OMF - Is the Patriots offer to Gronk good enough; Cowherd says that TB12 training methods are believable because Brady is not an elite athlete - 7-11-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 3. Glenn and Lou wonder whether the Patriots contract offer to Gronk is enough to repair the damaged relationship and disagree with Colin Cowherd's point that Tom Brady is unathletic and therefore the TB12 Method looks more realistic.

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On you wish. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and forty back those bulky it to the track in front of the Red Sox fan Palin put it. He would give it comes Jackie Bradley junior in the and it was considered the president's power. It's not me. They don't fall so the kids don't do not do do together with. When Lou and Christian I think that talking about a baseball game from 94 interest thing. I cannot sorry Lou does this segment Estes is our right into the country in what I mean obviously. You know we'll mr. Jackson's technical and literate and yeah so. You are in idiot right now. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. They also by the way this golf windows. W pie and POW WM RID. Negative they're gonna. Hopefully you century. Israel for the Acela is whole story about trading away Rob Gronkowski were worse this paper is coming where's where's the extension. Where it was to restructure or don't have to do with dealing them away so. If yes if yes no it you know extension on it was contract that makes him easier to trade to another team cap wise. But does it make a team feel good that they're getting a player who is not really happy with the contract do you think his chance betrays him. Want to I think it's too late now I don't think he he's gonna trade him at at this juncture. I don't I don't want to say as far as like you know you do. I'm never surprised. Bill just you know it's never never surprised and I wouldn't beach if it would be I would be so I'm surprised when the room where be shocked at whatever the word the is. Is there a chance that they're trying to work out an extension and bill gets supports that it's not gonna get done. And now concerned about the buy in for Rob Gronkowski and moves on. Their chance and knew we think look he worked on extension both teams there are happy both sides are happy we got low restructure of a contract let's move forward. Drunk is all Lin he's got his new deal yadda yadda yadda the longer it goes without one is their chance to going back and forth. And we all follows that in March 24 and nick announced and that's why we don't blame grunt for not showing up because you know your week away from being able zionist extension released restructure your contract. It never happened. As their chance their butt heads that they kid got close but it too far apart it's never gonna happen in the longer that goes on bill sister says rock. Can't please dispute. Gone on what you were looking if we're gonna form. But don't you believe that the difference they're having right now. Is that the patriots are probably extremely comfortable having incentive Lleyton deal the same way they had launched. It worked out grateful if to care plays that he makes all pro or blood there's one right pastel never again while I think that's the issue. I think you have Syria and played per cent to well I think that's the issue that he's looking at it from the other side of it. But why would you deal him away you have them under contract. So suddenly what do you think rockets got a power not to play Scottish open Sunday talking to show up to practice during the course of the weight. What what good is that going to do how is that going to help him and Otis let it. Talk of secret dark post this earlier earlier week. So we talked to AFC personnel executive. Is it with the restrictions contract until it's done I still think he's available. I would be surprised Belichick's attest grunts by union with this contract. Sony I don't know who this AFC personnel executives. But he taught the five different guys. And apparently three of them. Philip Belichick was just testing bronze medal would the other two said. The other two thinks the patriots though that chronicle play enters current contract now. And Philip brought put himself in the situation when he talked about retirement. And be shocked if Belichick gave in the and restructured. At all I believed I believe and and I believe that they'd probably get thrown something in front of him. We've already know that he's bases going from what four to eight and a half. And then thrown something in front of them and it probably Lewis very similar to what they threw in front from last year it's instead of light. It worked for the patriots you've played all but two games one of them you were injured the other when you were suspended. But we got exactly what we wanted out of that you begin an all pro player. You've got your money we got a great erotic wrong. I don't know why they would suddenly based on. Him saying some of the things he said in the off season. About I don't know born to do it you know