that they did did that make it a little bit and I don't really need it they don't do you any favors five African minutes. So what is so we hear less of what Michael Strahan honor. Or wherever is doing was it here brags char. Terry rats job. I'm Michael Strahan. That's Thursday night. A moderate who is going to be. Monday night there's Joseph Testa towards the play by play guy you know is there might be three man Booth they have hired the other two guys at Favre tried out Favre tried out apparently failed. Who who's the names it looked at there you sir are gonna have re all on the I want to hire who's really really good. Brock Huard. I've always thought he's really really stagnant if you think. Think about it on the army unit I'm not be engaged in missile and what do you think of rocky and not a fan these Brothers are great I just interviewed you there Lopes meant non gamers for an alarm or something now I'm so it's all right so yes they're giving me. I didn't even a little bit time back for me I guess I guess they high five. Yes it's funny because you I read this and eat I'm not like all and it is typical NFL they want pulling a big deals five or ten cents. That any balls they move up a half hour 45 minutes whenever. But I did it the one my big take away was that it. This is college before you were in the league. But Monday Night Football when your prime college or gas. Was at 9 o'clock at night eastern time they didn't kick off until just after nine that is late. That it's a late ass football now so now. I can't even imagine them starting game at 9 o'clock but they did that for what 2530 gas. Yeah I I don't Tom is easily when he got lucky so zona all the the times and it did RC a lot of stuff coming out right now about. You know the schedule when when the page it's like playing edits them a break some news here on your show to go we wanted to break to talk to your people finals and have news and have people. I write this and I told myself this offseason I dedicated itself to your part of the the at the pre season show. I'm really really really good percentage dedicating myself this system and we don't know you know what others are now. Matt Chatham Matt Chatham and Matt Chatham would have them when he's already he's already broken every single game daddy and who's one who's gonna winners gonna lose I don't QL one. And I'll pay your fans care. I don't give me crap about the scandal. A lot of already 8 o'clock. I will find it on Twitter Al proves that for thirty seconds but if adding give you sit there and watch the scheduled show on the schedule VO. Speaks more about your problems and not as deleting is the thing is that you know the patriots have had so much success but it it's news when it comes to. On the plane they they don't win these orcas alters the so I got wedges in you can sit there is always at it. Games of the best games. The fans as someone who doesn't a pregame talk show I'm with you I want the games all but they did the patriots the popular there and all the or beyond what our time I was in Seattle for I think Sally is an olive now complaining about a game not on the obviously and it's it's a sign of how successfully more rapidly which looks sort of panel back but eventually typical. Can be just have a normal game at 1 o'clock game. But that's not gonna happen when it especially this year all the stuff that's going on. I mean they're gonna they're gonna sit there they're gonna put them fronts that are as much as possible because ops at the clock is taken on Brady. You know he may retire is an idiot times could be yeah uniform and everything in again at those tickets. Are active and well autumn. All the prices are going to be razor Gillette Stadium abuse neglect of the box. So yeah that's it there's usually good news from the NFL yeah because. Now I it it means it's it's. If the league like he said it's fake it's fake it is they're gonna do you think you gave your time back. Somehow other that game there is fixable commercials and there's definitely some slight of hand. But there's going to be an extra commercials at commanders would be next of respect him and they will get the you'll make up the time they'll sell. Beat the time to somebody yells you thinking that it's going to be a better situation but no it won't absolutely. 6177797937. A former Fred's in a car waiting patiently hi Fred. How are you what's up there. Right yeah another team Belichick a lot of. Alex yeah you know I. Called to the captain of the ship called you know who merit. You're given the range like crap on everything. I think crap made a big mistake getting involved with. You know well tradable go up lol I'm. The only one was craps call. All of it or he gets or when an all out really well you're the owner the owner of the team you should have a say with what about the leak that franchise most important player. Bob Kraft I believe Friday issued disagree should have a say in how eventually they'd they'd break. Hot are cut ties of the Tom very disagree. While I think. What you restructuring deal sooner or later you know not he keeps restructuring is the only structure and they'll know later collapsed kind of stuck there at all and I feel that's the only time he stepped in as I would like NC. And that's when he stuck in the I think he made a big mistake so. Okay bombing and I think it you can we haven't talked about craft and all your but if you wanna say it's now up to him. I Karen Greene wrote this today in The Herald that he is now supposed to be the power broker these two mega powered Belichick and Brady. She's actually right of center for a month