OMF with Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick 08-20-18

Monday, August 20th
A more relaxed Bill Belichick joined the OMF boys on a Patriots Monday, and the head coach spoke to us about the Philly win, the upcoming pre-season tilt in Carolina, cut downs and roster building, and what he enjoys doing in his free time.

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Why it's time for our weekly get together with the coach Bill Belichick being brought to by mass general hospital cancer center every day invasion by the northeast Vince clone. Specializing exclusively in men's sexual health. And McFarland energy also by Mercedes-Benz pre owned sales event I don't know. Rick after they go to that a person has gone coach Christians get some issues but that's a separate little Mike issue is right I give. A huge showdown of the pre season you got two more to Dell saw how it compares this from previous years where are you do you have in your mind an idea of where you are in trying to develop this team compared to where you've been in the past. Every year's different so mistaken on most us ever heard this I had a timer behind schedule tonight. Yeah again I don't know there's schedule I think every team has its own schedule some things. You know we've done better than in the past those things I was alone in this team is this team and we'll have to that's a figure out what what we can do and how quickly into a while we news made some things and move on from. You one thing that stood out I think you talked about it after the game and I think the words used with energy for the defense. As far as he's actually got how aggressive they were specific guys on the actually you know Claiborne. Wise rivers those guys disorderly play one especially looked like he just had a motor that would stop. And there wasn't a lot of blitz we submitted seem like courses those guys winning one on one battles. How important is that night you know for your defense is supposed to. You know what you guys and can do you know those guys can do it to the Corvette on the wrong with that without any help. Yeah well I thought that our team had good energy for the game and that started with our first defense of Sears and an offense took the ball down and drove down and scored on like last week where we you know basic in the first down first them. Gave up seventeen points so it was just much better effort overall. Because you know played a good energy index acute well we've made some plays early in the game got ahead but from an and that's always a good place to play from especially their passenger. If you got some different personalities meshing Claiborne but is it for do you look at announcing some of these guys year to rivers for early get a first look at say we we now have those type of players to maybe. Go after a quarterback maybe more than we have in the past yeah. Woolsey. We're a long way to go on and we'll see what happens when. When terrible start line. We'll keep working and you know got a lot of young players at that position on the offensive line defenseman. And they compete well they're making progress they get better all the time and so scenarios on. How much it seemed like rivers got a lot bigger and it because he was in the we rely that was it did you notice a difference and desist physical size. He's in his. All of that audience's laughter veggies you know again he's got a good all the it related to offseason programs one. When industry have in his knee and then the second one when offseason program started in April so. He was able to build he works very hard he's able to rehab his name also. Bill this upper body strength and just over office of them he's young got in and he's gonna he's gonna thought grow a little bit but he he works hard and that's essential for. You'll talk about how important game planning is from week to week. What do you learn when there's no game planning during the pre season especially with young players have a certain skill set can do certain things. What what can you learn about them and how different is it when we get to game one and you game planning against the Houston office. Levels all at different but fundamentals are fundamentals that's really or in Annapolis. Our basic our fundamentals. It's our techniques. And whatever we whatever defense where whoever plays we call. Oh will rely on those fundamentals for execution so we have good fundamentals we'll have good solution if we don't then. He can accelerate all you want but that the fundamentals of trying to and a lot of good plays so. This a good chance of slow work down against the Washington Philadelphia now Carolina has little different style play. Obviously different players council seat different matchups and that there are players experience to build. Though they are overall confidence and our execution of techniques and fundamentals against different players not just our guys that we see day after day in practice but you know against real competition. These guys were talking about your defense and how aggressive it was. Do you Alter during pre c.s are even during the season itself. Schemes certain things you wanna do defensively because you suddenly discover. Skill set of a specific player or players that changeup the way you can play. The that we do the final three that is that again if there's a player that we Felix mismatch player that we can gain an advantage with them animal. Have some some way to be able to work through. The pound blu players and so forth well what works for talking about the gesture with traffic and enormous mismatch strikes absolutely that's. That's