he had to think it over he needed time to figure out whether he wanted to play or not. I don't understand what the patriots would suddenly say it's good enough for us is give money instead of just give it to a guaranteed money. Let's just take them all away at 211 and a million pixel sense from the patriots point of view and they don't have to do until. So Bedard references sob story yet march in this too where apparently Belichick friendly source without. Belichick friendly sources that are really brought a lot of low disagreed with my thinking which means the darts thinking that once a player makes Belichick start to contemplate life and out him. Belichick starts to warm to being without their player quote you imagine you've gone. The longer drunk goes without stint saying he's all in the chances of bill trading and increases the source said. Which I can actually see and I agree with and I think that's accurate but I agree to a point right you said it's okay. We closest player what do we do and you start going over to similar bills covering all of his basis in sickness you know the reality is unfortunate for growth. Willis who wore them. You know and so calm. And we have last year when it went. So Pete you will if I acted if I had to trade him ought to be looking for return and you start going to be scenarios missing Iraq could get this thing could dependent you don't want. Wake up 1 morning say actually don't mind that scenario. I actually pick up to work. So the longer it goes you can actually see yourself without the player and then you don't see you basically convince yourself you don't need him. So what you're going to do is she going to make a deal like that the chances are you're not going to replace him in that trade. With somebody who can catch the ball the way grown it's a huge mistake if they your own the first four games. With your other terrific receiver who's going to be on the sidelines suspended he can't plot. And you're telling me that Bill Belichick is gonna sit there and say. A look at next year the Iraq after the year after that 56 years down the road. I just don't buy that know this I just don't like this I'm not saying it's Smart to be stupid to do I just don't buy only because I don't think he spoke not a and all I agree with the idea whoever said that the the Belichick friendly person whatever for similar to what. Tommy Karen was sandwiched it becomes appointee certainly different could be. It it becomes a point where where bill finally sees what were on the other side of of this relationship and maybe we need to. Not my thing would be you don't. This is not you know Deion Branch when Tom Brady is. What thirty year was that you know whatever it wants but this isn't Wes Welker you don't Tom Brady still mid thirties. This is. Was getting a reality you've got three or four. Okay now for being optimistic. Are you don't have time to rebuild anything right now you view this is what you got you're improving defense a little bit around him. You don't trade Rob Gronkowski for the future. You know you don't trade him to to get a pick that you hope helps you for the next three or four years defensive side of the ball might not be that guy effort of the year to whatever it is. Because again I'll go I'll say it again when Tom Brady leads. There is no future. I'm telling you which number you leave this is as. What good is welcome his rebuilt as usual Red Sox protect it's not no no this is reality T okay they won't be used collectors don't quite a lot isolating or they'd be okay you can play and light without Tom you should be doing the right. Whether he would build your defense whether it be built your offensive line. Whether do you get a run backing of the year to protect the young quarterback that comes into the leisure you know big bills Lehman like everybody says at the end of this year is going to be it is gonna walk away into the sunset off he leaves you must have just not the Hartford I don't must to pick up the move to Hartford and I'm going. He's not good but it just say you don't build for the future at this point on career. I don't. By trading crop this pixel sense to me and I think you built for the now you have more than ever I think we're so desperate that that's what we do right now is that we we throw stuff out there and you know Bedard goes and he tucked the five guys in three of the five. Tell him that this could be signs. And they. Since they haven't you know read on his deal they could still try to well technically yes they have given us all those guys he's GM for awhile you know it's almost authorized who's going through all of that stuff. But two guys told him just the opposite. That did not then not doing it and none of the campus the other two it doesn't make any sense to me. You would have breed year round Indio TA is to at least start to become familiar. With the other receivers so you're gonna lose settlement. You're gonna get away gras in a trade if you're gonna go into the season with Tom Brady. Having to work his ass off in the last six weeks to get these other receivers right. We had double the receiving