OMF - The Patriots sign James Harrison, potentially screwing with Mike Tomlin even more than usual 12-27-17

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Wednesday, December 27th

HOUR 2 - He lays big hits. He's one of the oldest players in football today. He scares HBO cameramen. And now, James Harrison is a member of the Patriots. A move of convenience or Belichick trickery? Chris Villani and Evan Drellich, in for OMF, discuss.


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On you read it. Beats Fort Wayne. We're moaning and 48. Well that's. No wonder it. It's just getting label with the Ku and mu and Christian disposable income is in people want to admit that it was to Raleigh. I think we are I am gonna talk to you if you don't like it. You can leave Robin I can finish the show went on Q what about you on the week I'm gonna just show without heartsick what Lebanese 77 iPad in my right. Nor I can I can do this we can finish this all the people. Out there. Today I this is still baffling to me come back if you wanna come back. And yet these. What people when the star goes on and that means it's. On Sports Radio WEEI. Second our body and your likes Sports Radio WEEI. Tunnel. While we're Dino talk tonight. Conditions. Through the first hour to this point the scarf Islam he's probably gone out of that line that pretty that this car is on he's probably got out of it doesn't fit you must acquit thread at their jointly Johnnie Cochran and I'm proud of that why should we move into XP all are key apps it's forty weekend these lawyers will be in touch with you then thank copyright infringement but. You know there's big signing yesterday the patriots rookie Arizona League is. I thought they want I think it's big for a couple of you don't let me. I'll tell you why walk summer hours are around or an hour and 22 minutes you act that well I try to get him to lock out I guess I could win the bat in a weird backwards way and storm out myself. I do think it's I duty to give in for a couple of reasons. Number one this is the completely non football thing it's making people in Western Pennsylvania lose their minds and that is enjoyable to me. It's making Steelers fans who already happening clearly. The patriot three team that is in the collective brains they Indian. Leased space in the Cranium as of both Steelers at wake as a coach is to. Because Mike Tomlin Ben Roethlisberger. Collectively sell part. In the last minute of that team game that they had an opportunity to the end you you should have won an opportunity to win that game at the end. End. They just couldn't handle it yeah five minute replay where they're standing up there watching the replay board and apparently not steaming out what they were going to do if heaven help them. The touchdown was taken off the board but your credit and that's the brain space that yes absolutely. Because it's we see this seven and it was it was a Needham mass live. Who kind of lay it all out in the lead all this out from this this past season. We see teams all the time. When it comes down to making that Warner two plays that will. Be the difference between success and failure against the patriots leave them on the field and I think part of that is. Coaches and players coming into game outsmarting themselves speaking there to get away from what has made them successful. Because they're playing the patriots because they're going up against bill bella checked. The patriots are a lot of you know people sometimes they would normally sexy pick it would execute better in other games at their exes accuse worsen in these games yet to have targets page again. Yeah it is fueled the Steelers had one close games executed in close games they fell apart. In the last minute against New England. Not sure whether they're gonna call a timeout which obviously they were they'd run six yards up appealed today try to block the ball Robert Berger had no idea. Looking at a replay board for five minutes. An in not having any sensible plan of what's going to happen if this touchdown he's taken off the board the confusion that apparently lasted several days at Pittsburgh. According to what Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin were staying in the air here. Interviews it podium appearances about whether they're gonna Clark the ball and what the play was going to be. I think that team in these kinds of things that I think happened around. The NFL with some frequency they don't tend to happen in Foxboro and they happen when teams when they do happen it's few and far between you remember them. Because it's such an unusual occurrence. These are the types of situations. That that's why I have no confidence whatsoever in the Steelers did their best defensive game plan in years. Against the patriots when they played the last time around I have no competent at TP come in and actually winning game. In Gillette Stadium now on top of that. All time sack leader is going to be looking menacing Lee at them from the opposite sideline get to meet. People in Western Pennsylvania are losing their minds they already have. Some sort of the heat a thing where that the patriots are in their heads to begin with and now. You're one of your franchise icons in the other is in the other uniform I think that's something that is going to obviously packer fans they're going nuts but more to the point. This is not gonna help the team that already can't execute a big situation against doing a quick. The brain space point is valid withstand an absolutely. Steelers standard besides themselves and and they shouldn't be that what that's that's the natural fan reaction campaign enemy is irrational all. In general this came up in the discussion about overturned calls in the bills getting screwed the Steelers didn't spurred. This idea that. Now all these teams are thinking about the patriots and that they're gonna get a calls. All the calls are gonna go in the favor of the pitchers going forward at this is something that the that the other teams are now worrying about them. Either to not c'mon if anything it it's motivating factor motivating fact that it's open. To get behind in. And play better how can we get even more perfect but this idea of it. They're they're actively on the field worrying about it. I don't buy the patriots are better at executing doing their job that's it I think the take it too far this brain