OMF - The OJ special didn't rate well; Quarterback contracts; Ray Allen's new book; Odell Beckham Jr. scolded by Cris Carter

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Tuesday, March 13th

HOUR 3 - The OJ Special did poorly in the ratings. Numbers are starting to emerge as free agent quarterbacks have become linked to team. Some excerpts from Ray Allen's new book are out, and he talks a lot about his time on the Celtics. Cris Carter scolds OJB on his early morning show on FS1. The guys talk about how it's impossible to take advice from a guy that once told incoming NFL rookies that they need to have a "fall guy" in the crew. 


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On the red. Fort Wayne alimony and 48 when who comes under the air he believes that Al Horford is a guy that should be we can we get ten where out of bed. Matt this argument socks is not the same argument that it was back in the venerable OK good so you don't like to lose a liar. Yet just like I gotta do I'm not a fan of the Maloney who I didn't like him as a player I don't like him out with cool and Lou and Christian. We are sending very challenging. For him so many ways. And I gained just want to know if he doesn't mean I love it so much and I just I'm going to work iron. Appreciate and have fun at first get the lotion on hall and seek a here Trevor back in the day or good feared slugger there to want to watch out here. Appreciate and have fun. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Visibility in many areas is down to a quarter from Iowa whiteout conditions in certain places exist due to how fast the snow is falling. We ask everyone to continue being good neighbors checking on family and friends and especially. The elderly and anyone you know with the medical condition or. Picking up some snow are we yes we are and prints and we picked up nine inches of snow America had seven the biggest amount that I could find. Almost as big as me about nine inches. We'll hilarious thing. They are funny guys this afternoon not a wild guy right now are going to be out register all of you take the plot your you that your your driveway Lloyd mean it doesn't take a law to. They go you talked about the plot you know hey you want wanna what I wanna make sure he's. He goes personal because a lot of a lot of money we don't you gotta you've shot out didn't pay a wild or whatnot I think it at the at the end of the year. But that's for the season rightfully just into one bill don't do you like 500 bills that's what they don't you argue your plowed once and then you gotta come back and how do you actually. That's the problem is for us it's a cast that you do in the morning. They do great governor Melinda Gates out and their do around five Ehrlich who want people who would earlier advance ticket and sales and urged I don't know zone business. This is even though he needs like every half hour he says fast. Three times applaud guys it's nice guys of the artists that they already came by once could come by deadly Iran's gonna have to go out mr. Sharon to me I don't see here's the thing. The senior house I don't know what it looks like on service probably moat or some like that house nobody out here in the helicopter and dragon like a helipad right blew over Alabama in and out but now I'm sure there's a big seawall. Because all the water and it needs Camille and I know we go a little water and the ocean was a little ugly when I when I left this one by the way before that that was Charlie Baker the governor nebulous figure not to be confused with a OJ's trial I think that the journal was quickly do we surprise like no readings I was. I was amazed that he so that it had been raped at all so is it a matter of its. Beyond that it's time for knows that people are. People don't wanna hear about coaches is enough OJ it's twenty years so I'm shocked that didn't wasn't a huge rating at NC number now as positive American athlete a four point something. But it was up against American Idol and virtually did the same number that fox did a week ago for that same time for that's amazing. Yeah Aussie you glued Siva I don't know I want Jamie I want you know I mean did you. Feel like they didn't even advertise it in like you know push it didn't you know points are. I sir promoted right now I heard about it here on the right that's how you normally things we have to Hulu and I have to watch cues from life agreed uncle Leo you don't you noted as have you but you do it advertised so much for some like that the settlement got to get it gates Oliveira I re aired I would I would aired again. And you can manipulate people either didn't know about it but it didn't think that it was going to be any good it was. I mean it was awesome as far as any information. You know just how screwed up he was. But I meant what we're not being an. That we're we're 2324 years away from that story could in clouds around even. Yeah demographics young people don't care they don't even know about OJ I sit down and explained my fifteen year old son. What this whole OJ thing was all about he had no idea this televised gala was either good. Mushroom. Was Charlie's which everybody had a real person terms doesn't take us all eyes are. He's among them was naked gun. Back to be adequate and even that increased that's an old and you know I don't know gunned down Hertz commercials nobody knows anything about that and by the way a great football player hall of fame. And then Israel consider that they don't take money into chaos out. No baseball player educated and get in if you've done any of their target and if you're late recruited. Returning LY three miles and you don't get into war football