OMF - Our biggest fear for the Patriots season has come true; Remember when the Raiders were a contender?

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Monday, November 20th

HOUR 1 - It seemed like less than a year ago, the Raiders were the hot new team in the AFC. Maybe they'd even threaten the Patriots! But after yesterday, some things just don't change. The Pats continue to roll and Jack Del Rio doesn't know how to stop them. Also, Jacksonville is shaping up to be a problem in the AFC right now. Can they challenge the Patriots? And Carson Wentz is the hip, new, trendy QB right now. 


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All of you ready. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. With the gland Lou interest anyway why are yet but you gotta hold people off who assists. Only it what's that they often you work toward. And I would I would check your with the doctors I've really believe there's something wrong with now on Sports Radio WEEI. Jerry Jones would say Torre just. Pussycat so here's the deal he does via pregame show yesterday here on race. Does the pregame show whatever. TV there's no post post game show on TV yeah when he has a call us here today. And today does he show up for the real show yo emotion when it really should count for you right the top priority shelter right does he show what. But you you you really should talk and you took your day last right now let's say it will still think you know hear my voice is still such a residence here you to today he took the day and night in Iraq in particular day we had four days ago you took off unbelievable vault them into the stick together through jocks district again Obama and Paris isn't. Some would anybody else by the investors make it fun a flurry of birdies on open threes goes at the sniffles but let me guess what day you not showing up this Wednesday a day. And excited because I was substance behind it because it's awful stuff. I've missed its way to start. If you think you're gonna. Hundreds of Mexican waters there's a government that's our category before it was in Mexico street entered the water. Into the yield to the Dolan Gilmore did they actually take them literally when they said hey gentlemen do not drink the walnut street the water I got a really good team that night you know had federal water for the game whatsoever I heard they had tons of war at happens ripple back in the wake up. There's a big deal right at both the back in the game they dead but you heard birdie talking about it you know for awhile there in the health is an exciting game. We just ignorant or sarcastic and exciting bugler or a statement that was just. Such a second half like I was in no way that every single eleven into my seat that he's. This was our biggest fear when the season started to litigate sixteen of these. You know the last two weeks we've gotten kind of what we thought it thirty or just blow outs boring you know beaten Dick crap about it teams. I was a boring game was there. Yeah it was the second half. Second half the first half was good I mean it got to that part of it was was get stupid Christa wasn't here today because I'd ask him you know we'll do tomorrow. I asked him because your recent when they were struggling to put this is different. This is different kettle. Different. At this it's no different thoughts different I felt if it's a different there it's the same. This alternately played it's it's it's exactly say Ford is about four games five games into it they need to figure out takes a while to figure it out. You can get to the New England Patriots early on in the season Belichick gets film they get enough information a big oil sample what other teams are what they do. And guess what happens. And the Kansas City that everybody gets excited with the to the first week we'll tell you what the problem now is they have to go into Kansas City once we get to the policies and little boy jobs. And I don't think that. It happened that it did that they picked five offensive line to get hurt with that the Kansas City. As you watch any of that game likely they used to be overrun the bomber and can the running back was good yes article is pretty good people. I don't know he's hit the wall it's called defensive line. And if there's an opening for the guy at all and they can't run the football again. Tonight the ball in the hands of Alex Smith and that's not happening at all not that's a completely different team held you lose that Jerry. And don't give I don't think it's a different I think they cut the patriots early on the able to that motion stuff so that you re kind of confusing Trey flowers said that to us. Like weeks after incident happened back and kiss it and they think we will confused it was a lot of emotion right. Lot of movement called state the offense yes coaster ride because Alex Smith can't win a game four he probably won't lose gainfully. But he's not going to go locked in winning game four yet but I citizen of that game I had a person that it was boring you know me the first applicants it was all we get the first test we are ordinary field goal that was an exciting through rumor that went seventy in the back of the net move that was like a three bedroom home. Well that's that you entered into the second half thick you know. Third Tenet the fifty don't get it and Lynn seating ticket 67 yard right and it didn't happen but give it a first half game all of game over set Roberts it may they could've made it fourteen to seven. And ran the clock on the first half and then. Salt you do instead they fumble set Roberts fumbles and has the ball out like it's nothing at the five yard. The patriots in about three seconds good on the field against it's to your local seventeen nothing. Cooks to kick game I mean does it can. If that affect you could tell that's that's the way Oakland came out in the second half it was almost like exactly that. We should have been more than one touchdown once scored these guys instead this game is done over the dealer and pictures to a bad name and invite her up quick the quickness. In which to end game. Fourteen to seven. The next you know it's seventeen nothing 24 and a political that was coming out of that the first half Americana at first it's in the second half but it's over 44 nothing. Closing teams out third quarter and I wish it here five weeks ago saying they can close out teams and other closing money in the third quarter. Oprah has done debt ceiling could and good luck trying to make the postseason right now blood. What a difference when you look at Jack Del Rio check