space. Although I don't know how do you explain the pictures are better at that hotel but they. But you've achieved but there are some situations where it's not it's on the patriots are doing its opposing coaches seemingly for Gannett wicket eight. Call balked buffalo buffalo Trent if you Google this past week. I mean what had it with images of the bills could not and they get steamrolled in the second half he wants I don't like the fact that they had you don't complain well. The goal of any good football team knocking on the door their first playoff appearance since you were about six years old sure. And they've been playing pretty decent football amazing football by bill standards when it comes down to making that big decision. They could potentially change game to keep committed against the patriots did make Iran want. And the Stuart the same thing rob expert with sensational for 59 minutes to make the reselling part of the final minutes of drugs is because or preparation might not in his coat and I don't think that is a direct cross. Not all it could be sometimes Chris yeah. Except that sometimes people might try to out think themselves because of play the pitchers Dotel to. Import. How about over well over selling in the words Curt Schilling aura and mystique here. Were oversaw the idea that I I want to play the pain you've seen it locked up we have seen it Portugal and we've seen in sports in the past use. Back in the going back about fifteen years or so 1510 years. Great golfers. Some of the best golfers in the war multiple time major champions seemingly forget how to play in the final round of major that they had one. Because tiger was in contention because they were chasing him because he was in the lead you sign it is quantifiable. That they would shoot. Two shots higher whenever the number ones they would. Fall apart mentally YE Yang was the first one Bob Ney there're there're there are exe exception eagle on the way of guys that hung in there and either beat him or. Made an interest in these attacks all part. Because he was in contention UC coaches call on your remarks broadly that the the parallel between the individual game of golf. Again the coaches and I think it coaches looked at as an individual if it's. Early on you look you greater coordination. People contribute decision look at a preparation knowing in Oakland before that came in Mexico City. Now maybe you could argue this is just stupidity. I I I don't know whether. This was yelled what the exact thinking was behind this but you led the raiders keep their team below sea level. Until about three minutes before kick off. And then parachute Danny into a 7000 feet above sea level in Mexico in seven plays in their death. Now that is to beat the patriots are better. But it's also to be a eighteen getting caught up in who they're playing who's gonna be on the other sideline the paper up to go oil weighing on the ground. Yeah going away from preparing the actual elements that they're going to have to face it if they were playing. Any other team that they would remember the elevation if they are playing anybody else besides the patriot this is where this gets to duplicate multiply conjecture. Just. Maybe in some cases I just don't buy much I think I think they're in opponents' heads and how much do you hear about. You know calls goal. People help. I can put a call if anything because it's the pitchers I think if you have the last eleven out of thirteen how they elevating their their beat the crap out of the rest of the leaders want this soap bubbles up fifteen win season and they gagged against the patriots in the post season they got steamrolled last year in the AFC title and Steelers team Gary Carlin he's clintons and the patriots. As opposed to. So and I get into play between Heidi give credit to the patriots predicting two. To kind of dismissed the idea that they have a little bit of space. In the steelers' head somewhere. You know to stop talking about the patriots two days three days after they played them with another game coming up. They're almost as close to that game as they are removed from the previous one and they are still talking about the patriots. After that game in week 1450 whatever one's. For the same they've got some space there. And the space that James Harrison is now taking notes and little more space he's gonna leg presses way into a little bit which you. If it's a space can be right now with the pain proceed with the media on every tonight's. It. Anderson wanted to they shouldn't be right. They should mean attic James Harris. That's the part that's nonsensical to me UF people mark bowden's Sports Radio hosed down there Pittsburgh between something like. Yes the question like are you mad James Harrison and then. The next sentence was if you're not Europe leap pad just like key so we asked the question that he answered it for them. But they're they're losing their minds over the course they should be let the Steelers let James Harrison go. And then the patriots picked him up and this was an an I don't know whether maybe that the Steelers front office just didn't care. Or Mike Tomlin and that that'll coaching that these didn't care. But if they couldn't see this one coming a mile down the road we're gonna letter 39 year old all time sack leader generally played Prez anymore in the scheme were to let him go. I wonder where he might end up. I wonder where he might end up playing who had to track record of picking. Veteran players picking up veteran guys who have not succeeded in other systems and saying I can bring him into my system and make him a better fit. And where Mike James Harrison wanted to go we 39 years old is making the last three war games what every plays in his career and you'll want a chance of super ball. From one level of knowledge of the systems can be relevant in play through the biggest impact harassment and making news from me recon perspective. Remain here what are they can over their view of the mine figures reports on the that. But how much of it is still alive much really if the if they do meet again is with that I guess I guess anything is better than nothing. But you can also run the risk of this what they were. I'm James Harrison can they were thinking before you give that information patriots and that is totally changed so much to buy into this away from original plan this also goes back to though. I