corps is going to be so you're gonna go from having one of the best receiving cores. Indiana felt opening up the season. Where I would say very suspect receiving cool that makes them a cent non. It's is that this doesn't make any sense the I'm not sure he gives Crockett contract. If Contra if if rocks now willing to accept. An incentive. Lleyton contract. I don't think he gives them the guaranteed money. It worked great. For the last year and he's probably telling rocked the Crockett worked great for you. And grunts and going to I had worked my ass off. You were ignorant stuff that's part of the deal you have to show up every Sunday evening and good tentative and we need you don't play your ass off and if you don't we give him a. I I agree but you know you if your your raw Gradkowski can then come back and say OK but I did I did prove that it can be healthy. You know you can bring up my history all you want but the reality is that I know suspended for game that was still a but gave but I gave it a basically a full season already missed one game. And now 2000. Sixteen was a mess only played eight but gonna play fifteen but the two previous years. So three of the last four years I've played fifteen. Fifteen. Eight and fourteen which really fifteen an announcement as you said mr. postings so bad but healthy and okay so. If you -- percent so if you don't 1515. Of the last until the last four years of giving you fifteen games getting up there and other approved you're still helping 49 set up a history of of a package she has that never again some bright this you know three. Yes and in your probably right that probably related to the instead of latent content I think that's what it comes down to I think they're ready to get the deal. The deal is very similar to what they did last year probably less money. In the in the bonus now since he gets a higher base almost he would I think it's double what he got last year. But they're not going to give him guaranteed money. And I don't know why they war led since it worked out so well for them last year and they can throw it back in his lap and sick Garko worked great you know. To vote early this Bedard. Called. He talks about you know the extension of Rob Gronkowski and you know you can and you mean the scene he stiff breeze still out there with paycheck Mason he got to pay him. Trey flowers to see the kid Minnesota got ago figure what is name was Daniel what's his name the president. Similar numbers decreasing. Saw you on Kenya for these casket guys coming up Jack Mason Trey flowers. I don't ever want to hear that that philosophy that theory Africans because we already had that you can't play each hit a Taylor Jones. Jamie Collins Donta hightower. But they're right you got to say you didn't you can't pay all full assault me you know if one of Sony trail HM a jolt it's like well you gotta pay your investing in callers investing and I are cute Aussie traded waging negative because in my tower and arsenic and Malcolm Butler we'll teach you can't pay all three of these guys right. I thought that's why governor Tim Jones global fund okay. Find what's to either side with a look at it through to wait Jaime calls may listen to kids is we can't sign everybody gets high powered Butler up so now Jamie Collins gets traded. Get a fight inside Butler sign atop the mic hightower go to the free kitchen market comes back and finds that there is. It and they goes Malcolm Butler so for years it's been lately campaign everybody paid anyway. Stay the good news conference. It's. One. Merely crap Zetsche said no camping everybody that was tailor Jones Jamie calls though they hiked. And then Jim Jones left Nelson up Malcolm but look at me like Taylor and now with talk about. With our what Jack Mason Trey flowers yes a fall in the trap again yeah. Don't go to the same thing all electric flowers go to find other DN you can do what he does he offer you want to much on him if he wants too much money we know how the organization of Shaq Mason peck at twelve million dollars that these guards are getting ten it was got to 1112. And a lot for guards right now but I think against England had to I think I think guards are more important I think there's more and more of the games being played. In the middle of the it's up to these guys but it what would come back. Make it they could take less as a political look at the Wimbledon both but look at the hightower one we also had we all said this is stupid. High tower going out there. And two free agency some teams don't part of something's gonna pay and the money what happened. Did deleted. Little spot as the inside linebacker of the game is change change and change quickly to in his career. You know I mean it's a stick it to. When he came in the league you'd like perfect disguise the middle bit after Weis has lost all leverage does that position just. Told both linebackers that can cover it's a big safeties that complete linebacker it's small linebackers are complete safety and defensive ends and inside linebacker. I just don't understand missile launch story and I note that you know Brodeur