till real peace just overwhelmed. When he sees Tom Brady and he sees Bill Belichick on the sidelines. And I don't understand you know exactly. What they were going to do your week this is. You know defending tight ends and running backs guys coming out of the backfield in the passing game. You know what New England was going to do you had no answers for. Well I think Brady hit on this morning. When he's talking about this offense. As it's in wait put it through a feel loses a lot lied library of place. That they can go to and how they can beat teams that we know what they did against Denver. Against Denver it was you have two great callers are all gonna take my game and throwing them. When it code tight ends running backs matchup against safeties and linebackers finest games in this game it was different this game was we don't think you corners of America. You know moving from critical to their run free and run the football they can do whatever they want against the Euro Oakland they really could. Against Denver he stayed away from the wide receivers and of course but against this team yesterday. Thought they could do whatever they want. It's amazing the Brady in a way. It's amazing we've seen this over the years how could use to just picking stuff out but he whatever he could find of a fifteen that was Nicholas Moore a kid the rookie linebacker. There when he was. Cover anybody anybody. He went right to Wear it right so that's what we get the big play with Kirk's. Numerous times when he could see moral out there on the field in coverage wham all. He just actual part. So but it's interesting things I thought in yesterday's game once again he got a team that made a zillion mistakes. The patriots only those. The deal that the difference in penalties earlier in the year we're talking about stupid dumb penalties but the New England Patriots that a commit any amount Europe we tend to penalties yeah. That's when this and more of them to vent nor want. Under the ticker made no sense to me because his back turned to a really to pick a running into an event it was back right. You look at him now. And look at where they were at the beginning of the season and you look at what Belichick does he talks about week and being. The the turning point that's when you find out you know what you changes I think we know what this team is right now. And is anybody fear anybody out. Mean all it is it is it isn't that awfully. Agree especially if C Richardson the awfully and it's either some teams that will see what happens there. But I think lauded volumes and a conference call it's illegally. He basically. As always you don't try to lose. You know it is a joke while there and just crap all over yourself. You don't win football games nobody doesn't vet the patriots they just wheat proteins crap all over the site could open it exactly that Bowen and Denver did exactly that every team goes. They do Miami will this Miami well this week in buffalo will in my annual again and and Ross and wait for December 17 at Pittsburgh to see how big of a game that is. But it's two weeks that are gonna come off by so I think it's time that's just the start given his defense low crime. Absolutely it's time that nut to scrap all the the other teams and its mistakes from the other team absolute and it's time to set look at his defense is saying okay. Think you're twelfth in points right now maybe thirteenth in the league it'll be top ten defense against vigilant. The number two of the last six games of yeah. Seventeen points or less and less that less extinct its handset given them some some current a question. Secondary Ben I think tremendous here during this run but the cash up front are all figuring out. So maybe they don't have those superstars who whatever. But instead of you know. Getting ill lured into something like they did earlier in the season simply because the guys didn't realize what they were doing and they were kind of freelancing and we talked about Kansas City in the motion they had. Sadly these guys have figured banished him a spot this is what I do this is what I look for this is and it got to figure out. And it's great coaching you know you almost feel it is front seven couldn't nobody truly stands that was Cutler before Christmas and before is not one guy you're thinking playing against whether that's. But he tree flowers. Teacher wise is still young kid but. None of them really standout pitchers there just seems like that gang tackling notes Iran that everywhere it's just. There you don't mean that they're just getting to defense they're getting it done but you don't seem one outstanding effort from any one player than just doing their job. There'd showing that discipline where they need to be in certain gaps in donated their cold in the edge of forcing guys run inside its. It's impressive with a group that you just really can't name to me those guys especially nationally. I think journalists had terrific for five weeks here I haven't really really good they think this look that you are you waiting for a team to try to go out there and run against them. Because you've got no high tower okay and you've got some land and Robert she got people like that how are you waiting for some team to go out there. And start running the football and yet once Brady gives you the lead early on McCain suddenly your running game goes away. So your offense almost takes the one week issue might have defensively right now takes. Right it was all ethic that drops really killed them early in the game you know the interception that I thought. That Jones actually tipped off of the decade Gordon and his name his shoulder pad because you talk remote running the football what a blog first after we agree. Law it was a seven of nothing get for good portion right into the second quarter earlier in Marshawn Lynch ran nine times for 61 yards six point eight clip they ran as a team fifteen carries for 875 point I think he can ceramic until they did run the football to. And it's just it. When they needed a catch to extended drive it was a drop. In a whole word every big they shot themselves in the foot but they were running the football in the second half against Enron's second half so they rentable effectively self. Yeah they just the problem is the offense Patriots offense takes the opposition. Out of the work they do kicks off the table because what state get the lead like that you can't sit there and run the football to run the football you play right into the patriots and because you're down two or three scores are gonna do you think. So if you look at the