OMF - Patriots answered some questions about the offense last night, plus Christian was late and blames us

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, August 17th
Hour #1 - Glenn, Lou and Christian break down the Patriots pre-season game and discuss how the many of questions and fears about this offense seem to have been quieted after a solid performance by Tom Brady and company.   Plus Christian Fauria was late to his pre-game TV hit yesterday and blames us for it all.

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These afternoons with the way and they ask you still think that Tom Brady clintons come yes I do it back I think it's here now. I don't. And what ray's been. Yeah. I didn't hear that I was made out to me we got a game tonight against evil little England patriots. Last night was a kick in the pool. And ultimately good for their request reports if they were classified job. Hundreds I am excited because you've got into the car. Now on Sports Radio. WEEI. So these kids oh BA he's going to be rushed you can take a more all my god he's got a bad back. Removal. Could get off to a slow start. Then of course he's 41 years and it just might be Jiri falls off decline nearly the sure. To upload thousand alone slot into when I got exciting era this this means a lot legalize and finally the day that. All of and I did you know the rubber match the rom Emanuel because you ball etc. they won one we want want I know I know who the real chance it is good and all governors ball the right. How weird way to. Well all I get picabo was like yeah Philly fans relating Johnson is seventeen now and huge goal of the downfield and if note that crap pats look good is evolves and that it would have a skewed to account you have got the exhibition what guys you saw a couple of. You know what I thought out while the game has gone on like why can't make it why can't they saw during the Super Bowl. Why couldn't make all the suck it. And throw behind receivers into wide receivers dropped out of the person why couldn't the hatred Dick asked rushes in and tackles which. I do that suck it like it counted. They are people last night like at the pass rush to cycle where it was that down used six let's go guys I spoke out thousands of that's the latest on major claim wasn't playing for the notable example everybody of the hat pretty shoes and had defense featured a heated blood because of that because they've been guaranteed to go at least two into the Phillies is that all of this battle off and we all the whistles one of those zevil are you need is some sort like revenge the last fortunately filling Johnson there was not a that he did not get a rude crowd reaction last night but those are an awful lot of empty seats. Lewis on a decent excellent read in the previous approach I am great yeah o'clock delegate and earlier I spent all yeah. A lot of us in pets right now collided at an article about your. You're at least it into the pregame show I got this watch the brigades are you weren't on. I had this little baseball thing at daycare Steve Buckley a cable to get to later. But so I DVR the brigade is I want to enjoy this quarter torque tests you're gonna get knowledge let's all this quarter taught you teasing what happened at seven. 077. I could've gotten there at seven but I left at 530. Right and ice that all along. That's too late I'm not gonna make it so I went over to my of my people of their fears of listen like he might when he got my partner passed. And eleven let me think now my good eye problem and Omega man to beat Turks on there about let me lead up 538. That same date word right. Getting down to Boston on game day or simple what is it about how I either side sit none on your cell works all you had to do is go to Joey it's like. I need a vacation. Now mount would be I'm not so we wanted to know how well did nobody in the week you know the best of me the whole deal had this in his countered I don't have my act you don't have now it's long that definitely you know usually run the show which it wasn't it is a problem loudly. I guess it ought to probably guess is that late Tuesday and Wednesday drove home recently takes me about this money and our political problem just. Just to fly down there on Thursday to which you forgot. Now and ruled out as the best. Don't let don't let. Everybody has you don't know you don't like this. Problem was excited jolt our bottled that's my prop total knowing I don't trust them not all of them play exactly that's my point it's not as president Gerald so what. People what do you what happened what didn't happen. That's an outside the stadium to see get sporting public and latest data by what's more eleven. Both jubilant last week with the expectation was for the players are gonna get out there on the field dip their feet under me you know an easier way into action. Tonight the progress that's kind of deal but I like in real gaming coach is looking for players who stand out. Doubtless learned my lesson and Christian was here is just so. That was rated episodes so are you at this time the little guys got off the highway. I just got up the highway. And you don't get up on X eighty I would like I'm going back when I can take group one could that the nightmares over the bank repo and I was on the back at last several months. Is that things that I get off the highway seven it's like are my it's at 72 of all make it next week opposite vacation. I don't know I'm leaving it I don't know sweet I'm leaving at Friday gain on the liberal and it doesn't Matt. And you say oh we did you got here at five did you not say that. And I haven't. It's just I get. Actually just put a camera in your backyard yet and do a show with you from the backyard. Like all day right and indeed he did you could leave even sooner vote does that while I don't wives or studio guy that let you could use. Well I don't know are using that next week yes but it was it was occupied at the time but yes okay so you guys are happy right. But all that said and done you I didn't mind it when I had I had a port Leventhal by itself well I don't I will say this is not what weapon one good they came out of yesterday's show what is that one good they care. What's the burden that we Floyd brought he brought Kevin means. Ali is exactly what we grow their bubble publicity burn it copy exactly what we tell best halftime interviews Max. Ice inside Israel and is I don't know it is the best one minute of TV and government darkness I am excited because significantly apart Saturday and took it. Let's hope this 100 enough. Yourself. That added. Right there so I love it the fact that you screwed up yesterday you came in today you deflect blame Lou you've played the U glee Joseph you are yeah everybody. Like yourself definitely got a why don't act now would it. Yeah you know again there are all this joy. Now and you're. As you know alternate. Early April 2 years run out of that we're doing here apparently he had missed and he ever the closest he ever was was he walked in the put the Mike down sat