OMF - NFL ratings are down big time from last year 9-20-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, September 20th

Lou takes a mini victory lap as the NFL ratings, so far, are down 24% from last year. The guys try to get to the bottom of the ratings crisis.


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Back to more that gap. We're loaning him for a game three like fire is fat ass or wait four years ago when he called back here. He speaks at his job Chris Seward terrific talents they're carrying him move Christie and end. Anchor on Sports Radio. Up there you it says. The C funding and expose you can generators and he. You don't base us will be NF vocal about next season to make people yes but we had a great experience last year. We are going to start asking questions. The raiders and the patriots were playing their next news. Break. One may. Maybe we're not they don't they may be in Mexico that novel it's going to be in Mexico City the well first of all the stadium is not that I've had a few of them are telling us five out I think that's fate it was part of the it's fake news out what the architecture of the buildings the structure to show cracks and figures to play there today flexible stadium it's marketable. The first thing you were little I wanna structural investigation the last thing the NFL should do is abandon. Mexico City and that in that situation you wanna bring money to the communities you ought to bring money back right. Sure. And they get rid of old chapel you need to bring money to the communities right now right. Sir would you wanna do you wanna put the money back in your pocket the league will definitely play those to outlaw more bothered about that idea but let's. He's going to be problems third occasion the other one. He showed me. Almost no diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight cricket sounds like them resentment that millions. What's the purse or Sergio because he's probably under contract you espionage he can't leave. They're probably a bunch of you know these. You know fledgling network's probably wanna pick them up juror here Joseph nation I don't name recognition Greg joked. But he's on the content here's the problem though the NFL that this was weak to. Of the NFL and if you noticed on your TV. If you were watching the red zone you were watching the out. A direct TV. Sunday package. The they had a single better wind up. Across the country with a single that are single game. And so you had one game on one network which would have been CBS and fox gave you two games. The CP escape and did great here in Boston thirty point five. On the rest of the country it did an eight point four. That was fourteen and a half million viewers that he's down 24%. From a year and they elected so bad twelve to one. That's that's that's you know quarter of the audience okay last year fox head as they did nineteen point two million. It all is also down 14%. And thirteen perspective percent. Respectfully from 2015. On CBS. While that is a gigantic job sort of. Does that does them coming we know elections machinery and he's given to me and make us it's all need to make excuse not to tell me what it is no he had he had a villain well he has gotten and doesn't have a long winded excuse what is that. I don't have you don't have I don't know. Gonna get along when an excuse only comes with only what it is what was the long wanted to hear those tactics. If this happens then. You have one please. You remember. My I don't have an answer I'm asking you guys what is the answer I can figure out an acceptable what is it the way that it it is it's it's wrong simple. It's it's outs they have missed it here's the thing you consider all year and those conference people not just polar suck so I don't know watching sports this decision play baseball. Three other visibly it's at least an hour and a half on his blog out on the hour. They did it ask you question I don't think the real baseball and lists. There's always listen at every base while now been announced formally real pissed them off until an apology they look not only with a football already down 24 guys that. But nobody brought up the fact that Brian Cushing is doing steroids and turn it. Yeah no body can bring really bullet hit me it's not solicit or else. Watching people are watching sports differently the excuse machine is coming out NFL this year excuse. I'm actually giving you one stop with the election stop with our canes. With everything it is just people watching it differently. That's the real excuse for that they are watching the difference is that if it ever happen in baseball we all know why because his dying in. So you that you just it's just amazing if the ratings are going down in baseball today knows historically eyelash in a post season if they did though it because the sports guy. Then I felt that it is so it's got to be something so let me throw this regarding another reason it. Let me throw this one out at you because the way don't block the way the red zone works it's it's a different. Service at different program the way they set it up on DirecTV. Vs. The or the other cable systems so red zone operates separately but they could accumulate all of the readings in the numbers. On the on the reds. If if the red zone is the reason. That the ratings continue to drop I think some of what you just said is accurate that the specially the millennial. Our viewing everything in a different manner now with when it comes to television. But the redstone. Is actually hurting the ratings to the point with it down 24% this week if the commissioner. A pared the red zone no no I would I. Charge five times what they get it for the red zone right now. They're getting enough money doughnuts let's honesty with Pakistan and finally separate. Detonator and an EUU paper but it's it's here bit doesn't mean that's right but you pay he. Nothing compared to what it's worth if the fills losing 24% of erroneous. And they get mcdonalds and Budweiser and everybody else has come into the missing guys when they was much for the efforts that you don't want that that's okay