and take out a ticket tomorrow in the murder of many people as you want alleged. I just gave you the update on the hypothetical on the quarterbacks. Kirk cousins I mean you talk about just great timing perfect timing. So he's been franchised over the last two years by the Washington Redskins and now he's going to sign a hefty new three year deal. With the Minnesota viking and you think you'd original offer and is there right around right three years 86. Somewhere right around there just happened to the world critic Kurt. Cousins. If you're Minnesota Vikings fan and you look at the quarterbacks you had this pastor Keenan was pretty damn good right. And you fit in on the other quarterbacks have been okay. You feel any better now did you team is just tossed out 85 million dollars for free can Kirk cousins. It probably do. Just say he. In and it goes to show you so he's had I guess what. One winning season. It was 972015. 87 and one. And then he was seven and nine. So it's not like he's a winning quarterback. Can you know when he cornerback he's okay. But gonna be good and that's that guilty to a job in the NFL but the fight cancer handled the bit and I'll say this organ gates weapons Eugene you rejected this where it's at bat and it. Smart the Smart plagued with them or Denver New York. Meat it's eight I thought that Denver job was great Q3 years ago and it's still a great one now. You know it is it still won the elect a yet is a team. It is ready to win a Super Bowl notary or a year from now or two years and I might suck they're rated fall apart I think absolutely now Minnesota with that defense. You know and the weapons that they had the wide receiver and get Calvin caught back and that that's it that's the team you wanna choice okay Batiste Keenan was damn good this past season for the Minnesota Vikings. They ring the players they were knocking on the door he had a bad game. In Philadelphia. And so for that. You're gonna say screw him he's out and we're gonna spend 85 million dollars to bring in Kirk cousins who. The biggest into the postseason closer he is so we do here who has made a 23 like the two years ago a 25 last year right disease franchise a second your French and now it's three years fully guaranteed it about 28 ounces 29 guys and how does this make any sense nobody's made more money in this guy for five years. Nobody know all guaranteed. He's OK. Okay who. To supporters and so gimme quarterback that you you would see him being comparable to. Casey denied its iTunes that is not ordinary stuff like I did Matt Ryan Matthew status she's Matt Ryan Matt Ryan the last time Rangers player banker Kabul just okay and analyze it that unless you know I can't get our 2000. Setting I'm Matt Ryan last three years. It three years last three years to months and nine touchdowns 35 interceptions. Kirk cousins 81 touchdowns 36 interceptions. Okay the best thing about any and then Kirk cousins has a 67% completion percentage of those three years Matt Ryan 66 point nine. So I mean I know you're looking at Kirk cousins in your synagogue and don't do any Dickinson. None of that's what he's okay help must both my little pat Ryan it is an MVP Matt Ryan played a Super Bowl. Matt Ryan Carr cousin has better stats than Matt Ryan and there's ones that you're missing. Matt Ryan got his team to win gains they wanna let me write you a minute let Wilson was this kid this thing it's it's yeah. We look at them for that team that he's on in the record and imagine they didn't have Kirk cousins were that he I noted that way I mean maybe there were so dysfunctional so screwed up. That Kirk cousins single handedly saved their ass what do you think Q what's the app lets you I don't we hear clap I think our judgment gets cloud based on just in the name recognition they may. Ryan and you like you know MVP had a one green you know and I can always look for more but I think he's real true compass staffer. And a guy that puts up numbers are 978. Nate you win games we'll Stafford five years 135. And many games 92 million guaranteed. Look this one up if somebody the other could put this one you road games as Matt Stafford wore. Don't get public energy that right now Africa already on roots go Briere picked up. I'm gonna unload element of bet you we can put it on one hand. And maybe just couple of things coming out that there is a 25 and 37 road. 35 and 28 home. Donald recently maybe the numbers and most Cuba 25 and 37 road I don't I take I take that god that I take that back at left one note out of a winning team on the road. Beating a winning team on the road that's where he's is. His is fate is that he value Nicky Hilton would that would that. Scene of an event I'll say this like moment it's really bad we never really bad we liquor cousin we say Kirk cousins. A K you know RG three was trapped in amber wine he took that job over to Washington Redskins never really commit to on the key drag him along. They yet they keep paying a lot of money he keeps doing you know he doesn't lore he did all right. Is it completely thought. But the alternative is what. So Minnesota loses. A taste unity goes to Denver Casey got to replace it as you got a really good team. So why would you go get some rookie out there to come man your team listen just don't scored up Kirk cousins. Wish you could be. Average. And I got a great nickname for her about a back vodka and at that I don't think I'll I'll. Average car fill that role and an illness doesn't have the same you know here's a nun and visited a tablet this. Just manage the game. As manager that's all you do. What do they call those quarterbacks you know Ali do was manage again email that he managed there have been