OMF - A parade of NFL analysts/former players are in some big time trouble today; After Sunday, you'll know who the NFL MVP is 12-12-17

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Tuesday, December 12th

HOUR 2 - Some of your favorite faces on the NFL Network are being accused of sexual harassment and the details don't make them look good. With no Carson Wentz, the MVP voters will get to see Tom Brady and Antonio Brown on the same field this Sunday. Can life get any better? Also, Willie McGinest joins us as we pick through last night's loss.


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Beach Fort Wayne alimony and 48 no flowers tonight. No wise no column and no way he really concerned who would not surprise you they struggle. Eight career onside kicks for. For god knows he news. With Ku and mu and Chris Mullin jokers because you play cards and if you get a Joker but Joker can be whatever you want that because he's a joke. He's also a joke because he's a jokes Joker Joker Joker joke. Joker joke. Nothing else this. The record straight why are you. City look at a psychopath. Microwaves or fish that eat that mr. he couldn't wait till 2 o'clock or plunge as awful right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Really wasn't swordfish but the problem. Fluid all sorts for surely you support you euphoria. For aid department at the end of the program known as well as you're reading copies I've asked them like that that that show now when I can have lunch yeah yeah yeah they're gonna dictate when you have one. And in a lot of you'll mistake this. Of swordfish and parts the kind of depending on what have a thought for after the children were partly to. Notions like for breach right sure which doesn't work with them for breach. That may warrant more like a hot minute did you it was a welcome back affixed to not use of that tutored by the way out or by the way who may be a prediction the collar can't predict who's going to win every single one of these so most this most that fruit and seventy aidid he's at it right now he Vegas odds were MVP of the league if I heard that he just lost an award the most influential person in sports in 2017. As awarded by sports business journal goes. The Donald god are you area just one of the tweeted that based on the guy who gave us was to reward you sports business journal. And would you do is like a ceremony is silica in the wings went outages that he's a week and so anyway it has given an award for anything that was. I city apparently agreed to do a photo shoot as was little from time magazine he says America food and senator what I look at the photos you put them. Yeah hosting and you know not that outcomes all over TV report is not very influential person cap on how close was intemperate and from. Must've been really close right loses because you know who's who's made more Adam maybe the most. If that thing that I am curious about is we have this long and VP discussion nationally in Carson went out. Russell Wilson out so that all that's left. Is Tom Green. Is that beautiful terrible afford that he had yesterday does that change in the put the other guys the only other guy could be Russell Wilson does that aren't there guy Antonio Brown is it is not that when he won this Sunday at 4 o'clock yes I I think we'll pick I could be an act dealers and Brady does not play well and Antonio Brown has a huge day with 89 catches couple touchdowns. That coaching what I think your fingers are forced to look at other options that are a quarterback to play great record breaking guys rightfully 2000. President Brady throws you know. 300 plus yards four touchdowns in the win there and he's in. In any wins. Right a man and if they win the game and he goes nuts he wins than you think you when's it. But if he doesn't opens a door for everyone else including Antonio Brown accordingly be on bell moved. Including I mean I really wasn't sharp last week against Jacksonville but Russell Wilson with millions a season. I mean everybody come out and get three games to go let's say the last times they have to make the playoffs I think. For him to ever pay if he goes off and when the next three games. And make the post season or Philip Rivers goes off for the next three games and they make the playoffs and win that division to it's it's open for any you know. I'm just look at through the MVP of the list of MVPs to his rule since 1957. There has. Always had there's never been a receiver. That one running back sure quarterback of course. But now bring back glass on 2000 told Ager Peterson. LaDainian Tomlinson and l.s back to back Shaun Alexander 2005 Thompson in 2006. They quarterback a running back up martial falcon if you doubt. And you're missing something Christians two thousand seventies were looking for diversity well not letting my for boys were so don't this so this a 1957. Right. I actually yes with ninety that said there there's not been. Anything other than a running back or quarterback. So this is the year right so late for and and I think that goes to show you how desperately people don't want to give it to break. Don't wanna give to brace so are you you can't find it back Asian outfit lady on bail and Antonio D'Amico the kids which routes. So so. What's gonna happen. I think it's gonna go cocoa completely against the norm a divot tool wider issue for the first time for a 2017. We'd go