OMF - Patriots issues stem from Alex Guerrero; Amendola still doesn’t understand Butler decision; 7-20-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, July 20th
Hour 3 - Marc thinks all of the alleged issues with Patriots leadership stem from Alex Guerrero. He also thinks Brady will play until he’s 25. Danny Amendola was on a Barstool podcast and said he still does not understand the Malcolm Butler benching.

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Are you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and Torre well I'd England or at least here so he's a five wood two iron 65 I don't know. If there's any way that I can like sore lower myself to be his and in my view never heard my sexy voice on the year before this meat anymore rod page eighty and dumb ass pursuing you as if you were the Heisman Trophy trophy you know with well well well I am Mark James in rat. Coach and let me tell you something I'm no doctor and I don't play one on TV or the rate network he'd been using the tax write that note and I am marked gains that marked with the EC teams have guys can't do it some guys answered the greatest time ever assembled. Why really don't. On Sports Radio WEEI. Over two hours down in less than two hours to go this is. Our math. We are Bradford and James rob Bradford Mark James here on WE odd numbered get in 6177797937. We have a lot things in a free for all Friday. We're also talking about how all of that will be moving forward afternoon drive starting on Monday August 3 till weird thing is is that that transition I think they initially said it was going to be in August the transitions actually today where we're gonna do off the show all the way up until sex. So it's going to be like this show you started fan okay in line at six and then those as you can on all just do it through to six everyday from Annan Annan. And on and on that's not it OK it's a deal and Kiefer are racing there often appearing today owed over the though there was the dale is sort of I respectfully disagree door it correctly for Enron human right dale is in Detroit. I DN Lawndale and with the authentic ceremony. Lou Lou Lou note through in the broadcast Booth he's doing the game tonight you'll be doing that deal and keep Sean eyes and yes I'll get the broadcast. Right there rattle the bright yeah yeah yeah yeah they change Comerica Park is it change already changed when he meet games like that the name. Not a cake is H and I'm like you know like name's Shane respond yes I. Now okay unit they did call Comerica Park Dale's gonna be in the broadcast Booth. Their mission knowing Greg Dickerson is going to be here you go on with cries like correct a zillion. Yards lit up like ordered out of the court society of Dickerson well let's not go that I mean it was we don't let's not go that far it didn't particularly. Dickey yet tone of voice means that I like drag it and I thought I know. It's really really cream rose to speak at a Dickerson he he and I are gonna be doing noon to four tomorrow right here in the studio really yes we are. Sells a look at sports that I'm sorry I'm a clear you fond of Greg. But they don't have about you during the break we're talking about Tom Brady's ex Bridget morning and you unaware that she's the pride of long middleman he's happy with. Indianapolis on the gras like correct we reasonably good. I'll let out or more. What here we go on the right like Corey. Well I'm not and I think you guys you guys doing their tickets is a good dude listen you all what's a raw Monday night raw last Monday night you it would Dickerson Null he met us there I would Jason Rossi to produce a look at of dealing keys and and people there in the here we go here a guy got all these shows could dig is that you know it's funny at Dickerson is those guys I met him first before. This is like them and I don't think a little like this guy and then him and I did shows together they'll. It's amazing how like doing a show I think you're the you're gonna like him okay is when I first met them and the panel is if he Burrell still here. And the map not wrap around and around the world I was like I didn't morality at the morale after al-Qaeda are right he would he got eighteen producers here ahead as an app around. Great guy by the way that's the reason I stand up for the now Ubisoft this country every time we were a lot on the world. Producer I find out some bizarre thing about it. So far what we have that he the purple star accused say winner Yates was quiet and I'm purple heart. Kirk I'd really put too bad and I. Kurtz purple heart recipient. He is the best rapper. Bet that the station has ever seen in legal history with him why doesn't say none on hello Matt is banner read read read. Juxtapose it. And the thing was that he went to the prom with a Olivia COPEL Donald that's me. That that these guys use it a political pork from the front door where we are in my life ways that we. We have we have a roster this we have some crossover year you know because I know the story that I was telling about mount morale is accurate he went to the prom. With a Libya Culp now. Matt morale and yes now I know Amy and I actually a political. Aim and rightly so here's the story you did you grow up where map morale around where he grew up well I went to high school Rhode Island that is from Ireland so his girlfriend is his wife now. Would they were right they went to prom they were in the same Lama. They were in the same Loma. So maybe you were in the same limo is not Rolf. That's beyond my god gave us via because via email I didn't I didn't know that that day obviously trumps the purple heart recipient. Amy and all and I like I think you Matt. Increase pressure on shine time are my favorite like you