OMF - Patriots have deeper issues but a revolt is unlikely, 4-16-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, April 16th

Tom E Curran published a piece on the bigger issues within the Patriots between Belichick and the players and the players growing tired of the coach. Glenn doesn’t think Brady and the other players will completely revolt because it is not in Brady’s best interest to tank.


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Lou is rocking Twitter before joining edit after they show that bloomer Loney. Moved back to morrow poured waiver Loney at 48. Right now fox Sports Radio. I bet there are no I am now what these people. Running the marathon they ran into troubles notably. That's the biggest problem I defeat the you know what I eat your hand and you know just how do you combat that the I guess the you know ubiquity and it was call when your town too long we your fingers like you prune up figures program. And that's a half mile an hour for millionaires and yes we'll. No bathtub when it's different articles article I 300 Arizona don't think. And Tony have told my house together where like there were like surgical gloves or like. If this doesn't turn is George seen from Seinfeld you you do remember there's one person running right now with it looks like a parachute. But it's really likely what does that trash bag that was blowing in the wind actually slowing her down. So have been talking a lot about Brady and grown not showing up today for the little conditioning session so we can go little conditioning session. That there I guess that's been on gas deal out of it and so it's not a Karen throws his two cents in today unit and a column at some point Rob Gronkowski. Has to articulate what the end game is which is exactly what we've been sent. Because what we've got now is a wildcat. Strike. Being carried out by a guy who was weak point about continuing to play because he's eight concerned about his long term now. The unfairly compensated. We're seeing wary of the stifling atmosphere. Under Bill Belichick so that's the problem. Which what is it. All of the above its all of its. The street lights have come on Greg's dinner is ready. Already been scrapped into the into the garbage. And all the other kids upstairs doing their homework and growing still hasn't come home it's getting dark. We've all been reduced him here to reading smoke signals. Or social media. He goes on sale later on he talks about Brady. He says the push back now is being led by Brady. And it's not about one thing it's about everything it's about the culture. Culture were all celebrated for nearly two decades is being the reason the patriots from 2001 through 2000 in nineteen. Will be the standard by which all American sports dynasties or measure that I would agree with a right. Abu when the player. Whose body it is the most important Brady begins an open revolt. Moon. Then why fault what changed from changed nominee teammates agree with the what's next the new development about Tom vs time he gets into. Nate sold whose piece last week. The portrait view as to really believe though. That and I know he you were referred to were earlier that that Brady might. Currently in the door at least a little bit opening Brady might walk before the season begins but. It really is in fearful that Tom Brady is going to committee election earlier Carlos said he's gonna cause a revolt now. You believe. Now not now pretty is good he's going to have to deal what is in his mind it's the same freaking eight year old coach. He's not changing he is forty is Tom Brady's gonna have to make a decision to I want it this advanced age I can still good physically. Two I still want to do this. Order 110 port other than that. Pretty is no other way that he can approach this bridge is not gonna go out there and sucked on the field on purpose just to stick it to Bill Belichick know. Always done but again yeah this is weird defective who this is coming from. Again Tom. Tom doesn't post up against the wall. It really doesn't always people that elect offended by stuff be saying. It is anybody covering this team that is oh -- close to Brady's camp it would be Tommy current. Wouldn't it. Yes so we don't believe this up by Nona where you are we were living I believe it and you're right everything you just said credibility exist. With this one went without that put put what does Brady donor. What was the. I understand you get pissed off to win on campus of your sometimes advantage by us or something they want us to do whatever but what do you do these you can sit there and you can revolt. You can ever strike you wouldn't put signs in and walk back and forth on the front of the goalie or do you just eventually suck it up that you say okay. We still need to win we still need to go out there and indoor thing. I'm in British say phenomenal competitor one of the greatest that's ever played that game in which I don't know what's gonna happen. Revolts and I don't want that all stride among Dolly's now. And that's my thing so he's gonna play out his contract. And they what does Britney I mean doesn't. Because they need to do anything. You know to help his cause great so he's got tears up on his contract not gonna give me an extension crap Torre said both sides are comfortable through the rat. If there's an issue comes out we'll address it at that point time. Rocks really the one that's in the worst situation he had no leverage whatsoever. And I don't believe that he's gonna sit out I don't believe he's gonna go be a wrestler I don't believe it. So is in east it was either he's gonna play out this when he perceives that crappy contract but remember we keep bringing it up. He was hurt all the time. I eat how do you sit there and throw what a bunch of money when he additionally he can stay healthy juniors and around. You do the same thing and he's gonna be pissed off if you do it if you come to him and said tell you why. Now you basses eight million it was four million last year or ideology get up to ten and