down the line that haven't done it out that it gives them the benefit of the doubt get an extra time to leave it yeah and it is a perfect gigantic bucket of suck. You blow in his usual this weakness and that is the fact that there I might I'm gonna run out of parents and I'm regard I'm recycling that the corners of next week we're talking corners. Doctor corners next Mercedes and actually won not just recite your unit they never actually used so why not to smell or other like brand so you next week hopefully you'll make it to the pre Castro we have much. Price class that the office minister Jose is that predicted I don't think it looks very sharp. I think is when a guy I think that voluntary work to Brady missed in a house getting its abilities wide receivers I expect an appropriate for balls in the stands and completely be out of sync. Only did go to the regular I didn't know it all he did go to familiar faces like I need we wasn't on any of the new guys. Paterson cut two passes right that was about it through to a toy shuttle. He was going to have killed boys' teams going at at familiar faces up but he looked it looked like yes you look like he looked as good as I've ever seen them look you'll appreciate that game and a long period of time and I played here. Oh yeah and you ever really know no huddle to gay men are you surprised many Eagles were tired. You can see there's a segment that's going a lot of commitments to its three seasonally Utley running along the post four or Obama and serious to golf that way. Slowed up I'll play L plea captain obvious you OK here's the things that are just flat out obviously did not the accuracy obviously. Bree is great that hasn't changed James White. Is great notes it is gonna change. A jury Claiborne is going to be great I agree that is not going to change who she was pretty good last five point yet and Alison. Coral Paterson. I mean he's going to be he's got a burst on him. That is so deceptive. For a big physical guy like I heard that they're kept you know not comparing under any mosque put in a similar but you know as far as that seems quicker it is. Insane how quick he is what he gets away yet Britain forget about it. You could you because OK so it was creates space towards that I had that screenplay so that that play that apparently caught. It was a second quarter where he went around the edge we stepped out of balance yet. You guys amazed that he actually was able to I got to the corner. Are there when he put his head down the comic gold around the got to get leverage I thought he was gonna stumble and go to death. Instead it seemed like he he put his head down and he got faster ideal brand you guys are gonna make me. They all have the eagle on everybody else think he actually cut the corner got around it Mickey doesn't appear at least about a bounce with a touchdown. So that was the same exact play that Phil or set hat earlier in the game. That he just he what is screwed it up. He is flat out screwed up terrible angle on the balls blockers week I didn't. Got to cut outs I always want you to announce a grant the exact same plea of coral Paterson and he goes basically you know goals for custom but he stepped out of bounds. But it's extreme difference between those two guys. Paterson is going to be a stud in valuation of the problem with Clarkson Alison yeah he's going to be stylish it's a cool what Darrell. And I've said quote it's it's good dour Cordero would narrow corner I ordinarily. Or does that. Everyone has ever had this guy has seen that from him from time it's done right. With the Soviets. You you you see it that's why everybody gets so excited about what do you do it consistently enough because that's and he showed he can. But if you look at all the stats right so we had a two big years Marie when he was as a returner and had a couple big years as a receiver. Nothing late nothing groundbreaking as far as numbers go. And you know even yesterday they are asking them they're asking bill about you know a CP obstacles CP. And you know could he you know excel as a receiver he kind of like you know put these guys in their place that like he's always been a good receiver. But you'd always be he's always been goaded. Joking and laughing and what's been happening plus. Say it's important to check that bit his career is career high was in 201652. Catches 453 yards and two touched deceiving though and that. He made catchers with big huge run like 53 yards sixty he was a gadget play type of guy so you think he's going on here. Check really does believe that this kid could be a really good receiver notice she's not even practicing as a returner. He's he didn't do it in the game last night we don't really need to see India. Probably not secretary in probably not do what it's like it's like riding a bike video is gonna bonds. The united don't you just you rather McCarron do you made against him maybe that's part of it. But it seems to me like dollar check. Thinks that this guy can be a really good restored. He talked about how he needs to be refined. Right he needs to be he's he's basically yes look at the F one assist is always a make commitments as long he's been a leader Tony inaccurate fining him when he still wrong. With a tell you about Prius model Minnesota in Oakland like Dayton they just you know what they Islam as a gadget guy that Islam as a run after catch guys. You know obviously he's got that yet short area quickness he got a little quick little hitch route. And who the hell out of this guy ended birthday in for a tough so I was unreal how quick he was it's like to look horse that should be quicker in space. These small Luttig a shift here but. Doric Paterson is actually better Eagles and. I think more that you talked about gadget place I think you'd see that expanded to say gadget plays right you sort of they do that the slice we yes and they don't a lot of good screeners and missiles what I think reverses axial out of impasse that a date yet touched down to abolish it quickly and got. Ireland because for a big guy it's you it's it's almost that easy a little body. Because he's quick now to a neighborhood you were compared though is easily though doing so rich he was like you know what's really got going. But I think I think I heard bill talking about this before that the speed he's as. You know of anybody was as fast as regular you know after thirty yards don't mean that they once he got don't forget about it. But oh she got it's going to be quick with a attend tenure box let's like that well not really just you're late to beat them to take off the get the top speed and did not. This nationally quick. Well because if you're gonna sit there you you look at Phillip or set and you look at body type you look at coral Patterson go located totally different guys and one you think god he belongs in the slot yet they're giving the same exact routes. And that's what they're comparing him to OK so. You guys are fighting for roster spot you're fighting for wraps. And opportunities. To Virginia the same place you