why. Why would endorse no advertisement on on its own right. They should be charging you five assigns you aren't you. Talked about how. The patriots 1 o'clock game was the national game. Right against the saints. And so what were you getting in LA what you gating and what product where you getting. And these other regions what part are you getting tomorrow night you're getting the 49ers in the rain cooled. Yeah does that does that well it must watch T I. Being brought it up again here you apparently were paying attention and Duncan knows you don't something himself but it was a single hitter window so when you have a special added about Gregg Williams. With every single other one don't like that. It means that you're gonna get. I game that's gonna be seen elsewhere in the country are writes oh. In LA you're right you do you might be getting the patriot if you sit here are great aren't they were they were the the pop gain for yes but still regional bleakest there was a way it works its regional. So there you look at that you look at the you look at the the chargers you look at the rams. And that's a dead there fan interaction that commitment. Is and you look at the the charges they play in the 35 seats Steve waited until about and you look at the rams they play in the coliseum which is like 92 president. And there and that's a direct relation to how people are we watching that game and that LA county or count me you know. A mentor county area nobody's. People LA in California in general purple people send him or this or they're just either revolting over it to begin to act in a pay attention to it. People really don't care how. But the mayor of Los Angeles came out there the other day and said actually is we have two teams but could find was one we really didn't need to Tina that's I don't. But that's definitely a candidate that is this this this is really to achieve this is a stand wrong key Roger Goodell NFL. Real estate deal in Los Angeles that's all this into a man and a building that's I don't go to every. Locations all dismissal what was that the Sunday night ratings sustain the loans. Those those are down to as well reckons that they've got some pretty good games and music and cowboys you've had the giants and involve. Denver right immunity on Monday night games. Atlanta going why it is Bryan why is it. He could certainly make a couple more than eight point four rating that they that they had in the single one better. A window for CBS is the lowest. For a week to single better. Since at least 1990. The first two NFL windows on CBS this season. Have both declined double digits to multi year lows and to tune to make the point earlier about where this game was seen Sunday's telecast. Featured the patriots in the cents. It was seen in 41%. Of the markets right so wasn't just a regional game. In New Orleans and and and in in New England. It was in 41% of the marked including. Dallas Fort Worth were you think there might be an audience there. Because Tony Romo was called again and he pledges entire career there so that might be a pretty good markets good football market right and get Tony Romo called again. Well here's what they need to do. Backs outside the numbers fullbacks. They. They got to get rid of if they want people who watch these games knuckle what is the bit to get word of the regional games. Don't they. At week one. Did patriots play Kansas City on Sunday a week 1 at 1 o'clock you turn the TV and there's bills Jack asked the local markets I don't they did get rid of it get rid of dictating that get rid of it. At the get rid of the regional stuff now you're a football fan. You can really care ball bills jets in your region. About you know here in New England when it now I want the better football game I. I'm happy about the night on the tonight an up and happen Utah and you're not if your New York City and you know bills jets game what's whatever city. Won't let you know he's here Charlie he's right though this hurts this hurts senior this church the ratings nationally. If you if you're looking at it because people underwent months. The chance in the bills' general walker or competition they're not it's a bet football game. Neither one of the competition is no rivalry. Between new England and those teach you put on a better game yet but he has yet this still thinking in in archaic terms our regional we got to take the division because it is our great rivalry and that it does well robbery in the division patriots are one I don't Miami's one and all its history have won the big. Street though today it's maybe it would different right because if you are sick in New York. You think there'd be interest in Philly Washington. Philly Dallas Dallas Washington a bit it would yes but here in New England there's zero interest. In jets bills jets dolphins bills dolphins dolphins jets whatever any combo. Because they all suck. Give it but it but it I am not sure that's. I'm sure I agree with that although you rather have then what's your what's your other option. Not just you know all we want jets built to watch while that game. These are the game I think was Philly Washington. Ortiz at casino what that's an afternoon of red zone you right now I am not gonna sit here once jets bills all freaking day long I can tell you that much. You give me a better football game how much it watch you might actually hooked me. But I am done I mean I I seven and nine. Police tried to watch big you know the red zone but I I I couldn't get away from that Seattle Green Bay game. And it was it was pretty but I watched that game I could get it because there's a good game they gave it to me jets. Bills you arch is pushing me so direct social money naked while it was the lions and the giants you know white did well. Because it was huge in new York and New York has fifty million people. Potential 151000001. Of those guys are good so at the right note and so if you didn't have a New York audience that night number one meeting at you know market in the country. That you wouldn't of gotten a good number on Monday night little bit deceiving. Mean when you look at the