through a lot of told everybody that if a compliment you can manage it. I think it's free legitimate quarterbacks on the roster over the last year available to Minnesota in case you're going to undermine the case kids that they could jump from this stuff and yeah but it is it is damned good amid other we're all shocked at how good he was. This past year as you can zone is kind elect. Put nick falls McCain's team of very good last year but the believe them. Or as you could say cousins that people just regard him as does a better quarterback and either one of those guys tee but would you would you give. Nick faults that kind of contract yes. You what Kirk cousins money wanna share analysts yeah I agree case and at the end FC title game but I just feel like you just teach Keenan. I'm nick falls I think they just viewed as guys Ehrlich and either a good situation I think is snowballs gets more credit should give walk I would say I. Based on that he's proven that he he's given the opportunity he can do. A case to him in his last game did not play very well I don't know all of them against Philly terrible I know they don't plan I think that's what the judge David can you do that is that fair to take one game and say that guy really Crowley is having its opponent and you thought yeah. So but I did you see you definitely hear don't think that's ever happened with god does not irritating is deeply nick polls being stuck in Philly. Cannot be free agent please he would trade me please let me get the kind of money these guys are getting better resonate. I'd beat the New England Patriots we were underdogs. So. Tried. To make it more and eat. I wish you compare those two contracts Traber who's new contract attack it and that was that threw the pass to Naples. Or nick pulls it more money. I don't put anybody that plays I mean with people with big sold at times perfect for it but is anybody made. More money with marginal talent than Kirk cousins. Among middle of the miners tell us there's tons of them yes I got there is yes I don't advocate well hold on it will positions yes yet relatively revision of well when I guess all the time Christian 135 million dollars. Could end up. We noticed including including the fifteen they are edited yet analysts. Is that the feet or did it Padraig that's 35 million. Actually earlier a lot domestic Bret is that stupid matchup the Redskins if you are his you know manned up inside him to. All the way all these deals are I figured you hundred. In college refuse to don't know what nobody tries not but but really it's really the first two to three years are repeat. Now you're not paying your average is lasted up yet he's stuck you know going back and forth. And he's not making as much money but he's got some security that the Redskins issue. But not buying into what Kirk cousins was giving in believe it olive branch that is those buying into it which say three years and 85 million. Vote was rumored that the aid offered 36 haven't seen here but maybe that was even before sold their stated that number if they went up from that number. Still a huge number of be fully guarantees to seamlessly. Racing and we've heard nothing about any extension for Tom Brady who make. Fourteen million let it all works well a team that all these guys make their money to slot that at some point so. And that's it's always clauses in your concerts if I'm a guy like Brees or really any of these quarterbacks as if somebody makes more than me on Mac get a bump. Automatically get a book. We should work we mean you automatically get tomorrow if I'm not I should always be there is two dollars and recently relate. Linebacker look you want your cause we want to hit a high speed data matter what right social. You but he's not a big giant deal you're the high speed linebacker next you're somebody else size more than you know you're better but I'm always high speed line and Ramones I speak correctly. America never capitalists like Bill Belichick and I speak totally destined to happen plan. Yeah we believe he's got a trigger cause you to making a number one or number two and you know you talked about linebackers that's really with a New England Patriots have to spend the money. I'd rather not spend it on dates older and spend it on linebackers. Well digital gadgets though. They haven't had a choice I mean it's I think they told money's gonna be through the roof. That he if they come close it will be close enough and its gonna be again if they think that that he's gonna get thirteen if they come and eleven they're good rule if he gets fifteen. Eleven also does look as good scientist and I think Neitzel wasn't a spot where it takes. Does last shot at a big payday now the kid and and and hospitals by play a role but I just think that market is gonna be ridiculous. Special or you seem to guard get thirteen point three million. A year what is the tack left tackle gonna get there with him. But if but if Belichick cannot fix the front seven. Then you're gonna have. The same problem we have next year made you get to the Super Bowl again eventually somewhere down the rodent that front seven is going to get exposed to the can't get to the quarterback. She got to do it some way they're not gonna spend necessarily big money. On one big pass rush we know that that's not their style so we're probably gonna see it for reading guys. Being signed in the next week who are guys that. Well was Ottawa's dean. They got from buffalo that she went to buffalo and Anderson Mark Anderson. Yet those names to the situation a guy and he came in any and it gets its act that you're gonna big deal buffalo and evident. But a situation a guy incidental vote that's the especially when you go to get a quarterback to machine idea advocated Shelton from Cleveland. Let's tackle that's what they have to fix I mean which dark when he got invective. We protect quarterback all we want and I think we all would have liked to have seen Sherman of the league beer because he couldn't it would have been an awful lot of fun. But what they really have to fix. Is that front then they got exposed they get exposed during the course of the season. It was just the Brady put more points up so it was not that big a deal I'd 61777979. 