started out and is set I again. You know it's not much going on and world making crap up and he obviously talked to five different personnel executive and he gets three of the five to say yeah. Yeah let's. They don't renew his contract it does still deal him away. I just seeing right now especially with no enrollment for the first four games. How it because is no chance he's gonna win any appeal here may not happen. Why would you trade Rob Gronkowski. The only question is do you play any game of chicken right now they probably have an offer on the table it probably is all instead of blatant. And you wait for him to say OK a funny thing. What are. By now they would have counted he probably would have commitments will guarantee some of it but I don't know what the patriots should guarantee you imagine how much they would lose. If they lost Murkowski tradable. About protection running game. Just the threat. Of Rob Gronkowski what he does to defense is how it changes everything else like that that's we've talked before about I can't replace what's walker. Good replaced Deion Branch. This will be the biggest ball the mall will they had to put 500 yards of offense on the board just stay in the game. Against the Eagles on the Super Bowl senior defense is not good enough we don't know what's gonna look like he's changing we shouldn't game plan without grant. It's like they're just abysmal still you still have Tom Brady. Over the course of time it's like a new bodies to defend this office without a guy like rock there's no question wound it wears down and. On you after awhile I just see no way that they are going to get this is just doesn't make any sense I would love the city itself is a good what we can jump all over this. I who should they trade gras for but unless you gonna tell me that they're going to get. The next great receiver in return. The one happens to your offense if you deal Brock and then you as you said you're getting draft picks you getting stuff for the future so you're taking away. Maybe second third most important player on the team. Months before the season opens up nine weeks before the season opens up. And then you tell me that you didn't draft picks in return I she's. Zero chance of this happening not and a note not you know having eight a new contract work out worked out. My feet to their benefit to be able to at least do something like this logistically do something like this but this X zero cents. There's no doubt that you don't you idealists away. I I don't I don't see it happening. Again if we woke up tomorrow the tweet just came out these trade broke away institutes it wop. It's his bill be bill but I don't I don't. And they were close stores ready for today's and we kind of stayed away from what we've mentioned off the year in San nation Bieber deception we talked about it with cancer. OK. And is well almost every other stories but there's a couple days which media now that it would get him some get a little more this. Few more tidbits that vicinity when you the story about Shawn McCoy unbelievably girl post of a picture is to Graham says that with things she says mr. Graham. And that it kind of now we was it's configured sit back and she with a ghost. He was right he was still true accuracy with this goes well I assume I I think we the one thing that we can come to. An agreement on. Is that. He's right in that he was not there at the house that night maybe. Doesn't sound that way right maybe maybe. We got more coming up that's sort 617777937. Regular and decent. Or we've heard moaning and Fauria with a collars have a voice would use it until about a lot with your. Here and I always ask the question is does he start answering these are excellent well most of them anyway. Sports Radio WEEI. Sporting buried at his body very happy state then collapse. And it's going to be crackers. See Mel you're office. It had a lot and that that's great and you will need it thanks for being ill ones we is happy and around and crackers is. Eight home invasion whereas current laws against. Timeout straight victory. B LeSean McCoy case it gets more bizarre by the hour here. In common we get Richard in God's needle all that and we'll get voted today a second. But let's strike if you miss the story initially. It was domestic violence allegation. Surfaced on social media yesterday against the bills running back which on the court. And as time went on we found out that a friend of mccoys girlfriend. Delete CR Cordell. Posted what is claimed to be a photo of Kordell. With graphic facial injuries hit was it was really bad along with a message they contends that record is not only responsible for them. By a responsible for beating his dog until developed kidney failure. Viciously beating his son for small things like being in bed that talked about steroids drug use and everything right basically that I know everything about you. Since then now. We have found out because McCourt came out through Drew Rosenhaus his agent said Dolly had nothing to do that not responsible. There apparently he wasn't even there. That it now turns out that this was a robbery. At