Spanish right now. And I think we've said this all you'll nobody's running away this thing idiots. The patriots have to win in December 17 we know that that's established a deal with the Pittsburgh steeler fans calling up that night but is anybody really fearing that it. It is the toughest game remaining on the schedule nobody's gonna dispute that. But he's an eagle guy. Got to go to Pittsburgh now could that equates success going into Pittsburgh and as much as the defense has improved Lou. Quicker more athletic he still look at it say okay. But the plays sold and they liked the blitz they'll. And those are the teams the Brady channels pix a cakewalk know that it's tough and certainly don't salute the wind at about the heavy favorite to expert. Probably less than feel glow. Well it's that it's in Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh is riding with the same routed him that they are and I think the going to be favorable agencies that everyone's been really Wear people out of the east admitted an ideal concerned. Do you know why you only give the concerns me on the schedule do you really believe buffalo. But arizonans anybody anybody buying Buffalo's act anymore Palestinians which course the president ought. There's these big hits with Tyrod Taylor Becky quarterback. They might still be that succeed. It might still beat that team. And I don't understand what the hell happened over the weekend but they put him back in exit Oakland is done now I would egregious because they scheduled a mythic they get. You know you got Philly and Dallas and not so sure epidemic easy to last game out there may catch a break the tickets in Diego and a year I believe they. I I think they're done. I know watch out watch out for the chargers. Chargers right now are four and six then I would watch out for the charges speaking at that spot so that one game outside. Of the the playoff picture correct yes. That they can speak it chargers could speak in and that's the team. That could be could be somewhat dangerous when you get into the policy I would agree I would agree but needed visiting wounded patriots played them. You know the time that they're three and four but we you know we looking back at the games that they lost. If they had a field goal kicker. And I didn't dive into right. A time you know in film maybe even better than. And they lost a tough game against Jacksonville little overtime. Blew all the bills and then they get the cowboys again Cleveland. Yeah I think that the charges could sneak their way in because if it's not them who is is that buffalo is at Baltimore. It doesn't really matter it doesn't matter senior C title game whether it's can be here Pittsburgh that's all they're really not I think that's what contempt. Because you if you look at right now and you look at. And I say that the Steelers are the toughest team in the conference and those are busy. They're pretty. A good team and I actually think that they can be somewhat scary that think there Eaton to. And before this past Thursday. You wondered how the hell and figured it out yet you know much sand you know they are the patriots put the patriots are near the struggle we stated in a figured out. Pittsburgh drawing in the defense in Libya bell missed all of camp rob the spurs look like he's about to retire. Isn't it scary that needed taking find it gay right build off what they did on Thursday night and played like that down the stretch. Because I I've seen them too often go the opposite way that the opposite direction. I don't I don't think it's a real threat you know like they're the toughest team at the board in the conference well luckily denied that. But he really fearful. Of going into Pittsburgh on the seventeenth or having Pittsburgh come to July the Leo third week of the January whenever I'm not. Just look at the history of what Brady does against that that team defense is more athletic than it's been in previous years I'll give you that. On the other hand is still placed on. The plays right into Brady's hands. Now I would say this defensively if you looking at teams that concern you. The judge was what concerned me because they can rush for at seven back in coverage and the break up the giants. Nightly at everybody but those two giants super balls. At the problem Jacksonville has put Portsmouth and winning games and going to be able put thirty points up on board no I didn't wouldn't you can't tell a kid know so. The only other teams you look at. That are may be difficult matchups for the patriots. We now get into the Super Bowl and if you look at Philadelphia Philadelphia has that type of defense they can rush for action but the rest of the guys back in coverage. That's a team that causes problems and here's the other part of that they can score they can put points up a divorce now we can look at it that New Orleans. New world is get to running backs different skill set right. They can run against doing was it that you and I were just talking about new England's defense against Iraq I think what this could work against new England and okay. They can put a lot of vote to show yesterday to that they connection throat still yeah they can put a lot of poise and they rely and around for so long what about Denver Denver is done I don't they just fixed it. How did this on the street from Ian Rapoport a while I was interest rate changes and then all of a dozen new quarterback this story the Broncos have fired offensive coordinator. Mike McCoy that was useful it was his fault it was his fault. Mike McCoy good offensive mind right offensive coordinator or should appoint an article that's what they're saying to should've got backed the idea and Mike turquoise fault now. At that quarterback situation is what it is. Fall guy that art is right that is the ultimate fall guys and at fault and I think what I don't know that's Elway Macon called advance Joseph he's got some nuts. If you walks in news as you know doing your job. Unbelievable how one Elway right Kelly came on called soft that's when. Self defense so often does it match can you imagine being you know Mike McCoy invades Joseph calls UN. This is your not getting the job done when you're sick you're sick I'm not. You got twelve guys in the field you get ten guys in the field you don't know what in God's name you're doing right now never she'd had cultural match more than you'll. And I'm not doing my job is now on the main. Bill must grow musgrave. Has been promoted to quarterbacks coach is done such a good job with the quarterbacks the elderly can the office equipment and is. As simply. Racial