37 radio and Elena. Back to more of bad guys. We're moaning and Fauria it's really fired his fat ass or wait four years ago he called backyard he stinks at. He's job Chris Seward perfect balance that carried him move Chris to an end. V anchor on Sports Radio W. Coming another book coming out fellows. In a rail has gotten what. Anybody should in this one. Nam. You ever go back to talk about the the great days he'll always Celtics championship. Talks about his earlier days in Milwaukee but apparently yeah. He ripped some people on the way out what's useful to we have we get some excerpts out of that but I'm not sure that any of this stuff is. Is what I would say the earth shattering for example. He he talks about how Kevin Garnett really wanted it to all be about Kevin Garnett then uses that as an example. There were overseas in Europe. And their role having dinner in the meals Dunn and Kevin Garnett. Offers of volunteers to pay for the whole thing and then says something to the waitress about a minute pay for the whole thing because he's a lousy tipper some. Like Allen Allen passed away asked for the check it out and in Garnett says now I tip way better than anybody give meet the chipped. Now that doesn't seem like to dig that seems like a joke and it's as though his first and it go to dinner so I'll point out the gonna had no idea how much count him. There was no point arguing with a guy on channels he says what struck me. Was that he felt the need to be seen as soup being superior to me why he even something as petty as this now. This is sort of like it does Allen over a hearing on every yard neck but to take that a KG secular outlets I tip led him. To take that comment and say. What struck me was this is this is the way he felt the need to be seen some period to mean that I would say tees is ranked. All the thinking oh that's what they were just getting to know each other tumor are early you're only first joined to see maybe just that knoller both sensitive there and all the things don't like jokes jokes took insecure late. You this supposed to be dig Garnett think it makes you look off I think it does it's it's Garnett is busting balls tri yeah that's what it is just. I don't had to pay no editor Graham what do you know that at what he's going to be better than me. Relax. I mean I look yet at little sensitive life. Sounds to me like he's really which has him pretty casual and active brutalize its 50% and. And then he he talks of when he left Boston signed with the heat Kevin Garnett refused to shake his hand. When the two teams met an opening night the following season KG would quarreled with his grandmother. If she signed with the other team. Allen wrote that all of his teammates he has had. Quote if I had to choose only one to play with it would be Kevin Garnett. No one else comes off so he does a lot of play them now and she's at the opposite end of that spectrum is Rhonda. Elin describes their early relationship is one of the young player and meant to. I couldn't have gotten along with him any better Allen writes. He's like a little brother to me. But the relationship unraveled after the Celtics 2000 and A championship even with the passage of time Elin still seems at a loss to explain why exactly did dynamic. Between he and Rondo. Collapsed. Well if figure he talked about dollar beckoned on nine. That there were talking a basic mission Rondo there's talks about Ray Allen Rajon Rondo trade around Amare Stoudemire too I remember that Phoenix now. Today Allen told Rondo the time he should talk to team president any sort out their problems. And keep from being traded to another alerts that about the trade my ass because they don't like you. Right. And and so Rhonda that came back later on it's like no problem with you when he's at when you probably blamed me for being almost being traded to Phoenix. So rages Fella he's gonna get traded to Phoenix because they don't like wears on Sinegal Mecca for. About Abbott this when it came up again to the 20102011. Season. In a team meeting Alan writes Rondo told his teammates I carried all of you to the championship 2000 and a now again once again that's sounds like the tip joke right is not like another joke I know I'm hearing how political news or Rondo was really cut he's really cocky. He's really you know. I think believes in. In Indy himself for whatever so maybe alum looked at it said he really believes that. OK but it's still kind of joke. I carried all of the. I mean this is a whole lot into it depends if your Tellme is cocky and your tell me that that Ray Allen is reading into it too much. He's over analyzing these over analyze what if he was in team meetings and again you don't screw you guys that get no credit not tearing off your asses but we can do anything without me what was it like that. He did crazies that heats of the television set right and Doc Rivers was all pissed off at them he threw it to the automotive group bottled the TV here earlier. So many nice guys say as is like if you are. If you are secured who you wore the mean if you're Paul Pierce if you're Kevin Garnett apparently Graham it's. If