on the show up on my or my shows and craft craft bragged about. Having these big meeting right between Belichick and Brady lasted four hours according to one of the story yesterday really what could accomplish. What they're cool with what war for four hours if they had a meeting for four hours and crack this it is we had that meet minority. And Brady is still either whispering to shaft or the patriots are whispering chapter and Brady still not there are camping grounds what do they accomplish for our. What what what was the point of telling people that if he still of this drama or tension between these guys. Please tell me so the amount of time we do our show for tentative yes that whole time for hours you're talking about. Somebody had that no yesterday badly out of my drift badge we mean obviously for four hour ordeal it said we know it's bigger than just Guerrero it's a much. Agriculture issues so my guess is all that stuff came out in the meeting but. Would it accomplish we're still here today. Was she after and Koren and what she amstel speculating about the future these guys yet him I think they they exit on however is what I was talking. Webber's where it'll leak is the mole is. You know this. Is making it worse it needs to help in order for the whole way just chirping and it is it's just an electricity to it's still being of these guys are still clock right. Nobody's. Forever that's talking nobody saying anything. There's no there's cleared anything that's going to want to listen I really angry that I lying like Atlanta right now but nobody knows. It. News is that. Breaking news that shift but isn't that seed if ever so that's still loose though I agree with you because you know in over and it's it's Brady anything related around most. Anything is going to be news. Let's go to sued dude dude dude dude dude John Wakefield Jon. Is that me a huge honor Wakefield. You violate Ilya. You're on the ground. I'm sure it demographic. I've got a verdict I'm about six weeks out eight and I've definitely seen. You're gonna yeah you sound like younger than 79 Johnny some good. Like an outlet anyway yeah. I wrote us spirit. Built check technical and meeting it's got himself. Eat eat caught me eco car it'd probably be another school football. Or if I remember correctly every fact Jack and I Eagles will. What exactly the warning Malcolm but tackle you eat what struck out but network. It's just that's so accurate about that still still you still on rated about not now polite thought this was a port Charles. Black rock badger for life kicked in Nicaragua does get a kick would that be your mind. Just pay a job because I look good in certain clothes from our friends at mill as you can't be jealous of me John come down. I'm like shall I go I daughter killer but you sound well John let a what are you today. We are murdered Baylor at our ability. As well it sure you're definitely you're in Georgia today. Cut off jeans and I every night light. Is titled a hole driver George that's all right you. John up in Maine on team Brady a John. They I agree the last Donald on the Brady out a way out of this I've been around and acting everywhere mark our ballot check. Ready I think that ballot where nobody iota come great Eritrea. It is stick around out there that may have seen one he's in the heat from one of the lack in our house. But that. Now you don't you don't go jockey gondolas and that's that's all credit quality mocking his events that are you Paul Paul has no sense of humor now is gonna buckle ground. So yeah sixth round. Not a route. It's good to gone you're good gone finish Iowa. And elect. He brought McCain from locking out out out you are a great if I have seen in the league you want in life. Let Guerrero to grow our group want to come contemplate retirement Edward Albert family eat into our. I'll continue to watch him play actual owner locally and tired and you know season. Lot of it acts or my head's about to explode. It's about to explode why because. This is the biggest I know in the hunt money Fauria and I don't in IDB 2120219. Yeah I mean I give you 120 I actually Vickers is doing very good it's okay here and I told her like a vacate its face these guys he's one foot out the salaries offered three day weekend really but yes. We now I'm not really off Glenn is possibly get. Yes it's part of your job. It's part of my. Notice it's just all the hurt job what because of the show and Jon and host the producers he capitalists. Is that it or don't that is not possible that we'll never happened so he's right. We should do this for comments here you Myers agreements. I want you. Opening and it isn't and I just I I wanna find out. Where where are you right now with doctor much. You once you wanna note now or after after the break now I'd like to know right now we all have we had our rough patch for awhile. We did and we have an understanding which is we're like we're not hundred bodies yet Greenberg that a private understanding you can make them public. Rocky yells green whatever I want he knows the so there are supposed to advertise that respect it actually like that you get emotional and that's not you. Netted him personally about something for the ship because a ruled out. We. Are. I know all that you as the tibia and it's at him all the time WUQ Sidney you were very don't want. Yes for me that's my unethical I thank you very passive aggressive football conference call that not think it was very loud he's weighing in on I would you direct route the rundown. And there was a story on the rundown. Knows that I brought you on the run with the run