guys are producers you guys yeah our shots and vote no no not regard them as well you have gone up. I next looked so we see your ex girlfriend. Not at all now we were rare in the same front group and she and have a date to prom I'd recently broken up with a girlfriend now it's like this and you can get her back at history and and demons ultimately secure confirm that back together and they are reportedly back with you Lucy I. On WB I'd like Thomas would prevent Lucy stick death nothing if they lose I believe Lucy Lucy Tyson right now. He's been in at least five years down in the university Miami. They won't be to just. They will not be for now they're do you object I are feeling you may have been in the same limo as ma'am around and I'm trying to remember if there are any and if anybody brought wicked day that anonymous new and knew there was one tidbit as. Not so how did you make a move what are you with us this up well. Interesting enough and if obvious question is. No I I just got my counsel's outs I was involved I should not vote for passionate view him that if you guys say great. She uses a year younger OK so I leave the vehicle of what town is this. She used. North northeast I think we have we have south we go between eight and we have and we did Labrador can say anything he wants about it. But we have through producers at this radio station who have gone problem with Olivia call one way or the other and I actually took her Tuesday. Why allow any sort of call now for all there yet get them up not just don't think about the budgets as Matthews though you do make a move on now I did not I was actually. This little sister know yeah yeah of course podcasts users who we are I literally. I was leading. From my loans are all like I should not again I hated dad in an emergency surgery a couple days later bought by human emotionally flat out wrote about that suit to firm ground being rejected it wishy wishy like empathetic towards your old fashioned itself to street art house. All right all right just couldn't couldn't you have prom pitchers so. Yeah I gotta I gotta look there on Facebook's well OK that every we've got an idea yeah can I can Africa after that it yet and I question and you know call me stupid here it's fine will be the first of the last what is. Olivia Coppola things for you move. Loose. It was miss universe into you thousands of this miss universe swing and miss Rhode Island in 2000 what. It doesn't well. Okay Al Horford is also married to miss universe yes so they've got a couple misses a weird thing about it I want the weird thing is I went to prom with her Al Horford wife. Well yeah that's so yes you know that. The airlines get the hell out here Kamal I don't let you trigger they hit it straight I. Hope it. The fact they are almost like other fact that you're staring at me for those three sat in writing that could be possible. Because like Bradford and ended in fairness I there is an age difference number one OK so it would have been a little weird to go to prom with some an eighteen years older. For some people write in if there was a lot of remembered a series I fell back in the nineties has been some younger guys should sound a little yes please that. 617779793. Seven. Yes in and people are you definitely they're they're taxing in July oh some insects into armed that he is he teach here. And an end here and ask the simple fact that no one could actually be required by the school to say the pledge because that. Is the government infringing on their first amendment rights of kids do not have to get up and say. If they don't want to and I suppose the teachers don't really now. But Tuesday. I do that they've that doesn't really can't I don't think the kids have to. I know but you do have do you have classes where the teacher's. Aide to featured doesn't do at the adult in the room they don't do it. Or do you have classes where half the the kids aren't doing you have kids that say their parents say you know what you shouldn't do. I'm fascinated by that because. I think that the NFL other than the concussions I think the NFL and sixth grade are the probably through things or draw the most parallels that city and that's. As an indictment on the NFL where they are right now cast 61777979837. Daryn in Boston what's up Darren. They got expert let me just say that every time a player to have a role player deals for the National Anthem. A porn star cries you know that. Yes I. That classic Christmas movie who DNC. Well. The classic let it appears that this day now this not answer to reflect quite personal views however. You know. The fact that people are making a big guy in a big deal out of Jimmy Iraq although unity accord star. You know apart circle working person just like everybody else oh well eight ports are. Right now could be instrumental in our. Now in case people. Are daring case people missed it amuses him out there it from former personal attorney Michael Cohen. Is the New York Times is reporting recorded. From discussing payment to the Playboy model's. Stormy Daniels right correct what does that say shark yeah I mean this is anyone shocked about it badly marred when we saw the stereo when we saw this in the break I think mark and I had the same reaction like so so yeah delegate -- did you do anything from seated on Yvonne when he was married to her each you know I'm Marla Maples each eating normal audio I mean who care like it's like this is what I does have a win over. He quit and park and maybe maybe he would but could it is you're saying basically Ginny G. I don't lose any respect for the guy I just gotta tell you Darren I think is little reason to bring hurts we like a five star Beverly Hills restaurant that's an. I agree with you I