against the new. I understand I'm not sure if I'm not sure it's gonna happen. Happened because on the Brady's going to play well in a game on Clark's Taylor 19860. Come on that as are defense to play it well I'll just out of in my JJ watts of years ago McIntyre and he did 22 years ago as a manager here in the didn't give it to was great he was from a annoyed with the principal right. Oh I don't know Italy and singer and a a mother's worried about the MVP I don't know it's just it's just all and now neither hides so what's the insisting I caught up in it because we're we're we're looking at the possibility that Brady will get its okay that they gonna screw brave generous in 1970000. Oh what our priorities and the find somebody else yeah but on terms where does he plays well next winter when it's a little bit. Through it. Here's Robin Florida around. Hey good morning to you don't always good. Good as that the game last night boy what a hangover have today met game it was a most of our. Let me ask you question. Do you think last they gain some reason why is the coaching staff been going to the try to get some sort of rhythm hurry up offense would Brady because it is so called the injury. That he'd been you know missing a few practices here in the I've just try to figure out why on earth did they go at least in the source. You know quarter of two trying get into some sort of rhythm would that. Up tempo offense rate. Like an up tempo offense. The basic thing of it because I was in the same thing so you have this rush that you can't control. It's did you faster. You go back to the old reliable witches two seconds of the balls out of your hands. Do they not had the receivers that can get open within 23 seconds I don't think they do something that's a problem. Yeah Alan metallic or Allen can't do it also you don't trust them yet. Cook's as an outside down the field guide it. Hold you and Evan dole is your guy he's the only guy can do bing vision and they're here I mean it's he was brought here does that could be the next loss walker and an element and of the neck Abby. He's still got two of the best threat they had. You know they kept the multiple alternate and Amendola. They get the ball Emmett Till he was a guy make it a different he was again moving the chains are. And the problem the problem's going to be coming up in the extreme dangers if gritty ticket that followed by industry second. Yeah I mean without a Frontline. NASA to did you deal with a different team with Pittsburgh's defense as opposed to what you dealt with with Miami. You're dealing with a lot more blitzing you're dealing with a defense that breeding usually handles that's the type of defense he have. So I it's totally different when you go week to week these teams with the personnel and what they do it is much much different is true when a car major. Hey. All of Cutler colleague Erin a year earlier the what I addressed the patriots week. You're steals since I won't and it goes hand and it was worth it wouldn't lose the confidence is a manager who was close and debit. It's. In New England it's not my apple C like you wanna talk about it straight week and there's. Little can appreciate their normally I go to your routine you know I sit down the theater keeping a good indicator mineral water. Guilt back. A normal picture week. It heading rocks glass an apology in the league that the help you earthquake that began under heavy rock ark ark of the you know what. I've got to tell you what church at this point we're hearing. Lack of confidence from patriots fans in the first hour hour. Okay per foot -- are patriots and it might comment from a coach asks. If he's killed in a while now. I don't know all. Getting on a yet we will. Absolutely do have a two I had a left quarterback became anemic turnout and name and he's got awful. If commitment Horry. Go back if you look at like the last sixteen. Look at the passer rating in the numbers of the quarterback the Steelers have played yet. And nick nick hit it. Green Day we just got off. Hung in regard we we made him like Aaron Rodgers couldn't even need to come back. To discuss in this case CNET he's right. Brady's gonna pick apart that defense. And because a couple of decent under the under the hammer out to be hammered by their. The eighth the golden gate number paint. I think it all we have quit before Brady completed sixteen pack. In the first quarter. Other things you have to hope for is you have to hope for your offense put up forty points up on the board 3540 points. And that's just the bedrock are on court yeah it is definitely an open winning culture and those perceptions. Of while let you know senate podium and love man is habits are there for the mom petrol attendants say Ager I feel I feel your misery. We need. Needed a last second field goals five of the last six weeks to beat bad. Not a good place can't Google's ads just lost our commitment. I goal go crying do you little yellow hanky and yet enjoy it and then go talk this story. He's right we're gonna hear this I think during the course of the week because you saw what Brady with the patriots did last night. But if you look at that defense of Pittsburgh defense. British are very good very day her and there. He actually said Donaldson worse shape. Then completely lost my issue easier than they lost the replacement for him so you talk about next guy on the yeah