you're Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce and run it was like I carried you wrest that championship in no way you look at that and I never. They don't you don't you laugh at all that he's a leader in raids like. Serious well all the big apartment you know that's no no sell out. It's it's usually about it is that gap yet on the reason why we wanted to open it up for. Brazen and you go to a you just let him yet you madam Malkin as you need to use skewers some guys always need their. So you have to say to KG thing so like laugh it off but it seems that it really affecting them they get really mad about. Elin describes run there was a player who expected that he would be treated as a leader. Without having dumbo work to deserve the roles that they ego well in I'm I'm wanna view I. I don't appear we use of Iran he got the get playing time in the second half of what the 2007. Season. And so he was thrown into the fire but they had no other choice Charlotte this year apparently Doc Rivers as Garnett and ray. To quote let Rondo into the circle. But Allen told rivers quote we can't make him a leader doc yes to earn it. I love it I love among coaches try to force leadership of players when it already established. Lay down your mom once your little brother that along. Don't tickle me is I'll captains and inviting him to make you try to feel it's you know problem if that sounds better and it's beyond that journalists there because it just it never works. A year and then and then 11 when Rondo did that one run it was all by itself how was that when everybody else left that's I was right so he's usually that you're trying to empower and make it. And have get some ownership of it so. Rondo this problem is he's an old school point guard easy facilitator. Is a terrific rebounder at the guard spot but he's not score. And he can't make free throws so. You know that that kind of limits what he is the tension with the Celtics came to a peak third game in Indiana in April 2012. Pearson forward Brandon Bass had been bickering on the court during the game of the argument spilled over into the locker room. When rivers intervene to talk to the team as a whole. Rondo blurted out something about Allen which led to their own locker room shouting match I don't claim that Al was shot. Interested bats ago and added on those like its real ray they. Breakfast and dinner on the dirty water and went out hours and edited and creating that. What I responded that run the needed to stop bull bleeping every one of the two brother told them. I'm gonna get. I'm going to get your ass out of here this summer. Later on the team plane Allen said he reproach run Dell deceived the problem could be handled in the hatchet buried instead Rondo turned a cold shoulder and said I got eleven games to play with you and that's it. You know. It. I love this bit of a Tolliver is tired. Original stuff like this happens on every ball well and I don't know I don't we don't like it is like where it has yet you gotta they got a bunch of stars. The deck and Eddie pierce Allen India Rondo it just. That that personality is so strong personalities and that's why I think it's a little bit different app. Does this happen every sure the crappy teams of medium to it all the teams it happens is there's infighting and personalized always match. But these guys. All alpha males on when he championship Doc Rivers being in the in the diet also I. This beat it beat the Celtics but to me that's an acute episodes that this. This is great GA toddlers departure right in and does he was a guy that was was close to being treated for OJ Mayo Memphis before Mayo. Pretty much ended that but still he talked about the play it was always sustained Boston they offered him two years to twelve million he was seeking 324. Three says let me get this straight Nero you want me. Pay your opinion less money you bring me off the bench he's member Avery Bradley start to get more starts up. Let me continue you wanna continue on the offense around Rondo now tell me exactly why wanna sign this contract you on the sign actually less money to years six million to Miami. This is Ray Allen and the fans milling and won't be happy with my decision Allen wrote. But I could never imagine that degree of unhappiness they acted as opposed Benedict Arnold Arnold my sin was that I had the nerve to leave in my own. We still kind of. The line I agree yeah ministers or is it because it was it was my aunt. Because because as my it is LeBron champion Webb in at 11 o'clock do you like oh we love you get a via via the root of all Milwaukee unity and volatile but. Does he he's seen that before though. We're player feels insulted. By what they are offering them. Any takes that same deal somewhere else you'd rather take big deal elsewhere than go back to the same team you were on. Who's offering you less than what you think you're yeah you're war after what you've done. For them especially after you've been technically you've been traded yeah he agreed on a trade and member though it went down the OJ Mayo thing with Memphis. Because those ticket with the UConn mr. dunes national stuff retired that race played with the UConn. Was an NBC with us for awhile but anyway you're talking yeah I don't if a good look at fell looks like you are. The they'd only. Tomorrow yeah I don't auditor Tom. So used to have a piece of work itself anyway yes it was it was tight with that Israel he was real art Petraeus who's gonna is gonna vote and apparently OJ Mayo had a no trade music I don't really care bowl banners. You know audio wanna come to Boston so but it was done so now you throw in the fact that. Tried to trade my ass you played Avery