OMF - Our final hour in middays, plus callers continue to react to Kirk's personal news

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, August 10th
Hour #4 and it's our final hour in middays and we're a little melancholy about it.  Plus callers continue to react to Kirk Minihane's personal news from this morning.  See you next week at 2PM.

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On him when he. Beach Fort Wayne. And moaning and forty route showed a little fight today and resign well Brett what Ralph Webster Ross who is this. I'm do you tend to get more out of valuations. From the games we're practices. We've got a rare things at all accounts are thankful broke. Fish Smithson out of Kansas yet ready yet now that anything it's given to him by his being sick grandmother fight it hasn't entered ratifies the bobcats at the terminology for a first down right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I think here and all. Half hour on this final hour in the mid day initiative this is if Suzanne the last time to work it from one attempt yup. Starting Monday will be on from two to six in the afternoon tears Bill Belichick will be on six point. Once then when I'm going to stick to them that's what he and so little was forced to go to sixth what I'm doing. Doesn't he know he's coming back knew who believes it is 2 o'clock goes back on that he gives Beckett to do six to 644 we'll tell today when he considered small electrician doing. Exactly. He wanted for hours about four minutes with four yen extended out with a bunch of commercials right there with 661 month. We talked about the patriots and their pre season game wasn't but it happens I found a lot. A lot of people watch that they had an eleven point seven share. And rhetorical bit about the Red Sox about McKee that's. And we've talked here in the last ourselves by Kurt many and who tweeted this out yesterday and talked a lot. But my issues with depression and battled in the last three months or so last Thursday night checked into the ER Winchester hospital was suicidal thoughts. I was then moved to McLean where I was treated and released earlier this week and then he went on the air this morning. And indeed tail broke down what his life has been like for the last weekend it was Friday but it was also I think go. Opening to other people certainly probably was good for for him. And so we're taking a little bit of a little bit of response you're so far. Everything we're taking on the phone Lou if I don't know if you noticed has been very supportive even the people that admit that they're not. Million fans your cat then on the text line where basically. Going from everywhere from I just want him fired they don't want him to die or kill himself. Two others who were certain there are saying he's. Done at two other people many of whom who are probably depressed he gets right now what he deserves and we're getting a bunch and that's the fun. We're not getting those people. To actually called up and talk about. No concern at all texting habits of people are still support so we'll take a few more phone calls within us and we'll get back to some of the stuff before we close out a mid day. Experience upon care scheme and a truck hello Steve. Yeah we don't want this is. Their job just tall I think it's great that he came around talked about everything art form by god he said well then try to light that he. The last three weeks that really well or because somebody is trying to ruin the show are over this job. In it in the same thing Michael Felger. Went. When he picketed outside this studio. Was that your purse up that I would say spent the last first up here and a half I don't know if you know the whole story but this isn't this is a guide its cost companies millions. He he was Steve. I hate to tell you that apparently he pulls it off and you bought into it he did not want children to lose his job he was simply doing what we currently rank in the business. Yeah. Your. Rating. On yes that was rude. Got you know I think I'm wolf. It was a it was a complete round like this I think Felger actually fun fun music like this of this is you think is a break. I would hope I hope for objects thousands of but it kinda hard to keep well which one is in which one it is. A little bit confusing you need a scorecard I agreement that. Our guys did some part of the charm of Kirkland common sense I think the you'd understand now standing on front of a studio with a. Yeah yeah. Well. You know they got guys is Oden and touches of any so spewing need to eat there. You know they that was a violation. Violation physically violent what are you talking about the Q didn't you didn't think it was real food. Then he Marc yeah here's my my your Waltham hello like our guys are my good buddy. Huge huge may have been mending and himself often says you guys write his coach feels. I'm still has material like Federer. I socialist he's full isolate excellent. Might court those aren't my questions you on the US for me to call me your hand yeah I know you don't want it. Okay thank you from there on that and what he's specifically pick land please to a segment on it could it be perceived as I get bigger kind of exploiting it. The show you