his house where the girlfriend still lists OK and has been living there for the last couple months even though the two M apparently school. But this even more to it than that the only thing that the assailant demanded. We're specific items of jewelry. That it previously been gifted to the girlfriend. By the court and so wasn't like he said I want the TV. What the computer I want this I want that. For what he walks back know that necklace back and what that ring backs this up big exactly so what they want as girl. Who. Sent out that a regional integration yes your friends. Of this the league should court and correct. So she actually took that is to Graham post down. Which can allow people like what does this mean. Since she came back and and put another post though insisted the Leach's lawyer forced me to remove that post. I stand by what I said I personally address LeSean McCoy and everything that was stated many many times over the years. Lighted these people if you want shady but you know all I know everything. So she the lawyer was that he'd get to those forms Derek devote case what are sold to fix the lakes of central. And yet with this on elect I didn't take it down because it's not true. To go down jeweler told me but it is true. So so here's the question the question is was my accords girlfriend. Just the victim of a random. Robbery. In which they came into the house. And here's were to stretch the demanded specific items of jewelry knew exactly. What they were looking for. And then because she did not handed over immediately. The day started you know. Assailant or a candy hitter in the face and apparently you could see the pictures she's got blog looks like she's got a gash over the left I it's it's just. Really boosting as the attorney Rick. Resort as the assailant demanded specific items of jewelry that it had previously gifted as shake you missed caught a cordon by mr. McCourt. Which mr. McCoy had requested back on many occasions so it's not just. What the stuffy gifted but it specifically things that he actually asked her to give back yes. Yes and apparently. It says in fact after mrs. missed cordoned refuse to overturn virtually gift to mr. McCord. He would often suggested ms. cordon that she should be robbed because the jewelry was expensive I. It's tipping her off. He just wants her to respect to these people that or whoever it was somebody allegedly went in there yep of things having to sort through allegedly from everything now. The good stuff they took was. These specific items that they've had discussion as beautiful work. TV included fatigue Albert noted that they need to work cut. We're good oh boys some other nice stuff you know we don't do it that fit their side of the story right some exercises start and ending up there's one other aspect to it apparently in the last month. She claims the the friend of the girlfriend she claims that. There were people who showed up at the house trying to get her to vacate the house not cool. But other people. So she had he had apparently other people who were trying to pressure on the mountain. And she would not leave how she called cops at that point so there's that there's a history here. Which communication with law enforcement so they know the situation pretty well which assures going to be part of the case so if you look at attic you you know. Maybe that's why he's kept the name change you're gonna say well this this doesn't. This doesn't make a lot of sense doesn't so he wasn't involved in it he was not there he comes up says I wasn't there that night. But it seems pretty obvious that he had people do this for him. Right well I mean that's where it's leading. That's what do rats with their. That's their problem that's there try to give kudos to her lawyer but. Reaching code yields on the store are reunited a on this story he says he says that he went the Twitter. I support standby and avoid shape and I know the full story he didn't do it. People can be quick to make false assumptions without knowing the full story in a separate tweet. Talking of missed cordoned he says quote enough with this fake lifestyle that she was living. I don't know that's cool but any widow later she was definitely assaulted. Police were involved. Shady was in Florida. She was an Atlanta. It tart what alum right but. The problem is is the story that it's strongly implied by Gordon's. Lawyers. Is it okay listen he might be in Florida. When that's saying it was him. Missing closed ports. Well I think it's pretty obvious that that's what he would he would also have Tanya Harding. Just say Richie in can't needle the told police that he was an NSA agent when he was arrested for throwing that the dumbo. At the some guy in Florida Jim I same guts and save guy ever ratings tell people that there's a guy walking around. With the headphones on and said I'm running NSA class three documents through my phone. I can't have anybody in Bluetooth capability. Of me or taking any pictures of me he's told police that store and it's usually to cooperate because they didn't have the proper clearance. Police describe Inca NATO