Bradley's cutie drafted over me you already take less money and I want. And it's just knuckle right direction so I understand why he left but to go to Miami was the reason why people are pissed that's teen musical through. That suits that really is its Internet life easy get this an element that's raw animosities start your map for giving us a way it's it's like. It's like KG going to Golden State. Whistle word I didn't afford on a year ago today a year ago I agree with rail. But he but he strike as you saw what happened when Danny's dismal loyalty on either side. When Danny Ainge wanted to move forward with you organization what did you do he took KG he took Paul Pierce and sent them to a bad team Brooklyn. That's where he sent to go ahead where you are done. Don't they penetrated rated a bit more run at LeBron well they did. Well that's an inning so but it made made it harder because salaries and acting but I can understand ray Allen's position when he says they're gone so Danny Ainge does this couple years later and says these guys off to Brooklyn. And where's the loyalty there there's no loyalty and on either side. It's a presence of. And I think he understood. In the you're right you hit so you're democratic bench me take away in my time Pena less than that I should be okay but that's yeah. At but it is weird and actually feel any Avery Bradley played dig into his Bradley who's going to start ray was gonna come off the bench and he said you know what if a little off the bench. And you're gonna pay means this uncle elsewhere it's Lisa can do my head held upon them and I may be able to win a championship and by the way he did it. And I am innocent and I still. I understand side I mean it's an obvious move. I mean you are a three point shooter you know you're getting older but you can still Philip. Indian it'll play with a guy that draws three guys every time he takes filling the every time he takes the lane everyone's collapse and soared you don't you can stick it right there at the three point line you know you get a kick it out TO and it's just an easier life right in out of Miami. And I do love the golf. In golf point 47 Sony all made sense right. But you know you should understand where the anger comes in with a B the fan base all the card team not happy you over the team to try to go out there and. Children get these stories of these seem to me like they're more of guys too as goofing around with them. Then they are of yet another guy usually goes missing from this perspective it's like that eight. The kit they can. The Kevin Garnett as the is that they think it's odd now. It's each woman whose insecurities and political we have lights don't often hear among themselves as if you have a tolerant. In his favor would influence already Florio I'll know coming to look Gloria on all look at the employee manually type that if we lose power we can lead. Seek to week I'm still a special ways that we are well grounded. So Fort Wayne we're Loney and forty. Christians on Sports Radio. So much of what we talk about his about athletes personalities. Several leading gains right that personalities are. Could you imagine if the O'Dell Beckham junior. Video was of Leo an athlete here and in Boston. Will we be talking about it would be easier today yes I have seen it it's very short yet very quick. Eat it shows O'Dell beckons you everywhere it's like an old like seventies. Marijuana blunt there in the hotel room and a woman next to him with a credit card and it looks like lines of code that safe to say yes those lines calling that read I am at a hotel. Just saying I handled that error speculate. About it yet but allegedly in my opinion allegedly hypothetically very well. Hypothetically works from OK so we don't know if Beckham is doing any of this stuff and it's not recent video. Because he's already pointed out I don't have the taxes so this is all video right okay so this is scholars may date. The it's it's it's awhile back and have ever been and finger in a room weather's call can you do in. How do you listen. Don't sacrifice well they know their personnel is a village elders say it is the fact that this woman. Took it we think babies Coke and maybe she was doing it does it mean you know just. He's someone you knew it woody story time at a quick story like me but in situations where guys are doing something they should not be do anything about it. Part by the weight of one of the hole. It is you the thing that you want it wanted to drugs. Don't care wars and people looking snorting. If you kept this video is from his son by the way you look at it of he'll crashed ominous as it down a path yeah. Listen. April looks that the only business in anything that's going to let it. Though he ads anyway you'll die a surrogate that you think these spots what she's doing over there according to mitigate it knows that handed. And it is they hope the body might you daisy Crowder applies to the chocolates and chaotic state. There. Both shock and are at a chocolate chocolate chocolate is out with the odds are he's it's kids kids are going to be done. They find out so. You can only imagine how Cris Carter felt about this devastated like dogs and a nine year old Charlotte is have a mentor. Those are the days when he was mentoring he was telling deal blackened Julia how we had act that we had that. Deal with everything Chris Carlin fault while back right yes the fall guy yet he's disappointed ease ease up at ease of it is in default guys that what does he was disappointed. Console disappointment. I'm so disappointed and I expect better from. It's enough for the excuses time be to grow up and stop being a little bored. And you wanna be