can receive whatever you want all I'm telling you is that he's a colleague he's a friend and what he said this morning when I first heard it. It was it was unbelievable 40% might only showing us his life and we're talking about like let's say like member of the patriots talked some in the glow. They gave all the details in a story about this week we talk about are we exploiting that story. I don't know it depends if you're trying to you know get a second out of lake effect. Auto assert that they discusses how he's beatable committed suicide doctor Harold the global lever. If we talk about that next that you know during the day is an obviously beat big topic in the city beasts of the people are talking about. Then I don't consider that exploit exploiting it and that's what many ended this morning he brought it up and we're discussing a topic that he brought up that the people urged. I think you'll try to do this but I think it's apples and oranges because he had that you could you've been hearing all along and rightly so. He has a coworker or friend who that's not some athlete that is not there's no relation there. I would say Jerry Remy comes out with a. Different ballgame and it's history let's these disables. Setting up the apples on the oranges Nam. I you'll walk and I know you want you're the one that separating the front. Right now anything zero for your body and workers and ran anything that's exactly if you guys attack isn't coworkers. But might. Any public figure in this city came up with this type of story this station. Would talk about it at all. With this station. I guess my again because every minute and again and again because the topic and that's key. Okayed or askew. Okay it when he brought it up he made it public when he went public it if he'd go public with this there we just start talking about a randomly. Then that's different sort but he'll hate it admitted he went on Twitter. And admitting he went on this morning and discussed might get a tickets that were private situation and he did not. Give the story out this morning. Then we probably would be exploiting it giving some private information about one of her coworkers on the I don't know where you're coming from making no sense like. I I think I can live very well. Oh I sit well you you may think that relates I would you fruits together first of all I I'm not sure you did articulated. We need written permission from characters and so he goes public with it we should discuss. Do me a favor and deceiving get written permission from Kirk and will continue. Here's Paul Braintree apple. Ellen you guys listen. He's got more guts and his baby and enemies. Keyboard you know what people are catching and then I call at the coverage you know women mom so he's got what. I've always been happy go lucky guy I'm not able to my story but I would look warning Eric apps you stretcher to eastbound on the controller and put a rope around my neck. It takes guts to admit to someone it's against human agent to admit that you have a problem and you need help. And he's human nature to say I'm not gonna bother these people my problems that got to all problems. You have to do what can happen anybody's book Robin Williams shocked the world to be social life. So close to the took it to court because he's doing the right thing you know remain. I think we're all happy that he went he identified that there was any issue going on anywhere to get help for. And apparently to wait till the story this morning atlas site. Got it wrong here below it sounds like his wife nobody really knew what he was dealing with right right at least not to that extent. I want to train station. Monitoring that's the schedules of the trains. And then you know he smartly something. You know clicked and he went and he got help here's bill at a card bill. Yeah I got paid what it. They had wanted to drive on the unless somebody few good and bad but my daughter spent quite at a time at McLean she's 21. And now she lived there for about seven months and the place pretty much entirely changed her life and you know we're very blessed to have hospitals like that. It in this area. And you know my heart goes out game but it would mental health issues. And you know if you tell somebody cancer it's you know all. Every Boston and and it is it is nice that he's somewhere to go in Nikki said you raised your forwards in four nights. Calm down the street today and if forwards you know and and notes he got what he needed. I don't think the the battles all for him. And hopefully continue to open discussion and talk about it knows there's people there for mental. Mike is in a car next appear any EI might. What's the policy over the article hold. So I thought. I'd you know I'm not going to circle. That little trite building that. Site. And yet they'll. Call. Quarter. How much action all did it already I'm sure you guys. Are pretty much it cost yet it. We have we want that though. Like. It or not to the courts I don't Kirk does have meat balls until social something you know that that not but we want. Is what we do you know on the all credit to call up they'll passionate emotional disagree let me disagree woodland call was disclosed that that's that's to be. Oh. Million