OMF - Patrice Bergeron and Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Head coach Bruce Cassidy and Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins join Glenn, Lou, and Christian on the second day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.


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However tuck some hockey and we'll talk about corruption patrician attitude that is Bergeron is here and Bruce Cassidy. But met before Bruce Cassie obviously the coach of the Bruins took over midway through the season led them to the a good position at the end and then obviously back for a for the season. As the offseason and so far it's been good this move them appears settled in for a another year and for congratulations on another shot that was a Vegas musica and yeah let's get and its that a good party. Does it get away with a life actually with you know playing. It was the first time in a long time where we were with the rule would then it was for a few days and be its biggest with the wide basis buddies when there's a lot of Israelis have been prevented if they're gonna be going and they are out there scheduled just don't know if the person so happy let they're going to Vegas now good bonding opportunity don't. Is bugging me yet he denied everybody keeps everybody close. To ask Patrice to keep an attack if that does etiquette. Sir I know it all was you know just about now there's an NFL team out there as a hockey announcer the NBA's basically gonna get there may be Major League Baseball who knows. Was that a concern for coaches management GM's a US we're gonna have our guys and put in the definitely in just like you to put up with all the sin that exist in in Vegas. So I think they're there'll adults. Prompt functional anywhere he wants so a little fun to include stops. I won't lose it here at buffalo. Have any other team out last that is so others. If the trees or water coming into this year you know you have to use some youth you know at this team and last you'd backed in postseason but. It's an exciting field through with some of the young kids that you saw on this team last year associate Mac awards and that's the Blue Line but still there's a lot of of excitement for you coming in this. It is it's very exciting to see. You know the youth that that you're talking more than we saw also in the playoffs last year that the field. Devoid of you know of the guys that we lost them through injuries so. It was it's very exciting you know. With the factions of the leaders that we have that the core group and you know you bring in that the that youth in the excitement of of these guys I think its. It's a lot of talented and you know law. The reports the start training camp in Estonia for sure. Bruce when you when you got the calls that listeners are taken over. What goes through your mind would be thinking about me Regis it and Heidi what's the what are the first thing you say the team. Well ironically enough with you know as as Ian and Patrice and talk symbol change in there on board right away. Obviously we ought ton of respect for quote was accomplished here Boston for the parlance. But you know when a different direction and answer your up and running and we just try to get a couple of good practices under our belt. Didn't change a lot there's some salt structure in place who just won a little more temple be a little more attack oriented so that that was the the main focus for the first two days of practice and and groups that you know put in place over the first week in and they get some wins early guys start to buy and they trust in an off Eagles who worked alone and respect. I think a lot of people agree with you a political -- it's almost a Kuwaiti Red Sox fans look at Terry Francona great manager accused the sometimes it's just time in don't think they'll close can be successful everywhere but when he did pickle week it seemed like. It's an open ended up it's almost offensively I don't know if you guys felt that as a team that you look like there's more skill or offensive. Punch in next yeah I think the biggest thing an analyst Brody. To help from defenseman coming off the Russian and you know I've quick transition I think. You know Bruce that's the first duty to update you just talk what actually personally change was a couple of them. Of practices are also over game and that definitely you know translates into. More offers cause you know more skating more help and transition from your defenseman took office or two before so. But that being said and I also think there. You know when does it change like that you do yourself a very individually. And and and you realize that you have to be better you know there's. When something you know when you've used it to the coach of Steffi when he used to coax so I think a lot of guys did that and that also help. The outcome the result. That. Jewish we have a pretty unique situation in this town we have to athletes who were playing at age forty. And they're still pretty damn good. And Zdeno Chara and because of course numbers you're what thirty to make their team okay if you have a thought about playing two UN force. How to do that you have to changeup. Diet. Conditioning whatever between now and for. To the question I think hey you know I'm sure that there's going to be some some things that you have to me to work opponent and to makes it the key. And improve in the words they keep playing at that age. It's which probably asks you what he's doing and then an outspoken on that program that Flickr. All over town yeah I