a national brand they don't act like and you want someone to pay you the highest pay you the receiver in the history of the game they him act like. A right to the enough. He has enough I'm sick of talking about him and the negative aspect I can talk about his releases I can't talk about them gets the ball in traffic why because it is in this matters. Okay your image in sports will always. Mac in European sports you're not some rapport are right. You're in the National Football League and under contract with a New York football giants. Act like it matters to them that other giants players a longer career it didn't matter tormented affected there are as far as how great we considered them to be. Are right the greatest giant ever struggled off the field. Until this day. He still does not have his life under control and to see another great athlete and to see that happen to know how will not sit here and act like oh this is normal. No it's not normal this guy is an unbelievable talent is talent as anyone that I kept out listening. So I'm disgusted with the whole thing. OBJ. Called he man and not for the stupid. Or did all gaffe. And saying you know it's time. I don't I lie I don't got a crew I'd like you've got to have a fall guys you know I'd like little. What does this trend we're the ball Gatling guns somebody else and it's a little contradicting rate write another discipline Carter he's talking about lord Taylor I can see anything that is Sandra Lewis there one I don't believe gotten to know people want music. Will give him. And answers how can sit there be critical of apple Dell Beckham after tone rookies in the NFL. That you need to fall guy seed don't go to jail when you break the law is a hypocrite. Paris nice race Chris. I'm Obama I'm ignoring that part I mean I'm ignoring his history. The message is legit. It's accurate I am the message coming from him it is a little goksel box. What about you or your career what do you when you're mentoring animosity stating that if there's a long line of them. But he does he does go out there he does mentor a lot of guys. Battle been edited and it felt symposium with the rookies. Beyond how we thought that was actually acceptable like that would that. There don't you guys when you bites open a really bad situation may get worse if it does somebody else I'm sure he can always keep your story straight. It's gonna Boyd that in the women that wasn't joking around serious he was serious head feel bad and he was in a seminar. Dealing with these somebody. That was a seven. I don't want peace and want you to a little more context and that is Jeter's and not let my whole life is now the dollar a key role in like they just. That I need to know who won't be to fall back who won't be dropped them because we all do it right stuff now. All right I got these are how to get around all this stuff to it you won't have. Crowe won them both got the know people want music he will give him. So a lot of the reports it has garnered so are you rolling with him so and so you find out you're rolling with with with Carter. OK and you realize you're the slowest. So obvious it's have the least amount of money out of all the guys so you're like the Star Trek god and always get shot when we go to some other planet. Like that but all guys and went went went pops off. Listen we're all gonna wanna we all got our store history of the week league I hope nothing happens I didn't articulate it but the I believe you listen that guy without a smaller guy gets eaten I don't buy that I had a dinosaur that's what we're. Didn't you said that his message to correct one. What used to seeing a photo Dell should have been what he said those rookies added that the NFL Columbine where the hell alone dating dating yeah I think you wanna be this act like it. You want to make the money you know being professional of a role model act like it. Instead. He's a bunch of twenty year old kids. He's not wrong to stay away from that group. You know that crew that you grew with keep that a similar to budget whatever crap that's going on at doing legal things he's not saying stay away from them. Which is what he should've said. Instead he's saying if he didn't do much his idea God's gonna go to jail I know you guys to do good I did it I'll without comes back with the right speed of the sale are good message Chris art. What he's doing is this is on TV. A lot of what is in our context this is on TV or radio news Johnnie giving any advice so what he's doing now is he's he's giving us the peace seemed language I'm disappointed in him that he goes through it and raises his voice and he shows how pissed off and has. What are you originally said. In that seminar. Was supposed to be private it was to those young kids who coming into the National Football League that. It was the real advice giving advice right now I don't know I don't think it is he's playing in the TV radio roll here that's what he's still. SON and but I saw I saw as the old Beckham united I didn't see the follow up. But it was an old video videos I was short it's very old case and that's who's salt. How well how old is we don't know if it is not it may be he has changed maybe he is serious about everything or maybe doesn't realize it. That's three years old what do you do but that's that's when you Livent living crazy you are young hit a lot of attention. Women were thrown themselves at Q and you are buying into it like crazy OK for first technically. It's he has maybe has learned from his mistakes he released a video. Get closer as we've said we can't sit here and say that he was definitely due in the Coke. Okay the girlfriend was maybe it was somebody picked up I don't