right now which Arizona that there remain as far as their front seven. Goes not I've not studied the Steelers but as far as their their secondary goes you wouldn't think you would Chatham and only choose later yet I hear it's a short week so I guess I got to get my iPad out we have down motivate. You would think. That just being abide name recognition alone that the pages would have the edge when it came to the secondary. But I don't know even matters and I don't always I think they're at they'll pass rush was my point I don't think it matters and plus. And so they're so good Antonio Bryant doesn't matter. And that's what they can't do Seoul summit played against the dolphins. Like seven sacks. They got that went crazy on Matt Moore not even close of the it was it was. So difference. As far as distressed that that Jay Cutler was under compared to map more and ages just didn't think Erica you know. Had no threat of a of running game Williams was doing nothing that he got hurt in the game if you remember they are running game last. It straight I put straits gave them a run. Running gives you did Wear and took all of the pressure. Off of Jay Cutler and we know that Jay Cutler goes out and I think you've got to do everything that whole thing it's that. You know. We without that game last night we're talking less than TV going into the game and again we were ignoring a truck in Pittsburgh as well. And it was I just I don't think that this patriots team is as good as they were playing even before last night I still consider them a flawed team. Obviously the better patriot teams we've seen a long time. And then you take a guy take away a guy like flowers take we've been knowing obviously Grupo Rebecca makes a lot of difference offensively. But I I don't see how you can feel overconfident going in Pittsburgh Lex. Please and go on history. No I'm not overconfident I'm just saying no that you. Don't say yeah Brady Brady will put up thirty plus points against Pittsburgh. I'm not saying they're not gonna give up there eat what it's. Okay unscented breeding will this play golf and giggled and when I I do I think you're gonna winning game and I think it in a close game and it's going to be a close game high scoring game. I think Brady here is that defense apart. I think that is the perfect defense for him he sees that blitz he knows where it's coming from he knows what to do. Do you need grown back yet and you need a lot better out of the Chris Hogan that you got last night Willie McGinest coming up next regular known. Please use both hands and a quarter we Berlusconi at four and where gas always get their say unimpeded and without interruption yeah. With the Celtics also they have they were now this summer or they were eliminated they have young players think about go to let me talk among your guess you're not on Sports Radio WEEI. Your terrorist attacks she wants the route just the black hearted fun. So that I guru Disney and you know apology soft yeah. Eighteen years eighteen years the lead just hit the guy comedies are whining complaining about it for a little too rib injury case is being nice to Willie McGinest because he can put a good word in from the heard some opening SS NFL network and you might my split and the rewards already got my our job applications into the end up Willie's brought you by wind river environment and by tufts health plan is good morning mr. Maginnis. Hello would legalize. When I see his name there theaters tomorrow is going to clock ticking moon and but I don't I don't see Willie I don't hear within the line really can you Harris. Cause. Disappeared. I was like I don't know whether I always thought that will call yes well I just talked to them just say it was a disaster especially are we have we have we just can't get this time of academics we want we have two questions right. Who's got a good one. Number one and of itself two questions until now was uncut artistic. As you mute button mute button. You can he'd he'd he'd be here talking dirty we were gonna push to see if he would push the NFL network the island nation royal Danish creep up NFL network and all of our good. It. Yeah. Hello little a little as moving on to Topeka. He's on the Topeka to move London's over the limit Albuquerque and it. A some of those some of the pitcher Steve. He's just wanna talk to these depressed pats lost played awful the way part of the easiest thing in Christina is the family. Hello I don't know do we ask him way to go is when I heard Charlie Weis Charlie always against takes all the road trip now. See mom and I don't usually only lone resident the road and uses until he was on the last night. She is the studio while there are doing that the people didn't really mean flights below he looks them. Blizzard announces today it lives down for ridiculously digital television wanna travel this week. We'll certainly wouldn't want a child now we have Willie McGinest morning. Oh well it. Areas. Item and give us your take what did you witness last night. Awareness about the former support performance from the patriots I don't know why they struggle in Miami. You know solitary elect anybody else who played there's a lot of trolls know mayors. Home to protection wasn't where it needed to be. Home he couldn't serve is that the pocket couldn't circus beat. They got beat you know on passes down the field which we try to sought beginning