mortgages might join us Tour de France I don't know if have you ever seen me on a widescreen yeah. There's camera people boxes of food roommate always does have that. That diet pretty strict so. You know he's he's. Right now ordering to be tall. I'm packages but that he he's still out there when in the pull away he has and that's that's amazing to see it too. Fifty pounds you know. So yes soil which won plenty for I'd love to it looked keep plants though you know make it definitely snow. Yet a curious. A year at times he has healing. You guys though would be for a written varied. Hotly debated topic on our show. And is take the pipe. If you. Have you ever used it ever use that route router the anything Bruce L are you they'd like you've been involved on the longtime roots though I've never heard of the term. Take that night that you okay okay okay it might be our hockey guys. Settle the argument you just made. The old days people unlocked it was regular vernacular in wants all back in the old days I call 8 o'clock. We don't we. It we have Shawn Thornton here look great he was in here yesterday and we were talking about how the game has evolved how the game has changed. Of course you really fit into his style on the way he played a few years ago. And he admitted that the game has really changed he doesn't like is speed. As a coach how do you look at it especially when you see somebody young players forty year old kids out there and making an impact. So quick and yet a much of the game changing changed what you have to cut. Well I gotta keep often it's a copycat league at times news to Pittsburgh when a couple of cups and it got some young fast players that cannot obviously turn over parks with speed and sticks as opposed to the wrong Ellie did differently and they were champions along ambulances sort of Austin. Do without waste so. You gotta be carefully don't switch to quickly get away from your roots as well so it's like Edmonton doable for certain gather big and they can skate and that's ideal. But you know eat I think at the end of the day you have to vote your philosophy I dropped if you're drafted speed skill and that's what you put on your eyes to those players and those core around your team. If you're draft excise and on and more in your face type players in that direction you go and that's in as a right or wrong way but the game is faster to date date. It's just the way it's officiated. That the way it made the rules that it benefit. Foot speed. And he you know a lot of hits that are borderline are always automatic penalties and sometimes five minute majors can affect the games he's got to be careful your physical players while they sort of re educate themselves how to finish checks so. A lot of that lends itself more than the made a smaller quicker player. So that's the way Eackles you have to adapt accordingly get left. Patrice you know limit to my surprise you but shown relate to roll the enforcer you know in the league and he talked about. Published here's your style at any music I like throughout the Orton and his other guys that McQuay distorted maker's commitment and do you feel that when you in the game is getting away from that fighting style that guy's taking more shots at you guys to be running around taking cheap shots knowing. That they don't have to pay the price. Yeah I think there's. I always believe it is going to be a tyrant played they you know shortly you just mentioned. Equity you know. Guys going their audience and dies on me. Our aware and and they don't do the same thing. When they're not as not on team so yes it does. Make a difference. That these certainly. Bruce who's talking you know. It's he's the team is if there is a faster game it is scheme where it took away some rules that force Susan. Fortunately but it's time to adapt to a there's some some players like. That are. Can still play gamers can fight. It seems that its board that it down now. Like hockey that we have and the commitment you've been a couple we know your lips to you know I remember when it's not that many executive. As for free of sports and yet. Is it do you think based on a concern for you see them a lot of sports safety had injuries to be Bruce that there's. That's where they gave was going to just remove it altogether just been a slow bleeding out of it and eventually that's where it's gonna. Yeah the fighting part of there's a lot of injuries or concussions on on on hits that are blind side hits too as well also I would say I would always relate to concussions to fuel to journalistic ways and nowadays when guys are so much faster and can finish their checks that are hiring to speak to you got to be careful cautious and that's just a mites and I think that has to grow amongst the players haven't mutual respect for one that's what I always felt about it. You know guys know vulnerable spot you gotta be careful I'm not seeing it turn pass a good clean hits because that's part of the game and there's always a bit of that intimidation factor that if your heads down you're gonna get hit by. By the same token you have to have a respect for the players I think that's. You know that's where the younger the younger generation I hope I was it learns from from from the older. You know call the trees older but that the generation charity you know. Built a resonates accomplished a lot Italy and potentials that mutual respect for one X I think that's a big line is there's some. Then if you could add to the game to make it better that you've seen the game changed clock management what do what