he's got to be the fault we do it I don't fault. Are we don't like to get to get to the Celtics to who won fifteen. In a row now. Fifteen in a row and counting to gonna win tonight Dallas anybody worried about the bells and now. There's no word downs and what my vision my. Have they went over to commit to him. My B of a tougher game coming up on on Wednesday that might be a little bit more of an obstacle. But we got to get it we gotta get him to a all of that so we got a bunch do to get into Christian was taken the day off. That stoked for taking the day off. I wouldn't be storage he was taken. Like Wednesday for some like that role from Friday general on Friday you're taken Wednesday I am. They are Smart enough nor that's one in the early you avoid traffic tone was because Wednesday's night. No actually it's it's it's it doesn't matter now. It doesn't matter what are some traffic sick awful start Tuesday night. Anywhere you go and you just eventually it's that it bleeding to Sunday. And every just takes holidays off we usually take them Monday and get a jump on now now. Now he's leaving a morning doesn't matter you screwed traffic Sox. It's it's everywhere tickets you don't take it winds up when given a bit but needs are key to today to write the Oki joke. In some commercial yes let's release so yeah I agree that you think he's line. We don't my theory. Mike serious when you take a day off in the middle of the week OK you've got to be so you gotta be sent this going to be some run who take them the day off with a low that's why you did it. Isn't that. Well no I was I was legitimately should tell I would but I. And definitely this is only drilled a guy article 11 game sojo to ordered leaders of Italy would do while we don't wanna give YET Tuesday to take a Wednesday while what is unique and get away with it nobody questioned so what does the word cute to forge. If I word to tune in taken off. I would I would I would do it on Wednesday because I know nobody's looking for whom I always look for. Police on Friday you take it on Monday stop users thickening extended weekend and you probably ten. And we would never know because everybody's on cellphones that see you can't tell us your take Wednesday off if I wake up and I don't feel too good and on Wednesday it's called in sick. Opposite to sick all loan that would in the United States but that now as companies got a cigarette because Thursday's polity that it was at that he's taken the day before. But for all went a little bit Wednesday this week is like a Monday Europe or for these are very there's no question I was glad asthma and this question in Christian at all until we're gonna hit the Marshawn Lynch what are. But the president. Assembly president we can inning and awaken levoir and Marshawn Lynch okay we're worried about worried about Iran. Tax cuts North Korea. And he's concerned right now about Marshall and some of horrible then tell us Mr. President. I lost its focus we'll talk about the patriots have more such wants out. 7797937. Everybody feel better right you shut. This team looks pretty damn good we'll get to it next keep up with this. Show on Twitter back away man on WEEI. Before during and after the show O clock. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now plus Sports Radio WEB. So we've got arrested. Always find different ways to win I think the game plan always a little bit different yesterday's game that was very different than what it was against Denver because. You faced a different opponent that I different strength in the match or are there Burton. Because I think the versatility of our personnel you know workout I've learned how to. Things. You know more efficiently and hopefully we get some guys held the Ria what are you guys out. And out you know at some point you'd be great to have everyone out there. It's amazing that is the difference when you look at it as the New England Patriots Bill Belichick and the rest of the way. So the Oakland Raiders were twelve and fourteen last year and it got talent and matter of fact. They've got virtually all of that talent that this year caress and they shock. And if possible I don't know in the thing is that you know British talking about this this this morning. They're always new players look at the New England Patriots there are a lot of new players in key positions you know launched Julian Edelman right out of the gate. You had to redo your offense. You suddenly were staggering to the first four or five weeks where you were going with his vertical game deep get. Because couldn't move to change because you didn't have Julian what do you do. Figure out. And you pick the person you've got you figured out you working offense and you re do it enough time to get it okay and guess what you were Super Bowl contender for me is it seems can't get it done. It's Oakland and that you saw right I mean this is essentially. The same team. You know the normal Wear and Caron Rosser you know nothing crazy this is Cynthia every thousand win the AFC. I mean this isn't a situation where a Dallas and Zito Alley. You know lead basically is their offense all right our press got in Denver got struck Haiti isn't as good as people maybe thought it was because there apiece for running game and everybody was low and you're worried about the running game so much or other teams he said this about Seattle that's a really good team Brittany loose came chancellor Richard Sherman. You know and what's in safety to. But they this yet Thomas this isn't like a team that was just decimated right this is essentially the team their accountability at C. It's unbelievable. I mean Lou they have the same record as the Houston Texans protections have an excuse to get a much of excuses they lost another player this weekend. Okay titan pick. They have an excuse when you end all is not along with the Atlanta Falcons what happened there they lost their offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. McCain repeat or being what they were last year and yet the New England Patriots come out of the gate different personnel he changeup. And by weeks six weeks seven week in week twelve. What do they do it. The sharpening your skills for the playoffs because they're not making mistakes in not out there committee dumb stupid ass penalties somber they get they get together and number it's me it's a very. But this just seems that now they have good quarterback Matt Bryant had good court MVP lashed at. Are glued if one does not enough I mean there's not that things are going bad knee just turnaround they look like man we are