of the season we thought there eliminated. No my composure and play well. People are aware royal. I was surprised they played that way there and then you know. Home for whatever reason. In Miami you know they struggle apparent. That's not what we've seen the classic several weeks. You all built on built you know Willie bill is asked that question yesterday everybody's every former players is getting asked the same question. And you know it other than just I don't know being caught the moments. And they go and oh by the way word Miami and admit they now you have like a fall guy. It it just could ever even going down to Miami earlier because there is some thought that if we went down early to get acclimated to the weather. Ballot helpless played better we still got the. Yeah I mean it isn't gonna have earlier when the weather's hot and ignores the court atmosphere to play and put our own. I don't I don't think they're gonna make excuses like I'm not in the business of making excuses why. And I do my dad to come to play regardless of record. This is one of the biggest games of the year for them regardless. Of the spirit of playoff if there are playoff race or not. And you know. Pitchers just didn't play well then there's really no excuses and all the way from top to bottom. Some. Once they got bored it was a little too late they can pick themselves out of the hole. Well allegiance to one off forty you see like things that are concerning you Aussie grant comes back he makes a difference but defensively was sisters to one game or. Bigger problems. Well I think we saw earlier this season went away and it's a bigger problem mr. fish that they continue to play that way. Too wide spectrum with gore continue to play that way no I expect him to make adjustments. Our home doesn't get any easier coordinates its work this week. I mean this is one of the most explosive offenses in the league so it's not gonna get easier I think they're way more talented offensively. You know in Miami. Home the defense Donald because as good. But. There's pictures so everybody plays very game that pregnant approaches. I so did the Brady has had great success. Over the years. Against that Pittsburgh defense dating back to the the mobile years obviously the the blitz you look at that defense now without Ryan Shay easier. And they might even be more vulnerable would you agree. Well you're only wanted to use them you lose your best players shared you're not the same blood. What what's what's happened in the past I don't think players apart in their end and this week's game. We saw Baltimore Gault and and you very productive offensively but in the football. And they got up and jumped out. All Pittsburgh's. Tom bush. You know they differences stated today they have what do they have had one of the best defense in the league for the last. You know. What 89 weeks so Baltimore had. Top three top or defense I think it could have been number one appear no doubt there was just some of the top five votes. Then. They couldn't stop almost brought all of a Pittsburgh you know so. You can have a great defense and go out like Minnesota and do what 216. Yards on the ground question then. And in being good at electric bidding Carolinas so there's really no rhyme or reason. Home. This film I would just say things happen. And these kids be consistent. Playing a certain way he got to make adjustments. This play outside bell every game is crucial. Peso Willie sold the Seahawks play the jaguars right in the end of the game jaguars taken indeed here comes Michael Bennet no no no don't begin to the senators knees. I love some people have a problem that some people don't it's. You're on that side of the ball right on when they declare that their take it in the isn't as bad form for a guy like Mack and Michael Bennet to just kind of died bomb the guy's knees and try to somehow desperately make a players it just cannot. That's how the world will live and in. That's what Seattle respond if you watch Seattle in the past. They continuously. Played the playoffs they compete desperate thing that's very much that's what they say. They're not gonna quit unless there wasn't a football game and have a one mile and they're not gonna stop they've done that in the past so that goes back to your preparation doesn't seem you got to know what to expect from them. And you gotta know that. You're Russell Wilson saying hey there's jardin not almost fumble we can got it back I don't know. That's what that's what they preach about locker room they've been doing that forever since he's been there so. Gordon doesn't know what to expect from that change. Right if any openings pop up there at the NFL network are big guy over euphoria is looking so happy I Iraqi content. If you've ever. It is true. It is probably to assume you're on the food a little too soon are willing we'll talk to see. We against. You got to see who certificate of its opponent and how you're afraid to give you pictures on your forward and put myself. That's what you you know all kind of get into this whole you don't NFL network you know who asked him. We were there that broke hold him to. And Daryn back Baghdad about that comes out of do a little and I don't have a big problem I had is that he's in baseball Verizon if it OK okay. Baseball player an MLB network and it gives I'll be the first for it's been like do what he's doing over