think another reason why I'd like this move beyond just the dual head space and tangible issue tangible football stuff. James Harrison number one is certainly fresh he he he's put eleven snaps in weeks out and so he's expression you can possibly be in week seventeen. And I think he relatively limited role. In adding another pass rusher adding depth to win the young ambles throughout the Calvin knowing this week and going forward body he banged up. Fronts that having a de facto leader. Inept front seven and we just coming here. But it's not as if he's got to swallow the entire playbook in three weeks I think you can carve out a specific role. That adds depth both independent run game and maybe more importantly to the patriots getting after quarterback. It makes sense for James Harrison and one thing this guy has done. Even though the Steelers have not had a lot of success the team against the patriots. They've been in the post season a lot. And James Harrison is a proven. Post season performer probably should be the MBE that game against our for a proven to see if we warmer for you discount what your baseball guy. Dave Roberts made one play. There was an instrumental game changing plate you discount the idea that James Harrison could have a Dave Roberts like that I'll take one play at a division round play shocking changes back in line. But that's what we're talking about here at the people are over selling this asunder maybe there's not much more one on animal that. I think hype over James Harrison is going to be outweigh. Actual impact. Ellis it if if the guy that everybody knows that's why I'm getting calls tend to be better every 38. Inches. And anger and your talk about the limited opportunities he's gone out the fact that the most of them all all of these things when you put it altogether. Okay he's here that's nice. To hear it became a little bit but the game is live he's 39 BD's that I Hughes who is illegal. As well pressing a Buick for crying out loud. Have you seen any of the grand am had you seen the it's been posted a bunch but that answer and video of him working out. He's bench pressing and that's what oral five on the bar like us and forty year old who bench press he's got the Jacob Marley chains on he's pushing the sled with every 45 pound plate I think they could find. And he's just got that they had this look this educate doctors and I. They have English. Yeah I think it I think that. Work ethic combined with the fact that he was clearly unhappy with his role of experts he wanted to play more should this guy still hungry. This is not a 39 year old he's complete he's playing at the straight once just hop on board. In sort of ride along with the patriots to a chance that another rate. I disguised under a lot of 139 Hungary there's a lot a lot of guys are hungry yet but I'm hungry had their moment combination of hungry and they present a Buick. That's kind of thing that you don't see every you're probably looking at it over the L player who might have a little and over scare white. Patriots quick bite to have them. You leadership actor plays an all these things. I just. Kick it too excited about it I still see you wait make that big an impact. If he doesn't Dave Roberts all the Christmas they'll come back and say I was wrong you urges disrespecting all of your elders James Harrison. John Dennis. B. You're disrespecting all of you know that only a year from that third but he urged him. 22 years to get you disrespecting your elders feel pressured settled down and talk about that yet. I definitely get to that yellow cloud 1145 we'll take your phone calls now 6177797937. Let's go to Johnny Connecticut done now the patriots say John. But it starts are you. Happy I'll. I got two quick points of first and is it trying to make you wonder that you all America team besides the patriots you have to say you general manager or your assets. Eagle at media outlets or better man because it needed to search coordinator or your blocked because you know something whatever door doctor we know we don't know. I want those guys here there's so many teens are at or has just you just talk well. You look at Tomlin and Roethlisberger. These guys apparently forever and they make or don't make a decision like that 567 yard run to win a game you can't be that still predicting that much money. You can't be. The other side of it as Eric said. I look at him as primary IDS at that age in the match anything like you are shipping we're approaching. Digital TH sector to a let me balcony and in the states they're reducing the tax structure. Exactly does it and he about it three down linemen we know about that. Islamic play or tilt as change agents announced. I think so too I mean I I want I fine if that's okay. May maybe does make plays how how do you I'd just be becoming I did say that well but how do you say that piece of that sentence with that intonation that maybe makes it clear what. Say with them at least I got with lawyer I know we can see in the playoffs. And left. Although let's face it this week seventeen game matters to it now can everybody else that is in the game four I think they beat the jets whether James Harrison from the field you're not don't get me wrong but you need is one of the lockout the home field number one overall spot and everything else. By you say to the player to. Look at the history of the patriots player in history the patriots and suitable seven Super Bowls that have probably been decided by like 25 place told. A couple of plays here and there have been the difference between this team rising and falling every time they've played on the biggest stage. If they get a guy who's gonna track record of making those plays. Even 39 even just a player to. You could I don't buy that bad guys play it every play matters for Bill Belichick would tell you that exact same thing every single player to try to boil it down we remember the dramatically moment to remember that catches it should be and David are all that stuff. To stop and remember. But there's so many other little play kick off time but that's why you're you're making your making my Portsmouth attorney put this is that there's a lot of plays. But there's a lot of ways but there are a few bits swung the pendulum one way or the other ticket item might make you one or two of those plays no I don't think it's. I just I think because it's James Harrison name