is being in an altered paranoid state. And believed ordinary citizens were government officials that we're tracking him and recording yet. Perfectly normal perfectly ball or throw them we have adapted so I think the fact he's coming out he read this apparently on line. And so he comes out on Twitter and he suddenly discovers he knows the full story he didn't do it -- get annoyed. But since it's Rick Richie in Doug Melanie played together up there buffalo people against him I would say this that if any of the stuff is true that he was an. Any way involved that it goes well beyond. Losing his job football. He's not playing football again due to Buffalo Bills you can't take him back if he actually orchestrated room. This assault on the ex girlfriend I don't care what she was don't know how bad she was too normal lab results yet. OK so much affairs justice Victor writes I pick eleventh hadn't come back with fourteen do you think you'd be available Lou you're not. You're not getting key he probably do you Villanova played. Late round flier but a play. Sleeper. And a plus one. Now get closer to what round is the value Ezekiel the end of last year. He played a throwback fantasy league you play in an additional facility if I think I don't know how he would help me with the keeper league. Yet these two home. He's in trouble. He's in serious trouble and it goes well beyond that. Announced criminal offense than you can't just add your thoughts going beat somebody it all again will see this issue once that's note lawyers presenting a story on Arizona's not as strongly implying this so. But why would you had your guys if they were gonna rob the place what you have robbed every. Why would you have a thing of these things that are part mind that I haven't asked for in the past I take a couple of accidentally. He just did anything granite. You know tried a little more effort into an alleged cover up. And the not so obvious that show the world's dumbest criminals the sounds like one of your purchase TV. I went what do you think it up if you if you gonna orchestrate something like this you have to go into the place in the home. And you don't just argued stuff that you gave birth I mean it's pretty obvious if that's all they stole. What are the conclusion can you count it in all of that's that. Got to honestly she's the things. That you gave her since you have previously in the past to ask for in return this eagle get them in that form. So it was when OJ was killed when he chatted at all Leah Leah the sports memory the stuff because it. It at a us open is that he's the guy. Exactly and he bought enough of them and OJ said he stolen off my mind but he's got to get all it's it's it's up any of the things that shape my stuff that's my. So that's what that's what shady probably at a price of most unsettling. So you know you can take it back then I didn't I didn't dollar my guys to go beat up that resume its usual leads us to know Joseph. I filmed and edited out of their own yard. Operatives targeted arrogant. And Harold and now competition I don't want competition whom it will be this week. This one might be a movie but ease it it sounds to me like. Bills have a problem. What does having a major problem because when we have them for once this year we could drop down 10. They just another 8897. Another team that is that patriots are boring schedule. None of the games mean anything at a bit of what has he actually ruffled be off on one contenders do lose their stud and it's going to be another meaningless. Games that don't count for the New England Patriots into the postseason tomato cans are going down Lou that's what's happening that the made a number of Saturday. They did make the playoffs last year at the but they they scored like three points in the playoff game I don't like they're being predicted as a seven in nineteen. This is before or after the the store holders would be before. They don't know where that they're going nowhere without the stat. So that's the latest on. On shady McCoy and Richie in cod NATO is getting into the act tonight I think he's got absolutely nothing to do what he's just throwing himself. In two into the store. I'd 61777. 79 37 we get back to phone calls radio and all of them oh am. We return to more or wait Merom moaning and forty on Sports Radio W week. One of the reasons this is really working. This clinic is really working among players. If LeBron if Usein Bolt if wrong if Ronaldo. Had a clinic. It wouldn't be is believable because those are super human physical freaks Tom Brady's game goalie. Runs like a giraffe has an unimpressive body. Is not. Really dynamic athletically and so it feels like it's got to be the clinic it's got to be the way does it. Colin cowards doing a commercial 1512 right there apparently while. It's it works apparently because it's downgrade because he's gangly like capture Ralph to the video the briefing note that you connected yes. It's pretty soon. Got a tough times you listed in the unit think we've finally broke free to laugh at me the one in full uniform yet beat you sort of a tough time right holds cute 