OMF - Ortiz defends Manfred, calls Mike Fiers a “snitch”; Josh Reddick says he and other Astros received death threats 2-21-20

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Friday, February 21st
HOUR 1: A new CBA has been approved by the NFL owners. What does this mean for Tom Brady’s future? David Ortiz’s comments yesterday do not fall in line with the rest of baseball fans, players and media. Glenn believes Ortiz’s comments are motivated by John Henry and the Sox coming to David’s aid after the shooting last year. Josh Reddick of the Astros says he received death threats including one person wishing cancer upon his children. Reddick says he’s not the only Astros player to receive death threats. Lou reminds the audience that people on Twitter suck. 2-21-20