mess and AC town very. An issue we're gonna figured that Ryan OM BC forty years old but still that rise in BP about those guys are ongoing and we caution him. Some excitement out here. That seemed to think that the different but don't you look at it right now and look at consistency of the New England Patriots over seventeen years with a lot of different personnel if you wanna put together. A roll all the players that play to those seventeen years that was is pretty long could they do change personnel from year to year basis. And if you go to the Super Bowl or you competing in the Super Bowl you're gonna lose some players to free agency that happens. You look at that and consistency. And say how the hell is that the none of these other teams condone it. Maybe Pittsburgh is come the closest but how the L two more teams not figure out abducting answers for the test now he does. Andy Andy and the other guy with a body. He's got all of the answers to notice that at the coaching to me. Addicted Brady currencies in. Times can you sit their with the accident last year but he's playing the best football of his career. Times do you say that about a guy. Forty years old stick with that man let us just brought you brought a great point we're in the office talking about this and you said to me. If the votes were taken today for MVP. How many. Who have the votes percentage wise do you like a hundred people and media hundred media members of who's your VP of the league is entered judges tail last minute drive at all. And whose use is real quick of the she's due in the game on radio and as the Nazis are sort of what is Democrats so easy is it's always to just ignore Michael Jordan. If you polled a hundred media members today who's the MVP. Now you could I have no problem making a case that Wentz is just like I had no problem that Matt Ryan was last year in Cam Newton was the year before. But if you polled a hundred shouldn't be like you don't 55 when it's 45 Brady in that race. I guarantee you it's 85 to ninety reporters out of a hundred would say once you know. Because they want more fresh than what they've worked with trees near board placed that's the same thing every week and you're right he's better now than he was 236. Years ago the last I was just look at this is the last three years that I do believe. That waste is gonna. Well it's great color and integrate quarterback he's fun to watch I think he's gonna win the MVP. Because this team is very good he's having a good year and nobody expected but you can still say it's not as good as the bombs but that's fine whatever. So Tom the last three years I don't think is gonna win the MVP. When it this year so. Is gonna go when it's that it was Matt Ryan and it was Cam Newton for the last yes the last three years in this is coming off the suitable 2014. Coming off a Super Bowl championship in which you came back against Seattle with a great defense is of all time. 151617. At 86 touchdowns 11%. 86 and eleventh these Arabs and 302 yards a game. Suspicion percentage of 66. And a quarterback rating of one of seven point five seconds spent here for a leisure as Carson when it's fresh new life new cards really found his car the worst Cam Newton. Oh when Matt Ryan. You know it Carson went I think if you stacked together at I think he now wolf you will see him and he's we said that about these other guys and I understand animals is NEC's. Does that ever felt like that is not going anywhere but equally Cam Newton did his thing this year crippling and she's now climbed atop their front that more. To an accurate. To a consistent writes Matt Ryan did his thing in your late in Beijing and you won. Is that the next you're out Shanahan and protect what it was fortunate hand. This kid went. It's differ is pretty good he's pretty you know question but I think you're its hold out new fresh we're sick of pretty abort it and they beat the Jordan. Analogy is good that it got to the point where everybody wanted to figure out how can I vote for somebody other than Michael Jordan and I think that's what's become known to operate. I took a focus Miguel Chris is first a piece called from axis. What's up Chris. Hey guys they. To take my because everybody this morning. Everybody's. First we're good movement Christians that. Well Calif the most asked Wednesday. All right. Now first of all pumped plane of course is when it the best we've ever seen in and you write tumble able to see him do week in week out. And I'm polled totally believing that this team is improving week by week we're seeing the defense. The pass protection even with injury and backup the pastor that was. Okay. What overcoming a lot of injuries both sides of the ball so I'm I'm I'm all about it I'm I'm absolutely love and but let me go back the last couple weeks and get your opinion. You've got an opinion on this. I believe if they want to make a good run through the playoffs in into the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl there red zone efficiency. Must improve in if you look closely and as we in the winning the OK okay well I'll say this I got the numbers a look at the numbers okay. Yesterday Oakland for the last five possessions field goal. Okay chargers five of the last seven possessions. Field goal. Two of whom were missed. Eight the last eight possessions no points. Now Denver to scratch it did so well but the special teams really took over for that. You know between one point against the charters to point three point in Atlanta at three of the last or possessions. Solution is somewhat well I'm saying. The patriots and patriots team that we've seen with it real real high octane offense I just as I watch him close yeah. Up until that they're they're red zone inefficiency could be something they'll want don't want. I'll show. And on offense a talk office occasions where turn. Around such a bit of a hold of. Offense has been tremendous Tom Brady right now as the second highest quarterback rating in the league. In third in in in red zone efficiency was talking about. Well I know that he had been efficient but I I'm seeing a lot more field goals inside you know 2530 yards inside the. 625140. That you took the 620. Because that's as far as you could get at the halftime because Oakland school route up and fumbled the football and here in Ohio. I totally disagree with you I think the McDyess on. What you're talking about right down. I don't think you watch the last six games because what you're what you're talking about is a problem they had in the first five games in my regular first five games. Third down efficiency. In