what what you think it would be. Boy that's interest and. I'm not a not a huge fan of the offside rule the way it's it's evolved. I don't wanna get myself in trouble because and all the trying to make the right call every time and that that the ticket taker without I think it takes away from the experience as a goal scored on. All of us and one of the beauties hockey's the speed of the game out how fast things happen and the in house crowd and also not your wait to see the review was that a goal is inaudible I think it's taken away from. The speed excitement of the demon and no not not as assigning blame on to say let's let's. Try to make it better if. Bruce why can't they do it this way if that past leads to that goal still want one break or something like that that athletes for the goal. Maybe then you can go back and review the outside probe might have with a if you take the puck into the zone you're in the ball for 45 seconds so the puck move it around now you can go all the way back. To the video from a minute before and suddenly sentinel golf. Well like a lot of success like lot of rules things come up you know that you maybe you don't plan for our sense that geez it would do this are rightly so I think that's. Probably I'm sure it's been discussed and and how they're gonna implement it. Overtime I don't know but I think that's something that enough people say how we make this better I don't disagree with you at all there is probably way to. To make it'll work in a concise but if it in taxable immediately and we that off. It doesn't there's a change session we should look at that and I and they will you know portrays him in baseball you can look at extreme games their regular season to launch the right out of economy avoid this hockey ops yet the shoot out. The players like the shootout goal would because I mean it won't play 23 X overtimes but it's the shoot out a good way to end a game. I'd rather finish and overtime obviously. But then do you play you know until it three lol yeah that you did really well tonight and it yeah exactly so that's. That's where you have to find that balance and at some point against because you know it's through season. Personally I'd better see. In all. Something different in the shoot. I don't mind it but not a huge fan of it I think yeah. Definitely reentry over time has changed a little bit of that because it's it is it's exciting it's. And there's a lot more goals being scored before we go to issue and so. So like what they do without but that he said. You know I don't personally. Love that you got a unit three at three. I do up to make I think it's so it's exciting for fans it's it's a tool. It's at. Yet to find different ways to play it it's it's not the same obviously it's it's so much room so much ice. There are so it's you can create a lot more you can use imagination. And what not solely. In Portsmouth it's one. Bruce that's kind of back going get guys that Torre you know back Lavoy even you know he's offensive mind defense and quick you know Korea three obviously. Yeah I think every team hazard their skills players and you might surprise you with teams have the best record the end of the day. Those overtime so. I think it's exciting for the fans got three outs because let's face you're tree chances you have to count as the guys on the bicycle once he gathered at picket fence and they want to win the game and Buick myself. I think it's made the game more exciting we see over time for so we'll leave you with us what does this team look like this upcoming season you're integrating a lot of young kids yet the development though. Can't what does it look like when you finally. Well it's gonna look a lot like last year because we've we've we're trying to bill from what we had last year we didn't lose a lot of players and we did not a lot of players not respect couple. Each way and we're hoping to now some of the people who have been in the pipeline are or drafted and without its you know saying it's going to be a scheme we've got York you've got behind you've got to brass additional these younger kids that are. They're highly touted which one can handle it you know low fat or Frankfurt Ronald grow this team. On the back and you've got you know Carlos on a second your degree job remarkable these young guys or hope and integrate some of that youth with great leadership for Patrice since the end. And correction. And Adam and a number of our guys then then that's what should look like and if we can pick up where we left off last year at the end of the regular season where were. Where were defending very well and increasing our scoring and I think we've got agreed outlook. To me we really appreciate you guys coming over here today you've always been here so the the jury found in a Charlie Jacobs is coming here this afternoon. But Patrice you've always been around anytime we needed you that's great media thank you for coming over here we really appreciate it. And hopefully you Bruins fans will now get to the phones and and ran it up fourteen. Actual yeah before it if you need. Goalie turned pinch. Honorable thing. I don't think you know well I Google and YouTube and we had a test you got a budget their time OK you know you are. On average give away everything that got him you'll inaugural. Are you board the Euro is expected to pay them that they'll pass them look he got him this. Yeah the boys are bigger guys now realize. That's the yeah is it a little. Likes these pivotal to. And you know Christmas and I think that's the thanks very much Amazon.