there it's what's happening and you guys the body okay. Have you talked to select people and self as such Marshal all such shame you know what's going on Ike Taylor. You for a freedom of Willie McGinest. Afraid you will also for when the guys who yeah you guys are afraid. Afraid. In Europe for a body break under is a joke yeah yeah he's definitely on network will the here on the most of the houses go there has got to get a lot of heat on your ball is you could talk to you that you don't beyond that a concern I don't know. Inspectors. They'll go two pretty good to me in the middle breaks and went to Paul said Paul. Fat guy to go west and willing to look in the filming with it and a hall lately I don't. How different it was not politics simply doesn't pay a while asking a question dual image is in my. Well it says hey Christian wants you to ask them about the deck next. And a lot. I'm trying to do what you're either you don't expect. Yeah the next question we have like thirty seconds left I just a bit more than delusion that raise you to I don't handle I don't know probably I don't know I got to know what they have unwelcome. And oppose games as a now soon too soon I'd sentences that just from hotels you know you they aren't paying NSA superbly guilty or does it take in this even more probably since undergone any and sleeplessness. And other other network maybe even people write off. Council's recent they're gonna say that was out of the people so in order to back in the day like that was. And that's what you did what he means what you play it like two dogs each other and. What can I don't have any dogs at preserving it. But he goes to what you did with the personal delegate goes all the time personally gonna say eternity if you like guys like you've been in the in locker room. Our locker rooms a guy like you know. But he no tries to get your attention mrs. Palin look over here have you looked down zippers down these instances that using and now you're never that many different there was snow. What they call it like it at least eight times so hey let me take you bristle at check this value. That's Cathy is that there are children and about that or will inevitably are doing. Well. That's true person have a goal to do what they get like he is reporting martial. I don't think you'll ever see that Williamson. Now some of these details in just a scary at what point. Did you think any of this was was OK or partly reinsert it must have little Marshall pharmacy bosh does not only is it mostly deals with facts. Hello yeah reality is I mean these allegations right now apparently just the facts and adjust according to her. Allegedly knew you where you start to -- Russia -- a -- you wanna read it ushered pocket can't Dougherty begin to okay who apparently used to on deal with and I live in a photo or stylish attractive and closes in times yes getting a close up for them and buying and close living elsewhere. Marshall Faulk apparently asked her quote deeply personal invasive questions yeah Bible about her sex life. Well I mean me coming there there may be their friends and get this like you know when Harry met Sally relationship and their like. In other bit of digging deeper saw her after what her favorite sex positions where again another Harry met Sally moment in a minute weather. She was into oral sex. And if she'd like to date black. And she's also accused falcon losses of fondling her breasts in groping her but I'll I don't mean facts are I'm not laughing because it's for the group. I'm amazed spoken but it actually saw it first got it worse. It the absence of quote instead of saying good morning mist default greeting can't told by fondling her breasts and groping her from behind the storm eyeballs those that say good morning as walks in you don't say good morning futures grabber breasts you don't do that when you commit to the building I mean I grabbed yours the other day needed like. The suits dedicate quote at times as time went on. Faulk mr. Falk became more aggressive. Such as inviting cute too from his hotel room. Stroking and pulling out his genitals in front of her. The storm eyeball pointing to his crotch and asking the plaintiff quote what are you gonna get on this already has tracked the lawsuit said then. He quote he also pinned Cantu against the wall demanding oral sex while he pulled his pants down his suit alleges. If Ari. What about Ike Taylor about. It's it's too bad because in this case for Marshall Faulk unfortunately. Apparently they have some videotape. Well the team is likely to my C had tape one timer that was hoping this is like yoga to a three paragraphs on fall bike trails only want there out on the that's I Taylor Tibet paragraph quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Is accused in the lawsuit of sending can't torque. Sexually explicit photos of himself and he video of him masturbating in the shower. Our. Today. He's here I know exactly what happened with this and exactly what happens. That it bit similar situations that ESPN. And I've been in April network multiple times and other networks. So what they did it here's the stylus. And they they they ingratiate the stylus as like one of the guys. One of the guys say you know can but. First she's got a yeah first mistake. If we're out of time do you like the past month leading women differently yes you treat them different you don't sound out