contract. With the sickness that is no kidding me I'm a recovering alcoholic. I got you know I understand. Oh I being out well I don't look at all about so yeah it sure. A on the radios don't go. All or truck driver I get so let's. Alicia all they don't want to say that the court. Every single day. Did you from Puerto sir I mean would that analysts analysts we need we need you between fort six point can you change your schedule get a new job. Or. Delaware were next week we're going we're going to be up from two to six so we need to move viewed the get a new job change shifts do something. Al or even now are buying all I don't let that. It. Yeah if you bring Pete what would rate filings fall sleeper. I felt like he was almost say that there's a you know when you're dealing with depression is real. Noticed the sympathy in in this is issues that we get it. He Hussein let's of people as a fake depression. The depression the pictures of this of mobile unit mean like you said the key was point more towards. People are overreacting. Trucking kids too worldly lot that's rivals make fun of me it was a you know you just wish to thirty seconds of your life trying to defend our analyze and Albert from Rhode Island for the call you have all Mullin feel sorry that we've started to get the thirty seconds of them so don't get it really gets what's on the commitment to excellence treasures chicken Weston elegiac. Hey guys I'm so I'm I'm not an immigration huge meaning it can't. But I gave a lot of respect for him this morning out on the air the reason that being I think it I think it. Easy to play character but on eight which is you know what. Not that I'm on the air and an artery I've ever been a huge entity because a voice on this sort of separate. And the radio personality and person on the site into our respect for him. Just you know it's really hard to do it for this on the air and you know relieved to hear people without people. That. Did you hold once I can to help he's ever been shy about talking about. His real world I mean there's no question he's an extremely creative talented guy. You know his comedic timing and all of that other stuff but. He's always opened up about his real life it's all always intertwined in all of this stuff. It's just that today when he told that story. You're sitting there are saying wow this thing has really gotten to the edge right now. Yeah and I maybe just haven't listened to him and not on cute to look it up on. It will what you're talking about on so you know I I receive that until the last thing I want NATO is. The guy you know I believe in karma and I think it. He gently trying out the bad karma out there on that in debt you know nobody nobody deserves to go away feeling yeah I endorsed her work expect. I can't thank you for the phone call launch today great food bottler barbecue today was sub brought in by. Got a cue barbecue. Erica Cumberland around our Cumberland Rhode Island there at the best barbecue. Food truck food from the in the country that's. Couple times on your believable you wasn't stated you can catch him up this weekend at the Cape Cod food truck and craft beer festival. But the Cape Cod fairgrounds in East Falmouth the event is tomorrow. August 11 from noon until 5 PM. You can buy discount tickets in advance only five dollars in advance at food truck festivals of America. Dot com we compete at the box. At the gate but make sure you check out this truck. I got a cue barbecue incredible right braking there definitely are very correct. For breaking right back. Or dump more affordably Merv moaning and Fauria this show that's all about sharing I don't read everybody who lives. Eight on Sports Radio W we. I want to see okay. There's just an unfortunate Russian gets an unfortunate a lot of these early games. To have religion it's cold before he can make plays this TV stuff Chris pocket passers who. Coming out of jail free there on the edge didn't want to return up to drive cover the route from. One numbers all the way to the four members of deliveries. Rightly so quick insight here football game at a mall focus all of them I think that book at all that. And this is a big load so I now and again much that this is they just say he's not a usual great work last. That's good point accused or sent us. As to who. You know like you were sent us which could then there's a nice guys in Britain has you can believe that good last night sunglasses so you look it was a night game. All that data is our viewers say yes to the sensitivity. To exit lights and the or his bright student the other issues. But he gets you a switch classes of these low when everybody looks fine we're moving over the tournament the week moving over promo pictures went on the view this as a euphemism. Oakland it's excellent lately. That's big league. You know I have via a high sensitivity issue negative BS that the medical issue it's continue to get more free care issues whether it's nice if he few miles you risk if you wish it sounds cut in a brace on there and no I honestly ankle. It is a dream again and number in mind going to nuclear big blue jeans to. He does and loves big switching you retreated Richard. Huge problem I got on studio we don't know how one