in the guide to some nice crunches and what. Ever squads clearly I work out a lot. In an insecure little jealous because you can't shoulder press and I had gained a little way right now little rounder around the holiday I don't have that all out and pulled. Let's go to ledger in the car next major. They got paid on dual. But my respect about music Oscar got me. I'm one years Europeans but also let darkened dark art of that though illegally can run at bat but I am realistic and I'm not one million. I have had any problems without a coach as everybody else. I don't I'd be eighty Doug Eric. I think that he got that Gary is keen to play. If you look at his record at bat he ate it. He changes to be a lot of ego and blew. An 8888 that it would be. Just another example would try to be great why would you do it why would you cut. Eight player that is. Is going to be able to help major why did they got some real problem. On and that 53 man roster that don't play at all. That they could have relief in not editing error over the major. And if you want you know I think you'll read in Hawaii boat Jack picked up here you're saying any big let it be to pick eight. That he would go to make plays you figure to be very happy there. Mostly your matchup is going to be the in Ichi yeah. Oh the left tackle I've only been like you would not lead. Erik Fisher does not play against Italy that's the only time we've played all year with dedication and good luck apple just cannot stop. He's scared of but you're aging air flying around that corner all worked all her arm out their quarterback. And it's going to be I think that certainly don't check the mark its board that particular game. It did actually he get done this year is the date. And I mean even this year it's not like I'm just it's been the beeper. Only got to help you guys ever got there could be played OK issue. I I don't I don't discount that the idea they think he's dead today you know little an idea what they're doing if they play again in the AFC title game I'll discount at all we seeded but former reared. The patriots are another team will pick a guy that played for that team and media to gain a little Intel it's it's always hard for me to leave it. The things that we think about here Mike Tomlin corporate scandals are always part of decisions there's no cookie cutter terms of decision making way all bearable. Some of them are intangibles and we do we win at all. That's that's him talking about the decision to let go everything you talked about here is unfathomable to me. That my tongue to not think about. Did not consider. What James Harrison connection burned unfathomable to me that that it. Raiders practiced in Death Valley before going to the top model maybe I'm right on the it would be my standard on without the mobile to me that the bills try to if you Google. In nineteen months I dinners at target they might take another Ali Al little naive. While for the possibility is just you a look at why the NFL. Struggles with a product. Had coaching. Had freaking coaching more than the need. Ten other issues aren't the though. Quarterback play I never did have a lot of guys with a lot of good young quarterbacks in the league but. You this is a sport unlike some of the others the only baseball for example we're. You need some sort of a system unique personality beat something around you mean a great quarterback and obviously. Why why would we got a client rock block OK so one of the Bill Belichick disciples done the same thing why is bill O'Brien being. Bill Belichick park to watch Wheatley Josh Gaines and go out and actually do I don't I don't understand where the disconnect comes and why what what. Maybe I guess nobody understand mean they're not Bill Belichick is that simple as reasons that's got great assistant coach of Mimi agreed eco aware as. They come from you know and guys have a job to do. I have a job to do my job is to get this team better your job is to write whatever your opinion is of what you've seen this team. I'm not trying to tell you your job as. But that is your job. Records drunk by the way and now progressives locker room walking around with a rate of bottle of maker's mark in a paper bag and it is sad sight really it's it's a really it's the dissent to its. Aren't six what 77797937. We see your calls up there won't get to him. On his James Harrison signing title pats football blockage relic with you on a Wednesday morning Sports Radio WE SP. Once again it's clear and blue and Christie important way Murr loading and for you on Sports Radio. Now analyst for policy that Lopez and her intelligence and you couldn't tell you things about his former team. You couldn't stop it back aspect. The great finishes this week. Maybe in essence what. You Avaya we could get away the question like that agrees communities. Around there whereas her for questions. The point that a few people hardy brought out people read up on the tax line. Maybe I'm missing something in its existence. Did you care to reunite I don't see it the way you see it. They warned me about. The big grin Belichick storm doubts that it warned me about you. A lot of huge relic with U six what 777979837. On Twitter at Evan to relic. DR EL LI CH actress maligning 44 to chime in that way. But people her Chiming in on. The John Dennis I'll walk out at 830. I'm not approach to mossy politics one Tweeter says but ideas the tool that's one that is just hates everybody. On both sides are neither side of the fat. I appreciate that I respect that because it both ways it's not a part I hate followed him. That's consistent today. I talked about that the Judy Rocklin situation online yesterday. To me watching. What happened this past week and look it's six games to renewing her game and half New England for games down San Francisco. But even as the patriots art in my mind on their way to a six Super Bowl win there I think he certainly impede your team leniency it's gonna beat them so they have achieved when a six super bull. The underlying thing. And as the weeks go by as this guy looks more and more like a star Jimmy droplet that is the underlying thing it's going to be. 88 problem or it is something the patriots need to deal with soon. Is finding that heir apparent finding that next guy to try to keep the franchise viable for. Maybe the next decade to come work the very least having some sort of plan to replace