both offense and defense was the sport. Ever raced up. Indicated that I and I appreciate that my calling it say that if you go back to the win streaks start and Tampa Bay. You know nineteen point 23 point 21 point. Four field goal refilled all five out of seven against the chargers to admit I just I'm just wondering if you agree or disagree obviously you disagree. It's something that needs to shock and to win the super. Yes. It does there have to be hidden in the red zone down and I'll maybe the the this will bigger problem may be earlier in the year but we talked about before right when I got Martellus Bennett would say it all helps gonna help when the reds. I mean I agree but you know when you're up. 27 and Nelson in 02 when he fought enough that he take a field goal and needs an honest to be a problem. That you feel liquid nick pick and 27 now that on myself sort of the field goal to only thirty nothing and you know I let us color rat I don't tell you. It won't we go and look up Bryant shot look at some of the numbers last 56 games. I gotta tell you I have no idea what to tell you talked with a Kodak's the last three games at 53 point 85 out of what you're talking last year there are 64%. In the red zone. This year that 53%. In the red zone for the whole season for the whole season just four Leslie that we through this year and 53. There right on that the last three games of their. This is kind of what they offense or his. Offense is what us guys that would office. They they scored 33 points yesterday so you looking at you saying. There were times when they were just wanting the ball on third down situations you're not even that concerned about is concerned about possession. For example I'm looking at third down efficiency for opened yesterday seven of fifteen and I'm looking at the play by play in the fourth quarter of the game is over. And picking up first downs in third down situations. It was over. I mean when you've been watching these games. The book that stuck out to Los in the first five games. Third down efficiency offensively specially third and long was terrible and by the way third and long was awful for the defense I remember asking. Who we were asking trait plows what is going on to get a third of sixteen. And you're giving up a first down. They had a problem when that over the last 56 weeks. I think pat has been salt I think you're real good third down of efficient team both offensively and defense. All of the big play some sort of the big plays they had the second quarter ended two biggest plays what was Rhonda Marshawn Lynch. And I was I was those of him big boy run by him most of 45 yards and it's point six yard pass to cook. Those are two biggest plays to a six point five. And you had the fourth quarter he had a couple of the ones Ehrlich 1516 yards early in a year. I mean you know there was. Two plays of sixty yards in a one play of 4200 yeah it was big play against him in a big play. Because up to win two they gave up one touchdown because of the window you can you can't look at it defensively. And say well you know look at the look at Oakland opened with seven of fifteen that I would go back to Jack Del Rio and saint Jack how would you seven for fifteen. Okay in third down efficiency annually point eight points sample of what you don't want a touchdown and don't wants to go to net Nixon Weymouth bottleneck. Signaling hey guys doing. And Brett again. Happy Thanksgiving to you what accounts mission as well now is that. Are looking guys early and show those two guys last night as you Oakland last night you went out. I trip. About. Pick this situation and is seen here at C isn't really that much better. Sony's latest is that. And I see it ANC. I think five teams with a winning record at sixteen. Seventeen. Was scoring more points. Did you read it and yet he really much that it's 816816. For those who is two categories. So would complement the news. And I find myself press. Two terms scheduled to sit down and watch the game. I'll let that Internet. I don't like either team an item in any good team I I'd love to see each loose. But however I think it'll be a pretty big game. Eight. So I brought it with you and you always hear about QBs are not great QB which is how about the coaching is coaching really all that good across. Sucks. I think that's a bigger problem said that last thing if you listening. People talk about the quarterbacks and I think there are a lot of good young quarterbacks in this league now. And the perfect milk is the young and still have to learn that you mention. Went and how good he has. You know that the kid down in Houston that that they got hurt Watson's gonna be really good play you've pres cut because a lot of good young caller claimed that go right. Coaches socket this week. They suck and and that's why I don't understand. When you look at somebody that is gonna successful is Bill Belichick has. And they changed their game plan week to week. They change up what they do offensively and defensively based on the new players they have from year to year vision not gonna have to sink 53 players every year. Why is a little bit more coaches don't slip into. That's what anybody a lot of would have funneled it in I would love to have come buries a quarterback but that's that's not but I'm just as they are big part in LA Brady this morning talk normally when Hogan went Lehman in a dole went down. Or dehydration Italy to gain. You stuck with Brady cooks and Philip doorstep who is still useless by the useless he just runs out there enough to drop passes you know so. He basically said okay we can't that's we can't do this anymore Josh let's go to this. Let's go to that you too tight ends or run the football announced that thrown a football let's all of our running back state. Take it it just maybe a young quarterbacks it now what do we do now what do we do we gave him with three wide receiver sets of us now what do we do you know the constitute calmed down. But if bill doesn't have to do that because admitted in a bill leaves the field Brady all of a sudden collects and thinks are right let's just go to this. I mean it makes all the difference in. Yeah but look at defensively there are a lot of people who looked the national people were were bragging all over the knowing what they should look at that person now the look and since we're learning national cancer. Personality suddenly. Pride and they they've tightened it up to the point where. There are at worst middle of the pack defensively and against the you know of the points on the board competitor in that shot