part of it that's not part of this these games but it's service our game plan. We've always had these running backs great back to pitch in Altman's change like I mean Kevin fall. Don't judge it on but I'm curious what we're inching dreams and a little Whitney put James why acknowledged his publishing that he's there coming up big in big moments Chris Paul. Reels players over were really good and that's over slot receivers sources at the very good to. Of course Troy in the west and Fannie and Julian. It's was not a lot of good players at those two positions and that's of a good place that I have good players in the passing game for our quarterback Tom relive those values on the he does a great job of did in those matchups. As well as a tight end in the and the outside guys but those two players those two positions no matter who's played their relentless nineteen years they've all been pretty good so. That's not a good thing Jane changes you know right there and you know because a great job each one muzzled at different but there's all the injured for a we rid of the. Or talking about the the running back in the NFL I think the first ever the first priority is a ball pass blocking. And then it went to catching you know is that something we look at that third down back with a game is going passing a lot. Is that the number one thing for your running back go to the bitter past while we have be on the field. It is and again on testing situations it is yeah this season game and run situations than. Not as much but that's passing situations. The other some teams that don't ask their backs to pass protect a lot Lisa Morse receivers and get him out of pattern that create some problems with protection that. It allows those players to not have to cut off so it just depends on the scheme their zone. Use and we we do both so. Wheaton and we've always done vote so I think there's no place for. Toast there is some big to helmet rule. Getting a lot of attention from former players current players. And Devin McCourt was on last week with the daily key and he basically just CC you know they arrest and how to handle it and he pretty much said you know I just kind of play it how the rest are calling it that game so one arrest calling it these aggressive calling it and they change or maybe a little more careful as opposed to maybe someone who's. Now it is you know flag happy. Does that is that a simple as it is as far as your. Advice to those defensive players and how to attack this rule. Well I can't speak for you know any individual player and as you know person ever plays different situations different you only have a split second to react on the field. And that's why. And FL players rational players I would just say. From my standpoint. There's really it's not a change for us not change for coaching staff we've never taught that we've never talked tackling with the crowd or homeless but our head down. Definitely in our body forward and that that's a position. I don't think fundamentally that's good position of the and it's not effective and there's a lot of things if you go wrong besides getting hurt and that's an important one. So. We've always tackle and block Wheeler got a prize open. Actually can. Sealy hit and that's the only way I've ever coached with and we do it that way and will be within the rules so that's that's we try to teach there's. Again a lot of bang bang plays werder you have to react quickly and try to make attack or make a block or. Get an extra yard and sometimes instinctively. Player will put his head down I think there's certainly more awareness of that now because of the way it's being called vote. Fundamentally weak we've never talked in any techniques so that's not a change for us. Did there dessert do you guys still do the old red line off that's what's divas on this site tackling where you have to stay on the Red Line. And to tackle I think that's what it was right when my motto my least favorite. Shift yeah. Well let's just say how did you have thought. We we practice tackling every day and we practice good fundamental tackling technique Saturday. We reinforce. Techniques that are done properly and we are the ones that are done improperly. Lou that's in this area or. It could be another relative to the players fee and leverage and position and so forth so. Those that are that's an important fundamental force running and tackling and we will work on those everything we actually teach them. And not hurt them. Not him really because it's such an important tournament. I think every week here dropped its. A full eye or here it is capital is now in Africa. I think everybody is for the safety in the game certainly you guys are because it's your livelihood. But they're calling everything right now building didn't cause much in your first and they didn't call anything but you look around the league they're calling an awful lot. Are you concerned at all that need be and they claim they're using this as a a testing period. Are you concerned at all that by the time we get to the first game of the regular season only a few weeks or it. That they may not pull back on on these things they are using this as a learning tool. What are you worried that we struck this regular season and calling a lot of these players that simply nobody seems to understand the rule. I think we understand it I think I understand that. We are team looked at our 25 plays last night I think. All of this is concede those place why there were called and the ones or cold weather oracle so. And officials have a tough job to make that a judgment but I think the rules fairly clear