of the guy now that's not acceptable they gonna you'd be dumb dumb do about it like where the sexiest show Gary that is why fewer I don't treat it went on to say we should actually be a a 100 help lines so guys who were before the press and just like Herman Edwards talked about four repress that caller shall we call a hotline. You had this picture you wanna say and you describe what the situation is is at work environment is club environment. Is it'd dating situation. We tell you whether the president or not. Right we give you advice each seat stay out of trouble miss her yeah appropriate though wants to do. How stupid can happen to actually see they still safe to say that's about who did so they got sucked into the the world all 111. Big wolf pack. I think they got sucked into. Facilities and the obvious stupid as Ike Taylor what the US adults one's kinda. It's cast a write letters everyday well I mean on this and solicited it viewers sending. Let's say you had there's you know Ryan was a female. Kathy Ryan is. Losing your Martha loosen its Lucy until it if you're white finds out the year sending. Just play old Vic pics that Lucy. She feels like gold and play full. Colin you want I'm not currently a lot of play and you know uncomfortable with behavior OK I want I want blinders were all of us I want to I want like. We're gonna have a bunch of rules that. Regulations he's got to Wear sweat suits and I'll boot him like a big giant Fletcher wealth and a half. She treat them the same way you would treat the polls or. You said Lou. That actually I don't know I went on right off the trigger this I don't ladies are so so so you don't send Dick fix anything until you don't send it then so well. So we heard a treat everybody the same. We won't we were in that we were in the office earlier in his conversation came off as Paul Christian. He asked me so all of that good yeah by everybody and I'm glad it has ever said that. Yes Christian as he stated your percent is usually depicts right now. To my wife Stephanie and I signal a person's first response was. I have heard about it in our program and I was like black and thinking about wrong. Laughing at my job. I am like what I'll. It's a little. Yeah Isiah is yeah you look at your credit. Recognize them as they ignite a matter of light don't have exactly poems and resilient tolerant. Yeah. Yeah I Heath Evans apparently yeah multiple times. Propositioning her for sex repeatedly making overtures. Cantor said that Evans sent nude photos of himself tour quote on at least two separate occasions. And they made several several inappropriate comments once telling her. I mean African readers where you read he's but it involves something bowed deep in part pocket cash needed items needed ticket and the hanjour incompetence or anything I mean you're just this play as of the quote the table illegal influx of what you go back and re Donovan McNabb can you tell me like little kids. That their hopes on television right now and he got why we really warts. That's wanna receive McNabb who who most notably play cornerback and appealed the Eagles. Eagles this existence. Those include an allegedly as the funeral in the suit of texting her explicit content if you don't innuendoes. Those included include him lately asking her if she was that okay. And that's all can ask her to the ad that that that first one but yeah. You know the worst part about this all of these guys you were included in the same sentence and paragraph as warns that once that happens dead he's to woke up. They're learning daughter. Welcome all you tell him to get out of yearning in front of people wouldn't as you would get your sex toys as Christmas gets three consecutive years. Showed her nude images of woman and eat sleep with a holiday spirit. We act. Because these these guys in this will what do they have like the Yankees want and everybody I'm giving sex toys as gifts of me is that make them guilty. I got a solid do exactly and so the Yankees swabbed out there are those never divert the Yankees while never at Bender a bid to sort of a Yankee sloppy dirty party. But I'm gonna go here and I didn't realize that you feel like I'm one of those things that was. But on the field in buffalo. What are what are those what are the sucks all the friendly event. They just like you mentioned it right because Rezko was recently fired announce suing everybody she was. Part of this that turn to be one of the guys may think she's really got part of the cause I'm young aimless different individuals. That were doing. Like ridiculous crazy things videos of them estimating in the shower eight if dropping the pants right in front that you don't get on this like eight individuals are doing this to where. I. You know and it's on the joke about does this is serious and we are just mentioned it briefly to Willie but I think what is going to be an issue who knew about it. You look at I think other guys who work there will be dragged into did you know this environment was going on did you say anything about it did you tell them to stop it and why they regularly and panicked and felt less work get ready for it. If freeware. But I'm just kidding it's if this type of culture existed in the NFL network and tell me it doesn't exist in the ESPN or fox or any of these other places. And I know or I don't know damn well it exists but do you think these guys with my own