would think doors that would be skilled added just because he's a little guy. Yeah Patterson does the same exact thing be biz are bigger more physical. And it gets it done just as well. So I mean. It's of that that both of the three offensive things that's out to me I'd run off the bat. Yeah I think the weakness in the offense. Is skill. The deep like he was deep ethical they had trouble with the heat they had trouble with the KeePass again this musical. He has coral Paterson is physical physical he's a charismatic. Now. They were having trouble without all the shortstop that effect I think you can look at what they did last night a game. Especially James White wading through James White and blue screens to James like you could sit there and say okay if you have brought for the first four games and you don't have title you don't have entitlement. Maybe we get around it with a lot ward James one with a lot more stuff coming out. Isn't the case that's one of the things last night that the first three passes with James White. Right and then and then holed up shoot the touchdown a couple of adamant. But it was dog Patterson I think was the one guy some get involved with them. Right but it. You wanna see it do bush that was announced a surprise to play. You know how is he would dorsett I deckers dot deadly okay well don't say how is he gonna pose with those guys. Of those guys nodded in fact and even a factor. Maybe what they were doing last night as they we keep on hearing that the practices of not in great. So maybe what they're doing is they're saying you know what let's get back to our regulars let's get back to business we didn't know brought. Let's give him you know hold get a settlement for the entire time and then we'll policy course that was Steve Patterson an extent but you can see Decker didn't speak well for Decker right now now. Number easy chances of making the team did a great but the one thing that you could see that was missing they were trying to connect with the long ball in don't get that guy down feeling couldn't go. Is it now all that's yet in the a couple of times they took their shots and a couple times they had really good safety play a couple of should have been intercepted. I mean it just splash of April inside the receiver of the deep in the back to didn't recognize where was. Yet there and I don't know who that guy is maybe they don't have it they I don't think they do songs I think you're doing they don't have. Visibly been don't have it yet again the wrong convoy and I acknowledge the use your dealers I heard somebody you're not physical. I basically knows who musically it was physical a Derek rivers is bits of physical feature wise he's physical. He's doing all they were isn't physical physical it thought it yes of those guys are physical they're big and physical what is the first thing I noticed with rivers and wise. That bull LeBlanc. Especially rivers spent a lot of time getting jacked rivers with that with an injury all against lift weights. A toll did he's starring Norma and he's got a bunch of us a nice full bloom pass rush moves. That really benefit him he saw. But Claiborne obviously stood out like crazy. I mean there wasn't one time where it wasn't affecting apply it gives to around one time so one thing receiver looking at what the biggest differences. Is not that they like not there like thorn in all these these Russians like all these different exotic blitzes conveyed warrants a couple times ages gas right. Was that they're so fast off the edge. I could get much from your slug that the middle the browns and the shelters of the world and lord guide those guys are getting sacks. There is holed underground all the pressure is gonna come from the edge if it continues even have trees flowers and so. So our high tower high tone of your best guys up front your front seven. Did not play in a game last night so. What we saw last night was it Brian forage in the he's pretty in the linebackers up the field a lot. He's he had a much different style much different approach than Matt Patricia or we just seeing a game in which is no game planning. So we sit there going to take the skill set I got quick guys will try it out at a fidelity aggressive by the political. Combination of a different philosophy and just. I was it better talent but maybe more seasoned you don't you finally had rivers finally seeing him wise in the second year you don't flowers Rico's Beckham what he has Claiborne. He luckily jet. You know and then they just being more aggressive but I think a lot of these guys sticking your editor belt that he finally see what they can do you got a guy likely wanna think he's he's got more talent. Even though some of it's similar to the. There's yet it didn't they didn't run any crazy blitzes they every now and then they sent a little why they set yeah that's it. Basic simple stubble and a couple times they sent Patrick Chung. Off the edge. And he killed the running back it was like they had to protect but he killed JH I just flow up through model way an agent they've already had great pressure. So worked out and a couple times they just flat out miss the blocks and PayPal manually came through because he was rushing to cover that is at the back. Stays in the block he rushes the backseat in the blocked blocked the wrong guy and he gets pressure on the quarterback. But you're right Lou. It's like my one on one out against you you're against me and I'm beating your ass on a regular base. Let's visit to detect the did you judicial guy would have to be back right. Believe they have some good by hand movement and it every democratic candidate Al run how unattainable yeah yeah it's clear what was going up against that left tackle with the big big B well as you pointed east down. And rivers to at least Jim King starts yeah I don't think that was that that point it Beatty about yeah him being played every hit like every letter from the wine movement in his name. I think I wanna say I saw majorities. Tweet out that he was. In the same tack from the suitable yes he was yeah. They lost a left tackle this dude stepped and he was abusive dad let me let me close that was that was with. I mean this wasn't too must take that was negative mail offensively agree that breeding and defensively they're going to be aggressive popular at all year long. We heard the whole thing both Ryan Flores. Maybe simplifying right hightower talked about it you know I don't know audited Patricia complicate things very Smart individual. You'll think some things maybe not dollar says it's just it's it's easier it's simpler pick up which allows guys to just play fast. Last night they did may miss that front four is what I get concerned with them because I I think. It probably is simplified right now and it just those guys take off and go for the quarterback which you get into game planning. And there are certain things you wanna do do you changeup. Do you slow these guys down a little that. It's almost like going from school yard basketball the suddenly having a game