they do that how to fix that. I couldn't agree with you more on that you look at the product and and I don't lose it because they don't play and adds anymore they don't practice rather intense anymore. The the the Summers in breeze you don't of the two days you don't have his. I don't know what it is. Notice it's volume it on how to be able to handle it. Meaning layered Tom big bill will go into game and be like you know as far as being efficient with his preparation. Situations they have it down to where it's like Josh view and dom kind of work on the offense and that we work and his defense and and I I don't have to spend any time on any of this I am IE I know that we're gonna execute this so now gonna spend time on. Heat up quickly get my field goal unit out there twelve cents at target that and eleven situation post until now it seats situation I can spend more time. On the little things because I'm so efficient and now my eighteen runs. That I have to waste time. I can see some of these young quarterbacks Vince Joseph spending to a three days on some that you take a day and a half. Because he can't explain it that all the teams just African mass horse quarterback still can't stand to guide and game plan you know he's at pulling his hair out. Any doesn't have time to get to certain aspects of the game when they get. They get blown out until contents in the last couple weeks inject a Rio's been around long time now okay because. The patriots just owned him down in Jacksonville he's been around for a long time but over the last two weeks how many times did you watch these games and look at situation stuff it's like but it'll be doing right there. The purpose of doing now. Why the throne plight when when you need ten yards to get the first down and you throw it underneath that it for you tone of the sideline you throw it to the outside chilled out did you won yesterday. Oakland scores that touchdown they come out and romo's as the the correct thing. Well you gotta have a psychic right now I'm gonna that's like it might happen it looks like you shedding up for the onside kick. Next thing you know we looks over the sideline he must deduct some type of signal he changes up and instead of kicking the ball deep or kicking the ball high. Happened a year because your info and Iraq there he kicks it like helping kick or not even a dozen double put it. To the twenty yard line. You're cashing that check on the twenty yard line it's not lofted up so what's a twenty yard line and you still have plenty of breathing room. What is your thinking who is coming. That's that's I mean there have time situation or the week. To gore the little things that win or lose games because they're not they don't have it down Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Have there week of preparation down and therefore they have more time on the clock and others is that they have an extra day or two to bring in all these little things. Because there are efficient with their time because of who they have leading their team others it's so chaotic. If they barely have enough time to get stuff in the unbelievable I it's more complicated notice. Apparently. It is for a lot of these telecast coach sucks that's the problem. I 617777937. Back to your phone calls right irrelevant. To you shortly remotely. Do you Lakeland or what he's a little bit of a fraud. And this he wants everybody else to be that he wants to be a nice guy standing in the back prize grew to 1000%. Sports story. I. We'll update you get them slowed down. And get ourselves going. And scorn of ourselves what was the McNamara defense warm wasn't here we're concerned there's been you have to do you have to build and get off on third down. In the first half. I believe we've allowed five out of six on the stat sheet but there were two other conversions allowed by a penalty so did the day you're allowed them compete. Complete or convert seven out of eight. And there. That's the that would get them to me that's the biggest thing. We and that generated through just are territory. That's the biggest area. Jack Del Rio got an exceptional year now. On an interception all night he had heard that there and at the telecast that's right. Right now one interception all year you get use to get by accident when he attending steep here's the other one they have the defense of player of the year from last year right in colonial Mac. And did the worst pass rushing team. International for zero receptions with what about sex and resets to jump incidently is a few exceptions might get three that's 00. By the way gentle resume Jack Del Rio eighth giving you the reason wasting did win the game kind of goes against what Colin was talking about. Or about third down efficiency is Jack Del Rio was basically saying right now. They shut us down at third down and couldn't do anything given if you reject Del Rio given your history against Tom Brady in the office and someone asks you. Late you know it will it wrong what was the game plan only God's plan to stop them at its employees just admit I don't know yeah. I I don't know lost it up about a dozen goal for big leagues that there's a couple of times and I don't that's 1015 years I'd try to stop him. And I. Can't you're asking the wrong guy go ask someone else who was actually stopped him once it is like bridges that must light up when he sees Jeff. Del Rio on the side or just light up. By the way Ryan what ever researcher artist who column artist artists and artists. It's just looked up the numbers for the last four game missed field goals. So couldn't hire. I tell you what though smoke during the are you moved the franchise design only wanna get a franchise in Mexico City you moved the franchise to Mexico City. Stephen good style ski. Will hit 72 yard field goals. Was Hillary's well you watch him sit there. A lot of Google honest to god I wanted for content from the 52 of I'm 5248. Year old boys dot Woodward on seven for him to syndicate hit the back of the neck you know 62 yards and it wasn't. A guy lines up again in a regular game and it's a 56 yard attempt. Those are the ones that get blocked because the usually kick it lower. This this this was visited this event in normal at forty yard kick up high and hit the back of the neck that was good from seventy. Seventy have been beautiful. To install. When would you want the patriots eventually moved to Mexico City because the NFL wants to have a team there would be perfect for. Let's get back to the full cost is billion Manchester, New Hampshire what's up Billick. So I warn you you don't you think that