OMF - Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Patriots president Jonathan Kraft join the NESN/WEEI Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Robert and Jonathan Kraft join Glenn, Lou, and Christian for the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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Right now Robert and Jonathan graph representing the New England Patriots in the New England Revolution. Join us live on the on the phone line thanks guys thanks for joining us today. Well it's our pleasure and want to compliment the three of view in the where. Do remember programming on radio. In the whole area for the last two days suits. So that you wonderful legacy company doing as soon. You know generating. Good I guess he raised were over. Three million Noble's book a twenty man is that are we do is just an nonetheless. You know which is saw some were one of the premier institutions. You know in the country and you know you think about it where you where you dollar blessed with great Blanche. At least two people were account interactive way of also tomba and it's one of three people. At some point Obama. Contract cancer what are the numbers are now and and what it does to a family and how it changes things. You know it really sir bit there that it really care. You know disrupt of family and what should take for granted. So doing whatever weekend in today's world to help solve this problem straightened. They're full of our league institutions. World really works and it's. Weakness Europe and we we do one appreciate you guys are she's taken the time because we know we had actually they solar called tuchman is on Hudson and we know what happened last year with with Tom and John that we know what you or your mother well shall we know how it affected you guys as an organization and we just appreciate the involvement. Remedy you do lose spirit why did the introduction that it did and I was thinking about growing up in Boston this huge sports banned them. You in the days did you meet on them assignments that way him. Really I had to parents. Have voted one parents still obviously on our through. Who we were growing dark do a lot film dropped equation. But I think this thing the biggest impact at a young age on my Brothers and I. Was one day Tuesday they've been there. Made just from all moralism school and they took us to Dana Farber Cancer Institute I was probably 1213 years old. And I was spent in less religion is funded and I was associated with the Red Sox in the power of sport. When tied with these hospitals and what it mean and my parents had given. The first stone or number of major gifts there but revoked. Kraft family blood low my parents pulled us out of school. And made us go there for the made us but it took us there for the dedication. This is. Personally thought it was pretty cool watching my parents to baton centers grown into I think it's not poll I believe it's the largest platelet donation center in the country or it's one of the top two or three. And it just thinking how cool was that I was tired and which sports a minute are loose. Who lose helping people met my parents have done that have been made a big impact on my Brothers and I am not sure you're tolls on all the kids they're. Was in the Sports Radio either on the auto their parents who would you guys who do bonus having Mets sent type of impact which is straight. You aren't the you know the Kraft family has been involved with this a lot of just Philanthropic you know situations and you know we're here and asking people to donate. And no for you guys you know mister Kraft is you know I'm or when I came onto the team. You know what what that person. Of what their character was and you know what their ambitions were giving back was important. You know your commitment to the community and that was I don't wanna say it was you know but the biggest part of it. But it was something that you guys I think I took a lot of pride in when it came to you know drafting players bring me free agents and guys that wouldn't be willing to give back to the community. Can you just talk about that and how how important it is for for players and you guys is looking at you know personalities to bring them in. You're right and look. You know we talked about it that sport news that there's nothing that. Bunch of community together like. Money. Sweetheart I was told her I was buying the team formed Croatian within 24 dollars a page 50% more him. How she was not happy would make. GS of the summer house wasn't her name. First whether whether it's ever lied to his wife for. First got several lied to his wife Megan. Well analysts. She has good judgment about what I told her is that if we were successful. Running this franchise suite could have a greater impact on the community. We gave away half million dollars every weekend. We were there were proud that we were the first team. To put in the NFL at least so that every player has to do ten community. Appearances. Or non financial return. And I remember our current head coach. Was not very police. Aren't open has Turkey. Aren't meant the time they heard talk there's big business and on the pretty. Oh politically correct here. An account and and you know it was and I remember even you know it comes back to Maine now a young man like. Teri lamm who. I'm fortunes Milan where those are member. After he'd do one of these first appearances. And I believe. It was a one of the hospitals in Boston. It made him feels so. And he has grown up so financially. Challenge you know that he did you know pushed switch flipped and all of a sudden he was. Being gracious and giving them this time and energy and a leave money and it was so rewarding to him so. You know is it's special those of us little room. Fred and the sports franchises. Especially in the long term partial list and giving back then and that and the fact that we have institutions. Medical institutions like we have. Is so so we're so lucky. Not nervous. Oreo what can happen. You know our family we were willing to do would have Likud vote. When cancer strikes and you know give an early you know issues domestic and that's why. You know looking for the things that can be bad too early science is so critical. Yeah it's amazing to look for special character players and you guys still brought Christian Fauria inner that children with obviously. This week by. Well. I think he he has. A lot of females in the solution. Shot. If you do run I'll never won I'm going Brady's one and sister in laws I'll never forget who is not that interest in football. The first I don't know what it was it didn't go to New England that gorgeous man and I oh you're talking about and she pointed. Christian him and I folder and everytime we should see him after that should get all bluster and violent and. He's due. Did you man Jonathan third parties million. On the team Brady number one drop rule number June for a you'd average rate for a. I don't lead ranking web site is this is an electrical wires on regiment and we've we general ways is that how they look I. Q can I ask you does a couple of questions about the team and if we if we can hear about this. Offseason this locate a soap opera and yet everything seems to be back to normal that the camp. Were you guys didn't any way concerned in the off season. Now park formerly living just answer you like this every year. There. Challenges. And you know we we live and sport that is. Its first well you have this sort of physically. Demanding sport and you have a limited budget and you have to do planning and you know when you have something good everyone comes two and we're pretty pleased we're real right now. You know and I'm looking. These other teams in the AFC in the grip the jets and all the quarterbacks that they've had you know since birdie was on assistance graded came quarterback. Started looks like gonna start another rookie the bills with Josh Allen probably start him you know that it Channing hill it Miami. A missing how hard you guys have to work and there are how a lot of difficulties if you guys to make sure that you don't become the jets of the bills like you don't find yourself in position. We're you don't have a quarterback or you're trying out different guys because. What we actually came on and this the first time I don't remember the last time as strongly. For our partners city in the great cause. That you have that we can bomb together. Discrete Q and I think we're gonna keep our discussion focused on. Then there's Jimmy Fund and to unify over and hopefully curing cancer. Or tell other mother time. OK we we we really appreciate that we appreciate everything you do and as I said the craft game is all over. Dana Farber I heard Jerry Kelly and say this the other day and I'll echo my story Terry said that. When he was stricken with cancer one of first calls he got was from Robert Kraft or Kirk mentioned something about his situation in the last couple weeks. And Alec 013 years ago was almost three years ago I was stricken with cancer. Cancer free right now when the first phone calls I got. Was a message or voicemail message that went on for about two and a half minutes from Robert Kraft basically say anything you need whatever help you need volume there. And people do appreciate that and I know you're very supportive. Of this cause very supportive of people who were stricken by it. And you guys do is get you get. Oh thank you Glenn you know. Do we were devastated. And it's devastating memento and gets moves. And I have to know that. They have access to support and people. And so we are an extended family in this you know. We appreciate it Robert Jonathan thanks thanks for joining us we appreciate it. Due to right guys give.