plan and plays in which you've got to you know following you've got to be here you've got to be there. I think it they unleash those guys last night and from an athletic standpoint. They're quick they're strong quality what I mean to your point ethical that's the visit physical that's one of the things using in the right you know but that's why it it was such a positive. As you said Christian view it this you wanna get Vanilla light up the beach a man let's start here will win one on one battles and they are. And they did last night yet because of this and that's the starting because they did it Dave what don't you said all I don't think I think about it again and a similar talent and they've added obviously a couple of guys. But I think maybe more seasoned talent that's on me relentlessly towards new you Seagram's at all last year and Dietrich wants in his second year in us. He's about oh when he didn't know when he's basically playing time last everybody's definitely he's got more spears she didn't even see high power or flowers into the equation. And we have heard everything about Bentley in practice everybody said from day one poised that we can just looks like he he's been here before he just gets it. There we saw last week in the first pre season game he was pretty good he was terrific last night. And not about the quickness and pass coverage which is the one thing that you feared about it right this quicken Pascal who. Bentley. It's one opportunity to cover up back who slept. Out and they you know I mean big deal like I mean it's an analyst you blow to president I would want to. I I did CIA he getting any song I'm a step back not it's it's good it's good to see. Right but I'm not taken that as like any indication that he's built to do it you know even though he was so he's just around a football. People give him credit for that agent Claiborne strip sack in you know going to tell you a round of quality up and ray yeah that's good job right boxes of athletic enough. There was yeah but I'm with you so it is you know he's obviously impressive from what you've seen. But we Google Voice yelled again you're right I think a lot of people ago strip sack in return for tossed an amount given what a great job of battling a eggs there that was all Claiborne. But you still like what you've seen from obviously and he's been outstanding. He doesn't have any steps back yourself more so yeah we've seen in my practice and in practice everybody reads about it every single. Now we placed a pre season game last week who won't quite got to want Bentley six round draft pick. Boy showed you'd like he really knows what yeah what if any does it again last night so I almost expected because I agree with you light Wheaton gold little overboard. With some of these young kids they go and they they give you something for a little bit and people go overboard nom I have been talking about strip sack Chris Claiborne was was 90% of that. But he doesn't have a step back I thought last night you like him down to earth he didn't he was good last night. Yeah it was funny because. You know during the press conference like bill. Bill showed me bushels everybody like how far back he goes with these players when it comes to scouting and cousin and during a post and he talked about him like back when he was in high school. Bill how has so that you want Bentley shown his ability to accept more responsibility seem like he was doing a lot of things from a lot lot of different positions. I don't defense tonight. Pretty much was once well so what are the defense calls for this stuff. It's been four or starter Purdue and yes he's got a lot of responsibilities NC. In the math I schooled for you to hear it closed and the middle linebacker soon followed inherently defense. On the map high school what pro coach is cares one bit about where the hell and what you did in high school. This guy I was before your starter at Purdue. Isn't enough it just freshman Tate. Talked with high school coach in the breakdown of them I mean if I mean again it Kate it's not like the first round pick six round. I think that it's a good indicator of just how much. Work and how much they admitted they wanted to so maybe if possible. Part of that is he says that's African high school he's the sixth round draft actually sit on my zone and we expect six on track again and a week a little I don't know sixth round draft pick that turned out to be pretty it will begin as we come we didn't why don't you don't you only make things are wrapping it taken so much heat today from the social media like the Hawaiian alphabet Kirchner Hawaii is the State's. Nobody ever pineapple gather Hawaiian language there's next big date ordinarily out of the theater guys you guys an idiot if you're in the lineup meant no no. Big look at there's like ten letters and and like you look at any one guy's name. There's each letter is like repeat it like ten times. Smaller. And open. Look up coli outbreak how many I you know screw you and by the way look at another political. People pointed out that's why what we like to call the physical means he's bald pagan festival that was it Johnny go home. Don't physical and does that I don't I don't that was intense the whole point justice and yes the Hawaii now that was written by nineteenth century missionaries OK so many give the letters have gotten online now on what they'll residency right now in disguise and get who had. Once in OK here they are. Lucy and AP DEH I KLM and OP RT Yaris you can do XYZ now. I don't have in mind that says get up limited to the phone calls coming up next we'll get your impression of the good the bad and the ugly. From last night's pre season game on an urgent patriots are in that was ten my life. 61777. 7937. Well. Don't dare type. And that guaranteed lowest price and counter offers more free services than any other tire dealers. On tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody is now back to Fort Wayne remove 48 on Sports Radio go. It's team. Hanged and that the current CNN little machine. Eighteen. Okay. We want him here. Latter's close on thirteen letters and our lineup as you can tell your little Twitter text buddies over the editing them I wouldn't want him honored and secondly to our listeners of the program so is there ABC version at your birds of such mysteries and the ones actually is better and that's curtailing politicians are like you know whenever he's the other line that's what this guy's name goes way left tackle yet. The local IDB's. People body kind of remember a whole whole motto when you buy dot millennium Kate tied at least player who may yeah may it was called a man. That's when ABC why guys it usually born raised and he's quietly. He's got a real point in eighties and it was like yeah my letter is like replaced over and over easily at thirteen up a lot of house so there's lets you know like commas and you know stuff like that aren't just you know whatever the if I think that I don't know laughter and what it would absolutely get married in the gallery