think judgment or is struck. Out for his long term brands which as you know a guy like him at his position he should be. It's probably not the smartest thing to do however I'm sure that there are a lot. Guys who followed his career right now that are seeking it that's great I I would I thought which are so it's just people are caught you know. Judging in that it because this. They're probably just to cure aren't doing. I that you Senna. I yeah I think you are setup and I might be till Iran but I think USANA. I don't know. Late YT your point why you bring her oh. In this setting and in Beverly Hills Hotel she publicized is a before she publicize it after. My gut reaction in my gut is always right when it comes to quarterbacks dating porn stars. And I think he was set up. But blog like yeah I he can't he can't say that though mark you know why because it's not the gentlemanly thing to do. And I will listen and here's the thing Britain cannery and who's been on the station many times she spewed ESPN. She tweeting quote single rob Lowe's the franchise quarterback a prominent NFL team. He should have more values in class the operating eight porn star in LA slam me for saying that we guarantee someone is camps at the same thing. Disagree that someone is can't pricing he Jimmy gee let's keep that on the down low putts I should consider about Von Miller. The sister I don't I don't that will do when your quarterback. Is bundled with a Super Bowl MVP. And he is one of the he is but he said quarterback of the defense he any is arguably the best defensive player in the NFL. I think when you're the quarterback now your like Derek kids in the Bay Area and people we use this sort of like holier than now. Like theory. Your kids who are looking up to staff curry Klay Thompson Kevin Durant. And eventually those kids are also gonna look up to its unique rock below right now I guess maybe the parents don't. Feel as though that's a proper role but here would you need she does like my kids look up the Von Miller I grid. I agree with its eye but I just think people will use that sort of criticism against Jimmy cheek because of this. That because you're dating a porn star what the message it's. To America's youth that's this be honest that debt Auburn thing you said is they have the the quarterback the guy the figure these what he's supporting it and yes she's lead singer of the band but also he's the guy who they're making action heroes out of him. And so forth and so on and this is the guy like you said people want their kids to look up to right or wrong. But this won't be hypocritical about this is an important Henry. I would love to hear her response to that they want both on Miller what about other people who have done this why are you calling them out and I did because. A parent can say that. Henry like what she care. Which he here and it at least you don't introduced other people that have if you're gonna have the same criticism for Von Miller OK fine but last I checked she's not having the same criticism for a while and. Here's the thing legend EG. He's not. Breaking the law he's not you know doing anything like committing a crime he's dating someone who chooses to to do this and make money having sex on film. It's easy. To a lot of people unethical immoral Shearer but who are we to judge in Ginny you like sports stars are we see Jimmy G out with her again binal. The I'll say he's dating here. I don't think you'll ever in in even like behind some bushes and in some foreign country. If someone catches thieves threw together one more time I will be shocked and not because they Jimmy garage closed and highlighted. Is because I think he was set up. I have more respect Virginia G eating a porn star of interest in Thomson. Impregnated Chloe car crash why. Because I mean just and because she like you wanna go see what what you like the French Montana James Hardy in the I mean Lamar Odom it's like about what I mean what you say impregnated a couple years I'm just saying that like to me a porn star in my eyes is the equivalent of a car dash in sister. Really yes real. How dare you denigrate points r.s like I am right well that I felt like right you know it ever did. This goes back to people like Colin everyone has their loss. But it's it's. Love is gonna conquer all mark. Love is gonna countrywide and I have equal amount of the Los conquers all confidence that there. I think there. An equal amount of respect for all these people it's it's like they're do one what. They wanna do it's fine. It's I do not get in not watcher QB problem not enough why isn't ponson. A guy because he's hang an outward whatever army cute with Chloe what I'm saying I don't have any issue with it but I'm telling you it's Timmy on the same level and I will probably. If harmony reigns or died in fox wanted to date me I we. Both of NASA would not like that. I would I would not take into a five star restaurant really know. I would home I would cook for them sloppy Joes Israeli yes I'm very good sloppy Joes and Hamburger Helper that code. Oh well no no and really get making it talk is talk those two so that's that's what I would go. Break if we have a Twitter account for the show oh. Can record breaking Marti is very good Hamburger Helper are you running your Twitter account Ryan who I am I got some very important at least I wrote Lucy I will reach that. Ice is breaking news we go hamburger help we brought features stories today it's unbelievable a refund of picture of you Ayman. Well I I'd literally have a blessed or from school rolling what are my hurts FaceBook photos that just. 101000 photos on things you could not enough I don't have the picture I have a picture of call me and all the bodies from. Richard and