a half or whatever will give you incentives that will be. Give me up to two million but it will be based on games played and Indiana are all probably what you gonna say if you throw that out he's gonna say. Of the Kidman and also what you're like yeah yeah what's more likely happen draw plays and every single game or miss this for. I misses for you this is for Guinness got you know I eat yet he still. You know horrible all that matters you don't. Those four beauty yeah descent to miss a couple. But last year missed what was it game three game four Tampa Tampa and he gets suspended their into the yes column matters in mrs. weeks two through sex. Is there at the end it's all a matter. There's no audience. I think Gordon missed ten. It is the first that's quite get it I understand that it's not that Rosie behind the scenes this a little bit of this that a little bit of that again. But if you look at the individuals Belichick's pocket change gonna continue doing what he's doing I told you I believe he's going to be here for a long time. So I think he's not only building a roster for this year he's building a roster for the future Josh McDaniels is not a take over next year I don't believe that's gonna happen. So if you Brady. You've got two years left of three years or whatever you think it in your mind or whatever you've projected. You wanna go out the same way you played through gut you're into entire career. Bad headlines yet that's not read these personalities. Going to do that and if you look at croc which alternative. He got a finally walk all away for us. And say I quit and gone into the the dubbed WE because. My guess is that he was the one that leaked data out to shaft in you don't want. The shift or leaked out the fact that he's still thinking about retiring if it comes on the patriots I don't think they're throwing that out there. Yeah I I'm currently is anyone gonna leak. Leak anything about Butler I don't think it's like it. At some point I feel like use kind of get sick and tired of being sick and tired why isn't Iraq already if they wanna stick it to the organization right they could do it less it if they. It reveal what Alan either side going to be sticking it to the organization is actually gonna help the attack. Yeah now. There's more to commerce more to come it's just always yeah. Don't I don't mean it was all mean in the end though why I agree I is a radical and are you asking if you look at Mike Reese is as much as it's just I don't friendly statement. I would just kind of not where it's at the peaceful statement. Harm here gonna hold out with a negative and we know what might it might did my game four examples like believed that a read this morning for different things the things that could be. And then basically said it was a combination of bowl all four missiles to this is just so you know nonviolent. Placement non violent protest legislature. He's very gentle since in the backseat of the car has some nice question yes you know let's decreased so yeah I think it's going to reverse of what's going on the first day. The minute they told me if that was to see it. Drive it was there a little self driving car. But in the but in the end. I'm sorry I don't Biden is that this whole idea of a mutiny. And the push back being led by Brady and the culture and messing everybody else up. What is pretty going to do ultimately in the end. Pretty gonna do what is it it it's not. In the best interest of Tom Brady. The tank or two dollars screwed this thing up he's gonna go out and he's going to play at the highest level he can plot. So now get to ground what the hell's Garko to do and let's Glock truly believes. That for health reasons. It's not he wants more money here it's health reasons he's going to leave the game because he can make plenty of money in the entertainment world. The most he really believes that. I don't even if they don't give him the the extension will they don't give incentives to make the extra two and a half million bucks what ease he going to do. Well it it's it's exiting the next will only talk about late here in power plays and his team as breeding ground Krahn who would you put adamant there. That's is buoyed. Told me if CIO it felt like Tom was so so play simpler terms that's well known and understood as far as in playing those young boys with with boys and Brady but. You'll be Tom Brady to me is always a bed and voice in the field a candidate the players Bakken land once it pissed off that bill or the way they global their business. If they just look at Tom Brady needs these the voice. Is it shut up he's right we win that's how we do things here this way political body and a loss to number he's been at river is critical but multi Tokyo meant. If he's in with a bill on it. The nature still in with bill. If on Belcher. You know because you. That's the last thing you want not I don't think that that would come to that because again this was going on last year and obviously didn't effectively got to assume global nickel and stop. Defense good stuff fell right. So I don't expected to change. But you can't he can't afford to have it change you can't afford to have. No bill is doing his thing and everyone's pissed off and also and Tom gets everybody together and it's Atlantic Council which is how we win don't worry about it. They can't have hearing on now be bitching about bill I agree that's quickest way for guys to be that NATO what he has loosened his money he's losing Brady right now that cannot happen. I agree and I will tell you this right now as much as people are supportive right now of Brady and brought him to go south and it cost them games. And we find out who's pitching and their two and three through the first five games. Watch how that weight changes and Brady and brought become the whiners and as one of the map from my nicely for me. Well we got my way here from the real quick out little promise because I'll go stand out front attack. And again we have respect for our strategy with at least one more segment ago.