overstuffed and got him pertinent fact guys don't Wear skinny jeans and a little bit they weren't we talking to stay off the DL. You know say I've got it dead Monday this election is only one person we had what we're left one person we have to worry about it blog up. I'm worried about unbelievable courage to give back a couple of instruments and that oddly quiet was nice busy right now as we speak written a couple out of flew here from there it's okay. He going to be just fine if I. I don't think I don't believe I know the spill. Only five minutes to view them on site this is true Elisa thought several days as an issue we will get bumped his NATO last year. I mean it was players are available players on practicing don't come down Christmas list. It's liquid that seventy weeks responsible for like five of them arms pushing every week now that yeah he was pass of this week this year we you know with with bill with every every agreement. See that's when he became the the lone wolf all he cared about is himself from her cronies say one market players live down in a farce recent I don't care let's go there anyway. So it was all about him does not about the rest of Voss puts you right. Now builds their every single week writing and in every single and then he drove in the snowstorm build it from them and treatment you know. He's jealous. Age jealousy and again it's just it's just been playing his part he just in that you're actually right. He could've got to he just wanna park so the commute starting a Monday's going to be a little bit different I'd be easier for you wanna. Getting here Gupta has the morning drive specially in orders up or would we say there and all of them and expressway it's going to be no different I wanna tell you this right now. Getting out of here at 2:30 or 3 o'clock. There is no difference I've done that traffic pattern I know it well this Bluetooth so sucks it's still sucks but is no difference between. 3 o'clock 330 on the expressway. Vs 6:30 or 7 o'clock I had stuff and they have a replica. Of people out there that let unit over drivers. We should do it. 21. Traveled to a from work. Take people with us or go to I think marks on the morning coworker Boston assorted brightness look for write downs of show a few extra bucks. He's our company hov. Cool. I guess tonight minutes that's a good idea make a few bucks and I think you're ready for this way and they're going through view. Well and stay on the way home active truck is in the Wayne and others who needed it more it's going to be gone. You are you're not gonna get it either way now. When other bids by the time you go home yeah they're already back to the normal that it he's right. The truck is closing it down the zipper Turkish closing it down as a go to seven. Note and on the way and it's gone by the time Europe media on the express and I do. I did. Woolsey it's do experiment tomorrow or next week with the commutes to feel we don't hear of them on. There's that you'll of those yet of them. Utah I just wanted to get traffic is much worse now you're at it it's much worse today was equally helicopter to ferry. First up in a village off down on the a financial do we go to Logan. And just get there have been over from Logan graphics or some drivers are reason GB cellphone terms of Hillary. And it was fun we elect fifteen minutes left nets at. This is yeah is there anything you wanna talk about that you have not been able to talk about so far in the intimidation but do you wanna get out of your system now. Because once you go to afternoon drive some of the crap that you guys won't talk about the open Windows Mobile silly little. Hole sucked open. Go ahead on different subject Canada via get a feel like he might push Kurt over the edge here it not to cut our list. Don't listen up. Don't listen or not I don't I don't this is Mike as mentioned you real quick if we go to break up. In so that all candidates. I penetrated for Sean Kelly up all right we'll sicker guy that it's a pitcher whatever but the Sox don't have the waiver claims opened its chance to claim Sean Kelly first and we're gonna trade that made three deals from lowly Oakland a's also claimed. My fires move and it worked on a train them now they claim Fernando Rodney and it worked out a train. So they've improved that got three arms and they still in front of everybody else. Should it be that once you make you waiver claim you dangle behind Boston. What if anyone should make a claim should you. We teachers claim everybody in front of Boston you never ever more behind the record what let's face it blew hot how often have you seen a team. After we've got past the trading deadline actually go out there and and pick up three guys all get taking claim home before. Houston before the New York well Boston teams don't normally what you claim some study solar wafers setting up living like this for you war. But what you claim somebody don't you go to the back of the line. You can just always been front so you're likely yes you're always in front of some Euro we oh that's right. So what do you think you you get one player let's say in the pool. That clears way you have like we're telling you work ought to trading now down you pick behind it you know