cut. The lead with their hit you make contact with the opponent them that's what why is defensive players getting calls. We situation last week James White suited notice. There's examples where everybody has been called. Walker's guys defeating blocks. More tacklers. But also some runners are so. Again I think these are you know problems and questions that really should go to info officiating department doesn't really matter whether I like the rules like the rule on what I think the rules should or should be your shoes and he called. That's not my job my dogs understand the rules and two coaches and as I said. We're not coaching anything any differently on a coach and in differently than I've ever coached at some of them National Football League we've never coached. Head down Papa. You know. Don't see what the contact is done and you know put yourself in the position. Rica a serious injury and not do your job and so. That. Again how it's officiate and so forth that's not really. That's on the the officials and I'll work on themselves to be I really. That's not my job I can answer so hard it is yours and officiate. There's no or coaching in the not so we coached. So Gracie looked at plays those places you guys fault or the leak communicating and sending place in this is what would we planner calling what we're not playing a car. Yeah both well that it. They sent us what they sent explicit Colbert plays that minister. Whatever the case might be an examples. We have our own place in. Again regardless of what they call or don't call. That's a technique that we don't teach them we don't subscribe to so. Political or don't call we don't wanna do it because it's been think it works very well so we're not we're not teaching that player does that we want instruct him to do it properly. Not only for safety and also so that he can. Fundamentally plate make the block or make the tackle or take on a block or whatever is that we're talking about. As opposed to. Is that things. No one of these innocent about it just random question is just that you spent so much time on football just awful awful awful ball. Is there any point time we just say hey you know us on this kick back and read a book. Those are just as there if there is downtime but have never seen an episode of game throngs. You have a Netflix account. No limit those. Nobody is it I'm not very tech savvy person you know that there. Even get that on screen it would be very challenging I think you can get that point about what about just like I don't know you have those. You know. Go to download thing you. Pass or some on the bureau Evelyn to do it's it's not like you can just flip from channel 53 channels 10 late deaths I can handle so that this is not yet we have huge change in the clock in your car which I remember a few years ago you had a little difficulty with this is a little bit different. Once you've. Yep you got it it's there. Down on dissent but it has some help on the readily get the Netflix snaps space and pan am. And I can't undo my personal view so yeah it will William globally had answered questions. You know I'm definitely it's I think Lexington. Was the last non football book you read. Less non football book. Load on several of them. One is one of the was younger every year. Read were pulled from both this summer. British forward to book this summer. Zone. I just say non football non military is the fifth with some guys nice gospel if you can't narrow it got down there like wrong. That you read fifty shades of gray. Olympic and a lot of books good. How many Wenzel as well Jack Welch is it's an Ottawa police. Leadership book yeah. On the go wrong and some might and tips on winning here. Some like that methods of winning or was I've read a rental textbook. So he's a you know the Inca analog from an. A lot of great ideas and very concerts. On leadership and team building. Management so so what does think that the few minutes of downtime for Bill Belichick during the season looked like. Good meal. To voted well. I mean first reformists of strokes. Slaton we have on the votes organize them you know get on the bus to go to Carolina get on the plane. When those with low flow they'll be. Obviously the a lot of other with eyes closed in it's a great feeling that this field. Sit back and close your eyes and you know plus the plane that. The city and then just straight that's. And ignorance of major talk well you've seen most of the games and they always talk like these but so much time with this team you're watching everything if you watched hard knocks at all. There's to the first couple episodes though I missed that we always sort of laugh and think what would bill be likened hard knocks in the patriots obviously that would probably something would be interested in. The inside look at Katrina when you beat. I always you know we've had a couple of those that or not believe that some some of the inside stuff but. Yeah I haven't seen that maybe probably touch upon a little bit later training camp. Again right now and almost. A lot of my plate just trying to coach his team trying to get us very ago trying to get myself for it goes on things on the I need to address. And we need to do this team so let's do this for other folks Lou. If they ever did done deal and wanted you and your team to be part of our hard knocks him to get out of it. Back. Would you excuse me. I don't know if tomorrow was an they have a one of these years. Unchanged the student did not make the playoffs that's part of it flat glass sorcery coached the record deal mama you remind your staff. I was just curious because here's a guy had