she she wasn't exactly a match invited to link it from north Kingston XXX. Six on 7779797. Riding Quincy what's upright. Go out Enron. It out Bryant RL about a he had the Nokia phone caught outright say that again. It. Exactly that's what my doctor about what kind of business would go on the TV and brother is Brian and the problem is Brian was second Brian Brian. The problem that is in I don't disagree with you in his eyes. What she tweet before and sort weren't used rim before and after. The jet didn't lead us to think that now I think you set up I absolutely think he was sent. Go to bat. I mean it could be numerous trees and did you know what they got biker in all. That's okay exactly and hang out let it Bryant goes by the philosophy. You know for Jimmy gee I'll do the you do you and he's doing and that's it I'm navy's. Blue line right exactly and yet apple right exactly yeah I email and you know and and the Tex lines that that's knowledge in each he's doing. Up by the way a baby was. Born in a chick filet bathroom and will now get free chick filet for life as wells a job when she turns fourteen. The story just and are still sports is a true story while a chick flick that's that's a great. Wow I was I was born and strictly about and yes we're so close yet so far and help Arby's or is it wasn't bad no hazard and a half. Well. I don't look. Wow two. Six Glaser notes it plays in Springfield is part and others when in Chicopee but there's not in Springfield so there's I did the thing I've said this before I do the thing you know and an open on Sundays in Fort Myers right are pulled up the drive through. And senate to drive through for fifteen minutes thing hello how did you real you know you know how hard he is I looked into franchising it's all right that you know like honestly you would have an easier you meet and you would have an easier time of getting in. The mafia that we would franchise into a you have to be a huge Bible thumping Christian. Able to a backgrounds and they will make sure they will talk to your. You know past thirty we'll talk to make sure that you eats it is like their very religious does like chick filet if you got a chance to franchise. It's like literally printing printing money tiny label it's ridiculous from dad it's it's. It is and and they're all very friendly yeah there you go all the great I love chick filet sandwiches are very dislikes and she's that you had a Jack yes but what did there's nothing better and they have one in Framingham. Evelyn not far our own freaks out about ticked away from your dancers we regard this road trip and went for all my goodness chick filet. There's one in the North Shore mall was one Burlington Specter from my outlook and Burlington has an early tomorrow is that such a delicacy anymore I don't. The Jimmy drop below is he wondered if you brought. His friend his new friend chick filet. Would they have served them yes really it's because they understand the flaws in the Ivan de I think now they would've I don't know hearing I don't know how old you lets you see sense of the art towards other things but they would serve them. Some insect is I gotta read this one on the tax line. The new porn site the Jimmy G spot. Today it's. 6177797. Night hey listen don't kill the messenger here it's all a dealer are always figure it like Jimmy G Thomas former team. His former team the patriots Robby will start training camp a week from yesterday. But things still are not rights why will get to that. Expect we're back with more important lemur moaning and 48 on Sports Radio. Yeah. Buy sell or hold Jimmy Barack global throw more touchdown passes and Tom Brady. By the way Tom Brady's going to be 41 the most touchdown passes ever thrown by a 41 year old is eleven by Warren Moon. The fact that tell jet. You know the durability. And the ease in which Brady is aging in this league. Here's the thing to remember San Francisco past 61. And A half percent of the time last year that was the six most in the NFL. And they added a very good rookie receiver Donte' status Kyle Shanahan likes to throw the football. New England only threw the ball sixteen most of the NFL and Julian Edelman is not going to be around for the first month and Brandon cooks is gone. They might take away as New England was Sony Michelle rebuilding the old line they have a really deep running back core. I think New England gonna be a little more ground and pound than usual. I don't wanna put Brady in the cross hairs at 41 soldier John. I think a rock below will roll more TD passes. Then Tom Brady this year. I saw all the time. Howard heard what Colin towers on. Whole. I. You know what I don't think that's gonna happen but whatever Kong and cowardly way like poured his point of my efforts stardom like what a moron yeah. Yeah that as he was going like I at least you know you O'Brien tireless in his office are very quarterback friendly the solar Josh McDaniels and he knows wells I do rob Bradford. Pat if it Tom Brady has veto power on the ink callables like Oscar de Cannes oh yeah. Like in Rudy. Legend Rudy there you go exactly Rudy was off sides at the end of the game you know that right yeah bound to get Rudy and outfield now all right okay whether who have been they've bizarrely no one had a problem running up the score would halfback pass. There are a I don't know that sound right yeah as silly as that yes so yes he I think that it did think that. Are in theory Ollie says I give covered credit for trying to clients often in knots. And giving some evidence that this possibly could happen. But I don't think you will because I think your point you know this is what they do indeed they throw for touchdown pass yet it is that my biggest issue is. The internal