the claim process your behind Boston was the best record. And if Detroit Houston claims someone an eagle behind Houston that goal behind Oakland what you play somebody you should go to the back of a I don't think that's ever gonna happen. Just honestly just sit there for everybody Clinton revolving portion of the house hold onto some good news in the HIV guys aren't alone here's Jason and car with the good news Jason. Google or oh you. Want about social guy if you get into your uncle. Well we'll win. And audit Heidi Kia. Xetra wiser repelled it was five I thought it would not in an F five I thought it was seven I thought of around 2 o'clock. They just better get passed it by seven Jason did use one of those blow up balls certainly a passenger seat. Older outlook on your card. With a little. At first but when it broke open a blow up Obama. Well that's sort of saying so I don't think I don't think should look for good with a homer and also does anybody around our little neighborhood that gets out of work around six. And is looking like for somebody out of enterprise and and they'll split the right don't want either he's doing fine go and afternoon drive you don't need an extra few bucks us out I'll chip in on you overdrive I. If it's all right then just when you look at what economic cost can't you do you know we do which elected in which it was you don't Rockwell well. Liable under a quick and you could. They did so it's Jason Eddie your name and number is that it will be over and giving a ticket ticket Jason who's in a car called. As solid as well wipers. So it's good for each of these kids coming in today. For the final alone uses the last for a wood onto and he wrote yesterday. Is that delta is an odd donated more processes will be the last cross and I hear her talk to your colleagues in between. I don't want and still couldn't deal that uses of Jerry there's still Colombian it is went to a crops he crossed the more. Human to do though that's I don't wanna visit the cross period with a mortgage want to see that excuse one of assessed the communion and just screw with dale on on Monday change or will do Tuesday that the soap -- putt to keep. But back to finish. The Obama telephoto back on. That is he's a much more typical. So once you watch this playoff game when it comes and is like Mr. T V guide he's given it is and move on the road because one change change all of the TV what would do in the free can show news starts soccer or even when you're watching. I guarantee you that. Our here's our finals said Tuesday it appears to use one of those blow up dolls. Our show quiz boy and how she whiz I sure hope he. This is an awful good. You're amazing you're getting typecast as the and that's my point your CD live range back to more aboard way Merom Loney and Fauria among Sports Radio WEEI. I don't know if the stands tonight. We're getting people with excellence in each of the lane closes at 730. Another one says it closes when the the zipper driver decides. He's closing it down. The day is over and you move on so weak we don't know exactly we'll find out what time refined I'll let you finish there but I think yet the about the whole thing expert who hold Spearman. We've got that we've got August Monday to begin to act and reload with different. So it's easier when things are coming from there actions until it's an easy drive from but it's just you know he's got a few nightmares and and really Iran not. So this is the last day that will be on mid day dale and Keith will take over midday on Monday and we will take over afternoon drive. Two to six on Monday afternoon our first guest will be. Bill Belichick. Ideally Antonia and he has any clues any I had suggestions for a rehabilitated if I was hurt about the switch and they have yeah. No it's the first I'm hearing about it. Options are it'll shock I was hoping management would come to me and say something but you know this place and an alleged violence as well. I was polished apple to commute starts and and now and I and and plan is by delightful crap. I traffic is not the same at sixth and is it is it to ten. Stop we'll wait you wait you wait older or covered up well thank you when you're Buren for shocker I'm telling you gonna sit. Now what is now right now they did you watch it takes me an hour each addicts and he's trying to commences that works either way they're more scrutiny than I. I just try to do everything you guys don't make our lives sound like he sake the most are similar to our compassion for our compassion here. Rob Ninkovich will join us at 330 good that he feels CA app patriots money regular active at Gillette. Who beat on the reverie to join you yes of the studio with a side every Monday from ten to twelve. And maybe if he really likes to leave longer who's the candidate like Bentley cue from Purdue yes you sure I want Bentley rave about him and me we are cute boy we probably won't talk about his pants as much as they did last night and little tight Wie news and I guess it's always in fact I don't know united and there's always wish that certain it's nice to see these particular look nice it was you accused given crappy you like. Well he was given at the end Edward built suits in the belt that they.