Tom Brady because when you've got. Three other teams in your division. That struggled for decades in some cases are still struggling to find that ex quarterback you see how difficult it can be. And I have for a long time I've worried about the patriots falling into that as much of enjoying the president. And join having Tom Brady to join watching the success that they've had. If you are at all concerned about reverting back to some version of what the patriots were. In the ninety's and I did talking about the team that was you know to a fourteen necessarily but sort of that team that is okay and it's brought us a humanity that. A clear answer back to the mean. Then you've got to be looking at think Jimmy grapple on their roster they couldn't hold onto him and now look what he's doing. In Sampras like to look at it that way ethical the way everybody else doesn't mean it's in my future re talking about it and he like many others feel they should held on to. Where I keep going with this in my head is. Today we we are assuming that there was a disagreement between the crafts and Belcher care and that the crafts wanna. But if we believe so mightily in Bill Belichick that every decision he makes gets the benefit of the doubt automatically right. At this point I don't see people. There second guessing. But we just assume they'll vote totals what he's doing it she is so great. Why are we so fearful that he can't go on by another quarterback what why don't we think that the greatest coach of all time housing plan a year and even if it's not clear at this point the person will be. Has a way and means of getting back one took garage below that good would he find him and don't. Rob although he hasn't and he's got other guys that have been starters need them Mac castle's been a starter preachers hire all for any use high draft picks a quart. For awhile I mean you're gravity and the sixth seventh round immunity be turned out to be edged Tom Brady turns up a starter then fine unify in the news grabbing guys at that point hoping for the best. So I think that there is something to your argument of even though there hasn't been a great level of success. We use that I have a pick on Jimmy Rob Lowe. A second round pick you're identifying this guy is somebody to can be not only medical starter but a productive one media star and he was right. And I think that's going to be. To me that's the biggest offseason story line with the patriots. What are your draft quarterback. And I don't mean when in terms of what you're at it's gonna happen next spring. But what around how aggressive do they get in making another Rob Lowe type movement are saying where he is a relatively high pick. On a quarterback even if he's not gonna help us this year. With an idea to words. What's gonna happen with like after Tom Brady keeping its franchise it leaked in some version of words spent the last fifteen years. Belichick's. Career legacy raise me it's all sentenced on this point but I think for anybody who's paying attention. To whatever happens in this post Brady era and we feel that Belichick stick around. Don't you think that this will have some. Impact on legacy to a little degree for those who were really paying attention if the franchise operators you mean after prayers are just not as good weather if it Belichick can find another quarterback in winning game that and that elevates someone who. I don't how you get any higher than build ultra. But to me that's a whole other task all of a level other dimension of success. Not yet you did with Brady and why did it with somebody else after your ownership we presume major trade away the as a ready and how I. That's all is coming back I at first a look at. Altima craft perspective but the more I think about it if we believe in built everything else we applied a gold belt check applies here. This is the task for bill. Like if Belichick leaves with Brady in the franchise just tumbles after that. I only takes away from a legacy of either one if Belichick leaves and the team is still successful because of the the players that he put in place adding that it chances. Bill Belichick's legacy the only way that there's even a little bit of a chip anything taken away from it is it Brady leads Belichick stays. And the team takes a significant step backwards then there's going to be a lot of those people to see. It was Tom Brady he was the straw that stirs this drink and Belichick was not I want the ride that's unfair but it is. More so Brady and Belichick that's the only way the politics legacy. In my mind takes without any cabinet. Argument can be made if people walk away at the same time too the only way Belcher can clearly and definitively separate himself as if he continues on after Brady and we think culture will. But that. It think that the people walkway the same time. I don't think anybody would be right to say that it was Albright at the gate action make the argue the other way that more room Belcher embrace. But you can't make that argument because you didn't have you don't have the moment of hope of winning a title somebody else yeah. Yet I think he got aunt uncle check. Batters to meet some degree I don't want people think in the quarter that made me. That I needed Jay-Z Koppel I got to go I don't lie that I can succeed with about Tom Brady is Jimmy grappled built free to Belcher. Glove on another quarterback can do this and his greatest Tom Brady is I don't need him to make another winner and I will show you. And I think he would to if I mean I would take of the personal tale. Maybe I mean he's he's the kind of got a might be that I don't know that that's a big deal to hear me obviously it's something that would be. Be a tactic to shell out only enhances legacy that's an obvious point. To me I'd I just don't know if that is. Something that is driving Bill Belichick I don't know if that's something I think he wants to try to buy an ex quarterback and he wants to. If Brady were to say we don't think it's gonna happen retire after the season. He wanna be successfully compete for a championship again next year or Brady retires after next year in two seasons I think that is true. I don't know if that is some it that'd be burning desire. That people make it out to be to succeed without Brady I think he's done the white. A lot of coaches great coach and quarterback situations that have done in the past which