eyes we have and are they edit the makeup girls that was. That was the that was the dirty is talk I ever hurt when when you go to make up. But that was it was all inappropriate all of. But you Big Easy got none of them spoke. You ridiculous that there's we will yeah it was just use she's always playing along with this yes. Right exactly but that's our company and individual designers and owners of course has signed an excuse she can't play nice finish and you can't play that game again but you know. These are some crude things that these eight people were dueling tour for a long time until I guarantee some of them will malvo was that analysis she played along gentle push. Are you come home from work does pay its edges of her breasts. Is concerned them I'd I don't know but doesn't work both ways or is it just grows stop it I ache. On out of girls I hate. I mean there's there's going to be things there's going to be some amusement. She does he was becoming too much what brought to you guys hundreds that you gotta get on this how many guys are reading this stuff today. I guess pants and his underwear are just as paints. I am. The Bible level if it should be levels if that was. Apple to open up a little too heavy metal pioneers the chart guys know I don't know that I don't. This is actually already charred god and it. How many guys are are are bleach and nutrients right now so I go oh my god. This. This happened in my did Brady didn't bring you do us a Saturday like he did he did the whole Erica slightly right RSS. You can't name. Uno. Different finally got so it's OK I finally got a hold your Dale's grip we talked some crazy sports up. So honored I said it's funny is picnic to loosen the other day oh my god she couldn't stop laughing a little happy face on and out making it on out we had such a move on you about your wife already heard which is that the obvious we'll shut circle of if you are right. I don't get back to the vocals at 61777. Night 7937. Regular Nolan that immoral to jocks I like working with jocks as you can. You can play with a little bit and bingo on Sports Radio WEEI. Okay what I have lunch sometimes. Hear about tomorrow okay. Here's my home number. Great. Begun you can have sex with the women at work without losing your job by following a few simple room. Let me ask. They attract. I don't mean under the. He had played at today that we've seen some great he can't play them and effective if you should eat it would be great players that this right now. Not this time but you know don't. Can't do it benefit the Burnham with the Dale Hall in key had tried to. Present this image of of high moral standards don't would you agree in the in the conversations of god when they've got an a philosophical stuff he's taking. That. I will approach. Now suddenly this stuff becomes even more embarrassing for a guy that has talked. He's a dot squad up yet he's a Bible bumpers that look so good right now doesn't look. And I guess it's insulate. One. You're married and Wakefield Ethan and you know aspects to it you know despite the makeup artists pay check this out Irish aid today. Right trigger locks. Grand old tag on a Monday that you right now there's a whole argument of I never hooked up whether we never slept together and work or worked soon will pull us want to lose weight to David down alleys and editor of at least to lose a lot of men have an advantage I really want to get involved it's all about lighting in Edmonton for our lightning storm. Italy will pay a little about angle there. Maybe back follicles and Christian in North Carolina project. Call is ready to DePaul wouldn't hours Bryant's fault I imagine it. Marries a judge this was an early. It. Hey hey I don't sexually harassing somebody who else do we heard the entire thing is currently covered up HA. Popped no nos recording you. Are sort site and he picked up owns. Adam I went to sleep they're afraid that the. We're generally weren't sleeping and we we caught everything you said Jay everything in the entire audience heard every word. So what's up man. Well if you are less like which time time that Tom Brady didn't have Jay Cutler did it took it. Great quarterback in the league who looked average that the average quarterbacks to look great. Terry Brady Brady Brady didn't look average last in who have waited bull efforts and. Now I'm just and it reminded me of the US syllable that Strahan did appear almost contradicts. What they may be offensive line look like they're patriots offensive line look a turnstile. Yeah out you know you said that I would like to say that that the word of the day it would be. Energy on both energy energy center and our energy a lot of lack lack of energy and lack of energy I think it's fair to say two final bell get all pissed off about it but we're. Moreover your written that the Steelers for two weeks ago talking about this big matchup against the patriots. Nolan got a gonna slip up they go yeah. Meanwhile the patriots go down their lay an egg a week before they got to play the Pittsburgh Steelers it's a fair question of and they bought data yeah it was the same energy is Miami did Miami explain the patriots and I don't know what Al pitchers up their due back. There's no there's no question they looked ahead to a Pittsburgh they can say all they want they'll deny it bill. In a game day and I'll give me a break look last night is the last