jaguar and that the hatred peninsula. I didn't say you know I didn't see them who you gonna make data. What I said Billy clearly what I said was if you look at stocks. Okay the way teams play. And we ultimately know the team our yard. OK we know what the patriots have had difficulty with an attempt humor over the giants games who could do something like that. As a oh and and then that's about projector are eager to crack and by the way deceptively let me point on the war. Many third down conversions at it and get on top I. Clothes or what the the the New England Patriots from yesterday's game. Our parent yeah yeah nothing of it but you know it's and. Yeah okay you're you don't think it is critically. You know a couple that are played offered here Arab media that a call was called it could have gotten a touchdown set the tone for. Tom Brady Tom Brady completed. Tom Brady completed the first thirteen passes in a row he had three passes by the way. That clearly were his fault they were drops by the receivers they were poor passes thrown by Brady during the course and if so if you wanna pick on those three or passes the Brady threw yesterday. I would agree with you other than that it was brilliant. Brilliant did they lead points on the feel like you should probably do that every Sunday. But what team is 100%. Perfect on every single play they would start gain of thirteen Billy. Not yet another point Lou your feelings on Horford I went to the game Friday night he horrible fear I understand. You people who disagrees. But I know that it decided want to look at he a seat from. Stability that that's what he's done he's done real well Friday and as you go see it again he's just make this is is to start our. Well and so what Friday's game was it was a third suppose it was Friday and ankles and. Too magical in Atlanta so look sir I would look again I want to consultants running the document awful. He's not awful but. He's a great player who's not playing average at all. Although it's a great nickname you know always be known as above average mean below that tell our our job. But yet again because after 5555. Point that it's that obviously do. Steering their MySpace. And I. A complete injects it was going to be. You heard works. It's it's if you're looking at stylistic. And I don't think that the experts going to beat them I don't think Pittsburgh and beat them even down there it again. I think doing look better and I think and again we're looking at track record Tom Brady against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think a lot of it is match ups stylistic what did they do against you. You want a blitz against Brady good luck he's got a tear you apart you wanna play that zone blitz he's got a tear you apart. If I'm looking at any teams that are playing a certain style of football. Where Brady has had difficulty and again I'm going to history like history and history buff. I would look right now at Jacksonville. Party talked about it late portals can score I know which you can take them there they're at the list. And Philadelphia because they can rush for their front four is real good. And they can pick up seven. Comfort Jacksonville is a team to keep in Ireland next year. On the Iraq there depending on what they do is they have them a very good base seventeen of the American deep at running back they need Cody at quarterback. I'm so let's say the receivers let's say they sign Kirk cousins in the offseason you're about him. Yes oh yeah. Yes yes yes you should where there are some special limited built in some special order be well it's totally built it'll be special beyond this the special at that point that type of quarterback yet here's one and all that what's upland. I don't buy an important call you gotta wanted to talk. I went up or is it. I wonder cure column under comment about the MVP. Yes and need it's so. What atop Brittany what they did it PG cart world it's or else you wanted to throw in the next. It doesn't matter. MVP. Pretty well and techniques the patriots won some ball. Yeah we can't really talk about that. We can't talk about that until the Super Bowl game. And so we need to state what state state that would that isn't the twentieth of November when he's thought about today I actually think that late. Sometimes a name I honestly most of the time. MVPs in late the finals so overrated. It is I mean really is immediate it would quarterback wins the syllables gonna win MVP. Unless he really crap you know means so regular season MVP to me. I don't know means means when he does anymore that's software because you won this doable I get it but the point is that you go to that World Series MVP EZ go. NBA finals MVPs and maybe that was a bit different is the impact of one individual player but especially the Super Bowl MVP. What whichever quarterback wins is gonna get it. So if your team wins the suitable you get MVP of the through so rights bill Dion won it important whatever but sort of want certain circumstances change change in off to great playing with said you know defense player what a great player whatever. Try but. It's a body of work for sixteen games. And I do I do believe that the the the the chic pick right now its course and once because he's there he's fresh but he's president toy Tom doesn't need it. For the resonant. Most people do of this thing and two times in regular season MVP three cameras in MVP which I'm gonna six of right I mean really with his play but these other guys come up and that he's one year wonders. Whether it's meant Reiner Cam Newton in Wentz at the to sell these are when you wonder but. Still guys pop up people get bored but it should mean something if the guys deserving of it. He should win it he should not win it because your board of him being great. And that's what's gonna happen again this year I did I do think Tom Brady's had a better year than Carson whites is greatest Wentz is Brady has been better than Carson what. The people didn't believe that Philadelphia could finish first or second in the Nevada and new image one defeat exactly. Everybody looked at it said there at 98 at Notre Dame in the league. Get that they were slow out of the box so it's all on expectations. Of Carson once is does something that the probably discredit them. I want it and more of the football stuff we will get into the celtics'. Because this the street continues you should see this Celtics television ratings now are they were big last week you should he should be what they are now we get that out. And a couple comments about them up average Al Horford coming up as well.