down. Up on house described to me I don't know if that manages. Should know everything on the part of his job description. That is an idol he used a job description of standard stated he's an expert you know if exploited job description yeah it's sure. He's predict I don't know that I fell out of there. I would love to have so right at the producer and be on this and it's very very damaged the first one okay this one project. Located right homered to order it looks great does that yet. Lucy ready I'd note on the run notes and gamble listed all the sound ignorant listened to everything that yes yes. Nation but these are sorted out. Before we walk before you apple widget on the importance. That would just perfectly. Delegate the crappy jobs to other people but he I'm doing okay. Right now everything's just. Obviously I'm gonna add to it like 111 month or somebody asked for sound during which you have written and it makes you haven't cutlery out commitments. You've got people conference calls and he did else Lucy and yet Christian disposal to get along and not. You're confident that Watson no I think you are publicly segmented. You know. A call for liked him a sick about early in the show when I called sports obviously was on my mind since the conference I think what you said was ice do the little time ice and said and announced I was bored you can colleague Paul could probably find some sodomy doing it you're it's worth your assured that's exactly your eggs and that that criterion I'll get that sound. That is obvious. You could probably find sounded that Oprah shore. What's the next logical step finds so I actually be you. Go back to the comical because I had no problem conference call but on that thing what did the rundown UN an issue that I noticed Lou had a very similar issue. With the prep on Tuesday and instead on the year. That would what is the problem here here every day but he's snapped that you can he he was thrown at you zone. Little rougher on the edges he would get an out of the breaks smoothly isn't throw sound as smooth as you know what does Glenn are typically idol once. So he was speaking he gets to the end of the insurance doesn't. Once there's an editor and no one additional well certainly it's mountains hey anyone out Allah can host 2008 I want I want to build a month as you drive today on the keys and it'll actually you can see the white chair with a driver's. QB but out of overdrive it I guess this this chair is lot more work call the work sheer. And out to go get one yet or torture Lou was as strong in the work chair and he threw to something. Equally so I pressed play and not knowing if he wanted to and it probably I got out in that spot though not I was sitting next to him I knew what he meant that we try it was already a five after the hour. You're kind of keys and head and you point there. I utilized the Nazi ones that hit my problem is there's nowhere that did he say I activist. We have got to get to this thing heated seat instead ball by the way blah blah blah and then blah blah blah. See your problem is that Tony's before. It is constructive criticism OK take it or don't eat it so it if you do you don't have it. Thank you don't have it. Right now and then and then let him suffer a mentality you screwed up the intro you screwed up the tees at that say make it be his all I better at your job I did. I played the waiting Alou was describing it. Made a salad he wanted to hear right now result soundly was right Lamy Lou here it is right Blake you blues ball on his ball is deflecting he's he took a shot of me usually are natural time. Passable you're not match air time so does that seem to goes by the way you deny that this can. It's like a like a battle for power Perry is like to play king of the mountain and you know might just didn't cost also need to toss him off he tosses you off it was a tough. Right now own alma that's all you want. About Paul we've got a I got my stock yes. A judge or on my hair who's on top of the very. House. I'm on the East Coast under is trying to figure out once I leave here this it is going to be okay appalled one. Is always going to be friction that's there and et Al yeah I don't know there's always tension always going to be times that the broader cross it says oh exit. There's some. The passions of planet player should. Economical Glen has weakened again his stakes of all threes. Threes take on Paul. That the battle lines that does that does that he's a class yet but the other three against one correct. There's your update on what goes on Iran. But I'll we'll get to a break we'll come back I am a father of a preschooler. And so I have to address one of the dumbest preschool stories ever seen in my life after the break you in San right now. After the I really I know he's here this is good I live picture there aren't legit you said when we come back up from point to job by you. While the great Jack and your buddies that go it is something about conduct in at 2 o'clock. Who's edit to. The old holly yeah arguably the call and they go and haul a three wood onto the sixth when somebody's here that's coming up. Once again these wind blew and Christie at Fort Wayne murder moaning emporium on Sports Radio. New at 6 o'clock banning best friends one mom says the new policy at her daughter's preschool. Goes too far. All of them but and Fauria and still to. Dale and Keith after that your call 6177797937. All the guys off tomorrow will be Tom Caron and rob Bradford taking you through your round Friday midday so I am. Interest in all things preschool and kids the into as a father or somebody