a lot of success in Wisconsin. Left Wisconsin went to Arkansas you know paid a lot of money trying to turn that program around. Didn't have a guess as much success yes Wisconsin. And then you brought it to be to be I guess an assistant coach and a looser what is titlist but he's involved. How does that relationship grow from a college coach head coach. To working here what do you reserve without release it built I guess through saudis players you know. Yeah sure it took. Prevalent Iowa has a great relationship with co Ference affairs Stanley or group. We've. Editor relationships in Wisconsin. For players like. Jens Voigt and Arkansas with players like Trey flowers. And teacher wasn't and others. I think he's produced a very. I call it individual. You know those guys we've taken from those different those schools that I just mentioned include not. Those that are that good artwork and both kids that like football. Have done well in this program know about their ability and start as their overall. Oh what they bring to the team and so forth so I think you know the type of players that he's recruited those programs. Sit well with with what we do and so after his situation Arkansas. In this work where they'll throw some of which were offering. Is that that the always in contact with the college game I saw an article in January this side with you and exceed in secret meetings that you guys young coaches but. You still contact a lot to you see that college game come in the NFL you can see more so recent years. Well you know I have some relationships of people and that in college football but I I spent a lot of time of the college coaches Faulkner college coaches and visited with a ministry during the draft process so. Policy that's when I'll watch a lot of college football from called the middle of February tool a middle end of April. Two and a half months of I really don't see much NFL football at that time native you know free agent players like that that. Let's say 90% maybe 95% of the Thelma launches is the college game at at that point in time so sometimes it's. Well scheme ideas are let's let the thing but most of the time it's trying to evaluate their players or players that played against things like that so. And while those coaches. Give us insider give us access to root for their players to their their films they're cut ups and so forth and and it's obvious that the very helpful. Are we wrap things up whether Mercedes-Benz driver that we can no sort of pre season but there was was there specific drives that you liked this past week. Well in a lot of them. The first one offensively it was was a good drive bill would drive down your points for Steve that's a drug was good create. Third and long situation get off the field. The feels drive where Claiborne strips. Foals are in good spirits were from only those who drive so. 34 it went. Now you have to get you got a mama had a pick one in Britain. A victory to victory did you picture only minutes I don't think it's our job to pick this thing you'd think it's his job and think before we let you go. You look at this game this past weekend it was a lot of the regular guys that Tom Brady was thrown into. Not a lot of the newer guys okay. Is that something you wanna see in the next couple of games. Well look there are a lot of things we can do we have eight pre season games we could. See a lot more than we couldn't four but we have four we have to try to. Do the things that we feel like for best for the development or football team individually collectively. You know we want guys that played together we wanted to Erica pretty we also device which players. So there are a lot of things to Kate take into consideration and it's it's hard to do normal it's impossible to animals if they got the ones that are. Most important to you then. Maybe some things that you don't get too so in your example. If we don't get to that McCain and maybe we create more of those situations in and repeats and practice. So that's. And he wanted to go to player stamina and conditioning so they're out there for an expenditures time. Not just double plays and then routes than that's the way we play so. Try to keep guys out there ever continuous basis gives you some conditioning and some. Chemistry in and a little bit of you know just playing together. But that outside of that he says that you see different combinations. And so. We just try to traded at best we can. All the more important which they called the considerations. That wants you know in the game. If we can't get the following game which. Bounce off the practice and by the way I don't think we need a pre season games but thank you for bringing that well what I can actually had sex symbol and would you rather see two. And add to regular season games. Well I don't think that's good for the development of young players hostess a question earlier priorities are and can get it can get team or player and into pre season games on with the injury would be on the one of the injuries artists rate season's high it'll laces. That's a big jump for pre season the regular season I think if you cut then. You know you do look at the bigger jump Beth so. This was opening week this week. Now I don't know the activity. And it presents a motel office but that's not in line. Some might call that will make a difference I think someone else make that decision it's time as you've learned the NFL always make their decisions Miller drive of the week brought upon Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers. Kitchen actually arts and go to Iceland crystal children make it right here on all amass.