OMF - Patriots safety Devin McCourty talks this Sunday's game at Pittsburgh, 12-15-17

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Friday, December 15th

Patriots safety Devin McCourty joins the show and knows New England's defense will have its hands full between Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and running back Le'Veon Bell.


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I think yeah patriots have just walked off to practice field so our guy demo mclarty's joining us live an awful lot of what's up down and out aria. Never married nor Hillary are terrific. So let's wait I think those sensitive of urgency we get that feeling walking watching that game. Does that get everybody's attention you've seen this you know it does this often I will say this over the years. We have not seen a game like that that often but does it get everybody's attention. All home yeah I'm not saying looted several there's no matter how you know in the title. On Google also awful well you know Arctic. Arm won't get a good job will move forward and put everything into this week you know they gave Ozzie loneliness you know they're seeing Nancy. All we got to bring our they all seem. I'd understood that what we need. Greece's currency. Be prepared garner partners in. No doubt this is this random I guess technique football question you know all 22 tight match and stuff. Winter and tennis it's tennis without too because it wasn't I think the one position I would not wanna be in. As a defense player. Is when the hole opens up the back comes through there's tons of space and he can make about twenty million moves in years and in the deep at the back or whoever's there that position has to make that tackle. Izard general rule as far as. How you go about tackling that guy like because it because I feel like they have the advantage. Yeah I mean Abacha techniques that are culinary. I'm not a lot do you have one mentality. Get your god now whoever however UK. Will it as he runs you over if you know itself sort of suited to god you gotta tackle and at least they didn't open until it's forty yard space. Tunisia has got to do anything in the world we get them down. Through the years. Up on the global ought to differently each I've gotten gotten there on the you won't commit uploading you can pick you know even if you got a get well. Farmers six more yards better than you know and we got to go to distance you'll get a blog girl. It did with our Bolivia on bells on the best running backs of the deep best back in the green mints but catching a ball it's good to catch the ball out of the backfield uncertainty lines up as a wide receiver. How different is that you know having a guy like mr. ball back fills a post of being a wide receiver likely be on bell goes off the. The important thing is okay political or you know are they say you've got a note you also blocking the ball personnel groups you know he's been a lot of vets. Whatever office in the huddle and you know equally. You know you put. A group are different and that includes you know just one hour receivable adequately beyond parallel you know I units log receivers that are so. You always got to be aware. At any time you know two receivers circuit and in the three. Syracuse at turn four because of his ability to go a lot of actually a lot of receiver and play receiver at a high level judges. You know about these guys out there are so. Game and an international. Incident at all and so. I'd given what's than they Olympian bill theme here. He's really a unique runner and that there are times in which I sort of got it looks like a whole field is frozen. Nothing is moving and then suddenly he takes off he's got a unique ability. To be able to stop and go soul. How do you play and do you play him differently was talking about tackling earlier. Do you play him differently than you play anybody else. Yeah yeah I mean you got to be aware like you care. You know god is at stake you know he's gonna hit this hole are we gotta get up front like he's got to be patient bacteria get away. It's normal adult and everyone on or off the wind blows so there. You're gonna continue to push dirt got mobile home then they know it doesn't matter you ought to. The ball well don't you get let and they open up to see another says he has great vision. Article all this patient I think that's what really nations also. All of you know you can't just Gardner they eat every other editor particularly you know there's. Good pace is very unique outraged. Updated any coach charter teach someone or might have quality bastard isn't on bird characters should you know take off because you won't see everywhere. You know I think a lot of the guys that I guess maybe gets overlooked you know not as his quarterback as ad buys the way please Corbett the way he's he escapes rightly Russell Wilson has is being shot Watson all the speed and everything. But Ben Roethlisberger. You just explain to people want just how unbelievable large this man is and how tough it is for for perk did to bring him down based on not only his size but his uncanny ability. To escape place. Yeah I mean I think he always definitely go to great job of staying in the pocket and find time I think different in a lot of quarterbacks Saturday the spin out of our you know make a move to get outside of this sea level. Let them listed on you know put the ball. Last ten or right or right here in a bit or you and other prepared to buy singles remorse second. They had a car to roll the ball away so. You know because he's so big in you know equally grassroots do in the pocket. You know we've always talked about suffered in his. The burden and there are you know you get Eric wants. What you've got to also Burnham you know just give them are gonna really make a difference. Unless you tackle. Bill that always talk about bella chicken approaching this type of game who just curiously and would he even even put out there on a chalkboard or whatever it what is at stake. Win lose this game gestured to the system to let you know how big this game is without even happened. Not need the same way as far as we need to prepare wouldn't you know it it doesn't matter you know. Voted.