there there. You know made a I was just default ulcers Matt in fall ever wants to talk about Tom Brady was terrific last that would Neiman. And I'll let down haven't they get a little better restaurant. Yeah you were you one of those. I mean he had a big game you know stat looks like an almost somber duty games ago as a lark rose I mean are those pros social throws. And then the long ball I mean like Christian said he should I had to an exception in that game receivers and great. Got a long ball was a problem connecting with those kids I don't know if they were in the wrong route. Or he overthrew them under through them I'll give you that. And that was another I've played those one more China's going like three bad throws but I mean it. Brady you know we ultimately to how I. Because this team. That was nineteen for 26. It though a couple of lay eggs a couple deep balls that other one. Look mullah miscommunication with Paterson tendons on the scene of the comebacks are pretty good right away Ecuador sent us senate like I've out of bounds. So you so he was a purpose you upset with him now I did it didn't look like you know Iraq on them but don't scare. I don't know I mean all you high. We'll have much time. I don't know rise in on what you're expected to beat 25 and 26 I mean I think standards are we right now I think he couldn't. The greatest of all I'm and it isn't perfect. So you think he's close to dropping a cyclist. Oh no no I don't just. Our Internet for second I was worried about human pine mountain out of the last three action I thought we would have the first caller. Would be that ratings market. Is it is today rusty. Britney looked rusty last night I expected Brady to be a little off last lesson is that one draw I think Paterson Connecticut in a gonna seemed. Annual through pats got hit. I am that's what we got the get an unsportsmanlike conduct of air and act I I was expecting to see another hit and a half dozen votes Connolly okay was. The cut the run up to soon the united you know the Paterson take the proper route in other Brady expecting to act out we'd see a lot more of those and there really wasn't. It wasn't a complete deep ball OK. Mean I did that so let's say most likely than those of a tough ones to complete. First okay say people looking for real negatives and there were some negatives and that came out what else happened to a Mike ghostly what's this we don't edit that was like the best that I yak guy in the league in in buffalo. Yards after the okay he is sucked since he's been here and again last night you look at an insect. He's gonna make this team. No I it and mean. You look at the backs James why won't held a meeting while Rex Berkett what does it mean he can't be getting hurt all the time Nelson that's one piece of Rex Burke and got to stay on the yeah I do mostly every time they put men there it's like he's it's like he's. Forcing it just and is trying so hard yeah I yeah I think he's trying too hard at big east you can Talbott he's panicked. Because his choices. Just are always wrong later does that just doesn't work. And I was like you know hill was like you know that much better though he was. Anytime I'm at those pretty career so I mean it comes down we all think there's the routine he'll go mostly. We look at the running back on the bricks Berkett injury plays a role on the Sony Michelle's injury plays a role as far as depth goes. But if guys are healthy you look and Hiller jealousy out of these things and no brainer I think in I think you. Haven't yet but I think you'd you'd be better served to stick and random bowled out there. Her incredible it for his. For his as much as he gets credit for being like just a special teams guys are pretty damn good runner that's why you need them decals whenever they Emmitt whenever somebody starts fumbling and he's usually right he's the god they give the Baltic if he can be at the end if you depth chart because of what he does and special teams that it's it's worth it. I just think when you you're looking ghostly it's just a waste right now he just doesn't have a volleys I mean he's not showing you what I thought I I'm not seeing where it was gonna see big. Thump being you know yards after contact patty was on hand. In buffalo that want to you know be as bad as I was so you tell your editor Gerald from people guys you know. It isn't and I also so they lose Isaiah when they lose him for the season so that presents. Some problems specially. If markets cannons injury is worse than what we thought it was. And it may date because they knew moved Isiah went to the right tackle spot which led you to believe they can it's not going to be ready and effect when you look at the rookies with went. How many of these rookies are going to be. In uniform on opening night into first routers you word out to support your sixth round draft pick may be the only. Guy that that is ally did they had they had some. Bad luck when you think about like first round draft picks would just draft picks in general. So when you think about it owed to some of the millions of recent Dominique Easley was one that didn't pan out injury Brian Stewart Trey flowers had issues trade Jackson Malcolm Mitchell nodded and on the team anymore. Cyrus Jones. And see you may not ever see him and he's still hurt Vincent bounce and Derek rivers got her last year Tony Garcia. Villa La. That way yes now I see a win and then you with Sony Michelle. So I mean. It's just it's not like a case just out of agency that with all those draft picks revolved those guys are all getting not little nicks and cuts and bruises like. Yeah for the year we have used all your Achilles if they don't win. You don't want to see that with deputies there with Guinea concerned but he knew starting five in a kid as a come back I think one positives trip brown. After all the all the reports in camp and everything so you want some from what you've seen so four he's been impressed how he looks like he's final and what he's out he's control work for. That at UC dizzy dizzy like a good big giant baby yet late when he takes its slate so I'd I would not. They added not like a soldier in the show Metallica's Liggett and tread ground like I said you know he takes his helmet might well. Heatley looks like at jag norm is baby with their just you know it's a big fat baby body. That's what looked like who's in a 370 pounds of column big baby. To be on the body which I wouldn't go public now we're on the right I'm millions that would outlaw and elements unity column but we'd brother Jeff Burton and you either but it wings are here's Albert firmer RI obviously wants to do is you're talking Welsh Gator Bob Brady on those guys are about the possible if you lose in the pos is gonna kill Brady go ahead out. Although the little that yuppie but now every one that would island now everybody ought to. But when they we can't know what wanted to go. They were averaging 5000 peoples and who gets hard nobody wants to go to the typical what I would mentality. What. Quickly to operate at a