preschool. Any town or these things pops up Christian I'm interest in and because I think there are so many things we do now. In our preschools and schools and high schools everything else that's not only did it is that it's a sign of things to come for society. That I get to. My outrage over some of these things rage this would be one of them on this story aired on WBZ here locally in what you just heard right there from David Wade I believe from my locally WBZ is exactly. Or we are talking about there is a preschool called the Kentucky workshop preschool in Georgetown Massachusetts. That does not want four and five U rules saying the word best friend. I have a five year old I will explain you what they think it best friend is let's hear more from this news report about these pork kids who are saying words that. Should the use. Julio heartland loves her dolls in arts and crafts and like most for your worlds she hasn't passed for a she said you know silence though. In my best buddy. The teacher told her that she couldn't say that there in school. At Nantucket workshop preschool that's not a term Julia can use to describe her friendship I think it's ridiculous children were four years old speak from the heart so are they should be able to college kids. Anything loving your my best friend you're my best pound. The jewels are there a pair sold we're Georgetown organ not a slowness prize so. They're foreign fighters all we're down what the mob here says to heart walls the mom which is the daughter who's for your soul. What what she what she doesn't say there is not only should for viral be able say that. They have different best friends or best buddies. Every single day yet okay. My son's cousin is his best friend that his other cousins his best friend. Then Logan is his best friend then writer is his best friend that his own brother is his best friend. Or me or my wife is that is that hit it changes David de. So to suggest that when he 45 year old says that person might desperate to best body. And it means anything other than that the that the person that time really Lou I love that person that that it's insane to me. In sandy would think that yet this preschool thinks that. Might be some issues Asian every. Yeah I thought I I I saw I saw this story yet does that do. Does the school respond to you we I think we're coming up what's the door wide at Georgetown does not want the kids to say in this case best buddies any. England playing your best friend your man compelled to Georgetown preschool offered this explanation to Julie's parents saying that term best friend. Kennelly other children to feel excluded and it can ultimately lead to the formation of clinics and outsiders. But. Yeah I don't know where to begin not an assurance. How do you and attacked this because. The what are we doing so you you you you come home from school your kid to OG you can use term best friend. Don't tickle the school and like Holler at school who yelled them for like they have no. People would click. They're form clicks they're gonna because there's going to be. Dirt it's it's it's it's as close as the social version everybody gets the trophy it is and put. I thought I can I call I can see that is an aunt but the kids get older. Want to do that their Ford five years old. What what click is going to be four or even know what I think an important part of friends they like at school don't want you apparently have the best friends. Don't you want them to have a best I would like to buy my five year old to be it was a best friend and without it without a teacher at the Georgetown put pocket pirated school. Thinking that that is somehow going to form a clicked yet among all want this one. People there'd they're going to be excluded. You cannot that is all happening at something at some social level that is hoosiers can added as you'd leave it different at different interest to show her sports sure you know I'll Wear the uniform off for the group that the boys hang out together and the girls have been friends. This is going to have him you'll try to control that. That's at their door is they're trying to cash troll like us and we don't want little Billy Littlejohn to be left out. Because you know they're gonna go home is able nobody thinks I'm the best friend. All okay all of the parent to explain to grandma that BK. You'll have a best friend and that'll change. At least a drive me nuts if you're right Paul it's it's via the social version of everybody gets trolls like everybody to read and. They do it Vegas that might my son's preschool they do something I think is actually good thing at first I raised an eyebrow but now I get it. So obviously these kids all have birthdays Christina you know how this goes yes so they ought birthday parties. If you bring in an invitation say what all but total by Christian Fauria two my birthday party we're gonna go amateur figure like class Ringo and George W to avoid all we're gonna yeah it's altitude sooner and bill wreck but let's org. And all of my Christian Fauria. I can do one or two things I can bring an invitation to class and give it to you if I do that. I have to invite everyone in class so that you don't exclude the kids so the and so that Paul or Lucy doesn't see the invitation I give you and wonder. Why why am I not going to you like party you like that and it but if I wanna bite you is individually. I can nail it you oust the school provides the addresses. Email to let directly to their homes he could pick and choose. I'd like that I get that at 45. You would wanna see one of your friends and class getting imitation