is win a lot he's done it more than all of so he knows he cemented his place. Opens burning eyes and this place but the place to still be looked at through department I don't know to burning desire companies keeping. Him up at night clearly everything he does is focus on the moment and in the now. He still human beings we've seen him smile occasionally. It's an air he had an answer Michael Holly's question about Christmas present district which by the way. To such an idol moment. Jack Everly BP punted on the Christopher lie about it but a lot of great pressure over the heat. About the crimes farmers are Christmas is different than Christmas after different from. The chances. Like. It is that's what's so I reward but you know what. When he was asked that question like every other human beings like to think that came to a mine may be was for but he couldn't say publicly. Who else who knows what he does it all we don't know much about the original copy the art of war something that could be it could be anything. I just I think there is a human element to the guy even if we think he's superhuman at this point. And no it might not be burning desire to have a separate legacy from great but this only escalates the challenge and I think we're. We might be foolish to think that. He doesn't. They want that counts. And beat maybe health and well planned at 6177797937. Chris on the key but next target about James Harrison and the patriots low price. Don't. They're good console alone long long time forwarded understand it and are called to talk a little bit about it it has its situation and at this time you know that it was something about to Nicaragua saying well. So you've units in the every place mat which immigrant or crystal ball kicked a remote with a book. Go look at it from the perspective as well not every player that's on the matter is going to be positive. There are gonna possibly be pleased that may be called out of position. Or maybe because of his plea to not fill in the gap they need to be in quick enough. And it could actually be negative play. In favor of the opposite team that the patriot place. So much there is that the whole Erica. And just my opinion is that the pick up loose heavily revolved around. Potentially getting a better look at the playbook considering that it's still the most likely going to be based upon. You think they've had a big issue though what the that'd Steelers and in their defensive schemes over the years regrettable when they had this past season was better. Then what they've done in the past and they played zone in breeze basically pick it apart but still have no answer for Rob Gronkowski. And I'm not sure what what kind of light James Harrison and let every little bit helps I mean I'm not discounting that whatsoever those plays so to speak. Others practice reps that preparation certainly matters is while not discounting that. But I don't think you get this moved. Strictly for that you may not see the Steelers I don't think you get this guy and lest you think he can help you in week seventeen against the jets in the first round against the chiefs or whoever. And then in in an AFC title game a potentially Super Bowl on the field. Well absolutely and I think that's why it took a big part of it is not the entire thing. Police it's not a bit not a whole lot of risk involved in this so butt kicking him out. You get a little bit ball for very low risk. All the rest actually. The way what I took away from your caucus actually that there is a bit of risk you the way your body just now out that if he doesn't make him badly this position that is worth the risk and what do you what do you think is more likely be out of position is the the guy who. It's been in the league for. Eighteen years is 39 years old whose media guides going can't who's back had a player or EU without James Harrison and they've gotten better this defense has been markedly better of the second half the year but it's really young. And relatively inexperienced defense in a lot of positions particularly in France that particularly in the area where James Harrison is going to. I try to add depth they're playing without Donta hightower their de facto leader. In in that personnel grouping so and when they've gotten pressure on quarterbacks typically it's been good converts and toward a complimentary defense and scheme they like to play. You I don't even without the the knowledge of the system even understanding that yes the Steelers because it's dramatic reasons didn't have as much use for him. I guess I put trust in James Harrison to make those positive plays more so than not all of but some of the young guys they have a reference seven right now. On the intelligence question in my recent trend. Asked Bill Belichick about Belichick stonewalling. You would expect the question have to be asked and I think the answer from. Belichick is to be expected as well do you think there's any discomfort for James Harrison in. Turning over every bit of knowledge he has of his former team's playbook. Essentially. Hurting former teammate has nothing to beat them on the field right it's another thing to comment to the patriots and and give away in the little secret you can't. Everything that was and yet there's something you're willing to say and others that you don't wanna go too far where do you draw that line for James there's a there should be some sort outline some sort of honorable lie immunity. Mac. You'll now they come right now I would what injury guy might be dealing with the where you might be able. I'm parallel anything that variation in theory of bad guys heard it should be on the injury report if you're playing by the rules experts fear playing by the rules well let let's flip we're not talking about always I give an advantage some sort honor code about what you can't he can't tell you do. Everything it's clear he wants it to him if it were me I would do everything IKEA to help keep my current employer succeed. How I would operate I would do everything like they'd. Within the rules of football at the end not the moral guidelines or some unwritten code but the actual written rules of football I would do everything I could to help my current employer succeed you and you'll dirty doing screw you if they would be well spent twenty years this year what they they they are lazy high here eventually benched me. My legacy meant a lot