particular point of injury. And do this is the goal he dot com where the go now you've got and it's in. Static or were week to increase known. Now what you guys are typically excited and covered by. I don't know what how would you want us to react to their performance. Last night. In differently definitely it was a different did it give it minimal about everything except. That's a problem with the patriots be it in the idiot that cop routine. It's everything except for him OK that is going to that nick decking successfully beaten or not be. All lean know towards. All of. And war and bring the I Albert. Albert Albert ticker any eyes and Tom Brady like early year early in camp but he missed voluntary somewhat of a different odd offseason. His droll what's here at camp rumors of a back injury he's got new weapons to think there was a discussion about Tom would look at him you see it let's face it there and go. OK it's good look at. Is that they're you know allowed to do that. Atlanta Greg critiquing your expertise if he didn't look good which was set. He was never bring it up we would bring it up. Albert I don't. Yeah but you'd call these shows for for many years I don't know what you sold that stupid you don't understand Howard works if we're gonna do show. We're gonna talk about the football team the most prominent guy in the football team is well who ordered back okay so we're going to talk about it. And yes yes the story he's 413. People nationally that think he's done. Don. That's fuel output not a joke a you'll editing joke all well and he cupboard and you'll nick were stupid and you know that old rock partners. Susan the clone of the peoples group. My didn't Thomas he's already to the dumber and well he says he's actually he's actually that exactly right Vick Wright is dumber than all of garner I don't know about it. Or your right leg injury appointed because it's weird when you got. Entering international travesty of the only eighteen at the public entering. You have had about a quick recently recently with interests in all Opel luck call Chris Christie is an important point you read about and talk with. Known and he was talking much ethics. So we're sitting equipment Albert the injury they had last night guys they wind up watching all of these of the games and there are a lot of teams that are encompassing injuries right now. Game. Is trying equities bitching about what it. I'm glad that his what you guys went elk now. Even though you are looking for sorting Michelle when it would go at the top rate hypocrite that you bag apple. The record NFL in every other or one other teens. You all competitors in your division have yet to progress or will retain a twelve yes it. We needed to hear a sleek yet let's go back ten years that the Bill Self and fortunate have. All progressed too competitive football. You last year in the year. Boom booms at the straw man argument. So that's what's that the Albert truly believe that if Tom Brady really it doesn't twelve for 26. Through a couple of picks. All's fine if you're wrong receivers go to different places. You really believe Albert of people and be on the radio today sickness Layla miss though TA I wanna pro football sports mr. voluntary review don't forum he doesn't throw much and can't get no wide receiver grew out here. Four hours give him that well the biggest topic in Tyrone brown. He is Sheikh. What do you think next element would be set up here comes the clouds now leader cautioned there's probably everybody would be a sign of great he is the story. With this game he's 41 years of age and at that age you're supposed to fall off decline. He hasn't uses story and the fact that he played that many minutes in the second pre season game and was that good last night is a story right well. Yeah and in the other thing is that so for me he's had other pre season games where it's been three now three and out three now three now. Bright sided you didn't really know how long was played again bows actually surprisingly played all the way in the league they got some two minute joke of it worked out that way they scored on a screen. It was great I K you seemed almost seen every single opportunity you saw red zone actually saw midfield. These are coming out he sought to manager lots of third some a couple of third down opportunities some blitz pickups he was left of the pocket. The most mobile quarterback in the NFL is thank you amber I'm brandy is you know Aaron Rodgers had a pretty nice scramble last night also bubbled whatever doesn't matter. But the point is that the he had. All those reps all the opportunities and he looked good and every single one of them I'd go back the last few of you were four that year he was he was I gonna be suspended. It was like it was it was. Look like crap he could that's simple little basic little quick out but he wrote that he threw to. Chris Hogan. And editors brought synergies and couldn't complete those needs with you start to Amador leaves thrown at apple and couldn't connect that way so. I don't know if you sit there and go OK he's gonna be an MVP again based on his won performance against the Philadelphia Eagles. But you can't sit there and say well. He's and worse and he's ahead of the game right now. Rate held a lot mean man it's just is that it's a story last night the whole. And where did you concern about the wide receiver groups and everybody else the weapons and alien that wrong. But it thrown a called atom Linden and James White and Chris Holden. No never really a big concern. At those to force of four guys he knows so why you think they did it right out of the gate it was obviously a plan right. Well because if he's gonna play and give the saint does the other starting offensive line can do that evolved as weapons he's comfortable with. I get into that rhythm right away yes it made sense. I the only disappointment I would have Lou is that he didn't go to any of these new receiver so yesterday we said he said that the big game for Eric Decker. Marked Blair deckers. Wont he get into the game they eat his routes were like. He wasn't the primary target and if you wise. Limited sample size right within a ton of plays of them he's either flushed from the pocket recruit somebody else so how does he Saudi revealed so one player that he of one. Actual player you could judge if he's you know good or not. He dropped it right. He threw a no so Hoyer threw a dime. I put it a perfect pass right through his hands I think that's still the one unknown is that they're going to have to develop additional receivers here. And I don't think they made one step for doing that last night here's filler Maine I felt. A law. An option watched. I don't know what they feel these are our callers especially now where I don't Abby conditional to. Actual. Record back to what you're only the nineteen years he received an article. EA spring. He hates pre and so anytime that you shot a radiant so we said here. And spent three or four minutes saying boy Brady was pretty good considering no OTAs back issues. Other