numbers of money nice amount that Monday Night Football game on Monday Night Football game doesn't always. On a market that is fifteen million people. When I'm surprised that is that is. As far as pecking order son and angles first which I guess I can understand. But then modernizing thing you know second argument Thursday night like that that tell me. Is it worth 4 o'clock games are key. Regional games I think of the next ones and development while cable's subordinate has felt like everybody's got to play on Thursday but don't you I know it's it's around. It's like they're trying Thursday night is a must watch at night it's Thursday night football dealers say just as ours is ours like he's just TV shows in general. But Thursday night used to be a good big night. So if you wanna showcase an event specialties are probably Thursday night should be. A night where you're IR let me give you something better than they got a rams and forty and I got to change that. Like that to me they do. I mean I know it's early in my illicit at least faulted both teams suck right now. But you've got to should know just based on doubting change in that the rams are Paula not to be regularly for general 49ers for example it. Late. In big baseball right ESPN Sunday night baseball. You know I think with a you know it's unfortunately if you're good you're gonna be on. You know there's gonna be good football games with them make sure we are a lot to themselves whatever it is that you know by week's week nine week ten patriots are on Thursday night. Or whatever a wrap it around it by a week. You've got to put good football teams on third added yeah that's that's that's that's at a baseball which was the last time senate baseball he went living to do need to be Minnesota verse Oakland. She can't Chandler at age you can't I can't. That's a growing at such a throwing incident for Intel and Christian hunters are you resolve he can't put it seems because what you want I would what I guess you just don't know you can't because you'll end up with the patriots you'll end up with Dallas shall end up with eight teams that will end up playing. True Thursday night games a pitch behind the line. That's a lot of short turnaround and it says the total disaster started out of England and the idea that they are like water that's already played one. OK it was a biweekly nine. I'm weekend. Yes there's gonna put them on duke yes and done that you get rewarded and texting if you're good you also get penalized if your player because it's a week but. I mean that's it's it's a blessing and curse. It's artist what you get under Goodwin went out there is an argument liquor without my coaches have good teams it's about we're adding more Thursday night appearance on his -- and nice winds up here and you can not gotten us let agree with you get a warning against it right you keep things on the way in advance of the day yesterday couple wins and certainly weeks I was thinking it's actually already a good game Tampa let's look at their dirt that are competitive at least in the short term in the paint a picture that's a tough game for the patriots don't quarterback around old quarterback right that's a good game you can add. It it's not trying to act called you don't leave and they're trying to add more week more teams to the season just. Did a better team gets the better odds everybody a better product into manipulate the schedule that would unfairly advertisement and you gonna mildly confused them protect them why are you ready for what you mean by we want that I ordered it to the baton and are you gonna go on highway. I just one line because there because those quick turnaround. Stick around don't they can sit there and add a week here at make you want it's he's gonna make it longer to the line. Look at what you're going to get they get better because they're gonna make it longer okay they're gonna take. But the salary won't think that the Super Bowl not judge a president's date even that's gonna do this right through that 100 march aren't doing it for their own purposes to create. More regularly steal games. I'll say that the schedule not bad. They doubled to three weeks in a row that's awful day he said I'm sick while almost as well as the rams niners awful right next week bears Packers. Is that awful yes why does the pair sucked all mattered and they're playing every innovators iron there you got a young quarterback I don't know I don't yeah plane. Don't bill he's when he went through my landlord is a starter now he's going to be playing. All smoke less than in jail unseen at Aaron Rodgers it's a good game. Bears Packers as a Rodgers against it had teamed OK but Obama did that bad game he and his behavior has auditors Eagles they're detected because game could. Could be chiefs raiders great game dolphins ravens. Think possibly a bigger game braves to an Al demos at all you wanna replicate is a viking direct Cleveland in the hills or at the Jack and it hosted game I don't need in a vikings could be good bad and you wanna. Right acute read this I don't think you ever cardinals game I don't think it's it's just right it's the third tonight Kansas play the Steelers tight Steelers. I figured into a game relatively tabloid Miguel Mikey I say it's my ball and socket vikings rounds was sub Broncos hold on now is a nice article in the Sunday morning think your ego the colts assaults on a Sunday morning it's a it's it must all of Europe. To London perfect view about so that a bad. Understand it up that have a couple dogs in there but ultimately got. Senior didn't play much as you already know the colts are gonna sock courtyard of a single 3 December 14 I can tell you right now they will do awful that I grew up Denver at Indianapolis went combat what next year we fourteenth. They're put him on the pop right god elevated and ultimately I I yet he's only got in the process run its earliest and get a chance of playing its athletes. That's grown up that was that was a mistake this again. It's the Indianapolis Colts unrelated united Ireland that you go right right back to performance and at 6177797937. Next.