1112. The backyard of you know kind of had a tough time breaking free in you think that's the most all quarterbacking and yet you see that video yes I do Ramona reset there's no opinion I do not IE Daisuke above my opinion. On his mobility because you look at mobility for a guy. Like Aaron Rodgers that can run out of the pocket Michael Vick the camera out of the pocket like most people do OK all that's running ability. To meet mobility is to avoid the people are tackling and how many times does Aaron Rodgers get sack per year. Whether Brady. Those guys who run get sacked more than Brady Roethlisberger can rod he's a big bulky guy that can move around and run right. He gets sacked for more than pretty wide because Brady's mobility the differences. Brady's mobility is in a 10 X 10 box that's all it is. Because you don't open space who's got a better chance of a defender missed some Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady look what differences mobility if I do it in a 10 X 10 square Ari do it in a hundred mile haul that Wear pocket presence we don't call that mobile Michael mobility and can. I had my own terms for it and it's it's overlooked. And encourages did the exact same thing. He basically sitting here saying TB twelve must work that these guys that that that are like blood on the role Hilton and these are athletes. If they would do what people would laugh off the fact the breed is doing it and playing. At an advanced stage at the highest level I disagree is that number one ranked number one ranked. Football player by in a film abducted and then a film work again but. Disagree that comment that Iran. Let LeBron did it. We wouldn't be talking about praising the program. Now he's doing it 3430. To 35 what Ford but if LeBron James just a dual he's doing it forty. We would sit there and say OK I mean a lot of guys are physically gifted. But how is he still doing this at forty Michael to do it anywhere close to exactly sneezes off these guys that it would be a big deal oath any athlete. That's can still performing at forty like they were on their 32. That's good so I just disagree that if there was somebody else it's just plain you forty period. After missing all of this on on Britney he's missing this while they are looking to get comfortable eye hand coordination may be off the charts may be as good as any professional athlete whoever. That they existed on this planet Larry Bird and unbelievable eye hand coordination that is a a a huge pork. Being a great athlete most people look at athletes and they say there they want fast and they jump pot. That's to me it isn't actually. They're not looking at the other things like eye hand coordination like the fact that you have control of your body even if it's an eight and by and square. That's what Tom Brady yes. And he's best and so they look at the body in the elected he's gained league in runs like did your rap and now with how is he able to do any of us that he can't figure it out. Once the games what's when he drops the left shoulder watch what he drops the right shoulder to avoid the tackle. He does this it more so in in a higher manner that a guy like Aaron Rodgers does who's running out of pocket eventually gets sacked. The numbers bear out. Argue Emmys get better pocket precedent and then probably aiming a leak. You know I just but I'd I'd be noticed we have different definitions of mobility and does that. To me that's that's mobility of pockets of needs prosecutors but that's what let's go to Paul re treat wants to talk about shady McCoy go ahead Paul. Yes like gentlemen it's gonna introduce you probably handle all of this in the brandy brown situation. There in the spotlight right now and I you know I know you need to let completion investigation come through but right now what could holes behind the eight ball it's gonna have to handle this correctly it doesn't come dealt with. You know that some. Probable cause they did best in anything else right now it's not looking good if they don't analysts right. This I agree with the ball and I'll be the first is you know if this situation broke during the season in November and it's it's like look at how do you handle. You know me okay what would you do on the fact that it happened early July you they have a couple of months to look into this but. You take and take them right off the field for accusations and suspend the player without pay. That he find out that that made we did on San Francisco that the girl made everything up just to kind of the shoes piston that the player broke up there. And the Honeycutt that that. I got to let the police investigation play out see which one condoms but still it. Now all that's Lila so you see if it was November December you let JD balking at Foxboro Sunday have to see in this. I guess I don't know I don't know. I have idol be uncomfortable seeing it you don't know yet tick off the field and any of that one case returns on you know the deal with the new economic on world. Ordered to. How tough climb quickly are we gonna have an investigation well that yes July I'm just saying that's the point