factors involved in it. Is it okay yeah it has no wrong year right. It's it's a different there's no question about it yes and throw all that much he can't beat it beat up are you pretty much admitted that there is some kind of backed issue. So you want to see we've looked like for first half any look great. He didn't look at all he Laura you're saying. It'll protect Chiming in and you're gonna get that worked out all these guys getting every seat at. We have to work to get warmed up and I we won't be fired everybody's sake it goes Tom Brady gonna go walk and received any oh. He's as good as you said it Alberts is trying to destroy Tom Brady he'll be happening is some of a bitch when no Brady finally does fall off that cliff. We'll get to some of that coming up next and your phone calls at 6177797937. Can somebody help out Steve Burton tonight with a couple halftime questions for the coach what do I mean I think that book about it and ask at this time. Six up 38 seconds good football. As they come up with that you know an offensive you do defense of what's in Ugoh you know their offensive to say like a coach first athletic office looked good to see. In the opposite Tom Brady and bet on the tonight's. We've been competitive here so we look at a lot of players feel like guys plays. There are those. Billy drove a couple of times first addressed on a few but overall defensively the first apology for how did you defense how do you feel you're defense played today Bob that's it affects the that's that couch. David moments. He knows a consistent as hopefully not overhead made good sense for us some facts ma'am there's two questions. They're going on. I personally what I don't think I yeah. I'm so happy to report that Steve Burton is he loyal listener of he's been asked to go listen to what it worked out I didn't. It's a perfect and that's pretty much are you attacking her and you are done and he protective boot he's popular and he's with his back that was. This. Is about as next week it's been that coats. The government of the route it's a simple name question yeah it's the exact same question us. Don't easily able it's a third pre season game Brady's still the number one priority he's still the answer he'll play the whole first out. The defense will be challenged by cam knew that they'll get beat other high power play flowers will play all those guys will be out there seemed exact question and you'll let so exact cancer. We showed we should please can we put Paul's like little burden of that and his together if there was only like mark we should change it up don't of the world in the question and give Steve currently different questions if not not an open I don't want. I'm surprised I'm waiting to look at a surprise realize that no smile on the old tricks they might affect. If you're Burton and suddenly he shows up at halftime and you're looking at the expression on his face. There was no smile that was Steve any Steve that was not of. And Cochran just dissident and I haven't and it. It's all smiled out when you have enough on Monday episodes yet if they want to go well I don't think he likes it. Like the only the only compliment he gave. Was paid deeply with a lot of energy. You know they're competitive goal area repetitive. I had an zoom out or there are art editor of a long way to go low bit a couple of you know special teams GAAP Ford got some guys somebody lost in amino who was who was thirty Arnold now to move on that that led Philadelphia down and that the second touchdown trying to confirm yeah I know it's cordial it's got smoked on on basically cut. That out you know that looks nothing like the regular season or specially be deep regular season football game. Some mistakes and somebody screw up and that's which you don't as a coaching staff writer on the sideline oh my god how many notes was you take lost Olympics start well yeah it's. Their regular season and the wonderful pocket humans deal that wasn't the greatest thing it only when a game and is so much went wrong it's a perfect. Now we don't together guys' credit also signal humble pie where you guys think you are good. One of only put these things they all put a lot of I don't think many are still less you know you Jackson still trying to figure he can do that. We as a put some film up even a great game against the that is what we did bad as we did back. I used by cannot add. Cattle were earlier in the Audi got like. My get a little more irate and food might. Right now on the money goes to hang up when you go. Forget it systems like to seriously get rid economically come back. Come back well you waste your time with him because it's got a phone as well. The move. Not that I know. About wasting my I actually responded skipping this week anybody want to skip Bayless despise us and we yeah I think it expects a screen shot and just weeks to scan just say this though can I just say those. I'll give skip Bayless all the credit was Agilent six and a half million bucks are felonies on a network is doing a national network a child he comes up of the dumbest silliest idiotic takes every single like who doesn't have anything to support them right get nothing to support them. And yet I give more credit in the world. He has taken somebody for six and a half million bucks a year and he usually under artillery to all those guys are very creative ways so he's. Not sure why Belichick is playing Brady for apparently. The entire first half. Of only the second pre season game all accounts by Geithner and running through fifth. At an off serious when it comes to Brady I no longer trust the ballots Jack no way it. He wanted Jim EG but was forced to trade him I don't know what has the do whatever he's small plane like the whole first tablet. And then he he responded after that pretty quickly just the pats for yet another six. With the screen test PD two I 52 seconds left in the half. No idea what Belichick is trying to prove. Play Brady for the entire first step of the second pre season game is almost as weird as not playing Malcolm Butler in the super ball little that we are. He he wasn't DOT at least he didn't play it all in the first game but he's he sat out how many practices over the last couple weeks. Or was it back to back. Back to us that it why would you play him. In pre season right when you when you see that water to three injuries a year that a devastating to a team. Asia this why the plane and why they play these pre season games happen whether it's next week or tonight or tomorrow whatever it is some big player will go down. You know not in Isaiah win but within Achilles that site you know start and we'll sit there is that why they do this delight of the wrist but with Brady. I think I saw summoned and putting a data the last time they pull ahead pre season with no joint practices is exactly what he did. The first half you know exactly but they placed a tap on a second game Ilya but it's so the only to their joint practice forever. So really go out there immediately ahead of the joint practice last week