when I played eleven snaps in weeks that they freaking bench may and then they cut me it would you and I and I begged breath of Buick. I'll have you know I think he can jerk fire trucks. Yeah. It's hard knocks. They invited and we know in the Super Bowl I was not at its finest moments but. And they shouldn't hold loyal did this to me is a little bit of you are going quite that extreme but it's like mark Madden saying your day your oblique head if you as a Steelers the you don't he James Harrison now. After I gave eighteen years or government he was too that fourteen years with this franchise. They basically they cut me. It's a row then thanks for everything guys I got paid were even in that regard I got a new team now I'm doing everything I can to help that team succeed anybody. Mattered for Gordon patent dispute that it it you made a point the point not fair to say in Korea but. Just wonder if there's some element that you don't wanna give up period that that there. And in media is as deep as what injury guys dealing with. One protector frantic the personal relationship you've you've established but. To think that there wouldn't be any discomfort that you just wannabes turn code red what do you want a win. He's gotten some sort of line of mine you know I that's that's off the record or not I'm not giving you that there are pretty comfortable cutting and on the record. They're pretty comfortable with that like I won the cynical play against the development of things what do you think James are bad ankle weeping James Harrison dip. I think I like it or ice I think you would fall on my side street. I think he would give everything out there that he thinks might give his current employers current team compatible one thing I'm thinking that clearly is health. Would you let on what you were. Former teammates were doing what I would say they get you know these these cheating SOB's in Western Pennsylvania are not being honest with the injury report back guy's got a bum ankle they're not reporting it to the league to make sure goalie he's right because he can't give it that way screw them man's gotta have a code I have no code whatsoever no scruples somebody else wants to hire me I will start unveiling WEEI secrets faster than you can possibly imagine. I'll have to do that. They unveil them on the air every single day is an open book this entire stage it is an open book why you're drunk with a sports hernia WEEI. The here than those. Days after the patriot. Home defense just go. For future. Isn't it nice that so they'll ever get him man we'll. Well Mark Wahlberg wait and tee and zinc got to relic of the past talking about a relative so. Just respecting your elders at all today you young millennial punk. Are you take your avocado toes blockbuster video heating gas. The studio with some old enough remember block three decades. Is loved blockbuster back in the day. Although one of the saddest moments heard that many times but among the status moments of your week. As child would be unique that your the blockbuster. You're excited to get that one particular video game indoor movie and you get there and there's none of the Lou boxes. The blue and white boxes behind the box that's empty and has the logo in front of it and I would always ask is when I started the he had more in the back thing that that some people have what you all the good stuff in the back you'd think they brought out the front but every now. It's yet another one of these there one of these Super Mario games in the back somewhere for but it might just aren't. Donkey cart in the back. Something like that never work out not have worked very disappointed by the way this hour ride to back wins the insurance ON that crystal line. And injure like I hang out with you we've got a lot of patriots talked to John Dennis start. Those admit that quick recap. There were some interrupting that was going on Dino and Monty get into it there was a build up Dino stormed out at lake heat when it's. Let's just look at mourned toga and haven't Ehrlich is very teen too mossy this'll team to be our scheme Tomas who kept their people. Who believe that Tomas who's in the wrong for engaging John Dennis and debate as it is the normal course of action. On the morning program Kirk and Dennis. Should have no Rudy is getting into and been able to handle any day and there's no team to be accurate he got up he lefty abdicated his responsibility. He should have finished the ship. As crystal line said that's the that this little blame to be unique and the guy who didn't walk out he can have a the very least cleaned up its area will be here immensely because we are. Our our guys are hot through that way they support him and in you know for a played it was a big appreciate that show we appreciate it dissolve a symbolic there's the crumpled napkin here. Of John Dennis Wright sell without you guys we think this is already would buy this they John Dennis official I mean it's it's used so it is touched the corners of the mall of Boston sports media legend John that hundred bucks. Lots of network a lot of Brandel right on the Ollie but rats so there's a copy stir assault packet in a ketchup packet here can we do like some sort of a John Dennis practiced yet. May have to dig those potatoes out of a trash can libel lay out of the bacon. Of those Friday most valuable part of the left the bacon in walking upon start of something like this yet forever be fantastic. But likable techsters weighing in on the other side of the Quinn heard this'll last night. The idea they James Harrison. Is some sort of Trojan horse planted by the Steelers planted by Mike Tomlin to somehow sabotage the patriots. From with the well as much as I'd buy into. The patriots are in the Steelers heads. I don't think there in their heads to a degree where they elect this guy go with an eye toward steering him toward New England. To then somehow sanitize the patriots championship efforts from the I don't I hate to. Brown paper bag shows that the James Harrison or separate. You've simply a couple of hundred dollar bill yet that many many roles of them he's got a needle more money could see that you know they they never seem to turn it down through. Would be a benefit endgame for James Harrison did that. He's applying tape and his. Like he is going to like you as we can play there. Ultimately here but he wasn't the play their in this