strife. And the ongoing that's truly not going to be able throw for touchdown pass too much pride there's too much strife man there's way too much and and this thing between him and Belichick. In not showing up to voluntary OTAs never happened before rob. When he was out in him and Gisele body new home in Brentwood California. Not far from where OJ is a live. That he was back here I think is only two times team it's voluntary OTAs so. And yet like legitimate excuses you know the BB ages and had a baby this year. So there's obviously that this situation has not been resolved I'm shocked it's not been result what are you think you've been resolved Greg Bedard came out with an article in Tulsa I diamond TV article if we don't have a read on a password. I would I wish I'd rather when I was at NASA last night OK it's a totally given the nuts and bolts. Any articles coming into the nuts and bolts the article is basically stems from the fact that the air is a huge divide inside. The locker room between Brady Belichick AM and the fact that. Belichick resents how craft had sided with the Brady. Over belly check and it came to the genie GA history as sources saying according to multiple sources according Greg Bedard nothing has been hashed out between the the three of them at least at this time it could certainly change as they come off vacation yeah. And are ready for the season sources say the more likely to scenarios that things are worked out slowly during camp. Or not at all here's the big one I just said Belichick continued to be here it seems that crap is increasingly. Interjected himself into areas that were largely Belichick's domain during his tenure with the patriots. That includes the owners deference to Brady and his role in the retention of Josh McDaniels and that's not an unprecedented situation area says it all right there. The so rob this would this is a real thing yeah if if. I think here's my knee I I come back to the Guerrero. I always come back the Guerrero Yoko Guerrero yet because I just feel this is at the heart of it and in terms the OTAs amok and get that worked up over it because I do think that. I'm guessing either but it is an educated guess that. When they talked about changing how they do things would radian appeasing him a little bit more or maybe throwing them a little bit of a bone because Guerrero is on the sideline. My thinking is that part of that was not coming to Nokia -- by thinking was a you know wide. You. Have earned the right especially your family doing whatever you do not have to come this time around. That's how I feel the crafted would break that was the group that was the agreement. That I am totally guessing that they had but I think it's a very plausible guess how come this never happened before because because this is. Leading to this year. Leading into this offseason they were gonna read it's always heard about. With Tom Brady and his life in his changing light and he's that revisit things and and then you have the Guerrero stuff so you have to appease him in some way. It all adds up to that and then he he was going to talk to Robert Crowe asked. And I think they alluded to something like this at one point actually so I don't get worked up over that at all I think that was the arrangement now. Now mark. If this is true if there is a divine aid continues to be divided radian ballots checked. It's not gonna make Tom Brady not throw touchdown passes. This is the only thing to me this does is it might make Tom Brady would not wanna play for the year. I yes. Year yeah I think Brady from me he walks away after between nineteen season however. If Belichick. Retires after the season just walks away. I think breed your plate at least 45 I think Brady. He's gonna get through the season ticket Josh McDaniels of Toby got sick and he's the heir apparent he's the coach in waiting. This situation and and you can you see and they. You know Brady's sort of lap dog is going county courthouse he does reverberating once that's he's got and gronkowski. Not gonna OTA is follow you know part of the TB twelve thing without Guerrero. The obvious thing this is like eight are going to Guerrero that it was in James Harrison came out to quell. All these stories that come out about all this friction I honestly believe that it's made up you have sound on this. Are your ego is commonly called all of this friction. I honestly believe Britons make a replay. Stop that right there I wanna hear how mark set it up and wanna hear how James Harrison said Akira run that back. Factors I think went marks that it I felt like I was actually lifting the someone who knew what they were talking about. I didn't believe James Harrison when he said on I get beyond some yet can keep on in out into the rest of what he says I well this first I wanna can reject supposed to do and on an ideal audience full of voices everything. It is already stores that commonly called all of this for X in this I honestly believe that it's made up OK I came and I'm looking. OK to doctor Rio marked a market and there. Arena. OK art while we'll get there. Mark what I'm saying is that you said it very convincing you edible almost more convincing than the guy who actually sent right to keep the rest eggs ate our. But that we've got around that it was in James Harrison came around to quell. All these stories that come out about all this friction I honestly believe that it's made up state US ominous. There you go that that would very convincing so can we played the rest of teams hearsay and after that to. Rescuers. Are now we're killing him and I. Came in there and you know I come back on boxing's. They got trouble still just like everybody else Brett right. I get in their posse not. You know they're there in Iraq near talking I don't. I don't Arnold scene experts now believe they just make up these stores put a team tighter closer together. That's really on the books. Our only give them I I totally believe them I totally believe James Harrison years nothing there's no reason for him to lie about that. Java game I have no reason for him a lot right but I also think he's not in the inner circle. He didn't get the invite it's obvious steak house that one page replaced by a guy ever make a big deal of this Bedard thing. District a big deal it for the right reasons. 