this December reap almost the field and the rest of the year. And it's litigated in the offseason you find out that. Maybe didn't have anything to do it may be. Maybe. By the way the brownish situation is and that's the sort so if he's convicted of cash. Let's hope that people don't list him as an ex New England patriot could would they lead the league in murders Nicosia. Over the case with arguments next see that's what I I would go I'd he played more for the CIA actually needed the patriots allowed Oregon is an exe arc. And it put him on their list is that. As you get Carolina right now you've got. New England Aaron Hernandez. OJ was found not guilty so we can't throw on the Buffalo Bills here. By I don't think we wanted me to do with LeBron Arizona actually went patriot. That's the case then you know people don't Burnett. A look at this now Sully district attorney's office. Apparently prosecutors say that Browner ledge. Broke into the apartment chased and drag the woman and tried to smother her in the carpet prosecutors say Stoller Rolex valued at about twenty grand. With as a there is no ego maybe gave the Rolex to Ortiz or act. Like McCoy did with his guys that are possible that the current. With a record charges attempted murder. Of course I'm looking at right you're talking about and what pitch is they have brittle ground and Israel's pay a similar dolphins as a couple that's what I'm just look again I'm telling you he will be categorized as an ex knowingly patriot. It's gonna happen people are gonna go to Italy played far more for four Seattle then by yeah. People you know patent reports of extorting him patriot and therefore we take over from breaker with the Carolina Panthers take the lead. In the about. That's pretty they got to give at least a four game suspension is that which gave Brady right so you've got to give shady McCoy yeah at least a four game suspension. Why so you get time the played this thing out. Mean ideally you want to investigated you wanna get all the facts and maybe you have enough time duel before the season starts to find out. His involvement if he's guilty of if he's guilty of what he's done. He's never playing in the league again. And again because it's July you have that luxury. But I don't know the right answer. If it happens during the season. I I know what I feel at the ready answers that polls ass off the field but let him play football. Well the bill's gonna have to deal with it from a PR standpoint. That buffalo you're seeing him. Do you look at some of the stuff up there it's. There guardian going to have to deal with the image of putting him back out there and feel especially now little. But the climate that we're dealing with you know in society today that it easy put him back there even having him show up so they show up on another week and a half here. For camp. You have to show up again but with cameras and microphones this place here is the other when news gives it Gerry Connolly. That was the one of the cut to recently couple days ago Oakland Raiders quarterback. A woman accused him of rape last year remember this I'll stick it you know any drop in the draft. That in it turns out he's suing her right he is suing her yeah. And it's not only damaged his reputation because in the fall in the draft millions it is the concert negotiation also claim that the rape allegations constant endorsement would Nike. And it cost them a lot and offload it via the most linebacker out see different. Ruben flopping you don't really Ezekiel LE. Right I mean that funny and do anything either. But he sort of four games that mean that their own a Villa investigator who was a woman went out investigative activity index down the lever was traded up. So this is the problem you gonna be dealing with with these professional athletes and I think it's the the point. That that Richie in Cagney that was trying to get out when he was talking about the other one of the note at the other woman in her lifestyle or whatever so. She hooks up with a professional football player. He's got a lot of money he's got fame etc. Probably a really nice house right now and so she moves in now they break out. She doesn't wanna give up the lifestyle she's not going anywhere she doesn't wanna leave the place right but so now you have an issue. And that's why there's some history to this in the stories that operate where they try to get her out of that house a couple of times over the last couple of months. And she isn't moving so this something leading up to this that leads you to believe that maybe he did. Have these goons go to New York try to get around there. Try to do something. You know one of those guys is gonna. Throw in the towel you know he's gonna that he's gonna snitch let's Q do you investigate or find who did it video for the connection and your it'll it'll be correct in front. You better you better you've got to fess up that shady was the one that paid you. To do it. Or your intro you're going away. You know that's out that's gonna end up you're gonna find that it ends up no question are we got another hour to go right here on all MF.