know that night was no he was even talk. Coached by a thread and and let's face it he's not the first NFL player to sit there and smoke a little weak right and he won't be the last one. At that happens. So what people are going but Carter is playing a freaking game here he had an opportunity. To mentor the young players like O'Dell Beckham junior few years ago when he actually spoke at the seminar and then he's surprised that Obama is gone a little wayward you know. Well he was a woman originally set their adult fall guy Aetna video don't let John Shepperd this got followed. Yeah I guess it's like who's who's give you the masses. And Chris cars give me a message of off credibility and would believe anything you're saying. But the issue diminished if all of this video. To me as if it's an old habits three years old I don't care that's not he's not doing on how to become us all the wasn't so it is no tax on this video yes. I'm doing all of it institute. Somebody gets to have to call it tablet or call it two years ago this fixing two years a year ago. The fact is that he's doing right now maybe is completely unbelievably conscious of his situation and doing all the right things this is just an at all. This is that I by the way it is the what he did back then god yeah I'd change. Mean this. It's I don't think necessarily. Her shoe is like you got my current negotiations. If you that you know the giants you're gonna use it all when you and and anyone who invest and a guy make him the face of a franchise nice circuit into the big picture things. My authority some issues with him the stuff he did with the into the leaking net and things like that the eight dolls were really immature. So what is what is O'Dell Beckham junior turn into Cris Carter. In the last five years of his career or for the Randy Moss of is time with the patriots what is one of the targeted at I don't know when he does though how much work out all you have to do I don't know when he does. He's such a a talent when he finally figures it out. He's gonna be beyond good. I mean Bianca yeah. And you look at an and Carter went to a lot of the same stuff and may be corridors in outcomes for all that but even worse of Chris Clark. In that seminar no way he went through early on as a player the other is drug issues. Any if he's any basic. It's all these guys but I problem was I didn't have a fall the worst ever tournament so that's it really took this day them out of almost oblivious. It's like so you're you're so which they choose to go give a speech to a bunch of rookies right and you wonder if the only guy to cool guy you're you're so cool guy you don't want to know why certain angle volley yeah they're called pop there it got more. So you are conscious. And little if you're looking beyond apple so when you don't make it equal he's the guy. Why it was pretty. Patient used to be judgmental of everybody you can never trust anybody. I don't think we get a tip for warrants out when you pick it up to workers make sure you pay both the paper three taken at 20 okay like a report that's it to deal with that a it is pathetic but he went on this this rant apparently our elect has yet to be gone by Chris carton now. So there's got to be some guy in his life that was the fall guy that has the story to tell yes it's as yeah. We went out of the day elevate it all on me I've read I was children and I bet you I thought it large adult I could lead at the hotel. The guy owned and Ireland are. I go to video same video shot Thursday. He is she says he didn't do any drugs but it was a recent via so texting doesn't match he lost his Nightline Sony's included an era having this attacks attacks. I mean. He is cavaliers snapped right out of the current well I haven't seen the video here look at the video and compare to what he is right now. And I they wanted to get through that and that's earnings giving go to that dandruff shampoo commercial we've finished our. He sees all bodies and share. Research go look at that claw all the wanna poll we are still keep your masculinity if they usually decides project. You recently on what was this girl I just totally don't know. Wouldn't wish what he's had dozens of answer a model what's her name and look Roberts reserves for complaints who says she said it was this last Thursday. Correct he's in Paris he confuses your Grammy himself in Paris the video shot in Paris so she corroborated that they were afraid again. If that's the way earnings that what is turning. I wanna I want pictures and I'll make sure thing person would you be surprised me with a Laura juicy quotes CU he. And CAA cool and so I guess I am. Oh cast Eric prince eighth and aren't while children happened Thursday if you're the giants. That takes on a whole different conflicts here. It. Now what. This is then they don't let your agent is lying benefits features that chooses the defense as we get that they're accused zone. It is not Italy does on the very community. And that's definitely and it forms those delegates is touted free. I don't know I understand that it saves herself by the tattoos and yet when a mistake that's we scored so he's either lying. Or she's the fall guy. He spoke to doctor. It doesn't let she's willing to beautiful guys now coming out of state and has his that she says he didn't do any drugs but the video shot and that's that he's in your duty drugs he was holding a piece of pizza. Well that was thrown and now enough to do is they usually beat the big he talked with that it is now time. Let's compare the pictures we'll compare the tattoos and see we commodity at the timeline the first place. I. To go and only goal our Sandra is the only four hours yeah.