'cause the Guerrero. Is that make a big deal of it thinking that old Tom Brady is he gonna listen and mope around the sidelines and in its good that the actual execution of his job is going to be any different. You actually think that no. Now now now now Tom Brady's gonna DTV twelve he's going to be his MVP self. Com the city's hockey the Bill Belichick have at least seen in videos of them sitting united Gaskin. Going through the game plan they gonna do that but you and I are both on the same page. This all stems from one individual not to sell. It's not Wes Welker it's not because you know there was some it is not Logan Mankins anymore it's Alex Guerrero right that. That's it right there and until. And if you're Belichick you can't allow Al Guerrero back on the silent is if you do you lose the locker and you start what you also. You did for a reason that's right means he's undermining your step test zone he's so yeah I have no problem with them him putting his foot I mean. I think that bill Belichick's mistake was letting him on the sideline to be in the way. Honestly that there is it. Edge right there and with it players startled look at how look. Hey Thomas how eight. That would let our traders and this guys banged up all the on the go out and it's not civic roared into anything I mean Guerrero is doing what he thinks is is the best way to do things. But we we said that we cited earlier in the show when you're walking off the field within an injured player. It at halftime. Not look you develop because that's not what you should be doing. You should understand your place and you get that sense that he didn't understand his place. And that he was saying hey everybody over here obviously the training staff which are arch extremely qualified you have to go through much more schooling about things it didn't matter I don't know. But I know that they have to go much more of through much more schooling and education that Alex Guerrero ever had to go through. So those people aren't the right to be there they're higher by the patriots they should have a say with bill Belichick's no problem when that at all. Obviously you're the coach you're the guy you're the one who brought five Vince Lombardi trophies and to his credit along with Tom Brady. But you just hit the nail on the head. And I must be agreement attacks like is someone to see you just made the best one of your life proper role but. He shouldn't of allowed him there the first test scores once you do that now now you've taken a wait that privileges. Therein lies the problem so my question is and I'm asking you and everybody out there are 617. 7797937. I'm putting you in Robert crafts she used those are very expensive shoes are probably. South Torrey fear a domino and this that the sneakers he does all its right does the sneakers or the day very expensive C one of the ones that the one of one's exactly. What do you do to fix this here's what I do. You know I do what I summoned belly check in Brady. To. My office I'm Robert Kraft now. Next Wednesday night that what actually did veterans report next Wednesday training camp starts on Thursday. Next Wednesday night in my office us three or hashing everything out putting everything on the table and we're going to get through additional why. It's not the boss and I signed both your freaking genius I know lawyers serving Hamburger Helper. I AM Hamburger Helper I will do that yet because of you remember how absolutely. So that's what all ladies they wanna come over possibly James will be looking forward to Hamburger Helper that's what we go very tough. It's mostly guys that but I stepped in and interject himself you know and get. These guys in the same way. It may utes say that in I think we agreed that the biggest issue when you talk about interject in himself and having this conversation and finding some resolution it's about Carreira I don't know what else they could be about it's not about the way they run their offense sought about how the team is Ron. It's about Guerrero status for the team right. Absolutely you know what Belichick also owes this to the entire team why tell you. Glad I minutes when it sees on the other side he always the team something I don't I know are you going this I was gonna bring it up will will do that on the other side 617779. Seven 937 Bradford James and for all enough. Once again these Glynn blue and Christie at Fort Wayne Martin loaned you emporium on Sports Radio. I think it's going to be. And here's why. These reports and this tension we are caught wind of it midway through last season. Or maybe two thirds through last season. It is not who did it hurt him in the playoffs. No doubt the one difference I think is that. Bill Belichick with the pitching. Of Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl. That was rubbed players including breaking the world wait that was the first of all the things they could say it about Belichick before they never could've saved. He doesn't have the best he had to have waiting. As the number one Broward. Pitching Malcolm Butler I think puts some question marks in Gaza so that's the one problem. But I think they'll be up to overcome