regard here's here's the option go to torpedo the big play and you can and you can secretly opens on Flickr page I don't think it Creighton. Love the idea let's go to the fantastic idea let's get calling for you to bring nick in the car a neck. I I do just. The play. In their heads yes it's at another level here. That it doesn't matter if Harrison give any information troop two Belichick. The important thing is that the the US think it is information that two to them and they change the playbook. See how much bill would actually be still be in place. Come come what their next meeting that that's like go back to how much can be really giveaway that would be relevant for that game you can bring up. So changes all the time because it's a top player movement all tar. True but but it also. Makes since thank you you know can use you know can you wave that that you know about because you'll recognize in this of this is the kind of I mean that was exactly the kind of mind games that you expect from from the situation. They should have known for pumping quick transformation. Dust then. Documented. But so all the politics. But but the problem is that a lot of teen believed that featured a better at a that other teams aren't they all. Change the play according. If it's other team gonna be the pictures as they come back to do your job if you can start worrying about the stock too much. And it it it has sharply propelled to play it that way is there's a good point there that either way they might be worried about it but. It has come without taking care your own business I I agree that a lot of teams don't seem to do out I'll be curious for example and I don't agree on on the cause of you think seemed to really believe it's because they're playing the patriot for if I believe it simply that the patriots are. They have the system figured out the other teams just aren't good you know you approaches rating game gas plume of sort of process I think you're more at up to and that was an issue. You don't think that they approaching game against the patriots definitely game against Cleveland Browns on the approach you with more intensity more focus in May be there are moments where there is a drop off in concentration agrees he has stupid. And regained situation Mike Tomlin and Roethlisberger sure. On in aggregate and told I think you're getting more. Better play. I'd hear guys. And more desired beat the pitched everybody wants to beat by still talking about the patriot that you would if you Tom and rivals or by east of argument 183 days after the game. Still talking way I thought three days later. Would it if the patriots had. Lost that game we would be talking about it three we would leave me I'm sorry about Mike Tomlin Ben Roethlisberger why are they talking about. Three days later this goes into my point about occupying Greene's base this notion of distraction. That these guys are so mentally weak it. You know maybe maybe I'm wrong maybe I should believe in the bill Belcher waited never sing anything in the media media media really does matter but talk that I've. I guess all you can do is stand the flames by addressing the stock picker Allman Roethlisberger but. How mentally and we think these guys it goes back to I don't wanna go to the troopers and my big criticism with Brady. Earlier in the year. Was. Well going back last year rallied to check your game with the fact that he wouldn't discuss the trumpet ball and it was the fact that I was annoyed. That he was supporting trop was the fact that he was protect. The president having just talked about publicly but it's there like. Like if he Tom Brady can address that if somehow would create this other level of distraction the structures already there. Talking about it anyway everybody Pittsburgh talking about it any. So how much does that really about it Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger address that you think that they are banned in their mind going over to go over and over game. Afterward I think it chillier. I figure you're letting on your mind is he's not entirely focused on whoever the next I know who their next opponent Cuba and enter the next. That you care but you've got to enable question you've got to be able to at least public and how would Bill Belichick it's a question sees this is where it how it's operating answer that question right. And and so what I'm asking is. Is this code of silence dissent to that Belichick puts him Brady said what about. He does everybody clearly on the ballots cast that. So you wanna call a jerk but certainly jerking. Us. Q did you really think it's key to the man success maybe for him personally but to the patriots success. He says nothing like I just I think we at certain points. Believe these guys are so mentally and skiing and what occupies green space. Talk about a subject he. I think I think they scream to the 45 minute and the global luncheon. Yes top of the world that's why can't talk about something and it all there distract although not boat like a rookie Beth and fewer people were getting on. Because he said you know this might be the the best. Talk about 2016. Lead in the best season ever had. That's true it's an honest. She's great I don't see in the people and media announcing you're doing is they're people of media who advocate for something other than honesty. He liked almonds thank you repent of Byrd thank him and I don't think these guys are so weak that it got by the way Elliott fifty dollar bid from the NAFTA. So with the fifty dollar bid to put the chair of did it hit that fifty to beat John Dennis that give to charity course. Both guys actually a bit editor Alec vacation fund now. Again did you go to Montreal tomorrow given to the and Kev get them Montego Bay in two weeks Kennedy. I'm working and I'm in Toronto later this month bonds are next month month and a more durable and I'm looking for tonight never ban. Great double to charity the Jimmy thunder entered timeshare and we now that dean of the box and have another John Tomas you've ruined the 34600. Dollar. And Kirk podcasts and down needed to do routine for charity at least we can recoup underdogs wideout will strategies up late fifties the bitter right now get more your poll calls coming up manager Alex each to talk a little baseball will do that. Hang out with you in the mid day until 2 o'clock crystal light ever drought Sports Radio W yet.