OMF - Patrick Chung on blitzing, letting his pads do the talking 8-20-18

Monday, August 20th
Strong safety Patrick Chung joins the guys in Foxboro on Patriots Monday as they discuss the Pats beating the Eagles in an overhyped Super Bowl rematch.

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Alana live down here in Foxboro at Gillette Stadium is who the coach out we brought in Patrick Chung could soon. There's little button on the front today go. Yes it does give us a little freeze out just like the might. Site perhaps the so we're just talking out before the break is sometimes the best stuff is off skiers you know not the stuff on who is talking about sleeping inflates and whenever. And Christian was bringing up someplace where when you go over to Europe on what happens now is that you have. Like actually international flights this with a seat go all the way back to turn to do bad yeah and it I don't know does that yeah. It is like I was unwillingly or flight attendant yeah I never thought of Butler he literally punch your head that you would like you for giving any idea what he's done cinema now which cannot money legacy that it's Saturday how. I have happens that's why this new plane out you're talking about that big new playing all right we'll have beds or in butler's organizer thing. We get light runners is it's got great dog that almost nothing guys well he's talking about some level that's that's that's like your wife turns forty giver giver what she wants had a situation. That was mentioned the book of the Egyptian. It was put me in coach should she sit in first class and he says about sugar itself. Score as track and Arnold what is the fact that guy is still good couple games and move into the yellow column yeah those good good to get the rust off little bit. You had is such a couple times I don't know if that was you know improbable under par overly sensitive buy you an excellent job not vintage I doubt he had no chance. In a couple opportunities. But mostly it's those edge rushers really kinda really helping you guys out. Yeah how mere chicken little pressure off with that there you know and I mean what comes out to exit we got to cover anyway but for their game that gives the quarterback is definitely helping us hope we knew that they can keep that going and you know to a season. Do you do you like. Being sent on blitzes and some guys like they just don't like did you notice a little more chance of it takes a lot of coverage are indeed almost feel like they're given themselves up. I know I like yeah I like is a good change agent in could almost all over the place he never really know you know what I'm doing it was doors will be able to add something to year. Known resonate it in insulin and hope to move it. You were working over the defense stands on the hole and move to next of the holy karate and try to sort out yeah I don't know I know. With them to put that I asked him all the time when they're hanging out on the side loading so that would just move work with the school work is that. You know we're which too small hey. This young man works every once in awhile last children. You know Don TI I was actually just above the defense and obviously linebackers coach or use you know work the floor for a long time but. Have you noticed anything defensively talk remotely be simpler simpler in the work faster but we Patricia is great defense recorded deals difference. Not grammys he's still doing the same day that the same things obviously but we've still preach the same thing you know I don't know do you balls tackling everything else things like that just. Play fast bedeviled this place play fast great example fleet to go out there play India and high level and you know my place. How much the game's changed since you've been around here a lot of people talking about or Patrick during so much better the second time that he was the first time here. Did you cut it changed your view it kind of that hybrid guy right now. It is happening big port do you think of the success that you've gone over the last few years coming back here and that it plays to your skills that. I mean yeah I guess you can say that woods I mean I think you'll just come down to it's his knee matured a little bit from my second time coming here among affairs. And scheme Islam makes you better in this working hard and be a professional Islam and you better you know just leaving was. Eye opening experience you know in. If walking up a little bit in and I got injured and it's plain and I was just sit around so. We can't just just over time just being able to mature and just. Understand there's got to be professional and knows that that not be complacent and that's what I've continued to try to do. You know you know you've made it when somebody says hey that he needs a Patrick Chung eight. Have you heard that may or approximately yes. I just I just had this event that all well I love you all got our services and it's. And visibly does that was Robinson passed necessarily. Well output and if they come and I have heard that because it's on. I would likely hybrids will people see what you're able to accomplish on the line all you're covering tight ends big tight and small it's fast tied it back tight ends. You know we don't discriminate regularly talk of also people like there's there is a good thing. I mean it is. Mean it's not I don't know that something you can teach in either you kind of have it or you don't. I mean it's. I don't believe I explain I mean you'll just built. The mentality of bill gives me an assignment. To. Go do it in it if I can't do it on the try to do it you know and you know some people from guys who have day you know. A lot of wanted to do that because then there before you know and then that's and they don't work hard if I feel more like. Approved by feel privileged I I think you can do this that do it in on the try to do nothing to do this pat do it and I just continues to do that work hard and just. Simplify you know the defense in my mind so I can you know play fashions do all the things that you do. You know while laying Johnson her last three try to hype up this pre season game game two you know we kind of downplayed it but it garrison your cited defense decided it is. Was there anything today other pre season game two he looked old when he saw of that team and what happened back in February was it anything different just a just a nameless faceless team. Is just isn't as a new season rules of the game you know all means you can type of where what everyone hyped up you know it doesn't really matter to us we just go out there play every game like. You know its latest is that the team you know and when is it is did that come in enough to team that beat us whatever bush I mean that. All that in the past and the pass he can I definitely wants them you know we're comes out to you know pass pass to talk to lose the trash talking out there. From Philly they weren't doing or getting their ads kitchen. And I was assassinated in coach I would just play you know there's all these. Because of pads do the talking how what's been doing the talking at first couple weeks it seems like so. This where we're watching it enemy Christian others know ex players have to look at in this is in football and easily collegiate tackles eight tackles that are being called does that just. Killing you right now to try to stay with in what they're calling the rules of this rule. Yeah I mean. We can't do anything about it we're there I mean it's football's well that would have the flags you know that reflects what the same time. I understand why this candidate to say no to protect people so that's. I mean that's that's a great reason to have you know by just suck sometimes it where it's going to be physical match sort of duck or hater thing where. You know it's a gain of you know milliseconds with some sort of you know protect themselves and use of it yourself you guys quit due any day Gaza quick and they are moving in the I mean. I understand about because that's who we just got to play football in you know I tried to China. Clinton the rules to the desirability and you know. It is what it is just. Issue after they've running back can lead with the crown of the helmet. Did you have to make a tackle on him and yet you're the one that's political. I don't think they can they can't anymore that's for the rule they can't do it and we can do but I mean. Here's what Israel was gonna go out and play ball I mean when it comes down to news that Ubisoft. Which assessed opening. Admit that noted that was his basic you do it basically have to be OK thank. The truck to be run over used to be. Shame shame I'd run over by Sacramento awesome yeah that's it right now it doesn't matter what looks like the key is to get. Don't get him on the ground and I just this make make a safety. Make it more safe which I understand so you know different. I Patrick are great seeing you will see you during the course of the season that I can put zeros they just Patrick Chung joining us live right here. On OMF.