because that's when your child keep these shortens. This is Soledad. Bradford and James rob Bradford Mark James here. On WEEI and then maybe just heard there was Chris Broussard I was saved I don't really disagreed Cheney said I think everybody that's Ra I was getting too. Is that I think belly check. Win the roster is set at 53 after the final pre season game or before the final pre season game whatever. He always out locker room and explanation he does. He'll get it now never now and so we have our idea and I think that. You if you go back to when they went for fourth and two with Kevin Faulk a few years ago. That and say he slid up is that it against the colts let's tag yes he stood up in front of the team. The video of any says you know I'm gonna do whatever it needs and we feel it do to win which is fine OK you know you can say that then. This one though is different. This one was the Super Bowl and and all you need these years. Is really I thought there's a pretty telling me Danny Amendola. The Danny Amendola on what was it on was this was on a podcast comeback season with Jason Smith and John okay also yes so. This is what Danny Amendola said when asked about the milk Butler thing. Stand and and and that cliche and build the fans try soaked in billion guys stress even if you don't necessarily agree with that so. I have to ask you to like how crazy was it after the Super Bowl loss in the whole Malcolm Butler situation in what was that like for you. And experiencing now because there were so many questions of why that even happened. Question. Stage so. Oh. These are guys who I'm just a gain of Arnold all the way. Whatever and well you know coach I can't make their decision you know my job. My job. You know on so we'll. It so that apple at and I think in the business side of things. In the NFL in particular. I don't understand. From a contractual standpoint edge on me injury settlement. You know concussion protocol like that where it's getting better. All right I'll go around the room. What does everyone think that he was what he was trying to get the area I'll start with the U. You literally cannot fathom why one of their best defensive players wouldn't play regardless of steam game plan OK it is about. Wrong. Lucy. Well let's as good as I rock mart. Adding things that Belichick had a personal vendetta against welcome Butler and that's the reason why he implant semi ride. You brought up the business. Like he way you eventually get to the business thing. I think that you've personal vendetta. Was the contract now I don't think this was the case that he gets ludicrous to think that you're gonna. Throw he talks he stars talking about oh he knows the business thing. And in the business of football and and people like I don't a lot of east frozen out there out of the blue. That this has to do with the Bill Belichick decision has to do with something business related. Not for the Super Bowl well I don't sure I get those guys talking about here I don't I don't think that was the right thing gets but that in Dana image. When he's playing that out when he's talking. His explanation for. Why he thinks it Malcolm Butler did not play in that game. And he starts out with a you know not everybody played but then he starts going to I don't understand a lot of decisions in the business of football. And and that that's in to meet. That's and damion and dole as head in the larger point is what we're talking about before. This is why he needs to explain what's going on our leafs dressing. Because he and Danny Danny in the delay is not on the team. Like he is a voice if who guys who are on it. August say aids patriots at their own 25 yard line thirty and eighteen they couldn't get anything going against Jacksonville 3018 who made the play to keep that AI chanted. Didian adult like these make a lot of plays back the previous year in Super Bowl 51 against the falcons. This dude he's been the I believe. Over the course of the last five years statistically. He has a that probably defined is the most clutch catches right here in good. But what what I have to do with the Malcolm Butler that might my thing is this. Belichick always the guys that locker room and the only way I think we'll ever find out here's how we're gonna find out. Robert Kraft as a couple I'd nations at some public function some charity event. And somebody puts a microphone in Cameron from space and Robert Kraft spills the beans otherwise you'll never I think Robert Kraft knows why. Of course yeah Robert yes I know is that the cost of super like like a bill Belichick's and he went to Robert Kraft when he costs in the Super Bowl when you use this at Robert Kraft down united play but you'd think any hearsay tolerance here's my thing on this suspecting that it scares me from. Because the Seattle Seahawks have never recovered from knocking the ball to Marshawn Lynch on the one against the patriots. Will the patriots be able to overcome this or will they staying just beat his hang over the last tee. Lost to Super Bowl in needed back to the Super Bowl was 25 years ago in 93 Buffalo Bills along. I don't think they're like yeah the pig the pig the best team AFC sure does that mean they're gonna get enough. You is easy schedule the NFL this year. Houston. Houston is the easiest schedule in the NFL and Tennessee I believe is second and then Oakland's third. Jacksonville's fifth Cincinnati's fourth sold almost got not a healthy to Shawn Watson Belichick doesn't owe. Like he does all the things well that explains the fans I wanna we need to know why we'll all go out the reason why he. I think we agree that he should address the team and tell them why yeah reason why is because of what the follow wise which is. For the