thing Bill Campbell from his team. He'll never admit it right this is what admit that that's even a possibility right that's like itself fending. Did you tell me you lost that game last night Christie's and energy that they match it. When they're ready to go down or not and I'll even read an article. I mean I've been in these situations before and you're you're trying to convince yourself to get important to get back into it just a lot of time. First down two yards second down loss of three announced third and long and you can't convert now you're up appealed again but it's it's demoralizing. Yet in the end they're still. In it they're still in which is amazing and it tells you how I would Utley and you're not displeased it's like you just know you give them enough time. I don't think that like you look at the difference of play call between. The Miami Dolphins and just call their first two series their first scripted fifth place. It really took advantage of everything on this direction bunch looks on emotions. Everybody it was a all of a Socialist Party. You could see there like there there are almost. Taking a page out of patriots booklet stretching out and mismatch that's not used to covering in space let alone on the perimeter and you haven't got back and in bandied you hit them. It was. They executed their game plan to perfection. Got little help but even at the end they still gave the patriots opportunities but I think you're right about the lack of energy and you tell me. You've never gone into a game we you overlooked them pull the usual looking ahead to the next well I can't call him the principal's office for admitting that there today I got yelled that for a do we still won the game I remembered. But it's it's human nature I was gonna say yeah humans are done done now but now he just sit a guy yeah now it's like. It's it's not that you try to lose but you realize that. That guy. Is a lot hungrier than you and you sit there go Tony had a terrible game. Off the line play Tehran and all all of long struggle all the did it at one point or another or collectively at the same time. They've played very well you tell me who whose game. This is a bigger game for Miami than it was for New England last night wife Elizabeth. Is this isn't I don't own any sort of play all the bulls went on a background they've been disrespect of it embarrassed they are adequate and to make a play out. Yeah they they will they play with tremendous energy last night and next week. The price tomorrow then they will be al-Qaeda but they beat the Denver Broncos to a socially they're stringing together a couple mice who wins. The other subtle they have they have a running game that we're all excited about and they're starting guys as cynical okay. Receives overnight in the playoffs. I wanna be on this team a little bit more I realize that there are still good and we got the same year we had last year so I it's just normal people people talking about Cutler started game last night was was Kenyan Drake isn't so so what ends up. Happening is you're with this team you sit there as the seasons Golan Damian Williams is not doing much. And suddenly this kid Drake comes in and you got to comply you mention you get is why do you get energy you play you know uplift it. And I don't know how one last doesn't last long within because they have a lot of holes. But for a couple games sure not to go all college football on. Lou Brock decide Anderson talked about the wealth of talent and depth that is that the University of Alabama. I don't know what year was Lula would you say it was thirteenth it was thirteen hours ago. This past thirteen their running back room. Their depth was Kate TJ yelled at case second round pick to Jacksonville there Henry Kaiser trophy winner canyon Drake. We saw last night and Alvin Kumar I want to add O'Meara or running backs and their running back from an element in any camera he looked at Alabama and what can you left he left because and he would ten seasons so. He's that Joker here with the word is an Alabama take running backs linebackers in pass on the quarterbacks that. Is that the may have climbed 81 basically heroes that was the disbursement Zabian power. Yeah he is not what six million yes it tones early on a his first interception was all that bad pass that settles impressive yeah. I mean I wasn't great so he's just turned his head in the snatch at the premiere ladies' tees. He was a big degree weather when nick ended catch written. All over there is a perfect thousand dollars and polo. Oh I don't think so on and so what one person on this second one not a second one thing we really great that he accelerated. And he looked slow down he did you had Brady indignities that include the Arctic to you know he would had a chance so it was. It was fifth to forty yards in the airboat it was a perfect plan. Sure that you can't overthrow Brennan coast you should call again into that mentality where you're never going to overthrow him he'll run any passed down. Yet he still under throws them. I mean it's it happens but to assume that that was a great I was there was no nos. That was. Phenomenal I'd 617779793. Said we are back to more phone calls talking about the game that we refused to talk about yesterday but talk about it today. But really we wanna talk about Pittsburgh game coming up at Sunday which is what we wanted to talk about.