to a party and you're not going. I do not understand how calling what are your friends best bodies. Then leads to some formation of a click post to me seem very very two different extremes so I get at some point the exclusion part of it. I don't think be calling you or by sun calling a kid to school that best friend one day another cadet for the next. And up in the formation clicks you are right is the form Paul's right. Is the formation or worrying about. Social several gets a trophy yeah it's an eight an age where I'm sorry doesn't exist yet as the kids don't really old best buddies. Don't treat anyone differently. Yet and a friend I guess the idea isn't bad arguments in a proposal it would mean I'd like I know you could studios and they're being sensitive to the other kids. Right yes so what is which is a good thing right but it the same town if you wanted to do it. Mail to directly to their house here is apparent some email apparent senate you've got to that house yesterday did you that'll be easier right and then that way. But here's what happens much. Little Billy little Johnny go to much birthday party Christian doesn't get invited. Little billion little Johnny come at school the next day and say hey Chris that we get so much fun and not party and you are invited. You can't stop it's they're going to tilt toward each other kids on that party. Kate when you go to school don't talk about how much fun you had the party. So what does it and how does how does it eventually stop. Right it clicks are to be in form right so but it's not really clicked though it's in in some cases those using those kids are gonna hang out together no other. I think all but it's not it in in the Chrysler birthday party is not the kids sometimes the parents so all of you wanna limit the amount of kids can go to the party so you might. You might ask your son or daughter to pick two well with a Twitter friend you wanna avoid. And so it's it should be to kids' fault that that OS senate fall but the kid shouldn't be caught in. Noisy rattle him as he has the same thing when I added at my school right they were but it sort of Basil good girl's best ultimately coach. Like we were beating this other team. And they stopped keeping score speak they stop adding the points that we were score. Price we are up by twenty points in the rule as your butt when he points you can't go outside the key. Yes they said the key let them Jewell round they wanna come inside the three point line candy issued a cake is jobs and odds are how old the daughter six right. Okay fixed rate 66 great so this is that anything crazy. And the guy stopped so girl on our team would never scored a point before gets a bucket. And everybody's fired a raw look at that scoreboard and it did at the there oh we're not keep his corner we're not adding points anymore because they were so. Sensitive to the other team looking up at a scoreboard while we we lost like forty points. You're gonna lose by forty points this summit why why not teach them how to deal with defeat. So I think it's six grade it's even easier to do it. I and explain to the kids that in the sixth grade level K this is why you lost. While I'm with you I I I I like the different rules of I like the rules thing you said it's fine I would still keep score. I allocates lock up twenty. I wouldn't mind it relaxing the rules I'm not trying to fire though that we just got an Asia that that would drive that's that would drive me naturally not no that's pretend because that is pretend. I've been on the losing end of those things multiple times right sort of Blair as a coach whatever Anderson you're looking at the other coach electorate can eat. The lettuce and keep ease up a little bit you're obviously better than us your sister better than us our identity coach you know most of her tortured. You know because of gruesome murder coach will begin you don't like this no that that drives me insane. As a not for this one does to an hour I would say that teachers at the Georgetown teacher at the Georgetown school there for five best friend does not. Mean best friend for life does not mean some sort of long term thing they are kids they should be allowed to be kids and call someone in the class best body. Without without the without feeling shame from that that's what I would say we gotta get to a break we'll come back the guys at 2 o'clock. We okay well it's 151. Final play whatever sound you want what what's out of your one. Huge and your your Colin Allred not I don't know I don't yes that is easier and bullying and or way I don't wanna do when we landed I did make eye contact would you like saint I want does better in our race our race like you smelled color unopposed. Excellent coach Collins while it was too cold for too late. You are done as they okay nobody did he looked very handsome guys like you're kidding get a birthday invite. Her conceded. Will get to set for dale and keep next back to more of or way murder moaning and 48 right now. On Sports Radio guy you. Right that doesn't girl Alabama. I mileage here to keep this here Chris liable to in the guy's a later on as well Bruins in Toronto tonight schedule released tonight busy busy busy night. Enjoy your three weakened into a Six Flags. I'll be listening so whoever is on obviously but thank you for governor much good pleasure is all fun afternoon when asked him to the fun continues with the guys dealing keep next. Thank you Paul thank you Lucy. They come here today we're out of here and I'm not going to be that much longer can I honor Bradford in the guys tomorrow at ten seed Ivo mattered.