first time in bill Belichick's regime with the patriots. You had a crack in the armor the crack in the armor being the clubhouse environment. That you had people openly criticizing even in people wondering what was going on this wasn't just Kevin Faulk and fourth and two. This was the perception that these guys. All of whom worked so hard to get to that point. And you took it away from home by not playing this guy why you play that you cannot tell us that it was just the best thing for the team. Cuba is tangible evidence why didn't play this guy in James Harrison talked about this as well. Go what was wrong with that and so it actually happened so. But the reports that were out there all that right there its audience that's not true about where he was exactly yes that's false we bought and that's not true. But I bomb you know would it can bounce food etc. and speaking to somebody out there is they. Thought that. His preparation throughout the week when they saw in practice that. You know it wasn't that wasn't up to what they they need to do. Two two win again. Between you or media. I don't I wouldn't who wouldn't care like this it's at least at halftime it's going out there see who do get some. We're we're heaven help time on a backup quarterback is torching news. You know it and there it is that's on undisputed with skip in the Sheen and sharp skip Bayless that is so. Like it just. He did Belichick is giving New England. Five the greatest moments in history including one that I still can't get over. When you and I were in the Old Dominion freight line studios at Fenway Park you still that I am I don't do this again. Rob the biggest championship in Radford the most impact full championship since the old one patriots is more powerful than the old former Red Sox you were so wrong on an average ticket and I. That's where. You don't realize that the 04 Red Sox you know I NIC's report of course you missed the Red Sox believe I'm saying that. People if I didn't I didn't I understand the whole argument money in in a day and a double check cost these two yes so and so wood pellets stack. The thing is is that in James Harrison brings up a point where I think a lot of people are missing. That it wasn't only okay he would general practice during the week you didn't start him you played him one play on special teams in the first half. But you have to adjust it was the same reason why Malcolm Butler was in the game against Seattle. Because he was not for the first half that our quarterback. He was the guy who. Who who was who was messing now I forget the quarterback was messing up by. He was the guy who filled and they adjusted so when you don't adjust to have to and we can double scenic. Mark we we will watch the game like what what's going on they're getting torched. Do is something I mean your thoughts on that Malcolm Butler is in better candidate Eric well Sinbad most like Eric roller jordin Richards yet Kinney. Right it is at least half time it's going out there and I. Is it an in I think that that's where the hole we did what's best for the key argument falls apart because anybody you'll have to be Bill Belichick you want to be a good coach at all. To look at that game until you had to do something different. You have to do in in give me the explanation why because I can show the film the first half of that game. And say and you can't convince me that he was having such bad practices. That he was the better option in the second and here's the thing. This was Mick freaking the full schedules of course alleged. Ice but Carson went I can live with that this is nick pulled this guy. With the St. Louis Rams had armed backing up pot Donna can remember his name out at the Bradford. Yes they are Bradford yeah the second death is accordion yes that your cousin. And exiting with these keep him you heard John completely that only he knows he's didn't back it up to paste freaking keen on in Saint Louis. This guy is dicing it completely you know you're ready. Hot whatever it's. I think that come back to our original point which is why he needs to address this with the team it's because. This is the this is the crossroads for the Bill Belichick way of doing things the Bill Belichick way of doing things and always except you might not the player you might not like how things are done and we've heard that a lot we heard it with the game and dole about way I'd be able to face time. In case and so forth and so who cares the Bill Belichick way of doing thing is tried and true is winning new games. But with the this bark you have put a crack in that. Because if if you have people questioning. What what Bill Belichick is doing the the Bill Belichick way of doing things is not the same as it always has been is not. So you got to reel it in and date this is why did this now we're moving on and you're gonna have to trust me like you did trust me before that Super Bowl game happen. And here's the thing where it's oxen and the patriots could win it this year in the when three out of five instead of three out of four but if they don't. You're talking about Tom Brady 41 years old. And you're talking about you know you don't get back to the super bull. There's no guarantee you're ever gonna be back in that spot while the deleting the players the better go into the players I think that's his chair James Harris and he'll that was his final game yet those he's done I would take more calls and a 6177797. I preset it. And I wanna get something. When asked rob rap rap to this how the Red Sox resonate great on TV. But not on sports talk radio this is likely to click three hour t.'s team you bring this up like three hours on the deliver all night we're gonna deliver an arrow all right this is a bloodbath.