we get all these reps maybe what played one set it down he'd probably noticed your right but probably hasn't. No joint practices limited practice time if he feels good enough to play. He is starting quarterback played a half and a pre season game what what's the opera still don't understand what the upper site goes down you screwed I get it but. It's healthy look at what that's like to conduct a target that second tweet came as they were running the two minute drill I don't know about you I thought maybe he would come out and effect at one point in the game that is election old soldier went over gnome taken taken him out get this information on that. Or he just you know guess wrong but it does it but he the second tweet was. When he when they're running to maternal typical duke Thomas they want to work that Truman. General knowing you're you're all for you see you actually I almost like OC skip. Doesn't in Iraq and virus and it's horrible in Iraq but people who respond is one low one liners skipped just tweets that's it. President bill I don't files and by. So you did as you took cheese due to the back door cheeses what you did and you just you replied to win their own neck. If you reply to my own part I have a big block I don't know why because you hold on say well. You have not I don't know what he noticed no I don't personable and you apply due to skilling wanted to through your history under the big focus is I am focused notre not a iron lob goal as I now. I'm not right tackle a view on this is an exercise OK you relax we don't need an extra special gifts owed it to already miracle of what would. Probably TI don't spell is completely okay Mike what is so. Why did you do why did you feel like you had to respond to that I didn't have a good why don't why did you report on that is why should get on board line. There's just wanted to wish I don't well well why I what did you read enough. We'd like it was so outlandish and sell off base it's ridiculous ridiculous figures are going we talked of do you. Actually interviewed me earlier in the night ice I think it's you because it was a stupid and and let you ask us. Exactly did the storm as we took the cheese either error. Aren't you drivers who are you guys different spot you wanna look at you're not have fly like that as well. Miss your free ion channel between you ask your actual broadcast and 170 does skip Bayless pointer of the game but during the main point is it's it's it's it's god it's it's. It jumped the shark and economic equality that was given to bring the point it was gonna bring out is he's one of these guys and he's not alone Marty given credit as he made a lot of money. Do and that's always doing something the methods but he was talking about we really yes Daniela it is critical that. But the fact is that he doesn't seem to understand any of the stuff he really doesn't seem to have. Knowledge of any of this stuff he does this over and over and over again explain that without any of that any idea how it was pretty obvious we hate. Streets were demoralized by what what they were doing with Freddie and all brought pretty obvious in the history of a Bill Belichick bit. I guess maybe with crawled he's done in the past are put guys in a bubble. But he doesn't need. I mean it eggs it's gonna be like this week three week for the plane Miami is 36 to seven. In the fourth quarter embraced on the game drop back on passes is gonna act like the first time he's ever seen that is on the times we had that discussion. I mean it's it's not the point where I always feel that way but it beat it down to it that this just vote bill feels like there's no risk. You obviously he knows that there's risk I shouldn't say that but he just plays Tom holy blowouts stumps still told of all the fourth quarter. The last ten years I I don't think skip remembers you but but look at it this way loads probably not gonna play metric we know it's not gonna planking for pre season game for. He might play a little bit next week coming we're gonna get on the ropes. We're gonna get them ourselves actually surprised that we've seen him do this before first drive of the third quarter. But I'm not have done a lot of emphasis on why it's so let maybe there's a chance he comes on the third quarter skip blown. But lost his mind but we've seen that from Brady to before it comes out a third. Of course you can just add in the passing it gone back into like give to say to rappel electric but one driver. What two to three snaps and also Brady comes at once that or vice Versa. He does things he he's been consistent. The wall of it. Always we're doing here yesterday from the Mike Reese's and all the other guys they say he's gonna play deep in the second quarter of and the res that he probably played the entire second quarter is they wanted to run a two minute drill get the ball back. They got an opportunity to to run a drought. Well let's boil down the was probably done and and that opportunity came let's put back and beat us and keep golf because. He'll get another opportunity to do that. Next week of that fit mega theme again till September 9 the plea Houston. It nationally they had no idea that's so but if you look at his stats if you look at this that's a quick side he's not in his bonus. First day I mean he's like I'm looking at the rankings percentages of late that the guys who wears the same breath you want I want. Kirk cousins fourth floor so. It results for the board and you're not in the top five there's like eight guys type of person. The body. So you're reacting with a fruit trees is among an effort to you wanna hear they shouted Philadelphia and let's exempt so Philadelphia always they're making a visual appeal of dozens of pre season idea those notes and Hezbollah are our body Angela can tell you this morning. Most general upset about stuff like this there's this Eagles pre season yes. I sit here before you today absolutely embarrass that could be a Philadelphia sports hear both sports. Both sports. I would talk about it and I realize it's pre season. It wasn't ready to work ready to play against the patriots and there's no excuse for that. Excuse for the way he goes way too slow. Break it was this time. It was not mrs. Clinton now that's. How that I'm gonna break this morning Alison say. You know these these games don't get all upset would it it's not that it doesn't matter. What matters when your backup quarterback who's probably started teasing gets injured. And it and it matters that. He looked sold parable the budget pledged a that you weren't sure of what federal what's it felt like woo big false saw. Last night I had about all of the B of Philadelphia sports there this morning. Last night was it nick. In the war since he gets consistent ball pre season game. All weeklong this was the don't let president of the subject I try to tell myself it's just receive these games don't count it all weeklong hype up this rematch of the Super Bowl and how big it is in your team's. Don't that it does immunity but it didn't. False. Last night.